Daddy Likes to Touch Me

I peed in my knickers today.

Hello. I'm Helen and I'm eleven. My daddy says I'm the prettiest girl in the world, but I don't think so. When I look in the mirror, I see a thin little girl with no boobs, narrow hips and skinny legs. I guess my face is O.K., `cos I have these big blue eyes, but I still look like a child. I can't wait for my titties and my pubic hair to grow and my body to get curvy. He says, "Thin little girls grow up to be super models. Don't be impatient. I love you like you are." One thing I do like about myself is my long blonde hair, almost down to my waist. I wear an Alice band or sometimes a ponytail. I have to comb it a lot. I hope Daddy's being serious about me being pretty, `cos none of the boys at my school pay any attention to me. Maybe it's the granny glasses that I have to wear. Those boys are all immature idiots, anyway, so I don't care.

We live in a suburban house with a big garden and swimming pool in a town in the Southeast of England.

I thought my Dad would be mad about me peeing in my knickers, but he was really cool about it. I told him I'd been taking a short-cut through the cemetery and I couldn't hold it any longer. I didn't want to squat and pull my knickers down `cos there were people around, so I just stood behind a gravestone, spread my feet apart and let it go. My knickers got soaked.

"It's O.K., sweetheart," he says, now that I`m home. "Lets see." He lifts up the front of my skirt and puts his hand between my legs and squishes my wet knickers. It feels kinda funny. "Wow, you are wet. Let's get you cleaned up and into some clean ones." He takes me by the hand and leads me into the bathroom. "Take your skirt and blouse off. Now sit on the toilet while I get your shoes and socks off. Are your socks wet?"

"No, Daddy." I can do all this stuff myself, but I like the attention. I sit with my knees apart while he removes my shoes and white knee socks.

"Now stand up." He pulls my wet knickers down and I step out of them. He's looking at my wet pee pee as I pull my vest over my head and shake my hair loose. "Jump in the shower, Helen, but don't get your hair wet." (It takes ages to dry it.) When I get out of the shower, he's rinsed out my knickers and hung them on the heated towel rail. He gets a big bath towel, wraps it round me and rubs me dry, all over, even between my legs, and gives me a big hug. "There we go, problem solved. Let's get you some clean knickers." In my bedroom, he gets a clean white pair from the stack of a dozen or so in my drawer and sits on the bed as I step close to him. He holds the knickers open and I step into them, and he pulls them up over my hips and he kisses my belly button.

"You're not mad at me are you, Daddy?"

"Of course not, darling. Accidents happen. Did anyone see you pee yourself?"


"I remember when I was a boy, about your age, and one of the girls in my class let me watch as she peed through her knickers. I thought it was naughty, but I liked watching her do it."

I giggle. "You're a naughty man." I put my vest back on, then pull my knickers down to my thighs so I can smooth the vest over my hips, then pull the knickers back up again. Daddy is watching me closely. I think he likes to watch me dress, `cos he's staring hard at me, with a funny smile on his face. Secretly, I like it when he looks at me like that.

"What should I wear?"

"I think you look pretty nice as you are, in your undies."

I'm not gonna sit around in my undies all evening. I don't want him to get too used to seeing me half dressed, it`ll spoil things. Maybe just now and then, to keep him interested. In my bedroom I put on a pale blue dress, very short, and look at myself in the mirror. You can just make out what I'm wearing through the thin material. He'll have to be content with that.

* * *

It's now the following week and last night I told Daddy that my pee pee was itching and I had to scratch it all the time. Daddy wanted to look so I lifted my dress and pulled my knickers down until they fell to my ankles. I sat back down on the couch and spread my knees while he knelt between them and looked closely at my pee pee. "It's a bit red from where you've been rubbing it," he said. "We'll get you to the doctor tomorrow."

This morning he made an appointment and picked me up from school at lunchtime, to go to the doctor's office. I didn't like the doctor. I had to wear a stupid gown that was supposed to tie at the back, but it didn't. After he examined me, when I was getting dressed, I could overhear him talking to my dad and the doctor asked if I was having sex. My dad laughed. The doctor said something about my hymen being ruptured and asked if I rode a horse or did gymnastics. "She's on the school gym team," Daddy said, and that seemed to satisfy the doctor. He phoned in a prescription and on the way to the pharmacy, my dad explained that I probably had a yeast infection, no big deal and we would just apply an antibiotic for a few days.

Now we're home and Daddy's reading the fine print on the tube of cream we've picked up. "Apply three times a day to affected part for a full ten days," he reads out. "Do not discontinue when symptoms abate." He asks me to take my knickers off, but I want to get out of my school uniform so I take off my socks first `cos Daddy likes to look up my skirt when I lift my legs, then I take my blouse off and finally drop my skirt. He's giving me that special look as I drag my knickers down past my knees and sit down on the couch, my legs apart. He sits beside me and puts some of the cream on his middle finger. "Here we go," he says, reaches his hand between my legs spreads the cream over my slit. "We have to get some inside," he says, and pushes the tip of his finger into me and moves it around a little. He looks at me and asks, "Are you alright? Does it hurt?"

"No, it's fine."

"We have to get it in deep to kill all the yeast." He slowly pushes his finger in as far as it will go. It feels kinda nice, and a warm feeling spreads out from my tummy. His finger goes in and out half a dozen times, making sure the cream is properly applied, then he takes his finger out and slides it up and down my slit again. "There we go," he says. I could have done all this by myself, but I know he likes to touch me. He likes to pretend that touching me is no big deal but I know it's somehow special for him. It's the same thing when I let him see my in my knickers or naked. I make it look like an accident but I think we both know it isn't. I pull my knickers up to my thighs, then lift my hips and pull them all the way up, and tuck my vest in.

"Thank you, Daddy."

"Is it still itching?"

"A bit, but it's O.K."

"We'll put some more on just before you go to bed."

In my room I select a pair of flowered print shorts and a matching top that comes down to just below my butt. First I remove my vest and put the top on. Then I put the shorts on and look at myself in the mirror. The top is a bit too long. I take the shorts off and look again. That's better. The top will do as a dress. I turn and bend over and look between my legs. The back of my knickers are totally visible. Daddy will like that. Later, when I'm sitting on the top step of the stairs with my knees apart, he walks slowly up and stops just below me.

"You are so beautiful, Helen. I love you so much."

"I love you too, Daddy."

Just before I go to bed, he puts more cream on. "The deeper it goes, the better," he says, pushing his finger in about a dozen times. It makes me feel all tingly inside.

* * *

My alarm goes off and I jump out of bed, not bothering to catch an extra five minute snooze. I call downstairs where my dad is making breakfast. "Come and put some more cream on, Daddy."

"Go take a shower, pumpkin, then call me and I'll come up and do it."

I quickly shower and do all the other stuff I have to do, and put my school uniform on, except for my knickers. I call down and my dad comes up into my bedroom. I sit on the bed and lie back. He lifts my skirt up above my waist and starts spreading the cream on, and then the bit I love, when his finger goes in as far as he can push it. I close my eyes and let him do it. When he's finished, I give him a big smile, get up, open my knicker drawer and pull out a clean pair. I glance in the mirror and he's sucking the finger he'd put in me. It must taste funny. I turn to face him, lift my skirt and grip the hem with my teeth and slowly pull my knickers up. I know he likes to watch that. Then I give him a big kiss on the lips and go down to breakfast. I can't wait until after school when he'll touch me again.

* * *



This afternoon, when my dad gets home, I've changed out of my uniform into a sundress and my feet are bare. I'm sitting at the kitchen table doing my homework. "How was your day?" he asks.

"Fine. We had gym this afternoon. I'm working on a new move. You wanna see it?"

"Sure. D'you need some space?"

"The living room's O.K." We go into the living room and I drop to my knees and put my forearms down on the carpet. Then I lift my body up so that it's vertical, and I know I can hold the position for as long as I need. My dress falls down so that I can't see anything, but I know Daddy can see my knickers and vest right up to my armpits. I then lower one leg to the horizontal and the other leg the other way, so they are 180 degrees apart. I know that my knickers must be stretched over the part that Daddy shouldn't be looking at. Then I switch each leg for the other and hold the pose. Then I raise them vertically and go right over into the crab. Now comes the difficult bit. I have to straighten my elbows to make a full crab, but it takes a lot of strength and I can only just do it. Lastly I get my feet under me so I can come back to a standing position having completed a full 360.

"Bravo! That was amazing. You must have worked hard at that. I wish I'd thought to record it on the camcorder."

"I can do it again if you need me to."

"Would you? Hang on, I`ll get the camera."

I do the exercise all over again and my arms are so tired I'm not sure if I can do the last but, but I pull it off. I'm breathing hard as we sit on the couch and play it back in the camera's view screen and I have to say it does look good. In the crab position, my knickers are stretched so tight they show off the shape of my slit. Daddy gives me a hug. "Thank you so much, my darling. I do believe you look a lot sexier in your undies than you do when I see you with nothing on." I give him a kiss and I'm smiling inside. "Let's try something else, Helen." He lies on his back on the floor and has me stand with my legs either side of his head. I know that he now has a perfect view up my skirt. Then he puts his arms in the "I surrender" position and asks me to lean forward, place my hands on his raised knees and stand on his hands. Then, with a grunt, he pushes my feet up until his arms are straight. "That's like a push-up in reverse," he groans. "Let's see how many I can do." After five he as to give up, but he's been enjoying the view of my knickers. I'm doing my best to keep him happy.

* * *

It's a hot afternoon, after school, and my dad and I are sitting by the pool in the back garden, under a big tree. "I'm gonna swim," I say, "but I have to take a pee first."

"Why not pee in the pool?" he says. He's in his underpants, a pair of white cotton low-rise briefs. They have no fly and I'm looking at the big bulge in the front. My dad looks pretty hot with his hard stomach muscles and big hard thighs.

"We're not supposed to pee in the pool."

He grins. "That's for public pools where there's lots of people. Here there's just you and me. I pee in the pool all the time." I have to smile. "Would you do something for me?"


"Remember the other day when I told you about watching a little girl pee through her knickers and it looked so erotic? Would you re-create that moment for me." I laugh `cos I think it's funny.

"Of course. Whatever you want."

"Let's go and stand on the lawn, and your pee can fertilize the grass." He takes my hand and leads me out on to the lawn and I stand with my feet apart. "Lift you dress up a bit, so I can see." I lift my dress high up around my waist so he can see as much as he wants. I try to pee, but it won't come. A minute ago I was bursting. "Don't strain, just relax and let it happen." Then it starts to come and the front of my knickers gets a big wet patch, and it starts to drip down between my thighs and soon it's pouring out. Dad reaches out his hand and puts it in the stream of pee, which now splashes on to my thighs. It feels nice and warm. Then he brings his hand up and cups my crotch, squeezing the loose, wet cotton. He has a big smile on his face and I look down and I can see that he's peeing too, a big stream of pee falling on to the grass.

"You like this, don't you, Daddy?"

"I love it. It's that naughty, forbidden feeling. It's like being a little schoolboy all over again. Are you going to spank me for being a bad boy?"

I laugh. "Don't be silly. Little girls don't spank their dads, it's the other way round." His eyes light up. Then I'm finished and he gives my panties a couple of rubs, then lifts his hand up to his mouth and licks it."

"Ugh! That must taste nasty!"

"Nothing from you could taste nasty, my sweetheart. Let's get really wet."

We jump in the pool and swim around, and then I do my favourite pool thing which is to put my arms round his neck and my legs round his hips and hold him close. I can feel his bulge pressing against my pee pee and it feels nice. When we get out of the pool I can see his thing through the wet cotton of his briefs. I know he can see my pee pee in the same way and I like that.

* * *

A couple of weeks have gone by and the anitibiotic cream is all used up. I knew it was too good to last. My dad doesn't touch me there any more. He did come into the bathroom one evening while I was lying in the tub. I never lock the door and often leave it open. He stood and looked at me, the water barely covering me, my knees slightly apart, my whole body on display for him. "Helen, you are so beautiful. You could never know how much I love you."

"How much, Daddy?" I wanted to keep him talking.

"More than the whole world. More than life itself."

"I love you too, Daddy. Give me a kiss?"

He bent down over the tub and kissed me on the lips. I hoped he'd touch me, but he didn't, just smiled and left.

Now were sitting on the couch, watching TV. I'm not paying much attention, I'm more interested in my dad. I'm snuggled up beside him, one thigh thrown across his, my legs apart. I want him to touch me down there.

"It's a pity the cream all got used up," I say. "It was nice when you were putting it on me."

"You shouldn't be saying things like that, I'm your dad, remember."

"That's why I say them. I wouldn't say anything like that to anyone else."

"You wouldn't tell anyone about me putting cream inside you, would you? It had to be my finger, `cos it`s longer than yours and we had to get it right up inside you."

"Of course I won't tell. That's just between you and me. I'll tell you a secret." I put my lips close to his ear and whisper, "I hope I get another yeast infection so you can take care of me again."

I can tell he's grinning. "You bad girl."

"In fact, I could go to the organic food store where they sell yeast and buy some and put it in my pee pee, then you'd have to put some more cream in there. It felt so good when you put your finger in me."

He laughs. "You bad, bad girl. For that I have to spank you." He pulls me across his knee and pulls my dress right up exposing my knickers, then gives me a few playful slaps on my bum. I'm giggling as I stand up, lift my dress up, turn my back on him and bend over.

"You have to kiss it better, Daddy." He places a kiss on each cheek and then I sit down on his knee with my back against his chest, my legs either side of his thighs. He puts his hands on my waist and I'm hoping he'll slide his hands down and touch me on my knickers between my legs, but it doesn't happen. Maybe another time.

* * *

Dad's sister Vera comes for a visit. She's O.K. but I'd rather be alone with Daddy. She's staying the night and says it'll be fine if she sleeps on the couch. Daddy says that as I have a queen size bed, she can sleep with me. When we go to bed, I change into my nightie and take my knickers off, but Vera just undresses all the way and climbs into bed naked. I put out the light and we lie there talking for a while. Then she rolls over so she's lying right next to me and puts her arm round me so her hand is on my chest. I don't really mind. Her hand slides down on to my tummy and then farther down until she's touching my slit. I wish it were Daddy doing this, but it still feels nice. She starts to stroke my slit with her finger and I roll on to my back and part my legs to give her better access. She's breathing real fast, and then she takes my hand and places it between her legs.

Suddenly, it feels all wrong. If Daddy were doing this, I'd be so happy, but it's not. It's like I'm betraying him. My body belongs to him and nobody else. I roll away from her. "I'm sorry," I say, "I can't do this."

"It's O.K., darling. I shouldn't have done that. We'll keep it as our secret, all right?"

"I suppose so." I move over to the far edge of the bed, and it takes a long time for me to get to sleep.

* * *

It's after school and Daddy's cooking. "Sweetheart, I need that saute pan that's on top of the cupboard over the fridge." It's just below the ceiling and I have to slip my shoes off before I climb on to the kitchen counter to get it. I turn to face outwards and Daddy puts his arms round my knees to help me down. He takes my weight, steps back and slowly releases his grip so I slide down. His face is right in my crotch and the skirt of my dress is caught on his head. He stays like that for a few seconds, and I can hear him inhaling.

"You smell so nice," he says, wiggling his nose from side to side against the cotton crotch of my knickers. Then he cries, "Ouch, my back!" He hurriedly lets me slide down till my feet hit the floor and he arches his back and says, "I've pulled a muscle or something. I gotta lie down flat." He goes into the living room and lies flat on the carpet with his knees up. I come in and stand beside his head. He may be in pain but I'm sure he'll still like a nice look up my dress.

"Are you O.K., Daddy?"

"Just gimme a couple of minutes and I should be fine. Get me the camera. It's on the end table. I hand him the camera and I know what he wants, so I stand with my feet either side of his head. "Ooh, perfect," he says and the flash goes off a couple of times.

"Would you like a close up?" I ask his, and kneel down with my crotch just above his face.

"It may be a bit too close to focus, but let's try." The flash goes off again and he says, "It's a bit blurry but the other two were fine." I lean forward and lie on top of him, my knees beside his chest. I drop my head until my cheek is resting on the bulge in his pants and I lower my hips until I feel his face just where I like it, his mouth right were my little slit is waiting. I wiggle my hips from side to side and feel his nose rubbing against my bum hole. Then I can feel his tongue pushing at me and I cup my hands across his bulge and give it a squeeze. We stay like that for about a minute, and then he says, "You'd better get up. The pie's still in the oven, and it's gonna burn." As he gets slowly to his feet, he says, "We don't want to get carried away."

Wrong, Daddy! I do want to get carried away.

* * *

I'm in the den and I can see the power light on the computer monitor, so I press the space bar. The computer lights up with a list of jpegs. I start the slide-show and it displays picture after picture of young girls, some in their underwear, some entirely naked. Many of the poses are quite naughty, legs spread wide apart, skirts lifted to show knickers, one with her knickers down at mid thigh, showing off her slit. They're all very young and none are older than I am. My dad comes in.

"You shouldn't be looking at those. They're private."

"But you left the computer on standby, Daddy, I just hit a key, that's all."

"Nevertheless, they're mine."

"They're all so pretty. Are they off the internet?"

"Yes, but none of them is as pretty as you."

"If you want pictures like these, you can take some of me. I can pose just as nicely as those girls. I'd really like to do it, please, Daddy."

"O.K., lets do it in your bedroom." He goes and gets the camera and we go into my bedroom, where I do a sexy strip-tease for him, first sitting on the bed taking off my shoes, so that he can get some good looks up my skirt, then I stand up and lift my dress up under my chin, showing off my knickers up to the waist. Then I pull my dress over my head so he can photograph me in my knickers and vest, which I know he likes. I do some nice poses, some lying down with legs apart, some bent over showing my bum and one with the crotch of my knickers pulled to one side so he can see my slit. All the time I have a big, happy smile on my face. I really am enjoying have my Daddy looking at me like he wants to eat me. I stand up and pull my knickers down to mid thigh while he clicks a lot of close-ups, then I lift my vest to show off my nipples. Then I take it off and parade around while he continues to click. At last I let my knickers fall, step out of them and stand with my legs wide apart. All I have on is my knee socks. More close-ups, then I lie down again and spread my legs as wide as they will go. Daddy moves around, getting pictures from all angles, then he takes one final shot of my slit from about a foot away. Then I jump to my feet, throw my arms around him and kiss him on the lips.

"Are you happy now, Daddy?"

"More than you can know, my darling. You're magnificent."

"You're not gonna put these on the internet, are you?"

"I wouldn't dream of it, sweetheart. I love you and you belong to me and only me." We download the camera into his computer and look at all the shots. I really do look sexy, as though I am saying `you can do anything you want to me'.

* * *

Later, we're sitting in the living room. "Daddy, you know the sex-ed book you gave me to read?"

"Yes, sweetpea?"

"I was reading about circumcision and I don't really understand it. Do they cut the ends off the baby's penis?" My dad laughs.

"No, darling, just the foreskin."


"Well some do it for religious reasons, but there's no medical reason for it. I think of it as mutilation and it should be banned except under special circumstances."

"I still don't understand exactly what it is they cut. Can you show me?" He pulls down his shorts and underpants, and I look at his dick. It's a little bigger than when I see him in the shower, and he takes hold of the tip.

"This is the foreskin, see, it's loose and not very sensitive." Then he rolls it all the way back as far as it will go. "This is what a circumcised penis looks like." By now, it's getting really big. "This is the glans, and it's very sensitive." He rolls the skin forward again. "They cut around here."

"It's really neat, the way it slides back and forth," I say. "When you do that, it's masturbation, right? I know all about that." He gives his dick a few strokes.

"Yes, like this."

"Can I do it?"

"Well. . ." Before he can stop me I've taken hold of his dick and started to move my hand up and down. It feels hard and soft at the same time. His head falls back, and I know he likes what I'm doing. There's an exciting aroma coming from his dick and I inhale it eagerly. I keep stroking him for about half a minute until he says, "You'd better stop. You don't want to make me cum. You know what cumming is, don't you?"

"Of course I do. It's when you have an orgasm and semen shoots out."

"Little girls shouldn't be wanking their daddies."

"Well, I won't tell anyone. Do you masturbate, Daddy?"

"Yes, from time to time. It's not a bad thing, but it's private."

"Does it feel the same way I feel when I touch myself in bed at night?"

"Just like that, and it gets better and better until you cum. Touching yourself is a good thing, but only when you`re alone."

"Or with you, Daddy. I know about orgasms, but I haven't had one yet, even when you were putting that cream inside me."

He murmurs something. I think it's "Soon, Baby, soon."

* * *

Just before I go to bed, I hear Daddy go into the bathroom and the shower starts to run. I go into my bedroom and take my dress off, then I open the bathroom door. There's no lock on it. He's in the shower and the room is beginning to steam up. I pull my knickers down and sit on the toilet and have a pee. I stay there until he comes out of the shower.

"I didn't hear you come in, Helen." He starts to dry himself. The toilet is right next to the shower and he's standing right in front of me. I'm looking at his dick, which is soft.

"I had to pee. Listen, Daddy, when I was reading that sex-ed book, there's a chapter on oral sex. It was really interesting and I was wondering what it tastes like."

"Little girls shouldn't be. . . " I don't give him time to finish, I just grab his hips and pull him towards me. I think his dick is absolutely magnificent. I take hold of it. It's not quite rock hard yet and soft to the touch, and I love the way the skin slides back and forth. I could spend the whole day just looking at it, with its moist head peeping from his foreskin. I put my mouth over it. It feels silky smooth and doesn't taste of anything. It immediately begins to get harder, which gives me intense pleasure, knowing that he's getting stiff because of me. I pull his foreskin back a little and run my tongue over the head. Now it's as stiff as an iron bar. I clamp my lips round his shaft and bob my head up and down, masturbating him, while my hand cups his balls, so nice and smooth. Every few seconds, I take it out of my mouth and give it a dozen or so strokes with my hand, then put it back in again, careful not to let my teeth touch it. His hips are thrusting forward and I hold still, letting him make love to my mouth. Suddenly he pulls it out and a big blob of semen lands on my cheek. I grab hold of his dick and feel it pulsing while another three or four blobs of cum shoot from it. One lands on my vest, one on my arm and the last dribble coats my hand. I look up at him and lick it off my fingers.

"It tastes nice and creamy, Daddy. Next time I want to taste it all." He's speechless.

* * *

My dad's sitting by the pool when I come home from school today. I grab a coke from the fridge and come out into the back yard. It's a blistering hot day and I'm all sweaty. "I'm gonna swim, Daddy."

"Hi, sweetheart. Go right ahead. I'll just watch." He loves to watch. I take my shoes of first, as usual, so he can get his customary up-skirt view, then my skirt and blouse, then my vest, taking my sweet time, loving how he stares at me. Then down come my knickers, very slowly and seductively, and I turn and bend over as I step out of them, giving him a nice look at my bum. Then I sit and take my knee socks off, spreading my legs as wide as they will go, showing off my pee pee. I lean back, propped on my elbows, exposing my most private part for him. His dick makes a big bulge in the briefs he's wearing. Then I jump in the pool and cool off. After a minute, I climb out and kneel down by his feet.

"I want to see your cock, Daddy. Stay still while I take your underpants off." I hook my fingers in the waistband and pull his briefs down. His stiff cock jumps out, giving me a huge thrill. I just gaze at it for several seconds. It's moving slightly in time with his pulse. I'm totally in love with his cock and I want him to know it, so I lean forward and place a kiss on the tip. Then I straddle him, sitting with my pee pee right on his cock, and move my hips about.

"Oh, you gorgeous little slut," he says with a big grin. "You're driving me fucking crazy." He's used the F word!

"I like being a slut, Daddy. I'm your slut, yours only." I wriggle forward, bringing by pee pee nearer and nearer to his face, until I feel his mouth on me, his tongue probing and then licking me up and down. My head is in a whirl and I feel like I might faint. I reach behind me, take hold of his cock and gently stroke it. He doesn't last very long. I can feel it pulsing as he cums, and I can feel a blob of semen trickling down my back. I jump off him, spin around and take his cock in my mouth, licking all the cum off it. I love it. Next time I want to have all his cum in my mouth and I'm going to swallow it. I think he'll like that.

* * *

I'm lying in bed, with just a sheet covering me up to my waist. It's too hot to wear a nightie. Daddy comes to tuck me in and kiss me goodnight. He's wearing an old pair of boxers he likes to sleep in. As he leans over to kiss me, I push the sheet down, exposing my naked torso. As he looks at it, I can see his cock getting stiff in his underpants.

"Daddy, will you sleep here with me tonight?"

He hesitates. "Why not. It's a nice big bed. Move over."

"It's too hot to wear anything. Take your boxers off." He slides them off and his cock is now rock hard. He lies down beside me and I just have to grab his dick and caress it. It's such a thrilling feeling to touch him down there, his cock and his balls, and know how excited it makes him. He kicks the sheet off and slides down the bed and buries his face between my legs. I feel as though I'm on fire, my heart is hammering. He licks and probes me, pushing his tongue as far in as he can. With my hands on the back of his head, I pull him into me. After a minute or so, he comes up for air and rolls on to his back, his cock standing up like a flagpole. I look at it for a few seconds, the most beautiful sight in the whole world, then I roll on top of him, bring my knees up and rub my pee pee against his cock. He's groaning and thrusting his hips up against me. I lift myself up, reach down and grasp his rigid cock. I lower myself down until the tip is poking at me pee pee, and then, gazing into his eyes, I say, "Do it to me, Daddy, do it to me!" He thrusts upwards just as I'm lowering myself on to him and his cock goes smoothly into my wet pee pee, all the way in, right up to the hilt. An explosion of feeling ripples through my whole body, and I start to lift myself up and down. Suddenly, his cock slips out of me, and in a panic, I grab it and push it back in.

"Hold, still, Honey, let me do it to you," he groans, and I let him do all the work, thrusting and lunging upwards, penetrating me deeply, filling me up with his love.

"I love you, Daddy, I love you so much!" I gasp, my head thrown back. Then I feel his cock pulsing and I know he's cumming and at the same time, a wave of ecstasy breaks over my, spreading out from my loins through all my body, like nothing I have ever felt before. So this is an orgasm, I think. It's more than I expected it to be. I want to do this again and again, as often as I can with the daddy I love so much. Out of breath, I lift myself off his dick and lie back on the bed.

"And you know I love you too, don't you, my darling? Now you know how much."

I take hold of his hand and place it between my legs. He'll like that.

Daddy likes to touch me.

The End.

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