A Boy and His "Dad," part 4

By Bi_janus (bi_janus@comcast.net)

By the way, Janus is the name of the Roman god who looks in both directions at once. Don't violate laws by reading this personal recollection of my youth. No one was harmed in this reminiscence, which is intended for adult use in the comfort of their own minds. I don't advocate the behavior described herein. Youth sometimes takes risks, wisely or unwisely. If you email, please be civil.

A Stroll in the Park

The day after our little sexfest in the shelter, I called the cell phone number Mark had given me. I had a bit of a queasy feeling in my stomach as I contemplated his offer to take me and Will to the park for some fun in the great outdoors. I was worried about whether or not I should mention Bonnie's desire to come along. My bone hard dick at the thought of Mark fucking me in the light of day in front of a crowd overcame any reservations I had. After all, Mark had taken good care of me in the arcade, and the thought of a bunch of horny guys seeing me get it on with my "Dad" and cousin was too hot to forego.

After four rings, I thought my call was going to Mark's voice mail, but suddenly heard Mark's "Hello."

"Hey Dad, it's Robbie from the video store."

"Shit, little stud. I didn't think you'd really call. You feeling OK with our performance the other day? You really seemed to get off on being the center of all that attention. I've jacked off about a hundred times reliving it."

"Fuck, yeah, Dad! That was the hottest thing I've ever done, and I got my first black cock. Damon was really hung; I hope I get another chance at that bad boy! Playing like it was my Dad fucking me in front of all those guys was the best. I really liked all those hands and mouths working me over. I told my cousin Will about it while we were doing each other, and he's jealous as hell. He's my age and would really like to come along if you still want to take your boy to the park. He'd make a great nephew for his 'Uncle' Mark."

"If your cousin is anything like you, I may not survive a trip to the park! Just kidding. It'd be great if he came along. I know most of the regulars at the park, and they would go apeshit to see the two of you working each other, not to mention seeing your Dad get it on with both of you. You know, I didn't get a chance to have that tree trunk you're carrying between your legs up my ass. How'd you like to fuck your Daddy while he blows his nephew?"

"I'd love to return the favor, Daddy! Will's got a great bod and his cock reminds of yours, cut and just as big. The only thing I want to be sure of is that this place is safe. You've got to take care of us; we don't want to be forced to do anything we don't want to do, and we sure as shit don't want to get caught."

"Don't worry, Robbie. I've played out there for a long time, and we've never had a problem. We stay in an isolated part of the park, so the no one complains. We aren't fucking in the family picnic area. There's also a nice block of restrooms near where we play. It might be cool to have you and your cousin start out there at one of the gloryholes."

"Shit, yeah. Getting sucked through a hole would be so cool."

"OK, son, how about this coming Sunday morning? I'm so fucking boned thinking about doing you again, but no jacking before Sunday. I want enough cum in those big balls of yours for a bunch of loads."

"I think we can be there. There's just one small problem."

"What? You having second thoughts?"

"Fuck, no! Uhm, shit; here goes. Will has a sister, my cousin Bonnie, and we all fuck and suck each other. She'd really like to come along and at least watch."

"Geeze, Robbie! How old is she?"

I was so glad that his first thought was about Bon's age and not that he didn't want a girl there. "She's a year younger than Will and I, but she takes us in her pussy and ass with no problem, and she sucks as well as we do. She's also got a really hot body. I hope it doesn't freak you that I like pussy as much as cock."

"No, son, it doesn't. A lot of the guys at the park are married and bi. Just because I don't dig pussy is no reason to get pissy about anyone else liking it. I've never seen a girl out there. It might be cool to add her to the mix. You sure she's OK with this? It can get pretty raunchy out there."

"Well, I was fucking her hot little asshole while taking Will's schlong in my ass just before she asked to come along, so I don't think she's going to get freaked by anything she sees or does. But unless she says otherwise, I think nobody but Will or I should fuck any of her holes."

"Holy fuck, son. You have the best sex life of anyone I know and you're only thirteen! OK, Bonnie can come with us and make it a real family outing. She can watch or play, whatever she wants, and I'll keep the hounds at bay."

"Thanks, Dad. You just guaranteed that Will and I get to keep fucking her!"

Mark gave me the directions and told me where we should meet him at the park. This place was a large County Park in an unincorporated area. We could take the bus to get there. We were to meet Mark in an area of the park I'd never been to, so I guess he was right. We wouldn't be fucking in front of the picnicers. Sunday morning meant that few families would be there anyway. As soon as Mark and I had the details squared away, I called Will to let him know. I told him not to jack off between now and then or to fuck his sister. He wasn't happy about that, but understood. We decided that he could let Bonnie know that she was in so she wouldn't sulk all week.

Bonnie and Mark rode their bikes to my house on Sunday morning. My parents were out of town for the weekend and, since they trusted me, I was on my own. My cousins brought the clothes we had agreed to wear with them so that we could change in the restrooms that Mark had described. I put mine with theirs in a backpack we could ditch in Mark's car after we changed. It was around 7:00 AM when we caught the bus to the park. With all the stops, the ride was about forty-five minutes. We got dumped out across from the main parking area of the park, which was almost deserted on a Sunday morning. Mark was meeting us at the back of the park where there was a smaller parking area next to the less developed area where we were going to play. Will was wearing the backpack as we walked for about a half an hour through the mostly deserted park, finally arriving at the area Mark had described. We could see the block restroom building and the parking area in the distance. This parking area was a lot busier than the main one. I spotted Mark's blue Camry, and we walked the remaining ground to it. Mark, wearing a pair of nylon shorts and a tank top, got out as we approached.

I had clued Will and Bonnie in to the game, so they weren't surprised when I said to Mark, "Hey, Daddy, meet your nephew, Will, and your niece, Bonnie."

"Dressed a little more conservatively than the last time we played, son, arent' we?"

"Well, Daddy, we couldn't wear our play clothes on the bus. We thought we could change in the restrooms and stash the clothes we're wearing now in your car, if that's cool."

"Absolutely, son. I hope you're planning on wearing exactly what you were last time I saw you."

"Will and I are going to wear the same thing and Bonnie's got some hot shit to wear, too. Let's get changed."

As we walked back to the restrooms, I mentioned that the parking area looked pretty busy. Mark said that this was a busy time in the woods, but that he didn't think anyone was in the restrooms now. Will said, "Too bad."

"Whoa, nephew," Mark replied, "You'll get your share this morning, don't worry."

When we got to the restrooms, Bonnie said, "Hey, I'm not changing alone in the Women's. I'm with you guys."

"Shit, Robbie. You were right about her fitting right in! I'll go in first and be sure it's OK," Mark said.

Mark opened the door to the Men's, which creaked loudly, and looked in. He stuck his head back out and waived us in, holding the door open. After the door swung shut, we looked around and saw the setup—three stalls, the middle one with no door, and a trough beside the stalls instead of individual urinals. On the opposite wall were the sinks. In the middle stall, we could see four-inch holes drilled through the metal dividers and sanded so that they had no rough edges.

Bonnie laughed and said, "You guys are so primitive! I can guess what the holes are for."

I said, "You're just jealous that you don't have anything to stick through, Cuz."

"Oh, I think if my nips get hard, they'd stick through just fine."

Mark interrupted, "Come on, kiddies, let's get the show on the road. I want to get some cock and ass out in the woods. Sorry, Bonnie, I'm just not into pussy, but from what I hear, these guys will take good care of you, and you never know who you might meet out there."

Will shouted, "Let's get going!" His shout echoed from the walls as he laid down the back pack.

Bonnie was already peeling her T-shirt off revealing her breasts and then shoved her shorts over her legs showing her hard, round, young ass and shaved slit. She stood naked except for her shoes and challenged, "Let's see if I was right."

She tweaked and pulled at her nipples until they were hard and rubbery, then walked into the middle stall and kneeled down until her breast was at the level of the hole. Leaning forward she stuck her erect nip and most of her right breast through the hole in the left wall.

"Shit, son, her fucking nipples are twins of yours. She was right; that tit looks like a mini-hard-on through the hole. One of you better suck it a little."

Will quickly ducked into the left hand stall and, leaving the door ajar, bent over and gently suctioned his sister's nipple into his mouth, flicking the end with his tongue just the way Bonnie and I liked. Bonnie started to hum quietly as the sensation washed from her nipple to her clit, and then began to lightly stroke the nub at the top of her slit.

"I don't care if she is a girl," Mark said, "that is one hot sight. He looks like he's sucking cock through the hole!"

"Bon, we need to get going to the real action if you can unplug your brother's mouth and finished getting dressed," I pleaded.

Bonnie stood up in the middle stall, pulling her nip from Will's mouth with a pop. She came out, went to the backpack and rummaged around, finally pulling out two small items. She pulled on a cropped T-shirt that was short enough to reveal the undersides of both breasts and was pushed out from her chest by her fat, hard nipples. Will and I just stared as she then pulled up a very short mini-skirt to barely cover her pussy and leaving the cut abs in her belly visible. "I'm ready," she said.

Will and I both had huge boners from watching her. We hurried to get rid of our T-shirts and shorts. Naked with our cocks stretching up in front, we went to the backpack and pulled out our short nylon running shorts. Mark was gently rubbing the hard-on in his shorts that we had caused. It was obvious to us that he was commando under them. We skinned the flimsy shorts up over our hips and tucked our boners in so that they rode up across our right hips, pulling the elastic waists away from our tight bellies.

"We're ready, Dad," I said.

"Yeah, Uncle Mark, let's play," Bonnie added while Will nodded.

As we were about to leave, we heard a series of crunches on the gravel walkway up to the restrooms. Mark told us to get into the stalls so he could check out who was coming. Bonnie and I grabbed the backpack and ducked into the stall closest to the urinal trough while Mark sidled up to the trough and started to pull his shorts down like he was pissing. Instead of getting into one of the stalls, my little shit cousin Will took a place at the trough beside Mark and pulled his running shorts down under his nuts so that Mark and he looked like two guys having a piss. Bonnie and I discovered a couple of small peep holes in the outer stall wall without the gloryhole that allowed us to see Mark and Will at the trough. We could see that Mark was looking nonplussed at Will's presence next to him. The men's room door creaked open and a guy older than Mark walked in. He was shorter than Mark but taller than Will, and was wearing a cotton shirt over a pair of walking shorts. His legs and arms indicated that he was hairier than Will's dad or mine. He looked maybe forty or so; he was still well built, and he had a very nice bulge under the shorts. He walked over to the trough, stood so that Will was between him and Mark, and unzipped his shorts, pulling his dick out. He had a fat, cut dick that was about three and a half inches long projecting from his fly opening. At first, he looked straight ahead like he was trying to pee, but nothing came out. Meanwhile, Will's dick had begun to harden and was almost up to its full length. The new guy glanced at Will, quickly looking from his face to his chest and then resting his eyes on his man-sized penis.

Aware of the guy's interest, Will looked at Mark and said, "Uncle Mark, I need to pee but my cock's hard and I can't. What should I do?"

Mark's eyes widened as he smiled, and he replied, "Will, what do you usually do to get it soft?"

Bonnie and I could see the new guy now staring quite openly at the boy and man beside him as he began to lightly stroke his hardening cock. Will just looked innocently at Mark and said, "Jeeze, Uncle Mark, you know. . . I . . . you know . . ." Then Will made the universal hand gesture for jacking off.

"Well, boy, if we're going to get out to the park, you'd better take care of it so you can piss," Mark said.

"But, Uncle Mark," Will whined, "I can't do it in front of this guy."

Mark looked across Will to the new guy and said, "Will, this guy understands how it is. He was your age once." Then to the new guy he asked, "You don't mind if the boy beats off so he can pee, do you?"

The guy looked stunned and finally said, "Uh, no. That's cool if he doesn't mind me watching. Are you really his uncle? How old is he?"

"Yeah, he's my nephew; he's thirteen."

Will was now slowly and deliberately stroking his fully erect bone. The new guy said, "Holy fuck! Is he really thirteen? He's got a huge cock for a kid. It's bigger than mine."

"He's thirteen, and I can see that he's longer than you, but not as thick. He's just about the same size as I am. I guess it runs in the family. Will, you don't mind if this nice gentleman watches you while you get that bad boy down so you can pee, do you?"

"No, Uncle Mark, if you say it's OK, he can watch."

Bonnie and I were both dripping by this time. She took my boner out the leg of my shorts and began to jack me lightly, and I reached into her shorts to stroke her very hard clit. We could see that Will was now moving his fist a little faster on his cock, arching his back and fucking it through his hand toward the urinal trough as Mark and the other guy watched. His breathing was harder and his chest was flushed in the way that told us he was super turned on. His cock lube began to drip from his knob. Both Mark and the other guy had lowered their shorts so that they could join Will in beating their dicks.

"Uncle Mark," Will said with a very husky voice, "could you help me like you usually do?"

Mark smiled at Will and said, "Sure, boy. Tell me what you want."

"Finger my ass a little. Please, Uncle Mark!"

The new guy groaned and said, "Fuck, this is hot. An Uncle helping his nephew. You help him a lot?"

As Mark put his palm on Will's shoulder and moved it down Will's back until it reached the waistband of the running shorts, he replied, "Every boy needs a teacher; why not a loving uncle."

As he finished that sentence he pushed his fingers under the waistband and moved Will's shorts off his ass until they were around his thighs. He then removed the hand, brought it to his mouth and sucked his fingers into his mouth until they were well coated with spit. Mark then replaced the hand on Will's ass and began to move a finger tip over the tight ring of his asshole. Will moaned and leaned forward a little, spreading his cheeks and pushing back against the finger. The new guy leaned back to look at the action at Will's backdoor.

"Oh, man. He really wants that finger up his ass. You guys must have had a lot of fun together."

"This little stud and I have been playing since I first caught him and my son playing around with each other. They both needed a little guidance, and it's worked out great," Mark said.

Mark was now gently feeding the first section of his finger into Will's asshole while conversing with the new guy. The new guy was really stroking now. His cock was shorter than Mark's or Will's by maybe an inch, but was really thick. His shaved scrotum was bouncing with every stroke. "He was fucking around with your son? You sayin' that you play with both of them?" the new guy asked with a note of disbelief.

Will chimed in, "Uncle Mark helped me and my cousin learn how to take care of each other. Bobbie's real cool; his dick's bigger than either of ours!"

"That is so cool!" new guy said, "I wish I'd been able to play with my son when he was that age. Man, he really loves that finger in his ass, doesn't he?"

"Oh, yeah, and more than a finger most of the time. He likes his tits worked, too. Why don't you suck on them and play with his balls? I'll loan you my nephew so you can have the experience. Just pretend he's your boy"

"Please, Mister, play with my balls and nips. That'll really get me off," Will pleaded.

The guy reached over and took Will's smooth sac in his hand, jiggling Will's nuts gently while reaching out to touch Will's nipples. "Move him around where I can really get to them," he said to Mark. Mark turned Will away from the trough so that he was facing the new guy with Mark still behind Will, finger-fucking him. While cradling Will's balls with one hand, the new guy reached up to pinch and pull on Will's left nipple. Will just moaned and began to jack more furiously, impaling himself on Mark's finger and encouraging the new guy to work his tit. I had to take Bonnie's hand off my cock to avoid cumming all over her. She leaned in and sucked my left nipple into her mouth and began working it the way we both loved—a little teeth, a little tongue, and a little lip. I peeled her off my chest so she could see the scene at the trough, where the new guy had moved to Will's side, leaning forward to take Will's tit into his mouth. He also had pried Will's hand off his cock and had begun to jack it off.

He backed off Will's pec and said, "You're built like a real little stud, kid. Nice pecs and abs, and jeezuz, this cock is unbeleivable on a kid your age," The guy said while squeezing Will's boner hard and shaking it up and downthen and then he refastened his mouth on Will's chest.

"Oh, shit!" Will mewled, "That's it!! Suck my nip while you jack my cock. Make me squirt man."

Mark added, "Yeah, man. Jack that big thirteen year-old cock while I fuck his ass with my finger. You think your son would have enjoyed this? I've got it buried in him. Once I start on his prostate, he won't last long."

While continuing to work Will's boner, the new guy bit down gently on Will's nipple and mumbled into his chest, "Fuck my fist, son. Cum for Daddy with your Uncle's finger up your ass, you hot little shit!" The guy's spit ran down Will's pec and dripped onto his abs.

"Oh, please, Uncle Mark, work my ass. Chew on my tit and let me fuck your fist, Daddy," Will said, getting into the role.

The new guy held his fist still and allowed Will to fuck it while he abused the hard little nipple. Everytime Will withdrew his dripping boner from the guy's fist, he rammed his ass onto Mark's finger. "Here it comes, you guys! I'm gunna spray! Oh, fuckin' shit. Uh, uh, uh uh!!!"

The new guy lifted off Will's pec and yelled, "I can feel his cock throbbing. Go on, boy, let me jack that hot cum out of your big fuckin' rod!"

Will's boner began to squirt thick streams of white, hot jizz, the first flying out to splat on the concrete floor just in front of the stall wall that concealed Bon and me. The new guy immediately dove down on Will's rod, taking about half of it in his mouth and sucking the rest of Will's cum into his mouth. Will fucked his dick up into the guy's face trying to bury it, but the guy held the prong at its base preventing Will from choking him.

Mark was really finger banging Will's ass as he emptied into our new playmate's mouth. "That's it, boy, feed Daddy your cum. Look at him suck that thirteen year-old jizz; he looks so hot with your boner in his face. You like my finger back here pushing all that hot, young jizz into his mouth?"

Will's orgasm began to wane, and he sat back on Mark's finger, letting the new guy pull the last remnants of semen from his vibrating stalk. "Oh, Uncle Mark. That felt so good. Thanks for helping me get it softer, but I really don't think I need to piss now."

"Why you little faker. You never needed to pee; you just wanted to cum, didn't you?"

"Guilty, Uncle Mark. Besides, I thought this guy was hot!"

The new guy licked Will's cockhead for the last time and stood up. His face was flushed and he was gasping for air. His dick tented out the front of his shorts, and he groped himself while looking at Will still spitted on Mark's finger. "I can't beleive I got to jack off and suck a stud thirteen year-old while his Uncle finger-banged him. This is the hottest scene I've ever had out here."

I had been whispering a suggestion to Bonnie as the other three ended their performance. At first, she shook her head, no, but I nodded emphatically, yes. With my encouragement, she smiled, turned, and opened the stall door. She walked into the main room, causing the new guy to inhale sharply with his mouth agape and try to cover his hard-on, and said, "Uncle Mark, are you guys through yet. I want to go play in the park."

End of part 4