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Here's the twelfth part of the story. Hope you enjoy it.

As was mentioned at the beginning of this story, a few places mentioned in the story really exist: in this chapter, for example, Phoenix. But remember that with this exception, this is a work of fiction, and none of the people or events really happened.

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Choosing a Stepfather

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 12:

A new direction for Bob?

The next week was so hectic that Steve and Susan stayed in their own places. Bob was extremely busy at the office, and Connie spent the time at home worrying about little Timmy, who was quite ill with a bad cold. Even though they could afford a nanny, she felt that she should put in some motherly time with him.

“Bob, we've got a serious situation on our hands with this Jensen project. There are whispers that they might want to back out.”

The meeting was nearing its end, after a Power Point presentation showing the relevant charts and graphs. The folder before him had the word “JENSEN” in large letters before him. He'd flipped through it several times to match data in the file with those on the screen.

“I think that we here at Briggs are overreacting, boss,” said Bob very calmly.

One of the partners burst out, “How do you come to that conclusion, Bob? The data are pretty clear!”

“Your interpretation of the data says a lot about your grasp of the situation,” Bob shot back.

The partner's face turned pink, blood pressure riding.

“Now, now, gentlemen,” interjected the CEO. “Bob, could you explain your take on this?”

For the next ten minutes, using the transparency projector and colored pens, Bob showed another way that the data could be construed. When he put down the pen and took his seat, there were murmurs of agreement around the table.

“Bob, you never fail to amaze me. Your clear thinking, outside the box, has resolved most of the issues,” he said, beaming.

The meeting was dismissed. The other associate stopped Bob before they left the room. “Sorry about my reaction, Bob. Things just seemed so hopeless.” He squeezed Bob's arm in admiration. Bob and he looked each other in the eyes. Did he see something he's missed before in this man? “Thanks,” Bob said. “I appreciate your input all the same.”

Bob's intelligence, quick wit, friendly demeanor, and good looks had attracted many eyes and randy thoughts in the offices of Briggs and Briggs. He'd made it very plain that he was married and already had a gay lover. Others had come on to him, both men and women, and he'd politely rebuffed them.

When he got home, Connie was in Timmy's room. He walked in, put his arm around her, and looked at their son, who seemed to be peacefully sleeping. “How is the little guy?” he asked. “Much better. His fever's broken,” she replied, as she took his hand, leading him from Timmy's room. “He needs quiet now.”

When he tried to kiss Connie hello, she rebuffed him. “Let me wash up first. I don't want you to get what he had,” she said smiling. “Go the the kitchen and pour us a glass of wine. I'm ready for one.”

A few minutes later, she entered the room and his arms. “I love you,” she said, looking into his eyes. “I love you so much.” They kissed softly and sensually. When their lips parted, she whispered, “Let's sit and have some wine.”

Taking their glasses, they walked into the living room to sit side by side on the sofa. She laid her head on his shoulder, and sighed with satisfaction. “I'm so happy. Life has been good to us. Fate brought us together, and fate made me see how I could change part of me without losing who I am. Or who I love and can love.” He squeezed her hand in his.

“I love you too, baby, and our little boy,” he replied. “Yes, life has taken some interesting twists, but we've managed them and come out better.” They sat in silence, just absorbing the vibes they felt from each other.

She was suddenly filled with a wicked desire, poking him in the ribs. He laughed and grabbed for her, but she had moved out of his reach.

“So you want to play, huh?” he asked, rhetorically poking her in the side.

“Stop! Stop!” she cried out, laughing through gasps of tickles.

He held her close, feeling lust rising in his groin. “Want to take this to the bedroom?”

“Uh huh,” she replied, giving him an open-mouth kiss. He could taste the lust on her breath.

Taking her hand, they walked together to the bedroom, where they quickly stripped to lie on the bed with covers pulled back. Connie went for his cock, for she knew he really enjoyed a few minutes of sucking. “Oh, baby, You have become such a good cock sucker. Mmm…”

After a few minutes of oral pleasure, she stopped sucking and moved up his body, slithering like a snake. “I like sucking you, and I want that cock all right, but where it belongs.”

Holding her, they rolled over, so that she was on the bottom. She moved her legs, allowing him to find her labia, which he began pushing against to rub her clit with his cock. “Oh!” she gasped, feeling his thick rod on her femininity and loving the feel. She pushed up for his down, setting the pace. He was looking into her eyes while she smiled back at him. “Gooood! Feels so goooood,” then the smile dissolved into a grimace, and her climax hit. She bucked wildly for a bit, then settled beneath him, her smile back. “Yummy!” she crooned, “I want that torpedo inside me.”

“Granted, my lady,” and deftly pushed right into her, bringing a second gasp. When he was fully seated, his cock at full depth, all the way in, he retreated: slowly at first, then faster, until he was pumping her pussy at wild pace. “I… I… I'm cumming!” she cried out. Those words set him off, pushing him over the edge into his own cum-shooting geyser. Afterward, they lay panting, exhausted by their act.

“Think that will tide you over for awhile?” he asked.

“No, but I can compensate,” she replied with a grin.

“I'll help you with your decision.”

“Oh? How so? And how do you know what my choices are?”

“I told Steve about the conversation you and I had. Remember? About who lusts after whom in this house.”

She looked at him blankly, then slowly found her words. Giggling, she said, “You mean Steve might fill in?”

“Baby, Steve can never fill in for me.

“Of course not, sweetie,” she responded, nuzzling his neck. “But I'm hoping he might be interested in not one, but two horny ladies.”

“What!” he gasped in mock horror. “You mean he gets first dibs on your body and Susan's?”

“Oh, don't pout so, my love. All the time he's fucking me, I'll be thinking of you in Susan's warm pussy.”

“Well, I certainly hope he appreciates what he's getting.”

She smiled and said seductively, “I'm sure he will.”

Changing the subject, he asked, “How about a shower?”

“Race you!” she shouted, struggling to get out from under him.

Laughing, they tumbled from the bed to the floor, where she lay sprawled on top of him. While he was laughing, she bounded up and raced into the shower.

Squeaky clean, they dried with warm fluffy towels. Bob suggested they make a light meal together. “Good idea,” she agreed. They spent the next half hour slicing, dicing, and mixing to make a delicious Kung Pao beef main meal, with a salad and ice cream for dessert. Connie went to check on Timmy, who was whimpering.

A few minutes later, Connie was back. “Timmy is fine. Fever's gone, and he's sleeping. Probably get a full night's rest.”

“I'm glad,” he said, putting his arm around her to give her a hug.

“We had a meeting about the Jensen project I've mentioned,” he said “And who do you think made a pass at me afterward?” She shrugged.

“Greg!” Bob said.

“Greg. Greg,” she repeated. “Why does that name sound so familiar.”

“His wife left him. Ran off with, as she put it, a real man. Stupid bitch!”

“Oh, yeah, quite feisty divorce too.”

“Well, thought you'd like to know your competition.”

“I think you mean Steve's competition.”

“Let's talk about it over a glass of wine!”

She said, “Another last minute detail?”

“Get the wine,” he ordered.

“Yes, sir,” she replied, rendering a salute before doing a good about-face and marching off to the kitchen. After some clinking and grunting to open the bottle, she was back with two glasses. “Here's to Timmy's quick recovery.” They clinked glasses. Bob took the remote and turned on the TV to find an evening news program.

“Might as well waste an hour seeing what's gone wrong with the world, our nation, and things in general.”

The next morning they awoke at 6; he went into the kitchen to get mugs of coffee. Returning, he placed hers on the counter in the bathroom. “Thanks,” she called from the shower. In the bedroom, he removed his sleep shorts and t-shirt, then returned to the shower, where he got in just as Connie was exiting. “It's all yours,” she said, stepping out.

“Do you mean you or the shower?”

“Both, but you can only handle one of us at a time,” she said and laughed.

When Bob stepped out and dried off, Connie was finishing her makeup and just pulling on her light blue thong panties. “Nice choice,” he commented, patting her bottom.

“Thanks, I'll mention that to Susan. She bought me some new panty and bra sets.”

“You'll have to model them for me later.”

“That's what Susan said. She wants me to model them for her.”

“Smart lady. Gets to see you in them today.”

“I put them on; she loves to take them off of me.”

“Like I said, she's a lucky lady.”

It was with such banter that the day began for Connie and Bob. After a casual breakfast, they went to their separate cars and departed to their disparate jobs.

When Bob arrived at the office, the relevant staff was called to a meeting on the Jensen project. Harrison's secretary contacted the Pittsburgh company and patched them through to the conference room. After introductions, Bob took the floor and briefly went through his ideas to make the project flow more easily. His suggestions were as readily received there as they had been in his office. Consequently the meeting was shorter than usual, so that all could return to their daily work load and problems.

On the way out, Harrison asked Bob to step into his office. His brother, the other half of the original founders of Briggs and Briggs, was there too. “Have a seat, please,” he began. Bob was at full attention. “Bob, you came on board straight out of law school from our alma mater. We noticed right away that you're a go getter, a self starter. You have excellent organizational skills, you're personable, you respect others and take charge when leadership is needed, as you did today. Everybody in the office seems to be comfortable with you. In other words, you are a man who not only can do, but will do.”

His brother stepped in, “We think you will go far at Briggs and Briggs. We'd like to help you accomplish that.” Bob sat listening, wondering where all this was going. He had some serious problems he could be working on. “We are opening a new branch in Phoenix, and we need good lawyers who can run it, as a separate entity. We'd like to offer you an opportunity to make our new offices work there. You'll be working with some of the best we have from here and another branch,” concluded Harrison.

“What?” said Bob, half rising from his chair. “You want me at a new branch of Briggs and Briggs in Phoenix?” he repeated.

“Exactly. It comes with a compensation package of double your present salary. We've chosen Evan Philips to head it up. You know Evan, don't you?”

Bob nodded. “He's a good guy. I'd like to work with him.”

“He'll have an immediate staff of ten of the lawyers from this and another division. You're at the top of his list, as young as you are.”

Bob sat back down heavily. “Oh, my….” he said slowly. “I…I… don't know what to say, gentlemen.”

“We have kept this information very close; we believe nobody else knows about it. You're a man we want to keep with us, so we are offering this opportunity to you. Take the rest of the day off to think about it,” he said, pleased with Bob's reaction. “Can we expect an answer in two days?”

Bob was flabbergasted, stunned, and excited. His thoughts were racing. “Wait until I tell Connie,” he thought. “She'll be thrilled.” Then he came back to the meeting. “Thank you sir, I don't know what to say.”

“Say yes,” Harrison responded with a chuckle. “Now go home. Leave. All your responsibilities here will be taken care of.”

Bob walked out the door and headed toward the elevator. As he rode down, he was pondering the impact, not only on him and Connie but… but… on Steve, and even Susan. This was a huge decision. Timmy hadn't started school yet, so they didn't have that worry. In his car, he realized that he had hours before Connie came home, so he could do something with Timmy.

He had thought about the situation with Timmy: how he came into the room and went right for Steve's cock. No hesitation. He wondered, is homosexuality caused by a biological marker, a gene? George, when Bob related the event to him, poo-pooed the idea. “You're jumping into an area that is rife with fools.”

“Timmy is a young boy. He has had no exposure to sexual situations. The likelihood that he'd be gay is so small as to be insignificant.”

“How can I know that? Your comment that the one time when he he watched me suck Steve won't have an impact on him?” He continued, “But I need some evidence. I need an experiment.”

George was unhelpful. “We know so little about homosexuality! We have no hard evidence. All the ignoramuses claiming they have proof: they are a bunch of charlatans. Some statistical data, but without some recognized source, demonstrating their theory, means it's hogwash.”

George had found through hypnotherapy that it wasn't just Dave that had led Bob into exploring his gay side. He'd identified three other nexuses. The first began with a friendship when he was ten. It had developed into touching and other sexual activities. The crux was when Bob had sucked the other boy's cock, and not just once but many times. All those events firmly buried into Bob's subconscious.

An idea had germinated in his head, and now he thought was the perfect time to test his theory. Arriving at his home, he found the nanny with Timmy.

“Hello, my little man,” Bob said, taking Timmy into his arms.

“Hi daddy,” said Timmy, giving him a hug.

“Hey, want to go for a ride with daddy?”

Timmy squealed with happiness. “Yes, Yes.”

“Dolores, I'm taking Timmy with me for awhile. We're going to the park, or maybe the zoo. We'll be back before 4, OK?”

“Sure, Mr. Bob,” she replied.

The weather was quite pleasant, so they were fine with t-shirt and shorts.

“Where are we going?” asked Timmy.

“To see a friend. He has a boy. You'll like him,” he said.

The drive took only 10 minutes. The entire time, Bob's gut was in knots. Was he exposing Timmy to a definite path by this experience? Time and again he thought it would not. He hadn't called, so maybe Jeff wouldn't be home. Since the Lexus was parked in the driveway, it indicated that it was so.

They got out of the car and walked to the front door, where Timmy pushed the button. Bob heard the chime and heard the pad of footsteps of somebody coming to the door. He was happily surprised when it was Jeff himself who opened the door. This time not naked, but wearing shorts.

“Bob,” he yelled, throwing his arms around his neck.

“Hi, Jeff. You sound happy,” he grinned, prying the boy's arms from around his neck.

“Who's this?” asked Jeff suspiciously.

“This is my son, Timmy,” Bob answered. “I wanted him to meet you.”

“Cool,” he said with a smile. “Come in; we can go to my room.”

Ryan was not to be seen as they passed through the living area. Nor did Bob glimpse him in the kitchen.

Once they were in Jeff's room with the door closed and locked, Jeff came over to Bob and kissed him firmly on the lips. “I'm glad you came, I'm very horny.”

“Let's get naked,” said Bob, stripping, then helping Timmy out of his clothes. Now they stood, two naked boys and a man. Jeff was the most brazen when he stepped over to Bob and began to suck his cock, aching for release. Timmy watched wide-eyed, as Jeff suckled his daddy's cock.

“Cock sucker,” said Timmy, mimicking what he'd witnessed in seeing Bob suck on Steve's cock.

Bob and Timmy both watched, as Jeff rested on his knees before Bob and sucked him. It was erotic for Bob. But what, he wondered, was going on in Timmy's mind? Bob told Jeff to get up and led him to the bed, where they both lay down. In a duplication of the event at home, Jeff lay with his head on Bob's belly and sucked him.

Timmy walked to the bed, climbed on, and came up close to Bob's prick in Jeff's mouth. “Cock,” Timmy said.

“Yes, it's daddy's cock.”

“Cock sucker.” said Timmy, looking at Jeff, who laughed and agree that, yes, he was a cock sucker.

Bob said, “Just watch, Timmy. Jeff is sucking my cock to make cum shoot.”

Timmy watched wide eyed, as Jeff nursed on Bob hard rod. “I'm cumming, Jeff,” groaned Bob. As Bob had asked, he moved off to let the cum fall on Bob's chest and belly.

Timmy looked at the pools of semen on Bob's torso and said, “Is that cum?”

Jeff said, “Yes, it is.”

“Did daddy promise you that you could have his cum?

Puzzled, Jeff looked to Bob for instructions.

“Yes, I did, Timmy,” Bob said. “Jeff is a good cock sucker and likes cum too. Just like I do.”

Grinning, enjoying the way this was playing out, he agreed, “Yes, I did.”

Timmy grinned at his understanding of how cock sucking worked, “You get someone to promise their cum.”

Both Bob and Jeff believed it was cruel and unusual punishment to leave a lover unsatisfied. In return for the excellent blow job, Jeff mounted Bob's ass and boinked him good. Timmy was curious. He couldn't see where Jeff's cock was. He could only watch as Jeff lay atop his daddy and rubbed against him.

Jeff was grinning, as he imagined his small cock sinking into Timmy's ass while he whimpered with desire, wanting more.

They left shortly after. Bob knew that the sight of a cock could turn Timmy's head. He drove home with a sinking feeling that Timmy would go gay in a few years, despite what his mom wanted his life to be like.

On the way home, Bob told Timmy a story about going to the zoo and seeing the animals. He had Timmy recite the story several times before arriving at home. Connie was not there yet, but the message on his phone from Steve informed him that he'd be by around 6:30. Bob and Timmy went over the zoo story five more times. He insisted that Timmy was wrong about visiting Jeff. He wanted to convince Timmy that they'd been at the zoo that afternoon. He hoped Timmy's focus was on the zoo. He could not afford to have Connie know he'd introduced Timmy to more of the wrong influence.

After they arrived home, Bob found two of Timmy's favorite books about a zoo and the animals in it… He sat with Timmy and read them several times until he felt that his brainwashing stuck and was successful. He needed another story other than the zoo for their next visit with Jeff.

He was still sitting, with Timmy on his lap, when he heard the garage door open. He quickly concluded the story about animals in the zoo, when he heard the garage door descend and the door to the garage open, followed by the click, click, click of her heels on the tile floor. Timmy jumped from Bob's lap to run to his mom and embrace her. Looking up into her face, he said, “Guess what?”

She put her briefcase down and squatted to be at his level. “What?” she asked, grinning from her son's enthusiasm.

“Daddy took me to the zoo!” he said, eyes all aglow.

“That's great, honey,” she said, then stopped when it occurred to her. “To the zoo? So early in the day?” To do that, he'd been home much earlier than usual. “Just a minute, honey,” she said said to Timmy. “I need to talk with daddy.” Bob was sitting on the couch, a self-satisfied smirk on his lips.

She sat down beside him, ran her fingers through his hair and asked sweetly, “What the fuck is going on?” The smile on her lips belied the threat in her voice.