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Choosing a Stepfather

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 5:

Bob and Steve

Bob's shift ended at 2:00, so he went home after a tiring day at the shop. He didn't like standing on his feet for hours.

Once home and inside, he pulled off his shoes. Sitting back in a chair, he still felt felt some tension from dealing with one obstreperous customer who was upset that they didn't have what he wanted. When Bob tried to explain they could order it from a different store, the man left, unhappy.

His mind went back to Jeff and what Tony had said. He scoffed at his prediction that Jeff would be back. OK, maybe, but to buy or trade in stuff. His thoughts were interrupted by hearing the door open, then close, then the sound of footsteps coming his way.

He rose when Steve walked around the corner and came over to him. They moved into a hug, then a kiss, which grew in intensity and passion.

“God, but I missed you, Bob!” Steve whispered, his mouth only a fraction of an inch from Bob's. “And I'm horny as hell.” His lips met Bob's again in another kiss.

“Well, what are we standing here for?” said Bob, pulling back from his lips. His hand reached down to find the bulge demonstrating that he was, indeed, horny. They held hands as they walked quickly to the bedroom. Entering, Bob closed and locked it.

“Expecting someone?” asked an amused Steve, who had already removed his white shirt and tie.

“Just a long habit I've never broken myself of,” answered Bob, who was down to his briefs. Pushing thumbs in either side, he pushed them down, allowing his very hard and thick cock to spring up.

“Gorgeous thing you've got there,”whispered Steve. “Connie is sure one lucky lady.”

“Today it's yours,” announced Bob, lying on the unmade bed so that his feet were toward the head.

Steve moved onto the bed in a 69, getting close to Bob's cock, and laying his head down on Bob's thigh. They didn't speak any more. Not with a large, precum-leaking prick in each mouth. The sounds of sucking and moaning from the pleasures of nursing them was all that was heard. Lost in the wish to fulfill his lustful desires, Bob was startled by the ringing of the phone next to his bed. He ignored it and let the machine pick up.

“Bob? Hello, darling,” came Connie's voice. “I know it's earlier than usual, but I really miss your voice. Please call me…”

“Hello,” interrupted Bob, grabbing the phone. “Sorry, honey. Just came in from the garage.” Despite Bob's answering the phone, Steve continued to suck his cock, while Bob fondled Steve's hard penis. “How are things going there?”

“Good. Almost ready. Maybe two more days. I can hardly wait to see you again.”

“Me too, baby.”

“I'm so horny,” she whispered huskily into her phone. “I'm tired of doing myself. I need you,” she tittered.

Bob grinned, loving the feel of Steve's warm lips around his cock. “Oh, I know what you mean, honey. My hand's been my best friend too.”

They went on making suggestive promises about their next meeting, when Bob would fly down in two weeks and two days. While Connie was chattering on about having him fill her pussy with his big cock, he would lick the leaking precum from Steve's hard dick. He could feel himself getting closer to ejaculation when Connie said, “What? Oh, sorry, honey. Gotta run. Bye,” and hung up. Bob pressed ‘call end’ and returned to the luscious dick before him. Just as his lips closed around the head, he came, causing him to arch his back and cry out.

When he recovered, he looked down the length of his body to see his cock still in Steve's mouth. “What a beautiful sight,” he thought, for he so enjoyed seeing Steve's lips around his cock. Steve would continue even after his balls were drained and his cock deflated, like a pacifier. Bob let him have his fun while he returned to suckling a teat of his own.

When both of the lovers had sated themselves on semen and cum, they lay together, Bob in Steve's arms. “I sure do like having you here with me, Steve. I realize that I don't like living alone.”

Steve caressed Bob's cheek. “Before I met you, Bob, I was happy just kicking around on my own. At work today, I was thinking how nice it would be to come here after work because I'd be with you, not alone in my place.” He leaned over to place a soft kiss on Bob's lips.

“I know it's really fast,” said Bob, “but I like having a man around, you around. If someone had told me a month ago that I'd be having romantic feelings about a man and that I'd do what we just did, I'd have laughed.”

“Romantic feelings?” asked Steve. “Don't you think that's moving too fast?”

Bob turned his head to look into Steve's eyes and nodded. “Yes, it is fast, and, yes, I am getting romantic feelings about you. I could easily fall in love with you.” Then he rolled slightly to one side so he could put his hand on Steve's strong chest. “Does that bother you?”

“Not really. Let me tell you, Bob. I've been in love before. They didn't do well in romantic. Seems us cock suckers tend to run out of the romantic when sucking the same man's cock gets old.”

“I don't mean just the cock sucking and fucking. I'm sure that Connie and I will gradually lose the old fire, but there are ways to renew. My family has a history of keeping marriages together.”

“Uh huh. Wait until we've been together for six months. It'll be different with us having to meet in secret.”

“How long have you been bi? When did you start? Who was your first?” Bob asked.

“I was 13 and going into the eighth grade when…” said Steve.

Suddenly Bob remembered those words, “I'm 13 and I'll be in the eighth grade next year…”

“… and that's how it happened,” Steve finished.

“You're telling me the first cock you sucked was a man's?”

“Yep. Loved it,” said Steve, a faraway tone to his words.

“How… how… did he come on to you?” Bob probed.

“He didn't; I came on to him. John was my neighbor. I was forever at his place watching him work. He was so kind to me. Always helping me. I felt closer to him than any other man. So one day I ran over to him and hugged his neck. He hugged me back and we didn't let go. I was feeling super horny, so I kissed him and he kissed me back, and next thing I'm on my knees sucking him off. It was wonderful,” Steve sighed.

Hearing this story of a 13-year-old boy seducing a man made Bob's heart pound. He felt Steve's hand move to touch his hard cock. “My, my. What have we here?” he said teasingly.

“I'm just horny thinking about you,” he replied, trying to cover knowing the lust Steve felt for a man.

“Maybe you're a boy lover at heart!” he pushed.

Bob's heart almost stopped. He calmly said, “A boy lover? Me? I've never been attracted to boys.”

“It's easy to do, my friend. The right one, a cute, maybe even a little pretty, who starts paying a lot of attention to you and suddenly, it happens. And you're into it up to your ears.”

“How did things go with John?” Bob wanted to know.

“Nothing really. He finally had a chance to enjoy gay sex again. His wife was a frumpy old woman. No wonder John was so hot. Anyway, about a year later, John was in an accident that screwed him up and I couldn't see him any more.”

“I gotta get up and pee,” said Steve. “Want to join me for some water sports?”

“I think I'll go rustle up some solid food for us. Leftovers OK?”

“Perfect!” he said. “Last chance to taste…”

“OK, OK. Go! Pervert!” said Bob, laughing as he untangled himself from Steve.

Things were going well — at work and his affair with Steve.

Several uneventful days went by until he and Greg, his manager, were in the store one afternoon when Jeff appeared. “This is your customer, Bob,” he said.

“Hi, Jeff,” said Bob cordially. “How are you today?”

Jeff stepped up closer to Bob and said, “I need some more parts.”

“OK, do you know what you need?”

“Here's my schematic,” he said, pulling a piece of paper from his pocket. “Right here and here.”

“OK, it looks like you can use…” their conversation went into technical details. Afterward, Bob suggested which components Jeff needed, and walked to the back of the store to pluck them off of the wall where they hung. As Bob knelt to get the item which was low on the wall, he felt Jeff move up to him and kiss him on the cheek.

Bob froze. It was all so sweet and innocent, or so it seemed. Yet the closeness of the boy pressing himself against Bob's side thrilled him. He didn't move until the kiss ended.

Rising, he looked at Jeff. “What was that for?” he asked, smiling.

“I like you 'cause you've helped me. That's all,” he said, looking into Bob's eyes. “Did you like it?”

“Yes. I like you too, and I liked your kiss. Thank you. Now let's go pay for these.”

At the register, Bob scanned the items and rang it up. Bob told Jeff what the total was. Jeff dug in his pocket for money, counted out a few bills and handed them to Bob. Making change, Bob closed the register and put it into Jeff's hand. Jeff's fingers closed around the change and Bob's fingers. He looked up, smiling. “Thank you,” he said pulling his hand away.

The next two weeks flew by. Jeff hadn't returned, so Bob figured it was over. He'd talked to Steve again, this time telling him about Jeff. Steve's advice: don't.