Youth Group: The Poker Game
By DerekGuy

Warning: This story describes gay and heterosexual sexual encounters among teenagers. Why are you reading this if it offends you or is illegal for you to do so? Stop now.  This story is completely fiction and does not depict any real events. It is just a story.

Notes: After many, many requests via e-mail (thanks everyone for writing!), this is a sequel to "Hotel Room Truth or Dare," which I consider the best story I have written so far. This story will also be in three parts. I encourage you to read the original first.
While the previous story mentioned heterosexual sex, it only described actions involving gay sex.
This particular story has both homosexual and heterosexual sex in it.
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Youth Group: The Poker Game
Part Two

Tuesday Night - The Final Poker Game
The tension was appropriately high. Ike looked at Hayden with a measure of compassion. Three years ago, he had been in his shoes. Even as his fellow poker players learned about the ritual and how Ike had gotten possession of the game, it was understood that no one should ever talk about it, especially with Ike. Three years ago had not been a pleasant experience for him. His brother Tommy's friends were sadistic and mean, some compensating for their own closeted homosexual feelings, sexual frustrations, and some just out sheer malice. They literally face-fucked him, one after the other, delighting in covering him in cum and humiliating him. Tommy just stood by and watched Ike get this abuse. Ike knew his friends weren't like that. Plus Riley would actually watch over his brother. Ike wanted to be protective of Hayden, but he also had a nagging sense of dread at having a guy's mouth on his dick for the second time in his life.

Todd was excited. Having had Hayden's ass, this was an easy way for him to have the boy's mouth too. All his gay play had been with his gymnastics buddies. He longed to try it out with his school and church friends too, but outside this ritual, such experimentation was not approved of. Having turned 18, he was taking a real risk if he fucked a boy like Hayden, but he thought the risk was diminished if the cute boy only blew him. And any opportunity to show off his big dick in public was one Todd relished.

Evan felt great. Ever since he had topped Riley on Sunday, he felt more complete and full of cheer. He had been uncharacteristically nice to both Hayden and his sister Emily, returned to treating Riley as an equal and with joy. Plus, as an extra bonus, he had fucked Nina Jackson, one of the only black girls at their school, yesterday evening. Having the four hotel room boys together again doing gay stuff made him nervous. With four additional boys along for the ride would Todd or Riley or Hayden slip up and refer to their previous encounters? As if he needed to be told, Riley had repeatedly reminded Evan to act like this was the first time he had been with a guy, let alone Hayden, and even to make a few homophobic remarks as Evan had been known to do. Evan knew much more about bluffing and being too obvious, and saw another reason that Riley always lost at poker. He was mostly worried about Riley. How would he hold up both watching Hayden with all these boys? And what would he do when Hayden went to blow him?

Riley was terrified for those reasons. So many possibilities of things going wrong kept popping in his head, but his brother seemed remarkably cool and relaxed. Since Sunday afternoon, Riley and Hayden had talked briefly about the fuck with Katie Peterson. Hayden was trying to downplay it both out of modesty and to keep it a secret so it could keep going. Hayden's approach to fuck her had simply been direct and kind to Katie, a technique that still eluded Riley who wasn't usually true to himself when he was with a girl. Riley still couldn't get the name of the girl who had blown Hayden out of his brother, but seeing how he kept peeking at Evan, he had a good guess who it was.

The closing poker game rituals were simple. They would play as usual, but at any time between hands, Hayden could approach one of the boys, open his pants, and suck him. While officially the game had to continue while it was happening, the others always wanted to watch so the pace of play went to a crawl. They got in half as many hands on closing night as any other night. If the freshman wanted, he could sit in for a hand in place of the teen he just sucked.

At the end of the evening, if all seven boys had been serviced, the cards, chips, felt, poker log book, and a few other odds and ends were all officially presented to the freshman boy. It would be his game in the spring. Most importantly, he received the key to the church clubhouse reserved for their private use on Tuesday evenings.

Just before they began, Ike took Riley outside for a private chat. There was one more tradition for closing night, but no one but the Larson brothers knew about it. With Hayden taking the game, it made more sense for Riley to fulfill it than Ike. When he heard about it, Riley breathed deeply once and simply nodded to the senior.

The poker game began like any other. Todd and Nick were both up early. Riley was losing as usual. Ike, somewhat distracted, was uncharacteristically sloppy in his play. After ten hands, Hayden, who had sat so still they had forgotten he was there, cleared his throat and asked, "Who is the chip leader?" When told it was Nick, Hayden hopped off the stool, walked over to the 18-year-old and turned his chair around. He dropped to his knees, opened the senior's pants, and began to rub his cock through the underwear.

Nick was paralyzed. How should he respond? Who didn't like someone caressing their dick? But the boy was so young. And he was a boy!

Everyone was a bit surprised and impressed by Hayden's directness. There was no complaining, no bullshit excuses about something, no stalling, and no self-pitying. He simply went to work. Soon Nick's underwear was completely off. Nick had never been hard and naked before anyone other than a girlfriend - and there hadn't been so many of those. He had always been self-conscious about the size of his dick. No girlfriend had ever complained, but he heard how big Todd and Moose were. The other boys in the room didn't make any comments upon seeing his hard 5". And Hayden was rubbing it all the same. He tried to relax.

"Well, here goes," Hayden said for the benefit of the audience and per his brother's instructions and he took the dick in his mouth. Ike cleared his throat and reminded them the game had to continue. So they played the slowest game of 7-card stud in the history of the world as all 6 other boys were entranced by the site of Hayden working Nick's cock. Moose and Kevin never gave it much thought how the boy seemed to figure out a blowjob so quickly if this was his first time. Ike tried to Riley's eye to confirm his suspicions, but Riley never stopped staring at his brother.

Nick was clearly turned on and highly stimulated. He was moving all about in his seat and grunting things no one could understand. He hadn't been blown in a while - and he hadn't ever received a truly quality blowjob from any of his girlfriends. He muttered again under his breath. but after just a few minutes of attention by Hayden, Nick's shout was quite clear. "I'm cumming!!!" Hayden never stopped his actions for a moment and soon white stuff formed at the sides of his mouth. Nick then pushed the 14-year-old off of him in embarrassment. Hayden swallowed down the creamy load in his mouth and then used a towel and big bottle of Gatorade that Ike had provided for him to clean up.

"If he plays poker like he sucks cock, he's going to be rich," Nick grunted as he pulled up his pants.

Hayden quietly returned to the side of the room as the card game resumed in earnest. He waited another 5 rounds before approaching Todd. "You're the chip leader now, right?"

Todd nodded as he felt his member growing in his pants. Hayden repeated his actions of before, but this time the other boys didn't bother with the pretense of continuing the game and all just watched. The two teens were only a few inches apart in height, although Todd was more muscular and firm and Hayden was softer and slimmer. It was the well-endowed cock that Todd sprouted that especially had their attention. Nick had never seen it before and was amazed, his self-consciousness returning. Hayden had wanted to swallow Todd successfully, so he practiced most of the previous day on various vegetables, hot dogs, and other things in the house, but had trouble with the beef salami that most resembled Todd. How did he ever fit this thing in his ass?

While Todd had benefited from some excellent teenage blowjobs from his gymnasts teammates in recent weeks, this one tonight was the best one for sure. While Hayden's skills were rougher than others, getting sucked in front of his friends was awesome. And the way they were all staring led him to believe there could be further action down the line with some of them if he played it right. Plus, maybe Todd had a thing for younger boys just like his older brother Benji did.

It took much longer to get Todd to cum. Hayden was using his mouth and both hands to stimulate him and bring him to orgasm. At last, Todd finally shot and Hayden began to choke. The 8 ½" dick was pushed too far into his mouth. Add a river of cum, and Hayden naturally gagged, let go of the dick, and coughed and spat, fearing he would throw up. He didn't. Not the best ending to his blowjob, but Todd was satisfied nonetheless and was more pacified when Hayden recovered enough to lick his big cock clean.

Bourbon, rum, and vodka were passed around. Hayden took a straight shot of vodka, which surprised Riley. "You okay?" the older brother guiltily checked in. Hayden offered a smile and a wink. He was in control of the room.

Another half-dozen hands passed and then Hayden cleared his throat again and asked if Kevin and Moose could both stand next to each other. Intrigued, they stood side by side. Hayden dropped to his knees between them and started rubbing Kevin on his jeans. Then he turned and did the same to the taller and larger Moose. He opened each of their pants and soon pulled down their underwear to their ankles. Standing exposed, Hayden grabbed Kevin's very thin dick and put it in his mouth while he stroked Moose's very wide one in his hand. After a couple minutes this way, he suddenly switched. When he discovered the he couldn't get his mouth successfully around Moose's cockshaft, Todd shouted out helpfully, "Just lick the head."

For fifteen minutes, Hayden went back and forth between the boys alternating sucking and jacking them. Neither of the older boys had ever had any kind of a threesome, and certainly had not imagined it'd be with a freshman boy. They openly watched when Hayden sucked the teen next to them. Kevin didn't even smoke during the blowjob. With a growl, Moose came first and Hayden's face got covered in the football player's load. Kevin found that surprisingly hot and shortly after added his mixture to coating the boy's features. Moose and Kevin exchanged the standard post-3some with a "straight high five" and returned to the game with contented grins.

Evan was the only person in the room Hayden had blown before, although only Riley and Todd knew that. With both his signature baseball cap and grin on, he smiled at the boy between his legs. Hayden had gotten better since the first time. Or maybe Evan just appreciated him more. The boy was sucking cock after cock without complaint and doing a nice job. He was still amazed at the Katie Peterson situation too. Maybe he had always underestimated Hayden. He ran his fingers through Hayden's moppy hair, tousling it and whispering, "You're doing a great job, Hayden. Keep it up."

Hayden smiled hearing Evan call him again by his real name. He decide to have some fun. Evan would never show weakness in public, so Hayden was going to enjoy this blowjob. Hayden moved down to Evan's balls. As Evan clearly enjoyed that, he went further down onto Evan's perineum. Evan was ready to protest - this area should really be off limits - but he couldn't deny it felt fucking great. He had never had a girl rim him, having seen it in a porno, he wanted to experience that. But that was for another night. This was kind of a preview, and Evan liked it. He didn't care that he was getting licked and sucked by a boy in front of these other guys. It felt great.

Evan stood up, wanting a different perspective, but he also knew this gave Hayden greater access to various body parts. A small moan came out of the 17-year-old's mouth signifying his pleasure. Hayden, satisfied over his power, returned to Evan's impressive dick, swallowing nearly all of it. Evan smiled and continued to stroke Hayden's hair, refusing to look over at Riley. The smile became frozen as Hayden pushed a finger into Evan's asshole. The older boy looked down on the younger and Hayden's eyes seemed to say, "Remember your part of the bargain" as he pushed the finger in and out. Hayden then resumed a typical blowjob.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhh!" Evan's orgasms were always loud and tonight was quicker than unusual. He was pleased that Hayden had tried to swallow again, but Evan shot so many times that he had to pull out and got a bit on the young teen's face and shirt. That was his best cum in a while.

"Oh!" they heard Riley grunt as he hunched over, clearly ejaculating in his pants from watching his brother and his best friend. Everybody broke into grins. That was kind of hot, they thought. Riley had been turned on by seeing Evan and Hayden together. It took about 15 minutes for a semblance of order to be restored. Riley threw away his cum-soaked underwear and was going commando. Hayden had cleaned up, having brought a couple extra t-shirts just to be prepared, but now he went shirtless, showing off his developing muscles and swimmer's body. Evan offered a little smile and turned his cap around and poured Hayden a "thank you" shot of vodka.

Hayden had complete discretion on the order he wanted to suck and the pace. The game officially ended at 11:30pm. It was now 11:04. But Riley's spontaneous cum a few minutes ago meant Ike had to be next.

Ike had never liked this ritual. It seemed juvenile and pointless. But he couldn't deny that ever since learning about it back when Tommy had to do it, Ike began to picture his sister Susan sucking him. He was in sixth grade then and she was in third grade. Ike had barely even started to ejaculate, but over the years, that vision became more and more clear and more enticing. He wanted his sister to blow him. When she down turned the poker game - and therefore the ritual - he was crushed. This was his one chance to fool around with his sister without anyone thinking wrongly of it. He knew he'd never find an opportunity like this again. Frustrated and disappointed, Ike had trouble really caring about the future of the poker game as it moved out of the Larson family's control. It wasn't like he was hard up for blowjobs, either. He was dating a girl with a voracious sexual appetite to match his own.  If he didn't enjoy poker so much, and the money he usually won, Ike would spend Tuesday nights fucking her - as he did most other nights in the week.

But the ritual was the ritual, and he wasn't about to break it. At least he could try something different. There was an old cot in the corner. Who knew how many teenagers had their first fuck on the stained mattress? Ike directed Hayden to lie on his back with his head hanging off the bed. Ike stripped off all his clothes, always happy to show off his well-toned body, nipple ring, and three tattoos (none of which parents were aware of). His dick got semi-had with a few strokes and approached its full 7". Telling Hayden to open wide, he pushed it in gently into the boy's waiting mouth. From there, the physical movement was up to Ike as he used Hayden as a blowjob doll. But the upside position allowed deeper thrusts by Ike to the point where Hayden was pretty much to deep throating.

Hayden's hands began to make a move for his own dick, but he used all his willpower to resist and to concentrate. The blood was rushing to his head and his neck hurt like this. But Ike was having a grand old time.

Then it was all over. Ike pulled out, stroked himself for another minute or so and shot his load directly onto Hayden's chest. His girlfriend, despite her sexual appetite, wouldn't try this position or let him shoot onto her breasts, so at least he had an alternate experience tonight. As he dressed, there was no doubt in Ike's mind that Hayden clearly had quite a bit of past experience in sucking cock.

By the time Hayden was cleaned up (he couldn't keep going with a huge pool of spunk on his chest), it was 11:26pm. The clock rule was supposedly a firm one that no previous sucker had missed. Ike had been done by 10:15pm, but he had 5 of the boys forcefully face-fuck him in a row. Could the last blowjob be done in 4 minutes? Hayden and Riley both saw time was of the essence. That may have helped as they didn't have to think about what they were doing, but just do it. No embarrassment or hesitation - just action. In moments, Riley had shucked his pants and sat on the edge of the bed. Hayden was on his knees and had engulfed his brother's cock.

"That's it," Riley murmured. "That's it." Then Riley looked up. For Nick, Moose, and Kevin, this was their first time witnessing incest. For Ike, it was the first other than his own personal experience. Riley looked down between he legs and saw a beautiful sight. His adorable little brother, a younger version of himself, was slathering his cock with his tongue and mouth, and it not only felt physically great, but he didn't care what anyone thought about anything.

Hayden was disappointed he couldn't give Riley a full-scale special, memorable suck. He thought that if he did completely blow Riley's socks off, maybe Riley would try fooling again down the road. But time was key here. Before Hayden had time to show off some tricks and before Riley had any second-thoughts, Riley was so charged up by the incest, homosexuality, quality blowjob, and public performance, that suddenly he was cumming in his brother's mouth who anxiously tried to swallow it all. He succeeded.

The boys broke into applause both for the sex act they had just seen and especially for Hayden's impressive performance all night.

"It's 11:33pm," Hayden sadly noted looking at his watch. All the boys looked over at Ike. Surely, he was not going to invalidate the whole evening, Hell, Hayden had blown Riley - start to finish - in only a little more than 6 minutes.

"Ah fuck it." Ike muttered, relieved this ritual had gone so much smoother and more pleasantly than his own. "I think your watch is fast."

As they cashed out for the evening, Ike showed Hayden where the poker stuff was stored and handed him the key to the "Backgammon closet" as well as the front door of the clubhouse. There was lot of handshaking, a knowing silent exchange from Todd to Hayden, and a reminder nod from Ike to Riley. The eight boys departed, five of them having played in their last Youth Group Tuesday Night Poker Game and all of them having enjoyed their blowjob from Hayden.

Riley drove Hayden back to their house. On the front lawn, Hayden, having swallowed much too much cum as well as having one too many vodkas, threw up in their front yard. Riley sighed - Hayden was in no condition for Riley to finish the ritual tonight. Ike had warned him that was likely. He helped his brother upstairs, cleaned his face off, and put him to bed wearing just his tighty-whities. He'd finish it up in a few days. Maybe.

To Be Continued...

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