A Boy and His "Dad," part 3

By Bi_janus (bi_janus@comcast.net)

By the way, Janus is the name of the Roman god who looks in both directions at once. Don't violate laws by reading this personal recollection of my youth. No one was harmed in this reminiscence, which is intended for adult use in the comfort of their own minds. I don't advocate the behavior described herein. Youth sometimes takes risks, wisely or unwisely. If you email, please be civil.

The Fallout Shelter

I am an only child, but don't waste any sympathy on me because you think I lacked sibling companionship. My uncle's kids, Will and Bonnie, were like brother and sister except that if we got pissed at each other I could ditch them and go home. Best of both worlds! Actually, we got a long great and really cared for each other in a sibling sort of way among others. In addition to fucking each other silly whenever we had time, we could talk about things that mattered to us. Will is three months younger than I (thirteen at the time of this story) and Bonnie was a year younger, but, like many girls, started puberty earlier than we did. My uncle was a political conservative who would have shit bricks if he knew what his darlings and their cousin were up to during family hour (much less that his nephew had been the star attraction in an adult bookstore orgy). Back in the sixties, my uncle had been involved with anti-Castro dissidents and, after the missile crisis, had built a backyard underground fallout shelter for the extended family. Fortunately, the shelter was never used for its intended purpose and had become a play venue for my generation, where we held sleepovers and long daylight play sessions.

All you could see of the shelter from the back yard was an exhaust pipe and a rectangular locking hatch that led to a vertical ladder in a shaft leading to the shelter. After climbing down about twelve feet, you were in a small anteroom with a thick metal door leading to the living area of the shelter. This door could be locked, sealing the occupants in the shelter. The shelter had its own ventilation and air filtration system and lights powered from the grid and by portable generator. If the power failed, the ventilation system could be run by turning a hand crank. The shelter had beds for six stacked in two tiers on one wall, with the rest of the shelter basically open. We had a large air mattress on the floor and a couple of chairs. My uncle always wondered why we didn't complain about the lack of a television!

If we were locked in the shelter hard at play, we could hear the upper hatch open and have plenty of time to dress and be ready to unlock the inner door, appearing quite innocent to the new arrival (provided the new arrival couldn't detect the smell of fresh cum). For kids our age, this was the perfect space in which to refine our sexual talents.

After church on the Sunday following my performance in the video arcade, Will and I were in the shelter lounging about in running shorts and nothing else. We were sexually aware adolescents who knew we had good bodies and took every chance to display them to each other or anyone else we could safely show. We were always surprised at how many other kids and adults took the opportunity to look us over, sometimes clandestinely and sometimes quite directly. Will was very hot young man, but built differently than I was. Where I was a swimmer, Will loved football and had a more bulked up body than I did. His chest was like mine but with smaller nipples, and he was thicker in the trunk with a slightly larger waist. I was lithe; he was a hunk and had a clear six pack leading to a small bush above a dick that was almost identical to mine soft, but wasn't quite as big hard (close to the same size as Mark's). The other big difference is that Will was cut, like most of the other guys we knew.

I couldn't wait to tell Will about my little adventure yesterday, and my tale was the centerpiece of our conversation. As I described the events, I could tell Will wasn't entirely convinced. He was sitting across from me on the air mattress in the dim light squeezing his hard-on through the thin fabric of his nylon running shorts. After watching Olympic runners as they ran with their packages swinging, these shorts had become our standard recreational garb. About half way through my recitation as I was describing getting sucked and finger fucked, Will said, "Fuck'n' A, Robbie! If you're shitting me, I'll kill you. I've gotta take it out and jack, man."

Will whipped the waistband of his shorts over his boner and under his balls and began slowly stroking it. "Just don't waste it, Will," I said.

"You really played like this guy was your father? You are such a perverted fuck!"

"Yeah. Like that surprises you. You'd do it in a heartbeat if it turned everyone on more, so don't give me any shit. You're just jealous that it wasn't you!"

"Hell, yes, I'm jealous. I'd love to fuck some older guy's mouth in a video booth."

"Well, Mark offered to take me to a park where guys go to play outdoors. I'm sure he wouldn't object if I brought a cousin. If pretending he was fucking a family member turns him on, seeing us get it on should really pop his cork!"

"Wait a minute! You didn't say anything about this guy fucking you. Give!!!"

"Well, you didn't give me a chance to tell you about the second round. And you better let me know if you're gonna blow." Then I related the second part of yesterday's scene. About half way through, I reached out and removed Will's hand from his cock and began to lightly stroke it.

When I got to the part that took place in the big booth, Will began to fuck my hand. His comments during my description of sucking Damon off and getting boned by "Dad" ranged from, "Holy fuck" to "You lucky shit." As I finished with a description of the cum bath, Will moaned, "Fuck, here I cum!"

I quickly rocked forward onto my knees and slid my mouth over his cut head and all the way down to his pubes. He fucked up into my mouth even though I had every inch of him. I could feel his dick throb and vibrate as he began to juice. I came half-way off his cock and fucked my mouth on the top half. He screamed out as his jizz pulsed into my mouth. I could have easily swallowed it all, but I had come to like letting a little of his juice escape and coat his pubes and balls so that I could lick it up after he came. I let my favorite boner (other than my own) pop out of my mouth and, looking into Will's eyes, began to slide my fist up and down the stalk including that big, bare dick head. Every time I slid over the glans, Will's body would jerk and his dick would pulse, releasing a tiny bit more cum.

"So, did the black stud spoil you for vanilla?"

"Did it just seem like he reduced my taste for your vanilla?"

"I guess you have a point! Fuck. I can't believe I tell you about that place and you get in and have a fucking orgy."

"Well, Will, I just have a better imagination than you do."

As his dick relaxed just slightly, he pushed me back until I was supine on the air mattress with him over me. I put my hands over my head and Will looked me over from face to crotch. "The only one I know with better nipples than yours is Bonnie. You two gotta have the same nip gene."

Will leaned over and while awkwardly working my running shorts down, locked his lips onto my right nipple. Practice had taught him exactly how to use his tongue and teeth on my tits. He nursed while I helped him get my shorts off and over my feet. I straightened my legs putting them outside Will's and reached up to pull his face into my pec. With a light bite on my tit, he rocked back to sit on his haunches.

"You've definitely got hotter nipples than Ruth Ann," he said, referring to his current steady girl friend.

"Are you kidding? She's got great boobs, Will."

"Sure, but her nipples are smaller and less sensitive than yours. Anyway, if she knew where I got my practice, she'd thank you and Bon for the treatment I give those beauties."

Will reached down and began to jack me off. "Oh, yeah. Telling Ruth Ann would be a great plan. Ruth Ann, I learned to suck nipples by practicing on my cousin and sister, so next time you see them, be sure to thank them."

We both started giggling. "How come you got such a big dick, Cuz? You still got an inch on me. No wonder my sister likes getting hammered by this bad boy."

"You're plenty big, Will. Mark's cock is basically the same size, and you're thirteen for Christ's sake. Besides I don't want to think you love me only for my nips and dick!"

"OK, fucker. I know I'm all right in the size department. You're the only one our age I know who has a bigger dick, and I can make my sister squeal just fine, thank you."

"Why don't you suck my load into that potty mouth right now, Will?"

"You got it. I'm sure glad we aren't hung up about being bi; I pity those poor shits who don't get cock and pussy."

My cousin leaned over, and, peeling my foreskin off my glans, drooled a long string of saliva over the head. His spit ran down over my head, onto the shaft, and soaked my pubic hair which I kept trimmed close and shaped into a tight triangle. Later, when I developed a bit more hair, I shaved everything, which was always a hit in the showers, but I didn't need to now. Will cupped his free hand under my nuts and began to stroke the area from my scrotum to my asshole with his finger tips. I tilted my pelvis up, causing his fingers to move closer to my hole.

"Your hole hungry for my finger? You like getting fucked more than anyone I know, male or female. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good boning, but you really love it. You want to think about Marks's cock fucking your tight hole while I finger you?"

He was now spreading his spit over my shaft and moving my skin up over my head and then pulling it back off. "No, I want to watch you choking on my big dick while I fuck your throat."

Will nodded and went all the way down on me. Believe me, we weren't always as skillful, but we spent a lot of pleasurable time learning and, although I hadn't been able to get Damon's hog all the way down, I hadn't met any other dicks I couldn't throat. Will was a close second to me, or, if you believed him, I was to him. After coming back off me, Will reminded me, "No reason you can't do both."

Maybe, but I found the thought of my thirteen year-old jock cousin giving me a world class blow job as stimulating as Mark fucking my eager asshole. Will began to work on bringing me off, keeping my skin pulled off the head and using his tongue to tease the upper third of my boner every time he came off my root. I started to fuck into his hot, wet mouth, jamming my cock in as far as it could go into the bottom of his throat. Every time I bottomed out, Will would make little swallowing movements that massaged my glans.

"Oh shit, Will. You really know how to clean my pipes. That guy in the arcade was good, but you are a sucking ace, cuz. Come on; open your throat up like Bonnie's pussy. Look at me while you suck my cock like a good, little fuck puppy."

Will opened his eyes wide to look straight into mine as he deliberately skewered his face on my dick. My pubes and balls were soaked with his spit that had drained down from his lips. As he concentrated on going for a cum snack, I heard the faint sound of the upper hatch opening and closing. "Shit," I thought, "I hope that's not Uncle Don."

"Will, someone's coming down the tube, man." I didn't want to interrupt the excellent head I was getting, but I didn't want a parent to see a son naked with a big uncut dick skewering his face. Will didn't seem to hear me and kept his sucking pace. Finally, I had to pull him off on one upstroke. "Jezzuz, Will. You really get in a zone. Put your shorts on."

We were just trying to get our running shorts over our raging dicks, when a small voice from the other side of the main door asked, "Hey, you guys, can I come in and play?"

I whipped my shorts back off and pulled at Will's until he took them back off. "Hang on a sec, Bon. Go let your little sister in and then let's get the job you started finished!"

Will leaped up and, with his boner pointing to his chin and swaying as he walked, went to the locked metal door and threw the handle so that Bonnie could pull the door outward. After she opened the door, she looked at Will and, taking a swipe at his erection that caused it to swing from side to side, said, "My, my, big brother. We do seem big this afternoon."

Bonnie grabbed Will's hard prong in her small hand and used it as a handle to push him back into the shelter. After they had cleared the door, Bonnie turned and relocked it. She was wearing a thin tank top with no bra and a pair of short shorts that showed no panty lines. Bonnie was a slender, but sturdy young one. She had firm B-cup breasts that didn't sag a bit and were capped by the juiciest nipples (other than mine) I had ever seen. Will was right, our nips came from the same mold, except that Bonnie's were a little larger. When they hardened, they stuck out just like mine, asking to be pulled or sucked. She ran track so her legs were well defined and her ass was as tight as a young boy's butt with just the right amount of feminine curve. Her abs formed a nice six-pack, which she honed with a million or so sit-ups each day. What wasn't obvious was that between her legs was a very lightly haired pussy with a large clit that just loved to be stroked and tongued. She kept her pussy mostly shaved for her bikinis. Bonnie had the most assertive sex drive I'd ever known in girl, probably because she had been playing with Will and me since she first had sexual yearnings.

"Don't let me interrupt. I'll just stroke myself while you guys finish this round. I can't tell if Robbie's dick is wetter from your spit or his own juice, Bro'"

As Bonnie stripped her little shirt over her head, Will knelt in front of me and sucked my cockhead into his mouth while reaching up to tug on my hard nips with the fingers of both hands. I looked over at Bonnie's naked chest. Her nipples had hardened and stuck out like little hard-ons from her firm, curved breasts. Fuck! She had perfect tits for a girl. As Will began to move his lips toward the base of my cock, I once again realized that this was the best sexual situation I could imagine. Pussy and dick. I've never been able to explain to people who aren't bi the absolute attraction of playing with both sexes at once. Fucking around with guys or girls separately is excellent, but the combination is the bisexual motherload! If I had my way, before the afternoon was over, I'd be licking Will's dick while he fucked his sister's hot, tight pussy and maybe sucking his dick while I shafted Bonnie.

Will was getting back into his former rhythm now, almost gagging as he fucked his face on my erection. Bonnie had gotten her little shorts off by now and was in one of the cots on the wall across from Will and me with her legs spread and the fingers of one hand idly circling her clit while those of the other hand not so gently tugged at a nipple. I knew I wouldn't last long and reached for Will's head, placing my hands on either side, holding his head still and taking over the face fucking.

"Holy shit, Will. You are the best cocksucker I've ever seen. You really love it when Robbie uses your mouth like a pussy, don't you? Nothing makes my pussy drip like two stud boys getting each other off unless it's two stud boys getting me off!"

Will just made a gurgling affirmation and opened his throat to my thrusts. "Bon, shut up and take over my nips," I ordered.

"Oh, now that's a direction I'll enjoy obeying. You have the most sensitive nipples of any guy I know; you sure you're not really a girl? I guess not, considering that tree trunk you're hiding in my brother's throat!"

She pushed herself up and out of the berth, moving behind me, and leaning in until I felt her knobs poking my back. She brought her hands around, below the junction of my dick and Will's mouth, and gently toyed with my nuts. I groaned and said, "Quit dicking around. Will can do that while you work my tits."

I should say that Will did a fine job of tit play, but Bonnie seemed to know exactly how to handle my nips. Maybe it's because hers and mine are so much alike. Bon slid her palms up my sides, enjoying my abs, until her hands slid under Will's so that my tits poked into her palms. Then she gently rotated her hands with just the right amount of pressure. The feeling that shot from my nipples to my cock is impossible to describe, but it put me into the final drive to orgasm. When I'm getting ready to blow, sometimes I slow down and thrust more deliberately in order to let the orgasm find me instead of triggering it myself. My change in speed didn't escape Bonnie's notice, nor did the trembling that was beginning in my legs.

Bon put her chin on my right shoulder and whispered, "You gonna feed my brother? Let him drain all that hot jizz from your boner. I'm gonna put you over the edge, Cuz, just by using these as a trigger." As she finished her whisper, she gently licked and bit my right earlobe, while taking the tips of my nipples in her fingers and pulling and twisting the hot points.

"You horny little bitch, make me spill my cum in your hot, cocksucking brother's mouth. You want me to feed him, don't you. You know how much he likes to eat my spunk. That's it, work my fuckin' tits!!"

I started moaning incoherently. I was no longer in charge of my orgasm, Bonnie was. I began to tremble even more as my climax washed over me. I could feel my dick begin to take on the final hardness and vibrate in Will's mouth. He sensed it and hummed around my dick head when it was in his throat. Then I felt one of Will's fingertips gently circle my asshole before breaking through and pushing all the way in to begin a nice, steady finger-fuck. I felt like a marionette, and as my legs quaked, parting so that Will could really ream my ass; Bonnie steadied me from behind. Before I realized it, my quivering boner began to spit cum into Will's mouth as my asshole tried to amputate his finger.

Will moaned and used long, strong mouth strokes to assist every blast of jizz from my spewing rod, as Bonnie whispered, "Oh yeah, Cuz. Feed him, drown him. Look at him go for your cream; shit, I could almost come right now."

Every time my dick jerked, Bonnie would pull my nipples and twist just the right amount. Damn, I love cumming this way; almost disappearing as hands and mouths work me over. I felt this way in the video booth with Mark and the crowd, and I felt that way now as my orgasm took me away.

As Will stripped the last of my cum into his maw, he looked up at me with a smile in his eyes. I felt him swallow the last of my load, and he backed off my bone, letting it slap against by belly. "God damn, Robbie," Will said, "I think that was the biggest load you've fed me yet. I guess you kinda liked my sister doing you nips while I fucked that hot ass of yours with my finger."

"Oh yeah? What gave you that idea?" I joked.

Bon had eased off my tits, just like she had learned over the years, and was now barely flicking them with her fingers. "OK, if one of you bad boys doesn't get me off now, I'm gonna kick some ass."

"Will, you take her pussy and I'll return the favor on these," I said, turning to face Bon and cupping her breasts, using my thumbs to rake her stony nips. On the air mattress, woman!"

Bonnie stepped to the side and dropped to the air mattress on her back with her legs akimbo. I moved to sit behind her head facing her feet and scooted forward until her head rested in the hollow of my crossed legs. She could feel the rubbery remains of my hard-on on the back of her head. Will climbed between her legs on his forearms and knees, his ass sticking up and giving me an idea for later and his hands each under a cheek of his sister's firm, young ass. He dropped his head and took a long swipe with his tongue from her asshole to her clit, stopping at the top to circle that little cocklet, which was already firm and prominent.

As I leaned forward to resume playing with Bon's breasts, I whispered, "Are you sure you're not a guy with a tiny dick? Oh, I guess not considering the hot, wet pussy you're using to hide your bother's tongue."

As Will began to wash his sister's pussy lips with his tongue, allowing his saliva to drip over her asshole, Bonnie began to squirm, and I knew that she wasn't going to take long. Some girls have to work to cum; Bonnie doesn't. I don't know whether her nice, plump clit or her brain is responsible, but usually she can cum pretty quickly, especially if she's turned on. Sometimes she gets heated up while we watch bi porn, and this time she was obviously revved from watching her stud brother get his face porked while she played with her cousin's chest.

I was giving her nips the same treatment she had given mine. We had learned together. Her pelvis was moving in time with the rhythm of Will's tongue action. I could see that Will was teasing her asshole with a finger. The boy does like to fuck ass! Bonnie really doesn't like her pussy fingered while being eaten the way some girls do; she says it distracts her from the clit work. Will aimed to please. He sealed his lips over her clit and began to flick it with his tongue just the way Bonnie liked it.

" All right, you fuckin' pussy hound, suck my clit. I don't want to play around this time. I want to cum!!" Bonnie shouted. "Robbie, use your mouth on my nips, pleeeease."

I moved from under Bon's head and my cock, which was now as hard as it had been when we started the session, slapped up against my abs. I kneeled at her side, leaning over to inhale the nipple closest to me while continuing to bother the other one with my fingers. I had the point of her nipple between my teeth, biting down gently and flicking the tip with my tongue. I could feel her ramping up.

"Jack off with your free hand," she ordered, and I began to stroke my dick as she wanted.

As she approached the end, she stuck a finger of the hand closest to me near Will's mouth and wet it with his overflowing spit. She then moved it under and between my legs. She began to play with my asshole as I jacked and worked her nips. I was now pulling the nipple in my mouth straight up and away from her breast as I continued to flick it with my tongue. Just as she started to come, she buried her finger in my ass, and I nearly shot again. We all moaned aloud, Will feeling her asshole contract as she came, Bonnie as her orgasm overwhelmed her, and I as I felt sympathy with her cumming. I really envy the way a girl's orgasm can last, waxing and waning over a few minutes. Will let Bonnie push her cunt against his mouth in whatever way she pleased, and I let her nipples go. As Bonnie let out a contented growl, Will raised up on his knees and, placing his hands under Bonnie's knees, pulled her until her soaking pussy was under his boner. He pried his piece down and used his dick head to rub her clit and pussy until the head was thoroughly wet. Then he leaned over his sister and in one steady thrust buried himself to the hilt in that furnace.

"Oh fuckin' shit, Bonnie, I love your pussy," Will gasped to his sister.

Bonnie reached down and grasped Will's ass cheeks in her hands and pulled him even farther into the well. She turned her head and opened her mouth, silently asking for my dick, which I promptly slid into her mouth. I've got to say that Bonnie isn't quite in the same league as Will and I when it comes to sucking dick, probably because we practice more. But, she's still excellent. She handle's her brother a little better than me, but she always wants more practice on mine. I was careful to let her control the depth, as she slid smoothly up and down my stalk. Meanwhile, Will began to long dick his sister, just like he knew she loved.

"Fuck, Will, you look so hot fucking her," I said and reached over to toy with one of his small, hard nips.

"No hotter than you do with her blowing you," Will replied and thrust his pec out against my fingers.

Bonnie took my cock out of her mouth and pulled me down for a long spit swapping kiss before whispering that I should fuck Will as he fucked her. I kissed her again, and said, "I love your horny, little mind. I'm so glad Will and I playing together gets you off."

I stood and straddled Bonnie facing Will, bending my knees a little and bringing my cock toward his mouth. I knew Bonnie would get off on seeing my ass as Will got me good and wet. I cupped Will's head with one hand and, looking him in the eye, said, "Get me nice and wet; your sister wants to see me fuck your hot ass while you're doing her."

Will dove onto my cock and gave me nice, loose, slobbering head to get me lubed. After a few moments, I unplugged with a pop and moved behind Will, kneeling to get lined up. Now, I know that everyone writes about double fucking, but I have to say that it isn't all that easy, especially if the people involved haven't practiced. Well, fortunately we had. Will buried himself to the root in his sister, who reached back to help spread his cheeks and, with a spit moistened finger, fucked into his asshole a few times to warm it up. Before Will's saliva on my cock evaporated, I leaned in, stripped back my skin, and planted the head at his gate.

"Fuck back a little, Will. Take me, buddy."

Will eased back as I held firm, and my head popped through. Will grunted and I knew it hurt for just a moment. After he got used to my invasion, he began to fuck back and forth about an inch at time, burying more of my fucker in his hole and dicking his sister, who was urging him on.

"Come on bro'. Take Robbie's big pole in your hot little hole. I can tell you like it because your cock is harder than ever in my pussy. Can you feel how wet it makes me that you're the middle of our little sandwich. You are such a stud to be able to fuck and be fucked. Those macho, hetero fuckers can't compete with you, big boy. Shit, it feels like you've grown a inch since he started fucking you."

At first, I let Will control the tempo, but after he got really comfortable taking me, I began to fuck into him as he withdrew from his sister's pussy. I knew he was getting close, despite having cum earlier, and so was I. I was going to work on his tits a little, but I didn't want to send him over the edge. So, I leaned in and said, "Let's switch places."

"I'll take a shot at your tight ass anytime, Cousin."

Will gently withdrew from his sister, who apparently approved the switch wholeheartedly. I unsaddled from Will and we switched places. I couldn't put the cock just removed from Will's ass into Bonnie's pussy, but fortunately (as you will see later) Bonnie loves it in the ass. I think she has a clit up there! My cock was already slick from will's ass juices, so I leaned in, tilted Bonnie's pelvis up and pressed into her ass. Surprisingly, Bonnie needs little preparation to take it in the ass. Like Will observed, I love to get ass-fucked, and so does his sister.

"Come on, Robbie. Fuck my ass, don't play around!"

I slid home as Bonnie sighed and I flexed my boner inside her ass awaiting Will's action. He was in no mood to wait, kneeling in and sliding his whole pussy-wet cock into my ass in one thrust. Will and I were both bottomed out now, he in me, and I in Bonnie. It took very little time to get the machine going again. Bonnie reached down to play with her clit while I banged her and Will reached around to stroke my pecs and nips. Will loved my slender waist and big chest, and he rubbed his hands all over my torso as he pounded me. Finally, he took my hips to control the action a bit better and began his final ride.

"Come on, Cuz, fuck her ass hard. You like that big bone in my little sister. Look at her jerk off while you nail that hot ass. She loves it in the ass as much as you do. Make her feel it!"

"Oh fuck, Bon. Get ready for a cum enema, babe!" I yelled as I sprayed her rectum with my spooge, which leaked out around my cock and produced a squishing sound as I finished cumming.

Bon felt my cock lurch in her ass and that sent her over the edge resulting in contractions of her asshole that milked the last of my cum out of my rod.

My anal contractions pushed Will over the edge. He croaked, "Jeezuz, Robbie, how do you workout your asshole? That must be your strongest muscle. Take my jock cum, you fuckin' little jizz hound. Milk my bone."

Finally, Robbie collapsed on my back and I fell forward onto my elbows to try to keep from crushing Bonnie. Bonnie's asshole was still spasming around my deflating cock. Will unplugged gently from my hole and I did the same from Bonnie's. We were lying side by side on the air mattress. Well, I didn't get to suck the union of my cousins' genitals or to suck Will while I fucked Bonnie, but I really couldn't complain!

Bonnie finally said, "How the fuck am I going to find a guy to marry that likes to play with his brother-in-law and my cousin? I guess you guys are going to have to find one for me!"

"No problem, Sis," Will laughed, and we rested for a few minutes just listening to each other breathe.

When we regained our wind, we sat up and talked. Will briefed Bonnie on my trip to the arcade, and Bonnie couldn't believe that I had been sucked, fucked, and had sucked cock in a store with older guys. I mentioned again to Will that I thought maybe Mark would like to play with both of us in the park he had described. I told them that we could probably continue the charade of Mark being my father and just say that Will was his nephew. Will thought that was a great idea, as long as we scoped it out and thought it was safe.

Bonnie interrupted, "Hey dickheads, what about me? I'd like to play, too, or at least watch."

"Shit, Bon," I said, "Mark's gay. I don't know if he'd be cool with a girl along. Maybe if I worked it out with him that you could watch from a distance. Or, maybe some of the guys in the park will be like us, bi, and would like to play with a nice young niece's pussy!"

"You two better find a way to get me in on this, or you may get a lot less pussy around here!"

End of part 3