Author's note:

This is the third chapter of the story, “Choosing a Stepfather.” I know we still haven't gotten to the incest yet, but it's coming!

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Choosing a Stepfather

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 3:

Bob meets Steve

“I know a couple of guys. One gay; the other bi. Both clean; both single. I'll make a couple of calls,” Tony said, then sighed and said, “I shouldn't even be getting into this sordid arrangement. Just hope Connie never finds out I helped you find a cock.”

“Thanks, Tony. You are a real friend,” Bob said, and sighed in relief. He'd never been curious enough to get on line, seeking some anonymous ass to fuck. Because he wanted safety, the risk with anonymity was too great. He was clean, and didn't want to wake up some morning with itching balls.

Back at work now, Tony tossed his empty cup into the trash can a few feet away, and they entered together. “We're back,” he announced.

Greg was just finishing up with a customer and didn't look up. They returned to business as a couple came in. “Can I help you?” asked Bob, stepping up to them.

“Yes,” said the young man. We're interested in…” And so went the rest of the day.

As they were leaving the shop, Tony and he were walking to the bar. “I've called the two guys. Steve, the bi, is coming over. Meet us at the bar.”

“Thanks,” said Bob.

Nervous, he wondered what would happen with Steve. To make things worse, his hands were sweating! Damn! He wished that didn't happen.

As though reading Bob's mind, Tony said, “Steve is good-looking, about your height and build, with a gorgeous long cock, over six inches. Nice balls; shaves his pubes. That sound good for you?” he asked, looking at Bob's rather grim face.

“Uh huh,” said Bob. “I've never done this before, Tony. I mean made a blind date with a man.”

“Be cool, my friend. You're soon going to have your lips wrapped around a nice thick hard-on.” He paused to look at Bob. “You do want to take him on a test ride, don't you? I know he'll want to try out yours too.”

“Yeah. God, I hope he likes me,” sweated Bob.

“Oh, knock it off. You sound like some girl going out on a date.”

Those words, and the image they produced, broke the tension. They both laughed. Bob said, “Thanks. I needed that.”

Arriving at the bar, they saw Jen in their favorite place in the back. She waved when she saw them, and they headed her way. Mindy was there instantly, to take their orders. Bob was careful to keep the tension down, even though Mindy tried to get his attention with some sexual innuendos. When she left, Jen said, “I'm proud of you, Bob. You didn't come back with your usual dumb lines.”

“Thanks, Jen,” he said, “I'm pretty much over Mindy. Gave it a lot of consideration that I need to be focused on Connie.”

She returned with their drinks, cast a look in Bob's direction, but got no return signal. They paid and commenced sipping and chatting. About 15 minutes later, a tall, good-looking guy walked in and looked around. Tony raised his hand, stood, and waved.

“Here's the friend I invited to join us,” he explained to the puzzled faces. Their nods accepted his explanation.

“Steve,” said Tony, rising as they shook hands. “I'd like to introduce my friends.” He went around the table so that Bob was the last one.

He and Bob were mentally evaluating each other. “Good to meet you, Bob.”

“Same here,” Bob replied, still holding onto his hand. He was having a hard time realizing this hot-looking guy would soon be sucking his cock.

Tony remained standing. “Here, Steve. Take my chair. I'll get another.” He was back in a few seconds, carrying a chair. “Move aside, people. Coming in,” he said, as he bulldozed his way between two others, leaving Steve and Bob to get acquainted.

An hour passed when Bob remarked that he was leaving. Had a few things to do before he turned in. He waved farewells at everybody as he rose. “Good to meet you, Steve. Hope you come back to join us again.”

“Thanks, Bob. Seems like a friendly group, so I will. Take care.”

Bob walked out on shaky legs, wondering if Steve would join him. He walked a short distance down the street in the direction of his place.

Fifteen minutes later, he saw Steve exiting the bar and looking both ways. Bob stepped away from the wall he'd been leaning against to wave. Steve saw him and waved back. He trotted up to Bob and took both his hands. “When Tony told me he wanted me to meet somebody, I had no idea you'd be so, uhm… I guess… hot.”

“Same. This is my first time meeting a man. I'm impressed with my date.” Grinning, he went on, “I'm also impressed with this.” He reached down to caress the lovely bulge in Steve's jeans.

“Naughty! Naughty! Bad boy!” he laughed, putting his hand on top of Bob's, holding it against his raging dick.

“Come on. My place is down there, three blocks. I'm so horny I could suck you right here, but I'd rather have privacy.”

They stepped up their pace, all but trotting by the time they reached Bob's home. This time he managed to hit the keyhole right on. Seconds later, they were inside, the door closed, locked, and they were kissing.

Steve was every bit as excited as Bob, for their kisses were filled with a passion neither had felt with another man. Bob wanted more, much more of this man. He began to slowly walk them backward toward the bedroom while they kissed. He was hungry to taste that lovely tool in Steve's pants, but he also didn't want to give up his lips. God, but he was a good kisser.

They wanted every square inch of the other and hastily stripped. Bare, they stood looking at the hot bodies before them. Each took good care of himself. Not only to attract the right lover, but because being in shape meant feeling better and doing better. Especially in bed. Instantly they were cock to face and sucking on the gorgeous man meat jutting out from the other.

Bob was so hot that he couldn't last. He didn't even raise his face from this delicious prick to warn Steve, who didn't care anyway. He wanted every drop of semen from these balls. Even four massive spurts left him hungry for more.

He was just slurping down the last few drops on Bob's hard cock when his balls gave up their reward onto Bob's tongue. He took it like a starving man, grateful for the large load of tangy cum before swallowing it. “Mmm…” he sighed, slurping the oozing semen still dripping from Steve's manhood.

Steve was still quietly nursing on Bob's flaccid prick.

“Delicious! Satisfying!” Bob called out, nuzzling the limp dick.

“I'll never get enough of this cock,” said Steve, holding it upright to kiss the tip, sticky with drying cum.

The two rolled from their 69 position to lie on their backs for a few minutes, letting their minds catch up now that their drained lust no longer fogged their brains.

Finally Bob rolled onto his belly and got on hands and knees to turn around, and crawled up to lie face to face with Steve. “Thank you, Steve. You have no idea how much I wanted that.”

“Why is that? Been living in a cave?”

“Not so radical, but nearly so.” Steve, on his back, tilted his head, one arm thrown over his forehead in a relaxed mode. “Here's what happened, how I was introduced to gay sex. During the last three months of my senior year in high school, Dave, my best friend back then, came out to me. In a weird sequence of events, we wound up kissing. I was panicked at first, but he kept on kissing. Suddenly I realized I liked kissing my friend.

“This went on for a few minutes: lying there side by side, kissing. Still completely dressed, we only had one arm free, the other beneath our bodies. He touched my nipples through my shirt, which was like a huge jolt. I ran my hand down over his cock, a big bulge in his pants. It was very hard. I couldn't believe how hard. I was hornier than I'd ever been. Suddenly I wanted him. We were madly fondling each other.

“Then we were off the bed, pulling our clothes off, throwing them everywhere. I heard him yelling at me to hurry up. When I did come back to the bed, I heard him say, “69.” We rotated around and began sucking. Oh, God, I was so hot. When he came in my mouth, I didn't even think about it, I swallowed. The flavor, I don't even remember — kinda bitter, I think. It was amazing.

“I wasn't satisfied, I wanted more. I asked him to fuck me. We only had hand lotion, some real slick stuff. I lay on my face, with my ass in the air, while he rubbed lotion into my ass. Then he put it in and did it hurt! It was excruciating! I almost cried, but I wanted him in me so badly, I'd do anything to take him. I still remember him as he pushed his cock into my ass.”

Turning to look at his new lover, he said, “I hope it won't be so bad when you fuck me.”

Steve put his hand on Bob's chest and whispered, “I'll make it much easier for you.” Then they kissed, softly and lingeringly. Steve did make it easier for Bob. Slowly opening his ass, which had long ago returned to its former tightness. Over and over, he added lube to Bob's love tunnel.

One finger, then two, finally with three to slowly push in and out. “How's that now?” Steve asked Bob, who posed with his face resting on his arms beneath his head. His ass was in the air, so that his cheeks were spread open, making the pink puckered hole seem inviting. Pulling his fingers out, it slowly closed as though reluctant. Steve leaned down to lick the pucker, causing Bob to shake his ass in delight.

“Your ass tastes good. I'm going diving.”

“Let me watch you grease up for the grand re-opening.”

Steve moved close to Bob's face, so he could gaze at the rod that would soon be nestled deeply in his gut. “It's beautiful,” he whispered.

Holding the small plastic container of lube over his cock, Steve slowly poured and moved the bottle from tip to his body, leaving a line of the clear slick fluid on it. With fingers encircling it, he began to slowly rub his cock, covering the entire length with lubricant. Wiping the excess from his hand and fingers, he tossed the towel aside.

“I know what you're going to do with that,” Bob said and giggled, wanting it in him so badly.

Steve glanced at him. “Want to back out? Still time. Once I make first penetration, I'm going in all the way to here,” he said, indicating the base of his cock.

“I want you all the way in. Breed me, baby!”

Moving behind Bob's raised ass, he shuffled forward on his knees and pushed his cock down to contact that pink puckered gate. “Mission control,” Steve intoned. “Missile in position. Request permission to fire.”

Bob laughed and replied. “Permission granted. Proceed with launch.”

Steve was looking at his cock head, watching as it began to move inside. Mostly he just leaned forward, using his body weight to force it in. “You're very tight. This is going to hurt, but not as bad as the first time.” Slowly but surely, Bob's anal ring was giving way.

Bob lay, head on arms, teeth clenched, wanting to call out the safe word they'd agreed on. But it would have no effect now. Steve promised him that once he entered, Bob would take it all the way.

Still Bob wondered, “What would happen, if he yelled the word out?” Opening his mouth, it caught in his throat. He couldn't say it.

Instead, he took deep breaths, fighting back the tears. His ass was stretching, tearing, but giving way to the penetrating penis. Hard as steel, driven by Steve's body driving it in more deeply until…

“Uhhhhg!” grunted Steve, sweating slightly from the tension he felt. “My head is in.”

Bob let out the huge breath he'd been holding, his complete attention focused on the numbness of his anus from it being spread so much wider.

“OK, here we go sliding in.” Steve pushed forward, the main pressure gone, and now he was inside Bob's love tunnel.

“Burns, a little. Can you slow down?”

“Slow down? Not much. I'm barely moving.”

“Can you just stop right there? Let me get used to having you in me.”

Steve lay down atop Bob, resting. “I'm liking this, lover. You are so tight.”

“You're so big!”

“In a few days, your butt will be so used to me filling you that it will feel empty, odd, without me in you.”

“Mmm…” sighed Bob. “I want that. Even now, with only,… how deep now?”

“About halfway in,” was the response.

Steve resumed his attack on Bob's cunt. Both were sighing as he sank more deeply. The numbing sensation of stretched muscle had dissipated, so it was mostly pleasure for Bob now.

Bob felt Steve come to a halt. Were those his balls resting against his ass? “I'm in, completely in,” said Steve excitedly. “How do you feel?”

“Stuffed. Filled. Wonderful. Even better than I remembered it would be.”

“Then I'm going to pull back, but not out completely. Ready?” he asked.

With a confirming grunt from Bob, Steve began to retreat.

“Uhhh!” groaned Bob, but Steve knew it was the emptiness he'd talked about. Taking his cock out. But it would soon be OK… There it is! Out! Except for his head still buried in Bob's butt. “Going for the gold again,” he whispered to Bob. “Diving deep!” He leaned forward once more, feeling himself sliding in more easily this time.

“Ahhh…,” sighed Bob. “That feels so good. Like I'm a part of you. Like we are one.”

With this beginning, Steve soon set up an easy pace, pushing in and pulling back, in and out. Neither spoke. The only sounds were the grunts and slaps of body meeting body.

“Oooo…! Shit!” yelled Bob, who was gasping. “I'm cumming.”

Steve didn't stop pounding away, gasping for breath himself from the exertion of fucking. Man or woman, it takes a lot of effort to push and pull until the final shove when it ends. Steve had grunted and dived deeply, then exploded inside Bob, releasing his semen, his baby makers into a vast emptiness of male gut.

“I can feel you cumming,” he said excitedly. “I can feel you!”

Steve lay down atop Bob to catch his breath. Meantime, his rapidly diminishing dick was being forced from Bob's body. Bob felt the soggy small thing flop against him, followed by a trickle of semen oozing out.

After a few minutes, Steve felt his strength return and rolled off of Bob, who rolled over into his arms. Looking back over his shoulder, Bob whispered to Steve, “That was wonderful. Delicioso! Thanks!”

“The pleasure was equally mine. I loved opening you up. Maybe later when I get up again, we can do it once more?” Reaching his hand around and down, he felt Bob's cock was hard again. “You want to have a go at me?” he asked.

“What? Really? Me? Fucking you?” he was laughing with excitement.

“Sure. I'm ordinarily a bottom, so I like taking a cock up my hole,” he replied.

“What do you say that we rest before we do another round? That really took it out of me.”

It was dark when Bob woke unexpectedly. Glancing at the clock by his bedside, its red numbers showed 5:37 AM when his usual wake time was 6:30. “What the…?” he wondered, then he felt it — or them. Steve's warm lips had enclosed his cock head, his fingers slowly stroking his hard cock.

“Oh, my God! Oh, Steve!” he gasped out barely before he felt his balls seem to draw up and the first of several jets of cum shot out. Not onto his naked belly, nor onto the sheet, but into the sucking mouth moaning in the pleasure of draining his balls once more.

“Oh, Steve,” Bob crooned, the intense excitement of ejaculation having been drained as well as the tension caused by the slow build-up. “That was wonderful.”

Steve surfaced. “I'm really sorry,” he whispered. I woke up thinking about you, no, us, and got such a hard-on. I felt yours, and you were hard too.” Bob chuckled, “I understand, love, and I appreciate how much you needed my cock. It felt wonderful.”

Steve said nothing, simply cuddled up to him. It wasn't long before both of them fell fast asleep again. The evening had been exhausting; an orgy of gay sex. Touching, kissing, cock sucking, and a shower. After drying off and returning to bed, neither of them could keep his hands away.

“I love your body, your cock, your lips, your… your… your… everything. There's nothing about your body I don't love,” moaned Steve, reaching for Bob's cock again.

Bob lay next to Steve, whose groping fingers felt so good, basking in the adoration this man heaped upon him. Without realizing, he was comparing the lovemaking which he and Steve had done to the rather less intense level of physical intimacy that Connie and he had.

She wasn't the tiger Steve was. Was it the newness? He thought about how he and Connie kissed and caressed each other, with limited oral attention to his cock and her pussy, until she was aroused enough for intercourse. She willingly explored his body, but considered his and her asses as off limits. Nipple play she liked, but turning to rougher sex, such as pinching nipples and spanking, weren't her style. Apparently the book Connie bought describing intimacy during romance considered such to be outside some boundaries. Dirty or too nasty.

Nothing was off limits to Steve. When Steve bit his cock in a fit of passion, Bob nearly came off the bed.

“My last boyfriend liked for me to bite his cock a little,” Steve explained.

“Shit, man, that was no love bite; it hurt.” When he saw that his outburst had made Steve withdraw, he apologized.

“Maybe I'm not right for you, Bob. I like a little rough stuff. Slapping, spanking, biting, name calling,…”

“What?” asked Bob suddenly interested.

“Name calling?” said Steve.

“Explain,” said Bob, “If you don't mind, I mean.”

“Well, it's like I'm sucking your cock and you tell me ‘I'm such a queer cock-sucking cum slut.’”

“I can't do that. Seems too demeaning, humiliating.”

“But you are a queer cock-sucking slut!” Steve protested, laughing.

“True, but hearing words like that…” Bob paused for a moment to catch his breath.

“What is it, Bob?” asked Steve seeing the look on his face.

“Oh! Sorry,” he said. “It's just that one day at school I saw a couple bigger boys picking on a smaller. I recall those were the same words I heard them calling him.”

Steve put his arms around Bob to comfort him. “OK, that's definitely out.” Then his eyes brightened, “How about water sports? Ever tried that?”

Bob paused to imagine being naked with Steve and pissing on him.

“Wait,” said Steve, “First, you gotta be in the right mood. I couldn't do that coming in right off the street, but get me a little aroused, and I can do almost anything.”

“Do you have any limits?” asked Bob incredulously.

“Sure. Scat, pain, and anything that can bruise or cause physical damage. I mean hard pain like punching.”

“I'm pretty much a vanilla kind of guy. Let's just work slowly into those novelties. OK?”

By comparison between Steve and Connie, she was very vanilla, while he was ready to move beyond her boundaries. An almost identical relationship between him the vanilla and Steve the explorer. He realized he was being drawn toward the more kinky side of sex.

No matter what he decided, he was pledged to marry Connie in three weeks. Was he ready to throw away the love he had for her, for he did love her intensely, and take up a gay relationship with Steve? No. he liked both sides of the street. He'd marry Connie and work things out.

Work things out? What the hell was he thinking? Work out what? Who was he kidding? He could only imagine the outcome of a confession such as this.

“Connie, I've discovered old feelings, gay feelings, coming back that I never told you about. Connie, dear, would you mind if I spend the occasional night at Steve's?”

Yet he knew that to continue on this path, that's exactly what would have to happen or he'd lose one or both. Out of nowhere, he had a flash of insight. He knew how he could handle this dilemma. “That's it,” he said.

“What's it?” asked a puzzled Steve.

“Never mind, dear,” said a happy and contented Bob, who pulled Steve to him, pressed his naked body against his own. “Let's get some sleep.”

When he awoke later, it was nearly 8:00. What happened to his old reliable inner clock? Maybe all that gay sex? He saw the door to his bedroom being pushed open and a smiling Steve, still blindingly naked, came in carrying a tray with coffee and toast.

“Hello, sleepy head. I woke up and didn't want to bother you again, so I snooped in your kitchen, which is far better stocked than mine, and found coffee, bread, butter, and jam. Let's eat in bed!” Bob sat up to take the proffered tray so that Steve could join him.

As he did, Bob could not help but look at that gorgeous body, that firm chest and taut belly muscles. His could use some work out too, he reminded himself. Steve's cock, now soft, swung when he walked or moved. Bob loved the way his balls hung down. He vowed to shave his pubes and get Connie to do the same. It made him feel so sexy.

Steve got into bed and took the tray from his fingers. “You look so far away. Is this your usual early morning mood?”

“Early? I'm usually awake by 6-6:30!”

“That will have to change, when I move in with you,” said Steve confidently.

Bob was buttering a slice of toast when those words hit him like a brick. He almost dropped it, but before he could express his outrage over such a brassy arrogance, Steve continued, “Oh, not right away, of course, but only after we've convinced Connie to let me stay here.”

Bob had spread jam on his toast and had just bitten into it. He almost choked on those words. Laying down his toast, he turned to Steve and said quietly, barely containing his curiosity. “How do you propose to break the news to her?” Obviously, Steve had given this some thought based on several big assumptions.

Steve was pouring coffee from the pot into his cup when he turned to Bob and asked, “Coffee?” Bob picked up his cup and extended it to Steve, who poured it as he explained the mechanics of the situation. Like a general planning his assault on a village and taking it without a shot being fired. “First you must marry Connie. I'll never see you again if you abandoned her.”

Bob was scoffing. Listen to this guy telling me what must do or he'll walk away from me? I have nothing to lose if he did. Oops! That's how he could lose both of them.

“So it's both of us or nothing,” Steve concluded.

“Let's accept that your assumptions are true. I can walk away from you…”

“But you don't want to,” Steve explained boldly.

“Taking a lot for granted, aren't you? Why can't I walk away from you?” insisted Bob.

“For the same reason I can't,” Steve parried. “You know the reason, you just don't want to admit it.”

Bob swallowed, for he knew Steve was right. “Not so fast, buster. Not after one night we…”

“Only the first night, Bob. You and I are soul mates,” he stopped talking to let Bob speak.

“We had one good night. Can it go on?”

“Yes,” was Steve's confident reply.

“But…” Bob was about to reply.

Anticipating his reply, Steve took a sip of coffee and looked him in the eye. “Then tell me to leave. Right now. And I'll leave.”

Bob knew defeat and surrendered. “I can't.”

Steve smiled and said, “Good. Then that's that.” He reached for another slice of toast, picked up two and offered one to Bob. “Toast? I made two for each of us.”

“Wait just one minute…” he began.

“We've got three weeks to find out if we have a future,” Steve began, then went on. “Then you go to marry your lady and bring her back here where the three of us can live happily every after.”

“Two weeks and three days,” Bob corrected.

“Have it your way. I'll be out of here and everything back to normal when you return, so you and your bride can get your lives as a married couple under way.” he said smiling. “This is gonna be so fun.”