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Choosing a Stepfather

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 19:

A New Family

Dan continued to come over to see Timmy and spend time with him. Connie watched them, and was truly impressed how Dan could be Timmy's lover in one moment, then in the next treat him like the boy he is. Their affection for one another was growing in the direction that a father would have. Dan seemed very comfortable with both sides of his personality. So did Timmy.

In that family, the child would love both the man and the woman as any child would a father and mother. But in this family situation, the man and the woman did not have romantic love for each other, only a respect for the other's station.

She could not truly love a gay man, nor he a hetero woman. But they could see each other many times a week, sharing meals, laughing at the same jokes. Could such interaction between then bend the gay/straight boundary separating them? Could sufficient contact even break such a barrier and bring the man to the woman?

What about the boy, Timmy? He could not love Dan as a lover, because he'd never learned what that kind of love is. He'd watched his friends paying more attention to girls as puberty lurked just around the next year. He saw some older boys holding hands with girls, sitting next to them at lunch, perhaps even walking them home. He didn't understand boy-girl love, because he'd not experienced it.

Harold, the boy with whom he shared intimate physical contact, was there solely for kissing him, sucking his cock, and fucking his ass. They never exchanged words of affection. Neither did his straight male friends, nor the girls he hung out with and studied with. They were buddies or friends.

The only people who told him they loved him were his mom, uncle Mel, and Dan. Theirs was a safe, protective kind of love. Dan may have told Timmy he loved him, but unless a sense of sharing and caring were involved, it was superficial. These adults were teaching him it was OK to be gay; to accept and love himself.

Could those relationships change? Inevitably, they must, for none can share closeness without becoming closer.

Connie was feeling less and less conflicted about her son having sex with Dan. It wasn't that she didn't want them to get closer, but her own sexual feelings were being stirred when she watched them together. Sometimes, more and more often, they'd kiss passionately even when she was about, like any pair of lovers. Although she did wish they could keep their sex in the bedroom, where it belonged.

Particularly when she'd come upon them in a long embrace, then would quickly look or turn away. Other times she watched them, but could not look away.

Seeing Timmy behave with Dan in such a sexy way, was like an aphrodisiac. She'd feel her heart pounding and feeling dizzy, as though Timmy were touching her that way. It was then she gasped and rushed away. She couldn't behave like this. He was her son!

It was worse, not only seeing his mouth pressed to Dan's, but his hand between Dan's thighs cupping the large bulge. Dan liked it! He would groan and thrust his hips forward into Timmy's hand. She was aware that her nipples stiffened.

Dan had his own conflicts. When he lost his wife and was so disheartened that he could not find another woman who came even close to matching her figure, brains, wit, and sex appeal, he had given up. He didn't want to begin an affair just to have sex, but he seemed horny all the time. Soon those desires were released one evening at a party when a very charming man invited him to his home and taught him the sexually thirst quenching cure: gay sex. He took to cock sucking, as his friend said, like he'd been born to it. He'd fuck his friend until he was drained of energy, strength and lust. Few gay lovers could match his passion and desire for a man.

His head was turned one afternoon at the public pools when he met a boy of such beauty and personality that he was immediately smitten with desire for his body. When their eyes met and held, when their gaze continued, he knew this was the one. Inside this immature body was the man he sought as he had for his wife's replacement. Dan knew that Timmy was what he wanted.

Looking back after they'd parted, he regretted giving Timmy his phone number. For days he agonized. OhGodOhGod…! On the third day his phone rang. “Hello,” he said with some trepidation, for the display was not a number he recognized.

“Hi, Dan. This is Timmy. Remember me from the pool?” said a soft voice, almost a whisper.

“Timmy. Yes, I do remember. How good of you to call. How are you doing?”

It all happened so fast that it seemed like a dream. They talked many times. He was having stronger feelings for this boy. He wondered if it could ever happen, when fate intervened. He made a call on Mel's home, and now here he was actually invited to have sex with Timmy. The mom, no less, blessed their sex life. What could be better than this? Connie.

She was beautiful, smart, protective of Timmy, a great personality, charming, and was sending out signals that were becoming harder to ignore. Somewhere in his animal brain, an itch was developing, and a need to scratch it.

Timmy loved his mom. Some of his friends told him that she was pretty, even beautiful. Sometimes when a few friends were at his home, he'd hear one say to the other, “She sure is hot. I'd like to suck those tits!” Upon confronting the boy, he said, he was sorry about sucking her tits, but “your mom sure is hot looking.” He let it go, but not entirely.

Drawn by curiosity of what it meant when a woman was as pretty as his mom, he'd gotten online to his encyclopedia of the world and checked out some sites with beautiful women. Of course he had no desires for their naked bodies, but he realized his mom was beautiful.

“Dan thinks so too,” he thought. He'd seen Dan watching her way too long to be by accident. Initially, he felt jealous. His boy friend had eyes for his mom. He asked Dan if he thought she was pretty. “Pretty doesn't come close, Timmy. She's beautiful!” Dan told him, with a big smile.

“Do you want to have sex with her?” he pressed.

“Timmy, I'm gay. Like you. I like cocks and fucking ass holes. Like you.” Dan reassured Timmy, even while he lied. He did want to fuck Connie.

By chance Timmy came home from school early one day. He'd forgotten it was a half day, and hadn't mentioned it to his mom. The weather was perfect. Not too hot; not too cold. Just right. He came through the front door with a plan to surprise her. Entering quietly, he removed his shoes and placed them by the door. The house was quiet. No music, no TV. She might be gone, napping, or in the back yard. It was but a few paces to the kitchen with the window that gave a panoramic view. He walked stealthily toward it, keeping a low crouch. Coming at it from the lower left corner, he cautiously raised his head until he could see. For a moment, he was shocked at what he saw.

Connie had earlier decided that with so much free time until Timmy came home from school, she'd get a little sun. Donning her very skimpy bikini, sun screen, and a towel, she moved a chaise longue into the sun, and placed the towel over the crisscrossed plastic strips. She was about to lie down when, on a whim, she stripped off her bra. Grinning at her daring, she thought, “What the hell. I'm alone. Why not go all the way?” Off came the bottoms. She stretched, naked arms held high, luxuriating in the way the breeze caressed her bare nipples and butt. Felt soooo good to be free. It was at this moment that Timmy's eye cleared the window sill and he beheld her. And gasped. The woman who stood naked in the back yard was not his mother, for he beheld her lovely bottom and curvaceous form. He was struck by how much she looked like one of the beautiful sexy women he'd seen online. She began to turn and pirouette to some unheard music. To dance around, her hair trailing in the light wind. Timmy felt stirrings he'd never felt before as he watched. She stopped, facing but not seeing him, and cupped her breasts as though offering them to him.

He swiveled and raced as quickly as he could from the window to his room, where he closed the door to lie panting on his bed, salacious images of his mother moving in his brain. “No! No! She's my mom,” he kept assuring himself, but without success. When he felt a tightness in his pants, he reached down to discover his cock was growing. “No, no!” he pleaded to whatever gods caused erections. “She's my mom!” he wailed.

Connie had nearly drifted off when she heard Timmy's voice. He was in pain! Rising quickly, she raced to the sound of her son's cries. “What could it be,” she asked, almost fearful of what she would find, “that could make her son cry out like this?”

Without knocking, she flung open the door and rushed to him. Hearing the door open, he took his hands from his face. His eyes grew wide as his mother, naked, rushed into the room and to his bed. “What is it, honey?” she asked. “Are you hurt?”

Timmy's mouth could only flap wordlessly as he stared at the apparition sitting on his bed trying to calm him. Finally he managed to gasp out. “Mom! You're naked!”

Now it was Connie's turn to be shocked as she understood him. She'd not put on anything in her dash to find out why her son was crying so. As fast as she realized her predicament, it faded. She was more concerned with Timmy's well being than a few clothes. He'd seen her naked before. She put on her mom's hat and took charge. “OK, I'm naked. You've seen me like this. Now! Why are you so upset?” she demanded.

“I'm… I'm… Not upset!” he stated, staring at Connie. It wasn't her face he was looking at, but her two lovely breasts, with nipples hard. When he had gawked at the anonymous girls on the website, he felt distant from them. Intellectually, he understood that they were beautiful, but they were only images. Here before him was an even more beautiful woman. She was naked, and didn't seem inclined to cover up.

“Timmy, honey,'” she repeated. “Why were you crying?”

“I'm OK now, mom. Really! Just a bad dream, I guess.”

Connie smiled at him and was rising, when Timmy said, “Mom.”

“Yes,” she said, turning and looking down at him.

“You're beautiful!” he said.

“Why, thank you, dear,” she said, beaming, making her seem even more beautiful.

“Mom,” he said, as he stood up from the bed.

She hadn't moved, but remained like a goddess before him. She realized that he was looking at her oddly, his eyes taking in every inch of her body. She managed to suppress a shiver, knowing what he was probably thinking. This might be a good time to leave. Let the tension dissipate.

“Can I hug you?” he asked, stepping toward her.

She took one faltering step back, then stopped. She felt a warmth rising up her belly into her chest, spreading up over her shoulders and onto her face. Wordlessly, she opened her arms, which Timmy immediately moved into. He put his hands around her, and lay his head on her chest. She put her arms around him. Her brain was saying, “Don't. Stop. It's not right. He's your son.” To which Connie whispered back. “I don't care.” The bulge that had begun minutes ago was now fully erect and pressing against her sex.

Timmy raised his head to look at her. “Don't care? About what?”

“It's nothing, Timmy,” she said, pushing his head back down against her breast. His hand slid down her back, slowly reaching, then touching her bare cheeks. She stiffened slightly, then relaxed.

“Is it OK? I mean if you don't…”

“It's OK,” she reassured him, as his hands explored her bottom. Looking down at her son nestled against her, she saw the proximity between his mouth and her nipple. With a shaking hand, she touched the back of his head lightly.

“Are you sure, mom?” he asked in a hoarse whisper.

“I'm sure. More sure than I've been about a lot of things lately.”

He moved his mouth the intervening few inches, kissed the hard ball of dark flesh, then licked it. Connie gasped out, “Oh, Timmy. Oh!” he took the nipple in his mouth and began to suckle once more, as he had done as a baby.

Her juices were boiling; a horniness began to suffuse her body unlike she'd ever felt before. Timmy moved one hand around her hip and reached for the cock that wasn't there. Instead he found a warm, wet slit that he began to touch lightly.

A primal moan from deep inside of her rose to her throat. “I want you, Timmy.”

She moved her body back a bit to unbuckle his belt. She felt the bulge against her hand when she moved it to unzip him, then the button, as his pants slid down to his knees, paused, then continued on down to where he could step out of them. Only his briefs remained. He kept his lips around her nipple, sucking it as he tugged them down until they too lay abandoned on the floor.

His hand moved back to her moist lips. What had Dan told him about girls? They had a little cock between them. He moved two fingers in, but bumbled about until Connie took his hand and said, “Like this,” and rubbed them over her clit. She gasped. “That's it.” He continued rubbing as she moaned.

She found his cock and balls, which she cupped to massage, as she had done to Bob many years ago. His cock wasn't quite as large, but it would grow. For now, it was fine for stroking. Both he and she were shivering and moaning, as they strove to bring the other to a climax. Timmy, overwhelmed with lust and desire, was the first to grunt out, “I'm cumming!” His cock bounced in her hand, but expelled nothing.

Seconds later Timmy's first effort was successful, as she stiffened, stood on tip toes, and leaned her head forward to bite his shoulder lightly. He jerked, feeling her teeth test his flesh. When she regained her senses, she pushed him back, until his legs struck the bed and they toppled over, winding up in each other's arms.

When it struck them what they had done, they giggled and laughed from the sheer craziness of it. “Take off that t-shirt,” Connie directed him. When you lie with a naked lady, you must be naked too.” He did so without argument.

They whispered together, excited about their new sexuality with each other. Timmy declaring he still liked sucking cock and fucking ass, but wanted to learn more about his mother's body. Raising her head, she asked him in mock horror, “Are you saying you want to fuck my ass, young man?”

“Only if you let me,” he countered.

“Not until you've done fucking me the right way. Then we can negotiate your cock up my bottom.”

“You're kidding, aren't you?” he asked. When she said nothing, he repeated. “Aren't you?”

“Your father used to do it. I don't see why you can't too,” she said seriously.

“Uhmm…,” Timmy began, uncertain how to say the words but Connie understood. “Let me take care of that.” Then she went into the details of how Dan would learn that the sex life in Connie's home had developed a new facet. Timmy was laughing as she ended with, “And that's how Dan will become my lover too.”

“Mom, you are the best mom. And hot looking too.”

“I know,” she replied. “Why don't we shower together in my bathroom, then have something to eat before our lover comes home.”

“OK,” he said, already rising. Race you to the bathroom.” he said and was off.

The water was running when Connie entered. She stooped to take out two towels from the those she kept beneath her counter.

They spent a lovely 20 minutes using plenty of body lotion to make each other clean. Additionally Connie conducted two more lessons in how men and women make love.

Kneeling before her, she directed him to spread her lips, or labia, as she called them. “Might as well learn the proper name for them. He saw the small, although not as small as he imagined, clit, which he began to lick to both Connie's and his delight. “You are a fantastic cunt eater, for a first timer,” she praised. When he had demonstrated his skill at eating her clit and hole, a warm sensation spread over her body and legs, causing her to almost lose her balance, but Timmy caught her.

“Wow! Timmy! Wow!” she said, leaning against him. After a moment, she said, “My turn.” Then her turn to kneel before his crotch to demonstrate the skills in cock sucking that Bob had taught her. She would have never guessed that one day she'd be using them on her own son. Once he was drained and ready, they exited the shower, to towel each other sensually dry.

It was almost 7:00 when Dan arrived. “What a day. I'm pooped,” he said, dropping his briefcase and pulling Timmy to him to kiss him tenderly. Dan held Timmy in his arms listening, as Timmy whispered. “You want to what?”

Timmy nodded and spoke sotto voce, “It'd be sexy as hell, huh?”

“You got it kiddo. OK, I'm game for this, but first I gotta get some food. You eaten yet?” Timmy nodded. “Then you can come watch me eat. We can talk about what we're going to do this weekend. The two went off to the kitchen, with Timmy trailing jabbering away. So kid-like.