Choosing a Stepfather

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Author's Note:

This story was originally submitted in much shorter form in October 2011 by “Brad Gillespie.” As a result of his reading it, “Tucson Daddy” liked it and offered to help rewrite it into the longer story that it has now become.

The usual disclaimer about how this is purely fictional and none of the actions, persons, and places in the story really exist (except, of course, that there is really a West Coast, and a Los Angeles airport!) applies.

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No incest in this chapter; that will come later!

Chapter 1:

Connie and Bob

Connie and Bob were the happiest couple ever, which is surprising, considering how poorly they had met. It was at the university, in an economics class. Bob was a senior; Connie a junior. While the majors were different, economics was one of the few they might have shared. There had been English and a couple of other lower level courses, for freshmen and sophomores, but it was Econ 101 where they actually met.

You're probably thinking that it was love at first sight. Love at first sight? Oh, it can happen, but it's rare, and meeting in an econ class is not the most romantic place. Actually, Bob was late; trying to get into the only seat left. He tripped over her foot, which she couldn't move fast enough. The first words she spoke to him weren't very romantic either. “Ouch! You clumsy oaf. Watch where you're stepping.”

Bob was immediately sorry for stepping on anybody; he was a lover, not a fighter. “Oh! I'm so sorry,” he began, but was cut short by the chorus of “Shhhh!” and “Shut up!” that softly erupted around them. Bob ducked his head, trying to look invisible. His embarrassment was further increased when the voice of the teacher joined in.

“Son, can you quietly get your butt into a seat, so the rest of these students who've paid a lot of money to hear me ramble on can do that?” Muffled laughter filled the room.

Bob had always been plagued by his clumsiness. It seemed he just couldn't put his feet down properly, as most can, into a small space. His larger feet exacerbated this tendency.

Bob did get his butt into the seat adjacent to Connie and pulled his notebook from his backpack. The prof was droning on about marginal rates. Connie had stopped rubbing her ankle and returned to busily copying the graph he drew to help explain his words.

The teacher droned on with his lecture, while Bob joined the rest of the class in trying to follow the man's line of logic. Economics was considered by most to be the dullest of courses, relying on more graphs than an algebra class. The vocabulary was daunting as well. Put those elements together, and it's easy to understand why some of those filling the hall had drifted away, asleep.

Not Connie, nor Bob. Dedicated students both, they were grateful for their parents' hard work to save so they could attend this university. In the brief time when Connie had looked at him and then away, he was more interested in this pretty girl next to him than in the lecture. So he kept glancing sideways to catch another glimpse of her pretty face.

Connie was indeed pretty. Lovely eyes, hair in a pony tail, sexy lips, all combined to give the look that every girl longs for. As he looked her way again, he caught her eyes looking at him. Feeling slightly embarrassed to have been caught, he might have quickly turned away. This time, fate seemed intent on bringing them together, for he held his gaze and she hers. He smiled his crooked grin; she smiled her prettiest. It was only a few seconds, but that set the wheels of Providence in motion.

Despite their poor beginning, Bob was not going to let this pretty girl get away without asking her if he could help her. Her hand reached down to rub her ankle as though still bothering her. He felt so bad that he'd tripped over her foot. When the class ended and others rose to depart, he put his hand on her arm and said, “Does your foot still hurt? I'm so sorry. I...”

Connie smiled disarmingly. “Yes, it does, and I'm sorry too, but I know you didn't mean to, so it's OK.” She too began to rise.

“Can I ask you something?” Bob said.

Resuming her seat, she looked him directly in his eyes, smiled, and said, “Of course. I don't have another class now.”

Bob's heart seemed to leap in his chest when he managed to mumble out something like, “Will you have coffee with me?”

“Oh!” she'd said, touching his cheek softly. “Why the sad face? I told you I'm OK, and yes, I would love to have coffee with you.”

Bob's face displayed his renewed spirit by breaking into the broadest grin ever. “Great! There's a coffee shop right across the street from the U. It's only a few minutes away.”

The pair left the lecture room chatting about nothings.

At the shop, they entered and approached the counter. “Can I help you?” the cute guy behind the counter asked Connie.

“I'll have a Tazo chai, medium size, with foam.” His eyes lingered on her for a second longer before turning his attention to Bob.

“And you, sir?” he asked.

Large black coffee. Could you add warm milk, Please?” he replied.

“Sure. Can do. How much?” he asked.

“About this much,” said Bob, indicating with his fingers.

“Got it,” said the smiling clerk, ringing up their purchase, which Bob paid.

“Thank you. It'll be just a moment,” he said, turning to prepare their orders. Bob and Connie walked to take one of the few remaining tables.

“Thanks for the chai,” she said appreciatively.

“No problem. It's the least I could do for kicking you like that. I'm sooo clumsy at times!” he said.

For a moment, neither spoke, simply looking at each other. Then the voice from the counter broke into their reverie. “I'll get them,” said Bob, rising from the table. He walked away and returned quickly. “Here you go. Your chai, my lady,” he said, bowing as he placed the cup before her. She could not suppress a giggle. “Thank you, kind sir,” she replied with a smile.

They began to talk and sip their drinks, and talk some more. She told him about herself, her family, where she lived, and her major. He opened up too.

Time seemed to slip by, and their cups were long empty. Glancing at her watch, she said, “Sorry, Bob, but I must run. Next class in 20 minutes.” They rose together. “I'm going that way, and I don't want this to end so quickly. Let's go together.” She smiled, hoping that's what he'd say. Looking into his handsome face, her heart did a little flutter of happiness. “Thank you. I'd like that.” The grabbed their backpacks and left the shop, still talking away.

Things are looking very good for Bob and Connie. After a rough meeting, then coffee, the two found that their attraction went beyond the physical. Both were serious students, with serious goals beyond the university life and the frivolous dreams they'd had in high school. Now they sought something bigger and better, using their education and drive to make a good life for themselves and those around them. With such a similar upbringing, goals, and character, it was inevitable that they'd keep on dating and fall in love.

Now things were changing, getting serious. For love, to both of them, meant something permanent and lasting.

One beautiful and warm spring evening, they took a blanket and a basket with food and wine, and drove up a nearby mountain — although not much bigger than a large hill, according to visitors. There Bob parked his car, and together they took their late afternoon picnic to a grassy place, where they could look over the surrounding land.

“It's beautiful,” she said with a sigh.

“So are you,” he replied, pulling her to him to kiss her softly. What had begun as just a tender kiss became more passionate. Soon they had forgotten their basket of food and lay, arms around each other, kissing and touching.

When their lips separated, they looked into each other's eyes. Both knew what they wanted, and their bodies complied. Bob quickly undressed them both and they lay naked, their bodies pressed together for the first time, enraptured by the feeling of their warm flesh. Bob rolled atop her, pushing her legs apart.

“No!” she whispered urgently. “Not yet.”

Puzzled by her words, he asked,”Why?”

She smiled up at him, his face hovering over her.

“This is my gift to you. I want to suck your cock. I've never done this before, and want you, my dear, darling Bob, to be my first.” She was shaking with nervous anticipation at what she was about to do to the only man she had ever loved.

“Roll onto your back,” she whispered lustily. “I want to be on top, so I can see what I'm doing,”

He happily complied, knowing what was about to happen. Sadly though, blow jobs other girls had given him had lacked something. It was as though they thought all they had to do was suck. But he accepted any blow job, regardless of the enthusiasm and skill. Usually she had to jack him off while she sucked. Not even taking his cum into her mouth.

Now he was watching his own beloved Connie, who was between his spread thighs. She lay prone, holding his cock with one hand, examining it.

“Your cock is big, honey,” she said. “Think it will fit?” They both laughed.

“I'll go slow. You can stop me if I get too deep.”

“Not likely! I want this thing buried all the way into my pussy. I can almost feel its growl that it's hungry for big cock. Fortunately you have lots to feed it,” she said. “Let me taste it first to see if pussy will want it. She moved her head closer to lick off the drooling precum. Bob jerked in pleasure. “Ooo...,” said Connie, “Does my tongue feel nice on your pretty penis?” she giggled.

“Damn fine,” Bob whispered huskily.

She licked again, Bob involuntarily jerked once more. “Yummy!” she whispered, smiling at him. “I think pussy's gonna like this just fine.”

“I want to watch you suck me, darling,” Bob whispered to her, as she lowered her face, opened her mouth, and took in his cock. She began to suck, and as she did, ran her tongue around the rim of his head. He jerked at the unexpected pleasure.

“Did I hurt you, darling?” she said with a wicked smile on her face.

“No, not at all. It just felt wonderful. Please keep doing that.” he grinned back.

She returned her mouth to surround his head and suck.

“Oh, baby!” he sighed, stroking her hair. “So good.”

She began to ride his stalk up and down, while licking the underside of Bob's cock. It was driving him wild. He was moaning with the thrill of his girlfriend sucking him and her talented mouth.

He was groaning, writhing about in a state of euphoria, when he felt it. He tried to warn her off, but his words couldn’t form. He shot into her mouth with an explosion he hadn’t experienced in months. His eyes had been closed, blocking out the world. Now they opened to see her still nursing his shrinking penis. When she let it drop from her mouth and looked up at him, he smiled in happiness, opening his arms to welcome her.

She moved up toward him, her breasts hanging from her chest. Pulling his arms back to wrap around her, she put her lips against his and to his surprise shared his cum. He hadn't done that since Dave, last summer. The kiss was passionate. Not just because he was kissing his beautiful woman, but that she had voluntarily sucked him off, taken his cum in her mouth, then shared it with him. His bisexuality was stirring again.

When they separated, he looked deeply into her lovely eyes and whispered, “Thank you.”

“Oh, thank you. I think I've always wanted to suck a cock. The boys I dated in high school, well they just didn't seem quite right. Usually got snotty when I wouldn't let them fuck me or refused to suck them.” Then she smiled her gorgeous smile again and whispered, “I'm glad I waited so that yours would be special to me.

“You're much better than most girls and women,” said Bob openly. “How'd you learn to be so good?”

“It might surprise you to know that there are books about love and romance that go into great detail on the sexual nature of dating. The one I bought had a naughty video showing where to touch and with what.”

“I might have known, you little vixen.”

“Now that I've drained you, I don't suppose there's a chance that we might make love, is there?” she asked wistfully.

“Sadly, no. Not for awhile. Gotta recharge. And the sun is getting low,” he observed.

“Curses,” she mumbled. “Me and my big mouth.” They laughed from the exhilaration of being with each other.

With the afternoon drawing to a close, they rose, redressed, and drove back down to the university. Bob dropped Connie off at her residence. She stood on the sidewalk, waving to him as he drove away. Still there as he turned the corner.

Bob had much on his mind that didn't involve his coursework. “I am so lucky to have that woman as my own,” he thought. “We've been dating for almost eight months now. I've told my folks about her, and sent them pictures. She talked with them by phone and exchanged a few emails.” His family was completely taken by her intelligence, practicality, great personality, and his father by her hot looks.

Connie had wowed his family, his mom loved her already. He had relied on his father's good sense and solid thinking; whenever he had questions, he could count on his father to be blunt. Even though he knew what he wanted, he'd asked his dad's opinion.

He'd been quite a cox man and ladies' man in his college days. He would consider every aspect of a prospective wife, and come to a measured conclusion. His final analysis: “Better grab her, son,” he'd commented laughingly. “She's a beauty!” With the entire family opinion so very positive, only one thing remained to do: Ask her to marry him

He went shopping the next day between classes at the local jewelry stores. Being organized, he first sought out information on the practical aspects of diamonds. Now that he felt he could discuss rings, he called Connie to ask her out to dinner on Friday.

Bob had made this project top secret. He'd told a few of his closest friends and sworn them to secrecy. They'd make arrangements for his bachelor party. Those he asked had a reputation of making it an affair to remember.

On the Friday evening in question, Bob drove to Connie's residence, parked, and went to the door. The buzzer was answered almost immediately by one of the women who lived there.

What is it about women and engagements? It's as though they can smell one coming. Eleanor was no different. Her attitude, her expression said it all.

“Hi, Bob! How are you this evening?”

“As usual,” he replied, doing his best to put on a just-another-date-night expression. “How are you?”

“Connie told us you're taking her to the Bamboo Club. That's a nice place, I've heard. Any particular reason for that one?”

“No more than any other date. I like to show my lady the best this city has to offer. She's special and deserves it.” Bob meant his comment as a dig, since Eleanor had been relatively unsuccessful with her dates. This close to the end of the year and still no prospects. Well, there's always next year, although he was gentleman enough not to add that.

As usual, Connie appeared, walking down the hall to greet him with a quick smooch on the lips. “Hi, honey,” she said.

“You look beautiful tonight,” he said, holding her gaze for a few seconds longer than necessary.

“Thank you,” she replied. “You're looking pretty good yourself, all dressed up like it's a special occasion.”

“I hope you won't be disappointed if it's just a date,” he said, trying to steer the conversation away from special.

“If it's with you, it's special.”

“I'm glad we settled that,” he said, extending his arm for her. She took it, and they walked to the door. Turning as they left, she waved to the small group that had gathered to see them out.

It was unusual for more than one, possibly two, women to come to the door when one of their number left. Bob's feelers were up. “What's going on?” he wondered.

Leaving the residence, Bob wondered aloud why so many women had come to the door whispering and giggling.

“Oh,” Connie said, with a smile that told him more was afoot than she was letting on. “I don't know. Coincidence, I guess. You came at the time when lots of guys show up for dates.”

Well, Bob just didn't care. He'd set the wheels in motion to propose and for the bachelor party. What else could he possibly do?

Dinner that night was spectacular. Service was quick, the food delicious, and there was that final glass of wine, just for the special moment.

They'd just finished their meal and were sitting, chatting, wine glass in hand, when Bob took her hand in his, looked her directly in the eye, and began his short speech beginning with, “Honey, we've been seeing each other for eight months now, you've met my family,” and ended with “Will you marry me?” He opened the box with the sparkling cluster of diamonds. When she saw it, her hands flew to her mouth and she gasped. If this weren't a surprise, Connie was certainly playing it that way.

“Oh, Bob!” she said, releasing his hand to pull his face to hers and kiss his lips. “Yes, yes. I'll be your wife. Yes, yes.” He extracted the ring from the box and slid it onto her finger. She took her hand away to hold it up so that the light sparkled off of the stones. “It's beautiful! Thank you, darling!”

Couples at several of the surrounding tables began to applaud, causing Bob to blush. Connie didn't care. The only person she saw was this man who began their relationship in a most unusual way, by tripping over her ankle. Now they were on the road to marriage. She'd long dreamed of this moment, and it was here.

They didn't linger at the table much longer after the ring ceremony. Their waiter brought him the check, which he paid with his credit card. Then they were on their way out. Bob had arranged a nearby motel where they could spend a quiet evening alone and in bliss. Their love making that night was very romantic and tender.

Bob's bachelor party was a raving success. as measured by university students' partying standards. Lots of mostly naked young women dancing and drunken behavior. Bob did his best to maintain his sobriety, but for him, marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so with university partying coming to an end, he got good and drunk.

The event would be in Connie's home town, and the date was for late August; summer weddings are very popular.

As the year came to a close, Bob would graduate and begin law school the next year. Connie would finish her undergraduate degree the year after. They would still be at the same university and have regular contact. Then Connie would take a job and help them get Bob through his last two years of law school.