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Disclaimer: The events in this story are purely ficticious. Editor's note: Itchdoctor told me this story, then he wrote it. I encourgaged him to post it and he agreed. If you like it, please tell him.

Brothers, Cousins, and Sisters

The summer of 1977 had been a great one for Sonny Walters. His job on a local farm had went well and pretty soon it'd be payday for him. The farm owner, Mr. Sam's, didn't pay Sonny a wage per se. He gave him a bit of pocket money like when the fair was in town, but Sonny worked all summer for a beef cow. When he got his cow he sent it to a local butcher, sold half and kept half. This gave the hard working seventeen year old a tidy sum of cash and it also gave his family enough beef to see them through until next summer.

It was Friday morning and, as usual, Sonny awoke before the alarm. He lay there thinking about the day he and his cousin Andy, who was two years Sonny's junior, had planned for tomorrow. Since the school break was about over Mr. Sams gave Sonny a Saturday off and he and Andy were going to go fishing. That evening as Sonny was just getting out of the shower Andy showed up with all his fishing gear. The plan was he'd sleep over with Sonny and then the pair would head out early as it was a twenty minute walk to the lake.

The two boys had lay claim to the basement den with its fold out sofa so they could get around in the morning without waking the rest of the household. The two boys talked and laughed until about ten and then shut out the light and hit the sack. In the dark they continued talking but now it was of a more serious nature...girls. They talked about girls at school and women in the movies etc. When Sonny decided to share something that he had been bursting tell someone.

"Can you keep a secret Andy?" Sonny said in a low tone

"Sure Son!" Andy replied eagerly as he roll onto his side and propped himself up on his elbow,

"Ok then " Sonny started " Last Saturday night I couldn't sleep so I got up and got a soda and was going to come down here to watch some TV, as I started down the step I saw someone had left the set on so I peeked through the railing."

Andy was grinning in the dark, unsure where the story was going but was slightly amused by Sonny's sense of secrecy

"And sitting right here on this sofa was Babs" Sonny paused "Naked!".

Andy felt an electric spark shoot through him. Babs, Sonny's older sister had been a major player in his fantasy life since he first became interested in girls. On a couple of occasions he and Sonny got to sneak some peeks at her through the bathroom door keyhole.

"No way!!" Andy gasped in a hoarse whisper.

"Thats not all either, she was laying on her back with her feet up on the arm of the sofa and she was playing with herself!"

Andy was sitting up now "Son you're lying! Really? She was doing that?"

Sonny chuckled " Really she was! I couldn't believe it either. I know she's my sister and all, but I just couldn't look away, it was so hot!"

Andy lay back down. Both boys lay on their backs facing the ceiling, Andy listening intently as Sonny started to go into detail about Bab's late night den activities. Andy had already been more than a little aroused by the earlier conversation. He and Sonny usually made up 'what if' stories that usually involved several of their grade school teachers in some sort of sexual debauch in the teachers lounge, but this, well this was real and it was hot.

"So you could see everything??" Andy asked, picturing his cousin writhing under her own hand.

"Yep, everything" Sonny said, visualizing unsuspecting Babs pleasuring herself, unaware of her audience.

"Man, you are so lucky to have an older sister! All I have are two younger ones." Andy groused.

Sonny chuckled " Lucky this time...not all the time".

Andy gently slid his hand to the front of his Jockeys

"So, like how 'perky' was she?" he queried, his arousal building to a dangerous point.

"Oh very perky, she even tugged at a nipple just as she was getting off".

Andy groaned "Oh man! No way! Did she like pant or moan or anything?".

Sonny smiled again in the dark, his own member rigid and aching, as he elaborated

"Absolutely, she was panting real soft, then when she was about to go, she reached up and started pinching and tugging her nipple".

Andy now had his hand wrapped around his slender cock gently squeezing and releasing it

"Uh huh...you really heard her get off? What'd she sound like?"

Sonny was struggling not to touch himself as he continued "It was just panting and a couple little squeal type moans mostly, but when she came it was 'oh...oh...OH...OH...OHHHHHHHHH' ,I'm sure she was trying to be quiet".

As Sonny talked he became aware of the bed moving slightly, he paused talking and slowly turned his head. They always left a dim light on in the half bath in the den so as to see if you got up in the night. In the faint light Sonny could tell Andy was masturbating. What happened next seemed like a dream to Sonny. It was like he was watching it happen, not actually taking part. Slowly under the covers Sonny reached over and put his hand on Andy's. Surprised, Andy jerked his hand away.

"Uh...Sonny I was just...uh.." he stammered then he felt Sonny's hand tighten slightly around his rigid member." Sonny...what the??" He started to protest but the sensation took over.

Andy let out a little sigh as Sonny began sliding his hand on Andy's shaft. The next thing he knew Sonny had sat upright up beside him and slide his shorts down exposing his hard throbbing cock.

"Sonny, I'm not sure this is....ahhhhhh" his words trailed off as Sonny gripped him slightly tighter.

As Sonny stroked him Andy emitted soft sighs and groans. Sonny seemed to know what he was doing, he was building the fire inside him by rubbing him in a way that he wouldn't get off. Afterall, Sonny had been masturbating for years, he knew what got him off and what prolonged it. Andy arched his hips a bit as Sonny continued his teasing stroke. Then in one swift motion Sonny stopped and whispered

"Don't come in my mouth ok buddy?" and slide his mouth over Andy's turgid rod.

"Sonny! No....ahhhhh" Andy's protest was weak and in vain as his cousins hot moist mouth devoured his young manhood. Sonny gently held Andy's cock with his left hand and slowly bobbed his head, pressing his tongue against the under side of Andy's shaft. With his right hand Sonny had pulled his own erect unit from his shorts and was furiously stroking it. Andy began clenching and unclenching his buttocks muscles which was causing his hips to rise and lower slightly.

"Ahhh...uhhh...Sonny...uhhhh...mmmm...Son...I'm orthogonalization's cum" and with that Sonny withdrew Andy from his mouth and quickly switched hands, furiously stroking Andy's cock with short, spastic strokes.

Andy arched and groaning through clenched teeth he began to erupt like a volcano. Sonny sensed the exact moment of climax and tightly gripped Andy's cock, then released and wildly continued pumping in short strokes again. Sonny had never felt such a sensation of power or triumph as his cousin orgasmed violently. Andy's hot cum shot up across his own face and chest .As Sonny felt the spasms in his hand slow, and his young cousin had all but stopped shuddering, he quickly turned his attention to himself. Kneeling next to the now totally relaxed Andy, Sonny quickly jerked himself to a shuddering orgasm. Feeling the still warm cum of his cousin on his cock sent him quickly over the edge. After he finished he slumped back down onto the bed next to Andy. Huffing and panting he just lay there for a moment.

Finally Andy spoke.


Sonny just hummed his reply


Andy continued "Sonny...does this make us homos?"

Sonny smiled in the dark."No this doesn' t make us homos. Just you!" Then he busted out laughing.

"Shut up!!" Andy protested and began laughing. They play slapped each other a bit then settled down and quickly went to sleep next to each other.

Now had the two boys stayed awake a bit they may have heard the creaky step on the stairs leading down to the den from the kitchen. The same step Babs stepped on as she struggled to get to her feet. The orgasm she had just experienced had left her legs like rubber. As fate would have it, it was Bab's who couldn't sleep and she was going to slip down to the den to get her book. Just as she started down the steps she heard the boys talking, talking about her. She felt her face go deep crimson as the discussed her masturbating, but she couldn't help but feel turned on at the same time.

Then slipping down the stairs far enough to peek through the railing she saw all that followed, and couldn't help but "join in". Now she slipped back up the steps still a little wobbly and very, very damp. If she couldn't sleep before, she certainly wasn't going to now, it was going to be a long night.