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Continuing Our Fun

We've come a long way since that night we all became a little more familiar with each other. Alex and Easton can't walk around the house anymore without having a boner. Who am I kidding? I can't either. Emma, well she just finds it quit amusing seeing us with stiffies all the time. Alex and Easton still have their nightly blow-jobs. I, of course, join in when I feel like it. I still find that I don't have the sex drive that they do, but we typically play together at least three nights a week. Emma doesn't join in as much as we'd like her to. I'm thinking her play time will increase as she gets older, though.

I remember one night, Emma got really frisky. We were all in the living room, having our usual Friday night family movie. The boys had their typical position in the floor on their stomachs. I was on the couch with Emma, her head laying on my leg. I broke a smile when I saw Alex move his hand to Easton's ass. He wasn't doing much, just cupping his cheek and rubbing it, but it was enough for Emma to feel my cock start pocking at the back of her head. She must have been really horny, it had been a few nights since she played with us after all, because she quickly lifted her head to look me in the eye. She gave me a smile; one that I have come to recognize as her "I want some" smile. Without either of us saying anything, she looked at my dick and took it in her mouth.

It didn't take long for the warmth of my little girl's mouth to bring a satisfying relaxation to my body. Alex and Easton must have heard her slurping and sucking. They both looked over their shoulders, and needless to say, the movie was no longer important. The boys didn't hesitate to start in on the fun. Alex didn't even ask, he positioned himself at Easton's head and poked his rock hard dick into Easton's mouth. Easton was more than willing, though. He immediately starting sucking on Alex's dick, pleased to have a cock in his mouth. Since we have started playing with each other, Easton has admitted that he liked boys. He claims that he's not gay, though, but rather he is bi. I don't know if I'm buying that, though. I have yet to see him display any interest in any girls, but then again, I don't suppose it's too important at this time.

After a few minutes of letting Emma go down on me, I knew I wanted a taste of that young pussy. I got up and got her to lay her back, and I got on my hands and knees hovering over her so we could 69. Since I'm obviously much taller than she is, I had to arch my back to shorten myself so that I could taste her beautiful pussy while she continued to please my cock. I was almost in complete ecstasy, ready to blow my load, when I felt something from behind. I peeled my face from Emma to peak of my shoulder, to see Easton had stuck his face in my ass, and was eating out my hole. While I shocked initially, it was very much welcomed. After all, it was a trick I had taught him just a few days earlier.

It took me a moment to realize where Alex had disappeared to. Turns out, he was licking Easton's ass, but only enough to get it good and wet so he could start fucking him. So here we were, me on top of Emma, eating her pussy while she sucked my cock. Easton eating my ass, and Alex balls deep in Easton's ass. I couldn't have been happier, knowing I had the best kids in the world. It wasn't long before that deep feeling started to emerge. I wrapped my arms around Emma's hips and pulled her into my face, and buried my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could. All while thrusting my dick in and out of her mouth until the final moment when I thrust as deep as I could, and shot my warm load right down my baby girl's throat.

Even though I has hit my orgasm, the kids were still going. Like I said earlier, they have a much better sex drive than I do. I wanted to help Emma reach that point since she to graciously helped me to mine. I got her to reposition so that she was under Easton. She began to suck his cock while Alex continued to fuck him. I moved down to Emma's pussy and began to play with her lovely slit. First I started by moving my finger up and down her lips, causing her to start bucking her hips already. Then, with one hand I spread her lips apart, and with the other started playing with her tiny clit. Her bucking increased as I moved my face toward her tiny entrance and began to tongue fuck her again. While I loved the taste of her, and could tell she was enjoying it, I knew what she really wanted. I removed my tongue from her sweet pussy, and replaced it with my middle finger. I could tell she was really enjoying the finger fucking, as I heard her moan with a mouth full of Easton's cock. It was time to take her over the edge. I moved my index finger beside my middle finger and slide both finger deep into Emma's slit.

I had bought a vibrator for Emma in hopes that she could use it at her own pace, and slowly stretch her little cunt enough for daddy to fit his cock in. I was so longing to be able to fuck her, but was scared to do it, not wanting to hurt her. It was obvious she's been using her new toy too, because I use to only be able to insert one finger.

Adding a second finger into her pussy was all it took. Her little body went into a shivering compulsion, giving her the strongest orgasm I had witnessed to this point. I removed my finger from her, and sat there admiring her while she regained her composure. After a minute she moved from under Easton and sat beside, just watching the boys fuck. We probably watched Alex and Easton for a good ten minutes before Alex hit his climax, thrusting as deep as he could into Easton's ass, delivering his dry orgasm.

It had been a great night, and I was well past tired, but I didn't want to leave Easton without an orgasm when he rest of us reached our. I made him sit on the couch and moved between his legs. With a quick smile, I moved my lips to his dick and began to suck. It always drove Alex and Easton crazy when I would suck their balls and dick at the same time. They were small enough I could fit it all in my mouth, so I went in for the gold. Opening my mouth wide, I take all his dick and his balls into my mouth. Alex and Emma were willing to help too, as the both got on each side of Easton, and each took a nipple into their mouth. As they sucked on his chest, I continued to suck on his dick and balls. It was taking a little longer than I was wanting, so I took my finger and slid it under his ass, finding his hole. I push my finger on his hole, which it slipped right in from his ass being stretched by his brother first. My finger was all it took. He moved his hands to the back of my head, pulling me down hard and deep on his cock. His body shuddered, and then I got a surprise: his very first wet orgasm. It wasn't much, but being the loving father I am, I swallowed all of it.

As I lifted off his dick, I smiled at him not saying a word, knowing he would want to surprise his brother with it later on. Now that we all reached our climax, we sat on the couch side by side to take a breather. We realized there was just a little left to the movie we were watching, so we finished watching the movie before calling it a night.



One afternoon, I got dressed, needing to go to the supermarket to buy some groceries. As I walked out the door, I turned to the kids and told them Easton was in charge while I was out. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do." I gave cut a smile at Easton, knowing good and well that there wasn't much I wouldn't do.

It was a short drive to the store, but long enough for me to fantasize about what was going on at home while I was gone. Even though our activities have become common, I knew the kids still enjoyed having time alone, without me there knowing what all is happening. There's just something about sneaking around that makes play time hotter. It was a good thing we don't live in a nudist community, and I had to get dressed to go out. Otherwise, everyone would be seeing that raging hard-on that was going on in my pants, imagining my kids playing without me.

After collecting all the groceries and miscellaneous items we needed, I made my way to the check out. I wasn't standing in line long when I heard a voice that made me shiver deep down. Deep down.
"John Layman."
I didn't even have to turn around to know that long lost voice, but of course I did.
"Eric? Shit man, I haven't seen you in years! How's it been going?"
I reached I my hand which he took and pulled me into a hug.
"Man it's been great. I got a job which has relocated me back out here. I was hoping I would run into you eventually. I had no idea how to get in touch with you. What's going on with you?"
"Oh, you know, just living the dream!" I told him with a snicker. "Christy and I got married after high school, but we're divorced now. We had three kids that I have custody of, so it's just the four of us living it out."
"Man, I'm sorry to hear that about Christy."
I knew he was sincere, but I also got a tint of happiness as he always had a crush on Christy, but she was always my girlfriend. I decided I'd leave out that she just left me for someone else.
"Yeah, thanks man. What about you, ever get married?
"I did, I'm actually a widower. She passed away from cancer a couple of years ago."
That took me by surprise, as shown by the awkward silence between us. He had obviously become accustomed to dealing with these situations as he broke the silence.
"I've got kids, too. Twelve year old twins, boy and girl."
That definitely got my attention, as the first thing that came to my mind was my kids and we play. I immediately wondered if he did the same, but that of course was not a conversation for this moment.
"That's awesome! We should all get together soon and just hang out and reminisce."
"I'd love that. We haven't been back in town very long, so th kids don't have many friends yet. I'm sure they like to meet your kids hang out."
"How about Saturday? You can come over to my house and we can hang out by the pool and grill."
After discussing the details and giving Eric my address, it was all set. He was coming over this Saturday with his kids, and we were going to hang out by the pool all day and grill out.

I got home, stripped my clothes, and put the groceries up. I told the kids that I had run into an old friend from high school and that he was coming over Saturday with his kids. They were all excited, but upset at the same time. They were really happy that some new people were coming to hang out, but they knew they would have to wear clothes, and that was always a downer around our house.

After waiting all week, the day had finally come. I woke up, made me some coffee, and put the steaks in my special homemade marinade. It didn't take long for the kids to wake up. We all sat down to breakfast before getting ready for our company.
"OK, kids, Eric will be here soon. Go put on your swimsuits before they get here.
The kids got up to go get dressed, but I could tell they didn't want to. Watching their asses swing back and forth as they walked away really made me want to have some play time, but I knew we wouldn't have time. Pushing aside my strong desires, I left kitchen to go get dressed myself.

Before long, there was a knock at the door. I opened it to see Eric and two adorable kids that immediately brought lust to my heart.
"Hey, John! This is my daughter Shelby, and my son Blake."
I couldn't help but stare at them for a moment. Both had thin bodies, and blonde hair. Blake still had a baby face, despite being twelve. I'm wasn't sure if he had hit puberty yet, but I knew that if he had, he wasn't far along. He appeared to be a little short for his age. Shelby was still young looking herself. She, however, had obviously started puberty. The only way I could tell was her nipples were puffed, just as they do in their early development. She was also short, but I think she may have been just a bot taller than Blake.
"Come on in and make yourselves at home. My kids are already out back in the pool. Feel free to join them if you'd like."

I didn't have to ask them twice. Shelby and Blake quickly ran through the house toward our back patio, stripping their close and revealing their swimsuits they were wearing underneath as they went.
"It's crazy, isn't it? The last time we saw each other, we were stupid boys in school, and now here we are cooking out and watching our kids splash around in the pool."
I gave a chuckle to Eric's statement, realizing he couldn't be more right.
"Yeah, we've come a long way since we were kids, haven't we?"


Some New Friends to Play With

The rest of the afternoon went as expected. I grilled the steaks while Eric told me about what he has done since he moved. After we all ate, the kids resumed playing in the pool while me and Eric watched and continued to catch up with each other. It was all uneventful until Eric threw me a curve ball.
"I'm not blind. I can see the way you look at the kids."
I was stunned and didn't know how to respond. I must of had a really stupid and confused look on my face, because he didn't wait for me to respond.
"Don't worry about it, I do the same. I'm not going to lie, I can't seem to look at any kids without wanting to just jump on them."
I was shocked. I never imagined I would find someone else who had the same desire I did. Let alone that person being a close friend.
"So... Have you actually done anything with them?"
I could tell that this wasn't a subject he talked about often, but with the silence between us, it was also evident that he must be getting some play time.
"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. I do too."
He looked at me with a slight smile and knowing eyes.
"We're actually private nudist. We are usually always naked when we are at home."
"Really?! How did you get your kids to start doing that?"
"We've always been that way. They grew up know no other way. Watch this."
He looked at me amused as I yelled to my kids.
"Emma, Alex, Easton, come here."
The kids came over to me and whispered something in their ears. They retreated inside the house, and came out shortly later wearing absolutely nothing. Eric watched in amazement as they jumped back into the pool as if nothing had changed. Shelby and Blake didn't seem to care either, they just kept playing.
"Your kids are beautiful. You're a lucky man!"
I, of course, knew this already, but it was nice to hear it from another person.
"Your kids are nice too. How often do you get to play with them? Judging by that buldge in your pants, it's not often enough."
Eric looked at his pants and was quickly embarrassed.
"Well, like I said earlier, I can't look at them without wanting to just jump on them."
I laughed, knowing I was the same way. Just then, Emma had walked up to us, basking in all her nude glory.
"Daddy, Shelby said she liked how my smooth pussy looked and she want to play with it and show me some new tricks. I really want to play with her, and see her pussy too. Can I Daddy, please?!"
I was turned on by what I just heard, but also relived to hear her ask if they could play. It made me confidant that she has never talked to anybody about play time. I smiled over at Eric and he smiled back. I shrugged my shoulders at him, wanting his opinion. He nodded his head at me, indicating we should let them play.
"Sweety, you can do whatever you want with Shelby and Blake. Tonight, they are our special company."

Emma's face lit up brighter than I had ever seen. She ran back to the pool and grabbed Shelby's hand, and the two of them ran into the house. I could only assume they were going to Emma room for a little privacy. I suppose the boys took the girls response as a free for all, because as soon as the girls were in the house, Blake had pull his swim trunks off. The three of them were sitting on the edge of the pool, exploring each other's dicks.
"Looks like you don't get as much play time as you'd like either."
Eric was gesturing to the tent in my shorts.
"Well, you know. When you have three young boys jacking off in front of you, it just happens."
"I can understand that. I remember back in youth when we were the ones jacking each other off."
"I remember more than that. Shit, I haven't had a blow-job as good as yours since you moved."
"Well, I think I passed that trait down to Blake. He can give amazing head."
I turned and looked at Blake. Now, really taking in his body. Like I said earlier, if he has hit puberty, he isn't far along. There isn't a single hair on his smooth body, and his dick is still small. It might be just slightly longer than Alex's and Easton's, but it was still a preteen dick.
"You know, Easton can give a pretty good blow-job himself."
Neither of us had to say another word. We got up, dropped our pants and approached the boys. We were both on the same page, because I went straight to Blake, and Eric went straight to Easton. Nobody had to say anything. It was obvious what was happening, and both Easton and Blake were happy to abide.

Blake opened his mouth and latched onto my dick like the professional he was. Eric was right. He certainly must have passed down his trait because Blake's mouth felt just like I remembered Eric's feeling. Easton didn't waste anytime either. He sucked on Eric's dick, as if he'd been longing to have that cock in his mouth forever. Alex didn't want to miss the fun. He slipped into the pool and moved between Blake's legs. Blake was happy to help, and opened his legs to allow easier access. Alex moved his head down and took Blake's dick in his mouth. This went on for a while. Me and Eric would switch boys from time to time, and the boys would switch between each other as well. I eventually got back to Blake blowing me, Eric was getting head from Alex, and Easton was blowing Blake. I realized for the first time, how hot it was that I know had a friend that shared my interest, and his kids are just as willing as mine. That thought took me over the edge over the edge, and without warning, I blew my load down Blake's throat. Just like the good boy I knew he was, he swallowed every drop, even adding a little suction to the head of my dick to see if he could suck out any that may have been left in there. Eric wasn't far behind me. He shot his load down Alex's throat and gave a loud sigh. The two of us collapsed on the patio chairs as the girls walked back out.

"You're not leaving us out are you?" Shelby exclaimed making herself know. Both Emma and Shelby stood beside the pool, and for the first time, I took in Shelby's naked body. Her tiny buds were sticking straight out, but that was the only sign of puberty on her. Her pussy was still totally hairless, beautifully smooth, and from my perspective, just perfect.
"Daddy, you didn't use yourself up did you? You know how I love it when you make me feel good!" Emma was looking at me with an upset look.
"No baby, I'd never leave you out. Just give me a few minutes to catch my breathe then I'll play with you too. In the mean time, why don't the two of you play with the boys."
I didn't even have to finish the sentence before the girls had made their way to the boys. Shelby must have really had her eye on Alex, because she went straight to him, and engulfed his dick in her mouth. He was in heaven. He just laid back and let Shelby do her thing. Emma was also ready for a new taste of cock. She went over to Blake and mimicked what she saw Shelby do to her brother. It was obvious that Shelby had quit the impact on Emma, because she wanted to do everything just like Shelby did. Easton didn't want to feel left out, so he went over to his new friend Blake, and started to face fuck him. I sat beside Eric, and I knew our faces must be glowing as we watched our kids come together having their first orgy with others than family.

"So have you ever fucked any of them?"
Eric was looking at me waiting for an answer.
"Only Easton. I fear that Alex and Emma are too young. I don't want to hurt them."
"So when was the last time you fucked a pussy?"
"Months before the divorce. Our relationship was over long before we actually split up."
"I hate to hear that, dude. I'll tell you what though, Shelby's pussy is welcoming to all dick sizes."
Eric began to sort of wave me toward Shelby. He was obviously telling me to take pussy for a spin. I wasn't lying, it had really been a long time since I've fucked a pussy, so I decided I wasn't waiting any longer. I got up and went over to Shelby. She stopped sucking Alex's dick and I leaned over and picked her up. I carried her over to a lounge chair and lay her down. She knew what I wanted and quickly spread her legs so they were hanging over each side of the chair. I leaned down to inspect her beautiful pussy, and began to lick and rub her, which got her really wet. As I leaned up and positioned my cock head at her pussy, Eric had grabbed Blake and laid him down on the lounge chair next to ours. I put my focus back on Shelby, and slowly began to push my dick into her small wet cunt. Feelings over came my body that I haven't felt in a long time. Though I had fucked Easton many times at this point, nothing replaces the feel of having you dick slip in and out of a nice pussy. As began thrusting back and forth in Shelby's pussy, Eric had lubed up his dick and he was starting to insert it into Blake's ass. A new joy filled my body. Here I was fucking a young pussy, along side an old friend who was fucking his son.

After a few minutes of me fucking Shelby, Emma had slipped onto the lounge chair and straddled Shelby. She was on her hand and knees over Shelby, and must have taken what she learned in private from Shelby to heart. Emma bent down and began sucking on Shelby's budding nipple. Emma's new position put Emma's ass right in my face. I suddenly remembered the promise I made her earlier. Without thinking, I leaned down, spread Emma's lips, and started tongue fucking her from behind. Emma has always been loud during our play times, and I knew she was enjoying my tongue in her pussy, because she began to moan loud with her mouth full of Shelby's nipple.

Alex and Easton must have been feeling left out. They pulled another lounge chair over by us and Easton had laid down on it. Alex came up behind hind, putting Easton's legs on his shoulders. Using a small bit of the lube Eric used, Alex lubed up his dick and Easton's ass, and pushed it in to start fucking his brother. Once again, I fell in awe of the dual family orgy happening. I loved the taste of Emma's pussy, and the tightness of Shelby's cunt around my dick was surreal. Before I could stop myself, I thrust as deep as I could into Shelby's pussy, and deposited my load.

"Shit dude, I'm sorry! I just came in her pussy."
I looked at Eric concerned.
"Don't worry about it, man. I could never bring myself to fuck her with a condom. She's been on the pill for a while now."
I pulled my limp dick from Shelby's tight pussy, and little bit of my cum leaked out with it. It must have driven Eric wild seeing cum dripping from his daughter's pussy, because as soon as he saw it, he thrust deep into Blake and bred his son.

I knew Alex was getting close to hitting his orgasm too. To help push him over the edge, I told Emma to go behind him and start playing with his balls. Being the obedient daughter she is, Emma got behind her brother and cupped his balls in her hand. She began to roll his testicles between her fingers, and would suck on them too. It was enough to make Alex reach that breaking point, and before long, he was shaking in yet another one of his dry orgasm.

We had all worked up a sweat and wanted to cool down, so we all got into the shallow end of the pool, and started talking and playing as if the past hour of playing never happened. It was a great night, and I loved being able to share it with an old friend. Just as I had when I first played with my kids, I knew this was going to be the first fun night of many more to come.