I cuddled my big cocked boy all night. Whilst I thought about and truthfully wanted to fuck his splendid arse, for some unexplainable reason I decided that he would not approve of this action by myself.

This really was a stupid decision as I was the master in this situation and if I had the desire to fuck the boy then he would submit. If he didn't like my cock breaking into his are and objected I had the power to have him thrown out of the household, or even fed to the beasts.

But something about this boy held me back from fucking him.

The next morning I awoke to feel his big cock pressing against my body, The piss slit was very wet with clear slippery fluid and he had left a substantial deposit over parts of my body. I looked at his charming innocent face. He was indeed very beautiful and his light golden coloured hair reflected the suns rays as it opened the light for the day.

I kissed him and he responded with a passion similar to that I had felt from Gavar, the tongueless boy I had bought at the market about eight moons ago. His arms encircled me and he started to move as if fucking me.

I sensed what he wanted to do so I rolled onto my back and spread my legs. Then I carefully raised my legs so he could see my pink rear hole.

He found the dish of plant juice that I used to make the penetration of young tight arses easier, and smeared some on his cock. Then his second finger scoop anointed my hole. His fingers rubbed and finally as I relaxed, pushed some inside me.

He slowly raised himself over me and then with his left hand he guided his large cock head to a position over my hole. He body dropped gently and I could feel him attempting to enter me. My muscles resisted initially but then I relaxed and I felt the cock head enter and open me.

Slowly he pushed further into me and then as he touched my secret spot inside my body and I moaned, he withdrew. His cock head almost left me but then he moved back and soon he was pumping back and forth into me. The feeling within my body was intense and soon his touching of my pleasure point had me bucking and jumping and I could feel my juices rushing for release.

With a great push his cock buried deeply into me and his own body bucked and pulsed and I knew he was delivering large spurts of his seed into me. At that moment my own seed decided that the time had come for release, and my stiff cock erupted, spilling perhaps my largest ever load all over my chest and stomach.

I looked up and the boy smiled. His lips met mine and he controlled me with his passionate kissing. We continued like this for some time.

Then I felt him move. I looked up and there was my grandfather. His fingers with some plant grease on them were pumping inside his arse. His body reacted and he pumped back into me.

Grandfather allowed the boy to remain in me as he mounted the mattress and gently inserted his large old cock into the boy. I could feel him move. Then grandfather took control and he fucked the boy, in just the same way he had often fucked me. Long slow pumps in, and short sharp pull back movement.

The boy was now fucking me again but without him making any effort. Soon the thought of this combination of bodies had me generating a feeling and my cock exploded yet again.

Grandfather then pushed very hard and then stopped and I knew he was filling up the light-haired boy's arse with cum.

Slowly the old man rolled sideways from the boy, his big cock pulling out of his open arse with a slight plop sound. The boy then rolled to the other side of myself and his cock made a similar sound as it left me. A rush of cool air raced up inside me.

I watched as he kissed my grandfather. My fingers were directed to his open slippery arse, and I caressed the inner side of his shit tube.

The boy spoke and then grandfather replied. The boy smiled and hugged the older man with great feeling.

I told grandfather that I enjoyed this boys company and could I have him in my personal retinue and save him from being used by other members of the household.

Grandfather agreed to speak with my father about this request. Then he told me that he could understand some speech the boy made.

He also told me he knew about how this tribe cut away the beautiful skin from the head of a boys cock. He had seen this done when he was very young and he felt it was a terrible act to do to a beautiful part of a boy's body.

I replied to grandfather that I liked the look of his cock, and wished to see this cutting being done on another slave, if that was something that could be achieved.

Grandfather agreed to think about my request.

Gavar now came in with our breakfast food and was, I observed, not happy to see the golden haired boy lying naked on my mattress. I told him not to have any fear. He was still a loved member of my household. I lifted up his small skirt and found his cock was stiffening and leaking.

I told him to return when he had finished his listed duties.

He smiled and looked pleased.

I was pleased with Gavar as he now could communicate in a form of speech and he was growing in all areas of his body.

His cock was now larger than most of the boys his age and his arse could almost accept a donkey cock. It opened well and grandfather's big cock slid in him with ease. He told me in his mumbled speech that he loved it when grandfather fucked him.


Two days later my father informed me that it was time for me to de-flower the slave girl I had purchased two weeks previously.

With father and grandfather I went to the special room set aside for this special act. The walls were painted with scenes of past de-flowering's and showed in wonderful detail the opening not only of young girls lower lips, but also their rear passages, as well as a selection of young boys similar initiations.

I remembered how my father had penetrated me in my tenth summer and how it had been very painful, but I had stoically refused to acknowledge this pain to any one.

We sat in our flowing white robes as the girl, dressed in a single piece of clean white cloth was brought in by two older boy slaves. I recognised one of them. He was a very strong boy who was very good at games. I remembered how his cock had opened me many times those years ago following my father's initial fuck of me. I had grown to enjoy his cock, so now I requested that he be allowed to remain and observe my actions with this girl.

It was agreed, and grandfather made a similar request for the other lad as he whispered to me that this boy enjoyed being fucked like a dog. That made my cock stiffen.

My father opened the ceremony by running his hands over the girl and then swiftly removing her light gown.

Her small almost hairless body glowed with the juices of plants. She smelt of flowers in bloom. Her dark hair had been combed and flowed almost to her shoulders.

His fingers traced a line from her upper lips to her lower lips. He rubbed gently over them as he called me to them.

He told me to remove my robe.

When this was done he dipped his fingers in a bowl of plant juice and rubbed it over my bucking very stiff cock. Then he told me to kiss the girl on both sets of lips. His slippery fingers also placed some juice into my arse. I was extremely excited about this as I hoped that he would fuck me when I had delivered my seed into the girl.

The girl now lay on the soft thin mattress and I climbed over her. She looked at me in a frightened way. I was horrified that she was in such a state.

I lowered my body to hers and father's hand guided my slippery cock to her slit. I dropped my body weight as I felt her opening and then I felt my cock head open her further. I pushed now but felt some resistance.

Father slapped my arse and my cock broke the resistance, but the little girl screamed. I stopped but father slapped me again and now with the girl screaming like a banshee I commenced my act of fucking her.

She continued to scream with every pump into her but I continued. However, I was not gaining any feeling from my cock as I did when I fucked young boys. My cock was hurting as something was scraping along it. I stopped but the girl continued to cry and thrash under me and her screams now changed to gurgling mumbles.

I was about to pull my cock from her when my father intervened. He told me to fill her quickly but now my cock was soft and all I wanted to do was piss. I looked at grandfather and he appeared to understand me, so nodded his head.

I raised myself up from over the girl and allowed the warm stream of piss to flow from my cock into her body. My father watched as her tummy expanded as I filled her.

He called the boy nearest to bring a large dish.

When at last I had finished I could feel some piss leaking from her. She was quiet now. I lifted myself from her and as I removed my cock a rush of blood covered water flooded from her cunt.

The boys caught most of it in the dish.

My cock was rubbed raw as if scratched with stinging nettles. When I touched it was extremely sore.

The girl was taken away after father pushed his fingers inside her bloodied cunt.

He carefully washed my suffering cock and applied some special goat cream made from the cum and female cream of our special household goats. I felt better.

My cock healed quickly and then I was told to go to the slave market and select another young girl, as well as a new senior man.

I reversed my usual pattern at the market by visiting the girl section first. There were only eight merchants selling this day, and the initial view was not exciting for me. Then I spied a small-framed very thin young girl at the rear of a group in one tent. She had lighter coloured hair and the slave merchant tried to warn me away from her.

He told me she was from a far off tribe and that her cunt was useless as it was far too small for even a young boy's cock. However he did say that her arse was tight and warm.

I looked again at her. I sensed that she spoke in a similar tongue to my fair-haired slave. I bargained with a small coin and was pleased to win her. At the next tent I saw an older girl, her cunt sprouting some black hairs. She was also developing fleshy tits. I asked if she was untouched and the merchant laughed. He rammed his fingers inside her cunt and she bucked against them in a fucking fashion. I purchased her also, leading my pair to the holding corral.

There were some nice young boys but today I didn't have sufficient funds to purchase in this section, or the non juice section.

In the mature slave section there were some new tents with merchants I had not met previously. What drew me to them was a string of very black men. They were tall and their bodies glistened with a sheen. They looked stunning and I noted that virtually all of them had very large long cocks hanging from patches of very curly cock hair. They looked both strong and sexy, and I wondered how large their cocks became when they were stiff.

I inquired about them and was told they came from a place where the sun shone all the time and that was why they were so black. One merchant luridly handled one of their cocks and I was astonished to see it stiffen into a length that was as big as a donkey.

I asked the price, but said I didn't have such an amount of coin. I was taken inside the tent and this black man and another joined us. The other black man bent over to show me his large arsehole. He spread his bum cheeks and then the slave I was interested in pushed his massive cock head against the hole and was soon sliding easily into the other man. He fucked him with out consideration. Then the merchant told him to halt.

He pulled his very large slippery cock out and waved it in my direction. I grabbed it and it pulsed in my hands.

At the same time a young boy had raised my robe and placed his mouth on my stiff cock and was sucking me. I felt very good and then another small boy began to suck my arsehole. My body was on fire with pleasure. The black man now pushed his cock head towards my lips and I licked him. Suddenly his cock started to enlarge even further and then my body was being sprayed with splat after splat of large globs of warm black man juice. I swallowed as much as I could. Then my own cock fired into the tiny mouth sucking me, and at the same time a small boy cock penetrated my arse.

The price of the two black slaves was agreed at five coins. The merchant was pleased with his sale. When I emerged from the tent with my slaves in my cum coated robe, the other merchants all bowed and clapped. I was being honoured for my purchase and also for my enjoyment of the entertainment offered by the merchant.

Father was extremely pleased when I arrived home with my purchases. Grandfather congratulated me on buying the two black men. He was extremely impressed with their monster cocks.

He rubbed his arse, indicating to me that he would enjoy having them fuck him, and soon.


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