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Choosing a Stepfather

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 6:

Bob and Connie

He picked up a magazine and was idly thumbing through it, when the steward came by to take his order. He was thinking about Jeff as the plane banked to turn toward Connie's home town.

“A beer, please.”

He returned shortly, handed him his drink, and took payment.

Bob turned his head to look out the window at the ground sliding slowly away beneath them. He must have dozed off, because the steward was shaking him gently. “Please bring your seat to full upright.” Nodding, he reached for the button to do just that. Half an hour later, they had landed and were at the gate.

Bob saw no reason to join the rest of the herd in standing in the aisle for five minutes until the hatch was opened, so he sat in his seat, waiting. His phone rang and he answered.

“Hello, honey,” he said, smiling. “We just landed; I'm waiting for the crowd to clear. “What? Sorry, the noise in the plane just picked up. The flight was great. I slept most of the way and woke up half an hour ago, so I'm rarin' to go.” They prattled on for the next six minutes until the line of passengers waiting to disembark had vanished though the hatch. “OK. The way is clear for me to get off. I'll see you at the baggage carousel in five. Love you too. Bye.” He hung up, put his phone away, stood to pull down his one carry-on, and walked down the aisle.

“Good-bye,” he said to the captain and a steward. “Great flight. Slept through it the whole time.”

They both said good-bye, and he was out of the plane, into the walkway. Joining the usual throng of passengers in the main concourse. Walking along, he quietly whistled an old tune.

The sign he approached pointed to baggage claim off to the right. He went that direction at the bottom of the escalator. Rounding the corner, he scanned the area for a face he knew.

Then he saw her! His beautiful Connie waved to him from across the wide room. He waved back as she walked toward him. When they met, he pulled her to one side, away from the mass of people streaming past. “I've missed you so,” they said together; then kissed deeply and passionately. Minutes later, they separated and looked into each other's eyes and repeated their “missed you” words and kissed once more.

Both of them were nearly breathless, not only from the prolonged kissing, but from the lust they were feeling after such a separation. Pressing her body against his, she could feel his rising cock on her belly. He, in turn, could feel the hard points of her nipples pressing through the light layers of clothing. It took all their will power to keep from ripping their clothing off right here in the crowded terminal to make crazy, wild love to each other.

“I'm so fuckin' horny!” she whispered into his ear. “Take me to bed, or lose me forever!”

He grinned at the nasty talk from this woman. “You're going to get your wish in spades, soon as we get out of here. Come on.” He took her hand as they walked toward the exit.

“Wait! Your bag,” she cried, trying to steer toward the carousel.

“Got all I need for the rest of the stay right here in this,” he replied, indicating his carry-on, which he was rolling along behind him. She smiled at him, and both pressed forward, around the diminishing hustle of people. Most were behind them at their respective baggage claims.

Outside, he took a breath of the moist, humid air, glad he was wearing only a light shirt and shorts. “The car is this way,” Connie said, pointing. “I was lucky enough to find a space so close.”

They paused to let traffic pass, then quickly made their way to the parking lot, where Connie's dad's blue Honda stood. Connie popped the trunk as they approached, so he could put his bag in it. She had already gone to the driver's side of the car, where she slid into the seat and started the car. He climbed into the passenger side, and leaned over to kiss her lovely face once more. His hand flew to cup her breast through her t-shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra, he noticed! “All the better to get naked,” she said, with a wicked grin. Her hand slid up and down his raging and very hard cock. “Mmm… you've saved some for me.”

Bob's heart almost stopped at those words. Was she telling him she knew he was sharing his dick with someone else? Why was he so frantic and nervous? No, she didn't know. Hadn't a clue. He said, “Can we get outta here and into bed?” With a final squeeze, she glanced in the mirror. Nobody behind her, yet she took another quick look through the right rear window, then carefully eased the Honda out of the parking space and lightly pressed the accelerator to start them moving ahead. She stopped at the striped crossing to let pedestrians move across. Once they'd passed, she accelerated again to the exit. Bob's hand was on her thigh, pressing his thumb against her pussy. “Better stop that, my love, or I'm pulling over right here to fuck you,” she was giggling. Even though her threat was empty, he almost wished she would. “But this buggy doesn't have a very large back seat. Dad didn't buy it for making out.” At the booth, Bob pulled out a bill, which she handed to the attendant. Receiving the change, she said, “Have a good one,” the arm lifted, and she pulled ahead. Then they were on their way out. Merging with the two other streams of cars from the exit, she glided smoothly into the lane that would allow them to exit. “I've arranged with my single sis to use her apartment, so we can work off this energy. Could you call her to let her know that we're on our way? “Sure thing,” he said, pulling out his phone, speed dialed, and waited for it to ring.

“Hello,” came the sweet, young voice.

“Is this one of the foxiest ladies in town?” he asked teasingly.

“Bob!” she shouted, making him pull his phone back from his ear. “You're in. Oh, my God! Are the windows steaming over?” she asked, giggling. “Can Connie still see to drive?”

He laughed and said, “Yeah, we're OK. Just leaving the airport. I understand that you're kind enough to lend us a bed for awhile, maybe most of the day.”

“Only?” she asked in a seductive whisper. “I'll be out, so you kids just stay as long as you need to.”

“Don't forget the dinner tonight,” Connie shouted so Linda could hear.

Bob held the phone away from his ear so that Connie could hear the reply. “Worrier! I'll be there as the old saying goes, ‘If you serve food, I'll come.’ See you at 7:30 at the restaurant.” Then she hung up.

Traffic was, thankfully, light, so it wasn't long before before they pulled into a parking space outside of Linda's way-better-than-average apartment building.

Bob looked at the building and whistled in admiration. “Nice place!”

“Linda is using her computer science degree very well. She's designed some small but major changes that have improved several products for her company. In gratitude, they boosted her pay and gave her some bonuses. She can afford this,” said Connie, with pride in her little sister's accomplishments at such a young age. “So beauty and brains run in your family,” said Bob, exiting the car.

In a moment, they were both headed toward the door, and a minute later, in the elevator rising to the eighth floor. Once the door opened, Connie led them to the left, down the corridor to Linda's apartment. Unlocking the door, she let it swing open, walked in, and said, “We're here.”

“Welcome, Connie. Linda is expecting you,” said a voice from a speaker in the wall.

Bob jumped. “What the hell is this?” he said, looking around.

“Latest in security systems. Voice recognition and response. If my voice print weren't in the memory, the police would be on their way right now.”

“Amazing. Simply amazing,” Bob whispered. Connie was removing her shoes; he followed her example.

“Yeah, and what else is amazing, is the thought of your cock meeting my pussy, so skip the chatter and take me to bed.” She pushed the door closed, which clicked securely. Walking past Bob, she took his hand and pulled him toward a short hallway. Turning right, she walked to an open door and pulled Bob inside.

The bedroom was as well apportioned as the exterior of Linda's apartment. “Nice again,” he said, just before Connie was all over him, French kissing, pushing her tongue as far in as it would go, reminding Bob of a small hard penis that he hungrily sucked.

Her hands were pulling at his belt buckle, while his were at her shorts as well. In this manner they stripped each other, while devouring their mouths. In record time, they were both naked, save for Bob's socks. Connie pulled him to the bed, pushing him down on his back. She moved over him, straddling his hips. Smiling down at him, her hand went behind her. He felt her fingers placing his rigid dick against her dripping pussy. “Meow!” she moaned, as she settled her hole onto his spike. When her lovely bottom landed on his groin, she closed her eyes and sighed. “Oh. Shit, shit, shit. That feels so good. Sure beats the dildo Linda loaned me.”

Connie's being seated above him gave Bob the most remarkable view of her body. Regardless of what he felt for Steve, seeing her body poised about him, he could not resist the urge to reach up, cup her breasts, and sigh himself. “Your breasts are so beautiful. Just the size I like.” She put her hands over his. “And they are all yours.”

She reached over to grasp the carved headboard for balance, and began to rise and settle on Bob's cock buried within her body. This wasn't enough for Bob. He grabbed her hips and began to meet her downward thrusts with his upwards. In moments they had both cum, and she had collapsed on top of him to catch their breath.

Even so, Bob's cock was growing again. Connie slipped from his arms to move down, take his cock in her mouth, and begin sucking Bob's not-quite-hard cock. This was unexpected, causing Bob to jump. “Hurting you, lover?” Connie disconnected to ask. “Hell, no. Just keep doing that.” For the next five minutes, she sucked until his balls gave up their weak contents. Joining him to kiss, she shared his cum. He was still amazed that she could suck cock so well.

“I hope you don't mind that Linda asked me if she could videotape us.” said Connie very matter-of-factually. “I told her about your big cock, and she wanted to see it.”

“What? You… she… taped us doing that!” Bob didn't know whether to be angry or laugh, so he laughed.

“Relax, dear. She told me we could watch her fuck her boyfriend. She left a DVD in the player.

“Maybe later, but right now…” The next hour went by quickly, after they'd exercised their passion and showered. Now back in the Honda, they were speeding down the freeway to exit and drive to Connie's mom and dad's place.

Parking in the garage, Connie opened the trunk so Bob could take his bag, and they went in to be greeted warmly by her mom, dad, sister, and older brother. Each kissed his cheek and hugged him, even Mel, her brother. “Welcome,” he whispered in Bob's ear. Hugging? Kissing? Uncertain what to make of this, as it was completely different from the guy he met before. Looking at him, Mel winked and squeezed his hand.

They moved over to the kitchen table. Glasses were passed around, and Connie's mom, Sarah, brought a bottle of wine, which she poured into each. Still standing, she raised her glass and said, “To our new son and brother.” Glasses were clinked, and they settled in to chat and catch up on Bob's life without Connie.

“If only they knew,” he thought. “He could regale them about nights with his lover.” But he didn't, even though his cock was hardening again. He wondered that after an hour of fucking with Connie, the thought of making love with Steve could have this effect.

“…and what did you do then?” asked Sarah.

“What?” Bob asked, suddenly startled back to the group. “Sorry, my mind drifted there for a moment, thinking that this beautiful woman would be my bride tomorrow.” Connie grabbed his hand to squeeze it, and gazed lovingly into his eyes. Just as Steve had that last night before he flew out to marry Connie. He remembered the words Steve spoke, “I'll love you, darling, even though I have to share you with Connie. Hurry back to me, to my arms.” He recalled also his own words of reciprocated affection, just before Steve thrust his hard cock deep into Bob's cunt and they'd loved each other. Life could never be the same for him again, Bob realized.

Later, the whole family piled into cars to drive to the dinner. “Honey, you ride with Mel. Mom and I need to discuss some last minute arrangements. OK?” She smiled at him and walked to the blue Honda with her dad behind the wheel.

Mel was already in his sports car, when Bob slid into the passenger side. Checking behind him, Mel backed out of the driveway onto the street, turned the wheel, and, shifting gears, they shot off down the street, pushing Bob back into his seat.

“Nice acceleration,” he commented.

“Tell me about him, Bob. The guy you're fucking,” said Mel, glancing sideways at Bob's startled face with a wolfish grin.

“Huh? What? Don't know what you're talking about. I'm not fucking any so-called guy,” he protested.

“You could barely keep your mind on us back at the kitchen table. You've got gay written all over you. You were fucking a man while Connie was out here getting ready to marry you,” he stated flatly. Grateful that Mel kept his eyes on the street, so he couldn't see the flush on Bob's face, his mind spun. He could yell at Mel. Tell him to pull over and angrily get out. Or… he could tell him The Truth. Confess all. Mel reached over to place his hand on Bob's thigh. Bob didn't push it away. “Tell me about him, Bob. Please. I want to know,” he said softly, with no anger.

So as they rode along, Bob told Mel everything. The remembered introduction to gay sex that had come back to him. Meeting and falling for Steve. He rattled on, telling Mel about their growing affection and how they planned to keep meeting after Connie and he returned to the university town.

“Thanks for being honest with me, Bob,” Mel said.

Bob realized that his cock had hardened as he poured out his soul to Mel. He also noticed that Mel's hand was covering the bulge in his pants.

Without taking his eyes off of the street, he grinned and said, “Connie's lucky to get this.”

“Want a taste?” Bob teased.

“Really?” asked Mel in surprise.

“Pull over up there and go behind that church,” Bob directed, as he unbuckled his pants, preparing to let Mel suck his cock.

They were in the lot and around behind the building in seconds. Bob had just pulled his pants down to expose his very hard cock. Mel sighed as he saw it. “Beautiful!” he breathed, and sank down to impale his face on Bob's precum-drooling rod. Bob gasped at how good it felt to have a man's mouth on his cock. “Connie sure doesn't do it like you do, Mel. Oh God! Suck me.”

Practice pays off, and Mel was excellent. In less than a minute, Bob felt his cock jerk and shoot ropes of cum into Mel's mouth. When he had drained every drop from Bob's balls, he raised his head to press their lips together. The kiss was long and deep.

“Can I come to your room tonight?” asked Bob. “I'd sure like to feel a cock up my behind.”

Mel was grinning. “How? Connie will be expecting you to stay with her tonight.”

“She will conk out easily tonight. I'll make sure she gets plenty of wine.” he said plaintively, “I need a cock.”

“Oh, you poor queer bastard!” he said, patting Bob's face. “Now you're going to be married to a woman. One who truly loves you.”

“I love her too, Mel. Believe me I do. I want her and Steve.”

“Good luck on that,” said Mel, restarting his car and driving across the parking lot to re-enter the traffic on the street. Meanwhile, Bob was reassembling his clothes as well as he could while seated in the car.

It was only a short drive from there to where Mel pulled into the very back of the parking lot, unhooked his seat belt, and leaned over to pull Bob's face to his, and placed a tender kiss on his lips. When they separated, Mel smiled and said, “Steve is a lucky guy. Wish I were him.” Then they got out of the car and went to the restaurant entrance. Inside, they found several tables with the many members of the wedding party. Bob sat down next to Connie, who held his hand tightly, smiling at him. Her warmth and love fairly exuded from every pore. “Oh, I do love you, my man.”

The party went on for several hours. At the end of that special time, Connie was close to slumber. As planned, Bob made sure she had wine enough to put her under. When they were leaving, he helped her to the back seat of the Honda, so he could sit with her on the drive back to her parents' home. Once there, he helped her into the bedroom they were using. Sarah and Don, Connie's parents, yawned and confessed extreme weariness too, intending to go to bed soon. In his room, he undressed Connie, put her into bed, and pulled blankets over her.

“I'll be right back, sweetheart, I need to pee first.” She didn't answer, for sleep had overtaken her. Bob stripped down and put on a pair of sleep shorts. Turning out the light in their room, he opened the door cautiously, to peer into the darkness. No lights showed from under any door other than the one at the far end, Mel's room. Stepping into the carpeted hallway, he gently closed the door, felt the latch connect, and walked further down the hall to the room with a dim light showing from under the bottom of the door. He quietly opened the door, and looked in to see Mel lying on his side, supported by his left arm. He was completely naked, his very nice but not thick cock bobbing slightly.

The grin on his face showed his anticipation of using Bob's anus for his own pleasure. Bob grinned too, wanting Mel's rod to give him that pleasure. Turning to close and lock the door, he stepped over to Mel, dropped his shorts, and climbed onto the bed. He moved into Mel's arms, so they could kiss and fondle each other's very hard cock.

“I've been thinking about your ass ever since you promised it to me,” whispered Mel, his voice husky with desire. Now this man who tomorrow would be his sister's husband was giving his ass to her brother. How ironic! The stuff that only happens in stories.

“I'm ready. Do you have a condom?” Bob whispered.

“Right here, just as you requested,” Mel said, holding up a pair of them. “One for your ass and one for mine.”

“You'll probably make me cum, so I might not be hard enough to do you. But it's OK, I'm a bottom, I think.”

“Don't rush to judgment yet. Wait until you've fucked a few more guys,” responded Mel.

“I don't want to fuck any other guys, besides you, Mel. I want to be faithful to just Steve,” Bob shot back.

“Oh, you poor innocent lamb, baby. Gays don't have serious relationships, well, most don't. When they grow weary of the same old cock and ass, day-after-day, it's sayonara,” explained Mel. “Look, I'm not saying some can't, just that few do. There must be some site on the Internet that has stat's. Yes, straights have a similar problem, but their divorce rate is far lower.”

“Agreed, but…,” Bob began to explain how he and Steve felt differently about it, then dropped it.

“So!” Mel said, “Ready to rock and roll?”

“Let's do it,” responded Bob. “I want you to do me doggy. Missionary is for Steve.”

“No prob, bro-in-law. Turn over and raise yo' ass, boy!” Bob complied, resting his head on the pillow and using his hands to spread his cheeks. Mel, being the very efficient fucker that he was, had Bob's tunnel and his own cock lubed in record time, although, in fact, nobody was timing him. Some things are subjective.

He was so ready, so excited, that Bob jumped when Mel's slippery head touched his pucker. “You sure are skittish, boy,” Mel sneered. Bob wiggled his ass, and Mel leaned forward to begin. At first, no movement. A stand off. Then his cock began its relentless slide into Bob's love tunnel. “Ohhh!” Mel sighed. “You are so fuckin' tight. Oh, yeah.” He sank at a slow but steady pace. Gradually filling Bob's pucker with his cock.

“Oh, sweet baby!” whimpered Bob, his hands unconsciously clawing at the sheet. He was gasping as he felt himself being filled. When Mel's balls landed against his cheeks, he said playfully, “OK, any time you want to start.”

Mel slapped his left cheek, not so playfully. “Hey, boy, this is serious business. No wisecrackin'. Hear!”

“Then get serious. I came her to get fucked, not have my butt slapped.”

Mel slowly withdrew, paused and went back in. “Oh, God, please let this never end,” Bob sobbed. “Fuck me, Mel. Give me your cock. Fill me.”

Mel sped up until the slap of flesh meeting Bob's cheeks were nearly drowned out by Bob's sounds of satisfaction. Between Bob's long ejaculation delay time and Mel's less thick cock, Bob's prostate didn't trigger a climax. When Mel's lust popped and his climax arrived, it was only he shooting cum. Mel squirmed against Bob's cheeks, attempting to push in even further, until he stopped and collapsed onto Bob's back.

“Mission accomplished,” he panted softly.

“Yummy! Nice fuck, almost bro-in-law,” replied Bob. He lowered his hips to the sheet, causing Mel's softening cock to slide out. “I want to suck your cock when you pull the condom off in a few minutes,” he declared.

When that moment came, Mel lay on his back, carefully peeling off the condom, Bob's mouth was close, ready to take his cum-covered cock and suck off the semen that remained on it when he came.

In total, they remained together for a little over an hour. When Bob noticed the time, he said a quick good night. Opening the door carefully, he saw nobody, and so stepped into the hallway. It wasn't until he'd gotten safely inside his own room that he realized he'd left his sleep shorts behind. He hoped that Mel would notice them, pick them up, and put them out of sight in a drawer instead of them attracting attention on the floor. Too late to worry about that now. He wasn't going back to Mel's room naked.