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Choosing a Stepfather

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 17:

Timmy and Dan

Mel called Connie when Dan had gone. “Hi, sis, got some good news. The latest prospect was a success. I think Timmy has found his prize.” He went on to tell her what he'd observed of them in Timmy's bedroom. Again she expressed her misgivings about turning her son over to this guy who was old enough to be his father.

“Yeah,” agreed Mel. “But isn't that what you want him for?”

Connie giggled, “Of course!” Then added quite soberly, “I want to meet him. When can you arrange for us to get together?”

“I'll call him immediately. Is there any time that's better for you over the next week?”

Connie thought for a moment, then gave Mel several choices. “One of these will be best. Get back to me ASAP, OK?” Then they hung up. Already Connie was tense. The idea of meeting this man was making her nervous. All her doubts were surfacing. Timmy may like him, but what if she didn't? God! It was like approving her son for a marriage, which she realized it probably was. She tried to shake her concerns by calling a friend. Get out of the house. Go to a movie. Or she could work out at the gym! So she did; all four. Afterward, she felt relaxed sufficiently to think straight and accept that she was going to give her son to this man, whom she sincerely hoped would love him, and who would become her husband on paper, and live in the same house with her! She was ready! Bring him on!

Mel called Dan, who answered on the first ring, after checking to see whose name came up on his cell phone. “Hello, Mel,” he said calmly, even though his nerves were raw. This was the call that would toss him into a raging sea of agonizing possibilities of what-ifs.

“Hey, Dan. How's it going?”

“Just fine,” he replied. “You?”

Cutting right to the core of his call, Mel told Dan that Connie had given him some dates and times they could get together. He rattled them off, then waited while Dan checked his schedule. “Two days from now at 3:00 works for me. I only have one appointment I can finish up by 2:00.”

“Good,” exclaimed Mel. “I'll let Connie know right away. I don't want to keep you, but one other thing. You and I need to get together for a briefing. I'll show you Connie's picture and tell you what she's like. Any time between now and your date with her.”

The words, “your date with her,” hit him like a hammer. He hadn't had a date with a woman in over two years, not since he'd given up searching for a replacement for his dead wife. His palms became sweaty.

“Sure, Mel, I'll be by tomorrow morning around 9:00. That OK?”

“I'll see you then. Bye.”

The next morning, promptly at 9:00, Dan was pressing Mel's doorbell. Mel welcomed him in, and led him to the kitchen table, where he had a file for him. It contained Connie's picture, and other papers, including her address, and some pertinent details about her tastes, interests, personality, and other details.

Dan laughed when Mel slid the file to him. “You don't do things halfway, do you?”

“Old habits die hard,” Mel replied, then flipped it open. Several pictures of Connie were the first items.

Dan made a low whistle. “She's beautiful!” he exclaimed.

“Yeah, she is, but don't let her pretty face mislead you. My sister is a sharp lady; she can see through any phony baloney. She'll be nice, even sweet, and ask a lot of questions. Most importantly, don't try to impress her! Just be you.”

Dan felt his stomach knot up. “So I'm going before a combination of Judge Judy and a firing squad?”

Mel had to chuckle at the comparison. “I guess you could say so, but here's my point. You are intelligent, funny, a heckuva good looking guy, and you are very personable. Just be that. Show her respect, and make clear how you feel about Timmy. Women are big on feelings.” Then he cocked his head, smiled, and said, “Think of this as going in to evaluate a job. Tell her what she wants to hear about your ideas to make hers and Timmy's life better, and let her know you are the best contractor in town.”

Dan let out his breath. “OK, I can do that.”

Mel stuck out his hand. “Good luck, my friend. I'll expect to get a call from Connie telling me what a great guy you are, and how much she wants her proposal to happen.”

The two men shook hands, and Mel led Dan, the file clutched in his hand, to the door. They said good-bye, and Dan walked back to his dark blue Honda parked by the curb.

Mel called Connie to confirm the date she gave him when they spoke yesterday. “He'll be there on Thursday at 3:00, as you requested.” Now it was her turn to go into panic mode.

Connie told Timmy that she wanted to meet this man, whom Timmy thought was so wonderful. She loved her son, and wanted him to have what he needed. But Timmy was still a boy and needed guidance. Connie would surely do that, no matter the cost. “Mel told me he's coming over Thursday at 3:00.” Timmy was happy, the happiest he'd been in a long time. With mom meeting Dan, he just knew everything was going to work out.

Timmy had described Dan, both physically and sexually! So she knew more or less what kind of man to expect. Still, her usual confidence was on shaky grounds. This wasn't just some weird kind of blind date, but a meeting between a worried mother and her son's lover.

She had a flashback to when she had met Bob's lover and he'd met hers. But those were different. The four of them were mature, educated adults. This was her son, and she was, in effect, approving his cock-sucking lover, an idea that seemed repugnant! As Timmy had told her, he had already been doing that for almost a year before he met Dan.

Even with a glass of Merlot to help calm her, she was nervous. Three o'clock came and went. It was now 3:15; she thought he'd chickened out and wasn't coming. Then she saw the dark blue Honda pulling up by the curb. “Timmy,” she called, “He's here, honey.”

Timmy came racing into the room, looked out to see Dan striding up the walk, and, with a shout, threw open the door to run out and greet him. Connie stood at the open doorway, looking at this Dan guy with her son draped around him. He was laughing, quite a normal laugh, and hugging Timmy in quite a normal way.

He disentangled Timmy from his neck, and took his hand to continue walking, his face more sober. Then he looked up and saw Connie. She was even more beautiful than her pictures showed. His mouth dropped open for a second, until his composure returned and they arrived at the door.

“Mom, this is Dan. Dan, this is my mom, her name is…” he was saying.

“I know, it's Connie. What a lovely name,” he said, extending his hand to shake hers. He couldn't take his eyes off of her face. “I'm so happy to meet you.” Then added, “At last.”

Connie, once she got past the idea of Dan as a sexual person, realized that he was much more than Timmy had described. In fact, he was hot! For the first time in many years she felt herself actually attracted to a guy… sexually! She took his hand for a moment to say that she was happy to meet him. When she realized that their hands were still connected, she reluctantly released his. “Oh! Uhm… Won't you come in?” She stepped back from the door to let a laughing, happy Timmy and this lovely man into her home, closing the door behind them.

“Let's go into the family room,” she said and it hit her that she'd invited him into the family room, not the living room where she usually entertained friends. Family room?

“Please have a seat. Here, this is a very comfortable sofa.”

“Thank you,” he said, sitting down. Timmy immediately took a seat beside him.

“Timmy, would you please get our guest something to drink.” She knew she shouldn't, but her eyes kept coming back to Dan. It was somewhat embarrassing to see him checking her out over and over. They both looked away in embarrassment.

“Sure, mom. Dan, can I get you some water? It's what we usually have, isn't it?” Dan blushed, knowing the reference to the water they'd taken with them to the bedroom.

“Uhm… Sure, Timmy. Water's fine, thanks.” Timmy scurried around to fetch a glass and pour water from their big bottle of water. Carrying that, along with his Coke, he brought it back and handed it to Dan, who took a sip and set it on the small table next to the couch. Connie joined them, bringing a glass of water as well. She would like to have her trusted Merlot, but she'd had one glass already. Another might cloud her mind.

She had just sat down and was placing her glass on a coaster, just as Dan reached for his. Their fingers touched and it was as though a spark jumped between them. They looked at each other for a very long second. “If this guy is gay, I'm President Cleveland,” she thought, with the realization that he was was attracted to her. She was not just attracted to him, her heart was beating like a tom tom. Some interesting thoughts crowded into her mind, none of which could she express with Timmy sitting in the room.

Timmy noticed the extended silence, and that his mom was looking at Dan in a funny way. Dan seemed to be looking at her too. “Mom? Dan? Hello!”

Both Dan and Connie blinked and turned to look at Timmy, who was puzzled by this odd situation.

Connie's face returned to her usual mom look, and she said to Dan, “Timmy has told me how you met and how you have talked about yourselves.” She didn't include, “and how you've been fucking my son.” That would come later. “Why don't you tell me about you?”

“First let me tell you what a relief it is for me to know that Timmy and I are, well I guess you'd call it, dating.” He said, bringing the crux of the issue out. “You've asked me to tell you about myself, and you deserve to know.” Dan began talking at first in generalities, then became more animated as he told about his mom, dad, and siblings. When he got to the part of his life, marrying the only woman he'd truly loved and then her death, he bowed his head, and was silent and subdued for a moment.

In that instant, Connie reached out her hand to place it on his. “I'm so very sorry,” she said. “I know the pain your are going through, for my own husband, Bob, was my only love, when he died almost six and a half years ago.”

Dan looked up at her, and whispered, his voice choked with emotion, “Then you do know what it's like to lose someone so dear.” Connie's eyes became very moist and nodded, for she could not even speak, her heart was beating so.

Timmy sat, quietly watching this scenario unfurl before his eyes. Something inside him urged his silence. A voice seemed to be saying “Watch. A miracle is happening.” So he watched.

Connie produced two tissues, one for her and the other for Dan, to wipe away their tears. Tension was broken, and they could talk about her son, his lover. Now she spoke as a mom, explaining her reluctance to allow him to be with a man while he should be dating boys his own age, but she loved her son so much that even this, she pointed to the two of them, not even minding that Timmy was holding Dan's hand, his face radiant with unconcealed happiness. Dan was smiling too, similarly feeling very good.

She happened to glance at the clock on the wall behind Dan. “My goodness!” she exclaimed. “It's after 6:00. We've talked for three hours.”

“And a most pleasant three hours,” he said, rising. “I must be going. Can't take up more of your time. You've been most generous.”

Connie stood and took his hand. “Nonsense, You're staying for dinner!” Timmy began shouting, “Yeah!” Dan just smiled, then offered, “Why don't I take you out to dinner at my favorite restaurant?” It wasn't a question. Timmy was holding his mom's hand. “Can we, huh? Can we?”

Connie gave a stage sigh and agreed, for she was reluctant to see Dan leave. It wasn't chilly out, so they didn't need jackets and went quickly to his Honda. Opening the front door, Connie put a light hand on Timmy's back to nudge him toward the seat. “He's your boy friend, you should sit up front with him.” She smiled at Dan, “Yes, I give you permission.”

“Thanks, mom,” Timmy said, quickly sliding in and fastening the seat belt over him.

Dan opened the back door for her. “Thank you,” he said. “You are truly very generous.”

“He's my son, and he deserves a man who can love him. I think you are that man.” She stood looking at him, and he at her. For just a moment, he had a powerful urge to lean over and kiss her. Her lips parted slightly, as though preparing for the kiss she wanted. Her heart was beating a rapid tattoo.

“Hey, Dan. We gonna go eat, or what?” exclaimed Timmy.

She slid into the seat, he closed the door and walked around to the other side where he got into the driver's seat. Turning the key, the engine caught and idled while he pulled his seat belt on. Checking the oncoming traffic, he signaled and pulled out.

Timmy said, “Did you hear that? She says you're my boy friend.” Emboldened by his mom's acceptance of their status as lovers, he reached over to place his hand on Dan's cock, marking his territory. Connie was fighting to send away the urge of wishing she could do that too.

“It's getting big,” Timmy said in a stage whisper. Connie felt herself blushing, as she allowed herself to have thoughts about a rising cock under her hand.

“Hush, Timmy. Time for that later.” He glanced at Connie in the rear-view mirror. She noticed, smiled, and winked at him.

It wasn't long before they arrived at the restaurant and found a parking place close to the front door. Entering, Dan greeted the Maître d' by name, “We'll need a table for three.” The Maître d' glanced at Connie and smiled, as he whispered to him, “She is quite lovely, Dan.” Knowing that Dan was gay and his usual companion was similarly gay, this arrangement that he was with a lovely woman, seemed odd. Perhaps she was his sister, he wondered, but said nothing.

They had only a few minutes to wait before a waiter took three menus and indicated that they should follow him. The table was nicely placed along one wall, so they had more privacy. A young woman came by to take their drink orders and when she left, Dan said, “those two glasses of water have gone right through. I'll be back in a minute.”

“I'll go too,” said Timmy, rising from his chair.

“I'll wait here,” Connie said.

“You like my mom, don't you, Dan?” he asked, when they had walked far enough away from the table.

“Yes, of course, she's a very nice lady.”

“And pretty too, isn't she?”

“Very pretty and very nice,” he echoed.

Entering the restroom, they had it all to themselves. “Can I give you a quick blow job, Dan? I've been wanting to suck your cock all day,” asked Timmy.

“Sure. Let's use the far stall.” Entering, Timmy stood before him, while Dan unzipped his pants to pull out his very hard cock. Taking it into his mouth, he began to suck on the head while lapping it with his tongue and stroking it with two fingers at the same time. Dan was so horny, and Timmy was so good at this, that Dan was soon emptying his balls into Timmy's mouth. Timmy lapped a few more times to clean the head, then took the shrinking rod from his mouth and replacing it in Dan's pants. “You taste really good,” Timmy said as they walked to the urinals to pee.

“You suck really good too,” said Dan.

Returning to the table, Connie looked at her watch, indicating that she knew why they had taken so long. “Is he good at it?” she whispered.

“One of the best I've met.”

She patted his hand, letting it linger a few seconds longer.

The drinks came. Connie was so glad to have a Merlot in her hand!

Then their waiter re-appeared to inquire, “May I take your orders, sir?” Dan told him what each of them had selected, he wrote them down, thanked him, and went off to the kitchen.

While they waited, Dan and Connie chatted amiably, which slowly evolved into flirtatious, with innuendos, along with suggestive glances and light, lingering touches of the hands. Her eyes danced and flashed with each ill-concealed sexual undertone.

The food was well prepared and excellent. Connie savored her salmon, declaring it superb. When bellies were filled to capacity, they pushed back their plates to relax for a moment before the bill arrived. “May I take your plates?” asked the waiter. “Yes, put the remainders into boxes for us, please,” said Dan. With a nod of his head, the waiter took their plates away. Returning with the boxes a few moments later, he presented the check, which Dan paid. Leaving the restaurant, Timmy walked on one side with Dan and held his hand. Connie was on the other, their fingers occasionally brushing against each other's.

The ride back was even faster, as it was later and traffic was light.

Dan was about to pull up the the curb to park, when Connie leaned forward and said, “Park in the driveway.”

“But…” Dan began to protest.

“Please. I insist. You're staying the night.”

Hearing this Timmy shouted, “Ho-ray. We can sleep in my bed.”

“Honey,” said Connie. “Your bed is small. You and your boy friend can sleep in the larger one, in the guest bedroom.”

“Thank you, Connie. You truly are an amazing woman for loving Timmy with the intensity you do.”

“When I love, I love intensely,” she whispered to him. “Completely!”

He pulled up into the driveway, stopped, and turned off the engine. Closing his door, he came around to open Connie's, helping her out. Once again hands lingered against each other. “Intensely,” she whispered to him softly. He smiled at the implications of that word. Timmy didn't need any help getting out, but raced to the front door to wait for his mom to open it.

Inside, Connie suggested that Dan and Timmy should go on to bed. She was going to sit up to watch the news.

“OK, thanks, mom,” he said, running to kiss her. She smiled at Dan and blew him an air kiss. “Good night, lovebirds.”

Timmy led the way to the guest bedroom. The closer they got, the harder Dan's cock was getting. He imagined that Timmy's was too. Inside, Timmy closed and locked the door. Turning to Dan, he pulled him close and kissed him, soft warm boy lips against hungry man lips. Their tongues met and danced. “Mmm…,” purred Timmy, now that it was official. Mom said they were lovers.

They quickly stripped and stood naked with each other. Dan moved to the bed to sit, admiring Timmy. “Please turn around for me, Timmy,” he said. As the boy did so, he admired the beauty of the bare, flawless skin, unblemished by unsightly hair. He especially loved seeing Timmy's round cheeks concealing that special part of him, his puckered entrance that would be his tonight.

A knock sounded on the door. “Sorry to bother you,” Connie said, “I'm going to open…” She did not get to finish that sentence, for Dan pulled the door completely open and stood there naked and erect. Behind him, also naked and also erect, stood her son.

Her eyes went wide, and she dropped the lube and a small towel. “Oh! My goodness!” she exclaimed, starting at his large, thick cock pointing dangerously at her.

“Thank you,” he said, closing the door slowly. He knelt to pick up the lube and towel.

“No. Thank you,” she said silently to herself. She'd sleep well rested tonight, after she relieved her horniness with the image of those two pricks. Connie did not walk away from the door, but stood, listening. From inside, she heard Dan say, “You have a beautiful body, Timmy. Come here and let me love you.”

She heard the soft rustle of sheets, as Timmy moved onto the bed, which had become their altar of love. For tonight, Timmy would offer up himself as a sacrifice to Dan's cock. The next sound was the lapping and slurping of a tongue moving between Timmy's spread cheeks and his soft moans of sensual pleasure. The sounds only continued to inflame her own lust. With pussy dripping, she went off to her own bed, to find satisfaction by herself.

“Oh, Dan,” sighed Timmy. “Your tongue feels so good in my ass. Please don't stop.”

“My cock will fill you better, Timmy.”

“Yes, but please lick me there longer.” Why not, Dan wondered. I love being here naked, using my tongue to extract sensual pleasure. In a few minutes, he'll be begging for my cock… The thought remained uncompleted, for Timmy was crying, “Daddy, fuck me, please.”

“With joy and with love, Timmy.”

Connie had thoughtfully included a small towel, knowing he'd want to wipe his fingers after preparing Timmy's small bottom for penetration. He often considered how nature had given us ass holes that could be stretched for our pleasure, then return to normal size. Timmy's was so small, yet given enough time and patience, he'd opened it wide enough for his thicker than average cock to move into it, no longer causing him pain.

“I don't care, I want your cock up my ass, like a real lover,” Timmy had said.

Dan had explained to Timmy how he was going to stretch him, telling him that there would be pain at first. First a single finger, then two, and possibly three, to slowly stretching it until it was open enough for him to push in. “I'm sorry, but the pain is necessary.”

The easiest method he'd found for fucking a newbie lover, was for him to seat himself upon his cock and slide down upon it at his own pace. Once Timmy and his cock were well lubed, he knelt over his hips, spread his cheeks, while Dan positioned his prick so that it just touched Timmy's hole. Timmy would then lower himself onto it. In this way, Timmy himself could control the speed of insertion. Dan still got a thrill watching his cock disappear up an unspoiled ass.

After full-insertion, Timmy lay down upon Dan's chest. Dan would roll them both over until he was atop the boy, with his young legs pressed against Dan's sides, as Dan began to slowly thrust into Timmy's interior. Gradually speeding up until he was pounding Timmy's ass relentlessly. All the time, Timmy would be sighing and crying with the fantastic filling and re-filling of his love tunnel.

In time, the simultaneous caressing of Timmy's hard prick being massaged between their bodies, along with Dan's cock stroking Timmy's prostate, sent signals to ejaculate. Timmy felt the eruption of climax, but had no semen to shoot. Within a short time, Dan's cock was massaged by Timmy's tight sphincter until he could hold back no longer, and shot his own four powerful jets of cum to further lubricate Timmy's gut.

They lay together, panting and laughing from their exertions and the wonderful feelings of sensual pleasure they had just shared. When breathing returned to normal and Dan's shriveling prick slipped from Timmy's boy cunt, Dan rolled them to their sides to relieve the weight of his body on Timmy.

They would lie cuddled together until power returned to and expanded their dicks. They reversed positions so that Timmy was atop Dan, inserting his smaller erection into Dan's cock-hungry hole. Now Tommy would plow Dan's anus until he sent Dan's sperm shooting between their bodies and soon after, his own climax — adding nothing liquid.

They walked naked to the bathroom just outside the bedroom door, where they cleaned themselves before returning to bed. Later that night, perhaps more than once, one would wake, to find and suckle the hard cock for the reward of elixir from the balls. When the morning light woke them, they lay together, kissing and recalling last night's loving. Taking a 69 position to simultaneously take care of their itches, then more rest.