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Choosing a Stepfather

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 16:

The search

What Timmy didn't know was that Connie's mom instincts were fearful of Timmy being alone with some guy whom none of them knew. A friend told her, “I have an easy solution for that problem: a surveillance system.” He offered to wire each room of the house for sound and video, which could be transmitted to a nearby receiver.

Mel had not disagreed. She trusted Mel, but was concerned that some pervert relying on Mel's good nature might do what he wanted, rather than what Timmy wanted to. The plan was to introduce the latest guy to Timmy, then drive away from the house. Rather than go to some place 15 minutes away, he'd be parked and in his car just around the street corner, but out of sight. Then he'd turn on the video and sound, so he could watch and hear what they were doing. Were he to hear cries for help, he could be in the house in less than two minutes. Connie believed this was a good plan for Timmy's safety.

Once the guy thought he and Timmy were finished, regardless of how long or briefly he stayed, he'd call, saying something like, “OK, I'm done here. Come get me.” To maintain the façade of being some distance away, Mel would tell him he'd be there “in about 15 minutes,” wait that length of time, then pull back into the driveway. He usually didn't even have to get out when the latest prospect was already out the door walking toward the car. They rode back to Mel's place in silence.

Later, Mel and Timmy got together to hear what Timmy thought of the guy. From Timmy's rejection of each, it was apparent that what he wanted was affection, in addition to a “big cock.” None of these men seemed capable of giving a trusting boy what he wanted. Alone with a naked, desirable, and naked boy, their gay instincts kicked in and they went after what they wanted. His mouth around their cock or rimming ass, his cock in their mouths, or his sweet bubble bottom impaled upon their spears.

Jim was promising, especially since he had a lovely large prick. Timmy loved the way it felt in his mouth, even though it was hard to get much in due to its size. But too much of a good thing can be deceiving. Jim's cock was so large that it was painful when he tried to fuck, for Timmy started crying. Mel already had his hand on the ignition, ready to race to Timmy's rescue, when Jim had the good sense to back out. When he knew he could not fuck Timmy, he called Mel. “I'm done.”

Ken was promising too, Mel believed, when he introduced him to Timmy. Ken's face had lit up when he saw this boy. He gave a soft whistle of delight. “Remember, Ken,” Mel reminded him. “No means no.” Looking at Timmy, he said, “I'll be back in one hour.” But on a quick backward glance over his shoulder, he saw Ken grab Timmy's arm and head off to his bedroom. He almost stopped and went back, but assumed Ken was just a tad overly enthusiastic. He'd know in a few minutes. He got into his car, and left the house. Parked around the corner, Mel pushed the power switch; the video monitor was showing the family room. Mel switched from camera to camera to find them in Timmy's bedroom. When he saw the coil of rope on the floor by Timmy's bed, it was as though a cold hand had gripped his heart.

“No! No!” Timmy was crying, struggling to get free, while Ken fought Timmy to remove his clothing, rather than let him strip himself.

“Shut the fuck up, Timmy!” he growled. “I'm not going to hurt you.” He was holding Timmy down. One arm was bound to the bedpost, and Ken was just about to tie a loop about the other arm.

“God damn!” Mel shouted, turning the ignition on and putting the car in gear. A quick glance at the street showed no traffic in either direction; he hit the gas, made a tire-screaming U-turn in the middle of the block, and raced around the corner onto the street where Connie lived. He slowed as he approached her home, and pulled quietly onto the drive.

Entering the house, he stepped quickly to Timmy's bedroom, from which he could hear Timmy's cries for help. As he opened the door, Ken was just about to loop the rope around Timmy's left foot. Mel entered the room and walked silently up behind him. Grabbing him by the collar, he spun a surprised Ken around and pushed the muzzle of a 0.32 caliber pistol in his face. Ken went pale. He staggered back until he was against the cool glass of the window. Holding his hands up, he cried out, “Don't shoot! Please!”

“You son of a bitch! I told you no meant no!” Mel said very coolly and calmly. “Just what is this?” he asked, indicating the rope.

He was untying Timmy as he held the gun on Ken. Once he was loose, Mel held him, calming him. When he could talk, Mel told him, “Call 911. Explain that some guy had come in while you were sleeping and tried to rape you. He's somewhere in the house, then scream and hang up.”

“Mel, what are you doing?”

“Isn't it obvious? You're about to be arrested for child abuse.” Timmy giggled, enjoying this revenge.

“What? Nooooo!” screamed Ken. “Please! Can't we talk?”

Mel sat on the bed, holding a gun on Ken. “Talkin' is done,” he growled in his meanest voice. “You get your clothes, and hustle out the back way. Now!”

Ken leapt to his feet, grabbed his pants, shirt, and shoes, then ran from the bedroom, out to the back door. The last sound they heard was the slamming of the screen door. His socks lay abandoned on the floor.

No more than three minutes had passed before a police car pulled up at the curb and two officers dashed out, running to the house. They were banging at the front door, shouting. “Open up! Police!” Mel went to the door, opened it, admitted them into the house, and spoke with the officers briefly. They talked with Timmy, who explained that someone came into the house while he was taking a nap. Before the guy could do anything, his uncle Mel arrived, there was a struggle, but Mel had lost and the guy escaped through the back door. No mention was made of the gun, nor that Mel had let him escape. The police left soon afterward.

“Timmy,” Mel began, “I'm so sorry this happened. Sometimes we make mistakes about people. I never should have allowed Ken to be with you.” Timmy was happy, willing to let his uncle Mel off of the hook. “There are some bad people out there who want to hurt you.”

Despite what Ken had tried to do, Timmy was still the trusting sort. He met other men with high hopes, only to be disappointed. None of them could match Timmy's expectations of a real lover. “He wouldn't kiss,” or “he came way too soon,” or “He was too fast. Wanted sex right away,” or…, or…, or… Mel sympathized by saying, “Better luck with the next one.”

He confided to Timmy, “Sometimes my friend is a dud too.” Timmy laughed at the description of a firecracker that won't go off.

And so the search went on, with Timmy growing more impatient. In six months, Timmy had been with seven unsatisfactory partners. One day he asked in frustration, “What's wrong with these guys?”

“Timmy, you're playing in a small pool. Many men have fantasies about being with a boy, but that's pretty much it. Just a mind game. If you want, I'll keep looking.”

Just when it seems that the project was going nowhere, the impossible happened.

Mel, who deliberately sought out LGB-operated businesses, hired Dan to do an estimate on some house remodeling. Timmy happened to be at Mel's that day, just to hang out, when the doorbell sounded. Mel left the room to answer it. He heard the front door open and Mel speaking with some guy. The voice seemed somehow familiar, but he couldn't place it. Mel and his guest were walking his way, but he wasn't paying any attention. At first.

Mel stopped talking about his plans for the house remodeling, and said, “Dan, this is my nephew, Timmy.”

At the mention of the name, “Dan,” Timmy looked up. Time seemed to stop. “Timmy?” asked the man. “Dan?” said Timmy. There was a brief and complete silence, until a surprised Mel asked, “You guys know each other?”

“Yes,” they cried in unison. They were so happy to see each other that they completely ignored Mel. Timmy rushed over to hug Dan. Of course, Dan hugged him back. It was clear that Dan was a match for Timmy, and all talk about the house ended. “Would you guys please tell me how you know each other so well?” Dan sat down on the couch next to Timmy, and for the first time felt free to touch him. For the next ten minutes they talked, each of them taking turns in the telling.

They told Mel about their meeting at the swimming pool one day when there were few other people or kids. Timmy was resting with his friends after playing so hard, when Dan came into the pool area. Wearing a pair of dark blue Speedos, Timmy immediately saw that he was very well endowed. So while his friends went back into the pool to play, Timmy remained to talk with Dan. The kernel of a friendship had been planted; it would grow.

Timmy quickly knew that Dan was someone special, but didn't know how to tell him. Dan wanted to be friendlier with Timmy, but feared the consequences of being too friendly with Timmy.

The one time they'd gotten better acquainted was when Timmy announced he had to go pee. He was standing at the urinal, with his swim suit pulled down around his knees, showing his boy-sized package with a hard four-inch penis. Then Dan entered and pulled his Speedos down, to expose a very nice semi-erect cock. Their exposure was limited to one, all-too-brief view of each other's cocks in the restroom at the pool.

Mel called Connie, to tell her that he was bringing another visitor and Timmy too. He went on to explain how they already knew each other. Timmy seemed happy with this guy, so the initial introduction went well. Into Mel's car they went, and in 15 minutes pulled into the driveway at Connie's and Timmy's home. “I'll be back in an hour,” he promised Dan as they were getting out of the car. He pulled out of the drive, turned, and drove around the corner, where he parked. Hitting the power button on the receiver, it was mere seconds before it warmed up and the video screen sprang to life.

Inside they could barely wait to get their clothes off, but restrained themselves until in Timmy's bedroom. Once naked, Dan sat on the edge of the bed, pulled Timmy to him, and they kissed. Timmy had his arms around Dan's neck, holding them together like glue. Their tongues met and twirled around each other. Both felt their cocks growing hard and impatient to be part of the fun.

When the kiss ended, Timmy's eyes were misting over. “I've wanted to kiss you since that first day at the pool,” he said softly, his words slurred by emotion. A single tear broke free from his eye and ran down his cheek. Dan wiped it away tenderly. “Oh, Timmy. If only I'd known…” his words trailed off. He reached over to Timmy's bare chest, fingers lightly touching Timmy's small nipples, which had hardened to small pink balls. Timmy moaned happily as he duplicated Dan's touch.

Dan's nipples were quite large, larger than most men's, so Timmy had larger firm projections to tease, first with his fingers, then lowering his mouth to enclose one with his lips. Dan looked down at his young partner, whose mouth was pressed against his chest, lips encircling his nipple, licking and nursing it. He sighed, “Timmy, your mouth feels so good there. Mmm…” It wasn't only from the erotic feeling of his nipple being sucked, but because it was the mouth of this boy whom he'd lusted after for weeks. Now it was all coming true. Gently he stroked Timmy's hair, whispering softly words of desire and want.

Timmy knew what Dan wanted. His lust was growing, as he tasted the flesh of this man. The warm skin and musky scent sent twin signals to his brain, combining in the insatiable need for cum! Releasing Dan's nipple from his mouth, he looked up into those warm eyes and asked, “Can I call you daddy?” Dan nodded, not understanding why he felt so deliriously happy. “Oh, yes, Timmy. I'll call you son.” Timmy's silly grin showed how happy he was to belong to this man.

“Can I be your cock sucker? Will you give me your cum?” he asked, still staring into his new daddy's eyes. Dan's nod was all he needed to slowly kneel, kissing his way down Dan's chest and belly, giving the button a lick before arriving at his bare pubes.

There it stood before him, the big cock he had yearned for. Without touching it, he kissed Dan's shaved balls, stuck out his tongue, and brought it slowly up the shaft and over the head, to lick off the oozing precum. Dan was delighted. Here was a boy who demonstrated the true art of fellatio. Timmy, knowing how to please a boy, would also please a man, and he used every trick he'd learned from watching men and women give their partners blow jobs on porn sites. He masterfully licked and nibbled the straining cock before him. As much as he wanted to close his mouth around that pre-cum pulsing head, he continued the slow agonizing tease.

“Oh, God, Timmy! You are magnificent. Where did you… uhg… ever learn to do this?”

Timmy smiled to himself, but said nothing. For that knowledge would do little to give pleasure as he was doing now. Dan groaned and thrust his cock forward, pushing it into Timmy's mouth quite unexpectedly. Holding Timmy's head, Dan's ass cheeks clenched, and shivered. He had one of the most intense ejaculations in his life.

Dan's throbbing cock spurted powerful jets of hot, sticky semen into Timmy's mouth. He sighed with satisfaction, having his cock exactly where he'd repeatedly fantasized. To Timmy, Dan's elixir tasted delicious. He couldn't have gotten a better reward. With his lips closed tightly around the pulsing shaft, he was propelled to heaven. Even being taken to such a sexual high, he idly wondered how good Dan's cock would feel sliding in and out of his aching anus.

Mel also had one of the best climaxes in his life. Sitting, watching, and hearing these two lovers was the best porn he'd found. “I wish I had recorded this,” he mused. The signs were all there: homo or hetero, these two were already there, for love in bloom was obvious. The soft, tender way Dan was treating Timmy. The glow in the eyes of both. Timmy's slow tease in sucking Dan showed he wanted to give as much pleasure as he could, denying his own. He knew Timmy had nothing to fear from this man, whom he'd asked to call daddy. He wasn't sure he liked Timmy calling some other guy daddy, though.

The hour passed far too quickly for Timmy and Dan. Timmy had sampled what reward Dan's balls could give him, although Timmy was unable to share that same taste treat with Dan. Approaching puberty, he could get a raging hard-on, good for sucking and fucking, but not for delivering semen. Now they lay together, cuddling with Timmy's back against Dan's chest and belly; laying plans for the next rendezvous.

When Dan's learned of Timmy's search, he was incredulous. “Are you telling me that you are looking for a man to be your gay lover, Timmy?”

He grinned and said, “Uh huh. Will you?”

Dan held Timmy closer than ever, kissed the back of his neck and said, “Oh, Yes!”

So completely engrossed in their flesh-to-flesh connection and intimate conversation were they that they were startled by the tapping on Timmy's door. “Timmy. Dan. You guys 'bout done in there?” Mel asked, already knowing they had given up their lust, and were now relaxing.

“No,” said Dan with a laugh. “But come in anyway.”

Mel entered to see his nephew smiling happily in Dan's arms. He could not help but admire Timmy's body becoming more firm and filling out. Pointing at his watch, he said, “Time to go.” He didn't mention that Connie would soon return. She didn't want to meet the men who were taking advantage of her innocent little boy.

That was the agreement all three had signed on to, so Timmy reluctantly disengaged from Dan's warm grip. Knowing their first encounter was ended, Dan rose as well. They dressed, albeit less speedily than they disrobed. Then Mel and Dan were soon in his car, speeding back to his house. Did Mel ever drive any other way? After chatting a bit more with Dan about his and Timmy's first date, Dan made it clear that he was most enthusiastic about seeing Timmy again. Based on his observation of their mating, he was sure Timmy felt the same way. He promised to let him know in a few days.

Dan had come over to write an estimate for upgrading and doing other work in Mel's home, so they concluded that business too.