This story was told to me many years ago. For ease of telling it is better to set it in the first person. I have taken licence with some descriptions but in essence it is true and as related to me several years ago.

I was born just before the Great War in 1914. My father was only 15 when he pushed his large cock into my future mother and I was created. My mother was decidedly under age, being only 13, so the shame that was conferred upon both families was enormous. It was felt that in order to not subject us or each of our family to the poisonous attitudes of the local people, the three of us (my father now 16, mother, now 14 and baby me) should go to live in a large town about 150 miles away along the railway line.

With the declaration of war my father, although still only 16 years old, saw an opportunity to make something of his life so he enlisted. In order to get into the army he told them he was 18 and due to his strong build they believed him. I don't think he had a birth certificate as such, as he had been born on the farm where his father worked. Whilst my father wasn't very tall, he had a well developed muscular little body, due mostly to his solid early life on a farm. He was almost immediately whisked off to a training camp, and then after three months of this, and the knowledge that he was a super horse handler, he was pushed right into the thick of it, and sent overseas to the war front.

My father loved every minute of military service, and was, according to my later research, an excellent soldier.

Meanwhile my mother, her young cunt starved of cock, offered its warm wetness to any cock that would pay for the privilege. I grew up watching a line of men entering our small cottage, and often witnessed or heard the act of fucking.

I grew fascinated by the sight of men's cock's, both flaccid and erect. In fact I was quickly becoming an expert in this area of the anatomy.

Several of these men who loved fucking young cunt decided that they were not interested in other men invading their territory so they bundled my mother and I off onto a small farm away from the hurly burly of town life. I had not yet had my second birthday when it was revealed that my mother was growing fatter because she was developing another baby inside her tummy.

This didn't stop the men from fucking her, and I can distinctly remember one occasion when there where two men pumping their large cocks into her. One in her cunt and the other in her arse. From then on she engaged in this dual act often.

One night I was watching a nice man fucking when a second man came over to my small cot. He lifted me up and slid my dirty nappy down and soon his mouth was swallowing my little cock. I can fully remember the incident as I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it. My little body revelled in the feelings the man's mouth gave me and I hankered for it from then on.

Word appeared to spread about the little boy cock and so I was being continuously pleasured by all manner of male mouths and tongues. As I grew older my little arse hole was also a source of invasion for some of these men. In particular I remember one man with a small thin cock who was the first to fuck me. My mother didn't raise any objections and he now regularly fucked me, with my mother's approval. I must say that I enjoyed it very much. I also was earning money with my body and enjoying it as well.

By the time the war was over and I was almost six years old, and before my father returned, we returned to the town and our original small house. There had been two additional baby girls in the family. However, I never saw these babies as they were spirited away immediately after their birth to an orphanage, so that my father would not be upset, or know that my mother had spent most nights with a hard fat cock in her little girl cunt.

I was wise enough even at that young age to know that I didn't say a word to my father about all the cocks I had seen or felt.

I now saw my father's large cock, and he often fucked my mother within my viewing.

As part of my father's war service he was offered a small acreage of agricultural land well out in the country. In fact this farm was almost 60 miles from town, and because the road was so rough and badly formed only a bullock wagon was able to deliver any essential supplies. This would arrive once a month, the young man driving it having spent upwards of a week making the trip. He slept in the wagon and I, now 6 years old loved the idea of this life pattern.

Whilst the young guy was strong, his body was slim and I realised later that he didn't really have much brain capacity. However, I really enjoyed it when he came and he would get me up in his little canvas bedroom and hug me and run his fine fingers over my bare chest and legs.

Being a good student of cock I also knew he had an enormous cock, even bigger than my father's monster. He had only a few hairs on either side of his fat flesh tube, and like my father, none on his huge bull sized balls. His body was very thin and he had a flat bum, not like my little bubble butt.

Peter, our delivery boy had a few hairs under his arm-pits, and a fine covering on his thin but strong arms. His chest nipples were very small and still almost the same colour as his hairless chest. Overall his body was not very well developed but he was taller than my father by about 2 inches but much thinner.

Peter often let me feel his cock and I loved the way it grew into a long, long flesh tube. Even better was when it spat out great firing globs of white blobs that I found tasted nice, if a bit salty. I loved the feel of it when I rubbed my small hands along it and felt it pulse. I had done this many times with some of my men customers. I had first tasted cum when I was about 2 years old, and came to enjoy the taste and the excitement of feeling it spurt into my tiny mouth.

I noticed that my father liked Peter too so I was happy. They would often go off into the far paddock together. My father insisted that I stay and be the man of the house with my mother.

Our family home consisted of just one large room. In one corner was a large bed and my little bed was almost alongside. It gave me a great view of my mother and father fucking, and really I cannot remember a night when this didn't happen. My father slept in the cold winter in a long woollen gown, which allowed his cock easy access to mum's ever willing cunt. The only bathing we had was a tub near the bed and we had to bring in all the water needed and heat it on the large cast-iron stove. We all bathed on Saturday nights. I would go first and get the warmest water, then my mother and then father. Neither bothered to hide themselves from me so I knew all about what a cunt looked like. Mother had a nice patch of dark pubic hair around her prominent cunt lips.

I would often see my father's monster cock hanging long and soft. His very large knob fascinated me, as mine was still covered with my original foreskin. He had a very small patch of fine sandy coloured pubic hair and his big saggy balls were clear of any fuzz. When his cock became very hard and standing straight out from his fine muscled body I loved the sight of it. I was also fascinated by the way it dribbled a long string of clear liquid. His cock was thick too, much thicker than any of the men who had been fucking my mother. I longed to touch it and rub it and make it spurt cum as I had done with those men and now young Peter.

What concerned me was that my cock had this covering of skin over the knob whilst my father's had no skin, and neither did any of the other cock's I had ever seen, including Peter's huge tube.

As I have said my father had a small, in fact very small patch of light coloured pubic hair just above his cock. He had no discernible hairs under his arms and absolutely none on his balls, just like the two bulls we had.

My father wasn't a big man. Being just 5' 5" tall, but his body was well developed and his arms and thighs were very muscular. He had no hair in his body except for that small light coloured pubic patch and his head. His legs were smooth as were his arms. He had a rugged but handsome face, with a small button nose. His mouth was small but I noticed that his lips were nicely formed.

I loved my father's body and he worked almost every day without a shirt, except on the coldest winter days. He never wore under pants, and sometimes in summer he would work away totally naked, except for boots.

Due to our financial position we didn't have much in the way of extra clothing. My mother generally hand sowed my shirt and shorts out of my father's worn out clothing. I never wore under clothes, and my shorts didn't have a fly. The legs were very baggy so I could pull the leg up when I needed to piss.

He encouraged me to go naked too and he often rubbed his hands over my growing body and occasionally, like Peter, would play with my cock.

I realised that if I pushed the skin back behind my knob my cock looked like my father's, so I now felt at ease about this. I presumed that the skin on my father's had drawn back so often that it was always back. I didn't know that he had been circumcised when he went into the army.

Also I didn't know until much later that every man in the town we lived was cut as the only doctor in town was very much in favour of removing the unsightly foreskin. He not only cut every new born boy, but had also performed the process on most of the older men as well. He claimed it was a health matter.

Life proceeded on the farm, but due to distance I did not go to school. My mother tried to teach me to read, but I wasn't interested and in any case we didn't have any books for small children, let alone for my mother and father. Both could read and write although neither was any scholar.

My father apparently sold some produce via Peter, so as to pay for the meagre supplies he brought to us, but we lived a subsistence life. We had sheep and cattle and chickens and ducks and geese. We also had a large dog that was great with the other animals. We didn't have a horse as my father reckoned it was a useless animal that only ate and shat and didn't earn its keep. And you couldn't eat horse.

I found this strange after my father's war service with horses. Later in life I was told that my father was devastated at the end of the war when all his beloved military horses were shot as they could not be brought back to our country for fear of bringing in disease.

As would be expected my mother again became pregnant. Soon a little girl was born but it was in the heart of winter and she developed some problem and died before she was a week old. My father buried her on a low hill. It was very sad for us all.

Being out in the fields with my father my body developed well and by the time I was 10 I was extremely proud of my body. Even my cock was big, and whilst I didn't realise it at the time, my balls had dropped and hung down like a stud bull. My father's large balls also hung down low, and I was always fascinated by the way they swung when he was walking and working naked.

Sex wasn't an issue as I watched the animals fucking all the time. Our dog was a bit lonely so I soon worked out how to ease his sexual pain. In fact, I worked this out when I was about 7, after I saw Peter spurt the first time. I would get Blue to roll over on his back and I would play with his hair covered balls and soon his thin pointed cock would push out from the hard protective sheath. I would then rub the slippery cock and soon, with his knot formed he would buck and shoot this long almost continuous stream of doggy cum. I did taste it but didn't really like it.

Blue trailed after me all the time and dad was pleased that the dog and I had such a good relationship.

My mother kept on getting pregnant, but now my father would get her to lay back naked on the bed and he would insert his hand inside her cunt, as he did with the animals and soon a runny bloody mess would slid out. Dad would take it outside and give it to Blue who ate it with great relish.

When I was about to celebrate my 12th birthday, my father again hand fucked my mother. Only this time something went wrong and soon mum was into a raging fever. Dad tried everything to ease her pain but slowly she slipped away and died. We had no telephone or other means of getting help. Our only transport was an old ploughing bullock, or waiting for Peter to come by on his once every six week delivery run.

It was the first time I saw dad cry tears. He hugged me almost continuously. We put mum's body on a skid behind the one remaining bullock and dragged her up to the low hill where we both dug a grave next to my little sister.

I sensed that dad didn't know what to do. However, the pair of us gradually got into a work pattern and the jobs of the farm demanded our efforts, so we started over again.

Peter couldn't get to us for almost three months this time as we had flooding rains and the track was impassable for all that time. We had plenty to eat, the major problem was that dad didn't always know how to cook it. He had relied on mum for that previously. There were no cook books but I worked out how to make bread, in a fashion. I also knew how to cook meat and vegetables so we in fact, ate very well.

We slept together every night now and I often felt dad jerking off in the bed beside me. He would fire his cum on me sometimes but I didn't mind. I really didn't know but felt it was just like Blue the dog, needing cock relief. I wondered if I should rub his cock for him but he never encouraged that at all.

My own cock was now growing rapidly, but so far I hadn't sprouted any pubic hair. It was almost always stiff now too and one night I felt dad's hand rubbing it, but he didn't bring me to orgasm.

I did that myself a few weeks later when I was jerking Blue off. My cock was stiff and giving me great feeling and I rubbed it with some of Blue's cum and soon my body went into spasms and I fired my first boy bullets. Blue loved them and licked me clean.

Just before I felt it would be my 14th birthday, I noticed dad was very depressed. Both our prize bulls had died. One had become bogged in the river mud, whilst the other must have just been old. Our faithful bullock also gave up on life, so we had nothing to drag our sled around with. Then dad went missing. He didn't come in from the fields one night when I had stayed at the house on his insistence.

I searched on foot for several days, but without finding him or any evidence of where he had been.

Peter arrived a week later and the pair of us continued our search for a further two days. We didn't find him.

Peter suggested that I should come back to the town with him as I couldn't live out here by myself. We let the few remaining animals out, and with great sadness I jumped on Peter's wagon to start a new life. Blue was the only possession I took with me.

It took us five days to get to town. I slept with Peter, who was now 22, and for the first time my cock was sucked to an orgasm. I loved it. I tried to suck Peter but his cut cock was too big for my mouth although I did taste his cum and loved it.

He told me his cock was over 10 inches long and 3 inches across. I didn't know what an inch was, as I had never been taught measurement. He got out a stick with printing on it and was pleased to record that my cock was 7 inches long and 2 inches across. He told me I had lovely balls.

When we got to the town I was scared as I had never seen a car before and the

speed they travelled really frightened me. Also my clothes consisted only of one

pair of trousers mum had made just before she died from calf hide and a

shirt cut down from an old one dad had. I had some boots but the soles were parting company with the uppers and they were far too large for me. They had been army issue to dad. They were then over 8 years old too.

Peter's mother welcomed me into their house, but I heard her say to Peter that I couldn't stay forever. I slept with Peter most nights and we would suck and jerk, always swallowing our cum. I really loved him, but didn't know about those sorts of feelings then. Peter's mother didn't understand Blue and bashed him with a broom when she saw him sitting with his big cock poking out. Blue ran away.

Peter decided that I would be better off in the big city. His family had relatives there and Peter's mum wrote a letter to them about me, and they agreed to look after me when I came down to the big city and help me get a job. With his mother getting more and more agitated about me living with them, I knew this was the right thing to do. What I didn't realise was that they couldn't afford to feed me, as they didn't have much money either. Peter obtained some secondhand clothes for me, plus some boots and out of his own wages he paid the small amount of money for my train ticket to the city.

Although I was now in my 14th year I was still small of build, like my father. I was about 5' tall and very slim but with defined muscles on my arms and legs. My chest was also developing and my little pink nipples often got hard and pointed and could be easily seen through my thin shirt. Peter's mum had cut my hair nicely into a boy style and I liked that. When I had arrived at Peter's family home my light brown hair had been very long, hanging down over my shoulders in long curly ringlets. In fact one man thought I was a girl, and funnily I didn't get upset about that.

My face was small and square, just like my father, with a small mouth that could open wide to clasp around big cock heads. My nose was small and perky. I had light blue eyes, just like my dad and only a thin line of light hairs as eyebrows.

My cock though was totally out of proportion with my little boy body. I looked about 12, but when I was naked my long thick cock told everyone who saw me that I was well on the way to being a man. I had no pubic hair at all. I remembered that my father had also had very little hair around his cock and none on his big balls. I could now shoot large volumes of sweet tasty boy cum from my huge balls. They were a bit of a problem really as I often sat on them, so that I grew accustomed to dragging them up with my hand as I sat down. I noticed that this often upset Peter's nice mum.

What I didn't realise at the time was that I was a very pretty looking little boy with an air of innocence, that I soon found to be a great asset. Of course my big cock and balls were to be my greatest asset.

I cried when I watched the train leaving him behind. A nice man cuddled me and said everything would be ok. As the train rolled on into the night the others in the compartment shared their food with me. The man had an old grey blanket with him so he wrapped it around the pair of us as we sat together trying to get some sleep in the jolting rattling old steam train. We stopped as a station for what appeared to be ages, and whilst there I realised that the man's hand was wrapped around my stiff cock which he had got out through my wide trouser leg.

I felt ok about this, and when he realised I was awake, I smiled up at him as if to say it was ok.

When eventually the train started to move his hand did also and soon my cock was spurting out a big set of cum globs. The man brought his hand up and licked all my cum from it. Then he put my hand on his cock and I jerked him off.

Later the next morning I woke alone. I asked the only other person in the compartment, a man, where other nice man who had jerked me off the night before, was and he told me that he had got off the train at a large town about an hour ago. He had left me the blanket which covered my small but muscular body. My cock which was still out of my trousers, and now stiff, also needed to piss. The man seemed to sense my problem and showed me that there was a small lavatory compartment in behind a corner seat. I got up and he obviously saw my big cock sticking out but I didn't mind as I wasn't aware that you had to hide your cock in public. I had a long piss and came back. The man was very excited and was soon sucking my cock. I orgasmed easily into his mouth and he swallowed my cum with great delight. He then took out his cock and motioned me to suck him which I did. It was much smaller than mine, but tasted nice. He came very quickly, and he was surprised that I swallowed his cum. I didn't tell him that I had been swallowing cum, and sucking cock since I was 2.

At the next station he got off, giving me a kiss on the cheek as he left. He had helped me put my cock into my pants, telling me it was the biggest he had ever seen.

As we stopped at more stations, so people got on and off the train. All Peter had told me was that I was to get off when the train stopped in the big city. I didn't know then that Peter had never been to the city so had no idea what it was like.

Finally the train did stop and everyone got off. I didn't know if this was the final stop or not, but then one of the men came back and told me this was the end of the line so I had to get off. He folded and rolled my old grey blanket and with some thick string bound it for me. He told me I would probably need my blanket. My other items of clothing were in a small bag made by Peter's mother from hessian that had been an old sugar sack. I picked them up and followed the man onto the platform.

I couldn't believe all the people there and I just followed them through a gate where a man asked me for my ticket. I didn't really understand, but the nice man from the carriage told the ticket collector it was ok I had a ticket but had lost it.

I needed to piss, but didn't know what to do. I saw some bags on a trolley so went behind it and pulled my cock out, but a man in a sort of uniform told me I couldn't piss there. He told me to go to the "gents" which I didn't understand. As I couldn't read (or write) all the signs meant absolutely nothing to me. I started to get frightened as I didn't know what Peter's relative looked like or where to meet him. Also I still needed to piss, and as I hadn't seen any men pissing I sensed that I shouldn't just piss anywhere. On the farm with dad we just pissed whenever we needed to. Our lavatory on the farm was just a pit with a board over it with a hole in it. When we finished we had an old piece of cloth to wipe our arse and then we threw a small bucket of lime into the pit over our shit. Dad had found the lime down near the creek.

I sat down wondering what to do. I was bewildered and now becoming very frightened as everyone seemed to be rushing around and no one spoke to another. A nice looking man in a nice suit now sat beside me. He had a nice face and asked me if I was waiting for someone. I explained to him about Peter's relative meeting me, so he said he would help me find him. Then I told him I needed to piss. He laughed and lead me down some stairs into smelly large room. There were lots of men just standing around, although many were facing a white wall with their cocks out. The man and I moved towards the wall and two men moved back, their cocks still hanging out of their trousers. When I pulled up the leg of my shorts and drew out my large cock the nice man gasped. He looked down at my cock and so I looked over at his and I realised that mine was bigger than his was. The man on my right side also gasped and soon several other men were looking at my cock as I pissed.

A man tried to put his hand on my cock but the nice man told him to piss off. I had heard some other noises coming from the cabinets behind us and when I turned around there was a boy, naked leaning forward and a man had his cock rammed into his arse. I had seen animals fucking (although I didn't know that word then), so thought nothing of it. The nice man let me watch and I noticed the fucking man shuddered and then pulled his cock out of the boy. As he turned I saw his cock, which wasn't all that big. Another man now moved into the stall, his cock stiff as he pushed it into the boy. We both watched as the man fucked the boy with hard forceful body lunges.

Then a man shouted out something and the nice man grabbed my hand and dragged me up the stairs. As we emerged out onto the railway concourse two men in uniform marched towards the lavatory.

He smiled down at me, and again grabbed my hand as we walked over towards some glass doors. He swung them open and we were in a large room with lots of tables all set with neat white cloths. There were many women walking around in nice black and white uniforms with tiny little white caps on their heads.

He asked me if I was hungry and I nodded my head as a yes.

We sat down at a table and a stern faced uniformed lady came over. She handed me a card with some writing on it. I didn't have a clue what it meant as I couldn't read. The man asked me what I would like and I told him I didn't know. He pointed to some writing on the card but I didn't know what it said. I then lent over and whispered to him that I couldn't read. He looked at me with a surprised expression. The man said something to the lady and soon she was back with a bowl of white goo, a jug of milk and some bread. For the first time in my life I was going to have porridge.

When I had finished, she took my plate away and came back with a plate with two fried eggs and a small piece of meat on it. It was beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The man paid the lady at the counter and we walked out.

He asked me again about Peter's relative, and I told him all that I knew. He smiled at me. Then he asked my name. My father had only ever called me son, and mother just sonny, so I told him my name was sonny. He smiled and again grabbed my hand. He said he would take me to his place and then we could look for Peter's relative. I thought that was great as I was now feeling very tired.

We went outside the huge railway station building and got in a queue with a lot of other people. Eventually we had no one in front of us and a yellow painted motor car pulled up. The man opened the back door and we got in. It was the first time I had ever been in a motor car. I whispered this fact to the man, and he squeezed my hand.

After a short drive we pulled up in front of a nice house. It was much, much bigger than our house and even Peter's mother's house. I almost forgot my blanket and clothing bag I was so excited.

The house was staggering when we got inside. I couldn't believe that someone could live in such a big place. I asked the man how many people lived there and he said just he, and now me.

I instinctively hugged him, and he lent down and kissed my forehead.

I was now feeling very sleepy, so he suggested that I have a bath and then a sleep. I asked him where the wood was so I could warm the water, but he said that wasn't necessary as he had the water warm already.

The bathroom was huge. I felt it was as big as our entire house had been. It was all white and black with shiny taps and fittings. The man turned on a tap and water flowed into the bath. He told me to get out of my clothes so I quickly took off my shirt and trousers, then my boots and smelly socks.

He gathered up my clothes as I hopped into the warm sweet smelling water. The man now got a washcloth and some soap and washed me all over, paying particular attention to my cock and balls. He pushed my foreskin back and washed around my cock head and I soon got very stiff. He jerked his hand up and down my cock and I spurted out some large globs of fresh boy cum. He looked thrilled and I felt good too.

Then he told me to roll over and he washed my arse crack and hole with more soap, even pushing his finger inside my hole. It felt very good.

He rinsed me off with a water spray on a flexible shiny tube after washing my hair, with some really bubbly soap. I smelt really nice now.

I stepped out of the bath and he towelled me dry. He then grabbed my hand and took me down a hall to a room where there was a big bed. He turned the covers down and told me to hop in.

I was fast asleep within seconds.



When I awoke it was dark outside, but a small electric lamp was alight next to my bed. The nice man was sitting in a large chair reading what I found out later was a newspaper. I sat up, still being naked and noticed that my cock was very stiff. I also needed to piss and a shit, but didn't know what to do. I looked at the man and he folded the large paper and put it down. He came over to the bed, and placed his warm hand on my hard cock.

I told him that I needed to piss and shit and that I had to go outside. He looked bewildered and then smiled as he realised that we hadn't had a toilet in our house. He led me to a small room next to the bathroom and there was this white bowl with a seat on it as I had seen at the railway station. He directed my cock at the water in the bottom of the bowl and told me to pee. It was a long piss. Then he told me to sit on the seat and shit. He showed me the paper on a roll. It was soft, not like the old hard newspaper I had used at Peter's mother's house.

He then walked back to the bedroom with me. There laid out on a long couch was a shirt, some nice grey trousers, socks and under neath a pair of shiny black shoes. I put the shirt on and it felt so nice. Then I put the trousers on and he showed me how to button up the fly and then buckle the belt.

Next I sat on the couch as he put the socks on my feet and then the shoes. My feet where very large as from the time I was only six I had worn my father's cast off army boots. I was surprised that my feet felt so nice in the shoes.

I stood up and looked at myself in a full-length mirror. I must say I looked very handsome and proud of myself.

The man combed my hair, parting it down the middle. I thought that made me look very nice indeed.

He then told me that he had spent most of the afternoon buying these new clothes for me. He was very surprised about the size of my feet, and commented about my big feet and big cock. I liked this man very much.

We went out into the street and there were lights everywhere. In Peter's small town there had been no street lights at night as there was no need. No one in that small country town went out at night.

I couldn't believe the sight. We walked along but my feet started to hurt in the new shoes. Finally we entered a wonderful place, with lots of tables and chairs. It was like the place at the railway station, but much nicer.

We where shown to a nice table by a man wearing a fine black suit with a black bow tie. He placed a white piece of cloth over my lap. I thought he wanted to touch my cock.

He then gave us each a card with writing on it. My man smiled at me, now knowing that I couldn't read it.

The order was taken and soon a glass of white milk was placed in front of me. Then a round crispy bread roll. I didn't realise it was bread until the man told me. There was butter in a dish too, and it was in little corrugated rolls.

We had a wonderful meal of vegetable soup, and then meat and some vegetables and gravy, just like my mother would make on a Sunday. Then the waiter brought out a dish of white stuff with some dark brown sauce next to it. For the first time in my life I ate ice cream and chocolate sauce.

When we walked home, I had to take off my new shoes as they hurt me.

The man now told me that he had tried to find Peter's relative but he couldn't. He asked me for Peter's address but I didn't know it at all. I said I could take him there, but he said never mind, he was going to look after me anyway.

We slept together naked and his cock was not as big as mine and he also had no skin over his knob. I asked him if he had been in the war. He laughed and I told him that my dad's cock had no skin and he had told me that it had been cut off in the war.

The nice man then chatted to me and said that I was going to become his nephew, and that I should call him Uncle Harry. I liked that so I cuddled with him and he sucked my cock until I shot. Then I fell asleep.

During the night Harry had stuffed my new shoes with wet newspaper and put sticks in them, so that when I went to put them on the next morning they felt much better. He said I would have to 'break then in'. I told him that my father did that with horses. He laughed.

After breakfast of porridge and eggs and meat, and toast (my first time), we went shopping.

He bought me some more new clothes and a nice coat to match my trousers. Then he bought me a swim suit, and I had to try it on for the sales man. We went around the rear of the shop fixture into a small room. Uncle Harry stayed outside, but he smiled at me as I went inside with the nice salesman. He was very surprised but delighted at seeing my big cock, and made sure that it fitted into the suit. He played with me so much that I got stiff, so I asked him if he wanted to suck me. He did and he swallowed all my cum.

I also was given a nice dark blue woollen jumper and a cap for my head.

Some more socks and shirts and a tie were soon purchased as I wanted to dress just like Uncle Harry. The tie had stripes across it and I looked very smart. I had difficulty in learning to tie it but soon was able to make the knot.

What really made me happy was seeing a big display of teddy bears. I thought they were just so lovely, so Uncle Harry bought me a large soft light tan coloured one and I cuddled it and hugged it and it was the loveliest present I had ever had.

Each night we slept together and I felt so happy to snuggle up with Uncle Harry and my new teddy bear. I also loved to rub his cock as he sucked me.

We visited the zoo and I was fascinated with all the birds and animals and snakes. I told Harry about how the snakes often slithered into our house but mum and I just shooed them away.

Soon I had almost forgotten about our farm, and my father, but I then became concerned about what had happened to my father.

I told Uncle Harry and he became very concerned for me and with me.

The next morning a man in a nice suit came and chatted with us. He asked me lots and lots of questions, but I didn't know many answers. I couldn't even tell him were we had lived as I didn't know and Peter had never mentioned the name of his town.

After lunch we all went to the railway station and I tried to remember the platform I had arrived on. Then Harry questioned a station officer and he listed out several possible places where the train would leave in the afternoon and arrive in the city at about 10am, which was when I had arrived. I remembered because I told them where the hands of the clock were when I arrived first.

I heard the two of them discussing what to do and the nice man suggested that Harry not bother as it could lead to problems, but I heard Harry say that he thought he should at least try to find my past home.

I felt great about that, but also sad that I didn't know where I had lived.

A very nice looking young man now started to call. He was going to try and teach me to read and write. I liked him immediately. He had really white skin and fine long fingers and his touch was so delicate and gentle. He kissed me often too and I liked that.

It was very difficult to learn to read and I wasn't really having much success. However, despite my tears, young David hugged me and kissed me and I tried even harder for him.

He sucked my cock several times too. Then one afternoon when Harry was away he asked me to 'fuck him'. I didn't know that word at all, but I soon discovered what it entailed. My cock soon was ramming inside his greased arse and he was so pleased when I shot my cum hard up inside him. His own cock wasn't nearly as big as mine, but he had a thick bush of black hairs atop his cock shaft. He even had some on his small balls.

From that day I fucked him lots, and then I started to suck his cock and I enjoyed the taste of his cum.

Best of all I always had my teddy bear with me, even when we went out shopping or for dinner. He was my best friend.

Whilst it may seen strange that a boy of 14 should enjoy having a teddy bear, please understand that I had never had any form of cuddly toy. I didn't realise or care that it may seem strange for a boy my age to have a teddy, but no one made any comments about it at all.

Also, although I was 14 I had taken after my father and I was still small in stature, being just 5 feet tall, and still slim, although my arms and legs had well developed muscles. When I got on the weighing machine in Harry's bedroom, he told me I weighed just 6 stone 6 lbs. He joked that my cock must weigh half of that, But young David had told me my balls were like giant stones so I suggested to Harry that my balls accounted for two stones of my weight. He was very happy about my comments about my sexuality and hugged me close to him.

Soon Harry asked me about my birthday. I couldn't remember because I didn't know what date I was born, but knew that mum and dad had made a fuss each year about springtime. So Harry had a party for me. David invited some young friends of his and some other nice men came as well, one with his 'son' who was also 14 and also had a big cock. His had no skin either. I ended up fucking him and he told me that his 'father' fucked him most nights and he loved it. That got me thinking.

The pile of lovely presents that came was a joy. Harry gave me a beautiful clockwork train set with train tracks and a signal and a tunnel and a small railway platform, all made of tin. It reminded me of Peter and travelling in the train and the two men who had sucked me and jerked me to orgasm.

We had chocolates and ice cream and lots of fairy cakes, and special sandwiches.

Also we had green drink and red drink and yellow drink. I was so happy and so was Harry.

My reading was now getting better and I could read signs and cards and that made me happy. My writing wasn't so good but the sharp HB pencil soon made way for the stick pen in the ink well. I wrote a letter to Harry and he was thrilled.

I said that 'I loved him very much'. David had shown me how to write that.

As summer approached I would walk around the house naked most of the time and my cock would swing in front of me. I still didn't have any hairs near my cock, but that didn't concern me at all. Harry had a nice bush of brown hairs, but they always got in my mouth and teeth when I sucked him.

One afternoon Harry received a letter from one of the nice men who had attended my party and we were asked to go to his summer place in the mountains.

Harry was very thrilled and I was excited. We packed our summer clothes and my nice woollen jumper as he said that it could get chill in the evenings and took a taxi to the railway station.

I was sure we were at the same platform that I had arrived at almost six months previously, so I became excited. I told Harry and he hugged me.

After we loaded our suitcases into our train compartment we walked up to look at the steam engine. It was puffing and hissing and the engine driver jumped down with a big oil can and started squirting oil on parts of the engine. I asked him what he was doing and he looked at me with a perplexed expression. But then he explained to me about oiling the axles and piston shafts.

As we were strolling back to our carriage, I looked up to see a man standing looking at me. My mind raced as I knew that I had seen his face before. Then I remembered it was the second man who had been on the train. He was the man who had shown me the carriage lavatory and had sucked me off.

I smiled at him and he seemed to recognise me, but backed away when he saw Uncle Harry with me. I shouted to him, called 'Hello' and he stopped. I went over to him and said I remembered him from the train. He also remembered me. I called Harry over and told him that this man had been on the train with me on that first journey to the big city.

Harry chatted with him and I noticed that he soon started to relax. Harry was excited. The man told him he thought I had come from the town of Mertonville, but he wasn't sure as he had boarded the train a few stops after that small town.

Harry chatted away with the man, whose name was Winston, and asked him to have a seat in our compartment. Harry and Winston made the changes with the nice conductor, who smiled at me all the time. I smiled back at him.

As the train rumbled through the night Harry fell asleep. Winston, who was seated next to me, lent over and whispered in my ear about our first meeting. He relaxed even more after I told him that Harry didn't know anything about what he had done with me on that first trip.

Harry's nice friend and his 'son' met us at the railway station in the very early hours of the morning. It was very cold. We walked quickly to their very large grand house, which looked out over a huge valley.

I was very tired so curled up with teddy in a nice bed. The man's 'son' crawled in naked with me.

He has a lot of hair around his cut cock which wasn't nearly as big as mine, even when stiff.

I woke after a few hours sleep to feel Michael sucking my stiff cock. He was gagging on it really as it was now growing almost daily.

He asked me if I had fucked Uncle Harry yet and I said no. He said I should try as he knew that Uncle Harry had let him fuck him when he was 13, which was last year. I was amazed and pleased to know this piece of sexual information.

Harry had often finger fucked my arse, but never ventured to push his cock into me. I remembered all the times I had been fucked up till I was six and knew that my arse was able to accept a nice cock.

I traded my mouth onto Michael's cock and soon he was shooting cum down my throat. When he stopped bouncing around on the bed from his orgasm he lay on his back and went to sleep. My own cock was very stiff and feeling nice. Then I realised that I needed to piss, so slid out of the big bed and walked to the open door of the bedroom.

There was a small light on a table down the hall and I searched around for the lavatory and bathroom. I eventually found the toilet and sat down for a shit and piss. I felt good after I finished Then a naked boy about 12 came in. He gasped when he saw me standing there naked with my horny cock pointing out from my smooth hairless groin.

"Wow," he said in a high pitched little boy voice. "You've got a really big cock. Can I touch it?"

I nodded a reply of yes, and he placed his small warm hand on the shaft of my stiff cock. Then he started to rub up and down it and it felt very nice.

He stopped and then placed my hand on his stiff cock which was about 3 inches long with a well developed knob.

"I've got to piss. Will you help me?" he asked.

I went over to the toilet with him and told him to sit and then push his cock down as he bent forward. He did as I instructed and soon I could see the stream of yellow piss leaving his cock.

He too did not have any skin. I thought that his cock was very beautiful looking and as soon as he got up from the toilet I wrapped my right hand around it.

He too had no hairs but his balls were small and still tucked up tight under his cock.

I bent down and sucked him and he swooned and grabbed my head as my tongue made circles around his prominent knob.

"Are you with Harry?" he asked and I nodded yes.

"That's great. Do you want to see what he is doing now?"

Again I nodded yes and he grabbed my hand and raced down the hall and around a corner into another large bedroom.

There was Harry naked, lying face down on the big bed. But riding on top of him was a boy about 15 or 16. He was fucking Harry in the arse. My cock gained immediate stiffness.

Sitting at the head of the bed was another boy also about 15 or 16. He was naked and his cock was soft in his lap. He smiled at me.

"Say Harry, William's got another cock for your arse. This one's new and much bigger than mine or Gerald's."

Harry turned his head sideways as the boy continued to pump his cock into my "Uncle's" arse.

Harry was at first shocked and then smiled and with a free hand beckoned me over to his side.

The boy fucking Harry looked at my cock and all he could say was "Holy shit".

With that he quickened his pace and soon he was punching his cock hard into Harry and then with one final hard thrust, yelled and moaned and then shuddered. He had fired his cum into Harry's nice arse.

Gerald now collapsed onto Harry, and then slowly eased his softening cock out of the hole.

His cock was a nice size but nothing as large as mine.

I watched as the gooey slime ran out of Harry's hole. He turned over to show me that his own cock was also covered in his cum. He had shot as Gerald had fucked him.

I went over to him and kissed him and hugged him.

Neither of us said a word. I kissed him again with a sense of great feeling and I know he felt it.

Michael now entered the room, and seeing the slippery cum and grease around Harry's open arse asked if I had fucked him.

I shook my head as a no.

Michael now jumped onto the bed and started to try and push his cock into Harry. Harry gently pushed him away.

"Sorry Michael. I've just had two great fucks with Gerald and Rodney and my arse is quite sore. Later I'll enjoy your nice cock. Hope that is ok?"

Michael looked a little put out, but grabbed young William and pushed him onto the bed beside Harry.

William now completely naked lay on his back, lifted his legs up towards his shoulders and revealed his little pink hole. Michael grabbed a jar of stuff from the small table beside the bed and rubbed some jelly like stuff on his cock and Michael's tiny pulsing hole.

I watched with interest as Michael's nice cock slipped effortlessly into the young boy, who moaned with delight.

Michael now started to fuck him in earnest and both started to moan. I noticed that both Rodney and Gerald had moved over to watch and both now had stiff cocks.

Soon Michael was puffing loudly and then he thrust hard and I knew he was filling the little arse with his boy cum.

He collapsed on to William and began kissing him in a very aggressive manner. Then he rolled away and his soft cock slipped out with an audible plop.

Rodney now moved onto the bed and eased his cock into the slippery little pink hole. He fucked the small boy for ages and then he too rammed into William and again I knew he had shot his cum.

William looked at me as if to say your turn, if you like. My cock was hard as anything, so with Harry's nodded approval I took my place facing the little boy.

I eased my cock head towards the hole, but Harry reached over and stopped me. He dipped his fingers in the jar and gathered a large glob of jelly and smeared it over my cock and the waiting hole.

His hand directed my cock towards William's gap and soon, with a loud moan from the boy, my large knob pushed past his muscular ring. I was about to start my first fuck of another boy.