A Boy and His "Dad," part 2

By Bi_janus (bi_janus@comcast.net)

By the way, Janus is the name of the Roman god who looks in both directions at once. Don't violate laws by reading this personal recollection of my youth. No one was harmed in this reminiscence, which is intended for adult use in the comfort of their own minds. I don't advocate the behavior described herein. Youth sometimes takes risks, wisely or unwisely. If you email, please be civil.

The Second Round in the Arcade

When I fuck around with my friends, I notice that after they cum, a lot of them kind of turn off. Maybe they're embarrassed or think they've done something wrong. Maybe it's just post-orgasm let down. I've never felt that way; I'm usually happy and stoked after I cum and ready to go again if the equipment will cooperate. I know that at thirteen I was able to cum two or three times without much time out. As I sat on the bench, naked and still hard, coming down from the best orgasm I'd ever had, my mouth filled with spit at the thought that I had the choice of blowing Mark or letting him fuck my tingling ass. The comments from Mark and the guys who had blown and watched me let me know that they wanted the show to continue. My equipment and my brain were definitely cooperating.

Mark ruffled my hair, ran his hand across my chest, finally squeezing the base of my boner and displaying it for our two voyeurs, and said, "Son, I'm proud of you. That was as hot a scene as I've ever been in. I'm so glad I'm not the only horny fuck in our family. Look at the size of this beauty; must be from your Mother's side of the family!" I saw that the waistband of his sweats was still around his thighs allowing his package to swing free. I was surprised to see that I had more pubes than he did (and I didn't have many). His cut six incher and smooth balls were attached to a perfectly smooth pubic area.

I looked at the TV screen to see that the pair I had been watching performing the blow job had apparently finished. Now, three guys were on the screen, all pretty buff with very nice cocks. Two of those cocks were disappearing and reappearing from the mouth and ass of the guy on his hands and knees, who was being doggied from behind and sucking the cock in front. That gave me an idea for the next round with "Dad." Why choose when you can do both?

"Dad," I said, "How come I'm the only one here that's naked? Get your clothes off and give me my afternoon snack!"

"You got it, son," Mark said, releasing my cock and peeling his wife-beater off. As soon as his hand was off my dick, a hand shot through the cutout on my right and began to lightly jack me off while I watched Mark undress. "Is this OK?" a voice from the arm's booth asked.

"Ohhh, Daddy. This feels so good. Is it OK of he beats my meat for me?"

"Fuck, yeah, son. But, if you feel like you're going to cum, stop him." And then to the man in the other booth, "You can play with that bad boy; just not too hard. I don't want him squirting too soon."

Mark's chest was nice and tight (I thought that mine was better). His pecs weren't as developed as mine, but they were well defined with smaller nipples, and I could see what looked like a light stubble across the their surface. I realized that he must have shaved there. Since I'm naturally smooth, I never thought about getting rid of hair. Actually it looked hot. I glanced down at his dripping hard-on and noticed that the area above was completely smooth, apparently he wasn't letting the hair grow back there.

By now, Mark was pulling his sweats over his sneakers. His clothes joined mine of the bench, and he stood straight up in front of me. His cut dick, oozing precum, was now pointed right at my face. "Come on, boy. Daddy's cock needs some attention. Let's see how all your practice has paid off," Mark said, more for the benefit of our audience than for mine.

I started to reach for his dick, but Mark said, "No hands, boy. Just lean in and let me feed you."

I knew that I could handle his cock, because it wasn't that much bigger than my cousin William's and, with a lot of happy practice, I had learned to deep throat Will without any problem. As I scooted forward on the bench and leaned in, the hand from the other booth lost contact with my cock and began stroking my side from my shoulder to my ass.

I looked up into Mark's eyes as I leaned in toward his dick head with my mouth open and my tongue out. A voice from the booth to my left said, "Shit! He's really going to suck your dick, isn't he? You are the luckiest fuck on the face of the earth! Come on, kid, get down on your Daddy's bone. I'm so close." The voice was ragged.

My tongue contacted the tip of Mark's dick, and I saw his eyes glaze a bit as he sighed and flexed his pelvis forward so that the head was firmly against my lips. I speared my tongue into his piss-hole and licked up the salty precum before swirling my tongue over the head. I finished by loudly kissing the head, leaning back to savor his flavor, and said, "Please, Dad, I want it in my ass. If I do a good job, will you fuck me?"

"OK, my little cock sucker, if you do a good job you can take a ride on Daddy's pony," Mark replied, "Come and get it."

I heard the guy in the booth to my left, the one who had let me fuck his face and feed him, groan loudly, crying out that he was cumming. I looked over and saw his smallish cock half way through the cutout into our booth begin to fire his jizz. I reached over with my left hand and let the last three spurts ooze out into my palm. Mark was smiling because just mentioning me getting fucked had sent the guy over the edge. I looked back to Mark and moved my hand palm up and cum-filled to a position above his dick. Looking him in the eye, I turned my palm over and let the guy's spooge drip onto Mark's cock, coating it from the base to the head. Some of the cum began dripping down to the floor. Then, remembering the instruction not to use my hands on Mark, I used the cum remaining in my hand as lube for jacking my own dick. We heard the door of the left hand booth open as my earlier sucker left. Another set of footsteps and the bolting of the door meant we had a new player. I opened my mouth, leaned slightly forward and waited.

Mark stepped up bent his knees slightly to line up his dick with my mouth and began to thrust very slowly into my mouth. He was rubbing his chest, toying with the small nipples there, and looking sown at my cock-filled face. My lips covered my teeth and I formed my mouth into a soft, clinging tube as Marks dick head cleared my lips and the shaft slowly entered. I could taste the cum decorating Mark's dick, and my lips stripped it down the shaft to the base. It was a delicious, slow, deliberate thrust that maintained an even speed. Mark took me at my word and kept going until the head was well into the back of my throat and my lips were tight around the shaved base. I had the whole thing as I breathed through my nose and made little swallowing movements around his head.

A deep, rich voice from the new player in the left hand booth said, "Fuck man, that looks sweet. Where'd you get that little cock hound? He's got the whole thing, don't he?"

The guy on our right, who was still running his hand over me said, "You won't believe it, but the kid's his son. He's helping to get him into the scene. Oh, and the kid's only thirteen, has a huge cock, and the greatest nips I've ever seen."

The new guy answered, "No shit! He's sweet, all right, and he knows what to do with a cock. Look at him stay down on it"

"Yeah," the other guy said, "He dumped his load into the guy that just left your booth while his dad finger fucked him. The kid's going to get his Dad's dick nice and wet and then take it up that hot ass."

I withdrew from the base of the shaft. Mark's boner was so hard that it felt like a real piece of bone under my tongue as I moved up the pulsing shaft. When my lips just behind the ridge of the head, I plunged back down, almost punching my lips into Mark's pubic bone, forcing him to take a half-step back. He recovered his balance and stepped up, fucking his cock as deeply into my throat as possible. We began to work together, Mark withdrawing as I did and thrusting as I went down on him. He was grunting in time with his thrusts, and he mouth fucked me for about two minutes. "That's the way, boy, open your throat and make it a pussy for your Daddy's dick. Jack your big dick, but you better not cum 'til I tell you. You want my cum in your mouth or your ass?"

I came off his dick, my eyes watering a little from the fucking my throat was taking, and said, "Please, Dad, I need your big dick in my ass. Fuck me, please." I wanted to be fucked now as much as I ever have, not only because I liked to bottom, but because I knew being fucked while two guys watched would be the hottest sexual experience of my life so far. I had been in some light threesome activity with my cousin Will and his sister Bonnie, but nothing like being naked in a bookstore booth and being fucked in front of others by an older guy they all thought was my father.

Mark looked down at me past his rigid, dripping cock. Our neighbor's cum coating was long gone into my belly. "Hand me my sweats, son."

I reached behind me, grabbed them off the bench, and handed them to Mark. I noticed that they were weighed down by some stuff in the pockets. Mark, who had continued to feed the little coin box during our play, rummaged through one pocket and pulled out another roll of quarters, as well as a rubber and a little tube of what I would learn was KY. "Stand up, son."

I stood facing Mark, who reached down, brushing my hand away from my dick and replacing it with his. He slowly stroked my foreskin back and forth over my glans, making a wet noise because of the accumulation of precum. Each time I withdrew from his hand, his hand grasped my skin, pulling it out beyond the end of my dick, stretching it before I fucked my cock back into his hand. He said, "Play with your nipples while I jack you off, but don't let me make you come, boy."

I reached up with both hands and rubbed my palms over my pecs while fucking my dick through Mark's hand. I could feel my nips, still slightly sore from the earlier workout, burrowing into the center of my palms. He gripped me lightly so I wouldn't squirt right away. My nipples were as hard as they'd ever been, with the tips erected proudly at least half an inch from their broad puckered bases. I took each tip between my thumb and first finger, twisting just hard enough so that the sensations in my cock were intensified. "Oh, Daddy, work my dick. Shit, that feels great."

I leaned back and began pulling my tits out from my pecs until they were stretched as tight as possible before letting them slip from my fingers and snap back. The voice of the new guy from my left said, "Oh, man. That kid's built, and look, his cock is longer than his Daddy's. Come on, man, let's see you fuck your kid silly. You willing to share that boy?"

Releasing my dick, which snapped up against my abs, Mark took the rubber he had retrieved earlier, tore the wrapper and fitted the condom over his dick head, unrolling it to the base of his cock. My buddies and I never used condoms unless we were fucking a girl who wasn't taking the pill. I was glad Mark was using protection. He then took me by the shoulders and turned me toward my left and the cutout into the new guy's booth. To the guy he said, "I'm going to be busy back here for a while. Maybe you can think of something to occupy his mouth. This pup can never get enough dick down his gullet."

Then to me, he said, " Son, lean forward and put your hands of the wall. Stick that ass out where I can work it."

So, there I was, leaning forward with my hands on the wall over the cutout for support. Mark kneeled down behind me and forced my feet apart so that my asshole was easily exposed and he had room to work. I was looking down at the cutout and saw the face of my new partner watching intently. He had a handsome and very dark, black face. Mark was running his hands over my hard, rounded cheeks, pulling them apart slightly, and then down my thighs. I didn't have a lot of hair, even on my legs, but what there was stood erect as he stroked me. Then I felt his breath on my asshole as he spread my muscular cheeks, the tips of his thumbs near the edge of my hole. Then, I groaned aloud as I felt his tongue start at the base of my sac and lick back across my hole. From the cutout behind us, I heard, "Fuck, man. That's it. Eat his sweet ass out. My god, that's so hot."

Rimming was a whole new experience, but I was sure as hell going to share it with my buds as soon as I got the chance. As I felt Mark's tongue lapping over my asshole like he was trying to erase it, the face in the cutout disappeared, and I saw a black knee and thigh come to rest on the other booth's bench. It looked like the guy over there had taken off his pants. Then I saw something I'll remember to my dying day. The skin-covered head of what I can only describe as a really big cock began to protrude through the cutout. This guy's dark foreskin completely covered the head, which kept coming farther and farther into our booth until the guy's belly was pressed tightly against his booth wall above the cutout. This fucker was about eight and a half thick inches. You know how you see some cocks in pictures or in person, and no matter what size, they are just perfectly shaped and beautiful? This penis was the answer to a question I'd been asked by some straight kids I had sucked, "How can a guy built like you who fucks chicks like dick so much?" It was slightly curved upward with veins running in a meandering pattern over the whole surface, one even running up the foreskin. It looked like it could punch through concrete. My mouth filled with saliva.

I then noticed his set hanging low beneath that battering ram. First, there wasn't a hair on his sac, so you could see the shape of his eggs dangling at least five inches below his dick. "Christ, Dad, you've got to see this," I said to Mark who quickly stood and looked over me.

"Damn, boy. He's got you beat and then some! Looks like your mouth his going to have its work cut out while I fuck your hot little asshole."

He knelt back down and, spreading my cheeks, fastened his lips to my hole like he was frenching a mouth. He sucked and speared the tip of his tongue into my hole. I reached down and cupped my neighbor's balls in my left palm, gently rolling them around. It was hard to keep both of his nuts at once in my hand. One kept falling off. I moved my hand up and circled the sac near its base with thumb and first finger. His cock throbbed, bobbing up and down slightly as I played with his smooth balls. "You're a good kid, boy. What's your Dad doing to that fine ass?"

"He's sucking and licking my hole. Fuck! It feels like he's trying to get his tongue all the way up my ass."

"Bet you can't wait to have his cock in that little hole. Be patient. While he's working your hole, how 'bout you use that hot mouth on my cock. I'm sure your Daddy don't mind sharing."

Mark said, "Go ahead, son. Help the man out. You can't just give him a hard-on from looking at your hot body and leave him hanging. Take care of what you start."

I took my right hand down from the wall, making sure I could keep my balance, and gripped the bull dick, peeling the skin back to reveal a pink, moist head. As my face neared the cock in my hand, I could smell a mixture of soap, precum, and that special musk. I put my tongue just under the head and licked that sensitive spot. He let out a long breath, as I jacked his skin back up over the head and my tongue. I closed my lips just behind his covered head and wiggled my tongue around under the skin while sucking it deeper into my mouth. Then I backed my mouth off lightly biting the foreskin beyond the head, pulling it gently as my mouth pulled off his dick. Then back down again, peeling the skin back and taking about three inches of the shaft in.

"Jesus, man, how long did it take you to teach this one to suck cock. He knows what he's doin'," my new playmate said to Mark.

"I didn't have to teach Robbie. He learned on his friends. I'm just trying to give him an advanced course," Mark said, backing off my asshole. His mouth was replaced by a finger that he had obviously coated with KY. As I played with the top few inches of the monster in my hand, Mark began to open me up with his fingers, first one, then two. My asshole burned with that slightly uncomfortable sensation that eventually turns to pure pleasure. He was dilating my muscle ring patiently as he stood and watched me suck my new friend. "Come on, son. Don't just tease the poor guy. Anyone with a cock like that deserves your best work."

My cock was still like a crowbar, and as Mark reamed me with three fingers now, I took as much as I could of the thick licorice stick in front of me. Most of my playmates are smaller than I am, but I have one friend who's about the same size. I can barely throat him, but I was going to do my best on this beautiful dick. I started down, realizing that it wasn't only longer than I was used to, but a lot thicker, as well. My jaw was aching a bit as I tried to open my mouth wide enough to get to the base. I felt the head scrape the roof of my mouth on its way to my throat. The head finally lodged in my throat, and I made little swallowing motions around the head, breathing through my nose. Fuck, I was still an inch and a half from the base. The guy had been content to let me play with him while he encouraged me, but when I buried him in my throat, he went into gear and began gently fucking my face. He could probably have skewered me and choked me to death, but he never forced me past the depth I could handle, although occasionally he triggered a gag reflex which I quickly suppressed.

As I pulled back to the head, Mark suddenly popped the head of his rubber clad cock into my ass. Surprised, I lurched forward and down onto the black dick in my hand. I couldn't exclaim because my throat was stuffed, but I groaned and pushed back a little onto Mark's stick. Mark grasped my hips and began a long, slow stroke to bottom out in my ass. When his cock was completely buried in me, I rotated my ass, stirring my rectum with his dick, which occasionally stroked across my prostate. My dick hadn't softened at all; I guess that's the sign of a true bottom (or versatile in my case), and every time his fat cock head brushed that little nut, my dick dripped more precum. After a moment of savoring being buried to the hilt in me, Mark began to pull back until the head was just about out of my hole. Then he said, "Come on, son. Fuck my cock with that hot ass of yours. Work my fuckin' dick with your asshole."

I started to push back, my ass sucking Mark's dick into the heat, then pulling almost all the way off. I was now in the position I'd seen in the movie showing when we started to play. I thought how I must look, naked and spitted front and back by two adult cocks, seesawing back and forth. I loved it, the feeling of being stuffed, the taste of the uncut log in my mouth, and the thought of making these two older men crazy by fucking both their big dicks with my mouth and ass while others watched. We had a great rhythm going and, although I eventually wanted all their jizz in me, I also didn't want it to end. As Mark was letting me fuck his dick with my ass, I heard him cry out and lurch forward.

"You OK, Dad?"

"Oh yeah, son, I'm great. The guy in the booth behind me just stuck his finger up my hole! We're both getting it in the ass, Robbie."

"Ohhh, Daddy. that's hot. Let him finger fuck you. I've got the better deal though, a real man's cock in my hole." After a few minutes of getting fucked at both ends, I backed off the big cock in front of me and said, "This is the biggest dick I've ever handled and sucked. I've got to see the rest of its owner. Dad, is there any way he can fit in here?"

My black friend quickly said, "Oh shit, man. Let me in there. Your kid is the best time I've ever had."

"There isn't enough room, Robbie, but if you really want him with us, maybe I have a solution," Mark answered as he jammed his poker back to its base in my hole. He fucked me with eight or ten quick shallow strokes. "The problem is that I'm going to have take my very happy cock out of your tight ass to make it happen. If you promise to do what I say, I'll try to arrange it."

"I'll do what ever you say, Daddy. I just want to get my hands on this guy's ass and the rest of him."

Mark slowly backed his dick out of my ass, which followed him, not wanting to feel empty. He stopped my movement and unsaddled, popping out. After I made one last lunge, burying the black beauty in my throat, I backed off and straightened up. I realized we must have been at it a while because my lower back was a bit sore. As soon as I stood, the black guy's strong arm shot into our booth and began stroking my weeping dick. He took two strokes, and I quickly removed his hand, saying, "Easy, I don't want to shoot now."

"Cool," the guy said, "I want to be close up and personal when that bad boy squirts."

Mark moved around to kneel beside me. He grasped the black guy's cock and jacked it a couple of times and then licked up the juice he had produced. Mark put his face next to the cutout and said, "Hey man, that's a fucking big dick and Robbie wants to play with it a little more closely. You cool with that?"

"Fuckin' A! Do I look like an idiot. Your son is the hottest kid I've ever seen. Is he really thirteen?"

"Yeah, that's my boy. Listen, there's a larger booth on the right toward the back door. It's large enough for three or four to play. No glory holes, but its got a lot of peep holes if you don't mind being watched."

"I don't care who sees me if I get a chance to play with your son. You can charge admission if you want. How do you want to do this?"

I listened to their conversation and realized that we'd be moving. I started to pick my shorts off the bench, when Mark said, "Son, put those shorts down. Since we're going to play with our new friend, you don't need to get dressed."

"But, Dad, I can't just walk back there naked."

"Why not, boy? You trying to tell me you're not turned on by being naked in here with a bunch of guys your father's age and older watching?"

The idea of walking back down that corridor naked and boned in front of anyone standing out there caused my heart rate to speed up, but it also made me even hotter. "No, Dad. You're right. I said I'd do what ever you say, and I trust you. It would be kind of hot walking back there naked with you. Would you stay naked?"

"OK, boy, we'll both take a naked stroll. I'm going to look out there to scope out the situation. If I think it's OK, we're going to walk back to the bigger booth. We're not going to hurry and you are not to cover your self up in any way. If anyone's out there, he may want to cop a feel of your package or chest. These guys don't usually see anything like you in here, so be kind and let them have a feel. I'll keep it cool. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir. Let me know when we're ready."

We were both still hard as nails, Mark still wearing the condom. He put the rest of the roll of quarters and the KY into a pocket of his sweats and then picked up all of our clothes. He leaned in to the cutout to the booth with our black friend and said, "I'm going to check out the booth. Come with me, and if it's empty, you can take it and keep it for us. OK?"

"You got it, man," our buddy answered, "Let's go."

Mark moved to the door, saying, "Lock this after I leave."

He left and I quickly threw the bolt. Our new friend quickly left his booth and I was alone watching another threesome on the TV screen. I wasn't feeling anxious as someone replaced our new friend in the booth to my left. The guy to my right said, "Where'd your Dad go?"

"He'll be right back," I said not knowing how much of our plan to reveal.

"Let me suck you while you wait," he said.

"Uhhh, no, I don't want to without Dad being here."

"OK. How about just beating off for me?"

I stepped back and began to lightly run my hand up and down my spike while playing with my nipples. The guy who had just come into the booth on the left almost shouted, "Holy fuck! How old are you, kid. What a fucking package!"

I felt my cum just beginning to rise and quickly stopped my stroking. Just at that moment, I heard Mike's voice at the door saying, "Open up, son. We're moving."

With my dick pointing the way, I walked to the booth door, unbolted it, and stepped out into the corridor between the rows of booths. Because I had been inside for a while, I could see pretty well now. As I looked down the corridor, I discovered that our activity had gathered a little crowd. There were five guys other than Mark in the corridor, standing between us and our goal. My new black friend wasn't among them, so I assumed he was in the larger booth already. The other guys were dressed in varying ways, and those that dressed in clothes like Mark and I had their pants or shorts down and were stroking a collection of average size penises. They ranged in age from much older than Mark to about the same age and most had average bodies.

I could see that they were all focused on Mark's body as they jacked off. When I stepped into the corridor, there was a general murmur of approval and the hands sped up. With a nod, Mark indicated that I should go ahead toward the rear of the arcade, and I started with Mark falling in behind. My hands were at my sides, my shoulders back and my dick as hard as ever. As we walked down the corridor, I heard more filthy talk than I'd ever heard in one place, all the voices competing. Hands would dart out to grope my ass as I passed or squeeze my dick and balls as I approached or slide their hands over my pecs and nipples. It was so cool to be the focus of all the attention and the source of such horniness. Mark spoke to them all, "Be cool guys. You can feel a little if you're gentle. If anyone gets out of line, no one gets any."

I looked at these guys in the eyes as I walked with my cock and balls swaying with my steps and wondered if any of then had kids my age; if they secretly thought about seeing their sons like this. Some of them openly stared back and others looked away. Mark spoke to a guy whom I later figured out must have been the guy in the right hand booth. "You can stand watch at the door. We'll leave it open so everyone can watch, but no one else gets in. OK?"

"You got it man, as long as I get the front row."

After running that gauntlet, including having my slick ass penetrated by one guy's finger, I arrived at the last booth door on the right, which stood open. Mark nodded again, and I stepped in. The booth was more than twice the size of the other one. After you came in, you turned right and found a large open area with a low platform against the wall to your left about the size of single bed. The TV monitor was in one wall with the familiar coin box. Waiting for me inside was my new black friend.

Standing by the platform stood a fucking major stud. About six feet tall, he was dark, absolutely smooth all over, with muscles cut like you wouldn't believe. His bulk went just to the edge of being unattractive without going over. The dick I had sucked with such delight was now hanging in an impressive six-inch semi over those bull nuts. His chest was incredible, bulkier than mine with slabs of pecs and flat quarter size nipples standing at attention. I saw the glint of a gold hoop hanging from his right nipple. I'd only seen piercings in photos, and my dick throbbed at the thought of playing with that ring. Below the chest was a tight eight pack, leading to his package and thick, defined thighs and calves. He was a body builder who hadn't gone too far.

The door to the booth was still open, and Mark moved up behind me, sliding his rubber covered dick up between my cheeks and reaching around to bother my nipples. He fucked his hard-on in the valley between my cheeks. His chin was on my right shoulder and he looked at Damon as he said, "Well son, was the walk worth it? That's a fucking man and half you have to play with. His name is Damon and he's going to play by my rules. Don't worry, Robbie, this is your show, son."

I moved out of Mark's grasp and walked over to Damon. When I was standing before him, I caressed his pecs with both hands, gently at first and then kneading them. I felt that tit ring under my left palm and, as I brought my fingers to those tense nipples, I teased his left one and grasped the ring through the right one. I looked into his eyes with a look that asked if I could play with the ring. Damon just nodded. I watched as I pulled gently out on the ring stretching out the bud of the nipple with it. His eyes still locked with mine, he inhaled sharply and made a purring sound. I twisted the ring slightly as I pulled, and Damon threw his head back saying, "Oh fuck, kid. That feels fine. You can work it harder; you won't break it."

I felt something nudge my right thigh and looked down to see that big dick swinging up to full erection. I moved my right hand from his left nipple to heft and stroke his growing dick while continuing to pull and twist on the nipple ring with my left. "You know you want to suck that tit into your hot little mouth. Your Daddy told me you have a thing for nipples. Must be because yours are so fine. Jack my big dick and suck my tits, kid," Damon said.

I continued to stroke his now bone hard, uncut monster and leaned forward until my lips touched his right pec. Under my lips, his chest seemed as hard as his cock; the muscle gave very little under the pressure of my mouth. I flattened my tongue and licked a broad stroke over the pierced tit, and Damon brought a hand behind my head, pressing my face tightly to the unyielding muscle. He hissed, "Use your teeth, boy. I'll tell you if you get too rough."

Through the open door I could hear a chorus of lewd cheerleading, urging me to jack the big, black cock and work on the chocolate tits. I closed my teeth gently on the disc of the nipple, forcing the tit into my mouth where I flicked it back and forth with my tongue. I put the tip of my tongue through the hoop and tugged on it. Damon obviously liked my work as he pressed his pec hard up against my mouth and pulled my head into it, like he was trying to fuck my mouth with his nipple.

"Oh shit, kid. Be careful, I don't' want to whitewash your belly."

I backed off his tit, leaving it dripping with my spit and started to drop to my knees, wanting more of his juicy dick in my mouth. But, Mark's voice from behind interrupted, "Not yet, son. Damon lie down on that platform on your back with your feet toward me."

Damon moved the short distance to the platform and did as Mark said. I looked back at Mark, who told me to climb up in a 69 position with Damon, which I did. The plywood wasn't too comfortable on my knees, but the discomfort faded into the background as I found myself over Damon's shaved boner and balls. His legs were spread so that his sac actually hung down on to the platform. My legs straddled Damon's head and were spread so that my asshole was exposed. Damon's hard rod was on his belly pulsing in a steady rhythm and reaching up to his innie navel. Due to the difference in our heights, my face was right over the shaft. Mark had walked up behind me and told me to finish what I had started in the other booth.

I pried Damon's boner off his hard abs and, pulling the skin of the head, looked into the piss slit. The cock tapered a little from the base to the tip, which probably explained why I had earlier succeeded in getting as much down my throat as I did. I wrapped my left arm around the outside of Damon's upraised left thigh, resting my forearm on the platform so that I could handle his balls with my hand and rested my other forearm on his abs. I began licking the shaft from head to base, taking his pink glans into my mouth on every pass. Every time I had him in my mouth he would fuck his pelvis upward trying to find my throat, a movement which tensed his abs under my forearm. After wetting his weapon down thoroughly, I fastened my lips over that sensitive area on the underside just below the head and sucked while flicking with my tongue.

Damon moaned and said, "Come on, cocksucker. Stop teasing and suck that fucker!! Show me and your Dad what you can do."

"All right, big man," I replied, "I want your cum in my thirteen year old belly, and how about sucking my dick or aren't you man enough?"

Damon laughed, pried my dripping cock off my belly, and after running his tongue under my skin around the head, used his lips to peel back the skin and went all the way down. Quickly he was back to the having only the head trapped in his mouth and then proceeded to aggressively deep throat me while pulling my ass cheeks apart and urging me to fuck his face. This guy was a serious cock hound as well as a major stud. I complied, beginning to fuck into his mouth like I was boning one of my cousins in the pussy or ass. I was cautious at first, but Damon's hands on my ass became more insistent, so I just let go and began to pound him. Then I felt another pair of hands on my ass and Mark's voice saying, "That's my boy. Fuck his head and suck that big dick. You two are going to feed each other big time. Meantime, Robbie, I'm going to mount up again, so get ready for Daddy's cock in that hot ass. I love a moving target."

I felt Mark's fingers quickly relube my hole with KY and my ass seemed to suck his fingers in with no discomfort. He twisted them around in time with my thrusts into Damon's mouth. Damon and I were both moaning around the stiff rods in our mouths, and I was overwhelmed with sensations in my cock, ass, and mouth all at once. I felt completely open at both ends and wanted every hole worked hard. I imagined the scene the crowd at the open door was seeing, a built black stud on his back sucking the big, hard dick of a smaller, muscular kid over him fucking his face while his Daddy readied his son's ass for a ride. I felt so fucking fine, and I knew all those men would always remember this scene and use it for innumerable JO sessions or for those times when they were having trouble coming when fucking their wives. I bet even those wives would have dripping pussies if they had been able to watch. In a way I wished they all could be fucking or sucking me.

Mark's hands on my ass slowed my thrusts, and I knew he wanted me to slow down while he speared me. I stopped with my cock in to the hilt in Damon's mouth, and felt Mark's dick head pop through my ass ring and slide all the way home. Finally, every hole filled! Mark began to fuck me with a purpose. I knew that Damon could look up and see my "Dad" fucking his "son's" thirteen year old ass, and I was sure that the increased rate of his thrusting into my mouth was a result. It took us a while to get the rhythm right, but after a minute we had it down. After a long afternoon of action, we weren't going to last long.

I was rocking my ass back onto Mark's boner, which seemed to have grown another inch, every time I with drew from Damon's mouth. I was timing my sucks on Damon's leaking dick so that I was down two-thirds of the way on my downstoke into his maw. Mark was angling his thrusts so that he brushed my prostate every time. I hoped this would never end. Mark called out to the guy who he had told to watch the door and said, "You can let them in to watch a little closer, but anyone who comes in has to be jacking his cock off."

"OK, man," came the reply. "Thanks and don't worry, they're all beating off out here. OK, guys, you heard the man. You can come in to watch, but no touching except for your hand on your cock."

I heard our voyeurs pass into the booth and, turning my eyes to the side, saw about six guys by the side of the platform, most with their pants around their thighs so they could jack off while watching. A couple of the guys were completely naked from the waist down while they stared at us and masturbated. As Mark continued to pound my ass, he looked at them and said, "I don't want anyone to waste his cum. My son loves to get covered, so when you're ready, step up and paint him good. By the time we're done, I want him iced like a cake."

I heard several moans after Mark's direction, and the guy who had been watching us the longest stepped right up. "Oh fuck. I can't hold off. Here it comes, Robbie. I can't believe I'm gunna spooge all over a kid while his Dad watches. Oh, shit! Uh, uh, uh. uh . . . ," he cried out as I felt his sperm splat against my back and side, dripping down onto Damon. Mark reached out and rubbed the cum into my back.

"How's that, son? You like that warm cum on you? You like playing in front of these men until they just have to squirt all over you, knowing how much they like seeing a boy get rooted by his Daddy in a public place?" Mark asked.

I came off Damon's cock and replied, "Shit, yeah, Daddy. Thanks for letting me play here for all these men. It's so nice to share our fucking and sucking with them." Then I went back to my meal.

You know how it is in a circle jerk? One guy's orgasm triggers everyone else. The next two or three minutes were like a cascade of cum. And, I was next. Even though the next actions took place pretty much all at once, I have to describe them separately. You can edit the movie in your own dirty minds! The combination of Mark's fucking over my little nut and Damon's incredibly pliable throat became too much. Guys who've never come with something up their asses can't begin to imagine what they're missing. That's why I'll never be able to play only with girls (not that Cousin Bonnie was averse to sticking a finger up my ass while I was fucking her). Sometimes you need something bigger than a finger!

My cum just erupted from my dick so that Damon, who obviously knew what he was doing, had trouble keeping up with my spend. He used a fist to hold the bottom half of my dick out of his mouth, swallowing everything he could while he let me fuck the top half in and out. I was just about screaming around his dick and his thrusts into my mouth picked up speed. I felt his cock harden even more and then lurch in my fist. His cock pulsed more than any of my young friends' had as he came, and the taste in my mouth changed just before the first jet slapped against the roof of my mouth. As my cum waned, Damon's reached its peak, and wave after wave of thick salty-sweet jizz filled my mouth. What I couldn't greedily swallow oozed out around his boner to run down his shaft and coat his balls.

After my cock stopped spitting, Damon pulled my dick out of his mouth and cried out, "God damn, boy. I don't know who taught you to suck cock, but he should get a fucking award. Keep sucking, take it all. Swallow my spooge while your Daddy fucks you. He looks like he's getting ready to hose you."

Damon was on the down side of his explosion, his cock still pulsing and squirting smaller volumes, when I was aware the Mark was speeding up and going for it. "OK, Robbie. If I wasn't wearing a rubber, I'd blow your cocksucking head off! Come on, son. You love Daddy rooting you; tell me you want it, son."

"Please, Daddy, use my ass; I want it to be good for you. Fuck me, Dad. My ass is gunna milk your cum into that rubber. Show all these guys how you do your kid."

"Ohhhh, you little fuck pup. Here it is. Come on you guys, I'm cummin' in my boy's ass. You guys cum all over him!!"

Almost all our watchers crowded in and, helping each other with stroking, finger fucking, and vocal encouragement, began to unload over me. Two of them had peeled off to one side and one was dumping his load into his partner's mouth. I closed my eyes and listened to the chorus of voices reminding me that I was a teenaged cocksucker who loved being fucked by my Dad as jet after jet of warm, slimy cum rained down on me. I turned my head to the side and opened my mouth just in time to catch the spurts from one of the longer cocks in the crowd. Mark groaned and said, "That's my boy. Eat that guy's cum. Maybe next time you'll suck him and few of these other guys."

Mark pulled his spent, but still hard dick out of my ass, pulled off the rubber, and forced his dick down into Damon's mouth, where it was thoroughly cleaned. The guys who had just decorated me left quickly, as though they suddenly felt guilt at watching me get worked over by my father and a big, black stranger. If they only knew! Mark withdrew is softening dick from Damon's mouth and bolted the door to the booth. The TV screen was dark and there wasn't much light after the door closed. I heard a quarter drop in the box and the TV cast a little light into the booth. I gingerly climbed off Damon, but not before he took my now soft cock and hanging balls at once into his mouth for a farewell tongue bath. My dick didn't raise its head even a bit, but the mouth work felt wonderful. Damon still had some of his cum that had escaped my mouth on the base of his cock and some other cum from the crowd drying on his neck and upper chest. After I clambered off, Damon sat up and pivoted so that he could stand by the platform. Mark leaned over and hoovered Damon's big soft dick into his mouth and returned the clean-up favor.

Straightening up, Mark looked at me and said, "Robbie, you're back is fucking covered. That looks so hot. Did you enjoy yourself?"

I could feel the layer of drying cum from my neck to my ass and answered, "Dad, this was the hottest sex I've ever had. I'm so happy you were willing to keep an eye on me and let me know what to do. I really loved getting it from both ends and having my first black cock! Too bad I can't go home with my cum bath still on me."

"Yeah. Your Mom wouldn't like that very much. We need to get you cleaned up and get out of here."

Damon was pulling a pair of pants over his lower body without bothering with underwear. He threw his boxers to Mark and said, "Clean your boy up with these. That was the hottest scene I've ever been in. I can't believe your boy sucks so well. You've done a great job with him. He really drained me. I'd sure love a repeat performance; maybe your son would like a black cock in his ass."

Mark said, "What do you think, son? You want that hog packing your tight little asshole?"

"I don't know, Daddy. You fill me up just right. I love the idea, but I think Damon's dick would probably kill me!"

"Well son, we'll talk about it later. Damon, I'll be here tomorrow so you can give me your phone number or email."

"Good deal. I hope Robbie is coming with you tomorrow."

"No, he's got a church activity."

I just about choked when I heard Mark say that, but was glad he was covering for me. I really liked the idea of taking Damon on and I knew if we took our time I could get his monster buried in my ass. I'd have to think about that and maybe talk with Will about it. Mark was getting dressed, and I picked up my shorts and shirt. Damon came over to me and, as I stretched my arms up to slide my shirt on, he lightly pinched both my nipples.

"Boy, you keep doin' what your Dad says and you'll turn into a first rate little cock hound. Hell, you're already first rate! Keep sharing that bod. Your Dad will keep an eye on you. I hope you know how much pleasure you gave me and the rest of these guys. You're going to be responsible for fifty gallons of come being jacked out of a bunch of cocks."

"Thanks and I promise I'll keep playing, Damon."

Damon finished dressing and left. Mark cleaned my back side thoroughly with Damon's boxers, and we put ourselves back together. After making sure that I was OK with what we'd done, Mark suggested that we get out of there. We left the booth, turned toward the back door, and Mark led us into the bright afternoon sun. The light was painful as we squinted, walking down the alley behind the arcade to a small lot where Mark's car was parked. Mark looked around and, seeing no one, leaned into me and french kissed me. It was so hot frenching a guy out in the open. After we pulled our faces apart, Mark gave me a card with his email and cell phone number on it.

"You are the hottest fucking kid I've ever seen. I hope we can do something like this again soon. You know there are some parks around the city that see a lot of outdoor action. I bet you'd love to be stripped, sucked, and fucked outdoors in front of a crowd."

My dick, which I thought was pretty much dead, began to chub up at that thought! "Is it safe?" I asked.

"Your 'Dad' will be there to make sure you're OK," Mark replied.

"OK, Mark. I'll call you for sure. Being naked outdoors in front of a bunch of guys sounds really hot. Maybe I could bring a buddy who's into it." I was thinking of Will.

"Shit yeah. As long as he's as cool as you are with the scene. By the way, I can see that you like the idea." Mark was staring at my semi in my running shorts.

"OK, Dad. See you."

I walked back down the alley to the space between the buildings and back out to Cleveland Street for the walk home. I was trying to see if I had any bad feelings about the day. I knew that what I'd done was risky, but I had no regrets considering how it worked out. Will would shit bricks when I told him. We both loved how men and women checked us out, and I knew he'd be cool and jealous when I told him. I also knew he'd be up for playing with Mark in one of the parks. I figured that when I told him, we'd end up naked and doing each other, and I was right. Then there was Bonnie.

Part 2 ends

Next up, I share my experience with Will and Bonnie.