A Boy and His "Dad"

By Bi_janus (bi_janus@comcast.net)

By the way, Janus is the name of the Roman god who looks in both directions at once. Don't violate laws by reading this personal recollection of my youth. No one was harmed in this reminiscence, which is intended for adult use in the comfort of their own minds. I don't advocate the behavior described herein. Youth sometimes takes risks, wisely or unwisely. If you email, please be civil.


I'm a reasonably well adjusted young man of thirty-four (at least I still feel young). I've been bisexual since my first sexual yearnings appeared. I remember that at age ten I would watch Tarzan and Jane, wondering which I'd like to fuck more and realizing that the best fantasy was to be the middle of a T-J sandwich! And, when I saw one of the movies with T and J's son, Boy, I knew that was a family I would happily join. I got good grades, read a fair amount, had a lot of friends of varying sorts, and didn't very often behave like an asshole.

This story begins when I was thirteen. I had always been athletic, playing soccer, swimming, and taking karate lessons. As part of my karate training, I lifted weights. So, I was pretty well cut for thirteen. In the showers after PE, I always got admiring looks from the other kids (even the fourteen year-olds) and the coaches, too. I was five-six, 140 lbs. with black hair and brown eyes. Not to brag, but I had broad, hard pecs with half dollar-sized dome-shaped nipples slightly wide of center and a half-inch up from where each pec sloped toward my rib cage. Like many serious swimmers, I was all pecs over a slim, tight abdomen. My nips would flatten and jut out half an inch when they got hard, which was any time I was cold, something rubbed against them, or I got turned on for any reason. They were connected by some kind of direct circuit to my cock. I had a nice, cut six-pack leading in a long line to a sparse growth of hair at the base of my uncut dick, which was about 3.5 inches soft and an honest 7.5 inches hard. Yeah, I know, but no BS (a lot of guys measured it during sleepovers); I'm blessed with good genes, little body hair (at least in the current fashion it's a blessing), and my cock has always fascinated boys and girls who've had the opportunity to see it. My being uncut was a bit of a novelty for many of my partners. Since I was relatively slender, when my good buddy was angry, it looked even larger. So, when I would get a semi in the showers after PE, I didn't get a ration of crap, just a lot of attention. Actually, I was about to start a life-long practice of shaving around my cock and balls, a situation that arose as I will describe later in this story. Fortunately, my endowment also made me look a bit older when I was naked and boned. Even though I'm slender, all that kicking has developed a fine ass and legs, as well.

Interestingly, I've never been a size queen or overly concerned about how my partners looked (mind you, a tight body is an undeniable turn-on). I've had great sex with boys and girls of all degrees of conventional attractiveness. Actually, I most like a cock that fills my mouth, just reaching into my throat, so I can comfortably get face fucked. From that last statement you can conclude that I've always loved to take as much as I give. Interestingly, even though I had sex with a lot of my male friends, I never caught a lot of shit about being gay, probably because I also had a rep for getting it on with girls and I sure didn't look like a stereotypical gay guy (not withstanding the fact that I probably sucked more cock and had my ass pounded by more cocks than most of the strictly gay guys at my school). Actually, I know it turned on some of the straight, average looking guys to have me swinging on their average size cocks or letting them bang my hard, tight ass.

I'd been jacking off seriously since I was ten, and had shot my first load just before my eleventh birthday. I had played around with a lot of boys (some a couple of years older) and a few girls, so I wasn't a virgin either to oral or anal. This story is about my desire to have a lot of sex when I was a young teen and discovering that, since not a lot of girls my age wanted to put out and play with as much kink as I wanted, having a lot of sex would mean having sex with men and boys, who didn't seem to mind having sex in groups of varying sizes and ages. The story also turns around my early experiences in an adult bookstore and arcade in the city where I lived and my need for an adult to get me in and keep an eye on me while I played, as well as eventually learning to cruise come outdoor venues.


During a sleepover, John, one of my regular JO and suck-fuck buddies, had told me about walking past a new adult bookstore that had opened on Cleveland Street. We talked about how great it would be if we could get in to view some hard-core porn and maybe buy a fuck flick. The signs on the windows facing the main drag advertised 25 cent movies in the arcade. As we sucked the cum out of each other's squirting dicks, we imagined getting into that palace and doing each other while we watched a hot movie. John reasoned that we'd never get in, though, since a big sign on the front door said no one under the age of eighteen was allowed in. Oh, well! But, I wasn't going to give up so easily. The next day, Saturday, I put on my favorite Florida Summer garb, running shorts and a tight sleeveless T-shirt, and walked down to Cleveland Street, past the front of the ABS. It was in a strip of storefronts, most of which were vacant because a lot of businesses had left the area for the newer malls. There wasn't a lot of vehicle or foot traffic. The warm air felt great, and I was glad I didn't have much clothing covering me. As I walked past the ABS, my cock was chubbed, but not raging, at the thought of being close to all that porn. Two vacant units past the ABS the building ended, and there was a space about four feet wide running between this building and the next, which was a single vacant space. Looking around and seeing no one else on the street at 11:00 AM, I quickly walked the depth of the building to find myself in an alley running parallel to Cleveland Street onto which back doors for all the spaces in the building opened.

I walked, counting the back doors until I faced what I knew to be the back door of the ABS. There was no sign or any other indication of the delights that resided behind that door. Hesitantly, I reached for the knob and tried to turn and pull. No dice. It was locked tight. Shit, why have a back door if it won't open? A few minutes thought brought to mind the possibility that they wanted people to be able to leave that way, but not get in. Maybe this was just like regular theater exits at the back; they didn't want people to bypass whatever payment was required. Now, the process of one guy paying admission and then opening one of those back exits for his buddies was not unknown to me. But, I had no buddy inside. Maybe I could just wait until someone left and get to the door before it closed. The problem was that there was nowhere to hide close enough to get to the door after someone left. I'd just have to wait next to the door so that I was partially hidden behind it as it opened and then try to duck in.

After what seemed like an awfully long time, I was startled to hear a loud click as the door started to open. I had no way of knowing that I was about to meet someone so compatible with my sexual needs that my life would never be the same. Fortunately, the meeting would be entirely positive from my point of view. Hoping that the mystery guy would leave quickly, I readied myself to grab the door from behind before it swung closed. Unfortunately, the guy stepped out and pushed the door shut, turning to find a red faced boy with little clothing and a racing heart.

"Geeze, guy. You scared the shit out of me. What's up?"

Looking down at his feet, I said through a very dry mouth, "Uh . . . I was just taking a short cut. Didn't mean to startle you."

This guy was older than me, probably close to my Dad's age, but he was obviously in really good shape. He was about six feet, maybe 190, and very solid. I could see that because he was wearing a wife-beater and a pair of fairly tight sweats. And, most importantly, it was obvious that there was no underwear between his package and the sweats. I could see the head of his dick and part of the shaft moving under his pants. The thing is, he looked no bigger soft than I am. He had great arms and I could see one pec through an arm hole. It was tight and hairless with a nickel-sized nipple.

"Right, sure, no sweat," he said, sounding unconvinced and looking me over carefully, his eyes moving quickly from my chest, over my abs, and stopping at the bulge in my shorts. "I thought maybe you were trying to get in."

"Umm, no," I said. "I'm a little young to get in."

"Oh, I see. So, maybe you were going to sneak in after I left. I admire your initiative." It was weird, like he was conversing with my dick, which began to react to the attention. He smiled as I expanded in my nylon running shorts, "Parts of you don't look too young. You're what, sixteen, seventeen?"

Before I had the good sense to agree, my honesty took over, and I replied, "No, I'm thirteen."

"Holy shit, kid! You're like no thirteen year-old I've ever seen. Do you have any idea what goes on in there?" He was now looking around to be sure no one else was watching or listening.

"Well, I know there's good porn and movies. I just wanted to watch a movie and, you know . . . ," I said, making the universal sign for beating off.

"What's you're name, kid?"


"Pleased to meet you, Robbie. I'm Mark," he said extending his hand, which I shook in the most adult way I knew, not limp and not too tight.

"Robbie, I have no doubt you'd have a great time watching a skin flick and pounding that beauty. What kind of flicks do think you'd like to see? You know they've got straight and gay." He was looking intently at my eyes when he made that last comment. He saw no negative reaction there.

"I guess I'd like to see both, Mark. My friend and I talked about watching one together and getting each other off."

"Oh, so you and this friend jerk off together? That's cool. You know all guys help each other out from time to time."

"Yeah, I fuck girls, too. But I really like fucking around with guys, as well."

I looked down from his face to see a really nice tent in his sweats. His boner looked like it might have been six or six and a half inches, with a nice fat head. My cock promptly reached full tilt, stretching along my left hip. He noticed and sort of sighed.

"Well, Robbie. This store has a front area with videos, mags, and toys. In the back there's the arcade where you go into a booth and watch part of a movie for a quarter. The thing is, there are cutouts on the sides of each booth so that you can see what your neighbor is up to and, if you want to, maybe help each other out like you and your buddy wanted to help each other. To be honest, most of the guys in the arcade are looking for that kind of help."

"That's cool," I said.

"Well, it's cool except that if you go in there, those guys will be all over you. Some of them can be pretty insistent, and I wouldn't want you to get hurt."

"I can take care of myself," I said.

"Yeah, I'm sure you can, but it would be better if you had someone to watch out for you."

Now during this conversation, it became apparent to me that Mark might just be willing to get me in. Also apparent was his interest in what I was packing. Since his stuff looked pretty good to me, maybe we could help each other out while watching a flick. I let my hand wander down to my boner, squeezed it gently and, through my shorts, pulled it away from my hip to point more toward Mark.

Looking around again, Mark said in a husky voice, "Fuck, Robbie. You know we could probably control those other guys better if they thought you were my son and I was showing you the ropes. They'd be less likely to worry about you breaking the law by being in there, too." He kneaded his cock which had oozed enough precum to form a nice wet spot over his dick head.

The light came on as he said that. How cool would it be to have your Dad take you to a place like this and maybe even play with you. "Would you help me like that?" I asked. I could see the wheels turning as he evaluated the risks and benefits of taking a kid into the arcade. "Please, Dad?"

That plea cut his internal debate short. "OK, but you have to do what I say and let me call the shots. We don't want any problems in there, and believe me, you're going to be a very popular item. We don't mention your age unless I think it's all right. Deal?"

"Fuck yeah, Dad," I said, smiling and looking him straight in the eye. "Just so I get to see some porn and maybe we help each other out."

"No problem, boy. Look, if anything starts to go down in there that you don't like, just say so, and I'll stop it. I don't want you getting freaked. What have you done before besides stroking that big pipe off?"

"Jack, suck, fuck, you name it, but only with girls and guys my age or a little older."

"Jesus, son. Well, with a body like that, I can't say I'm too surprised. So you'd be cool with getting sucked, sucking, fucking, and maybe getting fucked as long as I make sure everyone plays safe?"

Mark's boner was now totally obvious under his sweats. Looking around and finding us still alone, I reached out and grasped his six inches, squeezed gently, and said, "As long as you're watching out for me, and we stop if I say so."

Mark said, "If you don't let go of my bone, I'm going to paint the inside of my sweats." I released him, bringing my palm, which had some of the precum that had soaked through his pants on it, to my mouth and licked. "Boy, you and I are going to have a ball, and you're going to get an education about how to use that hot little bod and big cock of yours." Looking around nervously, he said, "Show me that bad boy."

I'd never exposed myself in public before, but the thought of doing it here in the alley really turned me on. I looked straight into his eyes and pulled the waistband of my running shorts out and down, tucking the elastic under my nuts, which were loose and hanging in the heat. My hard-on swung out curving toward my belly, swaying and pulsing under its own weight. My foreskin was pulled back so that half my knob was visible. Mark gave a brief whistle and said, "Fuck, kid, I don't see that much cock on many grown men and it's natural, too. You shoot a lot when you cum?"

"I guess. A lot of my buddies can't keep up with my load, but I'll bet you can."

"Cover that beauty up before I do you right here. When we go in, it'll be real dark until your eyes adjust. The back door leads to the arcade. Near the front there's an entrance to the bookstore covered by a curtain. I'll go around and come in the front; you wait here for me to open the door. When we get in, I'll take you into a booth right away, so we don't hang out in the hall too long. It may take a few minutes before I think it's safe to get you in. Any time you want to, you can just leave by this back door. OK?"

Stuffing my rod back into my shorts, I said, "Sure, Dad. I've got all afternoon, so let's do it." I wasn't as confident as I sounded, but I knew that I wanted to try this. Strangely the risk was as big a turn-on as the potential for getting off big time. My aching hard-on was clearly in favor.

Mark walked back to the space between the buildings and disappeared toward Cleveland Street. I waited for the gate to open.

The Arcade

I began to think that Mark had developed second thoughts and just left. My dick was still insistently stiff, and I was going to be really pissed if he had ditched me. As I was cursing him in my thoughts, the loud click of the door jarred me, and I retreated behind the door as it opened. Mark's face appeared quickly around the door, and he said, "Come on, boy. The coast is clear. Hurry up!"

I rounded the open door and stepped past Mark into the darkness of the arcade. The first sensation was one of intense cold, probably just the contrast between the hot Florida temperature outside and the air conditioning inside the arcade. My nipples immediately tensed, sticking out noticeably through my tight shirt. My exposed skin got goose bumps. The second sensation was the subtle smell of sex. I could detect the faint smell of cum and sweat in the air. The smell was not gross or unpleasant. I could see that I was in a central corridor running the length of the arcade with doors leading to video booths on either side. No one beside Mark and me was in the corridor, but I could hear the audio tracks of movies running in some of the booths as well as an occasional moan from a human voice.

Mark took me by the arm and ushered me quickly down the corridor to one of the booth doors in the middle. He pushed the door open and waited for me to go in before following. He locked the booth door with a simple bolt provided for that purpose. "What do you think, son?"

I looked at the space we occupied. The booth entrance led past a short wall on the right toward a wooden platform that served as a bench at the back, probably seven feet from the booth door. If you sat on the bench you would look toward the doorway on the right and in front of you was a TV monitor in an enclosure that extended about two and a half feet into the booth. So there were about four and a half feet of space between you and the wall with the TV. The only light came from a coin box on the wall beside the TV. Mark put what I later learned was a roll of quarters on top of the coin box and fed four quarters into the box. The TV flickered on, and I saw a hot naked blonde guy on his knees sucking the hell out of a dark haired stud with a great body and an even more impressive dong. The blonde was gliding his stuffed mouth smoothly up and down that considerable length of meat, coming to rest where the guy's pubic hair would have been if he hadn't been as smooth there as my ass.

"Pretty hot, huh?" Mark said as we stood in the space between the bench and the TV.

"Shit, yeah, Dad. That guy really knows how to suck. I can't believe he's taking the whole fucking thing."

"Son, I'm really glad you're OK with this. Think you'd like to try one that big?"

"I'm fine and fuck yes I'd like to try one like that. I'm fucking boned to the max, Dad."

"Why don't we help you take care of that now, son? Just to take the edge off?"

"I feel like I'll blast in about three seconds, Dad."

"No problem, boy. Let's get you ready to go. Here, let's get rid of this first," he said, turning me toward him so that we faced each other with shoulders toward the TV and lifting the bottom of my tight shirt over my head and arms before tossing it on the bench. Mark was breathing heavily as he placed his right palm over my left shoulder and ran it down over my left pec, stopping so that my nipple poked the center of his palm. He rotated his hand sending a pleasurable sensation from my hardened nub straight to my cock, which I thrust out against his groin. He groaned and, bending his knees, rubbed his boner against mine.

"I knew these fuckers would be incredible. You've got the hottest nipples I've ever touched."

Then, taking me by the shoulders, he quickly turned me 180 degrees so that we were both facing the side wall of the booth, with Mark behind me running his hands down my flanks to the waist of my running shorts. By the light from the movie playing on the TV, I noticed a huge cut-out in the wall in front of me above the bench and extending toward the TV about a foot. This rectangular cut-out extended about a foot above the level of the bench. I looked behind me to see a similar cut-out in the other wall. "Cool," I thought. "That's what Mark meant."

Meanwhile Mark's hands continued down my flanks taking my shorts with them. The waistband caught on my boner, but he yanked hard, and the shorts cleared my dick. My cock snapped up against my abs leaving a small slime of precum and then swung back out toward the wall, but still pointing slightly upward. Mark was squatting behind me now with my shorts in his hands. I could feel his warm breath on my ass.

"Step out of them, son." I lifted my feet in turn and he got the shorts off and over my shoes until I was standing in the booth facing the cut-out in the wall naked except for shoes. As I started to reach for my dick, Mark said, "Wait, son. Put your hands behind your head."

I smiled and put my hands behind my head, my elbows spread to show my chest and other goodies off. Mark was standing behind me again, but this time I felt the underside of his bare cock pressing into my back just above my crack. I guess he had pulled his sweats down a bit. He reached around me and put both hands on my pecs, caressing and firmly kneading them. "Son, my little boy has sure grown up," Mark said rather more loudly than he needed to for me to hear. He then took each of my tits between his thumbs and forefingers and twisted gently causing me to moan out loud and fuck my cock through the space in front of me. "That's it, son. You like Daddy working these beautiful tits of yours, don't you?"

"Shit, Daddy. Keep it up and I'll jizz without touching my dick."

Occasionally, Mark would feed more quarters from the roll into the box. "Boy, in a minute I'm going to let you jack a load out of that monster. Your tits are mine. Can you imagine how good your cum is going to be while I'm working them? How far you're going to shoot when you unload? Do you know how good my boy looks naked in this booth? Every man in here should be able to see you and enjoy the show."

Mark was working my nipples more firmly now as my ass and back moved against his thighs and hard-on. He began to move me toward the wall, inching us forward as he kept up a litany of dirty talk about my body and cock. As the tip of my cock neared the wall, I realized that he had angled us so that my dick was pointed to the cutout. "Son, I'm glad you trusted your Dad to take you here to play. You've been playing with other kids long enough. You need some man play, boy. You want that, don't you? Want a man to work you over while your Daddy helps?"

"Oh fuck, yessss, Dad! As long as you're with me we can play with anyone."

He eased me forward, still working my nips just hard enough to keep me on the edge of pain but not quite falling over, by humping his hard dick against my back and walking forward until my dick started to enter the next booth through the cutout. Occasionally I'd look to the side where blondie on the TV was about to make his buddy pop. The slurping and moaning was a perfect sound track to what I was experiencing. "Go ahead, son. Jack that bad boy off for your Daddy," Mark said, again fairly loudly.

I took my left hand from behind my head, reached down, and began to stroke my foreskin up and down the shaft, uncovering and covering the head. My triceps rested on Mark's forearm as he worked my chest. Suddenly, I felt another hand begin to lightly feel my cock head. I moaned and said, "Daddy, there's someone over there and he's touching my dick. Is that OK?"

"He probably doesn't get to feel a big teenage dick like yours very often. I think we should let him, don't you?"

"OK, Dad." I took my hand off my dick and moved over a little resting my left knee on the platform bench. This lowered my dick a little and spread my legs a bit.

The mystery hand on the other side gently grasped my whole shaft and took over stroking. I was in overload and wasn't going to last long. I started fucking into the hand as Mark kept up the pressure on my nipples. Then a voice came through the cut-out. "Are you really this kid's father?" Looking down, I could just make out a face in the cut-out as the hand worked my dick.

Without skipping a beat, Mark said, "I sure am. It's time he learned the ropes. He can't waste a body like this on other kids. I just want to keep the situation under control."

The guy handling my dick said, "Shit, I wish I'd had a Dad like you when I was his age. How old are you, kid?"

I remembered that Mark had warned me not to reveal my age unless he gave me the nod, so I hesitated.

"How old do you think he is?" Mark asked.

I'm listening to these two adults talking about me while one is giving my nipples a graduate course on what they're for and the other is lightly jacking off my cocked boner as I'm basically naked in an adult video arcade. The voice said, "He looks sixteen, seventeen."

"Tell him, son.

"I'm thirteen, sir."

The hand stopped and I thought maybe we were in trouble. Then I heard, "Oh man. That's so fucking hot. Can I suck him?"

"Boy," Mark said, "this is part of your education." And to the guy in the other booth, "Go ahead and take his load, man."

Mark took his left hand off my tit and brought it to my ass, pushing on my left cheek until my pelvis was thrust forward, sending my whole dick into the other booth. He left that hand on my ass as his right continued to toy with my nip. I felt the man's mouth surround my cock like hot butter, pushing my skin back as it traveled to the base. I sagged back against Mark who supported me with his body and his left hand on my ass.

"Son, you gonna feed him that nice load you've been building up? He wants that sweet teenage jizz, Bobbie boy. You're making Daddy so hot. Is he any good?"

"Oh Daddy. He's great. He's taking the whole thing, right down to the root."

"That's great, son. Go ahead and fuck his face. Work your other nipple."

I reached up with my left hand and began to pull my free nipple out from my pec and letting it snap back while Mark continued to twist my other. I began to fuck my dick into that bottomless throat. The mouth clung to my shaft and the tongue washed the underside of my dick. I felt one hand from the other booth gently hold my balls, rolling them about while the other formed a ring around the shaft tight against my meager pubes, keeping my skin pulled off the head. I was ready.

Then a new voice spoke, "Is your son getting some good head?" I swiveled my head, looking behind to the source of the voice and saw a face clearly visible at other hole.

Mark looked back at the new guy and said, "Apparently. Bobbie says the guy is taking it all."

New guy responded, "Does your boy have serious wood" All I've seen is a little of his ass."

"Take a look," Mark said, pulling me abruptly back and turning me so that my spit slick boner was clearly visible in profile. Just as quickly, Mark turned me and fed me back into that warm, wet mouth.

New guy said, "Holy fuck. That's thirteen? He's fucking perfect. Those are the best pecs and nips I've seen in two years on anybody. I wish he was dicking my mouth."

I began to seriously speed up my face fucking, my legs began to tremble a little and I moaned a chorus trying to keep the volume under control. Mark's hand on my ass was pushing hard against my tensing ass cheek on every inward thrust. "Son, don't hold back. It's important to let the man know how he's doing. Don't worry about being too loud."

"Ooooooh, fuck, man. Suck my fucking dick. I'm going to blow the back of your head off in a minute. Come on, man, let me bury it in your throat."

The guy couldn't talk with his mouth full, but I could hear him say, "MMMMM-HMMMM," around my thick cock as he dove his face toward my every thrust. I was nearly at the peak of my crescendo when Mark turned the hand on my ass so that its fingers were pointing downward between my slightly spread cheeks. The tip of the finger moved under to glide over the ring of my asshole, stroking with just the right pressure.

"Daddy, put it in, please," I said dropping my ass toward the probing finger.

The finger went to Mark's mouth to be bathed in spit. Wet with spit, the finger returned to my anus so that with every withdrawal from the man's mouth it penetrated a little more. I went apeshit. Having two guys work me over was just too fucking good. I knew I was going to love being shared.

"Daddy, fuck me with your finger. Get it all the way in there. Please!!!" On the next outstroke the finger bottomed out in my ass and I could feel my orgasm on the way. There was no stopping now.

New guy pleaded from the wall behind, "Let me see your finger in his hole, please."

Mark moved slightly aside so that he wasn't blocking the junction of my asshole and his finger. New guy said, "Oh man. I can't believe how much he wants that finger. Cum on, man, finger bang your boy."

Knowing I was being watched from behind ignited the final rush. "I'm gonna cum, Daddy. My ass feels so good. Oh fuck, man. Suck it out of me."

My sucker moved the fingers of his hand playing with my eggs back a bit until he came into contact with Mark's finger reaming my ass. He couldn't talk, of course, but I knew Mark's finger job had gotten to him because he began to fuck my cock with his face at an even faster pace. I entered a state I'd never experienced before. I couldn't tell whether I wanted to fuck the face in front of me or be fucked by the finger behind me more. No, I wanted it all at the same time. This was like being on an altar, the subject of worship. Mark began to help me toward the explosion, keeping his finger buried to the hilt in my ass and driving me into the face in the wall with every thrust.

"You're Daddy's good boy. I want you to drown that fucker while I finger you. You've wanted my finger in your ass for a long time, haven't you? But, you really want Daddy's dick buried in that hole, don't you?"

That did it. "Yes, Dad. I want you to fuck me soon. Oh, man, here it comes."

The sensations of orgasm overwhelmed me. I've always loved cumming, but this one was geometrically better than any I'd had before. The combination of sensations in my ass, on my tits, and in my cock created a perfect storm of pleasure. My cock pulsed in the stranger's mouth, unleashing a series of ten or fifteen strong jets of juice. Mark could feel each pulse as my asshole tried to sever his finger. As they started, he buried the finger deeply in my ass and rotated his hand to find and massage my prostate. My head was thrown back against Mark's shoulder.

"That's my boy. Feed him, baby. I can feel your cum. Suck it up over there. You'll never get something like this again."

The prostate massage seemed to prolong my orgasm. My sucker sputtered and moaned approvingly as he tried to keep up with my load. I continued to fuck his face as I unloaded, and he really didn't try to control my actions. I was almost fucking delirious as my sperm flooded the stranger's mouth. With each pulse I said, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck . . . ," each fuck punctuating a thrust into that mouth. My sucker did a great job. You know how sometimes a blow job makes the orgasm so intense that it's almost painful, and when you're through shooting, your cock is so sensitive that you can't really enjoy the moments after your load is spent? This guy knew just how to keep the echoes of the orgasm alive, so that his nursing on my still rigid but no longer spurting rod brought nothing but continued pleasure. My whole body almost jerked as each echo washed through me.

Laughing lightly Mark said, "That's it, son. Go with it. Let him clean you up."

The finger in my ass slowly worked its way out, and Mark brought it to his mouth, sucking it in and enjoying the flavor. I relaxed against him, and he supported me under my arms, moving back away from the cutout. When my cock finally pulled out of the mouth, Mark turned me slightly and guided me to a seat on the bench. My legs were vibrating and wouldn't completely support me. I was splayed out, leaning against the back wall with my legs spread out in front and my still hard dick pointing north in a gentle curve. My balls which had snugged up to my cock root as I came were beginning to drop into my sac again. I sucked cool air into my lungs as my pulse rate returned toward normal.

The guy who had just enjoyed my load said, "Jesus Christ, he's beautiful, and he did almost blow my head off! He must have shot a quart; I may never have to eat again! What a fucking chest; it looks like you almost pulled those nips off. Man, they're going to be sore. If I lived with that at home, I'd be sucking him all the time. Are you really going to fuck him?"

"Yeah," new guy said from the other wall, "I'd love to see that. Or you could always drop a load in his hot little mouth."

Mark said, "After we rest a bit, if he still wants my dick, I'll let him choose."

Part 1 ends