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Choosing a Stepfather

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 11:

Home for four — and Timmy

Timmy came crying into the world. “He's perfect,” said the nurse who cleaned him up and laid him on Connie's chest.

Soon they were in her room, which she was sharing with another woman whose son had likewise been born only an hour ago. Bob, Susan, and Steve gathered around the bed, cooing and ahing over the tiny form lying in Connie's arms. Finally a nurse came in to shoo them away. “Mommy and baby both need rest.” Reluctantly they left.

Their mutual respect for each other, regardless of their various interests, allowed the three people closest to Connie to gather for early morning breakfast at a nearby restaurant. They laughed and talked about the new life ahead, with Timmy now part of their lives.

They lavished their love on Timmy, who was growing into a fine boy as the days, weeks, and months slid by. Soon it was his first birthday, a time for celebration. Connie invited children from her play group to attend, so the house was full of laughing, whining, and crying children. A sound Connie loved.

Then the years flipped by. Bob graduated from law school at the top of his class. He was invited by several large firms in town to join them. They'd help him prepare to take and pass the bar exam. After discussing which was his best option with Connie, he selected the firm of Briggs, Briggs and Associates.

Graham Briggs and his brother Harrison had founded their firm some 35 years ago. They were recognized as a good organization, which was one of the reasons Bob joined. A second was their liberal view of social issues. Harrison was gay, as were some of the associates, both men and women. He felt very comfortable in this environment and flourished.

None objected when he disclosed that he had a gay lover, even though he was married. It was not uncommon for a husband or wife to come to terms with their orientation after they married. Both Connie and Bob were bisexual, maintaining their lovers, who had become part of their mutual lives, an oddity in a marriage. They were determined to make Timmy's life as normal as possible, which meant a stable family life. Susan and Steve were like a second mother and father to him, loving him with the same intensity that they loved their own nephews and nieces.

The partners recognized Bob's superior legal skills; he rose quickly in the organization. His compensation rose commensurately as well, so within the first six months of his employment, Bob and Connie had purchased a larger home in a new neighborhood. In anticipation of having more children, they bought one with many rooms.

Bob's legal duties kept him very busy, but he always had time for his wife and child. He'd had a conversation with his bosses, telling them that he would need extra time to spend with his family. A lesser associate might not have made such a request, but Bob's invaluable legal skills gave him such latitude. He was granted the occasional long weekend to be with his family.

Connie and Bob were more in love than ever; obvious to any who met them. The way they constantly smiled at each other, the light touches, and brief kisses in public. What few knew, outside of their most intimate circle of friends and family, was the deep love each had for their lovers. “Yours must be the most extraordinary marriage,” one had said. He expressed his view that only few others could handle an open marriage as they did. In response, both Connie and Bob expressed their their wish to make their open relationship more like a marriage of four.

So it seemed inevitable that their lovers would spend a night or a weekend with them. To make the physical arrangement more like the one they wanted, they designated four bedrooms for their plan. Bob and Connie would have the master bedroom, Timmy would have one adjacent to theirs. One was designated for Bob and Steve; another for Connie and Susan. They all agreed that only those who would occupy each bedroom could violate the privacy uninvited. So Steve never entered the master bedroom, nor the one for Susan and Connie. Susan was under the same restrictions. It all seemed so very, very reasonable. Quite adult and mature decisions. Everybody was happy.

One evening, as the four or them sat in the living room finishing their second bottle of wine, Connie and Susan had been whispering off and on all evening. “OK,” said Bob. “What are you ladies talking about? I've seen that look before when you glance at Steve and me. Let's get it out.”

Connie put her glass down for Bob to pour from the third bottle. “We want to watch you two make love,” she said. Then she and Susan broke down in giggles.

Bob and Steve stared open-mouthed at such a blatant request, then smiled. The men looked at each other, eyebrows raised quizzically, then nodded. “OK,” replied Bob, “But only if we can watch you two do the same.” Steve was in complete agreement. It was up to the ladies, who went into a huddle again, whispering behind an upheld hand. Their discussion went on for almost a minute, then they looked at the men and simultaneously said, “We agree.”

Steve took Bob's hand and rose. “No time like right now, huh, Bob, dear?”

Bob realized that this idea of sucking Steve while his wife and her lover watched was turning him on. He looked into Steve's eyes as their mouths came together in a warm, loving kiss. Their hands were undressing each other right there in the living room; the soft carpet would be their stage.

In the merest of moments, both had pushed down each other's briefs, allowing their cocks to spring forth. Bob heard both women commenting on the size and girth of their tools and admiration for their large balls. The mental image of what they were doing, while his wife looked on, was driving his lust meter higher more quickly than ever.

He knew they'd not last long before Steve would be driving his cock deep into his hole. He wanted Connie to see how much he loved this man. Kneeling before Steve, he took the rampant hard rod into his warm, wet, and welcoming mouth to suckle him. Steve was moaning, enjoying the display they were putting on for the women. He too wanted to put his semen where it belonged: deep in Bob's ass.

“Better back off, babe,” he whispered to the man kneeling before him. “I'm getting close. I need your ass.”

Bob pulled off his lover's cock to pull him down and kiss him passionately. As if choreographed, they moved into position for a 69. It was strictly for showing their desires for cock that they did this. They'd only suck for a moment, reserving their semen for each other's asses.

Again, as if on signal, they broke. Bob rolled onto his back and opened his legs to welcome Steve between them.

“Here, honey,” said Connie. “I've brought you the lube.”

“Thanks,” said Steve, taking it from her hand to first apply it to Bob's pucker. His fingers slid in easily, for from their months of fucking, he was almost ready without lube. This was part of the show though, so he added some to his own raging prick.

“Here's your towel,” said Susan, standing beside them watching Steve prepare himself and his lover. Steve took it and wiped his hands, then handed it back. Susan went to the other side and watched Steve's cock head touch Bob's hole. “I want to watch you push it in, Steve.”

Rather than lie down upon Bob, he knelt and pushed. Bob's hole was easily pierced, so Steve slid into Bob's gut with little effort. “Does… doesn't it hurt, Bob?” Connie asked, already knowing the answer.

“It did the first time we did it, but not any more. Feels great.” Still kneeling between Bob's open legs, he began to thrust and retreat, letting the women watch him breed Bob.

Both women were very aroused by this sight of finally watching Bob being fucked. Their hands had slid down their shorts to find and stroke their clits. Connie would have liked to have taken Susan, but she was too excited watching this hard cock sliding in and out of her husband's ass.

Both men were so into their own world of sex, that neither saw nor heard the women talking about them. Bob's cock was hard, bouncing with each thrust of Steve's hip. His head was thrown back, mouth agape, crying out in pleasure as his man fucked him.

“Ugh… ugh… ugh…,” were Steve's cries of passion: his cock feeling so good, his lover's gut so tight.

“I'm cumming,” crooned Bob, gasping out the words. His cock shot off, sending jets of cum almost to his own face, then down his body, to come to rest, limp, against his pubic space.

No longer able to maintain his thrust while kneeling, he was leaning over Bob, giving his cock one last thrust to bury itself into his man pussy. “Ugnnn…” he groaned, pressing deeply into Bob and shooting ropes of sticky white cum.

Their dance of love complete, Steve lowered himself onto Bob's body. Eyes now open, Bob was staring with love into Steve's. They kissed passionately. “Thanks, honey,” Bob whispered, “That was great.”

“I love you, babe,” Steve whispered to his one love.

They were brought back to the world by the sound of clapping. “That was utterly fascinating,” said Connie. “Thanks for showing us. I guess I never thought of men as particularly romantic. Just bang, bang and done.” The men just grinned up at her smiling face.

Then she said, “Come here, Susan. I need you too.”

As the men watched from their prone position, the two women were kissing and struggling out of their clothes.

“Nice body, Susan,” said Bob, now that she was naked. Connie was behind her, turning Susan so that the men could see her beautiful breasts and shaved pussy. She was kissing Susan's neck, with one hand on her left breast and the other between the lips of her pussy, finding and stroking her clit. She opened her legs wider, to allow Connie deeper penetration.

Steve and Bob rolled to their sides and disentangled. Grabbing the towel, Bob put it under his cum-leaking hole to sit on it, while he watched two beautiful naked women touch, caress, and kiss each other. He knew he was watching an act of love, put on display for his enjoyment. He might have a raging gay side, but he still enjoyed the sight of these two naked women, one of whom was his wife. He'd once watched two women kissing on an Internet site and gotten hard from seeing them display their skills. Now it was his wife and her beautiful lover. Connie had excellent taste in a lesbian partner.

The women had moved from standing to lie on the floor, where they moaned and touched each other. When they reversed face-to-cunt, Bob thought he might come again, his cock now hard. Steve saw it, and leaned down to begin sucking him. Between the hot woman sex scene, he came very quickly, although with a lesser load.

Steve sat up and turned Bob's face away from his wife and her lover, to kiss his lips, sharing the small amount of cum. So inspired were they by this kiss that they lay down on their sides to kiss and reconfirm their gay love for one another. Later, nobody knew nor cared when the four happy and sated lovers made their way to their private lairs to sleep.

Late the next morning, Steve was awakened by the warmth of Bob's mouth slowly nursing on his first wood. He was too sleepy and comfortable to do more than mumble what a good cock sucker Bob was. It was while his mouth was around Steve's cock that Timmy walked in.

Timmy, now four, was without guile, and so wandered into any room that held his curiosity as most closed doors did. Undeterred, Bob continued nursing Steve's cock and massaging his balls. The curious boy wandered over to the bed, climbed onto it, and crawled over to get a better look at what Bob was doing. This was new. He'd never watched two men doing this. Needing an explanation, he asked Steve.

“Your daddy is sucking my cock, Timmy,” Steve answered, stroking Bob's head. “He is a very good cock sucker.”

Now wide awake, watching the scenario unfolding, he was most happy that Bob remained connected to his hard-on. It was something Timmy would need to see sooner or later. Like father, like son.

“Cock sucker,” Timmy repeated. Then looking up at Steve, he asked, “Can I do it? Can I suck your cock too?”

“No, Timmy. Cock sucking is just for men. When you get older, you can find a friend and suck him. Won't that be fun?” Steve said enthusiastically. As most little boys who didn't get their way, he pouted for a moment. He was brought back to the present when Steve groaned and hissed, “I'm cumming! Uhg…” Bob moved back to allow Timmy to watch Steve's several bursts of ejaculation.

Timmy giggled and put his hands over his mouth. “What's that stuff? Is that pee? Why does it come out like that?” he asked, eyes wide in amazement.

“Pee is yellow; this is cum. When big boys and men ejaculate, cum shoots out.”

“How do I make cum shoot out of my peter?”

“First of all, we call it a cock.”

“Cock?” Timmy repeated then added with a smile, “Daddy is a cock sucker.”

“Only big boys and men can shoot cum. You're too young to shoot.”


Steve held up his hand. “Put your hand against mine.” Timmy scooted over and put his hand against Steve's palm. “See, your hand is smaller than mine, because I'm a grown up and you're still a boy. When you grow up a lot more, your body will know when to start shooting.”

“When will that be?”

“When you're 12.”

“That's not a grown up man.”

“I said big boys and men, not just men.” He emphasized the words “big boys.”

Bob was lapping up the puddles of cum, while Timmy watched. “What's daddy doing?”

“Timmy, some men, like your daddy and me, well, we eat the other's cum. I promised I'd let daddy have mine,” He watched for understanding. “You know what a promise is, don't you?” Timmy nodded. “Well, I promised your daddy he could have my cum.”

“Your cum,” Timmy repeated.

“That's right, my cum.”

Timmy continued to watch until Steve said, “OK, Timmy, you've seen enough. Please leave.” Timmy crawled to the edge of the bed, turned about, slid down to the floor, and went out the door, not quite closing it behind him.

Bob had finished lapping the cum from Steve's belly and was still lying on his belly. He laughed and said, “You handled that with grace and beauty. Think he gets it?”

“You might want to talk to him tomorrow. Repetition instills understanding.”

Steve opened his arms to Bob, who promptly scrambled to him. Their mouths met in a soft loving kiss. “You are one hell of a kisser.” Bob said.

“Better than I am?” asked a laughing Connie from the open doorway.

“I don't believe I could answer that question honestly and expect a long life.” The brought a laugh from Steve and Connie. Then Bob continued, “Don't you knock any more?” he groused.

“It was open. I did, but you were so involved, it didn't register,” she said, then began backing out. “Want me to go out and knock again?”

“No. No. As long as you're in…” he left the sentence unfinished.

“We're hungry. How about you guys?”

Both of the men nodded agreement. “Want us to come help?”

Susan had joined her at the doorway. “We'd appreciate it.” she said. Then she added while grinning broadly, “This must be a first. Both guys with soft cocks.”

“Get out of here,” said Steve, laughing as he threw a pillow at them. The door slammed shut, the pillow falling to the floor.

The men arose, put on sufficient clothing to preclude any further sexy comments, and joined the two ladies, who were slouched over a cookbook, flipping pages as they rejected the suggestions described on each. Connie looked up as they entered. “Seeing the late hour and as we haven't had anything to eat since last evening after the shows we put on for each other, we're thinking about a lunch of more than just sandwiches. A quick and simple stew. Couple of cans of broth, lots of veggies, and some chicken or beef. What's your opinion? Stew OK, or do you have a suggestion?”

“I'm cool with that, and maybe a Caesar salad?”

“Perfect. Quick, easy, and delicious.” commented Susan.

“I can whip up some dinner rolls,” said Steve. “Do you have some yeast?”

“Sure do,” replied Bob, opening the pantry door and pointing.

“OK, then why doesn't someone pour wine, then you three move back and give me room.”

Connie retrieved the wine bottle, Susan the wine glasses, and Bob found the bottle opener. The wine was quickly poured and handed around. They toasted to a good meal, and Steve told them to leave. He didn't cook well under prying eyes. “Besides, the dough has to rise for half an hour, then be put into pans and cook another 20 minutes.” The three left him to pursue this culinary art alone in the kitchen. In the living room, Connie sat with Susan on the couch; Bob in the easy chair.

The conversation ranged over an entire spectrum of topics: politics, work, gossip, and so on. Steve appeared with his glass and the wine to inform them that when the timer dinged, he'd roll the dough, put the rolls in the oven, and they could start chopping veggies for the stew. “Refills, anyone?” All glasses were extended. “I'll just leave the bottle here in case of an emergency like an empty glass.” Pulling a chair over next to Bob, he sat down, and the conversation continued.

While his parents sat in the living room and talked, Timmy was in his room, standing naked in front of the mirror on the wall. He was touching his small, but very hard, cock, saying “Cock sucker and my cum,” over and over. The memory of seeing his daddy sucking and licking Steve's cock was still strong, staying in his head. The white stuff, the cum, that shot out of Steve's cock, was exciting to see. He was wondering when he'd get to see daddy suck Steve's cock again.

This arrangement the four had adopted, and found so desirable that it soon became common for Bob to arise and go to the kitchen to find Connie and Susan already making breakfast. Or alternatively for Connie to meet Steve and Bob in the same activity.

But most mornings, it was Bob and Connie who shared breakfast by themselves. It had been Connie's idea to admit their lovers into their lives in such an intimate way. Yes, he had agreed, but he did so reluctantly. Susan was a beautiful woman. Why, he wondered, should he be less than enthusiastic to want her in their home?

“You're jealous,” George told him. “You're jealous of the other woman in Connie's life. She and you have regular and passionate sex. Right?” Bob had to agree. “Has she given you even the slightest indication that she is more attracted to Susan than to you, or wants to spend more time with her than with you?” Again, Bob had to agree. “But you're jealous,” he flatly stated. Bob nodded. With that admission, George suggested hypnotherapy to find what was truly bothering Bob.

When George brought Bob back from his hypnosleep state, he told him, “You yourself are attracted to Susan, which you have no control over, so you've transferred that attraction in Connie. Your jealousy is a sublimation of your own sexual desires. “Yeah!” said Bob, smiling. “You're right. Susan is a beautiful woman, with a smashing body, pretty face, and a great personality. I am attracted to her.”

“One other thing I found is that you've been fantasizing about her!” George disclosed.

“What?!” said Bob incredulously. “No. Definitely not. I still jack off to fantasies about Connie. I'm wildly in love with her. But not with Susan.”

“'Fraid so, my friend.”

Bob shook his head in confusion. “How can I fantasize about her? I've never used her body in my masturbatory fantasies.”

George grinned at Bob's circumlocution. “In your dreams, my boy! In your dreams! You've got a real hard-on for that woman.”

Bob felt his face reddening. That was it. He recalled waking up at 3 this morning, with an erection that actually hurt, it was so hard. It only took a couple of strokes for him to jizz in his shorts. The memory that caused it lasted only long enough for him to cum. Then faded, safely pushed down, protecting Bob's belief that it was only about Connie to relieve that tension. He didn't think about what caused this demonstration of testosterone, only that he needed relief. Mumbling about having to get up and change into something dry, he was back in bed and asleep right away.

“I think you're right, George.” He told him about the early morning woody. “What do you suggest I do about this compulsion? I don't want to hurt Connie nor drive Susan away. I just want the jealous thoughts to go away.” George offered some suggestions, Bob thanked him for his advice, and they parted

Which was why when Bob told Connie, “I'm having, uhm… a growing… interest… in… Susan,” he managed to get out.

Connie looked at him and smiled. “Of course you are, dear. Susan is one hot lady. She's having sexy thoughts about both you and Steve too. She told me that she thinks you guys are pretty hot as well.”

Bob's jaw dropped open in surprise. “What! How can you be so casual about this?” Realizing his voice had risen an octave, he shut his mouth. When he'd recovered slightly, he asked, “Really? She thinks me and Steve are that good-looking?”

Connie laughed and came over to him to sit beside him and take his hand in hers. “Honey, you and Steve are the dream men we women think of, when we imagine the perfect husband. You and he are both very good looking, great builds, nice butts, and, well, nice cocks too.” She put her fingers on his lips to silence his potential rebuttals. “No buts. Just listen. Equally, if not more, important, you're polite, thoughtful, and just all-around good guys. What woman wouldn't be attracted to you? In fact, what guy with any gay leanings would not be attracted to either of you? You love each other, yet don't show any signs of jealousy when some guy eyes Steve. He's yours, baby.”

“Whoa! You women sure know how to handle these issues. Much better than me.”

“Dear, women connect on the emotional level far better than you men do. We see signs in small behaviors that you might miss. So, yes, I know you've got the horns for Susan. And she has them for you. Feel better now?”

“Shit! I don't know.” he said. “So you know, and you aren't jealous nor angry?”

“Do I have cause to be upset? I don't think you're going to make a pass at my lover, and I'm not going to go after Steve.”

He shook his head. “You make it sound so easy to handle.”

Then she shocked him by asking, “Do you want to go to bed with Susan? If you asked nicely, I'm sure she would.”

“And you wouldn't be upset?”

“Sweetie, I'll leave that puzzle for you to analyze. Let me know what you decide.”

“Would you be offended, if Steve made the same offer to you?”

“Hell no, baby! I'd love to have that big cock shoved up my… uhm… cunt. Bet he could take me to heaven too.”

Connie reached over to place her hand on his throbbing cock and whispered in his ear, “While you're imagining her sucking your cock, why don't we go to bed so I can give you real-life blow job?”

Bob stood and pulled his wife into his arms, “You are an amazing woman. I'm more in love with you than I was on the day we married.”

“I know, dear,” she said to him with a teasing smile. “Now take me to bed, or lose me to Steve.”

“You minx! Let's go.”

Three minutes and 27 seconds later, they were naked, in bed, and Connie was purring as she sucked his cock. How lucky can a man be? Even luckier, if the fates play the right cards.

It was not until he saw Steve again, who was fucking him in his apartment. Despite their bedroom in Bob's home, Steve liked to make love with Bob in his own space. On his back, eyes closed and gasping for breath, legs spread wide, Steve lay atop him, pounding his ass with hard strokes. Each thrust into his hole brought a grunt from him. “God… but…,” Thrust, “you've… got…” Thrust, “The tightest…,” Grunt, thrust, “pussy… I've… ever,” Thrust, “Fucked… in a…,” Thrust, “man!”

Bob's response was to say, “Will you just shut up and do me? I can't concentrate on your cock if you keep telling me what a great ass I have.” With those words, the only sounds from Steve were grunts, and the sounds from his body were those of the slap against Bob's cheeks. Bob had long ago shot his load, providing smoother sliding on his belly. When Steve cried out that he was cumming, Bob felt the buried cock jerk several times.

“Ah… Another successful breeding. You are damned fine at that.”

Steve lay panting. “I'm loosing weight with all the effort to plow your ass,” he was barely able to get out.

“Funny, you don't feel any lighter,” quipped Bob. When Bob felt Steve's flaccid cock slide from his hole, he suggested that they lie on their sides. Give some weight relief for him.

This way they could be next to each other to look into the faces they loved. “Steve, what do you think of our ladies?”

“Huh?” he asked. “What… what do you mean?”

“I mean what do you, Steve, the man, think of when you see Connie and/or Susan naked?”

“Fuck, man!” he said with a laugh. ”They be some hot lookin' babes.”

“Do you… uhm… think about them when you're getting off?”

Steve's face got very serious. He said, “We… no… I shouldn't even be talking about this, man.”

“Why not?” Bob pushed. “I'm the one who brought it up, not you. I'd really like to know how you feel about them?”

“Since you started this little confession time, I'll be blunt. I get horny as hell around them!”

“Would you like Susan to suck your cock?”

Steve actually blushed, but said nothing right away. Then he cautiously said, “Yes.” Pausing, he pleaded, “Can we stop this 'cause I know what you're going to ask me next, and I don't want to tell you that I'd like your wife to go down on me. Happy now?”

Bob nestled into Steve's arms and whispered, “Thanks. I needed to know that you feel the same as I do about our women.”

“You do?” asked Steve, pulling back to look at him. “You'd like to have Susan on your pecker and me fucking your wife?”

“Why not? Connie told me that they think the same as us. She also said, if we asked them nicely, they would.”

Steve was thunderstruck, speechless. Bob lay in his arms grinning. “Surprise!”