Panic stricken and buck ass naked, the four of us collided in a faint attempt to hide from their mother who was in my back yard approaching the sliding glass door to the livingroom. Her voice got closer and closer as she yelled, "Aerial, Chris, are you inside? "Jason, are you and the kids in the house?" We scrambled around to get something to put on, but the kids clothes were laying all over the back yard near the pool. Aerial and Chris shot out the front door doing their best to cover their private parts so that the other neighbors wouldn't see them naked. Michelle and I grabbed our robes just in time as she was standing in front of the sliding glass door. I yelled out, "Come on in Theresa." The glass door slid open as Michelle and I was rapidly walking down the hall towards her. All three of us met face to face and I could see her nostrils flaring at the strong over abundant odor of fresh sex and ass that was heavily floating in the air.

I tried to speak, but my heart was throbbing inside my throat and I knew that she knew I had turned three shades whiter than my normal facial color. Theresa was gorgeous, from her long jet black hair to her painted toe nails. She only stood about 5' 4" and weighed an exaggerated 100 pounds. Her breasts were small, but definitely firm. Her smile was breathtaking and upon a closer inspection, I could tell where Aerial and Chris got their entrancing emerald green eyes from. Theresa has a soft voice, almost dainty. Sternly she asked, "Where's Aerial and Chris?" Michelle quickly responded, "I believe they went home." Theresa was smiling as her mind thought of a confusing question to ask us. With her back towards the pool area, I saw Chris run around and gather their skimpy bathing suits. I was hoping beyond all prayers that she had not noticed her children's bathing suits strung out in my backyard. As she thought of a question, her nostrils continuously flared.

Michelle went to the kitchen to fix us something to drink and once Theresa and I were alone, she faintly said, "Smells like sex in here!" I just nodded my head and feared the worst. Then she bravely asked, "Have you and Michelle been having sex in front of my children?" I felt the blood slowly leave my body and stood there frozen in time not knowing what to say or how to respond. Theresa stated, "I'm not stupid. Something has been going on, because my kids spend all their time at your house. Surely, they can't be swimming ALL day. I have also noticed in the past few weeks, Aerial and Chris are closer than ever. They have become inseparable.

She was looking up to me, staring straight into my quivering eyes when Michelle walked back in with the drinks. Theresa's entire complex changed in front of Michelle and her sexual questions ceased as their conversation of life in general evolved. I was basically left out of the conversation between the two women, which certainly didn't hurt my feelings at all. The second Michelle excused herself to go to the bathroom, Theresa blasted me some more. She said, "You never did answer my question. Did you guys have sex in front of my children?" She knew the answer from my petrified silence. Then Theresa said, "Look Jason, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. You can either be totally honest with me or you can talk with the police, but either way, I will find out the truth. Now, which choice do you want to make?" With the sound of a frog lodged deep in my throat, I responded, "Theresa, I'm so sorry, but yes we had sex in front of Aerial and Chris, as well as sex with them!"

Her smile never left her face and I was waiting for her to jump up and start hitting me at any second. She asked, "Let me get this right and please stop me if I get something wrong. Did you fuck my daughter?" I nodded my head yes. "Did you fuck my son?" Like before, I nodded my head yes. She said, "Tell me what all you guys did and please don't leave anything out." I cleared my throat and nervously said, "We did everything. I ate her pussy, her asshole, sucked his cock and his asshole and they sucked my cock and my asshole, as well as Michelle's pussy and asshole too. I have fucked both your children in their assholes and Chris has fucked me and Michelle. Aerial has sucked Chris's dick and Chris has eaten her pussy and asshole as well as fucked her in both holes. Aerial and Chris has swallowed my sperm as well as Michelle and I have swallowed theirs. I believe that pretty much covers everything."

Theresa softly said, "I can't believe my children are having sex with one another. That explains why they have become so close lately. I wasn't even aware that my eleven year old son was old enough to be able to produce any sperm yet. So Jason, tell me what my daughter's pussy tastes like, as well as my son's sperm?" I told her that Aerial's pussy was sweet and Chris could produce a rather healthy load of watery sperm. We were looking into each other's eyes and I was awaiting the worst. Theresa maintained her politeness and remained calm at hearing the whole truth. The more I looked at her, the more beautiful she had become. Her skin was naturally tanned and I could make out her thighs as her skirt rose upwards. They were thin, but very smooth. Her Asian appearance was naturally gorgeous. The blouse she was wearing hid her small, firm breasts, but I could tell she was pondering what to do from the shocking news she had just learned about.

With tears in my eyes, I pleaded, "Theresa, I am truly sorry. Please don't call the police. I will never touch your children again, I promise! Please, I beg of you, please don't call the police!" Her smooth thin legs were crossed as she leaned back in the chair. Michelle had just walked back in the room and sat down next to me. Theresa looked at Michelle and said, "Jason has just told me what you guys were up to with my children!" Michelle had fear written all across her face. Theresa asked, "May I use your phone?" Both Michelle and I begged her not to call the police as her fingers were dialing the number.

"Chris, you and Aerial come over to Jason's please." She hung up the phone and there was a temporary relief that she did not call the police. We sat silently, awaiting Chris and Aerial. A couple of minutes later, the both of them came walking in the sliding glass door and sat down on the floor on each side of their mother. Theresa looked down to her left at Aerial and said, "I just found out what you guys have been up to." The water started forming in both Aerial and Chris's precious eyes. Nobody knew what to say, so we sat there silent because the ball was in Theresa's hand, and she knew it.

Taking turns looking at her children sitting on both sides of her, she asked, "What do the two of you have to say for yourselves?" Chris bravely spoke out, "Mom, we like having sex. It's fun and it makes us feel really good. Jason didn't force us to do anything. We kind of pushed him into it. We just......" Theresa cut him off by asking, "Chris, did you want Jason to put his penis in your butt hole?" Chris, without hesitation said, "Yes ma'am, I kind of begged him to do it." Theresa looked down at Aerial and asked, "So, what's your story young lady?" Aerial nervously responded, "Mom, it's just like Chris said. We love sex and we love the way it makes us feel. I wanted to suck Jason's dick and I wanted to taste his sperm. Since it is all out in the open anyways, I really love the taste of sperm. I have been sucking Chris off every night and he eats my pussy too. It's not all Jason you know, we kind of threw ourselves on him."

Chris blurted out, "Mom, think what you want, but I like eating pussy and I really like being fucked up my butt." Theresa patted Chris on the head while staring a hole in me. Aerial was about to speak, but Theresa hushed her. Theresa said, "Children go on home and I'll be there in a few minutes. The three ADULTS have some things to discuss." Aerial and Chris hesitantly left to go home and once they were out of ear shot, Theresa said, "Put yourselves in my shoes. You just found out that your two children have been sexually active with two adults. Not to add to the already shocking news, but your kids blurt out that they like to get fucked and they like the taste of sperm and pussy. You find out that your son is a cock sucker, and, in his own words, loves to get fucked up the ass by a grown man. You also find out that your two children are involved in an incest relationship. So tell me, what in the living shit would you do after finding out all this?"

I said, "I honestly don't know." Michelle said the same thing as I said and Theresa just looked at us with that ever growing smile broadening her gorgeous face. She said, "Damn Jason, you are a good-looking man and Michelle, you're a fucking model for Christ's sake. Are my children that good that you would risk going to prison? Did Aerial's pussy juice give you temporary amnesia, forgetting her age, or was it Chris's sperm that caused you to forget his age as well? Or could it be their asshole's were so fucking tight that you threw caution out of the damn window? Tell me, what the fuck happened for the two of you to have sex with a twelve year old little girl and an eleven year old young boy?"

I was getting more than a little agitated at her profanity as well as everything else. I stood up and walked over to her and harshly said, "Why don't you open your fucking eyes woman and look at your two children. Yeah, I know their ages, but you need to stop and give them credit for not being so fucking stupid as far as life is concerned. You only think about your precious job and leave them alone most of the time. I didn't plan on fucking your kids, it just happened. I am sorry it did, but I can't go back in time and change things. Face it lady, your kids are sexually active and they are going to continue it with me or someone else. This shit wasn't planned by me, so get that fucking idea out of your head. Your kids are gorgeous so you just need to be proud of that fact and be their mother for a change instead of their fucking baby sitter. You wanna call the cops, go right fucking ahead and call them, but I will not take any more of your shit in my own home. You've been divorced for ten years now, maybe you just need a hard cock up your ass to jar your motherly intuition!" I certainly felt much better after blasting her with what I felt like saying. Silently, I still prayed she wouldn't call the police.

Theresa began to cry and Michelle walked over to her and held her tightly. I went to the bathroom to relieve my bladder. Upon my return, Michelle said, "Honey, we're gonna have a cook-out tonight by the pool. Just us, Theresa and the kids. Everything's alright now. I was still pretending to be some what furious as Theresa shook my hand and walked home. Michelle hugged me and softly whispered, "It seems some of the things you said to her hit home pretty hard."

Michelle and I went to the grocery store and purchased some very large steaks and some huge baking potatoes and some other stuff to in preparation for the cook-out. It was a warm summer night and I had the pool lights on as well as the patio lights. As the three entered the gate, my mouth immediately flung open. Theresa was wearing a very skimpy thong, soft blue bikini. The soft blue was triggered off by her natural tan and stunning beauty. This was the first time I had ever seen her without her business attire on. I could also see where Aerial got the big gap from that separated their thighs. Her constant smile was a breath of fresh air as the three of them walked over to us. Aerial was wearing the same knitted bikini and Chris was wearing the same see through white extra skimpy Speedo.

Michelle, Aerial, and Chris were in the pool and Theresa was standing to my right side while I was at the grille. She whispered, "I talked with my kids and they really do love you and Michelle. A lot of the things you said earlier really opened my eyes. I can't stop my children from having sex, but I can have a say so as to whom they do it with. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you and Michelle have my blessings." Her skin was so smooth and velvety as I embraced her. I asked her, "So, what about you and your sex life?" Theresa smiled and said, "What sex life. I work, come home, and go to sleep. When a guy finds out that I have two children, it's as though I am diseased." She kind of giggled as she spoke. I figured since she was divulging the information, I might as well go further by asking, "When was the last time you had sex?" Theresa said, "Not counting my fingers, it's been since Chris was born."

Aerial broke our train of thought by yelling out, "Hey Jason, can we swim like we want to?" I fired back, "You have to ask your mother for that one?" Theresa really didn't understand as she asked Aerial, "How do you want to swim dear?" Aerial was smiling as all get out, but it was Chris who yelled, "Naked, mom!" Theresa looked stunned, but after a brief second or two, she smiled and said, "I guess it would be okay!" With that being said, Aerial and Chris quickly donned their swim suits and tossed them out of the pool. After some pleading from the kids, Michelle tossed hers out too.

I looked at Theresa and said, "Don't be too shocked when you're the next to be bugged about taking your clothes off." Theresa whispered, "They won't ask me something like that, I'm their mother for goodness sake." She had just finished her sentence when Chris was standing behind us, dripping wet with his hard six inches leading the way. Chris eagerly said, "Mom, you got to get naked too and you too Jason." Theresa and I both turned around and I watched as Theresa's eyes drifted onto her son's impressive erection. Aerial walked up to us and I saw Theresa's eyes stare at her young daughter's sparsely haired pussy. Aerial walked up behind me and untied the drawstring and slowly pulled my shorts down and I helped her by stepping out of them. Michelle had joined us and Theresa glared at my girlfriend's naked gorgeous body. Theresa looked down at my rapidly growing cock and just stood there confused as to what scenery her eyes should focus on.

Chris continued his pleas, "Come on mom, get naked. You'll feel much better once you do." Aerial started in on her mother, "Mom, your beautiful. Just take your bikini off and let the warm air tingle your pussy." I was kind of shocked at Aerial's abruptness, but it must have broken Theresa's trance like state. Aerial began untying her mother's bikini top string while Chris was pulling down her thong. Michelle was standing next to me as we both gazed upon Theresa's small, but perky breasts. Her nipples were standing at attention a good two inches. My eyes flowed down her smooth body, gleamed at her extremely flat stomach, down to her wonderful and perfectly trimmed V shaped jet black pubic hair.

I stepped back to see what her ass looked like and was shocked as I saw the tiny bubble of her natural tanned ass. It looked like two footballs had been sewn into her cheeks. I couldn't see her pussy lips, but what I could see was more than a tasty treat. Her eyes followed the wiggling butts of her naked children as they ran and jumped into the pool. Michelle talked her into joining the kids in the pool and soon all four of them were playing in the cool and refreshing water. Sometime thereafter, I joined them.

Theresa had swam to the shallow end and pushed herself out of the water and sat on the edge. To get a closer look at her pussy, I splashed my way over to her. Her legs were slightly spread as my eyes zeroed in on her lovely pussy. Her pussy lips was almost hidden by her jet black pubic hair, but were neatly trimmed. Unfortunately, her pussy lips were closed, but I could tell she had a little goody trail that was crawling from her pussy leading to her hidden asshole. Chris, as always as bold as ever, said, "Wow mom, you got a pretty pussy." Aerial shouted from the other end, "I wanna see." Soon, Aerial was standing beside me looking at her mother's exposed pussy.

Theresa seemed awkward having her own children gawk at her pussy, but she remained seated throughout the eye popping event. Aerial barked out, "Mom, did you see how Michelle keeps her pussy hair trimmed? She's got blond pussy hair you know!" Theresa swallowed hard and responded, "Yes dear, I saw it!" Chris laughingly shouted, "Yeah mom and Michelle's pussy tastes really good too." I had to get out of the pool to check on the food. Chris made note of my hard cock and shouted, "Look mom, Jason's got a huge cock!" Theresa was looking at my bouncing erection as I walked over to the grille.

We ate until all of our stomachs felt like they were about to burst. Michelle and I put up the dishes and returned to the patio to join our three beautiful naked guests. Chris or Aerial suggested we go sit in the jacuzzi so I set the temperature and we all got in. Michelle was sitting to my left, Theresa was sitting on my right with Aerial then Chris beside her. I could tell that Michelle was stroking Chris's hard cock while Chris was fingering his sister. Michelle had her right hand on my cock and I was fingering her wet pussy. We were sitting kind of close together, but there was plenty of room in the jacuzzi. I felt Theresa's left leg as it rested on my right leg. She had leaned her head back and let out a soft moan. I placed my right hand between her legs and was surprised to find that Aerial was already fingering her mother's hot pussy. Theresa was confused but now having two fingers exploring her wet pussy put her in her own little pleasing trance.

It didn't take too long before I felt Theresa's small soft hand enclose around my shaft and gently began squeezing. Theresa's head was tilted way back and I watched as Chris stepped out and walked directly over to his mother. Using his right hand, he forced his dick downwards, between his legs and slowly commenced to squat. The boy's hard cock head struck his mother's lips and I almost shot my load when Theresa's mouth opened and Chris squatted some more until his entire six inches of prime boy cock was lodged inside his mother's hot mouth. Chris began bouncing up and down while fucking his cock into his mother's sucking and slurping mouth.

It was a beautiful sight watching Chris's smooth hairless balls splash upon his mother's bridge of her nose as he fucked his cock in and out of his mother's mouth. Theresa was moaning while two fingers probed her pussy and a boy cock fucking her mouth. Michelle released my cock and got out and crawled under the squatting ass of Chris and she began tongue fucking the boy's hot, hairless hole. Aerial crawled in between her mother's legs and I helped her to raise her mother's legs out of the water as Aerial's slender tongue started stroking her mother's pussy. I watched in total fascination as Aerial's tongue slid in between the sealed lips and give her mother's pussy a proper tongue bathing.

Keeping a finger inside Theresa's juicy pussy and feeling Aerial's sweet tongue glide over and around my finger inside her mother's pussy, I leaned forward and sucked her left two inch jutting nipple into my mouth. Theresa was loudly grunting and whimpering having a finger and a tongue inside her hot pussy while having her son's hard cock ramming in and out of her cock hungry mouth. Chris was cooing at the feeling of Michelle stabbing his sweet asshole with her tongue and the hot feeling of his mother sucking on his young cock.

I was looking up at Chris's cock being slammed into his mother's mouth while sucking really hard and running my tongue along and over her massively erect nipple. Aerial raised her mother's hood, revealing a pretty pink clit. Aerial closed her mouth over the pretty clit and Theresa cried out as her daughter skillfully sucked and licked the sensitive organ. Theresa's chest began rising and falling at a rampant pace and Chris was grunting as Michelle's tongue had driven inside his tasty asshole. Without having to be told, I knew Chris was pumping his boy juice into his mother's eyes. Theresa's eyes opened wide as the hot watery boy sperm filled her sucking mouth and the clit being stimulated by her daughter caused her body to rumble at one long and devastating orgasm. I had to really clamp onto her nipple as Theresa's body shook violently and her screams were only silenced by the sperm spewing cock that was rifling inside her mouth. Michelle was whimpering at the boy's clamping and clenching asshole due to his cock erupting its precious, sweet juice. Chris was fighting back the urge to scream as his cock continued to splash sperm into his mother's cum filled mouth.

Due to things getting rather loud, I recommended we take this inside. I was still sitting down when Theresa rolled over towards me and placed her right foot on the edge of the jacuzzi. The sight that burned my eyes was glorious. Wet hairs protected her small puckering hole and her tanned pussy lips spread giving me an eyeful of her sweet dark pink interior. The urge to ram my tongue inside her sweet brown eye was over powering. I grabbed onto her tiny hips and drove my tongue straight inside her asshole. Theresa screamed at the sudden anal attack as my tongue traveled upward savoring her flavored ass juice as it slithered up her tight chute. With a face full of ass, Chris stepped behind me and quickly rammed his still rigid six inches of boy wonder up my ass. Aerial sat down in front of her mother, spread her legs and offered her sweet pussy to her mother. Aerial slowly leaned all the way back with her knees high in the air as Theresa questioningly pressed her motherly tongue inside her daughter's young and juicy pussy. Aerial screamed, "Oh hell yes mom, yes, yes, eat my pussy!" Michelle stood over Aerial's bobbing head and began her downward squat.

Aerial saw the descending blond pussy inch closer and closer to her face. Her nostrils flared as the sweet fresh scent from Michelle's tasty pussy pressed against Aerial's succulent lips. Aerial's darting and lapping tongue began working miracles on Michelle's dripping wet pussy. The harsh sound of flesh as it pounded against flesh echoed through the night air as Chris was pounding my asshole with a mad vengeance. Theresa's mouth was creating a tremendous slurping noise while eating her daughter's young juicy pussy and I was tongue fucking her virgin asshole. I was grunting from the anal sensation I was receiving from my cock clutching asshole and stretching my tongue deeper and deeper up Theresa's hot and juicy anal chamber.

Theresa was sucking on her daughter's tiny clit while pinching Aerial's erect nipples. Michelle was having an orgasm caused by the skilled mouth of Aerial. Michelle was screaming and twisting her nipples as her juices erupted into the tongue fucking, clit sucking mouth of Aerial. Soon, Aerial's young body began bouncing off the deck of the patio as her own mind torturing climax exploded With my tongue roaming in Theresa's tasty asshole, I had begun shoving two fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy. In no time at all, Theresa started whimpering as her body shook and rumbled as wave after wave of body splintering orgasm crunched her every emotions.

Chris pulled his hard shaft from my ass as all five of us adjourned to my bedroom. I have a king size bed and it fit all of us rather comfortably. I was on my back with my legs spread and was enjoying Theresa slurp all over my erect pole. She was on all fours sucking away while Michelle was on her back licking Theresa's pussy. Chris was eating out Michelle while Aerial stepped over me with her ass facing my face and leaned down. My tongue quickly went to work in her tasty treat of a pussy while Aerial in turn, tongue fucked her mother's hot hairy asshole. Sex and ass stifled the air as everyone began panting, moaning, groaning and whimpering. It had been a long time since Theresa had sucked a cock, other than earlier, sucking her son's cock. She licked up and down the shaft and tongue bathed each of my balls while rubbing a finger on my butt hole. I was unable to tell what everyone else was done since I had Aerial's delicious ass bunked up to my face. Her ass juice was divine as my tongue rolled inside her tight crevice. I slammed my tongue in and out of Aerial's hot asshole causing her to scream with pleasure. Her tongue had penetrated her mother's asshole and she was now getting her first taste of her mother's sweet ass juice. Theresa was almost crying as she sucked my cock and Michelle was sucking her clit feverishly. Poor Chris couldn't decide which hole he preferred on Michelle, so he started taking turns running his tongue in and out of her pussy and asshole.

Three very sweet smelling, tight and delicious pussy's and two very hard cock's and five exploring tongues worked themselves into a violent lustful passion. I couldn't take too much more of Theresa's fiery hot mouth on my cock, so I gently slid her cock sucking mouth off of my ready to explode cock. I was still on my back and Aerial got up and squatted over my erection. She took her left hand and guided my cock towards her asshole and plopped right down on it. Theresa was amazed at seeing her twelve year old daughter slam her little asshole onto a man sized cock in one quick, painless effort. Aerial began thrusting her young body up and down while clinching her ass muscles down onto my cock. When Aerial started screaming, "Oh shit yes, yes, oh Jason, fuck me, fuck my asshole, tear my hole up, yes!" I saw the look of astonishment on Theresa's face.

Michelle lay in between my legs with her head in between my thighs as Theresa lowered her mouth onto Michelle's sweet pussy. Theresa was on all fours eating the pussy juice right out of Michelle's cunt when Chris stepped behind his mother and shoved his cock straight up her pussy. Chris didn't have his cock inside her no more than a couple of seconds when he cried out, "Oh mom, damn, oh hell yes, your pussy's tight and hot, shit yeah!" Michelle was in heaven licking Theresa's cock ramming asshole. The young girl's natural sweetness and the feeling of my ass juice covered cock was electrifying Michelle's lapping tongue.

Chris's pussy pounding cock drilled very hard inside his mother's hairy and super wet pussy. I was even shocked when Theresa bellowed, "Oh, oh my, fuck my pussy Chris, that's it, fuck mommy's pussy hard!" The words that evenly and smoothly crashed through her son's head, sending his loins into overdrive. Theresa was having a tremendous orgasm, Michelle's body was trembling as Theresa's mouth and tongue sent her into a high pitch climax state. Aerial was screaming that she too was blowing her load and Chris was grunting as his fiery hot semen shot deep into his mother's cunt. I tried to hold back, but their voices of pleasing screams, mixed with the heat and tightness of Aerial's asshole caused my own juices to flood her anal canal.

As everyone's orgasm subsided, Chris was bending over and Aerial shot her tongue up her brother's asshole. Theresa slammed her face against her daughter's sperm filled asshole and began whimpering as she was sucking the fresh sperm from Aerial's puckering poop chute. Michelle was on her back, licking Theresa's sperm filled pussy while I was shoving my meat into her sobbing wet pussy. The groans and moans continued with Theresa being the more audible. Apparently she loves the taste of sperm and she was really getting into sucking my sperm out of her daughter's freshly fucked, sperm oozing asshole. Chris, being the anal maniac he had become, thoroughly enjoyed the sensation he was getting from his sister's snake like tongue inside his butt. Theresa could feel her son's sperm being milked from her pussy by Michelle and Michelle was in seventh heaven as I pounded her sweet blond pussy into obliteration.

The taste of Theresa's sweet ass juices and Chris's appetizing delicious sperm, along with a thick cock pounding her pussy caused her body to shake, rattle and roll, as her juices flowed from her inside with several mind boggling climaxes. Aerial had rolled her brother over and crammed her gorgeous face onto his impressively hard boy organ. Michelle, still in a feverish climax, cried out, "Fuck my ass, hurry Jason, fuck your cock in my asshole!" I pulled my hard cock out of her slippery pussy and shoved it all the way home, deep inside her sweet tunnel of ass. Michelle's crashing climaxes only continued to reek havoc on her beautiful body. I could see Chris's sperm as it started dripping in strings into my girlfriend's mouth from Theresa's hairy pussy. Although Michelle's eyes were closed, she kept her mouth open not wanting to miss a drop of the boy's sweet, mouth watering sperm and Theresa's creamy pussy juice.

Theresa had shoved three fingers inside Aerial's asshole, alongside her probing tongue, and was digging my sperm out of her daughter's ass and shoving the juices into her sucking mouth. The thought of eating her daughter's butt hole and drinking her ass juices and my sperm, with the help of Michelle's tongue drilling her sperm dripping pussy, sent her into a climaxing frenzy.

Aerial inched her young body forward, with everyone following her lead. She positioned herself on top of her brother and guided his hard cock into her fragrant little pussy. She began to ride the boy's cock like a cowboy on a bull. Theresa kept pace with her daughter, eating her asshole and milking the sperm and ass juice from her bucking asshole. Michelle was still drinking from Theresa's pussy while I tore her asshole out of proportion with my pistoling cock. With her pussy filled with her brother's cock and her asshole being finger and tongue fucked by her mother, Aerial soon cried out as her young body twisted and contorted as her orgasm tore through her gorgeous body.

Michelle's screams were loud enough to wake the dead, and Theresa's cries of pleasure was a close second. Aerial fell into third place with her groans and shouting and me and Chris were tied, as all we could do was bite our lips and moan. Theresa had sucked Aerial's poop chute dry and turned around and placed a lip locking kiss on Michelle's crying mouth. I saw their tongues do mortal battle before their succulent lips sealed over the other. I began finger fucking Theresa's once sperm filled pussy while maintaining a hard ass pounding to the multi orgasmic asshole of Michelle. Aerial was exhausted from all the orgasms she had experienced and walked on her knees over to the sucking faces of her mother and Michelle. Now, all three were kissing in a mad and fiery spit swapping session. Chris stood over Aerial and his hard cock was throbbing inches from my cock hungry mouth. I swallowed his cock in one motion and did my best to shove his golf ball sized hairless wonders inside my mouth with his cock. My tongue ravished the boy's shaft, head and balls as my mouth sucked hard causing the boy's legs to buckle. After just having his cock sucked and fucked by his sister, Chris was already close. I could taste Aerial's honey dew pussy juice while working Chris's cock over and soon was rewarded by numerous jets of his hot, water, candy tasting sperm. I sucked and sucked until his cock was rapidly deflating, then I slowly started savoring the boy's pre teen sperm.

Michelle was laying on her back with her legs spread as Chris put his soft cock inside her quivering pussy. Not needing to be told by Chris, I mashed my still erect pole up his eleven year old chute causing him to cry out in ass penetrating pleasure. Theresa's glassy eyes open wide at the sight of her young son being fucked up his tiny butt hole. Chris screamed out, "Oh Jason, oh hell yes, tear my asshole up, fuck me good, yes, yes, fuck my asshole hard please!" I pounded his hole like a pile driver chipping away at hardened cement. Theresa lay on her back behind me and I felt her tongue as it shot up my asshole and began caressing my anal walls.

Aerial sat down on Michelle's open mouth and began sliming her slick pussy and ass all over Michelle's face. Michelle greedily snapped her tongue at which ever hole was sliding over her mouth. Chris's soft cock began to grow inside Michelle's pussy as my cock stroked his anal canal. Theresa was whimpering as she plunged her tongue and two fingers up my ass while using her free hand to massage her itching pussy.

Some time later, Theresa's fingers and tongue, as well as Chris's extra tight asshole, caused me to send my seed up the boy's butt in massive quantities. It was my turn to start screaming as my juices shot out of my dick like cannon balls. Aerial was experiencing another orgasm while riding Michelle's face. Theresa followed with her own from her stimulating her pussy with her free hand while eating my butt hole to perfection.

I was exhausted and my dick felt like it was legally dead as I slipped it out of the boy's hot tight bung hole. I was still on shaking knees as Michelle shot her mouth over my ass juice covered cock. Chris was still on all fours as his mother lay before him, spread her legs wide and he slammed his devoted tongue inside his mother's pussy. Aerial got in behind her brother and began sucking my cream out of his asshole. Michelle reached back and shoved three fingers in Aerial's pink pussy and I slammed two fingers inside Aerial's hot bung hole while she sucked my sperm out of her brother's gaping asshole.

Everyone was moaning and groaning, but my lifeless cock lay limp inside my girlfriend's hot, cleaning mouth. A sudden and traumatic orgasm shot through Aerial and her little body bounced high and off the bed before crashing back down. She did her best to keep her tongue inside her brother's cream filled butt, but I could see my sperm as it started bubbling out. With my fingers slamming away inside Aerial's tight bung hole, I could feel Michelle's fingers inside her pussy as they plumaged, twisted, and explored. Chris was slurping away at his mother's pussy causing Theresa to shutter in excitement as another orgasm flooded her interior. Michelle had cleaned my cock free of extra sperm and Aerial's ass juices and in the process, revived my dead cock back to its full state.

Aerial looked at me and said, "I wanna see you fuck mommy!" I smiled and crawled over to Theresa's heavy breathing body. Both of her children grabbed onto each of her lifeless legs and spread them wide. I put the head of my cock to her pussy lips and drove it in all at once. Theresa screamed as the cock tore into her tight pussy. Her mouth was wide open as her head was partly off of the bed. Michelle walked over to her, spread her butt cheeks and Theresa quickly shot her tongue up Michelle's butt hole. Both Chris and Aerial had heart warming smiles on their precious faces while watching me fuck the living shit out of their mother's sweet smelling, extra tight pussy.

Theresa had achieved numerous orgasms while eating Michelle's butt hole, me fucking her pussy like crazy and each of her children had a mouthful of her nipples. Chris softly whispered, "Fuck her in her asshole Jason, fuck my mommy's ass!" Michelle was forcing her asshole onto Theresa's mouth preventing her from screaming out. With each of Theresa's nipples inside the sucking mouths of both her children, I withdrew my cock from her pussy and placed the head at her backdoor entrance. It took some doing, but I managed to force her pucker hole open enough for the head of my cock to slip in. Her muffled cries shot up Michelle's slick asshole and Theresa's loud grunts became louder as I inched my cock up her bung hole, further and further. Just from the feeling and her reactions, I knew a cock had never traveled up her Hershey Highway of love before. Her breathing became more intense and erratic as I had shoved the entire length and girth up her hot, almost too tight, poop chute.

Keeping her nipples inside their experienced mouth, both Aerial and Chris began shoving their little fingers inside their mother's hot pussy. After waiting a minute or so, I began tearing into her asshole with my cock like an animal in desperate heat. Theresa was grunting and moaning and whimpering as her body shot orgasm after orgasm throughout her tiny frame. I could feel her ass muscles as they tried in vain to strangle my thrusting cock. In less than three to five minutes, Theresa had a handful of her son's stiff cock and two fingers exploring her daughter's pussy. Michelle alternated between shoving her ass and pussy into the face of Theresa. Michelle reached down and began fondling the smooth balls of Chris and with her other hand, began pulling on Aerial's right nipple. Chris and Aerial both reached up and began yanking on Michelle's rock hard nipples.

Both Chris and I were getting dangerously close to splashing our juices, so we changed positions. Keeping my cock deeply implanted in Theresa's pulsating asshole, I rolled her up to the point she was sitting on my cock. I then lay on my back as Chris put his hard member inside his mother's pussy. Now, Theresa had a hard cock in her pussy and her asshole. She was blowing out something tremendous making all kinds of weird expressions with her mouth as Chris began to thrust his boy cock into his mother's wet pussy. Michelle stepped behind Chris and began eating the boy's asshole while fondling his balls with her tongue and hand. Aerial sat on my face and I began eating out her young delicate juicy pussy. Theresa was screaming at the top of her lungs as both cock's filled both of her south of the border holes. I could feel Chris's hard shaft as it rocked in and out causing friction on my own thrusting cock. Theresa's body shuttered as her orgasms pounded her body, one right after the other. I could hold back no longer as my sperm flew into Theresa's asshole. Blast after thick and creamy blast shot through my dick, coating the interior of her anal chamber. Chris's jerking body illuminated as he was sending his love juices up his mother's climaxing pussy. I was also thankful that Aerial was having an orgasm and I was greedily sucking the sweet fluid from her little cunt.

With both cock's completely drained, I rolled Theresa onto her right side. She was panting and in a semi unconscious state of mind. I too was exhausted as Aerial lifted her delicious pussy off my face. Chris's cock was in a semi-hard state as he climbed off the bed and forced his pussy juiced soaked cock into his mother's almost lifeless mouth. Michelle lay down behind Theresa and shoved her mouth onto Theresa's sperm spewing asshole. Aerial and I shared her mother's pussy and we both took turns sucking her brother's honey flavored sperm out of her mother hot and hairy pussy. Chris was slowly fucking his cock in and out of his mother's mouth and Theresa was softly moaning as the three mouths worked on her lower half.

Chris slightly yelled, "Mom, mom, I think I gotta pee!" Theresa reached around the boy's butt and sucked even harder. A slight smile broadened over Chris's cute face as he let his bladder go. He shot his head back as his piss shot out and into his mother's sucking mouth. I could see Theresa swallowing furiously, keeping up with her son's piss shooting cock. Her gulps were very loud, but she sure didn't spill a drop of Chris's hot piss.

Aerial whispered into my left ear, "Jason, I gotta pee too!" I pulled my mouth off of her mother's pussy, got on my back and inched my face towards Aerial's gorgeous pussy. I could see Michelle watching me with curious interests as Aerial unleashed her bladder and my mouth quickly filled up with her hot spitting piss. It was burning hot and slightly salty, but I was not going to miss this opportunity. To be so little and so young, it seemed her bladder was the size of China as she continued her peeing assault inside my mouth. While she was peeing, I shoved my thumb up her ass causing her to squeal in excitement. I could hear Aerial gulping as Theresa began pissing into her daughter's mouth. I knew I had to pee, but I was still too busy drinking Aerial's hot treat to concern myself with my own bladder.

Michelle announced, "I got to pee too!" Chris eagerly lay on his back, holding his head off the side of the bed as we all watched Michelle lower her pussy over the boy's open and willing mouth. Very soon, we all watched as the golden shower sprayed directly into Chris's piss drinking mouth. Chris's small hands caressed the bubbly, fleshy ass cheeks of Michelle while she was feeding him her hot piss. Theresa looked at me and quietly whispered, "Do you have to pee?" She was smiling along with Aerial who was kneeling next to her mother. I nodded my head yes as both lay next to Chris with their heads dangling down. I walked over to them, holding my limp cock with my right hand and put the cock head within millimeters from Theresa's open mouth. Michelle and Chris's eyes were on me as I relaxed my bladder forcing gushes of hot piss into Theresa's mouth. Aerial was licking her lips awaiting her turn. I peed into Theresa's mouth to the point where I could actually stop and then leaned over to Aerial and blasted my hot pee into her mouth. I took turns shooting my pee inside their mouths until only a few dribbles remained. Both Aerial and Theresa began swapping as they sucked my cock clean of piss.

Everyone was gasping for breath and laying around, entwined around one another. As usual, the ever so bold Chris asked, "Mom, are you gonna let us keep on having some sex fun?" Theresa smiled in between parched lips and responded, "Chris honey, only if I can have some fun too!" Aerial sparked in by saying, "Does that mean you're gonna let us play with you too?" Theresa giggled and said, "Baby, my mouth, tits, pussy and asshole is yours for the taking!" I looked at Theresa and laughingly asked, "Why Theresa, what in the world were you thinking, having sex with your children?" She rolled onto her side to look into my eyes, grabbed my cock and said, "Why Jason, that was the problem. I wasn't thinking, but now I am, thanks to you and Michelle!"

There was just a slight pause when Michelle spoke, "Do you guys want to have another cook-out tomorrow?"