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Choosing a Stepfather

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 9:

Therapy — and another love begins

He was deep into the study of the Constitution when he heard the garage door open. Moments later came the click, click of heels in the next room. Connie came in, all aglow. “Hi, honey. Can I assume your first day went well?” he asked.

She came in, smiling, and threw her arms around him, smothering him with kisses. “Yes! Yes! I have the most wonderful job in the world. Susan is a terrific boss and teacher. She set me to learning how things work in our office, who does what, and how to get things done. She's not going to be an easy person to please, but I like a strict environment.”

“That's great, honey,” he said. He'd not seen her this happy since their wedding day. Could it be that she's found something that can focus her attention on and do it so well?

She said, “Honey, would you mind opening that bottle of Cabernet we were drinking the other night, and pour us two glasses? I want to get out of my work clothes and into something simple, like yours.” Then she was off to the bedroom.

Bob wandered into the kitchen to find the wine, open it, and pour two glasses. Since they did their wine sipping in the living room, that's where Bob took the glasses. He set them down on the coffee table and waited for her to come back.

When she did return, she was wearing her new pair of light blue shorts with a gray t-shirt and light sandals. She breezed into the room to take her seat next to Bob. She still had the grin of self-satisfaction left over from her first day in the real business world.

They toasted to a new day for her, then sat and chatted for almost an hour, when they both rose to prepare dinner. They realized that for them to eat properly, not take-out food, not quick stops, they'd have to set up a system. Connie would not be home until 5:30 minimum, and possibly later as the job responsibilities increased. With Bob's evening group sessions, his job, and study time, things could get tense. They agreed that every meal they prepared, they'd make three servings. One for now and two in the freezer for quick dinners.

After dinner, Connie had her hobbies and a few TV shows she watched. Sometimes Bob would watch with her, but mostly he was studying.

They went to bed that night, both exuberant but for different reasons, and made slow simmering love that left them both exhausted. Drifting off to sleep, they were dreaming their own dreams.

Thursday came early. Bob's first class was at 8, so he was up and out the door while Connie was still drinking her first cup of coffee. He had two classes, the first at 8 followed by a second at 1. In between, he joined two study groups, one from 10 to 11, the second from 11-12, then some idle time, where he could read until the one at 1:00. He was pleased with finding groups that met during the day. This gave him more time with Connie.

At 2:45, he arrived at George's office, where he entered, signed in, and sat down to wait. At 2:55, a woman came out through the door, which closed behind her. At 3 precisely, a man in his 40s called his name. That was George. Must be a low-budget office, if he had to admit the clientele himself. When Bob asked about it, George told him the woman who usually sat in the front was out today.

In his office, George went over the preliminary data, reviewing his medical history, and finally coming to the crux of the issue at hand: his midnight dances and mumblings, as he referred to his thrashing about and talking in his sleep.

When they did begin, George asked the typical questions, what did he remember of them when he woke up from one of them, and others. After looking over the data, he told Bob he was going to use a hypnosis approach. Bob had no concerns about being hypnotized, that he might be coerced into doing something he didn't want to do. “Normally not possible,” George told him. Hearing those words, Bob was relieved of any fears, so he was ready to go “Let's do it,” he said. The first session was relatively uneventful. “It takes time,” George informed him. He would come back on Tuesday at 4. They'd play it by ear until they hit pay dirt.

The next day, Friday, Bob had four classes, which went well. He liked legal studies. Learning about the Constitution, how courts worked, and the nitty gritty of law practice. He was having some trouble concentrating; his mind kept going back to Ryan's offer for him to begin teaching his son about gay sex, a task Bob was ready to begin with such a sexy and very pretty boy.

After class, he was at the shop. Business was brisk at first, then dropped off as people were at home for dinner. There would be another peak about 7. Just as the customer level had dropped off, Jeff came in and ran to him. Throwing his arms around Bob's waist, he whispered in his ear, “I wish I could kiss you, Bob. I'm so excited that you'll be my teacher!” They chatted a bit more, until several customers came in at once. Jeff walked around the store to see what was new. After 15 minutes, the store was vacant again, and Bob was talking with Jeff in low voices. Tony watched them suspiciously. “Jeff is going to show me his schematics. We'll be in the office.” Tony nodded, acknowledging Bob. And winked.

In the office, Bob took Jeff into his arms and placed their mouths together. They kissed with a passion that Bob didn't think a 13-year-old could possess. “When can you come by so we can start?” Jeff asked, putting his hand on the bulge in Bob's pants. Grinning, Bob told him his schedule and when they could next meet. The typical I-want-it-now attitude surfaced, and Jeff began to whine. “Why can't you come sooner? I'm real horny.”

“I'm a student at the university. I'm married, and I have to work, so I only have limited time. Let's agree on a couple of days I can meet you after school.” They found two agreeable times and kissed once more. Exiting the office, Jeff went immediately to and through the main door.

“So…,” asked Tony. “You gonna start giving him personal help with his project?”

Watching his young lover turn and walk past the shop, he had a disconnected look in his eyes. “Sure am.”

At home, he had relaxed and read one of his assignments, until he heard the garage door open. Walking into the kitchen, he took out the bottle of wine they'd begun two days ago. He was just pouring it into two glasses when the door opened, and his beautiful wife entered. Placing the bottle on the counter, he turned to take her into his arms. Their kiss was tender and deep.

“Mmm…,” she said smiling and looking at him. “That was nice. And how was your day?”

“Here. Have some wine and let's go to the living room.” Hand-in-hand they walked together, the warm feeling of being a married couple washing over him.

Bob told her about his classes, for she liked to hear the details. “You might wind up teaching me to be a lawyer,” she quipped once. She was particularly interested in the visit with George. “It was a first visit. He wants to use hypnotherapy to dig into my past. He says I'm a good client for hypnosis.”

“But,” she began, then stopped when he raised his hand. “Those old stories of making me do what I don't want to do are bogus They're fake, phony.” She smiled with relief at those words.

The conversation turned to her job, which she fairly bubbled about. It was Susan this and Susan that. “She's such a caring woman. Treats me like her daughter, rather than an employee.” Bob simply nodded. “Oh, and she's invited me to go with her to an event at her club after work next Friday, if that's OK.”

“Sure,” he said. “It would be good office politics to join the boss for a drink.”

That night, their lovemaking was slow and gentle. Lying in his arms after she whispered that she was the luckiest woman in the world to have such a thoughtful and loving husband. They drifted off to sleep and Bob slept well, with no unpleasant dreams.

Saturday they slept in, until Bob was awakened by a warm, wet mouth around his cock. “Mmm…,” he sighed, touching her head lightly. “You are getting to be a great cock sucker, my love.” It was her special treat for him, but this time, he'd deliver his semen to her pussy. After a few minutes of bliss from her fellation, she climbed on him, positioned herself over his upright cock, and sank down on it until she had the entire length buried inside her. It didn't take long for him to make the promised delivery of his ball juice into her body. Afterwards, she took his soft cock into her mouth to suck both his and her juice off of it.

After breakfast, Bob took his briefcase and went off to a group meeting — or that's what he told her. A quick kiss and out the door to back his car out of the garage and drive to meet Steve. Memories of Steve's cock rammed fully into his anus made Bob's cock rise even after having given up his ball juice once already. He was amazed that he was so easily aroused by gay sex. Even with the multiple pressures he was under to manage school, job, groups, Steve, and now Jeff, he noticed he was less interested in Connie's body than in Steve's. He shrugged it off. Soon as I'm in the swing of my schedule, it will be easier.

Arriving at Steve's apartment, he entered with the key Steve had given him. A ride up in the elevator, and he stepped out on Steve's floor. Flush with excitement, his cock throbbing, he walked quickly to the apartment. “Come in,” said a voice in response to his knock. Inside, Steve was naked and waiting. Bob closed the door, locked it, and rushed to his gay lover. They kissed long, deep, and passionately. Finally pulling apart, Bob took Steve's hand and pulled him into the bedroom, where he quickly stripped. Steve had already made his erection shiny with lube. Bob lay down on his back, raised his legs, and spread his cheeks for Steve to lube his anus. Wiping his hand on a towel, then laying it aside, he got onto the bed to position himself over Bob's body. Smiling, he arranged himself behind Bob and with Bob holding his cock so that it made perfect contact with his aching hole. “Fill my ass, lover,” Bob grunted with each inch Steve slid inside his gut. When he bottomed out, fully buried, he paused then began the slow, sensuous fuck that they both enjoyed.

“My god, but I love the feel of you in me,” Bob whispered to his lover. “I'll never get enough of your gorgeous cock. You are so good.”

“I love you, Bobby,” said Steve, smiling down at the man beneath him giving him equal pleasure. “You are so tight! The ultimate in ass holes!” he grinned.

“Come on, baby. Give me some real fucking. I need it.” With that invitation, Steve increased his pace until he was ramming full bore into Bob's anus. All Bob could do was grunt with each thrust, his mind spinning from the wonderful feelings Steve was giving him.

It didn't take before he groaned out, “I'm cumming. I'm cumming.” Then Steve jammed fully into him, shooting his cum, filling the condom he wore. And after he had shot his load, he collapsed onto Bob, panting. “Oh, but that was the best yet. I do love fucking your man pussy.”

“That makes two of us. I do prefer being your bottom, Steve. Is that OK?”

“So long as you fill my ass with your amazing cock occasionally.”

“No prob there,” replied a happy Bob.

Something else was happening too, Connie was finding that she was left feeling lonely. Bob might be in the same room, but he was studying or calling a classmate over some point. His class schedule was not the problem, but the time in the evenings and weekends that they should spend together were too often taken with group meetings and work. She began to sublimate her longing for more intimate time with Bob by her work, which she was finding very satisfying. The first invitation to accompany Susan to her club was followed by more.

She liked the club and the women who came there. It didn't escape her observant eye that they came in pairs: one older, perhaps a boss or higher manager, and a younger. Another thing she noticed was that all the women were quite attractive.

One Friday, after the end of the busy day, Susan and Connie were seated in her office. Susan was again telling Connie what a marvelous job she was doing as her personal assistant. Connie replied that she loved working for Susan and hoped for more opportunities to demonstrate her willingness to work hard. With those words, Susan walked from behind her desk to the door, which she closed and locked it. “Locked?” Connie tensed, wondered why. Surely there was no need to be concerned. It was just she and her boss.

Susan came up behind her and put her hands on Connie's shoulders. Connie looked up at her and smiled. “You know, Connie,” said Susan. “You are quite beautiful.”

Connie smiled at this compliment.

“Many of the others at the club have told me I'm fortunate to have such a lovely helper,” Susan continued.

A lovely helper. Those words made Connie glow.

“I'd like to make our relationship more personal than just at work. Would you like that?”

“Oh yes. I would,” Connie replied, placing her hands on Susan's. “Very much.”

“I thought you might. But I must tell you that it may involve remaining after work on some days.” Susan's hands were moving from Connie's shoulders to stop, cupping her breasts.

Connie was breathing in shallow intakes. “I… I… think that would… would be… marvelous, Susan.” Her hands were shaking. as she realized that Susan was asking her to be her lover. “Yes, I want that,” she exclaimed more confidently.

“Thank you, Connie,” she said softly.

Allowing a silence to separate her two statements, she continued. “You have beautiful breasts. Will you show them to me, please?”

In a fog, Connie heard the words, and began unbuttoning her blouse. With the front open, she reached inside and behind her to unclasp her bra. Now it was hanging loose. Connie moved it aside, so that Susan could look at them, delight in them, and move her hands to cup them, feeling her rock-hard nipples press into the palms of her hands. “Yes, quite lovely they are.” She just looked at them, letting her eyes drink in the feminine loveliness that she was about to own.

Susan moved around in front of Connie, where she duplicated Connie's act. In less than a minute, her blouse and bra lay over the other chair and she was unzipping her skirt, which joined the blouse. She stood before Connie, wearing only her panties. “Please join me,” Susan whispered. Seconds later, Connie was naked; her panties had joined the rest of her clothes.

When Susan pulled Connie to her in a deep French kiss, she knew her life would never be the same.

Bob was at home, immersed in his studies. He glanced at the clock. It was after 7 already, and Connie was still not home. OK, it was Friday, the night she might go to the club with Susan, but she'd always called before. He'd have been shocked mightily if he could see where she was now.

“Oh, my God, Susan… You… You're… I'm cumming,” she whimpered. Susan's experienced tongue had brought her to a third climax. Her back arched and she moaned, while Susan's mouth clung to her shaved pussy like a limpet, probing and thrusting at Connie's stiff clit.

Nevertheless, he didn't worry. Connie would tell him all about her day, as she usually did. But maybe not all of it though. Putting in extra time for the boss was good politics and good experience. If only he knew.

When Connie did call, she was most apologetic. “The time just got away from me, Bob,” she said.

“It's OK. Just hurry home. I love you.”

“I love you too, honey.” it was hard to say those words to a man after a woman had pulled aside the curtain that had been opened just a tiny crack back in high school. She silently cursed herself now for not allowing Nancy to lead her down this path. If only she'd known, been braver… The door was now wide open, and she had stepped through.

Connie was subdued that evening. Her mind seemed to be elsewhere when they tried to talk. Thinking she might come around later, Bob had other things to do. One of these was the never-ending need to read and study. One of their promises to each other was to go to bed together. Tonight, when they went to bed, he was surprised that she wasn't as responsive as usual. “It's been a long day, honey. Do you mind if we just cuddle?” He was more than happy to comply, since he was rather drained himself.

Saturday was another sleep-in morning. At 7, Bob's eyes popped open and he was awake. Connie still slumbered, not a twitch of motion when he slid from the bed. His morning wood stuck straight out, bobbing up and down as he walked to the bathroom. By pushing it down, he managed to get a flow going, which brought it down even further, although still only to half-mast. He was temped to just jack off, but recalling his promise to meet Jeff, he decided he'd let Jeff have that honor.

He brushed his teeth, combed his disheveled hair, and moved through the bedroom to leave, closing the door quietly behind him. In the kitchen, he set the coffee to brewing, made some toast, and fried some bacon. He'd finished the toast and was still working the cup of coffee, when he glanced at the clock. It read 8:05. Connie was still in bed. Must have been a rough day to put her out like this. Was her life in the business world going to cramp their personal time? He hoped it was temporary.

At 9 he walked to the bedroom and opened the door, to see Connie sitting up, looking sleepy. “Hey, bed bug, you ready to get up and face the day?”

Smiling, she said in her pseudo-gruff voice, “Give me coffee!”

Glad to see her up, he went back to the kitchen to pour a cup for her. A few minutes later, she came into the kitchen, where she hugged him for a kiss that went on and on. Looking into her eyes, he saw the old Connie. “You must have been tired the way you slept in,” he said, handing her the cup.

“I was. Don't understand it but I had no energy left after work.”

“Let's keep those hours to a minimum, OK?” he asked.

“I'll try. Love working for Susan, but she can really expect a lot.”

“What do you say that we take a ride? Get out of the house and be with just each other?” he proposed.

“Sounds nice. Where to?”

“There's a place we haven't been to in months. Thought we'd pay it another visit,” he was grinning.

“Old memories?” she said, smiling broadly.

They finished up in the kitchen and returned to the bathroom to shower. “This is a part of our lives I hope never changes,” he told her as he massaged body lotion on her breasts. Usually she was very frisky in the shower. This morning, she seemed less so. When they were both clean enough, for how many times does a cock need to be washed, they got out and each toweled themselves dry. They dressed quickly and went out to the car.

It was only a short drive to the hill where Connie had given him a blow job for the first time. Idly he was hoping she might respond similarly, but no. She enjoyed the ride and being with him, but her mind was still going over the reassessment of her sexual orientation. Susan was an excellent lover. She really knew how to please her, a revelation to Connie's heterosexual mind set. Oh, Bob was good in his own way, but lacked the powerful way that Susan could touch her.

They sat on the grass, reliving their first year together. Laughing at old memories and calling up new ones. Connie knew this was the only man she could ever love, and told him so often. He responded the same way, because it was true: she was the only woman he had any interest in.

They returned home and just puttered around, doing some small things together, for that's what marriage is all about: togetherness. At 3, Bob reminded her that he had an errand to run. “Not more than an hour and a half,” he said as he walked out the door. Connie waited five minutes, then picked her phone and dialed.

“Hello, Susan…”

Bob arrived at the home of Jeff and Ryan. He was surprised to see that Ryan was completely naked, sporting a large erection. “Nice cock,” Bob said, entering. “Is Jeff around?”

“They're out in the pool. Would you like to join them?” asked Ryan.

“Sure,” said Bob, who quickly removed his clothes. His hard cock bounced as he walked to the sliding glass door separating the family room from the pool deck. When the boys looked up from their play, Jeff leapt to his feet and rushed into Bob's arms. He pulled Bob's head down for an open-mouth, tongue dancing kiss. When they moved apart, Jeff looked down at Bob's raging cock. “Sure is big. Don't know if I can take that.”

Kyle, the other boy, went immediately to Ryan, who was sitting in one of the chairs. He knelt, and began sucking Ryan off.

“Come on, Bob. Let's go to my room. More comfortable on the bed,” said Jeff, his eyes glowing with anticipation. Bob let Jeff lead him by the hand to his room, where Jeff closed the door.

Still holding his hand, Jeff walked to the bed and climbed onto it. Bob began, “OK, Jeff, let's talk. First, we are starting something that I want to be wonderful and good for both of us. So let's just take it easy. Get used to each other. Second, you can do anything you want to me, so long as it doesn't cause a lot of pain. You can touch me anywhere. Get used to my larger size. Third, stop means stop. Agreed?”

Jeff was entranced, listening to Bob lay out what they could and couldn't do. “Sure, Bob, whatever you say.”

“Good. Now let's play.” Bob ran his hands over Jeff's delightfully soft flesh. Arriving at his nipples, he leaned down to gently suck one.

“Oh! That feels so good, daddy,” Jeff whispered, describing what Bob was doing to him. Then he asked,. “Is it OK for me to call you 'daddy?'”

“Sure. Touch my nipples.”

Jeff lightly ran his fingers over Bob's stiff nipples. “They're hard.”

“Nipples get hard when we're horny. Yours are much smaller.”

“Like our cocks,” he said.

“Like our cocks,” Bob repeated.

“Can I suck your cock, please?” Jeff looked so forlornly at him. Bob smiled.

“Of course you can, baby. My cock is for your mouth.”

Jeff moved to lay his head on Bob's belly and take the cock in his hand. “It's so big,” he breathed softly. “I don't know if it will fit.”

“It'll fit. Just take your time. Go slow. May I cum in your mouth?”

“Yes, please do. I want to taste your cum.”

“You'll swallow it?”

“If that's what you want me to do, daddy.”

“It's one way to show you love me.”

“I will, and I do.”

Bob lay back, frustrated he hadn't asked Jeff to move to the other side so he could watch this young boy take an adult cock for the first time. “Use your tongue. Lick up and down the shaft. Then around the rim of my head.”

Bob felt that small tongue lapping at his precum, then caressing his stalk and tip. “Oh, yes, baby boy! You suck your daddy so well.”

After a few tentative licks, Jeff moved his mouth over Bob's head and began to suck. “Yikes! That's so good.”

For a beginner, Jeff was remarkably talented. He soon had Bob's cock ready to shoot. “I'm cumming, Jeff,” he whispered huskily. Then he ejaculated in four massive jets. The first caught Jeff in the back of his throat, causing him to cough, but he gamely kept his mouth closed to take the rest of Bob's love juice on his tongue. When it was over and Bob's cock diminished, Jeff continued suckling.

All the doubts Bob initially had about an affair with a boy vanished in that moment of sensual bliss. He looked at the head of his new son, who was contentedly nursing on his new daddy's prick.

“My turn,” said Bob softly, then waited, allowing Jeff to let his limp dick slide from between the boy's lips. Then he turned and looked up at Bob. “Did I do good, daddy?”

Bob opened his arms and Jeff came to him, cuddling against his chest. “You are one fine cock sucker, baby.”

He looked up at Bob and said, “I want to be just your cock sucker, daddy. I love you.”

They lay together, father and son, in a sweet embrace until Bob reminded Jeff that he wanted to be his cock sucker too.

“I want to keep sucking you, daddy. Even if yours is soft. Can we suck together?”

“Of course, I'd love for you to suck me. As long as you want.”

They repositioned themselves so that they lay cock to face. Bob just looked at the beautiful small uncut prick that was being offered to him. He took the hard rod to his lips, pulled back the foreskin, and began to blow on the eye. Jeff jerked in delight at the new sensation. Moving his tongue over the head, lightly around the rim, Bob felt Jeff shiver. “Must like it,” he thought. Then the shaft needed attention, so he licked up and down that until he could stand it no longer. Taking the head into his mouth, he began to rise and fall on it, fucking his face with it. Wrapping two fingers around the base, he jacked as he sucked. All too soon, he felt Jeff's cock twitch, followed by three jets of creamy, sticky, warm and sweet boy semen. This semen would never fill a girl's pussy, for Jeff would reserve his affections for men only. Forever filled with the desire to satisfy men. Bob would show him the way.

They lay together, satisfied, for now, and Bob finally had to say it was time for him to leave. Jeff, of course, wanted him to stay longer. “My wife is waiting for me at home,” he said. “She needs me too.” They rose and returned to the living room, where Bob's clothes lay. He dressed quickly and noted he just had enough time to get home meeting his deadline of 90 minutes. They kissed at the door. Bob waved good-bye to the naked boy still standing at the open doorway.

Connie had pulled in only minutes before Bob arrived, and was in the bathroom straightening up her clothes and hair. She smiled thinking back to only an hour ago, when she and Susan lay naked together in bed with Connie exploring Susan's very fit body. Touching another woman! “It's so wonderful to actually do this,” she gushed. “I love your body.” Now she was home, becoming Bob's wife instead of Susan's lover. The memories of wife and lover colliding over and over.

“Hi, honey, I'm home,” he called from the kitchen. Connie came out to meet him, threw her arms around him, and kissed. As they did, she was brought quickly back into her role as wife. She wondered what was that odd flavor on Bob's tongue. Slightly sweet, she couldn't place it.

They spent the rest of the afternoon and evening together watching two of their shows. After a couple of glasses of wine, they were feeling particularly frisky, so they went off to shower together, then to bed. They left the room staggering a bit, but still with sufficient steering capability to make it.

They were both up at 6, as this was Bob's heavy class day. Connie wanted to get in early to assist Susan with a new project. The coffee maker had been set up the night before, and when 6:00 AM came, the timer set it to brewing. They made breakfast together, chatting casually about their day ahead. They each promised they'd be home no later than 6:30. With a quick kiss, Connie was on her way, while Bob still needed to get dressed and to pack up his material.