Youth Group: The Poker Game
By DerekGuy

Warning: This story describes gay and heterosexual sexual encounters among teenagers. Why are you reading this if it offends you or is illegal for you to do so? Stop now.  This story is completely fiction and does not depict any real events. It is just a story.

Notes: After many, many requests via e-mail (thanks everyone for writing!), this is a sequel to "Hotel Room Truth or Dare," which I consider the best story I have written so far. This story will also be in three parts. I encourage you to read the original first.
While the previous story mentioned heterosexual sex, it only described actions involving gay sex.
This particular story has both homosexual and heterosexual sex in it.
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Youth Group: The Poker Game
Part Three

Hayden's Birthday Weekend
High school classes ended that Friday, although there were forced to show up for various administrative items the following week. Evan loved these days as there were all these girls with nowhere to go and he gave them the destination of his pants. Friday night was Hayden's 15th birthday, one of the youngest people in his grade. He went out with his parents and Riley for dinner and a movie. On Saturday, Evan invited Hayden out with him and Riley for an additional celebration. They invited Todd too, at Hayden’s request, but he was off for the weekend with his parents and brother. Benji.

The older teens began to talk about who should come to Tuesday Night Poker next year.

"Ummm..." Hayden interrupted. "I think you are forgetting something." When the other boys didn't respond, he continued, "We had a deal. I certainly fulfilled my end. But you haven't done yours."

"I got you with Katie Peterson!" Riley protested.

"Yes and that was amazing. So amazing I'm almost willing to overlook that you never completed the ritual from Tuesday."

"What's he talking about?" Evan was confused.

"The Brotherly Thank You," Hayden continued, "Ike told me about it at school this week. It goes back to the first ritual. Ike was shocked you hadn't done it yet. Until I get that, you don't get to play in the game."

Riley started to protest, but Evan spoke first. "And how about me, MiniMe?" Evan wasn't happy that Hayden wasn't more deferential to them.

"You know you haven't done your end, Evan. I haven't see one change in your sister. One hint you have done anything. So, I get the alternative which you haven't done either."

The evening ended with a shouting argument that got them kicked out of Johnny Rockets mostly because of their overuse of the word, "Fuck."

That night, Evan busted in on Emily's room finding her IMing a million people simultaneously.

"Slow Saturday night?" he grunted.

"No, too quick. He came before I even got his pants off, and I didn't want to deal with that mess," she responded without looking up.

Evan shook his head. He was never sure if Emily said these things cause they were true or to shock him or both.

"So, I need you to do something," he turned on the charm.

"The answer's no. Fuck off. Get out of my room," she dismissed him completely.

"Come on. It's easy. Would you mind going on a date with Hayden Ross?"

"Your best friend's brother?"


"Why should I?"

"Cause we had sort of a deal and he has something I want and this is what he wants. Apparently he fantasizes about you and some shit."

"Fantasizes how?"

"How do I know? Maybe he wants a blowjob. I told him you don't do that, but..."

Emily laughed and looked up at her stupid brother. "Evan, I've already blown Hayden. Last Saturday. My question is, did he blow you yet?"

Evan's eyes went wide with disbelief. "How did you...?"

"So he has blown you already. Did you enjoy it?"


"I see you did. Then he fulfilled his end of your bet or dare or whatever. I am not getting involved. You need to fulfill you end yourself. Your end. Ha. I made a joke. Get out."

Evan stood speechless staring at the door that closed in his face.

Sunday at Church
Sunday morning was church, as usual, for the Ross family. Riley had taken to sitting with the other juniors and seniors in the back - the other "cool kids." Mr. and Mrs. Ross had never let Hayden join them, but now that he was 15, they relented. Evan and his family weren't there, which wasn't all that unusual. They were spotty attenders. To Hayden's disappointment, the whole Peterson family was already on vacation, so Katie wasn't there either.

Todd, Kevin, and Ike were both whispering to Riley when Hayden sat down in the very last pew right behind them. Hayden sat quietly as they continued to talk, unaware he was listening. The voices were fast and whispered so it was hard to concretely identify the speaker.

"You have to do it."

"Why? You said rituals are meant to be changed."

"That's what religion is all about - rituals."

"Are you telling me that my blowing my brother is like Christianity?"

"No, you dick. I am saying that rituals have value."

"Did you just call him a dick in church?"

"How do you even know about it?"

"I told them. When I learned you hadn't done it yet."

"It hasn't even been a week!"

"It's supposed to be within a day. Tommy did it the next morning to me - the only nice thing he did for me at all. It made me feel so much better. It reduced my shame."

"Hayden doesn't feel any shame."

"And he shouldn't. Your brother can suck!"

"Isn't incest one of the 10 commandments or something?"

"Look, if won't do it then I'll do it. If you can't be a good brother."

"Todd should do it. He has the most experience."

"Fuck you. What are you talking about?"

"Oh, come on Todd. Stop playing around."

"What the fuck are you saying?"

"Church language boys!"

"We all know you're gay. We've known for a while. And we don't care."

"We still think you're a douche bag and you don't deserve your giant dick. But we don't care where you stick it."

"We never said anything cause we were giving you your space and waiting for you to be ready."

"I don't know what you guys mean."

"Look if someone has to suck someone, why shouldn't Todd - at least he'd enjoy it."

"Shut up, you asshole."

"Now that's your territory."

"Fuck you!"

It continued like that for several more minutes before they were loudly shushed by the usher. Hayden smiled. First, he was glad to hear he was a good cocksucker. Second, he was pleased to learn Todd was gay and now would be able to talk to his friends about it. But he was especially glad to know that all the other boys thought Riley needed to go through with the final ritual. Ike had told him about it. After Adam had sucked off the seven guys that first time, his brother Gary felt terrible. Late that night, after Adam had showered and headed to bed, Gary had entered his room and found his brother weeping. Adam felt worthless and ashamed for what he had done. Gary knew it was all his fault and he had to do something right then. So he gave his brother a very gentle "thank you" blowjob. And so it had continued with the older brother reciprocating to the younger within a day or so of the ritual. Now it was Riley's turn and he was not following through.

Reverend Tim went into his sermon. Knowing it would be long and boring, Hayden, along with a number of people, slipped out of the chapel. Hayden considered where to go when Riley walked out too. They stared at each other before Riley signaled him to follow. He headed to the Sunday School bathroom on the other side of the building. Whenever he or Evan needed to take a dump during church, they used that bathroom for privacy.

"You don't have to do anything," Hayden began as soon as the door was closed.

Riley went to a urinal and relieved himself saying nothing. After he finished washing his hands, he looked at Hayden and said, "Yes, I do. And I've known it. You went through this whole ritual. I need to do the same."

"I thought you hated me because of DC," Hayden confessed.

"Hate you? I love you, little brother. But what happened was confusing and I am still confused. But I'll have to stay that way a while longer. I can't have Ike or Todd doing my job. I have to do it. And I will."

He dropped to his knees on the white porcelain tile and unzipped his brother's dress pants.

"Here, in church?"

"Why not? Todd is right. Rituals matter. In church. And in life. Traditions matter. No time like the present. If we're already going to Hell, I at least want to arrive in style."

Hayden's underwear was now around his ankles and his member was all shriveled up and tiny in terrified anticipation. Riley went to work.

The sensation of feeling a penis come to life in your mouth is an exciting one. Riley enjoyed making Hayden jump from a tiny little bump to a 4" piece of wood. He tried to copy the good techniques Hayden had used on him. Paige was a crappy cocksucker, so Hayden was the only good experience he had recently. Time was of the essence here again - if they went missing after service, someone would come looking.

Hayden closed his eyes. He had been sucked now by both a guy and a girl. With his eyes closed he couldn't tell anything different except Emily had a lot more experience. But Riley was more passionate and that made Hayden extra excited.

"Don't cum on my suit!" Riley cautioned as he felt Hayden tense up.

"Then you better swallow it all!" Hayden shouted. He let his hands fall to his brother's head, guiding him back and forth over his dick. Riley had no trouble sucking it all, but was so focused that he was surprised when his brother started shooting into his mouth with gasps of delight. Riley held the semen in his cheeks until Hayden finished, then walked over to a sink and spit most of it away. He had swallowed Hayden once before and didn't need a repeat of it right now.

A few minutes later, they were both dressed, faces washed and back in the last pew of the church. Smiling.

The Summer Begins - Todd and Benji
"Ow!" Benji Evans shouted. "Fuck, Todd, take it easy."

Benji hadn't been surprised when Todd had revealed on their family trip that he was gay. But he was a little surprised when Todd said he knew Benji was also gay. Benji didn't like to use labels, but he hadn't been with a girl except that one time his junior year, so Todd was totally right.

They had shared the first heart-to-heart discussion of their lives. Benji admitted he still had a thing for younger boys and even revealed a few sexual experiences that Todd thought were immoral and abusive.

The one thing that truly surprised him was his brother's dick. While Benji was a solid 6". His brother's 8 ½" was amazing and Todd found himself being sucked by his own brother with their parents just on the other side of the hotel room adjoining door. Repeated blowjobs followed all weekend. Their folks were so delighted at how much time they were spending with each other.

Now, a few weeks later, the brothers had gone off to one of Benji's fraternity brother's beach house. There were a dozen guys there, a few girls, and lots of hormones. The Evans brothers shared one of the bedrooms and Todd decided he would fuck his brother that first night, even if all of the fraternity walked in on them.

Benji was usually a top, so he was particularly tight and uncomfortable. He never imagined a dick that big would fuck him and he tensed up making it worse. But Todd was not be deterred. He was stronger than his brother, even if 4" shorter in height. "Don't fuck with pre-teen boys anymore!" Todd whispered as he rammed it harder and harder imagining that Benji was feeling what those pre-teens felt when Benji had molested them as he had heard from a few people. When he finally came, he shouted with ecstasy at the top of his lungs. He'd have to punish Benji regularly for his transgressions.

Summer Begins - Evan, Riley, and Hayden
Evan was drunk. School was out, his job didn't start for a few days, so why not? There had been a huge party on the beach that evening where he had imbibed so much that he never got around to fucking anyone. So he now was drunk and horny.

Riley was driving him back to his house where he was spending the weekend. Evan's mom was out of town with some guy she was dating. Emily was staying at a girlfriend's, but Riley didn't have the heart to tell Evan that he saw Emily in a sandwich suck-n-fuck by two of their classmates down by the beach.

Hayden was in his room staring at the computer. He had been able to see Katie Peterson that afternoon secretly and they fucked two more times, but keeping it hidden proved challenging as they searched for times to be together. Hayden really liked Katie and wanted to just do normal boyfriend-girlfriend things with her. Although he wasn't complaining about the fucking. They seemed to be a perfect sexually match when they fucked.

He found he was still horny when he got home, so he started downloading porn. He had collected a fair amount of pictures of both guys and girls, never sure which to look at first. Riley called up to him for help, and he assisted in getting Evan into the second bed in Riley's room and out of his clothes. Hayden pointed out that Evan was tenting, even as he was half-asleep, a large bulge threatening to bust through the whole in the front of his boxers.

"He shouldn't sleep like that. What if rolls over? He'll hurt it." Hayden cautioned.

Riley laughed as his brother's words before realizing he was serious. What was he doing?

"We can make it go soft again. We can do it together."

And that is how Evan woke up to find himself completely naked, lying in Riley's room with both Ross brothers licking and stroking his erect cock. "Fuck me!"

"I'd like to," Hayden responded.

The double licking was a new sensation for Evan especially coming from two guys while he was still asleep. But although exciting, it didn't provide the friction Evan needed, especially in his inebriated state. He looked at Riley's butt and gave a little nod to say, "One more time?"

Riley shook his head. He needed to be done with sex with his best friend. It didn't feel right and he wanted to be Evan's friend much more than he wanted to fuck him. A blowjob now and again - well that was another story...

Hayden, seeing his brother's dismissal, gave a small smile to Evan. The 9th grader (wait, school was out, 10th grader) had his cherry broken by Todd almost three months ago, but had limited action from a few of his friends since then. They all had small dicks and no experience. Evan had the opposite. Plus, he secretly hoped, maybe Riley watching Evan fuck him would make him jealous.

Slowly Evan pulled himself up from the bed and pulled Hayden onto it. He started stripping off Hayden's clothing. Riley started to interrupt, but the boys ignored him. Evan could see, as he pulled off the boy's jeans, that Hayden was rock hard.

"This is a favor," Hayden whispered in Evan's ear. "You still owe me something."

Without responding, Evan pulled the lube from Riley's nightstand and coated Hayden's asscheeks with it thoroughly as well as his own cock. Riley went to protest again, but found he was too turned on by the sight of the naked boys in front of him to speak. Here were the two people in the world he cared about most and they were having sex before him. Lining his cock up to the boy on all fours, Evan pushed inside Hayden.

Hayden had to scream into a pillow again. It wasn't Todd, but it wasn't the easy 4" he had tried the last few weeks.

Evan pushed in deeper until he was pressing completely against the boy's tight ass. He had now fucked Todd, Riley, and Hayden. The trifecta. Hayden's ass was by far the tightest, although Riley's was the most satisfying. How the hell did Todd get his cock in here in this tight little space?

Although the alcohol slowed his responses, Evan was too horny too hold out long with such pressure on his cock and the thrill of fucking MiniMe in front of his older brother. As he shouted in orgasm, Riley raced over with a pillow and held it over Evan's face. His parents were sleeping and he did not want them to wake up and find out what their sons were doing.

When Evan collapsed on the bed, Riley noted that his sperm dribbled back out of Hayden's and onto the bedspread. Oh well, Riley thought, it was Evan's bed for the night anyway.

Evan smiled, popped up on one elbow, and looked over the brothers whom he now felt had had dominated thoroughly. Seeing Hayden's hard-on was still throbbing and Riley was clearly tenting, he smiled, "Both you boys are sporting something. Maybe you should go take care of it."

Hayden shook his head in disappointment that Evan wasn't stepping up to the plate. Riley was so totally turned on that he discarded his promise about sex with Evan and Hayden that he had made maybe 15 minutes earlier. This time he hadn't cum while watching, but he had felt that it was close. He wanted the two boys before him in a totally different way than how he wanted his girlfriend Paige, or some hot girl like Missy Petersen. It was wrong. It was trouble. It was wrong. It might even be some great sin. But he wanted it.

"Well, all's fair in love and fucking," Evan grunted as he prepared to go to sleep.

"You know, Evan," Riley spoke up. "You are such a hypocrite."

"What the fuck does that mean?" Evan asked.

"If means you say one thing and do another. That's fine with your mom or teachers or even girls, but it isn't cool with me and it isn't right with Hayden."

Evan raised one eyebrow and sat up. He and Riley rarely talked about right and wrong and he was interested how he had offended Riley. He popped on his baseball cap, a sign he was paying attention, and pulled the sheet over his naked groin.

"You were so pissed off after the hotel room that I was on top," Riley began. "Even though it was just how the game was played. I was on the bottom for Hayden."

"And you became a big baby because of it," Evan shot back.

"Fine. So a couple weeks ago, you and I flipped it all and you said you were fine. So it was a give and take for us, right?"

"When I got to be on top, it made us even. So we were okay then," Evan didn't get where this was going.

"Why doesn't that apply to Hayden?" Riley realized he was advocating the cause of his little brother fucking his best friend. But right was right, and Hayden needed someone to speak on his behalf.

"He sucked you in DC. Same as you on me. But you haven't blown him. In fact, he has blown you twice now."

"But that's not the same, Riley. You are my best friend. MiniMe is a little kid." Hayden tensed up in anger, so Evan recast his statement. "Hayden is not my..." he searched for the word that he knew would fit the moment,

"Peer?" Riley offered.

"Yeah. That's the way it is. Little brothers and sisters do things for their big brothers and sisters - and their friends too."

"So Hayden letting you fuck him right now is just one of those things? You wont' mind then if I go and fuck Emily?" Riley wanted Evan to break and give in.

Before Evan could snap back, Hayden spoke up. "Even if you are right, Evan, does it give you the right to break a deal? Even a deal you didn't like? I fulfilled my end of the bargain rather well, I would say. What have you done for me?"

"Hayden, I spoke to Emily. She said she already blew you. I don't want to even know about that, but if she did then we are even. That's what you wanted."

"No thanks to you" Interrupted Hayden. "The deal was for you to arrange things with your sister. I did it myself. You didn't do jack so you can't get any credit. You didn't even try. There were consequences for that - either you aren't in the poker game, which would save Riley a lot of money." Even in the tension, the boys laughed. "Or I get to fuck you."

"You want me to call her? You want to me to set up a time to fuck my sister? Blow me. She's not going to do that."

Riley bust out a huge laugh. "Oh Evan. Give it up. Everyone knows your sister is the biggest slut in the eighth grade. She'll be the most popular freshman next year. She's going make you and Erica look like a priest and nun the way she's going."

Evan was stunned. Riley had never spoken to him so directly about Emily.

"She's the easiest blowjob in town," Riley tried to share gently. "I didn't want to tell you this, but I saw her tonight at the beach party. She was getting face-fucked by Oscar while Dizzy was taking her from behind. They are both graduating seniors. Even Erica didn't have a threesome in eighth grade."

Evan let the information sink in. He was much too well aware of his sister's activities. He had just tried to wish them all away.

Riley sat down next to Evan on the bed. His friend's nakedness didn't bother him. "Evan, I think things should be equal. Hayden has been really great to you. You and I are equal, but you and Hayden are not. And even if you don't believe that, you did make deal. Then we are all equal and can move on and back to normal."

"Get the fuck out of here," Evan stared in Riley's face. The brothers sighed. Had everything they had just said have no impact? But Evan continued, "What about you and Hayden? When are you going to suck him? When are you going to fuck him? If I need to be even with Hayden, don't you? You hippo...whatever you said."

Hayden lit up. If he could have gotten away with it, he'd have kissed Evan for pushing that issue when Riley wouldn't even address it.

Riley nodded. His dumb friend wasn't always that unaware. Especially when it came to sex. "I sucked Riley during Church last Sunday."

"In the bathroom," Hayden felt compelled to add so no one thought it was during the service.

Evan nodded in appreciation. He usually got his blowjob from Francine in one of the classrooms. Evan remembered their truth or dare game in Washington. Hayden had asked where the weirdest place was they had sex. Evan had mentioned his ninth grade quickie with Fat Linda, a regrettable late night choice - one of the only fucks he wished he could completely take back. He had plowed her from behind - it was his first time doggie style cause he couldn't stand looking at her - on the church pulpit while she held onto the lectern. The terror that someone might find them had made it further awkward. Now Riley and Hayden, who had boring answers, had a much more interesting one of their own.

"Well, I guess we need to make things even. Hey, MiniMe, did you ever think that one day you'd be doing this?"

Hayden smiled. He didn't mind the nickname right now. "Actually, Evan, I think I did."

"Well, fuck me. All these years of me kicking your ass and making fun of you, and here we are. You're going to fuck the hottest piece of ass in the city, maybe even the state. I hope you know how lucky you are. Some girls would kill for this opportunity. How does it feel to be with the hottest fuck in the state?"

"It feels great," Hayden's joy and self-confidence were through the roof. "But Katie Peterson isn't allowed out late on Friday nights. You'll do for second place, Evan. Now, come over here and suck my dick."

Both boys were already naked, so it was only a few seconds before Evan had Hayden's small and eager cock in his mouth. He hadn't sucked anyone other than that one time with Riley, but a lifetime of receiving them made the mechanics very obvious. Hayden's manageable size and Evan's enthusiasm to suck off the little twerp in front of Riley gave him some extra zest. He was eager to see Riley fuck Hayden. That really turned him on. He ignored the fact that Hayden would be fucking him tonight too.

Hayden kept fidgeting a little and forcing Evan to swing his legs around to the side. He was no longer between Hayden's legs, but now lying sideways next to him, his feet towards Hayden's head. But the 15-year-old wasn't moving around pointlessly. Evan felt Hayden's small warm hands moving on his own soft dick, rubbing and caressing it. He moaned. It felt really good. Then one hand moved to his balls and then onto his ass.

Evan paused. He had to be ready with what came next. Hayden began to feel his hard ass cheeks and rub them. A finger pushed its way inside. A small finger, bur Evan wasn't used to the sensation. Then two fingers. Maybe he should reconsider. They were pushing gently in and out while Evan continued to lick Hayden's tool. Then three.

"If I stop the blowjob early," Evan thought trying to come up with a logical plan as Hayden's fingers pulled in and out, "he'll cum quicker when he fucks." Pleased with his brilliance, Evan pulled off the boy's cock with a "pop" and raised his ass invitingly to Hayden.

What came next was also a surprise. The next sensation he felt on his butt wasn't Hayden's dick and it wasn't his hands. It was wet and probing. Hayden began to rim Evan, a completely new experience for 17-year-old. And he loved it. Hayden wasn't showing any hesitation to explore and excite. Evan began to moan causing Riley, who was in a state of sexual ecstasy watching this, to shove pillow over Evan's face again to keep him quiet.

Hayden knew this was going to set Evan over the edge. He had tried it once on a classmate he been fucking since he got back from Washington and the boy came twice just from the rimjob. He now had Evan on his back, legs in the air as Hayden continued to lick the taller, older boys ass and perineum and balls. Evan was hard as a rock.

When he felt Evan was at his sexual peak and the most charged up, he kept Evan's legs in the air, split the waiting cheeks, and pushed his 4" into a place that only his older brother had ever gone.

Surprisingly, Evan didn't curse or yell as Hayden entered. Smiling, the smaller boy positioned Evan's legs, one leaning against his shoulder, to allow him to push all the way in with ease. As he found his comfort, Evan's muscles relaxed, giving him repeated entry. Hayden, loving being in charge of the moment, couldn't resist but signal Riley to come closer. When his older brother reluctantly came up to the bed, Hayden ordered him, "Jerk him off."

Riley started to rub the hard, thick cock. He was so envious of it. It started to get him mad, for the moment, that Evan had so many physical gifts. He dropped the throbbing member. Hayden picked it up and continued to try and fuck and stroke simultaneously. Riley moved to Evan's head and simply said, "Suck me."

Evan, in a sexual frenzy of tension, lust, forbidden, deep repressed imaginations and feelings turned his head towards the side of the bed and opened his mouth. Riley dropped his pants where his 5 ½" cut dick was a steel beam off his groin.

Being in control of any sexual situation was something Evan prized. Once, had had fucked a college girl who had taken charge. At first, he found it weird. But soon, having someone else do all the thinking in the bedroom, and Evan not having to so much work, became exhilarating. Now he was doing very little thinking himself as Hayden fucked him and jerked him, and Riley essentially face-fucked him. This felt so different, but really nice. He didn't have to think - his general preference in life - and yet, it still felt great.

And so the most unexpected sex scene took place. Just three months ago all three boys would have thought you insane to describe this moment. Evan, the hottest hetero in the school, being sandwiched by his best friend and his little brother and loving it.

Hayden came first. He pulled out, stroked his dick three times before a burst of cum shot forward completely onto Evan. He shot once, twice, three times, and then when it seemed it was done, he shot twice more. Evan was cummed up, but didn't say a word with Riley's dick in his mouth.

Evan came second. No longer fucking him, Hayden used two hands to stroke while his tongue returned to the area from the balls to the ass. With Hayden stroking him, Evan coated his stomach through his own cheeks and even onto the pillow with a powerful blast.

It still took several more minutes before Riley was ready. In actuality, he'd have loved for it never to never end. Face-fucking Evan was heaven. But as he felt the surge, he pulled out and directed his spray in the same place - all over Evan. Three boys teen cum coating the most sexually active boy in the school. Hayden leaned forward and rubbed the three creams together on Evan's smooth skin and fine amounts of blond hair on his stomach and chest. Then he practically climbed up the prone, sticky body. The 10" height difference between the boys almost comical. Lying on top of the mess, his small dick poking Evan's stomach, he smiled and said, "Now, we're even. You can be in the poker game next year."

"Fuck yeah," Evan smiled. Maybe he had been wrong about MiniMe all these years.

Hayden and Evan each took quick showers. Riley sat in a semi-catatonic state waiting for them. He had changed into a t-shirt and sleep shorts and considered just turning off the light and ending the evening. But Hayden came back in while Evan was finishing up.

"Ready? Or do you need more time?" Hayden looked directly in his brother's face. Hayden was wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. Riley noted that is brother had practically no hair, only a few armpit hairs and little else. Riley was bit hairier and remembered the days of counting each hair that came in.

"We don't need to do this, Hayden. We can be even without it. I am fine," Riley sounded very tired.

"I'm not. I need you to do it. I've needed you to do it since truth or dare. I want you to do it. I have memories of others being back there - Evan, Todd, some of my friends. I'd rather that memory was you. I need you to do it, Riley."

"Yeah," Riley knew exactly what Hayden meant.

Evan walked in the bedroom to find Hayden on the bed on all fours as Riley rubbed lubricant around. It never occurred to the boys to use a condom. No one was getting pregnant. Given the sheer number of Evan's partners that was foolhardy act. But for teenagers doing crazy things, the logical and safe choice never was discussed.

Hayden wanted to look his brother in the face as they fucked. For Riley, it would be somewhat like looking at a mirror - although one that went back 3 years in time. So Hayden turned onto his back, but wrapped his legs around Riley allowing him direct access. But Riley wasn't hard. The tension of the moment combined with his cum of just a few minutes ago caused him to be unable to get a full erection. He was horrified.

Hayden had the cure. Pushing his brother onto his back, he lay on top of him, rubbing his dick into Riley's. He grabbed his older brother's face and gave him one solid kiss on the lips, before he began to work back down his body, this time using his tongue. Lower and lower Hayden went, licking Riley's neck, shoulders, arms, armpits, nipples (he stayed there a while), stomach, treasure trail, kissing all around the cock, licking his balls, and finally swallowing Riley's now hard dick. He sucked on it with vigor - up and down and up and down, pausing only to regain his breath or composure. Riley let out a series of sounds that none of them had heard before.  A higher pitched grunt with a breathy undertone of pleasure. After a few more minutes of working his brother's dick, Hayden pulled off and said, "Now fuck me."

The lust in Riley at that moment was so intense, he was almost worried he would hurt his little brother. Riley rammed his cock into his brother's tight hole (but not quite as tight as before Evan worked it over). It felt fantastic. Certainly it was the tightest one he had ever been in, but it was more than that. A lifetime of love between the brothers had shifted from fraternal to sexual, just as he had felt his friendship with Evan turn equally physical and lustful.

Pounding Hayden's body, he pushed his brother back a little each time until Hayden's head was slamming into the backboard. "Wait!" Hayden had to cry to get Riley to stop. Reluctantly, Riley stopped his thrusts and pulled out. Hayden got on his knees, turned around facing the backboard and planted his hands against it to brace himself. Riley resumed, although his initial surge of lust had quelled. His pace was a more controlled one.

Evan had no shame in that moment. He had long since dropped his towel and stroked himself staring boldly at the brothers. He hadn't seen all that much porn - why watch it when you can do it he always said. But this scene in front of him was the hottest fuck he'd ever witnessed and he was sure would ever witness. His dick was throbbing once more. Evan considered inserting himself into the action. He could get Hayden to suck him or maybe he should fuck Riley. But he showed surprising restraint and simply continued to jack off. Well, that's not entirely true, He grabbed Riley's digital camera sitting on his desk and took a handful of shots of the boys without them even noticing. Souvenirs for them to remember the evening.

As Riley pounded his brother, he started to wonder. What does this mean? Am I gay? Is Evan? Hayden? It was clear Hayden had done some significant experimentation since the hotel room. He had taken the seven dicks at the poker game with much too much ease and a little much joy. But what did that mean for him and Evan?

"Oh!" Riley involuntarily grunted. Whatever. Right now he needed to shut the fuck up and enjoy the ride. With the vacuum job Hayden had just done combined with his brother's incredible ass, Riley was amazed he'd held out this long. It probably helped that Paige had jacked him off at the beach - unwilling to fuck him in such a public place and her not being a big fan of the blowjob. Plus he had masturbated once today, so along with Evan's suckjob on his, this was #5. That gave him unusual staying power. But his body and soul reacted to the still smooth flesh and powerful anus, his dick responded to the physical and emotional signals it was receiving, and he knew he'd bust. "I'm gonna cum," he grunted.

Hayden had considered the ejaculations. He had loved watching Evan become a cum mat for all three of them. Hayden wanted something different. As he felt his brother pull out, he whipped around, dropped almost prone onto the mattress so his face was directly in front of Riley's dick. As Riley stroked a few more times, he understood from enough porn on the computer what Hayden seemed to want.

Evan had given Hayden a facial when he blew him in the hotel room. But this was a little different. As he shot, Hayden opened his mouth, inviting Riley to shoot in his jizz. Ejaculations are hard to aim, so though a healthy glob landed on Hayden's tongue, the rest covered his face and hair. Over and over Riley shot out each with a pleasure grunt that his parents certainly would hear if they were awake. It was easily the biggest, most powerful cum of his life. He fell backwards as his cock dropped out of his hands. Hayden went to clean it off, but Riley kept him away, his cock too raw for any more stimulation.

They both heard a grunt from Evan. At 6' tall, with shaggy blond locks, and a toned, athletic body, Evan was a fantastic 17-year-old specimen of the male species. As he yanked his 6 ½" cock up and down, it was a memorable and arousing sight. Evan's eyes were closed, so Hayden called, "Come over to the bed."

Evan slowed his strokes slightly as he opened his eyes and walked up to the bed. He was met by Hayden's cum covered face similarly in line with cock. Evan had more experience feeding someone his cum, so he directly deposited the first couple shots onto Hayden's waiting tongue before letting the rest land on the boy's smooth cheeks. Evan dropped onto the bed to Hayden's left with Riley exhausted on the right. They both lay back, completely naked and satisfied.

But in the self-awareness they both recognized a missing piece. Looking up, they saw Hayden sitting on the edge of the bed, cum dripping off his chin and nose, as he masturbated his small cock with vigor. The two older teens sat up, gave each other a quick look and then both reached in to take over the stimulation. Hayden's dick wasn't big enough to warrant two hands, so one of the boys was always touching his balls or stomach or hair while they other stroked and then they swapped off.

When Hayden felt things moving towards boil, he lay back onto the bed and ordered his brothers to help prop up his legs. Hayden swung his feet into the air and made an "C" curve with his body so his dick was directly aimed at his own face. Evan and Riley each grabbed a leg, remembering Todd's self-suck. Hayden was many inches from introducing his mouth to his member, but he had the general concept.

Pulling on his own cock, his breathing was extremely quick and very shallow before he took in a sudden, huge inhale. He stopped stroking as his cum burst out, gravity directing it to the boy's face, although most of it missed his waiting open mouth. When he had squeezed out the last drop, he signaled the others and lowered his legs back onto the bed.

Hayden lay there for a few minutes with Evan and Riley just watching him. Then, he sat up and said, "I think I need to wash my face." The boys all laughed as Hayden grabbed his scattered clothing and into the bathroom, which connected on the other side to Hayden's room.

In the quiet, Riley said, "Evan, does this make us gay?"

Evan smiled. "This makes us even. From here on out, anything goes."

Riley nodded. Even meant they could move on. He needed to try just having a brother and a best friend for a while again. And he needed to break up with Paige. If he didn't have girlfriend who sexually satisfied him, he'd be too tempted to knock on his brother's door. But that was for tomorrow to worry about,

"Fuck me!" Evan cursed. The extra bed in Riley's room had liberal amounts of cum all over it. They looked at Riley's bed to find the same thing. They shrugged their shoulders and walked into the bathroom.

Hayden was just finishing drying his hair, his naked form freely otherwise on display.

"We're sleeping in your room. Our beds are a little too sticky."

Hayden had a comfortable double bed. But with three, they had to push together. No one had bothered to put on any clothes, so their tired dicks pushed into each other's legs and asses, a new sensation in bed for all of them. Hayden wrapped his arms around Riley, spooning him. Riley, in the center of the bed, had one arm across Evan's chest who slept on his back. Evan had one arm under Riley's head.

Just as they got comfortable, Evan commented, "That was fun. Maybe we'll do it again sometime."

"Yeah, but maybe not," Riley quietly added.

"If we do it again, Evan," whispered Hayden as they began to fall asleep, "I think it should be a full family affair. Make sure we invite Emily and even Erica."

“Fuck me,” grunted Evan as he closed his eyes.

The three boys fell asleep, naked flesh intertwined, imagining the various combinations that the five siblings could make.

The End

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