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Here's the seventh part of the story. Hope you enjoy it.

The original story did not include anything that happened during the period before Bob and Connie's wedding. The previous six chapters cover that period, which is now coming to a close. We are now getting up to where the original story began.

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Choosing a Stepfather

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 7:

Married life begins

Except for Don and Sarah, who always got up at 6 AM, the others slept in. Bob came around first to find himself in a frisky mood. Connie was having none of it. Having lived without a man for three weeks, she was not used to Bob's touch early in the morning. Bob roused himself to do his minimal morning activities, then went to the kitchen, from which hunger-inducing flavors were drifting.

When he entered, Sarah was just putting several rashers of bacon on a plate, while pancakes sizzled on the griddle. “Mmm…,” he said, coming in.

“Smells great, and I'm hungry.”

“You should be,” she declared, looking at him with a sly smile. “Someone was making some noise after we all went to bed.” Then she winked.

Puzzled at first, Bob was suddenly aware that the happy sounds were coming from those he and Mel made. Slightly embarrassed, he said, “Sorry 'bout that.”

“Oh, don't apologize, Bob. Being away from Connie for three weeks must have given you a big appetite.”

He stopped talking, hoping to avoid any more misconstructions of events. Sarah brought the plate with bacon and pancakes to the table and set it before him. He picked up three pancakes and three strips of bacon, doused them with syrup, and commenced eating. “Yum, these are the best, Sarah,” he said, wolfing them down.

Just then, Connie walked into the kitchen. Bob rose to greet her to hug her good morning.

“Good morning mom, dad,” she said, walking to the coffee pot to pour herself a cup. “How did everybody sleep last night?” she asked conversationally.

“Fine,” “Good,” “Great,” came the various replies.

Taking her cup to the table, she sat down to evaluate her eating options. Taking some bacon and two pancakes, she poured syrup on the cakes and began slowly to eat.

“Don't forget that we have another practice this morning at 11:00,” Sarah reminded them. “When you finish, Connie dear, you'd best get dressed.”

“I'd like to take a bath first,” complained Connie.

“Look at the time, Connie,” said her mom. “Can you eat and bathe in that much time?” she asked.

Connie looked at the clock and grumbled. “Guess I'd better forgo the bath.”

“Good,” agreed Sarah. “You can do that, later when we get back.”

Connie finished her pancakes and rose, taking her unfinished coffee with her. “I'm up. See, everybody. I'm up,” she said, leaving the room. Bob chose this time to go back to their bedroom.

While they were out of the way, Sarah picked up the dishes and placed them in the sink. Finished there, she walked back to the bedrooms. The door to Mel's room was open, so she went in to straighten up, as she always did. Seeing the red sleep shorts on the floor, she automatically picked them up, folded them, and stood looking at them. These were not Mel's shorts, she knew. Whose then? she wondered. The answer was obvious. Only one other person in the house might have been in Mel's room last night. For a moment, she pondered, “Should she tell Connie of her suspicions?” Then she wisely answered no. She recalled her consternation in learning of Don's dalliance with a young man years ago. It had left a mark on her for years. Connie was already under a lot of pressure in dealing with the wedding. There was no need to add yet one more problem to those she was already handling. Sarah put the red shorts in the drawer with Mel's other sleep clothes.

The practice went perfectly, as did the wedding the next day. Standing with his groomsmen at the end of the aisle, Bob watched Connie walking slowly on her father's arm. “She's so beautiful!” was the thought that kept going over in his mind. When she stopped several paces away, the minister asked, “Who gives this woman to this man?” her father answered, “Her mother and I.” Bob stepped forward to extend his arm. She took it, and smiled most radiantly at him. Her smile and demeanor said, “I'm yours, my love.” The couple stepped forward to stand directly before the minister, who looked around the room and asked, “Who objects...” to begin, and ending with “You may now kiss the bride.” Walking back up the aisle, Bob felt a new confidence, now that they were husband and wife.

He could not specifically identify why he felt this way. Was it that now he could open up to Connie, leaving her little chance to run back to her mother? Was it his desire to be the best man she could ever have chosen, for she had many other offers and declined them all? Was it the feeling that his wife was the most beautiful woman? It might have been any of these or a combination of them, but with their joining, the first step had been reached in his ultimate plan for her acceptance of Steve as his lover.

They walked up the aisle, and outside to the waiting car. He opened the door for her, they turned and waved farewells and good-byes to a shower of rice and calls of “Good luck,” then entered the car. Mel was driving, and subtlety was not his strongest characteristic, so he sped off. Turning in their seats in the back, they looked at their well-wishers growing smaller in the distance.

The stop at her parents' home was for the sole purpose of changing into travel clothes and to pick up their luggage. As they arrived at the airport, they said good-bye to Mel, thanking him for his help. He kissed Connie on the cheek and wished her luck as a wife. However, he kissed Bob full on the lips, holding him in a close hug. At first surprised, Bob returned the kiss with such passion, he felt embarrassed that Connie had witnessed his surrender to her gay brother's pass.

The lines at the airport were surprisingly short, so putting her suitcase on the plane didn't take long. She and Bob picked up their tickets from the ticket kiosk. Security was quick, so they were at their gate for the 45-minute wait, which went quickly. They were so much focused on each other that time seemed meaningless. It was only when they heard the words, “ boarding now,” did they move quickly to get in the line of boarders, holding their tickets ready for the attendant guarding the door to the plane.

They were at their seats, Bob's and Connie's carry-ons stowed above them, and seated, already strapped in. Holding each other's hands, they had eyes only for one another. It was only when the attractive stewardess asked them what they wanted to drink, that they looked away from each other. She laughed and repeated her question. “You must be newlyweds, you're so out of this world with each other.” Agreeing that, yes, they were, they had sufficient attention to ask for coffee. Again, their complete attention for the other would make the rest of the trip seem quick.

They took a taxi home; it was the quickest way, and their lust for each other was growing. The driver pulled up to their door, got out to extract the bags from the trunk, and Bob paid him. Walking together to the door, Connie's heart beat faster, knowing the moment was near. Unlocking and pushing the door open, Bob reached for her, lifted her, and carried her into their first home as a married couple.

“Honey, you don't move while I get our luggage.” He went out, picked up the suitcase and smaller carry-on, and brought them inside. Connie had already closed and locked the door, and was down to her panties and bra when Bob came to her. “Let me take care of those,” he said, picking her up again to carry her into their bedroom. Laying her gently on the bed, she watched as he stripped quickly and stepped to her, completely naked, his hard cock awaiting her attention.

As he stepped forward, she moved to the edge of the bed and dropped her feet to the floor in preparation to take Bob's cock. She leaned forward, opened her mouth, and moved her eyes upward to connect with Bob's as he was looking down at her. He took one more step forward, aiming his cock directly at its target, the circle of her open mouth, and slid it in. Her lips closed about the head, and she began to suck.

Flicking her tongue over the tip and around the rim of his head made him crazy with lust for Connie. He looked down and said, “Connie, honey, you look so good on my cock.” Leaning over slightly, he unhooked her bra. She shrugged her shoulders, and it slid off her arms onto the floor.

Her breasts now naked, he took a large nipple between two fingers of each hand and began to roll and squeeze them lightly. She groaned and arched her back, but made no effort to extract her rock-hard nipples from his fingers. Somehow the combination of being here naked, with his cock in her mouth, made the gentle pain seem like pleasure. Bob wanted his wife to have whatever pleasure she wanted, although they both knew he would never hurt her, never cause her great pain. They both enjoyed his ministrations, until Bob warned her.

“Oh, God, baby, stop!” he moaned, holding her head as he moved his hips backward to pull his cock from her hungry mouth.

“No,” she protested, making a lunge for his cock just inches away. He loved knowing that he was turning her into a true cock sucker.

“Honey, it's time I put this thing where it belongs.” With those words, she grinned and moved to the center of the bed. Bob quickly slid her panties off; she spread her legs to welcome him home.

Bob crawled between her open thighs to move forward, finding her dripping pussy, wet with desire, and sliding right in. She closed her eyes and sighed deeply, then whispered, “Ohhhh! It's so good. Ohhh!” She was quiet for a moment, as he lay atop her, resting on his forearms to keep most of his weight off her. When he slowly withdrew his arrow, she cried out softly again, writhing beneath him in her want for more. Gradually he sped up his thrusts and retreats, until her sounds turned louder and more vociferous, “Oh, Yes! Fuck me hard. Give me your cock. Deep.... Deeper,” until at last Bob could no longer withhold his cream from her vagina, and he shot off round after round of semen-filled cum.

Panting from his exertions, he laid his full weight upon her. She stroked his hair and whispered sweet words of thanks and love. They were what Bob needed to hear. He responded, telling her he loved her more than anything, and what a good wife she was.

“Could we roll over on our sides?” she asked gently.

“Oh?” said Bob, “Am I heavy on you?”

“No, but if you were a box of nails you would be,” she replied with a giggle.

They were both tired, so they slipped quietly off to sleep as they lay together: Connie in her husband's arms. She was awakened by Bob's unsettled sleep. He was tossing about, mumbling in his sleep. Bob thrashed around for a bit more, then lay quiet. The dream over, he rested.

When Connie awoke, Bob was not beside her. She looked around. Not in the bedroom, nor in the bathroom. She was about to get out of bed when the door opened, and Bob appeared with a tray of food.

“Ah, my lady, I come with breakfast,” he said.

She lay back down, satisfied that she'd found him — or he'd found her.

She reached out for the tray, which she took from his hands. As she did, she admired her man's body. Firm chest, good pecs, solid belly and gorgeous semi-erect cock

Lying together in bed, she felt so happy to be home, in her house, with her husband. Only one thing bothered her. “You were very restless last night,” she said to him as they ate.

“I was?” he said, sipping on his coffee. “I thought I'd slept well. Woke up in good form.”

“You thrashed about,” she said, describing his actions. “You were mumbling, kinda like you were talking to someone.”

His brows knitted as he pondered her questions. Finally, he shrugged and said, “It's nothing really. Just dreams of long ago coming back to me.” But he did know. He'd dreamed of his trysts with Dave, from over four years ago. He could not allow these nighttime recollections to leak out of his mind, with the possibility of Connie finding out about his introduction to gay sex, and his blossoming gay side.

Curious as she was, since he'd not behaved this way before they were married, she could see that the conversation was going nowhere. She decided she'd pursue this later.

When they awoke the next morning, it was Connie who arose to make breakfast. Ten minutes later, Bob came wandering out of the bedroom. He came up behind her, put his arms around her, and kissed her neck.

“Hello, beautiful,” he whispered in her ear. “How's my lovely bride this morning?”

She did not try to escape, but let him hold her. She felt so warm, so loved, in his arms. “I'm feeling very good. How are you?”

“I'm good too,” he said. “Slept like a rock.”

She wanted to tell him that he was mumbling again last night, waking her with his tossing and turning. Yet she feared making something out of nothing, so she remained silent. If he continued like this, they'd have to take action. For one, she didn't fancy being awakened from a fine sleep, then lying awake wondering what the hell was happening.

The new semester had begun, so Bob went off to his first classes. Looking at his schedule, he saw that he'd be on campus from about 9:00 to 2:00. “Those are the actual classes when the prof's come, give us the lowdown on the nature of the class, what books we'll need, and the class curriculum. Besides the classes, I'll want to talk to some of my mates to set up study groups. I'm going to buy the books I have on this list the law school sent me, so I'll be home around 4:00 today.”

She came to him, put her arms around him, and looked up into his handsome face. “It's so exciting! I'm your wife, and you're beginning a new part of our lives.”

He looked into her eyes, smiled and nodded. “Yeah, it is. I'm so much happier, now that you're back with me and we'll never part again.” He leaned down to put his lips on hers, and give her a gentle. loving kiss. Then he was out the door, into the garage, and on his way to school.

The first day was full of hubbub and the confusion of students going into classrooms. It was typical that some would leave after the professor wrote the name of the class on the board. Bob expected that some classes would be short. In his undergrad classes, the prof would release the students after about half the class time, so he was surprised that after the initial introduction, the lectures began. Law school was going to be a whole different animal.

He did meet some of his friends from engineering school who wanted to begin study groups. They agreed to meet later to exchange phone numbers and email addresses. After his last class, he went to the book store to buy the texts he needed. The total bill was staggering; books are so expensive! He paid with his charge card, not wanting to put that entire burden on their depleted bank account just now.

Connie was busy too. She had found some possible job openings, and had called to make appointments to speak to the HR people or the hiring person. She was pleased that two had told her to come in that afternoon for an interview. “Be sure to bring three copies of your resume when you arrive.” For the other one, she wrote a cover letter, which basically was a restatement of the ad, describing how she could help the company meet its goals. She printed out a sufficient number of resumes to take with her to the meetings, and one for the letter which she was sending. She addressed an envelope and put a stamp on it to mail the one application.

She spent the morning doing basic household chores. The 'fridge was well stocked. Good; now she needed a menu list, which she'd talk about with Bob. The bags needed to be unpacked. She had just finished putting most of her luggage into the washer and sat back to have a cup of coffee, when the phone rang. It was one of her girl friends, who had graduated with her last spring.

Erika was still in town, and they caught up on what was going on in their lives. Connie simply gushed over the wedding and how happy she was to be Mrs. Bob rather than Bob's girl friend. Erika was still dating her boy friend and living together. “Saves on the rent,” she said. The both laughed, knowing that it also saved on distance to the bed. Which led to gossip of their sex lives. Both women became quite explicit about the size of their men's cocks and love-making techniques. Just thinking about what Bob did with her last night was making her horny. Thankfully, Erika told her, “I've got to go to get back to work. Breaks don't give enough time to really get into things. Been good talking with you. I'll call you later. Bye, hon.”

Looking at the clock, Connie realized that she had just enough time to get ready for the first interview. She was the true professional, donning proper attire for meeting a potential employer. Taking care to choose a skirt and blouse appropriate for this, along with heels, she was ready. Resumes in the file in her briefcase, she was out the door, arriving at the first stop 15 minutes before the meeting.

She looked around the room, seeing three other young women and a man. Two of the girls were wearing jeans, t-shirt, and running shoes. One held a piece of paper rolled up in her hand. “Well,” she thought, “If these are the competition for the job she had applied for, she was a shoo-in.” She'd barely spoken with the receptionist, and taken a seat, when the man was called in. She sat calmly, thumbing through a magazine, the picture of a competent woman. At ten minutes after the hour, a woman walked into the reception area and called her name.

Connie rose and approached the woman, who asked her to come with her. She turned and walked into the hallway behind the receptionist. They walked a short distance to a closed door, where the woman knocked. “Come in,” spoke a voice from behind the door. She opened it and stood aside, indicating that Connie was to go in by herself. She approached the woman, who rose from behind her desk and approached her with hand extended. Introducing herself as Susan Blair, she greeted Connie by name. “I'm so glad you could come in. Please have a seat.”

Connie sat down and opened her briefcase to take out the requested three copies of her resume, which she handed to Susan, who took them, glanced briefly at them, and laid them aside. “Why don't you tell me about yourself?” Connie was ready for this hiring approach, and gave a two-minute speech about herself, her background, education, and what she could do for the company.

Susan beamed hearing her talk, impressed by her knowledge, confidence, and personality. “Thank you, Connie,” she said. “You seem to know a great deal about our company.” And so it went. When the interview ended, Susan thanked her for coming in, and walked her to the door. “We'll be in contact with you,” she promised. Connie felt it had been a successful meeting and left, buoyed by her first attempt at applying for a job.

Bob had finished with his book purchase, and accepted an invitation to join some other law students for coffee. He was midway through his cup of espresso when his phone buzzed. Taking it out, but holding it below the level of the table, he was pleased to see it was a call from Steve. Excusing himself, he walked away from the others, and answered, “Steve, so good to hear from you.” The conversation was becoming risqué when Steve asked if Bob could join him briefly in 15 minutes. His husky voice bespoke an intimate meeting. Bob was very excited about this and returned to the table to say that he had to leave. The others bade him goodbye, and he was on his way out to the parking lot.

Fifteen minutes later, he was at Steve's apartment. Knocking lightly, he heard, “Enter,” from the other side. Pushing open the unlocked door, he understood why Steve had not done it himself. He was naked, with a raging erection pointed dangerously at Bob. Closing and locking the door, Bob immediately knelt to accept Steve's magnificent hard-on. He marveled at how well this cock fit in his mouth. They were made for each other.

He nursed hungrily, while Steve stroked his hair and moaned out happy sounds. “My God, but I'm happy to see you again, baby. I've been days without your lips on mine or around my prick. Your mouth is simply magic.”

Bob stopped sucking to look up at his lover. “I've missed this,” he said, shaking the cock in his hand. “I've missed your cock. I've missed you, Steve, and,” he pause smiling. “I've missed your love.” Then he returned to suckling, wanting the juice from those large balls. Steve could no longer tolerate the delay. He put hands on both sides of Bob's head to hold it steady while he began to thrust his aching prick in and out of Bob's mouth. Bob opened his eyes to gaze into Steve's. He held onto Steve's hips, balancing himself against the fucking, which was growing more frantic as Steve strove to unload. “Ahhhh...!” sighed Steve, pushing his cock deeply into Bob's willing throat. He shot several jets of white cream there, held for a moment, then pulled it back to rest on Bob's tongue. He stood there watching Bob's face, the face of the man he loved, as Bob lapped at the diminishing ooze of semen. When Steve's flaccid prick slid from his mouth, he stood to share what little cum he had in his mouth. The two men kissed passionately, deeply, and long.

When they separated, Bob whispered, “I needed you so much, Steve.” He was undressed in record time, Steve took his hand and led him to the bedroom. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Bob opened his thighs, allowing Steve to get between them and take his cock into his hungry mouth. Their eyes locked on to each other's as Steve suckled his lover's hard prick. “I love seeing you like this, with my cock in your mouth, where it belongs.” Steve nodded in agreement, but did not stop nursing him until the desired cum shot into his mouth, coating his tongue with its tangy flavor.

After their lust was drained, the two men lay in each other's arms, kissing and speaking softly with each other. When too little time had passed, Steve said, “Honey, I've got to get back to work. Thanks for coming by. It was sure good to do that again.” Then they kissed once more, rose from the bed, re-dressed and walked out of Steve's apartment just as his neighbor was coming out of his.

“Smitty, I'd like you to meet my boy friend. Bob, this is Smitty.” Bob and Smitty shook hands warmly.

“I'm glad to meet you, Smitty,” said Bob.

“I'm finally glad to get to meet Mr. Right for this guy. He raves about you!” Smitty replied, then winking, “Steve tells me you really fill his life well.”

Bob grinned self-consciously, yet thrilled to be recognized as Steve's boy friend.

“We gotta run. Later Smitty.”

“Later, fellas.”

Steve and Bob said their farewells outside the building, and each went to his car.

Bob sat in his car without moving. His mind reviewed their lovemaking, making him sigh. He needed that man so much. Putting the key into the ignition, he started the engine, checked behind him, and backed out. Rather than go straight home, he decided to stop by the computer shop and check things out. Now that he was back in class, he'd not put quite so many hours there. He needed to spend a lot of time on the books for law school.

Arriving there, he parked on the street and entered. He was warmly greeted by Gary and another clerk. After they'd spoken, Gary reached behind the counter to retrieve a card with a phone number. The single word, “Jeff” told him who it was from.

“Actually, it's Jeff's dad. He wants to talk with you about helping Jeff.”

Bob held the card and pondered. Did he really want to get more involved with Jeff? His brain said no; his heart said go. “Thanks, I'll give him a call.” They shook hands around once more, and Bob returned to his car.