Hi, my name is Jason, and at the time of this happening, I was twenty eighty years old and had a very beautiful soon to be wife. I had just purchased a home in a very small neighborhood. It came with a swimming pool in the back yard, and oddly enough, it was the only pool in the neighborhood. Whoever owned the house before me, really admired their privacy. The privacy fence was ten feet high and there wasn't a gap anywhere in the wood. They had a jacuzzi that had been specially built inside the covered patio that led to the pool.

I had only been in my new house a week before I discovered my next door neighbors children. They were absolutely gorgeous, being of Amerasian decent. The girl, who's name I later found to be, is Aerial, and her younger brother's name is Chris. Both have jet black hair, with her's dangling to the middle of her back. Chris kept his in a spike like hair-do. Both have short, slender faces and each of them have the cutest little dimples outlining their tanned cheeks. Aerial is twelve years old and fairly short, standing almost 4' 9" and couldn't weigh no more than 60 pounds. Chris is eleven and a tad taller, standing at a mere 4' 11" and tipping the scale at a whopping 70 pounds.

When I don't arch my back, I stand 6' 2" and weigh a physically fit 175 pounds. I have always been around children, but these two totally devastated my hormones. My girlfriend is a sex animal and it sure wasn't lack of sex that caused me to be having such perverted thoughts thinking of Aerial and Chris.

This is the day, my rapid delusional thoughts began smashing at the inside of my brain traveling all the way down to my eight and three quarter kind of thick cut cock. I was enjoying the summer rays lounging in the pool, when I was startled by an angelic voice coming from the gate. "Excuse me sir, but do you mind if me and my sister goes swimming?" There he was standing at my gate, wearing the tightest and skimpiest Speedo swim trunks known to mankind. To make matters worse, they were white and really thin. His natural golden tan burned an everlasting impression in my mind, that to this day, will never go away. His teeth were pure white and his eyes were a dark emerald green.

Naturally, after seeing this beauty the way he was, I was left with nothing else to say or do, but invite him and his sister to go swimming. He told me he had to go tell his sister it was okay and he'll be back in a few. Up to this point in my life, I had never considered the thought of having any kind of sex with a child, but my mind was going berserk just thinking about him and seeing his sister in her bathing suit.

A few minutes later, the two of them arrived. My tongue got hard and my eyes felt like they were going to bulge right out of their sockets. There she was, little Aerial, wearing something like a knitted, almost see through cream colored bikini. She was standing straight up and it looked like a football field distance between her legs. My girlfriend has got a little gap, but Aerial looked like she had about a six inch gap between her golden tanned legs. She too, had deep, dark emerald green eyes like her brother.

Both of them jumped in and played together for a good while. I just sat there dreaming away at their innocent beauty. Chris decided he was going to dive off the diving board and my eyes followed his every inch as he climbed up the ladder. To be so young and so small, he had the bubbliest little butt I had ever seen. It looked like two muscular tear drops formed his butt cheeks. Thanks to the skimpy white material, I could clearly see the dark outline of his little crack. I quickly swam to the deep end, not so much for his safety, but in order to get a close up of his wet frontal area. His nipples were a dark pink and very small and his belly button poked just barely outside of the smooth dark tan of his stomach. I had to blink several times while staring at the boy's package. I could see his cock all bunched up in the tight material. Two little golf balls poked at the material along with his completely soft three inches of cut boy meat. His cock was trapped, pointing to the left side of his thigh and from what I could see of the beginning of the low riding waist band, he was as smooth as a new born baby's bottom.

I clung to the side of the pool in total admiration of the two that was tearing my soul in half. As Aerial climbed up the ladder, I almost choked on my tongue looking at her gorgeous tear drop shaped bubble butt. I could see very well between the knitted material and I stared hard at her crack. As her right foot stepped onto the patio of the pool, her butt cheeks parted, revealing a very tiny and well tanned butt hole. As she strode to the diving board, her breasts were not even a handful, but her little nipples sort of found the knitted openings and protruded through. She stood before me to commence her dive and I could see as plain as day, a little fine making of some black pubic hair just over her pussy. I could also see her pussy lips thanks to the loving gap between her legs. Just my luck though, her pussy lips were closed tightly.

I was in heaven, but my cock was in pain, straining against all odds to be set free. On three separate occasions, while playing in the pool, Aerial's hands graced my hard cock, but she acted as if nothing happened. On two occasions, Chris brushed his hands against my erection, and just like his sister, acted as if nothing happened. I did get to cop a gracious feel on their butts while tossing them into the air. Both butts were as solid as steel. Once, while tossing Chris into the air, I was honored a quick feel of his limp cock. My toes curled at the touch and my heart leaped into my throat. Only once in my life had I ever wrapped my lips around a cock and that one belonged to my best friend when we were fourteen years old.

One thing I did learn while playing with them in the pool was that their parents are divorced and that their bedrooms face mine. They had to go home and I ran inside and tore up some boxes looking for my trusty binoculars. After finding them, I ran to my bedroom, yanked my trunks off and began finding out who belongs to which bedroom. The window to my left belonged to Aerial and I watched her as she entered her room and closed the door. Her blinds were up and I could see clearly as if I had been standing beside her in her room. My cock was ever so hard as I watched her peel her wet bikini off. Just as I was about to get a real good view, she put on a robe leaving me clueless.

I focused on Chris's room and observed him standing in the mirror playing with his cock. His butt was slightly wiggling and I was lost in time staring at the boy's golden tan. He turned to the side and low and behold, his cock must have been a good six inches as it stood proudly away from his body with a slight upwards arch. His mushroom head was just as thick as the shaft of his cock. From my angle, he looked totally hairless. Just as I was shooting my load, Chris put on a bath robe. I cleaned my mess and tried to catch Aerial doing something, anything.

This activity went on everyday for three weeks. My girlfriend was going out of town for four weeks on a business trip and she made sure I had plenty of sex before she had to catch her plane. The nights she spent with me I was certainly thankful for, but I did miss seeing Aerial and Chris in their bedrooms. On one hand, I was sad that she was leaving, but on the other hand, I was more than happy to resume my peeping-tom ways.

One thing I did notice that was different about the two was that Aerial was more private and Chris like being naked. I never really got a good view of Aerial changing clothes because she was too quick at covering herself up. Chris always looked at himself in the mirror while playing with his dick. I never got to see him jack-off, or even shoot his load, but I always saw his stunning erection.

I met their mom several times and the kids swam in the pool, almost daily. It was raining cats and dogs when my front doorbell rang. Upon answering the door, Aerial and Chris were soaking wet, shivering as if petrified. The storm had wrecked their nerves and didn't want to be alone while their mother was at work. I called her and told her where he children were in case she called and no-one answered. After a brief conversation with their mother, I hung up and made them some soup.

I made them a refreshing warm bath in both of the garden tubs and asked them to soak in the water and I would put their soaking wet clothes in the dryer. I also informed them that I had nothing that would even come close to fitting them, other than a towel. They were glad to be around someone feeling protected from the storm. Aerial soaked in my bathroom and Chris soaked in the other. I gathered their clothes and tossed them into the dryer. Before setting the dryer I realized that I didn't get their underwear. I knocked on my bathroom door and asked Aerial about her underwear. She politely stated, "I'm sorry, I didn't wear any and before you go ask Chris, I'll let you know, he never wears underwear." I said okay and waited for the soup to cook.

I was sitting in the livingroom when Chris walked in. He had a towel wrapped around him and loosely folded over preventing it from falling down. I went and got him his soup and he hungrily slurped it down. He was sitting on the sofa and we were watching some spooky movie. I was sitting in the recliner to the right of him. My eyes stared at his tanned smooth body while pretending to be watching the movie. Chris caught me off guard when he said, "Hey Jason, you know Aerial has a crush on you." I shook my head no and asked, "How do you know that?" He smiled and softly said, "I heard her telling one of her friends about you."

Shrugging his comments off, I changed the course of things by asking, "Have you ever seen your sister naked?" Chris kept his smile and said, "Used to when we were little, but that's been a long time." I didn't say a word awaiting for Chris to make the conversation he felt comfortable with. With a soft whisper, Chris said, "Aerial's pretty and she has a pretty good body too. I have a friend who always goes into our bathroom and I have busted him sniffing Aerial's panties." I asked, "Have you ever sniffed your sister's panties?" He shrugged his shoulders, and with a shy look on his precious adorable face said, "A couple of times." Aerial walked in wearing a towel as well and sat at the other end of the sofa, angling her little body in my direction. I got her soup and handed it to her. Even while eating, her face carried a smile, as so did Chris's as well.

She finished her soup and the three of us watched the horror movie. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Aerial shift her body. She had stretched out her right leg on the cushion of the sofa, while bringing her left leg up resting on her heel. I almost shot my load while having a bird's eye view of her tender pussy. I could see the small line that separated her puffed up hairless lips. A few small curly strands of black pubic hair had formed right over the top of her pussy. I could also make out her little tanned butt hole as it got a breath of fresh air in her new position. My shorts could barely contain my growing cock as it traveled on top of my right thigh.

I placed my hands on my crotch to conceal my growing excitement. This vision had certainly burned a hole in both my eyes. No-one spoke as the movie played on and my cock created a pre cum puddle that was clearly visible through my shorts. Chris picked a bad time to ask for something to drink and then Aerial wanted one too. I stood up and my cock was as hard as steel in my shorts and every bulge and vein was visible to their tiny eyes. I saw Aerial as she intently stared at my hard cock while walking by her. Before I rounded the corner to go into the kitchen, I heard Chris in almost a whisper say, "Sis, you see his erection. It's huge!" Aerial responded by saying, "Shush, he'll hear you."

My cock was still raging hard as I handed each one of them their drinks. Now, I intentionally displayed my boner for their young eyes to see. I sat back in the recliner and my eyes immediately took note that Chris had his heels on the cushion. Leaning forward as if grabbing the remote, I stared between his golden tanned legs. His dick was resting on the cushion in between two hairless balls the size of golf balls. Not wanting to depart my eyes from his crotch, I asked, "Have either of you a boyfriend or a girlfriend?" There response was no.

There clothes were dry, but I just sat there admiring their bodies in hopes that there mother would run late and the storm would last for awhile longer. Chris had to go use the bathroom and once he cleared the room, Aerial asked, "Do you and your girlfriend have sex?" Her question was direct and so was my response, "All the time, do you?" Smiling she softly spoke, "No silly, I'm only twelve." She then asked, "Does your girlfriend put her, you know, her mouth on your uh, penis?" I fired back, "Yeah, all the time." I knew she wanted to ask a lot more and I was hoping for it, but Chris walked back in.

The phone rang and it was their mother. She was going to working late, the storm playing a major part, and asked if I could watch the kids. Having not a problem with this, I let her know that they would not be a bother. One thing led to another and Chris got up and sat on my lap. His right hand sort of rested right on top of my shaft. As soon as I felt his hand on my cock, my cock twitched and jerked at the un warned excitement. I placed my hand on his left thigh and found that towel easily slid up his leg, near his crotch. I saw Aerial's eyes light up as she had a clear view at her brother's soft cock. Placing my right hand on his right thigh, I slid the towel higher exposing more of the boy's crotch to his sister's staring eyes. His legs were so smooth and the fresh soap smell of his young body flooded my nostrils. I caressed and gently squeezed his thighs knowing that his sweet butt was sitting on my crotch and his small hand on my hard cock.

Aerial no longer pretended to be watching the television as her eyes focused on her younger brother's genitalia. Chris leaned his head back on my chest as my fingers drew little circles on the inside of his sweet, young thighs. I saw his chest rise and fall rapidly and knew he must have had an erection. I pretended to sneeze and when I did, I brought my hand under the towel forcing it to fly open. I looked down and I was right. His hard cock was jutting straight up at an impressive six inches and it had some thickness to it. His action took me by surprise. I thought he would jump up to get the towel, but he just sat on my lap as if nothing had happened. He scooted his butt down my leg, keeping his sweet smelling head against my chest. I got a better view at his erect boy meat. He had just a couple of tiny black hairs that were beginning to poke free from the skin on both sides of his shaft.

His cock was throbbing, bouncing to and fro. I even felt his hand as it gently squeezed my stiff cock causing more pre cum to ooze out. Chris looked as though he was watching television as he said, "Me and my friend Tommy, we look at his older brother's sex magazines and I was wondering, do you ever put your mouth on your girlfriend's vagina?" I replied like I did with Aerial, "Always and I even lick her butt hole too?" Aerial spoke out, "You put your tongue in her butt? Ooh, how gross!" I said, "Don't ever knock something you never tried. You might just learn to love it!" Aerial was making a look of disgust on her face as Chris asked, "Has she ever put her tongue in your butt?" I said, "All the time."

Getting a little tired with the hesitant questions, I offered, "In case you guys are wondering, my girlfriend loves to swallow my sperm and she loves for me to screw her in the butt. She enjoys sucking my dick and I love to eat her pussy, okay, are there any other questions?" Aerial asked, "But, doesn't your penis hurt your girlfriend when you put it in her butt?" Smiling, I said, "At first it was kind of painful, but now she can cum bucket loads once I shove it in her." Aerial's legs spread a little wider and I could see her pussy lips glistening from her juices.

Aerial asked, "Does she like the taste of your sperm?" I said, "She must because she does it all the time." Chris fired in, "I know I'll be glad when I get to shoot my load inside someone's mouth." Now, I had my unanswered question; he can shoot! I told him, "Someday my young friend, someone will crave for the opportunity to milk you dry." Looking at Aerial, I asked, "Have you ever sucked on a guy's cock before?" She didn't respond, but shot her head back and forth in a regretting manner. Continuing my verbal onslaught, I asked her, "Has anyone ever put their mouth on your pussy?" She smiled and said, "Nope, just my finger." Now I know she plays with herself!

Chris asked me if he could play on my computer. After saying okay, he just got up and walked toward the bedroom. Not once, did he attempt to cover his nudity. Once Chris was totally in to playing on the computer, Aerial looked at me and nervously asked, "Can I ask you something, but you have to promise me you won't tell a soul first?" I agreed and she said, "How does a girl go about trying something on a guy without making him mad?" I told her about honesty being the best policy and she took a deep breath and said, "I want to see your cock!" Her face was smeared in nervousness with a smile that was breath taking. I quickly unsnapped the top button and yanked my shorts down to my ankles. My cock popped free and her mouth opened wide and so did her eyes. She said softly, "Wow, you got a huge one!" I told her to come sit on my lap and she quickly raced over to me and sat down. She was fascinated by the size and she couldn't take her eyes off of the pre cum at the head of my dick.

I had placed both my hands on her vivacious smooth thighs and was doing everything possible to inch my way to her beloved pussy. Without asking and me not telling, Aerial reached with her right hand and slid her little soft hand up and down the shaft, tracing a finger over the pre cum oozing piss slit. Slowly, I began loosening the towel that hid her little young body. Her soft warm hand almost forced me to shoot my load high in the air. She turned her body around facing me and the towel slid off while placing both hands on my man meat. Her legs were spread wide as they draped over each armrest of the recliner. I slid my index finger of my left hand between her slick pussy lips and she let out a loud moan.

I reached under her with my right index finger and began circling her tiny asshole. The more I touched her, the louder her moans of ecstacy shot through the hallways. I knew Chris had to have heard his sister. Keeping my fingers in their occupied point of entries, I began using my thumbs to spread her wet pussy lips. A brilliant bright pink immediately dazed my eyes, in contrast to her natural tanned body. I made sure my finger had scooped up a lot of her pussy juice and Aerial watched me as I inserted my pussy juice covered finger into my mouth. She smiled ever so beautifully as I sucked my finger dry and returned it to get some more of her sweet, delicious juice.

Aerial leaned down and began washing away my pre cum with her hot pointed tongue. The more she licked off, the harder she would squeeze the shaft upwards to get some more. I asked her, "Have you ever thought about doing this with Chris?" Keeping her tongue on my cock, she looked up with just her eyes and said, "Uh huh!" My cock was too thick for her to get anymore than half the head in, but what she got in, felt awesome. I was fingering her wet pussy up to the first knuckle and felt my juices as they worked their way up. I warned her, but she kept her sucking little mouth glued to the head of my throbbing cock. It felt like cannon balls was shooting from my piss slit and I kept my eyes on the little angel working over my cock. Blast after huge blast shot into her mouth and not once did she gag or try to jerk her head away.

She was pumping my shaft with both hands and I could feel her tongue as it tried to gain entry onto my piss slit. My cock was on fire and I was shooting harder than ever. Aerial sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed until my balls had no more man sperm to give her. My cock was still rock hard as I had to gently force her sucking mouth off the very sensitive organ. She smiled, licked her lips several times and said, "I can see why your girlfriend likes to drink your sperm. It tasted kind of good; a little bit of a salt taste and definitely hot, but good!" I asked Aerial, "Would you suck Chris's dick if he let you?" Smilingly, she said, "In a heart beat!" I asked her, "Would you let Chris lick your pussy?" She replied, "You bet, but I was kind of hoping you would be the first to do that on me." With that response, I leaned the recliner all the way back, picked her little body up and planted her pussy on my savage tongue.

The smell of her sweet pussy drove me crazy. So fresh and never a tongue had ever journeyed in this sweet canal of passion, or at least, as of now. As soon as my tongue slid into her tight pussy, Aerial arched her back, flung her beautiful head causing her hair to windmill about and screamed in pleasure. Chris would have had to have been stone deaf not to hear his sister. Aerial screamed, "Jason, oh Jason. It, it feels so good!" I slid my tongue all around the inside and outside of her dripping wet pussy. I took the time to place a slow, long lick in between her ass crack, striking her asshole before shooting back inside her hot moist pussy. Aerial was moaning and whimpering at these new found sensations setting her pussy on fire. I gently pinched and fondled her tiny nipples causing them to protrude out a good inch.

I lifted her body up and slid her butt down onto my drilling tongue. I was eating her sweet virgin asshole like there was no tomorrow. I grabbed onto the meaty flesh of her ass and spread them wider. After several glorified attempts, my tongue pried her virgin asshole open and slid in. She screamed while leaning forward and I could literally smell her sweet young fresh breath as she cried from this anal pleasure. Her body shook as my tongue traveled deeper into an area never before explored. Her hands held the back of my head tightly as she tried to bite her lips to stifle her moans. She screamed at the top of her lungs, "Oh God Jason, yes, yes, eat my asshole, eat it, oh God!"

I felt a hand on the back of the recliner near my ass eating head. It was Chris and Aerial quickly shot her mouth on her brother's hard piece of meat. His cock was much easier for her to suck on being much thinner than mine. She rammed her little mouth onto his cock so hard she gagged. Chris moaned, "Oh God sis, yes, suck my dick, yes ah!" Getting tired of this position, I offered for us to go to my bedroom. I only had one problem. I wanted to be the one to taste Chris's sperm.

Aerial had to use the bathroom first, so I positioned Chris on the bed on all fours, lowering his upper body while spreading his legs. He was so willing. My tongue got hard just looking at his tiny pink asshole. I rammed my face in between his muscular butt cheeks and started pile driving my tongue against his virgin asshole. Chris immediately started yelling, screaming and moaning. My tongue up his poop chute was driving him crazy. His ass smelled so fresh and clean and I did my best to suck out any ass juice the boy could offer.

I was on my hands and knees eating the fine asshole of Chris when Aerial shot her pointy tongue up my asshole. My cock immediately began to grow. She was drilling at my asshole as if trying to strike gold. Her little hands forced open my butt cheeks and her tongue slipped in further. With her tongue inside my ass, my own tongue pried Chris's tiny asshole open. He cried out as the hole opened to accommodate the snake like invader. Aerial slid two fingers inside my asshole causing me to temporarily loose my breath. Her little fingers were darting in and out a mile a minute while her tongue slapped at my anal walls. I had Chris's butt cheeks spread as far as they could go without actually splitting open. The boy was crying and whimpering as my tongue splashed around inside his hot chamber. Aerial was a natural born ass eater and Chris became addicted having a tongue shoved up his little poop chute.

After a while, I spun Chris over and dove my mouth onto the boy's hard six inches of pleasure. I fondled his small balls in their hairless sac while applying pressure to his hot little asshole with my finger. "I, I, oh my, I, ah!" Just before he shot his first squirt of his young boy sperm into my anxious mouth, I shoved my finger all the way up his ass causing him to scream and arch his body off the bed. An explosion erupted in my mouth as the numerous hard bursts of his young sperm came flying. I was amazed at just how much the boy could produce. My mouth was rapidly filling up and he was not closing to stopping. The finger striking his prostrate and applying pressure to it, cause his young body to react violently. The more he bucked his body, the faster my finger shot in and out of his tight hole, and the more sperm he let fly.

In order not to spill a drop, I had to start swallowing his delicious labor of love. Other than the fact that it being warm, it really had no taste at all. I finally managed to suck Chris dry and slowly savored each morsel that slipped down my throat. Aerial was content on tongue fucking my asshole and her moans made proof of that. After Chris had busted that huge nut, he lay there with his eyes closed as if trying to go to sleep. I pulled my finger from his tight ass and quickly brought it to my nose. It certainly was not the smell I had anticipated. It was clean and mouth watering. Eagerly, I sucked my finger dry from his delicious ass juices.

Aerial had removed her fingers and as I glanced back over my shoulder, I saw her put her fingers that was inside my ass, into her mouth while her eyes were tightly closed. She began making cooing and whimpering noises while sucking the skin off of her fingers. I lay on my back and put Aerial's pussy over my mouth while her head was facing my stiff cock. I told Chris to eat his sister's asshole to which he did right away from the reaction that Aerial was making. I began licking and sucking on her hooded clit while her brother was eating her sweet asshole. Aerial was trying to suck on my cock, but her mouth continued to fly open in every effort to hold back her grunts and groans. I was sucking her clit and I could see Chris was ramming his tongue inside his sister's juicy asshole.

Aerial cried out, "Shoot, ah shoot, I, oh yes, here, I ah!" Her body shook uncontrollably as her pussy juices flowed like Niagra Falls. I licked and sucked to catch the delicious juice as her pussy literally creamed. Her breathing was rampant and her pussy and ass was shaking while grinding down on my mouth and Chris's ass eating tongue. I felt her young body as it collapsed on to my chest. She had just experienced a tremendous and hard orgasm without the use of her own fingers for the first time. Aerial was gasping for air as I rolled her onto her back. Chris was sitting on his knees awaiting instructions.

I had him crawl on top of his sister, putting his erect cock in her mouth. His upper body was laying on the bed and his ass was sticking straight out for the taking. I reached into the drawer and got the bottle of lube and massaged it all over my cock. I easily pressed one, then two fingers inside the boy's asshole. After slowly reaching the third finger, Chris was well into it. He began slamming his butt onto my thrusting fingers and Aerial had a death grip on his cock with her mouth.

I raised Aerial's legs up and spread them with my hands forcing them on either side of her brother. She was sucking cock and Chris had three fingers up his ass. I placed the head of my cock against her pussy lips and she screamed with a mouthful of cock as I slowly and somewhat forcefully broke her hymen. I slid my meat inside her pussy, spreading her vagina walls wider than ever before. I could hear her crying or moaning softly as I struck bottom. It was hot and definitely tight. I began ramming my meat in her once virgin pussy like a mad man. I kept my fingers ramming Chris's tight ass in the process and Aerial was still sucking on her brother's cock while whimpering.

I watched as Aerial had reached out and grabbed a handful of sheet in both hands as I was pumping my hard cock into her hot little pussy a mile a second. A gargled scream rolled out of her mouth as her body tightened for yet another hard climax. I fucked her pussy really hard while she was going through a long, mind boggling climax. Keeping my cock inside her pussy, I got the lubrication and withdrew my bloody cock. I rubbed the lube, along with blood and her pussy juice all over. I withdrew my fingers form the boy's asshole and inched my cock up to it. One mighty heave and the head of my cock pierced the boy's virgin hole. He screamed as he fell forward. My cock maintained its position as he screamed, "Ah, it hurts, it, it's in my butt!" Aerial's sucking mouth never left the boy's cock as my own began its journey into the dark, hot hole. Chris shook his head all around as he tried to lift himself off of his sister. With one last pop, my cock slid in the rest of the way. I felt my balls as they splashed up against his as I pounded the virgin hole like a savage beast.

In less than three minutes, Chris began meeting my thrusts with his ass. "Oh God, Oh God sis, he's fucking my asshole, oh yeah, ah yes, yes, fuck me please!" I was ramming my cock in and out of his sweet tight asshole at a rampant pace. Within a few long minutes, his sister was getting a mouthful. With my cock rifling in his ass, his cock threw-up and started drowning his sister with his hot, sweet yummy cum. Aerial was whimpering, Chris was grunting, and I was foaming at the mouth.

I withdrew my slimy cock from his asshole and quickly shoved it back inside her juicy tight pussy. Aerial screamed out as I rammed my meat in her at a mind blowing speed. She was trying to scream, but her mouth was over flowing with her brother's boy cream. I was amazed that Chris's cock remained as hard as a brick.

I had Chris lay on his back and had Aerial sit on his stomach. I slid them both backwards so that Chris's legs were draped over the side of the bed. I grabbed Aerial and brought her back while holding her brother's steel rod. His cock slipped inside her pussy and they both gasped at the feeling. I got in behind Aerial and ate her sweet smelling asshole for a good ten minutes before placing the head of my slippery cock at the entrance of her backdoor. She had been sliding up and down on her brother's boy meat and because of her thrusting motion, my cock head quickly pried her virgin asshole wide open and slid in. Aerial cried out in knowing pain as my cock plundered to its ever lasting depth. She wanted to ride her brother's cock because it made her pussy feel good, but the beast plowing her asshole felt like it had torn her in half. I held my cock deep inside her asshole in fear of moving an inch. In less than two minutes, her screams became moans as she began riding both cock while gyrating her hips. I grabbed a handful of her long beautiful hair and tugged it towards me. Aerial screamed, "Oh, oh, God this feels good, yes, oh please yes, pull my hair. Shit yeah, fuck my pussy and my asshole, oh shit yeah!" I pulled her hair hard and she screamed out as I began to meet her thrusts with my own flesh pounding thrusts.

All three of us were screaming, pretty much at the top of our lungs. Aerial was firing off climax after climax and Chris was yelling he was getting close. I could feel the boy's rock hard cock in her pussy while my cock was impaling her tiny ass. Our cock's were massaging one another as they pistoled in and out of their perspective love holes. Aerial's precious little body glistened from her hard climaxing sweat. Yanking her hair while her brother fucked her pussy and I was tearing her asshole up with my man meat. Aerial was crying from the thunderous mind torturing orgasms ripping her insides up. I felt Chris's cock expand as he unleashed a volley of sperm missiles up his sister's drenched pussy. She was having another violent orgasm as I spilled my heavy load up her hot tight asshole. All three of us were shooting off fireworks as the sperm flew and flew and Aerial screamed and screamed.

Aerial was the first to collapse as my soft cock slithered out of her hot asshole. Chris's cock went limp as well as we all three just sort of laid there in dire need of oxygen. We were panting and gasping. Being the adult, I leaned over and inserted Chris's pussy coated cock into my mouth. I licked and sucked his cock and balls until he was pussy juice free. Aerial tasted so great that words would do her a tremendous injustice. After cleaning Chris, I lowered my mouth onto Aerial's fragrant smelling pussy and began licking her clean. In no time at all, Chris's sperm dripped into my sucking mouth. Mixed with his sister's pussy juice, the taste was even more sweeter. While cleaning her pussy, Aerial's body shuttered as her pussy fired off one more small orgasm.

I looked over at Chris and asked, "How's your butt?" In between breaths and with a precious smile locked on his slender face, he said, "It's sore, but it's a good sore." I crawled over to him and slowly licked his eyebrows and worked my way down. Even the boy's breath was fresh sweet. I licked his lips before sliding my tongue inside his partially opened mouth. Aerial adjusted her position so she could take a better look at her brother kissing a grown man. Chris opened his mouth wide and our tongues collided causing his fresh saliva coated candy to wisp down my throat. Aerial began rubbing her small hands over my back as both man and boy started moaning. A few minutes later, I rolled onto my back. Chris's cock grew hard as Aerial began a slow slithering with her tongue towards my mouth.

I inhaled her sweet intoxicating breath and was aroused at her complete youthfulness. She was gorgeous and my tongue anxiously awaited her flickering tongue. She kissed my nose, sending a chill up and down my spine with her hot, fresh breath darting in my nostrils. Our tongues touched and her little body shivered as I slid my tongue insider her hot, moist mouth. I found Chris's hard cock with my left hand and started jacking on his smooth flesh. My right hand slipped inside Aerial's sweaty crack and began fingering her well lubricated butt hole. As my finger slid in and out, Aerial began softly moaning with our mouths tightly sealed to one another. Both of their small hands stroked my hard pole.

Chris scooted down and quickly wrapped his lips around the head of my dick. His tongue exploded over the large mushroom head and tried to slide inside my piss slit. Our kiss broke and Aerial slowly licked her way down to my cock. Both brother and sister were now sharing my man meat. I watched in total awe as their tongues collided while bathing my cock. They each took one of my balls and began running their tongues over the round object, keeping their hands on my shaft.

Just the sight of them working on my cock caused my blood to boil and my sperm to gather. They were sucking on a piece of meat which still had the remains of lubrication, blood, pussy juice, and their ass juices. From the sounds of their slurping, they must have rather enjoyed it because they slid their tongues up and down my shaft, moaning as their saliva mixed with the other contents slid down their little throats.

I watched Chris as he knelt behind his sister and saw the expression on Aerial's face while still tongue bathing my cock, as her brother's cock slammed into her pussy. Chris held her by her hips and was pounding his impressive six inches in and out of her tiny pussy with an animalistic force. A few seconds later, I watched as Chris withdrew his cock from his sister's pussy and rammed it straight up her sperm filled asshole. Aerial cried out in ecstacy as her asshole was being plunged and her tongue was lathering up my cock head. Reaching down, I found her erect nipples and began pulling and twisting on the small one inch buds. Aerial had started meeting her brother's thrust with her butt, slamming her tiny butt on the invading member.

Chris was enjoying himself as he alternated between his sister's fiery hot pussy and her tight little asshole. Aerial was breathing heavy as her young body exploded with a series of orgasms. Her brother was ramming his cock in and out of her asshole as she was at her heightened climax. I watched as she slammed her butt on the impaling cock and gyrated her hips to get every sensation she could from the pleasing cock inside her. Chris removed his cock from her asshole and was fucking the day lights out of her pussy. I slid out from Aerial's clutches and crawled behind the thrusting ass of Chris. I gripped his smooth butt cheeks, spread them open and shot my tongue up his sweet hole while cupping his hairless golf balls.

The snake like tongue up his ass and the heat from his sister's pussy, caused Chris to erupt his sweet sperm inside her cunt. He moaned and groaned while shot after creamy shot blistered its way up her sweet pussy. Aerial was crying out of another hard orgasm as the sperm splashed inside her. I poured some more lubrication onto my hard cock and had Chris lay on his back. I hooked his smooth legs and pushed them over his head, spreading them wide in the process. I had Aerial sit on his face and hold his legs with her arms. Aerial was facing the wall with her legs spread and Chris was sopping at her sperm filled, juice covered, pussy.

I crammed my meat into his asshole and Chris tried to scream, but his cries were muffled from his sister's pussy covering his mouth. Aerial had both hands on the headboard as she began wiggling her hips due to Chris driving his tongue inside her hot pussy. I inched my cock further up the boy's extra tight and super hot asshole. Chris was moaning and whimpering as my cock hit the bottom. I began pounding and grinding my cock inside his hot canal. Chris was getting a mouthful of his own sperm as Aerial began riding her brother's stiff tongue. I watched as some sperm oozed from her asshole, dripping onto her brother's smooth chest.

The more I saw, the harder I fed my cock into the boy's delicate asshole. Aerial leaned back and turned her head sideways as our tongues entwined. Her hot tongue, her sweet saliva, Chris's hot, tight asshole was simply too much for me to handle. A barrage of sperm missiles torpedoed into the boy's asshole from my thrusting and throbbing cock. My low hanging balls slapped his balls with every downward thrust. I was grunting, Chris was groaning, and Aerial was whimpering.

Completely spent, I rolled off of Chris and lay there on my back. Chris was panting and Aerial crawled between her brother's legs and raised them over his head once again. I was totally surprised when Aerial slapped her tongue inside her brother's freshly fucked asshole. Chris bit his lips as Aerial's tongue traveled deeper and deeper inside his quivering asshole. I leaned over and sucked in his tiny nipple, flickering the very tip with my tongue while applying suction. Aerial was cooing as my sperm slowly oozed out of her brother's asshole, falling into her hot mouth.

Aerial's left hand reached out and began caressing my balls. Several small globs of sperm mixed with Aerial's ass juice sprinkled over the boy's chest. I dabbed the creamy substance with my tongue and soon began devouring the sprinkled sperm and ass juice. Chris's cock was slowly growing while his sister was eating his ass and I was licking his chest and sucking on his nipples. Aerial shot a finger inside my butt causing my cock to jump and grow to its erect state.

The young girl sucked out all the sperm that swam around inside her brother's asshole and we were now faced with two very rock hard cock's. I got in behind Aerial and force fed my cock into her tiny asshole. She grunted as the man cock traveled up her ass. She reached back with both hands and aggressively spread her butt cheeks even wider. I began ramming my meat into her oven like asshole. She began rocking her butt onto my thrusting organ with a violent vengeance.

Keeping my cock inside her hot asshole, I rolled her onto her back. I grabbed her legs and pushed them way over her head, forcing her knees to rest above her ears. Her little mouth made a perfect circle as the depth of the cock buried inside her hot tunnel traveled to a further and wider journey. Aerial began yanking on her nipples as I began my ass pounding assault in her tight asshole. I felt Chris behind me and soon his hands rested on the cheeks of my thrusting butt. I was fucking the shit out of Aerial's asshole when I felt a sudden and intense pain that tore through my body. On my outward approach from her asshole, Chris had shoved his six inches of boy meat straight up my asshole. His fingers embedded themselves into the skin of my hips and he was pounding my shocked asshole like a mad man. His hard thrusts caused me to ram my meat inside Aerial's hot anal canal.

After the initial shock and pain subsided, I began ramming my butt onto his hard cock while thrusting with a lustful passion inside Aerial's bung hole. Her right hand went down to her pussy and Aerial began rapidly stroking her little pink clit. She still was twisting and yanking on her nipples while her hand was rubbing her clit with my cock going on a rampage inside her asshole and Chris was tearing my hole up with his steel pole. The noises we were making bounced off the walls, tore through the ceiling and ventured down the hallway. Aerial's body began shaking and twitching as her multiple orgasms flooded her little body. One right after the other, almost in a constant manner, her orgasms were hard, long, and violent. Her screams were like thunder as they crashed through the air.

I felt Chris's cock expand and was surprised when I felt his cock shoot his fiery sperm up my throbbing asshole. Blast after blast coated my anal walls and sent my own cream flying. I pounded the young girl's ass like a beast as my cock blasted off another load of my sperm up her butt. Chris's cock was spitting, my cock was acting like an erupting volcano, and Aerial was crying while her body ached with massive and intense orgasms.

Chris slipped his cock out of my butt and I pulled mine out of Aerial's hot asshole. All three lay on the bed on our backs gasping for air. I was in the middle and took turns admiring their complete beauty. Other than our rampant breathing, the room was silent. Aerial was the first to break the silence, "It's supposed to storm again tomorrow, you know!" Chris spoke, "Yeah, and maybe we can come over as soon as mom leaves for work!" I smiled and said, "You guys can come over anytime. We'll make our own storm!"

All three of us forced out a little giggle, but Aerial quickly said, "You know, I don't know which I like better. A cock up my ass or in my pussy!" Chris rapidly responded, "I like the way a cock up my butt makes me feel!" I smiled and held them both in my arms and said, "We have plenty of time to experience all the joys." Aerial softly whispered, "Yeah and I would really like to see what Michelle's (my girlfriend) pussy tastes like!" Chris yelled out, "Me too!"

But, that's possibly another story!