A Boy and His "Dad," part 5

By Bi_janus (bi_janus@comcast.net)

By the way, Janus is the name of the Roman god who looks in both directions at once. Don't violate laws by reading this personal recollection of my youth. No one was harmed in this reminiscence, which is intended for adult use in the comfort of their own minds. I don't advocate the behavior described herein. Youth sometimes takes risks, wisely or unwisely. If you email, please be civil.

The Great Outdoors

The guy who had sucked Bonnie's brother off while "Dad" finger-fucked him rapidly jammed his still hard dick back in his pants and, shaking his head, zipped up and left. As he scurried through the door, Bonnie called out after him, "Hey, man, don't leave on my account!"

Mark, Bonnie, and Will were all giggling about the guy's hasty exit when I left the booth, my hard-on still tenting my thin running shorts. Will pulled his shorts back on to cover his half-hard cock.

"You little fuckers nearly gave that poor guy a heart attack," Mark said, looking over all three of us kids. "What do you say we take a walk and see who else we can find to play with? I think I'd like to be the middle of a cousin sandwich!"

Bonnie retrieved our backpack and asked Mark if we could store it in his car. He agreed, and we walked to his car to stash our regular clothes in his trunk. From his car we walked out along a path from the side of the parking area into a quiet, treed area of the park. We noticed that a few more cars were in the lot now, but the lot wasn't really crowded.

As we walked along the path, going deeper into the wooded area, Mark said, "You guys remember to stick with me. I want to be able to control the action. Any of these guys we play with will be so happy to get into a scene with you guys that they won't screw it up by pissing any of us off. Bonnie, you're just going to play with Will and Bobbie, right?"

Bonnie replied, "Well, after watching my brother in the restroom, I wouldn't mind other fingers and mouths, but I only take their cocks."

As we walked along, we saw that little side paths led away from the main path. Mark told us that these led to secluded areas where it was safe to play. He also said that when we got a little further along, we'd probably see guys waiting at some of the side paths, inviting people to play. He suggested that Will and I walk a few steps ahead with our arms around each other's waists and our hands down the back of each other's shorts. Bonnie and he would follow.

We arranged ourselves in the order Mark had suggested and walked casually down the path. Will's and my cocks were now at half-mast, pulling the waistbands of our shorts low and, along with or balls, swaying under the nylon a bit as we walked. We were feeling each other's asses as we walked, shirtless into the park.

As we rounded a bend in the path, just as Mark had predicted, a guy a little older than Mark was standing at the entrance to a side path. He wasn't a greek god by any means, having a sort of average body. He was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, but the most notable part of his dress was the boner sticking out of his fly. The cock was also average, maybe five and a half inches, curving upward in an arc to a fat mushroom at the end. When he saw us coming, he must have thought we were a lost family, because he turned his back to us and began to try to get his cock back in his shorts.

Mark quickly said, "Don't cover up on our account. The kids were enjoying the view!"

The guy looked over his shoulder and, with a note of caution, said, "You guys know what goes on out here? This isn't a family picnic area."

Bonnie chirped up, "Geeze, why do you thing Uncle Mark brought us out here? We're ready to play!"

The guy turned slowly, his rod still protruding, and answered, "Did you say this guy is your uncle, and what do you have in mind for play?"

I said, "He's not my uncle, he's my dad. He's my cousins' uncle, though. We're tired of just playing with each other, so we talked Dad into bringing us along to play out here. He says that you can have some hot scenes out here."

"This is your son?" the guy asked with a look of utter astonishment.

"Yeah, since I caught the boys doing each other a while ago, I've been trying to be helpful in expanding their horizons. I didn't know they were also both fucking my nephew's sister. I guess they're really equal opportunity sex maniacs!"

"Holy shit, you are the luckiest fuck in the world. What do they do?"

"Why don't you boys give the man a short demo, son?"

Will and I smiled at each other. I replied, "OK, Dad, but we don't want to cum yet. This guy can jack-off while he watches, if he wants."

I shucked my shorts off and Will followed suit. We threw our shorts to Mark as our cocks hardened to maximum. Will kneeled on the path in front of me and pulled me to him by my ass. I closed my eyes as he licked a broad stroke from the base of my rod up to the tip. He pulled my skin back and took my head in, wiping his tongue around it, then licking the sensitive spot just below the head on the underside. Then, tightening his lips, he slowly went down to the root until his lips were against my trimmed pubes. He held himself there, breathing through his nose.

"Holy shit," our voyeur said, "either you've done a hell of a job teaching them or they're extremely talented!"

Mark laughed and said, "Both, no doubt!"

I put my hands on Will's head and guided him off my boner until only the head remained in his hot mouth; then I fucked up into his mouth while forcing his head back to the root. He got the idea and began to throat me as I fucked his face. He twisted his head on the upstroke and twisted back on the downstroke in a deliberate, slow cadence. I moved my hands from his head and slid them over the ripples of my abs until my palms were over my already pointed tits. I began to lightly pinch and pull on my nips as I slowly fucked Will's face. I didn't want to cum, but doing this out here, naked while a stranger my father's age watched was taking me quickly to the edge. Fortunately, our watcher cooperated.

Rapidly beating his meat, he almost shouted, "Fuck his face, boy! Christ, you're built. Play with those titties while you fuck his face. Shit, this is too hot."

Before I went over the edge, the guy arched his back and began to spit big wads from his cock. They ran down his shaft and on to his jacking hand and arm. Bonnie encouraged him, "That's it. Spray that load while you watch my brother suck my cousin!"

I quickly disengaged from Will's mouth before I fed him. His spit dripped from my swaying dick as I released my nipples and tried to slow my breathing. Will rose, his own dick dripping precum, and pulled my head to his so that we could swap spit in a french kiss.

The guy finished his cum and, huffing a bit, said, "Mother fuck! I can't believe I just saw that. I'll jack off to that image forever. You guys wouldn't want to play some more, would you? I'll be ready in a few minutes."

Mark said, "No thanks. Glad we could help you get off, but we're going to keep walking a bit. Maybe we'll see you later, but we need to move on now."

"Cool. I get it. You shouldn't put those shorts back on if you want to draw some real action!"

"Dad, it is cooler with them off. Would that be OK?"

"Sure, son. We're far enough away from the parking area now. You boys can stay like that."

Bonnie chimed in, "Well, fuck! If they get to cool off, so do I!" She pulled her crop-top off and then her shorts. We kids were all now naked except for our shoes. I think that everything that could get erect on us was ... dicks, clit, and nips!

Feeling hot as hell, we said goodbye to our first encounter of the morning and walked on. After we walked another half-mile, we came to a another side path. We stopped and could hear some moaning and conversation from the woods where it led. Mark told us to wait, and he'd check it out. When he returned, he was smiling, and said, "You're gonna love this; come on!"

We followed Mark as he led down the turns of the side path until we came to a fairly flat, wide open area surrounded by thick bushes. All three of us kids just stared, and the occupants of the clearing stared at us in the same rapt way. In the clearing were three naked figures.

The first I saw was a young guy who looked about eighteen or nineteen, college age. He was obviously an athlete because he was fucking built and about four inches taller than I. He was blonde, with short hair and deep blue eyes. He was a walking JO fantasy, classically handsome with a broad smooth chest featuring tight mounds of pecs with quarter-size nipples, both with gold bars piercing the tit. His abs were incredibly cut in an eight pack sloping down to a beautiful uncut cock standing at about six and a half straight inches with the skin collared behind the head. His ass was rounded and divided into two tight balls of muscle leading to sinewey thighs and calves. The thing that really caught me was that he was completely smooth everywhere except his head, not a fucking hair in sight.

The second guy was more ordinary looking and about the same height as his buddy. He had an above average body, but nothing like blondie. He was slender and with a slight feminine cast; nice muscle tone without a lot of bulk. He was dark haired with a longer cut than Mr. God. His chest was relatively flat. His pecs were gently defined with small, nickel sized nips like Will's. His best feature, if you didn't count his hog of a penis, was his ass, which was every bit as nice as his mate's. His legs were dusted with dark hair and his pubes were like mine, closely cut and trimmed but clearly visible. His boner was, however, the cock of the walk at what looked like eight thick, cut inches. Against his slim body, this throat stretcher looked even larger.

The third member of the trio had no cock at all. She was as hairless as Mr. God, a little taller, and very slender. Her boyish body had small cones of breasts that were topped with large, reddish nipples, now extremely turgid. She had almost no hips and featured a tight boyish ass. She looked about the same age as the others. Bonnie had larger breasts and much more muscle definition. Her pussy's lips were clearly visible with a very large clit at the top. I noticed that she and Bonnie were clearly connecting.

Mark broke the silence by asking the three, "Mind if my son, his cousins, and I join you? We don't want to horn in if this is a private party."

Mr. God looked at his companions, who were both smiling broadly, and answered, "Hell, yes! Come on in. We play out here a lot, but we've never seen hot kids like these. Are you really family?"

"I stepped into the clearing with my cock leading the way, and told them, "Yep. this is my Dad, Mark, and my cousins, Will and Bonnie. Will and I are thirteen and Bonnie's almost thirteen."

The dark haired guy said, "You're shitting us. No way you're thirteen. You're way too built and you're cock's bigger than Jared's."

Mark replied, "No shit. Robbie here is my son and thirteen. My niece and nephew are Twelve and thirteen, just like Robbie said. They've been fucking and sucking each other for a while, and wanted some new playmates."

"Fuck'n A. You can sure as shit play with us. I don't care how old you are. I want to lick all three of those bods everywhere I can," Jared almost shouted.

I walked into the clearing, straight over to Jared, the blonde god. My eyes were at the level of his chin, and I leaned down to lick his pecs, feeling the tight muscles under the smooth skin. I washed the left pec, thoroughly wetting its surface, working from his collar bone down to his nipple. When I reached his tit, I bit it lightly, pulling gently on the metal bar and then letting it snap back.

"You hot little fuck. You're into tit play, aren't you, boy?" he said.

"If it gets you hot enough to fuck me with that shaved cock of yours, I'm into anything," I replied.

Meanwhile my guy's slender buddy was kneeling in front of Mark, and I overheard him say, "Can I suck your Daddy-cock while my buddy and your son get it on? You can watch your little boy getting reamed while I work on this beauty."

Mark groaned his answer. "Get ready for me to fuck your hot throat." Then he called to Jared, "That little one loves to be fucked hard after he's opened up, so don't worry that you'll break him."

From the corner of my eye, I saw that the girl had moved over to Bonnie and was whispering in her ear.

End of part 5