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Choosing a Stepfather

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 15:

The Proposition

Since Timmy knew about Mel's propensity for men, Mel no longer felt obligated to hide his partners. It wasn't unusual for Timmy to arrive at his home and find his uncle having breakfast with a man he didn't know. Mel's friends were friendly, so Timmy liked talking with them. His protective streak would prevent any kind of interaction between his friends and his nephew beyond friendly talk.

One day Timmy came by Mel's house, thinking that Mel would be ready to take him to the zoo as promised. The house seemed to be empty. Just as he was about to yell for his uncle, he heard a voice coming from down the hall. He knew he should stop and call out for Mel, but like most boys, his curiosity won out.

He walked softly along the carpeted hallway to Mel's bedroom.

Words like, “Oh, baby. You're my cock sucker. Take my ‘cum!’” issued from there.

At the words “cock sucker” and “my cum,” the image of his daddy sucking Steve's cock flashed back through his head, and two things happened. Timmy felt his own cock beginning to stir, and he had to see what was happening.

The door was open; Timmy carefully peered into the room. What he witnessed was forever seared into his brain. On the bed lay his uncle with his mouth open. Mounted atop him, seated on his chest, was one of Mel's friends, who was leaning over him. Timmy recognized the man as a regular at Mel's home. The cock he was thrusting into his open and accepting mouth was huge! Mel's hands were on the man's butt, urging him deeper.

For the first time, Timmy saw his uncle's hard cock and shaved balls. He stared, taking in the newness of what was happening. Mel, the friend, their cocks.

“Oh yeah, baby, you are such a hot cock sucker. I love your mouth, your throat, so deep for my hard dick,” he moaned, pushing harder and deeper with each stroke. Mel was moaning as well as he could with his mouth full of big, hard cock!

Timmy stood rooted to the spot, mesmerized by watching his uncle having his face fucked. All that, yet he was completely focused on that monster cock Mel was swallowing. Again the image of his daddy nursing on Steve's cock. He seemed so happy to be doing it. The man stiffened, shook, and rammed his cock into Mel's mouth. “Cumming. I'm cumming. Take it all. Take all my love juice.” Mel was kicking his feet spasmodically, and his own cock began to spurt ropes of cum onto the man's back and his own belly.

This would be a good time to leave, Timmy's gut was telling him, but he didn't. Instead he watched as Mel suckled the dick in his mouth until it slid, limply, from his mouth. The two men looked at each other and smiled. “I love your mouth, you beautiful cock sucker.”

“I love your cum,” replied Mel.

“Leave!” shouted the voice in his head. This time he did, walking as softly as he could away from the two men. Carefully turning the knob, he opened the door and slipped out, closing it with equal care.

Getting on his bike, he pedaled as hard as he could, unmindful of others on the sidewalk. His thoughts were still back in Mel's home, watching the two naked men in the throes of sex. Hot sex. Big cocks. Cum going into Mel's mouth, where he drank it down. Mel's own cock shooting streamers of white cum, to splat on the man's back and slide down leaving a trail of semen. He was shaking, as the images replayed inside his skull like some porno movie.

Reaching home, he leaped from the bicycle, allowing it fall on the lawn. Inside, he walked past his mom, neither seeing nor hearing her.

“Timmy,” she said, then more loudly, “Timmy!” But he ignored her.

Inside his room, he threw himself on his bed. His cock was throbbing, aching for release from the sexual excitement he'd witnessed. Just as he was about to unzip to relieve himself, he heard a soft knock on his door. His mom had long ago learned that it was never good to simply open the door. Once she'd happened on him lying naked on his bed, slowly jacking what appeared to be a nice-sized cock. She'd apologized and swiftly backed out. Now she was more cautious.

Timmy and she had seen each other naked before, since Connie felt that it would be healthier for a boy to know what a girl looked like naked. Since she continued to shave her pussy, he would see the folds of her cunt, not hidden beneath a nest of hair. In the back of her mind, she had considered that her nude body might even stir some hidden well of heterosexuality, but that had not happened.

Bob and Connie had both agreed he be circumcised; it was more healthy, not only for the man, but for his partners as well. It was important that he learn to keep that part of his body clean when he bathed. She had seen his penis grow from a mere one-inch stub, when hard, at birth to its present size when soft. While he grew from five to six, then seven, she would drop in on his bath a few times a week to make sure he was properly washing himself. Shortly after his seventh birthday, though, he had said, “Mom, I wash my peter good every day. You’ve taught me to do that, but I'd like to take my baths alone, without you barging in. OK?” She had grinned ruefully and agreed.

From that day, she'd only seen him naked a few times, but never hard until now. It was over four inches, not an impressive length, unless she took its length in comparison with his body size. She'd only seen it for a few seconds and then partly concealed behind his fist. That image stayed with her as she knocked on his door.

“Timmy?” she said softly from the other side of the closed door.

“Come in,” he whispered, lust making his words come out hoarsely.

The door opened and his mom looked in. “Are you all right, sweetheart?” she asked, sounding concerned. He nodded silently as she walked over and sat on the side of the bed. “What is it?” she asked. “I thought you and Mel were going to the zoo this morning.”

“He was busy,” the boy replied, but the faraway look in his eyes bespoke otherwise.

“He was busy?” she repeated. Then, her hand flying to her mouth, she said, “Oh! Busy! I see.” She knew that her son had witnessed something but would not tell her. Respecting his privacy, as she did at the right times, she asked, “Do you want to tell me?”

He shook his head. “No.”

“All right, dear,” she said, patting his face. “I'll leave you alone.” Just as she was rising, the phone rang, and she hurried from Timmy's room to answer it. He rose, walked to the door, closed, and locked it. Returning to his bed, he unzipped and pulled his oh-so-hard cock and balls from their nest inside his pants.

With the images and words echoing in his brain, he began to stroke. He knew this wasn't going to last long. Cupping his balls, he massaged them lasciviously.

“Oh, baby. You're my cock sucker. Take my cum!” The words rang and the movie played. “Oh, baby. You're my cock sucker. Take my cum!” He began stroking faster. “Oh, baby. You're my cock sucker. Take my cum!” The words repeated and repeated, until Timmy threw his head back and shot his ball juice into the Kleenex he was using to catch it. Then he lay back, panting, his mind clearing.

His mom had a knack for coming to his room at the right time. Being so close, maybe they shared some kind of telepathy. He'd just finished relieving himself, and was walking to the door. He needed to wash his hands. As he opened the door, there she was. “The call was from Mel, asking when you were coming over.. I didn't tell him you'd been there. Said he forgot what time you and he planned to get together. He's on the phone now, if you want to talk with him.”

Timmy felt under control now, so he went to the phone, picked it up, and said, “Hi, Mel. Gee, I kinda forgot,” he lied. The voice on the other end spoke, and Timmy nodded his head. “Yeah, I still wanna go.” Another pause. “OK, I'll be ready. Just honk when you get here. No need to get out of your car. Thanks.”

He was grinning when he turned. “Mom, Mel's coming to get me. We're going to the zoo after all.”

“That's good, dear,” she said. Her eyes bored into his in the way she signaled she wanted to know more about his visit to Mel's.

“Not now, mom. I can't. Later. OK?”

She nodded, granting him a reprieve. They'd talked about his sexual interests, but not in a prying way. If he chose to suck a cock, she didn't care, so long as it was safe. “I'm holding you to that, young man,” she said.

He went to the bathroom to wash his hands, and returned to the living room to await Mel's arrival. When he did show up, Timmy yelled, “Bye, mom,” and was out of the house before Mel had even pulled into the driveway.

Later that afternoon, Connie heard a car pull into the driveway. Looking out the window, she saw it was Mel's. Timmy had just gotten out and waved good-bye to him. The car was backing out as Timmy came up to the front door and entered.

“Hi, mom,” he greeted her, as he closed the door.

“Hi, honey,” she said, standing in the kitchen doorway. “How was the zoo? Anything new going on there?”

“Some new construction; building more cages. I guess that means they're bringing in more animals.”

Connie walked into the family room with a Coke for Timmy and a diet something for her. “Here's a Coke. Let's sit for a bit.” She went over to the couch to take a seat. Patting the place next to her, he understood the gesture. “Join me, please.” When she said, “please,” it really meant “do it.” He sat.

“So… you… uhm… ready to tell me what happened at Mel's this morning?”

He'd thought about that very event all morning while they wandered around the zoo grounds. Several times he was about to ask Mel, but didn't think having fun at the zoo was a good time to ask about sex. Maybe later. He was ready to talk, now that he was at home with his mom. Looking at her troubled face, he said, “Yeah, been wondering about what I saw.” Without prompting from her, he opened up, told the whole thing. How he'd panicked and raced home to hide in his room. “I think I understand now.”

“Understand what?” she asked puzzled. “What's to understand? You walked in on Mel and his friend. You got embarrassed, and didn't know how to handle it, so you came home upset.”

Timmy sighed. He was about to tell her about thoughts from his past. Thoughts that troubled him, for he didn't know how they got there. “It was more than just spying. His friend was telling Mel something like, “You're my cock sucker. Take my cum.” He modified his voice to sound like the guy on top. Then he cringed, realizing the words he used.

Connie could not hold back a laugh, “Your voice! The way you mocked Mel's boy friend.” That made Timmy smile too. “OK, but those words…!” He couldn't finish, because just repeating them brought back the echo of the same words from a forgotten time. His face flushed in remembering.

Connie saw Timmy's reaction and asked, “Timmy, honey, are you all right?” She was sitting up now.

Timmy steadied himself on her outstretched arm. “I… I… I'm OK.”

“What the hell was that all about?” Connie asked.

“That's just it! Those words. I've heard them somewhere before. But I can't recall. I just can't remember but…” he paused, his eyes staring not at Connie but at something, no, someone, no two someones… “And they… they… one of them was sucking a cock. The other man was saying, ‘You're my cock sucker. Take my cum.’” Connie started to speak, but Timmy held up his hand. She could tell he wasn't looking at her but at something, a movie playing in his head.

Then he closed his eyes, let out the breath he'd been holding, and said, “I know. Now I know what it was.”

“Well,” said Connie after he'd stopped talking for several seconds. “Are you going to tell me what you saw?”

He didn't speak, but rose from the couch, walked to the fireplace and took down two pictures, one of his dad and the other of Steve. “Mom, don't be angry, but I remember long ago walking into a room and two men were on the bed. I walked up close and saw this man, my dad, sucking the cock of this man, Steve, his boy friend.”

Connie gasped. She remembered that day, or thought she did. Susan and she had passed Timmy, who was going back into his room. Where he'd been, she didn't know. Didn't seem important. As were walking past Bob and Steve's bedroom, the door was ajar and Bob was sucking on Steve. This was unusual for the door to be open. Now it hit her. Timmy had been in there watching them. He must have seen the whole thing. He'd left the door open when he walked out. “God damn!” she whispered. “I tried so hard to keep him away from that!”

Now it was Timmy's turn to be puzzled. “What?” he asked. “what are you talking about?”

She pulled him close. “I know where you heard those words and who you were with when you heard them.” Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she told him what had happened. “You walked into your dad's and Steve's bedroom and watched daddy sucking Steve off. You watched Steve's cum shoot out.”

“Yeah, well there's more, mom.” he said, bringing her back to this moment. She looked at him. “More?” she asked. “More what?”

“When I watched Mel and his friend, and saw Mel's big cock and heard those words, I knew that I wanted to suck Uncle Mel! I wanted to get right up on that bed, and take his cock into my mouth and suck on it till he came. I wanted to be his cock sucker and take his cum.”

Connie's mouth fell open, shocked that Timmy would admit his sexual desires to her and so blatantly, and worse… far worse… that he wanted his Uncle sexually.

“You can't be serious!” she blurted out, but the look on his face confirmed her fears. That he was gay, she could understand and accept, but this she could not. Her face softened, belying her fears. “Honey, do you understand what you're saying?”

Timmy didn't look away. He nodded. “Yes, I do. I want to have sex with Mel.”

“That's incest. I don't want you having sex with my brother. He…” she stopped, not wanting Timmy to know about Bob and Mel.

“I can't help it, mom!” he wailed. She pulled him to her. Held him close as he softly sobbed. “I don't wanna, but I do wanna. I'm confused.”

She held him against her until he was all out of sobs. Standing up again, he wiped the back of his hand over his tear-stained face. She pulled a tissue from the box on the table by the couch and gave it to him. “Better?” she asked solicitously.

“I'm OK now, mom.” he said, kissing her. “I'm going to call a friend.” She smiled outwardly, to assure him that she too was fine, even though she wasn't. Still, she was troubled by Timmy's desire for Mel. Not good. Not good at all. She decided to break her promise to keep their discussions between just them. She needed advice and who better for this topic than Mel?

Fifteen minutes later, she was sitting across from Mel. Three minutes later, she had retold the story to Mel.

“Whew!” Mel whistled, slapping his forehead. “No wonder he was so quiet this morning. With all this heavy stuff on his mind. I thought he might be worried, but he has opened up to me, so I just let him go until he's ready to talk. Wow!” He was silent for a moment, then burst out laughing.

“What?” Connie said sternly. “You think this is funny?”

He leaned over to pat her hand reassuringly and said, “Not funny ha ha; funny ironic.”

“How so?” she asked indignantly, still not sure what he was talking about.

“Timmy is just a kid. He can't identify what he really wants. He claims that when he saw me naked, with my adult-sized cock, coupled with words that came back from an old episode, he jumped to the conclusion that he wanted my cock. But he's confused about a man-sized cock and my cock, two different things. What he really wants is a big cock; a man's.”

At first Connie was shocked at Mel's indifference to Timmy's incestuous desires. Then she thought his analysis was ludicrous. Finally she went back to shocked. “Whaaaat!” she sputtered. “No!”

“Sis, you gotta think about this calmly for awhile. Let it sink in. Talk to Timmy. Then talk to me again.”

She was still fuming about letting an adult man have sex with her son, but she knew Mel was right. It was fear speaking. “Fear of the unknown, of what I don't know. Fear.” So she set out on a journey to know.

Finding gay sites on the Internet was easy! Sites of younger and older men. As expected, none of these had anything between men and minor boys.

It was by accident that she tried “man boy sex” which was about, what else, sex between men and boys. Just men who manipulate attention-starved boys for their own sexual pleasure, with no love involved, which made her shudder. No, she wanted the best for Timmy, and the best sex involves love.

Typing “man boy love,” brought up stories and an organization that works to abolish age-of-consent laws criminalizing adult sexual involvement with minors that did not involve coercion. That sounded more like what she was seeking. Reading further, she learned about the Greek and Roman cultures, which encouraged men to have affairs with young men and boys. It seems that man/boy love is as old as love itself, and has been around for thousands of years.

Not all men who had sex with minor boys were pedophiles, who manipulate attention-starved boys for their own sexual pleasure. The majority were pederasts. The word sparked her curiosity, because she'd never heard about it. She found that it is a gay relationship between an adult male and an adolescent male outside his immediate family involving actual affection, even love.

After digesting what she had found, she felt much better. It did make a certain amount of sense, though. Fathers having sex with their sons, to her, was repugnant. But a man who a boy could look up to and rely on for guidance in all areas of his life, including sexual, well, that was more acceptable.

Then she stumbled upon a idea that gave her hope, when she read an article about gay and bi men that stay married to women, for a variety of reasons. It is easier publicly, family-wise, and socially. These men get all the benefits of being married. “That's it!” she thought. The germ of a plan was forming in her mind.

Over the next few days, she pondered this kind of an arrangement. She, herself, could never marry another man, she loved Bob too much. No man could ever replace him in her heart, but one could be a companion and give Timmy what he wanted: a male lover. Even better, it would bring the element of safety. She'd be there to supervise; make sure that no harm would come to her son. She'd seen Timmy come home from visits with Mel, ecstatic about some of the male friends he had. Once she was sure she could do this, she chose a good time to sit with Timmy and explain the idea.

Timmy was overjoyed. “You mean I get to have a lover? A real lover, that nobody can take away from me?”

“Yes,” was her simple answer, then went on to explain the whole thing. She put forth this proposition to her son. “If you can find — whether by your Uncle Mel's connections with the gay world or anyway else — some man you really want to be with, all the time, I will marry him on paper,” Connie proposed to Timmy. “He'll be — officially — your stepfather, so you'd have no reason to hide your being with him a lot. And he'd live somewhere in this house — not in my bedroom, of course, though none of the outside world need know that.”

“And in a way, this would help me too. You're not the only person who wonders why I remain alone 5½ years after I was widowed. I get questions from all sorts of nosy busybodies, none of whose business it is, and this would end these questions.”

“You can have a lover,” Connie cautioned, “But you'll still have to keep that secret from prying eyes. Sex between adults and young people is condemned by most of the world. And between a man and his stepson would even be considered worse. But nobody needs to know what's going on in the bedroom. The thing is, even in public you'll be able to show affection — that is considered normal. And you'll be living in the same house, so you can see him any time he's not working.”

Timmy responded, “You'll do this for me? Mom, I really love you for this.” And Connie replied, “I love you so much. Anything I can do to make you happy, I want to.” It was difficult for Timmy to fall asleep that night. Thinking about a man in bed with him was so exciting. He already imagined going to bed with him each night and sucking him off or fucking him. At night and during the day he fantasized about the man he would get to pick out as a stepfather.

Calling Timmy to her, she put on her mom hat, looked him right in the eye, and said, “I think it's time we talked with Mel about this.”

Fifteen minutes later, she, Mel, and Timmy were sitting together in her living room, discussing the possibilities. “Maybe you should consider a therapist. Someone who is familiar with this kind of compulsion,” Mel suggested.

“And learn what? That you and I are conspiring to hook a minor boy up with some pedophile?” she asked rhetorically.

“I guess what really gets in the way of my thinking about this, is that he's my nephew. I've read stories about some guys who like boys, where everybody lives happily ever after. But this is Timmy! My blood, not some fictional boy who is seduced into some pedo's bed…”

“Stop using that word. I'm looking for the other kind, one who can have affection before Timmy sucks him off!” When their laughter over this image died, she went on, “I signed the Mom Code at birth, to protect him and make him happy. How do you think I feel about it?”

Just then Timmy broke in, “I'm sitting here getting a hard…, I mean, an erection, listening to this. Don't I get a say?” Both heads turned toward him and nodded in unison. “Can we just do it?” he asked.

Mel looked at Connie and she at him. “I'm not into boys and the guys I know aren't either, so I'll have to start tapping the gay grapevine.”

“Huh?” asked Timmy. “what's a grapevine?”

Mel was trying to stifle a grin when he replied, “It's a plant you get grapes from.” Connie's eyes grew wide and she began to laugh. “Mel, you asshole, knock it off. This is serious. Tell him.”

“It's a network of people looking for something. Like I call my friend George and ask him, he calls two people, and asks them, then each of them call two people Soon the whooole wide world knows what I want.”

Timmy grinned too. “Oh, OK, thanks.”

Mel leaned forward and said, “Look! This is a mystery to me. I've never looked for a pedo…, I mean one of those guys who can love a boy. Don't expect miracles. Don't call me, I'll call you. OK?”

“OK,” agreed Connie. “Thanks, Mel. You're a wizard.”

Timmy came over to him, gave him a big hug, and whispered, “Thanks,” in his ear.

Mel said, “OK, sport. Time for you to skedaddle, so your mom and I can have some adult time.” Timmy didn't want to leave.

Connie pointed to the door and said, “Go, baby. Call a friend. Go outside. But go!”

“Aw, mom!” he whined.

“Go,” she repeated, and he went, grudgingly, walking out of the room. When they heard the door close, Connie put her finger up, then went to the window to see him on his bike, pedaling down the street.

“OK,” she said. “He's gone. Now what?”

Now what indeed! It would almost be easier to smuggle weapons, than what Connie wanted to do, considering the legal aspects. Great care was necessary.

“I'll put out some feelers. No ad in ‘Craig's list.’ I can only imagine those who would show up, sniffing. Nope, I want personal recommendations! So I have a trail I can follow back. Here's what I want to do.” Mel described a circuitous method involving a friend, privy to the project, to assist: in the event of a bust, he had deniable credibility, and his innocence could not be doubted.

OK, so it did look, uhm… somewhat suspicions to see a nearly, but not completely, naked boy prancing around. So what? Jerome was just sitting for his cousin, who would return any minute now. And when this very cute, almost pretty and very desirable, boy climbed on Jerome's lap, then hugged him, kissed him, and touched him suggestively, what boy lover could resist? The sight of Timmy was one thing, but the bulge created by his erection hinted at the treasure that lay beneath the thin material.

“Hi, Timmy,” was the usual initial attempt to get Timmy onto the boy lover's lap too. Of course, Timmy had been taught how to appear to be the essence of innocence. He would shyly approach, then after several attempts to entice the boy onto his lap, where a similar bulge in his pants loudly proclaimed his sensual interest and desire. When Timmy finally did relent and clamber aboard, he was seated on what felt like a lovely, very hard, penis beneath several layers of clothing. But soon they might be kissing and touching, the man being driven to the point of exploding, when Jerome would call Mel. “OK, Mel, come on over.” Mel would take the pair to Connie's, and on the way, explain the ground rules, ending with “No, means, no.”

Connie was grinning widely as he described this complicated plan. “Maybe I should ask the CIA to manage it,” she quipped.

“Little sis, you know I do have some experience in undercover op's,” she nodded. “So let ol' uncle Mel do it his way, OK?”

“Let's have a glass of wine, to celebrate,” she said.