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Choosing a Stepfather

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 20:

The marriage becomes real

She turned on the TV to watch one of her favorite shows, then the news. As it was getting toward 11:00, she turned off the TV and went to bed to get ready for her plan to happen. Turning off the light in the family room, she walked down the hall. Dan and Timmy's bedroom light was off. She sincerely hoped that Timmy could carry out his part of the plan. Entering her room, she closed the door. She only needed one small bedside lamp for its subdued illumination. She was feeling very excited and aroused over what she was about to do. It could backfire, but she didn't think so. She opened the blinds to her window and raised it. The spring night was warm, with a light breeze blowing. So like the many nights when she and Bob had gone to the nearby park, where their walk could turn into an unexpected sensual or even sexual event. How she did miss him!

Stripping, she looked at herself in the vanity mirror. What she saw staring back at her was a woman still very lovely, with a nice figure, good ass, and very firm breasts, despite her having given birth to Timmy. Unlike the large melons that men seemed to drool over, hers were more of the orange variety, and because they weren't so large, they didn't sag. She was proud of her body, because she had worked so hard to keep fit and attractive.

Stepping out into the hallway, she padded silently along. From the hall into the living room, then to the family room. Looking out the sliding glass door, she saw the back yard displayed in the light of the full moon. Sliding open the door, she stepped out, then re-closed it, and walked into the grassy part of the yard. There she stretched languorously and sighed. She was turning in circles when she stopped. There were Dan and Timmy — both naked!

Timmy was kneeling between Dan's open thighs, sucking his cock, his head bobbing up and down on the shaft. She feigned surprise, for it was as she had anticipated. Dan loved being naked in the out-of-doors, as he had mentioned numerous times with the invitation, “Let's join my friend's family by the lake sometime.” Connie nodded, but indicated that nudity with people she didn't know was not her style.

Dan's head was thrown back while he enjoyed the delight Timmy was giving his cock. Her entrance into the yard had interrupted his enjoyment. She gasped as Dan looked at her and smiled. He signaled with his hand and said, “Come. Join us.” She shook her head to indicate no, but he waved again.

She played the waiting game. Shaking her head emphatically, she turned to go back inside, when Timmy looked up and said, “Please. Come join us.” Her hand was already on the door handle to open it, when she changed her mind and walked to the bench where Dan was sitting. When she sat, she made sure her thigh was pressed against his.

Indicating Timmy's enthusiastic cock sucking, Dan whispered, “Isn't he beautiful?” It was one of the most beautiful sights she'd ever seen. Dan and Timmy expressing their gay love for each other. She reached out her hand to stroke his hair in encouragement. “Yes,” she whispered, “it is.”

Sucking and bobbing his head on Dan's large cock, she idly thought, “It's about the same size as Bob's.” Watching this was making her horny. She couldn't tear her eyes away from this sensual and erotic sight. And she licked her lips, remembering how much Bob had loved for her to suck him. She reached out to stroke Timmy's cheek.

Everything conspired to drive her to her goal. She was already horny as she stepped out into the yard. Watching these two in gay lovemaking had perversely made her even hornier. She could no longer restrain herself. She leaned toward Dan, put her hand behind his head, and pressed her lips to his. Recovering from this surprise attack on his lips, he kissed her back. His hand moved unconsciously, to cup her breast, the hard nipple pressing into the palm of his hand.

When their faces separated, Dan recalled the same look on his wife's face when they were lying together in bed and she played with his cock. Just before she went down on him, he'd see her lick her lips.

“Connie,” he said, softly touching her shoulder. He saw that same look of longing as he had in his wife's eyes. “Y… yes?” she asked, confused.

“I think you'd like to take Timmy's place, wouldn't you?” She looked down at Timmy, then back at Dan. “Go ahead,” he whispered. “Timmy won't mind.”

Now Timmy was looking at her, holding that beautiful rod out for her.

“I… I… I should leave,” she said, her heart pounding in her chest.

Seeing her like this, allowing herself to be a woman with a man, they both knew she could not leave. Not now. The wheels of inevitability were turning. There was no going back.

She slid from her place on the bench to kneel beside him. Dan whispered to her, “Baby, you know what you want.” His hand gently pushed, no real pressure since he knew she was willing, only held back by a thin strand of fear. “It's OK. You can do this. Bob would want you to. Go ahead.”

Those words pushed her over the edge. She moved between Dan's thighs, taking Timmy's place. Lowering her head, she opened her mouth to take his cock in. It was electric! The feel of a woman's lips encircling his rod. To his delight, Connie was an excellent cock sucker.

When he came, she didn't move off, but took his massive ejaculation in her mouth, purring all the while. One of the best climaxes ever! He lay back, panting at the outstanding blow job. When she'd licked clean his head, she stood, sat down on his lap, and leaned forward to plant her mouth against Dan's. He put his arms around her, holding her against him, enjoying the feel of her warm flesh and those hard nipples pressing into his chest.

She pushed some of his cum into his mouth, so they could both share the warm, sticky semen on his tongue. Gradually their lust declined, replaced by the warm glow of acceptance. Connie did love him, and he knew that for the first time in years, he was feeling real love. Timmy moved over to put his arms around both of them, his hard cock rubbing against Connie's arm. Connie raised herself to look at Dan, then to Timmy and his hard cock still grazing her arm.

“What do we have here?”she whispered, looking at his erection. To the surprise of all three, Connie said, “In for a dime, in for a dollar,” leaned over, and took his cock into her mouth. Timmy couldn't last, not with all this sex going on around him, and he had a climax unlike any he'd had before. His mom's warm lips encircling his erection. Too much! He had cum. Then, as she had always done with Bob, she looked up at Timmy, pulled him close, and kissed him.

Timmy's eyes were wide from surprise. Things were happening much too fast. First, his mom had never been like this before, but he knew he liked it. He realized that a naked girl's body was nice. But secondly, there was more to this kiss. For as they did, their tongues dancing with each other, Timmy thought… No, He knew, for he had tasted something different. Then he realized what it was. He tasted cum! His cum! That meant he'd actually shot his first load, albeit a small one. He ended the kiss quickly and all but shouted. “Mom! Dan!” They looked at him, their lust on hold. “I did it. I came.” Connie smiled. Yes, she had tasted a small pool shoot onto her tongue. Nodding, she agreed. “Yep,” she confirmed. “My son is becoming a man.”

Connie would have no further delay, but took Dan's hand and pulling him up said, “Take me to bed, or lose me forever.” Scooping her up in his strong arms, he carried her into the house and to her bedroom, with Timmy trailing along. He laid her gently on the bed. His eyes glowing with renewed desire, he leaned down to kiss her, while his hand had found her pussy, slid between her lips and touched her very hard clit, which he began to rub. Timmy watched, still wide-eyed at seeing what Dan's hand was doing. Whatever it was, his mom was loving it, for her hips were moving in concert with Dan's digit.

After their prolonged kiss, Dan moved down her body, kissing and sucking as he went, until he came to her shaved pussy. Her hands moved onto his head, signaling her need to have his tongue replace his finger.

Timmy moved around, so he could witness Dan's attack on his mom's pussy. Her eyes were closed; she was in ecstasy. His attention turned to her breast. Kneeling beside the bed, it was just at his mouth's level and he took it. Sucking as he had as a child. Connie was groaning, thrashing her hips back and forth. “Fuck me,” she cried out. “Oh, Dan, fuck me. Make me your woman.”

Dan moved onto the bed so that his erection lay on her pussy lips. Rubbing it against them, she cried out. “Get it in there. Now!” Timmy was surprised at his mom's vehemence. Obligingly, Dan slid several inches further down, then pushed in.

“Ugh…,” sighed Connie, finally feeling the satisfaction of her love canal being filled. Head thrown back, her mouth open, she groaned, “Oh, yes, yes, yes. Fuck me, you bastard. Fill my cunt with your big cock!” Dan was certainly doing that as he rocked forward and back. In and out, over and over. He was panting from his enjoyment of Connie's beautiful body.

When she opened her eyes, Timmy was standing nearby. She smiled at him and reached out her arm to take his cock and once more lead it to her mouth. She suckled, finding that a cock at both ends was even better than one. She grunted, releasing his unfulfilled cock, as Dan slammed into her. “Ohhhh…!” she sighed, for he had given her a majestic climax. Thirty seconds later, he jammed his cock into her cunt, filling her with his cum. His body stiffened for a moment, then relaxed. He lay down on Connie, panting from their lovemaking.

Opening his eyes, he smiled at Timmy and waved his hand, inviting him to climb onto the bed and move to him. He knew what he was to do. He moved his cock to Dan's open mouth, inserted it there, and watched him nurse. With that, the threesome was complete. Each of them had made sexual contact with both the others.

After it was all over, and they had rested, with Connie lying between them, she said, “I want to see you two fuck.” Neither Dan nor Timmy objected, and their cocks had grown again. They spent a little time in lubing Dan's cock and preparing Timmy's anus. Dan lay on his back while Timmy straddled his hips. Spreading his cheeks, Timmy lowered himself onto Dan's hard cock. Connie watched in wonder, seeing his small ass being spread open to admit Dan's wide cock. She thought it must hurt, but seeing the ecstatic and beatific smile on Timmy's face belied that notion. He sank down for Dan's cock to fill him completely. Soft sighs emanated from both, as Timmy sat, mounted upon Dan's groin.

When he lay forward to rest on Dan's torso, Dan's arms went around him and rolled them both so that Timmy was on his back, with his legs pressed against Dan's waist. They lay together for a few seconds, then Dan began to rock his lubed cock in and out of Timmy's ass.

“Amazing!” Connie thought, watching Timmy's ass stretched and violated over and over. She was surprised when Timmy grunted, “I'm cumming,” even as Dan continued rocking his cock in and out. Once again Timmy's small load erupted, leaving a dab of wetness between them. A moment later, Dan shot his load into Timmy's gut, then collapsed on him for a moment while his breathing returned to normal.

The die was cast. The inevitability of what had to happen was assured. After a shower to clean themselves, with lots of touching, the happy trio returned to lie naked on Connie's bed unwilling to release the moment.

For Timmy, all this was different. When he saw his mother naked and being sexual, especially sucking cock as much as he did, turned him on more than he expected. He'd gotten so carried away with watching Dan and his mom, seeing them like this made him so horny, that he joined right in. His mother willingly taking his cock while Dan fucked her. Watching her go down on Dan afterward, while Dan took his hard cock, and looking at her pussy, he'd gone down to lick her cunt; tasting her juice and Dan's cum was all it took. He actually realized that maybe he wasn't totally gay himself, as he'd thought. After all, he'd decided he was gay before he'd even been aware of bisexual men like Dan. And since that, he was so busy making love to Dan that he hadn't reassessed what his feelings really were.

“Mom, can I suck on your breast again? I liked doing that.”

She smiled at him, loving him for wanting to be close like that again. “Of course, you can. Come on over here and take it.” She put her hand under it, offering it to him. As his mouth closed around her hard nipple, he could feel his cock rising again.

Connie looked at Dan and said, “Well, lover, why don't you take the other one?” She offered it to him. Dan didn't need another invitation. He was nursing on her at once. Now she looked at the two male mouths closed around nipples, bringing back that intense erotic feeling she had experienced when baby Timmy nursed at her breast, drawing sustenance from her body.

Timmy's hand moved over her bare belly and down to her lips below. He moved two fingers between them and found her wetness. He was unfamiliar with what to touch, which Connie sensed. She put her fingers on his, directing them to her clit. “Rub there, baby. Make mommy feel good.”

The smell and taste of her body. Now the touch of her most intimate part — Timmy was feeling very aroused. He suddenly knew what he wanted to do. Raising his head from the breast he'd been nursing on, he asked Dan, “Will you help me?”

“Huh?” asked Dan. “What do you… Oh, I see. Move over her body this way.” Timmy did what he was told. When his erection lay over Connie's lips, he began rubbing, somehow knowing this is what a man does to a woman. “Good boy,” Dan said softly.

“Move down a little more,” Connie broke in. He slid down further, his cock still between her lips. “A little more. Ah! That's it. Now push in.” Timmy felt his cock slide into a warm wet tunnel and just kept moving in until his cock was fully buried into his mother. Except for the wetness and less tightness, it was just like fucking Dan. He moved backward until it almost popped out, then back in. He was in control, knowing exactly what to do. In a moment he was thrusting in and out of her. So smooth! So easy!

Connie loved Timmy's energy. Suddenly, she shrieked and bucked under Timmy. Stopping, he wondered if he'd hurt her. “Timmy!” Connie cried out. “I'm OK. Don't stop. Please.” he went back to the in and out action. She was softly moaning, wriggling her cunt on his rod. “Mmmm…, you are making mommy feel so good. Don't stop.” He didn't, but just kept it up until she cried out again. She was laughing and crying out. “Oh, baby. You keep that up.” But he couldn't last forever, and shortly after her third climax, he came into her, injecting very lively sperm to her vagina. He collapsed atop her and panted. Connie held him, kissing his neck and whispering what a good lover he was. “Three times. I came three times.” His cock had slipped out, his breathing slackened, and he was ready to get off. So he did.

Dan was grinning crazily. “Son, you are real good at this. Nobody could guess that you're gay.”

He was smiling at the memory of what he'd just done. He liked it. Mom did too. “Can we do this again, mom?”

She put one hand on his arm and said, “Sure. You ready so soon?”

“No, mom, I'll let you know.”

“Later, honey. I'm out of energy. I don't think my body is ready for your zest.”

Maybe he slept. Maybe they all did. He slipped from the bed to pee. When he came back, both were up. “I'm kinda hungry,” said Dan. Connie agreed. Timmy felt his belly rumble; he was too. Without getting dressed, they went into the kitchen. Connie rummaged in the 'fridge to pull out bread, cheese, cold cuts, and mayo. Taking those items and something to drink, she brought them to the table. Then to the cabinets to fetch plates, knives and glasses.

Each had made a sandwich and was chowing down on them. “You know what I think?” offered Connie.

“No. What?” replied Dan and Timmy simultaneously

“I think we have a family here,” she said.

“Family?” asked Timmy looking up at her. “You mean like with a mom and dad?”

“Yes,” she said. “What do you think?”

“It's an unusual family,” observed Dan. “Where everybody fucks each other.”

Connie put her unfinished sandwich down. “If someone had asked me six months ago if I'd let my son fuck me, I'd have been angry.”

“Me too, mom,” said Timmy.

“You didn't harm him, Connie. If anything he's more normal now than six months ago. He's interested in girls now.”

“Not just any girls,” offered Timmy.

“But today, we all had a piece of each other. Boys, I truly enjoyed sucking your cocks and being fucked twice, not to mention watching you guys getting it on. But I don't want to do this endlessly thinking that you, Dan, might get tired of this and desire to look for greener pastures.”

“What are you saying, Connie? That you don't trust me?”

“Not at all, my dear. I'm saying I want something solid that I can rely on. Sex is wonderful. I haven't had a cock in over six, almost seven years. What I am saying is that if a certain someone were to ask a certain question of me, I'd accept.”

Sometimes the dawning of a new day takes awhile for everybody to notice. Dan was the first. His eyes flew open, a smile crept across his lips.

“Are you suggesting what I think you are?” asked Dan. “Marriage?” Connie was smiling. “You're sure about this?” She was still nodding.

Timmy was grinning. Oh, how he was grinning! A silence stretched out. “Dan!” he all but shouted. “What are you waiting for? Ask her!” Connie just sat and smiled.

Dan looked concerned, “I don't know,” he said, dragging the words out one at a time.

“What do you mean, you don't know?” asked Timmy, confused.

“It's all so sudden. I'm not sure I love your mother enough to marry her. It's a big step,” he said, with a serious demeanor but a teasing tone. When their mouths dropped open, he laughed and said, “Of course I will.” Taking her hand in his, he said, “Connie, will you marry me and make Timmy and me the happiest guys in the world?”

“Hell, yes,” she said coming around the table to kiss him on the lips, hard. “And you'll adopt Timmy. He will be your son and your lover. Nobody will ever suspect that you are hanging around with eyes for him.”

“Wait a minute, mom,” said Timmy, confused by the rapid pace of her thinking. “Did you just say that you'd marry Dan? A proper marriage? And Dan would adopt me?”

What else could Connie possibly do?

That's pretty much the end of this story, isn't it?

Not quite.

There's more.

People who knew Connie were surprised. Not only that she'd shown no interest in a romantic relationship with a man in years, but that she was swept off of her feet by a man she'd only known for five months.

If only they had known.

Timmy's twelfth birthday was also Dan's and Connie's wedding day, on purpose — this was a birthday present for Timmy. The next day, Dan moved into the house where Connie and Timmy were living. Some of the unused rooms were turned into the new offices of The Daniel Jennings Contracting Company. They agreed that all three would share a bedroom, though Timmy had a room which would be shown as his bedroom whenever a visitor was shown around the house.

Timmy loved putting his dick into all the orifices on both his mother and his new stepfather. And they were happy to please him. Both the males in this group also used their mouths to great advantage, not only sucking Connie's nipples but each other's dicks, as well as lapping her pussy as well.

Connie had decided that if she became pregnant, she'd not do anything to determine the child's paternity. It could be Timmy's child or Dan's, and she'd love it either way. So never was there a thought of contraception. Sometimes, of course, two of the three might have sex without the third, just because they felt like it — there was no need for every sex act to be in a threesome, but it often turned into one, even when it didn't start off that way.

Of course, all of this was pretty secret, as far as the outside world was concerned. But Connie's love for both the men in her life, and their love for each other, only grew as the years went on.