The Slave Market 2

Father looked at me with his unsmiling face. A flick of fear ran now through my little boy body.

Father came forth and surveyed my purchases.

His scrutiny lasted for more than five minutes without a word being said. Then he conferred with grandfather.

I stood there sweating with fear that I had wasted their money and that the poor boys would be thrown out to fend for themselves.

Grandfather now came over to me as my father stood behind my new boys. Grandfather grabbed my hand. His hand was warm.

He bent down and whispered in my ear.

"You have allowed your heart to rule over your head."

I started to shake.

"You have chosen from your pleasure pit."

"Tell me. Would you have chosen these boys if it was your own money in your pocket?"

I turned to him. His face was stern and solid.

I didn't even think about my answer.

"Oh yes, grandfather. I would have paid more money, if it had been mine, to find these boys. I know they will provide us with great pleasure, but also they will show us great loyalty."

I saw my grandfather smile as he turned his head away from me. When he turned back his eyes were filled with tears, and he hugged me passionately to his old body.

My father joined us, and added his arms to our hug.

"You have chosen well, my boy. I could not have made a better selection," spoke my adoring father.

We all now looked at these new boys for our household. My father carefully removed all the clothing on all those so adorned. He gently fondled their cocks and balls. Then he rubbed his smooth kind hands over their hairless young bodies.

Grandfather then made his physical survey.

He then announced to the boys," Welcome to our household. My grandson has selected you as worthy additions to our family. I am pleased he has chosen so well. Now we must show you to your new quarters, and make sure that you are bathed, fed and clothed."

My father led the way into the servants sector of our large home. Already our senior slave, Mustaf had got the others to warm a large tub of water so our new boys could bathe. Others had prepared some food for them, whilst our other slave servants had added four new beds to the sleeping area.

I watched with a thrilling heart as each of the new boys was scrubbed and washed with soap. The poor battered boy remarked that he had never felt soap on his skin before. His welts were coated with special soothing cream made from a desert plant. In a few days all evidence of his beating would be removed and his lovely young body would radiate with beauty. His name was Orion and he was certainly a young star in so many ways.

Grandfather took a great liking to our mutilated tongue boy. He had no name so we decided to call him Gavar, and he was over-joyed to at last, in his 14th year to have a name.

He had always been part of slave society. He had no knowledge of his mother or any other family. He had been passed from household to household. Then just two years ago, in a fit of rage, his then master, trying to choke the lad with his monster cock had made his throat invasion so harsh that the lad had been forced to clamp his mouth and his small teeth bit the man's orgasming cock.

He cut Gavar's tongue out within minutes. His rage was so great that he was about to remove the poor boy's balls when he slipped and the sharp knife entered his stomach causing his life to end.

Poor Gavar had fortunately fled. He was finally able to join with the slave marketeer, but due to his deformed mouth and loss of his tongue he had been very near to having his life cut short, as he had become an unsaleable item.

With his deformities grandfather decided to name this fine young boy Sharman, and again this name was received by the lad with great joy.


That night my father enjoyed Shaman's arse and cock and enjoyed the excellent delivery of fresh boy cum. My father was pleased with the boy, and informed me the next morning that his small tight arse had been a welcome tunnel for his cock.

Grandfather had not engaged in any sexual activities with his new boy, preferring to cuddle with the small one and allow his hands to appreciate his tiny body and cock.

My pleasure was with Gavar. His ability to suck cock was truly extraordinary. I flooded his throat twice during the night, and he delivered the same amount into my rear passage, providing pleasure to both of us.

I requested my father to allow him to be my personal slave, and that was agreed.

Gavar not only showed me great affection and pleasure, but also loyalty of a supreme kind.

Just prior to the following winter, grandfather again suggested that I should visit the slave market. I had not purchased a smooth young girl on my previous visit, and both he and my father felt that it was about time my now well-grown cock should break into the lips of a smooth untouched girl.

It would be positive experience for me, and also my duty to father as many young ones as possible.

Father and grandfather this time decided to follow me to the slave market, but had not informed me of their intention.

Again I surveyed the older male sector, but not one of the poor souls enthused me.

There were several interesting boys on offer in the non-seeding section, but much more wealthy buyers soon snapped up the ones I felt would be a welcome addition.

In the semen delivering boy section, there were some attractive boys, and again I was welcomed into one of the tents where I not only enjoyed watching men with large cocks fuck seemingly innocent young hairless boys, but also had my own arse penetrated by a boy my age. At the same time a small boy, just 6 years old, was able to give my hard cock a great sucking. He was delighted to show all that he had a mouthful of my boy juice.

This time I was again beaten to my selection by other older men, who displayed quicker decision making with the sellers.

I then moved to the very select girl market. There were young girls from 5 to 15. All were advertised as being unentered or virgins. Somehow I had my doubts on several of them, particularly when their fingers disappeared inside their moist pink cunt lips.

Finally with many sales depleting the available stock, I requested more details on a young smooth body that was just 12 summers from birth. Her breasts were starting to develop, and it seemed to my eyes that her cunt was in its original state. She was perhaps a little more plump that most of the other offerings, but that encouraged me.

With some aggressive haggling I finally purchased this young dark haired girl for a single coin. She did not seem pleased to go with me to the corral, but I did buy her some fruit and also a small clean cloth skirt to cover her little hairless cunt.

Something suggested to me that should take another walk through the juice boy section. Most of the sales had been completed and several tents were now being dismantled. It was heartening to view many naked backsides as boy's bent over to roll the cloth from the tent.

Then I noticed a small boy, with lighter coloured hair. He was standing forlornly waiting for a buyer. His small skirt covered his cock, but even when a new buyer was being shown the stock, his master passed him by.

I moved closer to the boy and saw that he was very lightly built and that his chest had yet to commence its growth. Casually I lifted his skirt to see his cock and balls. I was extremely surprised to note that his cock did not have any long skin over the knob. In fact there was no skin at all. The knob was very large and he had a small number of cock hairs. These matched the colour of the hair on his head, not being black like my own.

At first I thought his balls had been removed, but then I discovered they were tucked up almost inside his skin.

He did not move as I examined him, and his cock did not re-act or become stiff.

An older boy came over to me his skirt pushed out by his large and swollen cock. He told me not to be concerned about this boy, as he was from a foreign land where they mutilated their boys.

He informed me that this weak lad had been captured during a battle some moon passing ago. He did not speak so it was that he had no power of speech. The older boy also advised that the boy had never become stiff when asked to pleasure his master, and that although he had dripped juice several times, they had never been able to make him fire his semen.

However, I was intrigued by this boy with the funny cock, and asked the price. The older boy now took me into their tent and showed me a nice dark haired young boy willingly accepting the cock from a large dog. I had never seen a dog fuck a male before.

At a sports day the preceding summer I had seen several dogs lick the cunts of older ladies and then watched as the ladies hungry cunts swallowed their pointed cocks. What had been interesting was how the dog cock had expanded with a large fleshy ball behind it and how this had rammed into these older ladies cunts. Even after the dog had stopped fucking they all had remained inside the ladies. It took much passage of the sun before the dogs roughly pulled their soft cocks from the wide-open lips.

Following the dogs several of the women had been placed under horses and donkeys and soon their massive cocks had found the openings and had flooded the willing female gashes with pounding quantities of their vast flow of semen.

One older lady had even sucked the donkey's huge cock into her mouth and almost choked when the animal had ejaculated.

I was urged to buy the boy, and the dog. They had been found in a travelling show from another tribe, and it would be great fun and of much interest to my friends to see this boy and dog perform.

So now I had a bargaining source. I held up my solitary coin. I would take the boy and his dog, but to clinch the deal they had to throw in the boy with the funny cock.

It was the old bargaining routine of nods and head waving and hand movements, but then it was concluded. But this time I gained even more, for not only would I get the boy and his fucking dog companion, and the light haired boy from the foreign tribe, but also a very young boy, who had been born only weeks previously.

I accepted them all. My heart had won again over pure business sense.

I slowly walked back to the corral to gather my young girl. She was overjoyed to see the baby and quickly gathered him from my arms. The baby almost naturally tried to suck on her tits, but they were not developed enough.

The fair-haired boy did not respond to any chat, but the dog boy was smiling and patting his dog. I could not understand his language at all, but he was obviously pleased to be with me.

Before we had left the slave market my father and grandfather met me. They showed surprise at my purchases.

Grandfather immediately inspected the fair-haired boys cock, whilst father was interested in the dog boy's very large cock and even larger balls. Before we had reached home the boy had delivered a large series of spurts of his juice, much to the delight of his dog, which licked it all up.

Again all where taken to the bath area and washed. My new slave girl was found to have her cunt intact, so father decided that I should break into her as soon as possible.

But not a word from the fair-haired boy. Grandfather had sucked his cock but it didn't stir from its soft flaccid state. We allowed the dog to lick his arse but that didn't change his cock attitude.

We fed them all, including the dog and it was exciting to see how they enjoyed their food.

In appreciation for the bath and food the dog boy called his dog over, and bent down on his legs and arms so the dog could get its bright red pointed cock into his arse. The dogs big balloon soon found its way into the boy and the dog and boy remained tied together long after the dog had pumped its dog semen into the lad.

I decided to have the fair haired boy sleep with me that night. Again we washed and I had his body rubbed with fragrant smelling oils. I also had his arse greased in case I felt like fucking him.

When I lay on the bed, he didn't know what to do, so I beckoned him to join me. Gradually he crawled over to me on the soft mattress. Then my hands wandered all over his beautiful body and I cuddled him into my arms.

I felt something wet and then I realised the boy was crying. I hugged him more closely to me and could feel his little heart pounding away. His tears continued and then I felt something against my body. I looked down and their standing out from the few hairs surrounding his cock was this extremely large cock. The knob had expanded so much that I felt I would have difficulty opening my lips to curl around it. The length was much greater than my own. I rubbed my hand along it and suddenly this lovely undeveloped body gave an almighty pulse and I was being bathed in spurt after spurt of large globs of cloudy boy cum.

He turned his face to me, and our lips met. Another shudder racked his body and more semen jetted out of his massive cock. His tears continued as he kissed me and hugged me.

At last he said something that I could not understand. Then he kissed me again.

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