How Tony and I Made Love

Part 1 of The Adventures of Beck and Tony

By Mark Fell

Early teen sex, early teen brother-sister incest

Water sports

This is a work of friction. Not a lick of it is true.

* * *


Oh Tony, my Tony, my only love, my beautiful Tony.

Diary, how can I tell you about Tony?

How can I tell you how his kisses taste? How his body feels? How warm his skin is or how wonderful it is when we're close, so close, doing the thing that we're not supposed to do. How can I tell you this?

I don't know the words.

Tony is thirteen and he is my lover. Yeah, lover, that's right. I get hot thinking like that. I used to think older girls were crazy, obsessed. They told me that I'd understand when I got older.

Well, I got older but I still don't understand.

I mean, I expected that one day I'd fall in love. But I always figured it would be … different, a lot different from how it is.

For one thing I thought I'd fall in love when I was older, not when I was fourteen, and with someone older than I am.

I thought I loved Greg, last year, but that was just my pussy thinking for me. The fucking was hot, oh yeah it was hot, but I didn't love him any more than he loved me. He just wanted a young tight virgin pussy, and I wanted his big hard high school ditching car-driving dick.

But at least he taught me how to fuck. That was good, because I've used all those skills now.

With Tony.

I love Tony, Tony Norton, my beautiful lover. Tony Norton and Becky Norton. Has a nice ring and I don't even have to change my name.

Tony was a virgin. I took his virginity. I was his first real girlfriend. He's my first real lover.

I'm fourteen, Tony is thirteen, and it started on his birthday.

* * *

Before then, though, we were regular brother and sister. He pissed me off, I pissed him off, the usual stuff. But as we got older I started noticing … things about him. Me. Us. Differences. We weren't like we had been before.

Shit, this is harder than I thought it would be. I know what I feel when I think of Tony now, and I know how I felt then, but when I try to put down words all I get is a jumble.

So maybe … okay, I get pictures. Here are some pictures, in words.

* * *

At the beach. I had just got a new bikini and it felt weird, because my boobs were starting to grow in, and it was tight on them and my nipples stood up. I was there with Tony and his best friend Josh. This was two years ago. Josh saw my nipples standing and pointed and laughed, and I felt my face get hot and I knew I was blushing and I called him a shithead and then I was crying, and Tony punched him. Hard. He said never, ever laugh at my sister. He said if you ever make my sister cry again I'll kick you in the balls so hard your voice will never change.

Then Tony came to get me because I'd run off, and he talked with me for a long time and told me he was really pissed with Josh, and he just let me cry for a while, and then he asked why I was crying so much. And I said I don't know why, because I didn't.

You don't have to be embarrassed, he said. You look fine.

I didn't say anything and he got quiet too. After a while he stood and said so whenever you're ready we can go, sis, and I said okay, bro, and he let me be for a while. And I remember thinking that Tony was growing up because even though he was eleven and still a pain in my butt he wasn't as bad as he had been just the year before.

That night when we were getting ready for bed I kissed Tony on the cheek and hugged him. He said what's that for? I said what you did today. And he just shrugged like it was nothing, but to me it was. To me it was.

He said I like that bikini. Wear it again sometime, okay? Forget about that fuckhead Josh.

And I said okay, because he's Tony, and even then I think part of me wanted to … wanted things I didn't even know could happen then, and I don't even understand them now and they've been going on for months. And he laid down in his bed and I laid down in mine and we just laid there in the dark for a while, facing each other across the room, and we didn't say anything, and after a while we fell asleep.

* * *

And late that night, long after everyone was asleep, I woke up to the sound of Tony's bed creaking. It sort of made me mad because by then I knew what was happening. I was going to say something nasty to him, or maybe just say he should go into the bathroom to do that, when I noticed he'd pushed his sheets down. He was naked and I saw him, with his hand on his dick, moving up and down, and as I watched he jerked and shook and grunted softly.

I got turned on a little watching my brother make himself come, so I fingerbanged myself for a while, imagining a different way for things to turn out from earlier that day, with Tony and me kissing for a while, and then maybe him helping me out of my new bikini while he said you know, Beck, I always thought you were kind of hot…

After I came I felt like my chest was burning. I was so ashamed to be thinking those things. My brother. My own brother!

* * *

Summer camp, and the two of us go every year, and there are always showers. Boys and girls take separate showers, of course, but the older boys and girls were always trying to sneak looks. I used to think that was dumb but this year I was thirteen, and I decided to go with some of the girls when they said let's see if we can spy on the boys.

So we went around back through the forest and snuck up to the wall of the shower building. There was a little crack by the window, which was that frosty glass you can't see through except these big pink blobs that were the boys' bodies. Rachel was first to peek and she turned really red and started giggling, only it wasn't like she saw something funny. It was like she didn't know how else to behave. And I saw her nipples get hard, and that was the first time I really understood they can do that when a girl gets horny.

So I figured maybe there was something worth looking at. Two other girls went before I saw what they all saw, and by the time I was peking through the crack most of the boys were gone. But there was one near the crack and I couldn't see who it was, because he was standing too close and his back was turned. All I saw was a really cute butt, all muscular and toned and with dimples, and shoulders that looked pretty wide, and tanned skin that was almost creamy white where the boy's shorts normally covered him. I figured it must be one of the older boys, maybe fifteen or sixteen even. He looked really good and while he stood under the spray I felt tingles in my nipples and pussy.

And then he turned around and I saw he wasn't an older boy at all; in fact I knew exactly how old he was. He was twelve and he was my brother, Tony, and I had just got horny looking at my brother, and even though I felt really scared about it right then, I couldn't stop thinking about his cute butt or how his dick hung down between his legs, with the water pouring over him and soap bubbles sliding on his skin.

I'm not sure but I think I screamed. We all ran away.

My brother's got a great body, I thought as we ran back to the cabin. I wonder if he likes mine too.

Part of me really hoped so.

* * *

Showers made me think of what happened after we got back from camp, a few months before Tony's birthday and the night that started it all for us. I was in the shower and I thought I was the only one home because Tony usually has track in the afternoons that time of year.

That day the coach had some kind of other thing to do so Tony came home early, when I was still in the shower. I got out, with the bathroom door wide open, and didn't even know Tony saw me until I was totally dried off and wrapped in a towel, with another over my hair. By then my boobs were pretty noticeable and I had some hair grown in around my pussy, bright red like on my head.

So I looked up and there was Tony, sitting on his bed and staring at me.

It wasn't really a big deal because we share a room and we've seen each other naked a lot. All our lives, really. Only that day, I saw something in his look, and I thought of how I'd seen him in the shower at camp and how I had got pretty hot over his body. And I saw that Tony had a boner, sticking up in his shorts, and he wasn't really trying to hide it. He was sitting with his knees wide apart.

You need something? I asked, and he sort of jumped like I'd surprised him, and blinked a couple times and said no, just waiting for you to finish.

I felt hot in my face, but also I felt those tingles in my nipples and pussy again, like before. I was naked except for a towel wrapped around me, and I knew Tony had seen me and that maybe — probably — seeing me had given him a hardon. And I thought of what boys do when they get hard (I've seen Tony jack off before, not just that one night), and I wondered if he was going to do that in the shower in a few minutes, thinking of me, or if maybe he had been before I saw him, rubbing it through his shorts or something while he watched me in the bathroom, and I knew my face was as red as his. Well I'm done now, I said, so you can take your turn. He stood up and his boner stuck out. Okay, he said, and he went into the bathroom and closed the door.

When the spray started I remembered how he looked at camp, with all that water and creamy soap running down his naked body. And I knew he had been staring at my naked body in the same way, and I knew then that I didn't have to wonder any more if Tony thought I had a hot body.

I used to think that sharing a shower with Tony was gross, because I knew he did jack off in there. But after that I didn't mind it so much, thinking that I was standing in the same spot where Tony stood when he made cum shoot out of himself.

I wondered what his cum looked like. I knew from Greg that when a boy got old enough it was thick and creamy, pearly. But Tony wasn't that old yet. He didn't even have any hair growing in just then, though I did think he was bigger than he had been before.

Even through the sound of the water I heard him moan. My brother is making cum in the shower, I thought, and while he jacked off under the spray I sat on my bed and fingered myself until I came too.

* * *

The weekend of Tony's thirteenth birthday we were going to have a slumber party. It was going to be me and Jenna and Rachel, and Tony and Josh and Ted and Ryan. The girls would be there to give me moral support, Mom said. But we were going to leave the boys alone and just have our own party.

Tony was okay with it all. I thought that was pretty cool of him at first, but then I learned it was because he was hot for Rachel. That pissed me off. He thought he could make a move on her or something! Only I wasn't just pissed at him for that; I also thought of how Rachel had got turned on at camp peeking in on the boys' shower, and I figured out that maybe she'd seen Tony, and maybe he would be able to get something going with her if he played it right. And that made me feel a kind of hot sorry anger deep in my stomach.

So I told him he shouldn't get his hopes or anything else up.

We were sitting in the den watching TV. He just stared at me like he wanted to say something nasty, but decided not to. It's none of your business, he said. Well I thought it was and told him so, but he said no, it's none of your business if I like Rachel just like it was none of my business when you were humping Greg.

I tried to act cool about it but I knew he had me. I couldn't even talk at first, and then managed something dumb, like I don't know what you're talking about. Greg and I had never done it at home, so how could Tony know?

I found out in a moment. He told me, Tony said. He told me you did it practically every day.

I was really mad, all of a sudden, angry at Greg for blabbing about us, and worse, telling my kid brother. I was glad we broke up but sorry that I'd ever fucked him. He used to say I could trust him, and then he goes and brags to Tony about us. And then I started crying, feeling angry still, but also sad and just … disappointed? Betrayed, maybe.

Tony looked really surprised, then worried, and he said hey, sis, I'm sorry, are you okay?

Do I look okay to you? I said, and I cried so hard, and he just scooted over to me and put his arms around me and hugged me, and it was weird at first because it was a really mature thing for him to do, but then I was hugging him back and before I knew it I was telling him everything, and I mean everything, about how Greg had talked me into sex that first time, how he'd promised it would only hurt the one time — that was mostly true — and how I was going to be really special to him afterward — that wasn't true at all; we broke up after I saw him kissing a cheerleader after a game — and how even though I knew he used me I still liked the sex. It did feel good, because Greg was experienced and good at it, and he knew just how to make me come. And I told Tony that Greg had shown me how to do everything, that he was my first ever, and that part of me was glad I'd learned how from him but part was angry that I'd let my first time happen with someone who turned out to be such a shithead.

And Tony said something that made me feel so much better. He said no, Beck, you're still a virgin, because you've fucked but you never made love. And I looked at Tony for a long time, wondering where the hell he got something like that, and then I hugged him really hard and kissed his cheek, and he hugged me back and pressed up to me and I felt something that made me back off a little, because I didn't think it was such a good thing that Tony had a boner right then, and it definitely wasn't a good thing that the tingle was back when I thought of it.

Thanks, bro, I said, and he smiled, and his face was red, as red as his hair or mine. Or my face.

We were wearing our night things; Tony was barechested and in boxers, that was it, and I could see his boner pushing out in them. And I was in panties and a tee, without a bra, and my nipples were hard, and I saw Tony looking at them and I wondered if he was thinking of that day when Josh had laughed and Tony punched him, or if he was thinking of the day he saw me in the bathroom after my shower.

And then he looked up into my eyes and I knew exactly what he was thinking, and we hugged again, only this time it was longer and I didn't try so hard to keep him from rubbing his boner against me.

* * *

Rachel and Tony were giving each other looks most of Friday night, and I got mad every time I saw them look at each other like that. The boys kept telling stupid jokes and goofing around, trying to show off, and we girls just sort of acted like they were the peons they were, but sometimes Rachel would soften a little and give Tony a teeny smile and he'd just go crazy, like it was straight sugar or something every time.

It pissed me off, the way the boys were acting, trying to look at our boobs every chance they got, trying to act super studley, talking about how hot it was in the den and taking off their shirts. Tony didn't when he saw how Rachel sort of scowled at the other boys, and she said well I'm glad someone knows how to be a gentleman around a lady, and I was really pissed then and said who's the gentleman and who's the lady? And everyone laughed except Tony and Rachel.

After a while Mom came in and said separate corners, boys, stop hassling the girls, and they all went upstairs to the family room to watch Cartoon Network. Good, I thought, we can be in peace a while, only we weren't because the family room is right over the den and we could hear everything they did, stomping around and wrestling and everything, and sometimes one of them would run downstairs to say something dumb, or just peek until one of us saw him, and then he'd run away.

Boys are shitheads, I said. That time even Rachel agreed. But after a while they came down, one at a time, and Tony and Rachel sort of sat near each other, and Ryan sat near me, which was okay because he's nice and he's got bright blue eyes, and Ted sat near Jenna. While we watched the shows the boys kept moving closer to us, and pretty soon Ryan's leg was right against mine.

And it felt good.

I wasn't paying much attention to Tony and Rachel after that.

Josh just sort of sat to one side and kept making stupid jokes, burping really loud or making fart noises with his armpits — or sometimes real farts. I could tell all the other boys were getting tired of him, and it was like the more they were sick of him the more stupid things he did.

And then he really pissed me off. He turned to me and said so is it true you sucked that guy's dick when you were going out with him?

I didn't know what to say. It was like everything in the world got quiet and went dead and cold, and all I could think was fuck you, Tony, because I knew he had to be the one who told Josh. And everyone was staring at me, and Jenna said no way, she never did, and Josh said oh yeah, that guy Greg, she fucked him all the time last year, and I just got up and ran upstairs.

* * *

It was maybe a half hour before I felt Tony's hand on my shoulder. I was lying face-down on the bed, sniffling into my pillow. I guess you're pretty pissed at me now, huh? he said.

I had been, but I wasn't any more. It's over now, I said, forget it. I fucked Greg and I guess everyone had to find out sometime.

He's not my friend any more, Tony said. I kicked him out. Everyone's pissed at him. They all think he's a dick.

He is a dick, I said. Tony laughed. Come on back downstairs, he said. We're going to watch Friday Night Fright Movies.

Maybe, I said.

Ryan says he wants to see the movies with you, Tony said.

Well, I got a tingle going again thinking of that. Ryan is cute. And I liked how it felt earlier with his leg alongside mine, warm and firm. Okay, I said, and got up and went back into the den with my brother.

Everyone was sitting around and they all got really quiet when I first came in, but I just pretended nothing had happened and went to sit by Ryan. He looked nervous, like he didn't know what to say to me at first, so I just let him be and we watched the movie for a while. In a little Ryan was right next to me again, so I figured that whatever he thought of me he still liked me.

Rachel said why don't we turn out the lights so it'll be scarier, and we said okay, and then we got a little busy.

I pretended to be scared and huddled closer to Ryan and pretty soon I was leaning against him and his arm was around me, and I could feel him breathing and how warm his body was, and how fast his heart was beating. I put my hand on his leg. Ryan's in track like my brother and his body shows it. He's got muscles on his muscles, but not like a bodybuilder. They're all lean and tight.

His body felt great.

Did you really… he said.

Did I really what? But I knew.

You know. Did you really … with that guy?

I nodded against Ryan's chest.

Wow, he said.

Is it okay? I said.

Yeah, he said. Why wouldn't it be?

I mean, do you think I'm a slut?

No, he said. I think you're just fine.

Oh, I said.

I like you, Becky, he said in a moment. I really do.

I looked up at him and he looked down at me, and then I leaned up a little and pushed my lips onto his, and he sort of froze at first, and then he moved his mouth a little and just like that we were really kissing.

I don't know what the others were doing then. I sort of lost track of everything, sitting there and kissing with Ryan. His body was so strong and tight, lean and hot, and he really kissed well. We kept at it and after a while we were pressing ourselves against each other pretty close. I could feel his boner through his jeans and I put my hand on his butt, and his breathing got pretty fast and he slipped his hand under my shirt. I wasn't wearing a bra and he sort of moaned when he felt my boob, and I put my hand on his dick and sort of massaged it a little, and he started shaking and then he froze up and stopped moving, and in a few moments I felt a wet patch on his pants and knew I'd made him come.

I kept kissing him and guided his hand down, away from my boob, toward my pussy. He got the idea pretty quick and soon his hand was under my panties, and he slid a finger into me. I was soaked and he just slipped it right in, and pretty soon I was coming too.

We were still kissing, deep and hot and heavy, and then we sort of took a break and looked around us. Everyone was staring at us. They could tell we'd made out, and they all just sort of looked away when they saw we noticed them staring. It made me feel funny, really rubbery deep inside, to think I just had sex, sort of, while four other people watched.

Let's play truth or dare, Jenna said, and we all said okay, but then Rachel said no, let's play seven minutes in heaven instead, and that got everyone really quiet. I think Becky and Ryan already went to heaven, Ted said, only not to be mean, and we all laughed.

So we got in a circle on the floor and spun a bottle. The first girl it pointed to was Rachel, and the first boy was Ryan, and that made me mad, but there was nothing I could do, so they went into the closet while we all sat outside and timed it. At ten seconds we counted down and then opened the door, and they came out looking kind of hot and sweaty, with Rachel's shirt a little messed up. Ryan didn't want to look at me. Which was good because I would have murdered him with my eyes if I could have.

The next couple chosen was Tony and Jenna, which seemed to piss off Ted a little, but I wasn't sure Rachel minded so much. We counted down the last ten seconds like before, and when they came out I could tell Tony had a big boner going. Jenna was buttoning her shirt back up and Tony was snapping his jeans closed. They looked like they'd made it pretty far, but I don't think either of them came. Then it was me and Ted, and I was so pissed at Ryan by then that I actually sucked Ted's dick.

We got into the closet and kissed for about half a minute, and then I unzipped his jeans and pulled it out. What are you doing? He said. What do you think? I said back. We got seven minutes to do this.

He was rock hard and pretty big, with some decent curls of dark springy hair growing around his dick, and before he could say or do anything else I was kneeling in front of him and kissing his cock.

He just sort of sighed and leaned back against the wall, and I got his nuts free and rolled them around and took his dick into my mouth like Greg had shown me, licking around the head and along the shaft, and sucking of course, going slow at first and then faster because we only had seven minutes, and I wanted to make Ted come.

He leaned against the wall and put his hands on my head and just sighed, breathing out hard every time I took him in, breathing in every time his dick slid back out. I felt the tip sliding over my tongue, all the way to the back of my throat and then out to my lips and then back in again, and my pussy got soaked.

I made it with almost a minute to spare. I felt Ted's dick start to jump and he moaned a little, and his thighs twitched and then his dick surged and his cum shot out, thick and warm and salty, a lot stronger in flavor than Greg's had been. He shot eleven times in my mouth and then he was done coming and I swallowed, then licked his dick clean.

I stood up and he put it away, his hands shaky and his breath uneven. He looked rubbery in the knees and then we heard the countdown. We kissed more and he said thanks, Becky, that was the best thing I ever felt, and then the door opened and we stepped out and everyone hooted over how flushed we were and how our clothes were messed up. Ted tucked in his shirt and didn't look at Jenna, but she didn't have much room to complain anyway. Tony looked like he was sort of mad with Ted and with me.

He pulled me aside and said you need to wipe your chin, sis, you got cum on it.

* * *

The bottle spun some more. It was Ted and Rachel, and Ryan and Jenna, and then Tony and me. Well, at first we weren't going to go into the closet, but they all said those were the rules, and Tony leaned over to me and whispered we aren't going to make out anyway, so let's just go. And I said okay and we got up and everyone was saying how we'd be spending seven minutes in hillbilly heaven, and then I was in the closet with my little brother.

Sorry about Josh, he said. You said that before, I told him. Yeah, well, he's a dick and everything, Tony said.

Are you mad about Ted? I said. What do you mean? Tony asked. That I gave him head before. Are you mad? He shrugged. No, I don't care. You can give head to whoever you want. It's really none of my business anyway.

You don't have to stop being Josh's friend, I said. I don't want you to blow him off because of me.

Thanks, Beck, Tony said, only I'd rather lose him than you, and that made me feel so good I hugged Tony tight. Happy birthday, little bro, I said. Thanks, sis, he said, and I kissed his cheek, and we sort of looked at each other in the dark — it wasn't totally dark in there — and I could see his eyes and I could feel how hard his heart was beating, and his hips were on my hips and I felt his hardon pressing up against me.

I don't mean to be such a slut, I said. I just like giving head. A lot.

Yeah? Tony said.

Yeah, I said.

To anyone? Tony said.

Pretty much, I said.

And then it … things got weird, fast, and I was suddenly a lot more horny than I ever had been in my life because I was pretty sure Tony was thinking of asking me to do something, and I was pretty sure I wanted to.

All those years living with him, all those years seeing him naked, being naked with him — we used to take showers together when we were kids — all that time when he would jack off with me in the room. His cute butt in the shower at camp. His eyes when he saw me that day in the bathroom. How he stood up for me, taking my side over his friend's. And that night, how he looked with his boner, and I was horny for dick. Making out with Ryan was good. Ted's cock was great but his wasn't the only dick around either.

I felt like I was on fire when I thought of how Tony was always there, in the same room with me most of the time, and we even slept together every night, sort of.

He's my brother, and I love him more than I love anyone else. I've always loved him, even when I hated him, and I know he always felt that way for me too. And he's a boy, and I'm a girl.

I saw Tony's eyes shine and I went crazy.

I leaned in a little and he tilted his head just a little and we stopped for just a second, like we were both giving each other one last chance to back out, and then his hands pulled on my hips and my arms went around his waist even tighter and our lips brushed together.

We kissed.

His lips were smooth and warm and soft, and they tasted just right, just like my own.

The tingle that hit me that time was stronger than any I'd ever felt at any kiss. It wasn't just because I was making out with a boy; it was because it was Tony, my brother, the only boy I knew I loved more than myself.

We kept kissing and I opened my lips and sucked at his, and he opened his lips too, and then our tongues came out and we really kissed each other deep.

His kisses were perfect. His teeth were strong and sharp in his mouth and his tongue was firm and slippery, and we kissed like that on and on and on, and I figured out that his mouth tasted exactly like mine.

I kissed my brother for a while and then I put my hands on his butt because I remembered how it looked when I saw him that day in the shower, and I wondered if it felt as good as it had looked, and it felt even better.

I was kissing my brother in a definitely non-sisterly way, and the wet heat in my pussy told me I wanted to keep going.

His dick was so hard and he was dry humping me, and I pulled on his butt to make him rub against me even harder, and then I pushed his hand under my shirt. He got the idea right away and started feeling my boobs, and we kept at it like that for a while.

I know I only made out with my brother for a few minutes but it felt longer, and also shorter at the same time, and I knew we both wanted it to go on forever. I wanted to make out with my brother, but even more than that, I wanted to go all the way with him. I knew he was still a virgin and I was really starting to think about changing that for him.

We stopped kissing for a moment and pressed our foreheads together and just breathed hard and fast. That was nice, I said. Yeah, Tony said, and he licked his lips. His hips were pressed onto mine and his hardon was jammed up against me. I kept moving my hands over his butt, and he kept rocking his hips on me, and it really turned me on and I knew he was turned on too. I don't think any boy can get harder than Tony was right then, and I know no girl can get wetter than I was.

I loved him. I loved my brother more than I'd ever loved any boy. And I really wanted to show him.

Hey Tony? I said.

Yeah, Beck? He said.

I want to give you head, I said, and he shivered a little and said yeah, okay.

I got down on my knees and undid his jeans, and his cock jumped right out into the open when I tugged his waistband down on his briefs. My brother's dick was still growing right then, but I could tell he was well on the way to being a truly big boy. He looked great and stared down at me as I smiled up at him, and I kissed the tip of my brother's dick and he sighed, his hands in my hair. I love you, sis, he said, and I said I love you too, bro.

I slipped my tongue over him, then leaned in and let him feel his cock slide into my mouth. My brother's dick was resting on my tongue, and I felt him shudder as his tip bumped the back of my throat. Oh fuck, Beck, he whispered. Oh fuck I love you so much.

I was about to give him head when we heard the countdown and knew we were out of time, at least for then. Shit, we both said at once. We stopped everything and stood on opposite sides of the closet, leaning against the walls like we'd been that way the whole time.

I will do it, I said to him. I promise I will. Sometime tonight, Tony, I'll give you head. He nodded. Okay, he said. Okay.

My brother and I just managed to get ourselves done up, my shirt back in place over my boobs and his jeans re-zippered, when the door opened. Tony's dick was really stiff; I could see it in his pants, but he tugged his shirt down over it and no one else noticed.

We shared a weird smile and it was then that I understood why I was so pissed at the idea of Tony making it with Rachel or Jenna or anyone else. I wanted him all to myself.

* * *

All the rest of the evening Tony and I kept looking at each other, and I knew he still wanted it to happen. I did too, but I didn't know how it could. Everyone was spending the night and it didn't look like we'd get enough time alone for anything to happen, especially not the wild sex images that kept flashing in my mind. I kept remembering how it felt when his cock slipped into my mouth. How it tasted, how his little tuft of pubes tickled my nose, and how they smelled like his musk, a light scent of boy, of sweat, of Tony. How his balls felt when they pressed against my chin for the first time.

When we suggested seven minutes again Rachel said we should play strip Twister instead, because making out in the closet would be boring. That's where you play like regular, but when someone falls down he takes off something he's wearing. You keep going like that until everyone's naked except for one person, who's the winner. I could tell Ryan and Ted were a little nervous about the idea, but Tony seemed to be into it, and the other girls were too, so I said okay and we got the game out.

Then Tony looked at me and said hey, how about this. The first boy and girl who get naked have to go into the closet like seven minutes. And then the second two have to do the same, and then the final two. And the last one to fall down is the king or queen and can tell the other losers to do whatever she wants, like slaves. And we all looked at each other and said okay.

Rachel was the first to fall down, but I think she did it on purpose. She took off her shorts and next to fall was Tony, who lost his shirt. Then I pushed Ryan's butt and he fell, and took off his jeans, and then I fell and took off my pants, and it went on like that for a while until everyone was basically down to underwear — panties on the girls, boxers or briefs on the boys. We were all topless.

Ryan was the first to have to get totally naked, and after that he could still play but there was nothing else for him to take off if he fell. So he tackled Ted, who lost his boxers, and then both the boys ganged up on Rachel, who lost her panties.

Rachel and Ryan stepped back from the game and went into the closet, and we timed them for seven minutes and when they came out I knew Rachel had given Ryan head. I could just tell. It made me mad, because I wanted to suck Ryan off, but then I realized I wanted to suck off all the boys, and I stopped being so mad and just got down to being horny instead.

I lost my panties next, so I ended up in the closet with Ted again. We kissed for a while, naked, and made out, and then I gave him head again, only I was thinking of Tony's dick the whole time Ted's was in my mouth, and when he came I almost did too.

Then my brother's briefs went and Jenna was declared the winner, and they went into the closet together, and when they came out Tony's cum was on Jenna's stomach. Which got me so angry for a moment, but then I thought no, he's still a virgin, he came on her belly, not inside her somewhere. That made me feel a little better. That and how Tony kept looking at me like he was sorry but he couldn't really help what happened, which I understood; after all I'd made both Ryan and Ted come that night, and mostly just from playing by the rules. I guess since Tony was in a dark closet, naked, with a horny naked girl, I couldn't be too surprised that she made him come.

I just wished I'd been the girl, that was all.

* * *

Jenna was pretty happy being queen. She ordered us all to stay naked while she got dressed, and wanted to make us all do dumb things like kiss each other's butt cheeks. We thought it was stupid. But then Rachel leaned over and whispered to her and Jenna got a really nasty smile on her face.

She turned to Ted and said get a glass. He did and she gave it to my brother and said, pee in this. Tony didn't want to at first but we reminded him Jenna was queen, so he took the glass and said I'll be back, and Jenna said where do you think you're going? And Tony said to the bathroom. And she said no way, I have to see you pee in it so I know you didn't cheat.

Tony turned so red but there was no way out for him, so he took the glass and peed in it, in front of everyone.

It sort of turned me on, seeing the pee coming out of my brother's dick. I don't know why but it was kind of sexy, watching a boy pee like that, right in front of all of us.

Good, Jenna said, now give it to me.

She put the glass down and said, I want all you boys to have a jack-off contest. Right here, in front of us. She held up the glass of Tony's pee. The boy who comes last has to drink this, she said.

No way, Ryan said. No fucking way.

Yes way, Rachel said. Jenna's queen. You have to do what she says. Her face was red at the cheeks and it looked like she was panting a little. I didn't know if she was turned on at the idea of watching the boys jack off, or that they had to, or that one of them would be drinking pee.

Shit, Ted said. Shit. I don't want to drink Tony's pee.

So get going, Jenna said.

The boys all looked at each other, and then Ryan sat down and started. He got really red but I got a hot, loose feeling in my pussy. I've seen Tony jack off, but this was different.

Ryan's dick was already half-hard from all the naked girls, so it filled pretty fast. He sat there in front of everyone and jacked off, and we all just watched, and then Tony and Ted sat next to him and started.

Ryan finished first and we cheered while he made himself come. At the very end he leaned back, and he said, here it comes, and he shot it all over his chest.

Tony lost. Ted shot his sperm all over himself just a few moments after Ryan. Tony saw he lost and just stopped. Jenna gave him the glass and he stood up, his dick still hard and sticking up, a little red from all the stroking he did.

You're not really gonna, are you? Ted said.

I have to, Tony said.

No, Ryan said. Jenna, tell him he doesn't have to. But Jenna just smiled.

Come on, Jenna, Ted said. It's his birthday.

Then he should have blown his candle out quicker, Jenna said.

Tony… I said, but he just looked at me, and lifted the glass and drank.

All the girls screamed and the boys just made gagging sounds. Tony drank and drank, and we could hear him gulping while he swallowed. Oh fucking sick, Ryan said, and Ted said I think I'm gonna puke, and Ryan said don't or Jenna'll make you drink that, and Ted said now I am gonna puke, and the girls were still laughing and shrieking and Tony said, what's the big deal? It was my pee, you know.

He handed the glass back to Jenna and said, it was still warm, and then he kissed her right on the lips and she ran away screaming into the bathroom and we all laughed and clapped. Tony smiled and bowed. My brother, the birthday boy pee-drinking hero of the hour.

* * *

While Jenna gargled what sounded like an entire bottle of mouthwash I pulled Tony away from everyone. You okay, bro?

Yeah, he said, why wouldn't I be?

Well, you know, you just had to drink your own pee…

That's it, he said, it was mine. He waved to the other two boys. I couldn't make them drink it, could I?

I thought about that for a moment. You mean you…

I mean, I didn't try too hard, he said. It wouldn't be right.

But it's your birthday, I said.

Yeah, he said, and smiled, and it's a blast!

* * *

Jenna lorded it over us for a while longer, but didn't do any more really sick dares, and then we all tackled her, got her clothes off and then started tickling her, and then we were sort of in a tangle on the floor, and hands sort of found body parts, and then the other two girls were pushing the boys back and saying things were going too far.

All three boys had raging boners. I'd never seen so many naked boys before with hardons like that, and it got me very hot, especially after watching them jack off. I wanted them, all three of them — Ryan, Ted, and yes, Tony too.

You can't just get them heated up and tell them no like that, I said to the girls. You have to give them some relief or they'll go crazy. The other girls looked upset and I figured out then that they were still basically virgins and really weren't ready. Head, maybe, or coming on a belly, but the real thing?

Well, we've never done it, Rachel said. Not like some people.

What does that mean? Tony said, like he was angry.

Just that they're not sure they want to just yet, I said before it could turn into a dumb fight. But you have to learn how sometime, right?

Everyone looked kind of doubtful, but nodded anyway.

Okay, I said, sitting on the sofa. Ted, come over here. Let me help you out. He said what do you mean? And I said remember being in heaven? And he nodded. I said, well, I want to take you farther this time. And his dick jumped when he figured out what I was saying, but he said, what, right here in front of everyone? And I said why not? Everyone's made out with everyone else already tonight and we're all naked. So why not? So Ted said all right, and he came over to me and I laid down on the couch while everyone just sort of stood around and watched, and we kissed for a while and then I turned us over so I was on top. This is one way to do it, I said. But what about … getting pregnant? Rachel said, and Ted looked worried. I take the pill, I said, Mom got it for me when I started seeing Greg. Now are you going to watch how to do this or what? So everyone got quiet and leaned in closer, and I said, okay, here we go now, and lifted my hips up a little and rolled his tip over my lips to get it moist, then guided his dick inside my pussy, letting everyone see while Ted and I started having sex.

It had been a while since Greg fucked me, so it was nice to feel a dick inside me again. As he slid up into my pussy I felt goosebumps break out on my skin, and Ted shivered and his nipples got hard. I looked down when my hips settled against his, my red bush tangled with his dark curls, at the root of his dick.

Oh wow, Jenna said. Does it hurt?

No, I said, it's like a finger, only a lot better. I smiled at Ted. And a lot bigger too. He smiled back.

So you just … it just goes in? Rachel said.

Yeah, mostly, I said, only you have to get the tip wet like I did a minute ago. I was moving now, fucking myself on Ted's cock, and everyone watched as it disappeared into my cunt, then was visible again, then disappeared. I was riding him with really long strokes so his tip was partway out of my pussy each time I was up. You can use your cunt to wet the boy, or you can lick him. Either way. If you don't he has to ease into you a little more slowly, that's all.

Fuck, this is hot, Ryan said, and Tony nodded. Both boys stared at me while I had sex with their friend.

Is this the first time you've totally fucked a girl? I asked Ted, and he nodded. Cool, I said. You're doing great. He smiled again. Thanks, he said, and reached up to squeeze my tits while we kept at it.

When you come, I want you to come in my pussy, okay? I said.

He shuddered and nodded.

I could tell from Ted's breathing that he wouldn't last very long, but that was okay. It really was for him that I was doing it. Well, plus I was horny. I'd made out with every boy in the room — my brother included — but none of them had made me come except Ryan at first during the movie. I wanted to come some more.

Ted fucked me for about five minutes, and then I could tell he was going to finish. I said to everyone, Ted's about to come, and I moved harder on him and then his muscles locked, and I felt my pussy get a lot wetter as he shot his spooge into me. He moaned and then shouted and his dick jumped and jumped in my pussy, and then some of the creamy white cum leaked out around his shaft and rolled over his balls and his pubes.

Rachel stared and said, did he really just come? Is that his sperm? And I said yeah, Ted came in me.

Yeah, Ted said, I came, and he sighed and rubbed my tits and we kissed. Thanks Becky, he said. That was so good. So good.

Ryan said so how was it for you, Rachel? And we all laughed and even though I didn't come I said it was great, and then I climbed off Ted's dick, kissed down his hot chest, and licked his cock clean. I had a lot of work to do; it was shiny from my pussy and his cum, and a lot of his goo had rolled down under his balls. There was a lot of salty spicy boy juice to lap up.

But I got it all and then I sat up and said to Ryan, now it's your turn.

So Ted got up and stood back, and I laid back and Ryan climbed on top of me and we kissed, making out for a while. I felt his butt and his dick was really hard, and his breath was coming short and fast and his hands were cold and shook.

Ryan had a foreskin so I took a little extra time. This rolls back, I told everyone, and the tip is really sensitive. Don't try to pull it back too far. When you get a boy like this ready you have to make sure to give him a double coating. I demonstrated, first stroking Ryan's bared tip into my pussy, then rolling the skin back over it — as far as I could, anyway, with his raging boner — and got that moist too.

Aren't we going to turn over? Ryan said.

No, honey, I whispered. This is another way to do it, I said louder, with the boy on top. I pushed at his hips and he lifted up and when I grabbed his cock he jumped a little. Are you ready? I said, and he just nodded, and then I rubbed his tip against my wet pussy to moisten it one last time and he closed his eyes. I'm ready too now, boy, I said, come on, and he lowered his hips and I felt his cock slide into me. While everyone watched, Ryan started to fuck me.

He sighed and rested on me for a moment, and I put my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek and ear. You okay, honey? I said, and he nodded. Just … feeling it, he said. Good, I said, take your time, sweetie, and he nodded again, and slowly started moving his hips, not really sure what to do at first.

When the boy's on top, I said, you sort of open up to him like this. I put up my knees. And then you move your hips under him as he moves, like this, and usually your boy will prop up on his elbows. Ryan took the hint and then we were face to face, looking at each other as we had sex together. We kissed, mouths open and tongues everywhere, and all our friends sighed while they watched us make love.

The longer it lasts, I said, the better it is for the boy. He comes more, and he comes harder, and if you like cum, charge him up for a while before you get it out of him. Then you have a real spooge fiesta. Everyone laughed and Ryan smiled. You're going to fill me right up, aren't you? I said. I'll sure try, he said, and we laughed together, and the sex was great.

I leaned in and whispered. Am I really the first to do this with you? I asked him, and he nodded. Wow, I said, because you're one hot fuck. I said that loud enough for everyone to hear. He looked like I just made him king of the universe.

We fucked for maybe ten minutes, with everyone just standing around and watching us. The girls were fingering their pussies and the boys were stroking their dicks, even Ted, who had already shot his cum into me the most that night. By the look of his hardon it hadn't affected him at all.

I still didn't come, but then Ryan was starting to and I said, Ryan's about to come now, so everyone watch, and then he came.

I felt my pussy fill with spunk a second time as he had his orgasm inside me. His back arched and his hips rammed against mine and I said, you have to keep moving if your boy locks up, and I fucked myself under him and he bucked over me, his body completely out of his control, and his cock exploded with spunk inside me. He groaned, and then he yelled my name. Fuck, oh fuck, Becky, oh fuck that's good. He shuddered one last time and then went limp and collapsed on me, breathing hard, his body sweaty and smelling like sex.

He lay on me for a while afterward, his dick still in my pussy, jumping and twitching a little. I kissed his ear and cheek and told him it was good, it had been really great, that he was a good lover and I would have sex with him again any time he wanted. I meant it, too. Him or Ted.

He gathered himself at last and pulled away and his dick slipped out. It made a little wet popping sound when the tip slid free. God, Becky, that was so fucking hot, he said, and we sat up and kissed a while, and then he stood up and I looked around at everyone, all the people who watched me having sex, all the boys I'd just had sex with. My pussy was full of boy cum. I could feel it inside me, slick and warm. And I wanted more.

I didn't feel like a slut any more. I felt … just horny, needy, and like only one thing was missing.

The head I'd promised Tony still hadn't happened, but how could I just say out loud what I wanted to do with him? With all our friends here? How could I do anything with my brother while all our friends were standing around and staring at us? They'd freak out.

But then our friends solved the problem for us.

Your turn, Rachel said to Tony, shoving him forward, and everyone laughed.

I bet they do all the time, Jenna said, and everyone laughed again.

I'd like to see that, Ted said. I bet it'd be hot.

Have you ever? Ryan asked us.

Tony and I shook our heads.

Not even in the closet before? Rachel said.

We shook our heads again. It was mostly true.

Dare you, Ted said, and Tony and I looked at each other.

Everyone got really quiet.

No way, Rachel said. No way would they really do it.

There was a long, long moment when no one said anything.

I can do anything I want, I said.

Then prove it, Rachel said.

I was so fucking horny. I'd just had sex with two boys while everyone watched me, I hadn't had an orgasm with either boy, and I was so hot I wanted to fuck the next dick in the room, the only one I'd never had. The only virgin cock left.

It was time, I thought, for Tony and me to admit what had been growing between us for a while by then.

Okay, I said. Come over here, Tony.

Tony just sort of stood there. You sure? he said.

Yeah, I said to him. Come over here and let's have some fun.

Okay, Tony said, and he moved over to me and sat down, and we started making out like we had before in the hillbilly heaven closet.

Oh my God, Rachel said.

We kissed, deep and with tongues, and my hands moved over my brother's naked body, first on his bare chest, and then down to his hard cock, jutting up hairless between his strong, muscular legs.

Holy fucking shit, Ted said. She's jacking him off.

He moaned as I caressed him, and his fingers found my cum-soaked pussy and slipped inside, and then I leaned to his ear. I promised you, I said, and I always keep my promises. He gulped and we kissed and I put my lips on his neck, then his chest. I sucked his nipples while he rocked his hips in time to my strokes on his cock. I kissed down his belly, over the taut muscles, and everyone standing around us took a breath and held it.

Here it goes, I said to him, and I slipped my tongue around his tip, then down his shaft, then over his balls. He pushed forward on the sofa and spread his legs so I could get to his nuts easier and I sucked at them, then moved back up his hard cock and glazed it with my spit.

I'm going to suck you now, Tony, I said, and then I began giving him head.

My brother sighed as I sucked his cock for him, his solid shaft a pulsing rod of flesh-hot steel on my tongue. I felt his hands moving through my hair and knew that he would be going all the way with me.

Our friends stood and stared at us, watching as I made love to my brother with my mouth.

I sucked him for five minutes or so, and took him to the point that his breath was coming pretty sharply. I eased off and looked up at him and smiled, and he smiled back, his eyes dreamy with lust, with sex. With love.

I sat up and we kissed more, and then I leaned back a little and he got the idea right away. He sucked my nipples for a while, but soon enough his smooth face was buried deep in my pussy, his tongue lapping my juices and the cum of two other boys. It was fantastic and I was getting so hot.

Before I came I pulled him back. His face was slick with my pussy juice, and he looked like he wanted to just climb right into me and fuck me with his whole body.

We kissed more and I lapped his cheeks clean. I lay back entirely and pulled my naked brother on top of me, and slipped my arms around his neck and breathed into his ear, nibbling at the lobe, sighing and moaning.

No boy, not even Greg, had ever had me so hot before. I didn't care any more what anyone thought. I was hot for Tony. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted to be his first lay. And it was about to happen.

Are you ready? I said.

Tony nodded.

Okay, I said. Make love to me, bro.

Tony's body shuddered in my arms. Yeah, okay, Beck, he said.

My brother lifted his hips and I took his dick into my hand. He may have had no hair going on there, but he was already getting big and I knew he shot cum at least.

I slid his tip over my pussy, like I had done for the other two boys, and Tony closed his eyes and his heart was beating so hard in his chest.

Okay, I said, it's time.

He lowered his hips and I guided him. He sighed as his dick slipped into my pussy, and then I wrapped my legs around his and we started rocking our hips.

As our friends watched, Tony and I began to make love.

No way, Ted said, no way.

Holy shit, I can't fucking believe they're doing it, Rachel said.

Tony and Becky are fucking. They're really fucking, Ryan said.

Tony and I didn't really care about much after that. It didn't matter that we were having sex in front of our friends, that everyone was watching us fuck. It was just the two of us, my brother and me making love together. My little brother's first time.

I could see love shining in his eyes as he moved over me, his hard cock sliding in and out of my open, willing pussy. Brother and sister, boy and girl in love, coupled in the greatest way.

We kissed and kissed, making out as we made love, and his hands were on my boobs, caressing them, and that tingle kept rising and I knew I was getting close to orgasm. Tony, baby, I said, I'm going to come, and he said good, and he kept at it, and then lights exploded in my brain and electricity shot into me as my brother gave me an orgasm, and I shuddered under him and then he said Beck, Beck, I'm coming too, and I felt his body seize and I took over, thrusting my hips up against his so my brother's first orgasm in a pussy would be good, and Tony's eyes closed and he gasped and groaned, and then he started to come inside me, panting and thrusting, sweating, his breath hot on my face, his body hot in my arms.

His cock pumped and pulsed, rigid and hot, and he thrust and rammed himself against me, and he yelled and I felt a huge flood of sperm surging into me from his body, and then he shuddered and collapsed against me and we kissed and kissed more as we started slowing down.

He just came, Ryan said. Tony just came in Becky's pussy. And he made her come too.

Oh my god, Rachel said, oh my fucking god I can't believe I just saw that.

No fucking way, Ted said. I just saw incest. I just saw a brother and sister have sex.

Unfuckingbelievable, Jenna decided, and everyone kept staring. You just fucked your own brother, she said to me.

No, I said, smiling at Tony, I fucked Ted and Ryan. My brother and I made love. And he smiled back and we kissed, and I said happy birthday, little bro, and he said thanks, big sis.

His penis was still erect, still inside my pussy, and I kissed him and my hands slipped over his butt, all along his body, feeling his hot skin and hotter build, relishing the feeling of love and lovemaking that was between us.

I love you, Tony, I said.

He kissed me, really kissed me deep and slow, and then he said, I love you too, Becky.

I'm your present, I told him.

Best I ever got, he said. Even if I didn't have to unwrap it first.

There are lots of other times you can unwrap me, bro, I said. Will you do this with me again sometime?

Every day, he promised. Every day.

Good, I said, and we kissed more, and I caressed him more.

I still owe you that head, I said.

Tony smiled. Any time.

I looked around at everyone. Maybe you should sit down, I said. This might take a while.

I pushed him gently and he climbed off, his dick shiny with the cum of two other boys, as well as his and my own. We sat up and kissed, and Tony scooted down on the couch so he was half lying back. Are you going to be able to come again so soon? I sad, and he nodded. Okay, I said, and went down on him, kissing my way along his skin until I was eye to eye with his dick.

Close up it was beautiful. Perfect. There was a small line just below the ridge of his head, and I saw it was where he'd been circumcised. I licked around that and sucked the tip and he sighed and wriggled his hips, and I felt his cock go solid again.

You really will be able to come again, I said, and he said, yeah, Beck.

I licked along his shaft and over his balls, full and heavy and ripe with sperm. He wriggled his hips again and I got on my knees between his legs, and propped his thighs on my shoulders. He lifted and his knees bent and I tongued along the ridge under his nuts, then up into his ass, rimming him.

The only other boy I'd ever rimmed was Greg, and that was only once and I didn't want to do it, but for Tony I was willing to dive. I know my brother really well, and I know he's very clean.

I ate his asshole for maybe ten minutes, rolling his balls around and stroking his rod, and he sighed and moaned and ran his hands through my hair while our friends watched us having oral sex.

I licked along the groove between his balls and his thigh and he shuddered, and I said, you ready?

Yeah, Beck, he said. I am. Go ahead.

Okay, I said, and then Tony's hard cock was in my mouth. Until earlier he had been a virgin for pussy. I changed that. Now he was losing his virginity for head too, and to me again.

It was like in the closet before, only so much better, because I knew that I wouldn't stop until Tony came in my mouth. I sucked and slurped at his dick and everyone was really quiet, watching while I gave my little brother head. In about five minutes of really heavy cocksucking he said, Beck, it's coming now, and his balls tightened and his cock went solid and pumped, and then my brother's rich, salty jizz shot into my mouth for the first time.

He pumped seven times, more than I thought he would since he'd just filled my cunt fifteen minutes earlier with his juice, and it was thick and salty, spicy and very good. He gasped and moaned while he came and I made mmm sounds when his cum was filling me, and when he was done I swallowed greedily and then licked and sucked him clean and polished with my spit.

I sat up alongside him and picked a few stray pubes off my tongue. Tony leaned over to me and we kissed, and he said I love you, Beck, and I said I love you too, kid.

Everyone stared at us.

I still don't believe that just happened, Ryan said. I saw it and I don't believe it.

It happened twice, Rachel said, and we laughed.

More, I hope, I said, and kissed my brother's cheek. Yeah?

He looked over at me and smiled. Yeah, he said, and he kissed me.

My arms wrapped around him and he held me close too, and we kept kissing and our hands began to move, and then Jenna said hey Ted, want a BJ? And Ted said fuck yeah, and I heard Rachel moan and looked over and saw that Ryan's face was deep in her pussy, and he was lapping and slurping at her cunt like a fat kid at a pie-eating contest.

We looked around us at all our friends, having sex with each other. And then my brother and I began making love again like everyone else.

And you know what, Diary? We haven't stopped yet.