Theresa lay in her bed on the verge of sleeping, torn with mixed emotions of having sex with her beloved children. She knew having sex with her children was wrong, but something so great as their wonderful juices made everything seem so right. Her thoughts wondered back and forth between Aerial, her 12 year old gorgeous daughter, and her 11 year old gorgeous son, who's 6" cock tasted so wonderful and felt so great in her pussy and asshole. The many years of remaining celibate was now behind her. All she could think of was having sex with her two children. As she thought of her two miraculously beautiful children, her fingers played with her juicy pussy and soon she drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Aerial was so excited about having sex with her mother, sleeping was the last thing on her mind. She couldn't believe how delicious her mother's pussy tasted, as well as her mother's tiny asshole. Aerial remembered the pleasant feeling of her mother as she was licking her young pussy and tongue fucking her asshole. Aerial loved sex and she really didn't care if it was with a male or a female, preferably both. She loved sucking on a fat and juicy cock as well as tongue fucking a hot, sweet pussy. Aerial thoroughly enjoyed shoving her tongue into someone's musky asshole. The smell alone caused her young pussy to quiver in excitement. Aerial knew at her young age that she loved raunchy sex. The raunchier the better. It turned her on tremendously to drink someone's hot piss while she shoved her little fingers in and out of their asshole. While thinking of all the sexual things she had done, her fingers were digging at her little pussy and occasionally dip her pussy juice covered fingers inside her mouth and be delighted at her own wonderful sweet taste.

Chris was exhausted, but his dreams about fucking his mother and sister created a problem with his rock hard 11 year old six inch cock. While sleeping, his right hand held a firm grip on his shaft and was stroking it up and down while smacking his lips as to his mother's and sister's glorious juices. He enjoyed sucking their ass juices right out of their tiny bung holes, as well as their tasty pussy's. His only dilemma dreaming about his mother and sister was that he really, really loved for a big cock to fuck his little poop chute. He craved a male's sperm and the feeling he obtained while having a man's big cock stretching his little mouth. To him, his favorite sexual activity always will be having a big, thick cock rifling in and out of his asshole.

For two weeks straight, Theresa, Aerial, and Chris had a threesome everyday, morning and night. Theresa looked forward to waking up having her young son's cock slamming inside her mouth while her beautiful daughter slurped away on her orgasmic pussy. Theresa went to work knowing that she relished the flavor of Chris's ample amount of sweet, watery sperm, and Aerial's creamy pussy juice. She found it extremely difficult to conduct her business due to constantly thinking of her children. Aerial and Chris had the same problem at school. All of them could hardly wait to get home, shower, and have many wonderful and glorious orgasms before going to bed.

Chris, for the most part, needed a man's cock up his ass. His mother and sister's tongue felt great, but not compared to a thick and juicy cock. He told his mother of his desire and Theresa understood her young son's passion. Chris had already ruled out having sex with his friends, because he wasn't interested in fooling around with guys his age. He wanted a man, not a boy! Aerial didn't care one way or the other, she just loves sex; anyway or anywhere she could get it. She already knew she could always milk her brother's cock and drink his delightful sperm. Theresa and the kids devised a plan to get someone else involved. There was a guy that Theresa worked with that every time she lays eyes on him, her pussy starts twitching and itching. His name is Kevin and he is 6' 3" and has wavy shoulder length blond hair. Theresa loves to just look at him, but always felt that she could never land such a catch as Kevin. Being that Theresa is in her early thirties and Kevin is about 23, she practically erased the notion he just might be interested. Theresa also pondered the idea that even if she could land Kevin, would he be willing to have sex with her and her children. Aerial and Chris both became excited as Theresa explained to them that Kevin has always got a huge package inside his pants. All three of them began foaming at the mouth, especially Chris, at the thought of Kevin and his seemingly big cock.

Theresa, being the boss, had arranged for Kevin to work early Saturday morning. The kids already knew what they had to do according to the pre-staged plan. Theresa wore her sexiest outfit and intentionally left out wearing any under garments. She looked at herself in the mirror and just the sight of her in this sexy outfit made her pussy cringe. There was a long slit going up the side and she knew that at the right angle, her neatly trimmed V shaped pubic hair would certainly be on display for Kevin's eyes to behold. The mini skirt was definitely short and she had already planned to give Kevin a good view of her well rounded butt. Upon leaving the bedroom, both kids jaws nearly dropped out of their mouths at the sight of their beautiful mother.

After the tongue swapping session, Theresa headed out of the door. Both Aerial and Chris enjoyed being naked inside their home and both felt the urge to continue the tongue sucking. They sat on the sofa and fondled each other as their tongues swabbed the other's delicious hot mouth. Chris had lowered himself and began eagerly slopping his tongue into his sister's sweet pussy. Aerial was moaning loudly when the front doorbell rang. Chris said, "Shit!" and Aerial hit the sofa in disgust. Aerial and Chris quickly put their robes on and answered the door. In their quick haste to put their robes on, Aerial failed to tie her robe properly, leaving a fairly large gap down the middle, revealing her sparsely pubic hair and puffy pussy. Chris wasn't in any better shape as he answered the door with his six inches of boy pride sticking through the opening.

It was some guy collecting money for the school's football team. He was about 15 to 17 years old with thick brown hair and in both, Aerial and Chris's eyes, very good-looking. The guy stood about 5' 10" and weighed closed to 180 pounds of pure muscle. He had said his name was Brad, but the two kids concentrated mostly on the guys body. They looked closely at his package that was concealed inside his blue jeans. It was quite an impressive package, especially for the two horny youngsters. Aerial invited him in and Brad walked over and sat down on the sofa. Brad had already noticed Aerial's pubic hair and her puffy pussy lips. He saw Chris's boner as well, but knowing he wasn't gay, he paid more attention to Aerial. Chris had no idea what was in store for him, but he knew his cock was cramping up in his jeans just looking at the little girl's pussy.

Aerial and Chris politely excused themselves saying that they were going to look for some money. While the two gorgeous kids were out of the room, Brad took advantage to readjust his hard cock. He had maneuvered it to the right side of his pants and it was clearly apparent that a rather noticeable log appeared on the right side of his thigh. Brad didn't start out the day being horny, but the sight of Aerial's young pussy, made him hornier than ever. His own girlfriend wouldn't suck his cock, or have sex for that matter. He had only copped a quick feel through her clothes and almost had to force her hand on his jeans covered cock. Brad was far from being a virgin, but there was something about this young goddess that was driving him insane with lust.

Aerial and Chris returned, still in their robes and sat on either side of Brad. Aerial was on his left side while Chris was on his right side. Being very brazen, Aerial looked into Brad's charcoal colored eyes and softly whispered, "We want you to fuck us!" Brad almost choked when he heard that, but his eyes stayed glued on Aerial's pleading eyes. Nervously, Brad responded, "Whoa, wait a minute. I ain't gay, you know. How old are you guys?" Chris said, "I'm 11 and she is 12!" Brad shook his head while standing up and said, "No man, no-way. I could go to jail for something like this shit. I'm 17 for Christ's sake and you're, you're babies." Aerial smiled her heavenly smile and shot back, "Look Brad, we aren't virgins. We're just real horny. From the looks of your hard dick, you're horny too." Brad nervously responded, "Look, I'm not gay and I don't do that gay shit. I fuck girls, not boys, do you guys understand?" Chris quickly added, "So, your not gay, what's that got to do with anything? You can't stand there and tell me you don't want to fuck my sister!"

Aerial stood up and let her robe fall to the floor. Chris remained seated as Aerial knelt in front of Brad and began unhooking his belt. Brad looked nervous, but couldn't muster the energy to stop the young girl. Aerial unbuttoned the top button to his jeans and slowly started to lower the zipper. Chris began to slowly play with his hard cock in anticipation of Brad's soon to be free cock. Aerial slid Brad's pants down to his ankles and he was standing there wearing his boxers and his cock was tenting the fabric impressively. Aerial leaned closer and ran her tongue along the fabric covered shaft forcing Brad to release a slight moan. Chris studied Brad's hairy legs while watching his sister perform miracles on Brad's jumping cock.

Aerial had soaked the entire front of his boxers with her saliva and sucked Brad's thick pre cum clean of the material. She slowly hooked the seam of the boxers and began to pull them down. Both, Aerial and Chris, saw the hair on Brad's lower stomach as the boxers traveled down his muscular body. Thick, black, curly hairs covered his lower stomach and seemed to get thicker as the boxers inched further down. A thick patch of solid black pubic hair came into view as well as a very thick base to what will soon be a rather pleasing hard cock. Chris's asshole twitched as he saw the thickness of the base of Brad's hard cock.

With one quick snatch of the boxers, Brad's cock sprang into view and plopped loudly against his hairy stomach. Aerial and Chris's mouth watered at the sight of Brad's 8 " very thick cock and his large hairy low hanging balls. Aerial shot her nose under Brad's heavy balls and inhaled deeply as the musky sweaty scent screeched through her nostrils and shattered her emotions. Chris was still playing with his pre teen boy cock as Aerial slowly licked his hairy balls and breathed in the intoxicating aroma of stench. Brad felt kind of embarrassed knowing he hadn't taken a shower since yesterday morning and knew he had taken a fresh shit first thing this morning.

Aerial seemed not to care of the raunchy odor steaming between Brad's legs as her tongue circled each large hairy ball with genuine passion. She was untying his shoes while licking and sucking in his balls. Brad kicked out of his shoes and Aerial set Brad's ankles free from his clothes. Brad pulled off his shirt while enjoying Aerial's snake like tongue, thus giving Chris a complete view of his muscular, hairy body. Brad had thick curly black hair all over his chest and stomach that stopped right at his fat toes. Aerial began working her tongue up the shaft of Brad's impressively thick cock, savoring his salty pre cum as she journeyed upwards. Brad grabbed a handful of her hair just as Aerial stretched her mouth wide open and swallowed the thick pre cum spitting cock head. Only the head of his cock would fit in her mouth without choking her. Aerial's hands played with his balls and shaft while her mouth and tongue worked over the large cock head of his fat cock.

Chris had removed his robe and couldn't stand it any longer just watching, he had to be a part of it. Brad didn't even notice Chris had gotten up and walked behind him. He was too lost in the sensation of Aerial's steaming hands and oven like mouth to notice the activities of the younger boy. Chris lowered himself onto his knees and just stared at the muscular and hairy ass of Brad's. It looked like his cheeks had two footballs on either cheek and his butt muscles rippled as his legs fought to maintain balance. Chris inched his face to the hairy crack and sniffed wildly as the aroma freely flew from between Brad's hairy ass cheeks. It was definitely smelly, but it excited Chris to no end. He stuck his tongue out as far as it could go and began taking slow, long licks, up and down the hairy trail.

Brad felt the tongue in his crack, but the sensation of having his cock sucked by this gorgeous young girl was simply over whelming. Chris placed his hands on the muscular hair covered cheeks and fought hard to spread them wide. His tongue slipped in between the dark hairy forest and struck gold as it flickered rapidly on Brad's virgin, never before eaten, asshole. Brad let out a loud moan as the boy's tongue swam circles over his dirty poop chute. He couldn't believe that Chris was slamming his tongue into his nasty, unclean butt hole, but the feeling was far to great to utter any complaints.

Aerial was sucking his cock and Chris was reaming his asshole and Brad felt faint from the emotions his body was encountering. Barely able to maintain his balance, he shouted that they need to go to a bedroom. Aerial led the way, Brad followed and Chris brought up the rear. Brad only saw Aerial's little bubble butt jiggle as she took every step and Chris stared intensely at Brad's muscular ass. Aerial jumped up onto the bed, lay on her back, and spread her slender legs wide open as Brad quickly knelt between her legs. He had never seen a more beautiful pussy in his life. He crammed his nose right into her slightly spread pussy and inhaled deeply. Her pussy smelled so fresh and clean and he simply had to taste her sweet young pre teen pussy. Brad's tongue shot right inside Aerial's juicy pussy while Chris resumed his ass eating session on Brad's well spread ass cheeks.

The shitty smell of Brad's dirty butt hole did not revolt Chris, instead, fired him off into an ass eating frenzy. Brad was enjoying the tongue in his asshole and really enjoyed eating Aerial's juicy young pussy. Aerial was panting and moaning as the tongue performed a dance inside her pussy. Chris couldn't resist the urge to reach under Brad and grasp the painfully thick cock that muscularly rested against Brad's hairy stomach. Chris's asshole constantly winked at the hopeful anticipation that Brad would shove his thick weapon up his hot little ass. Aerial shifted her little body around so that she could continue to suck on the fat cock while Brad ate her pussy. Aerial reached up and grabbed the hard cock with both hands and forced it down so that she could slop up his salty pre cum and shove his thick cock head back into her mouth.

Brad forgot about football due to his tongue lapping up this heavenly beauty of a pussy, having his cock sucked, and his asshole being reamed thoroughly. Chris managed to pry the virgin stinky asshole open and crammed his ass eating tongue deep inside the smelly walls of Brad's bung hole. Brad started to whimper as the tongue crept inside his poop chute. He definitely was unaccustomed to such pleasurable feeling of having his butt hole eaten, but now he knew that it was awesome.

Getting his chute licked clean felt so good, he wanted to try and see what Aerial's little butt hole would smell and taste like. Lifting her legs higher, Brad pressed his nose directly against her tiny hole and began sniffing like a dog at a family cook-out. His first thought of a butt hole was something that would always smell like shit and naturally taste like shit, but his nose only was able to collect a fragrance unknown to his nostrils. It certainly wasn't a fowl odor, or an odor that one would turn a nose up to, but more of a sexual delight, than a disgusting turn-off. Needing no more evidence of any fowl odor, Brad shot his tongue hard at Aerial's tiny hole and Brad was astonished at the texture, unlike a pussy that is all sloppily juicy. Aerial immediately cried out as Brad's tongue drove hard inside her anal opening sending her already juicy pussy to a feverish orgasm.

With two fingers probing her tight pussy and his tongue lapping her delicious ass juices, Brad was getting dangerously close to busting a nut. Naturally, the hands belonging to the young boy wasn't helping matters on his throbbing cock. The tongue plowing his asshole only intensified matters. Aerial screamed, "Fuck me, fuck me with your big cock. Do me now!" Brad lowered his body and held his cock firmly at her little pussy entrance. Aerial said, "Please don't cum in me, okay." Brad nodded his head as his cock began to disappear inside Aerial's hot, juicy, tight pussy. He almost lost it at the feeling inside her burning hot pussy and the tongue still thwarting his asshole. Aerial was crying out as the thick beast began to pound her pussy into submission. Brad was surprised that the little girl could handle his equipment so well and easily. Brad rammed his meat inside the little pussy without any remorse as the boy's hard tongue behind him shot in and out of his asshole upon each of his forceful thrusts.

Five minutes later, Brad thought he would not be able to hold back firing his load, so he pulled out of Aerial's orgasmic pussy. He flipped Aerial onto her stomach and shifted her legs so that they would be spread wide and began slamming his tongue back inside her sweet and wonderfully tasty asshole. Chris's tongue was sore from the extended ass eating. So he sat down in front of his sister and Aerial immediately wrapped her succulent lips around her brother's hard six inch missile. Even Brad was in total awe watching the little girl suck her brother's cock, but he was even more infatuated at eating her poop chute to completion.

Aerial released her brother's cock from her mouth long enough to scream, "Fuck my asshole, please put it in my asshole, God yes, fuck it, fuck me hard!" Brad stood up on his knees and spit into his hands and rubbed his saliva over his hard cock. At first he wasn't so sure her little asshole would open up enough for his thick cock to penetrate. It just looked like it wouldn't fit, but then he tossed out any notions he had because she did beg him to fuck her there. He shoved his thick cock head against her tiny pink pucker hole and tried his best to force it in. Aerial wasn't helping at all by shoving her little butt backwards, causing his dick to slide up her tiny crack.

Brad spit some more and rubbed it on his cock and shoved harder and harder until the girl's tiny chute expanded, allowing his thick cock head to penetrate. Aerial had a mouthful of her brother's wonderful cock, so all she could do was constantly whimper and grunt as the thick beast tore into her anal walls. Brad was attempting to take it slow, but Aerial knew about the initial discomfort, so she slammed her little butt backwards, swallowing Brad's cock to the hilt. The pain in her ass was tremendous, setting her insides on fire and feeling as though as her ass was being ripped in half from the inside out. This was by far the thickest piece of meat she had ever had in her asshole. Even her pussy hurt at first, as the thick monster pounded her pussy walls relentlessly. But, the sex starved animal she had become, she maintained her thrusting ass onto his fat cock.

The slapping sound of flesh careened throughout the room as Brad slammed his monster into her asshole while Aerial slammed her little butt onto his enormously thick pole. Chris, in the meantime, was getting really close to giving his sister his watery sperm. Aerial was moaning, grunting, and whimpering while sucking lovingly on her brother's hard boy meat. She wanted him to shoot his delicious cream inside her mouth. Aerial craved her brother's semen and whimpered knowing she would soon be granted his life giving seed. She slipped a finger inside her mouth and rammed it inside her brother's asshole, burying it to the knuckle. A second finger followed and Chris's little body jerked as his cock exploded, sending his watery sperm flying into his loving sister's hungry, whimpering mouth. As per always the case, Aerial loved the sweet taste of her younger brother's sperm. She trapped the flying fluid inside her hot little mouth in anticipation of slowly sipping on his beloved nectar. Once Chris gave her his semen, Aerial began moaning in ecstacy as the watery fluid slowly trickled down her throat. The taste of Chris's sperm is sweeter than honey, and better than any chocolate candy bar.

Her asshole was being severely punished by the thick one-eyed monster drilling her asshole. Aerial's orgasms flowed like a waterfall even though her ass was in somewhat considerable pain. The huge cock ripped into her anal canal showing no mercy and her ass muscles went on strike, or simply became numb from the pain. Tears rolled out of her eyes and fell onto her brother's thighs. Her mouth relished the thought of allowing Chris's cock to slip out. She continued to suck on the still hard piece of boy meat while meeting Brad's forceful thrusts with her own thrusting butt. Brad was getting really close so he yanked his cock out of her asshole. He sat on his knees and watched the little beauty's asshole go from gaping wide open to rapidly conforming back into a little dot.

Brad's balls ached fiercely as his sperm wanted desperately to abandon its dark prison. His cock twitched at the rhythm of his heartbeat, which was very rampant. Aerial was grateful that the thick cock was no longer drilling in her sore asshole, but her body shook violently as her orgasms rocked her little body, one right after the other. The fiery rage in her asshole triggered something inside her pussy that forced her orgasms to spill forcefully. Still hunched over and her brother's sweet cock still inside her mouth, she grunted violently as her fluids erupted like a furious hurricane.

Brad was looking down at his cock, wishing and wanting to bust a nut. Chris was looking at the monster wishing and wanting the beast to tear up his asshole good and proper. Aerial's body quit shaking and she just sort of rolled to her left side and collapsed onto the bed on her back. She was gasping for oxygen while her eyes, glassy and teary, darted between Brad and Chris. Brad's cock was spilling out pre cum by the loads and Chris silently begged for Brad to fuck the living shit out of him. The urge to bust a nut temporarily escaped Brad, but the desire to fuck grew stronger. Brad looked at Aerial and then over to Chris. He wasn't gay, but the young boy did look rather gorgeous, and just down right sexy. He stared at Chris and in between heaving breaths asked, "Do you think you can handle this cock up your little ass?" Chris didn't say a word as his heart beat furiously in excitement. Chris smiled and rolled onto his knees, jutting his little butt in the air for Brad to take a good long look at.

The asshole before him looked even smaller than Aerial's, but it sure was pretty to look at in the eyes of Brad. He walked behind Chris on his knees and placed his cock at the boy's tiny asshole and shoved. Chris screamed out as the thick cock pried his asshole open and began tearing at his anal walls to make room for the thickness of the one-eyed beast from Hell. "Oh, shit, ah fuck its big, oh, oh, humph, fuck, ah shit!" Aerial had inched her body down so that she could see Brad's hard cock rip into her little brother's burning asshole. Brad slammed his meat inside the boy's asshole and started fucking him like crazy. Chris bit his lips as the fire in his ass traveled upwards, sideways, and downwards. Brad held onto the boy's tiny hips and began using the hips of Chris as a weapon against the boy. Brad slammed his meat into the boy while using his hands on Chris's hips to drive his small body up and down on Brad's thick tool. Chris reached below and started pounding the skin off of his own cock while praying for the pain to go away and the pleasure he desired to overcome him.

The pressure of the boy's tight asshole was awesome on Brad's ass drilling cock. Brad started yelling, "Yeah boy, yeah that's it, you wanted my cock and now you got it, yeah, yes ride my cock boy! Fuck, your ass is tight, oh shit yeah, yes, yes, I'm gonna fuck you like a bitch!" The pain in Chris's asshole began to go away and he started clamping down on the thick rod with his ass muscles while helping Brad slam his ass onto his pumping cock. Aerial got up and slammed her face into the hairy ass of Brad. Her nose immediately got a whiff of his shitty odor spilling out of his saliva slick asshole. She stuck her pointy tongue right up the dirty asshole and Brad flung his head back as the tongue started plunging in and out. He was no longer using his cock to fuck the boy, instead it was Chris who was ramming his little ass onto the steel like pole while jerking his boy cock furiously.

Brad couldn't take it no longer as his violent spraying of teen sperm shot up into Chris's cock ramming ass. As soon as Chris felt Brad's sperm strike his anal walls, his own sperm flew into the palm of his left hand. Both teen and pre teen were firing their sperm by the gallons and Aerial was vindictive using her tongue as a weapon inside Brad's poop chute. Brad's muscular body shook uncontrollably as he had no idea how much longer his intense sperm shooting would continue. His cock sent wave after wave of sperm missiles up Chris's tight ass. Chris pumped his cock while slamming his sore ass onto Brad's still hard sperm shooting cock.

Aerial was using her hand to stroke her pussy while probing Brad's smelly asshole. Brad felt his cock start to go limp inside Chris's still bucking ass. Chris had a handful of his own watery cream and he could also feel Brad's cock softening. Aerial cried out as her hand brought her to another orgasm and Chris started licking his own sperm off of his hand. Brad's soft cock slipped out of the boy's well fucked, sperm filled ass and Chris managed to clean his hand free from his delicious boy sperm. Aerial's tongue slipped out of Brad's bung hole and Brad climbed off the bed on very weak and trembling knees. Aerial and Chris just looked at him as Brad started to get dressed. All three were panting, but Brad knew he had to start collecting some money or get into a lot of trouble with the coach.

They said their good-byes and Brad walked out of the front door totally perplexed at everything that had just happened. Aerial saw some of Brad's sperm start to run down her brother's leg so she told Chris to bend over. Aerial slowly licked the salty sperm from her brother's butt cheeks before placing her lips on his asshole to suck the teen's salty sperm from her little brother's asshole. She moaned as her taste buds were rewarded with Brad's salty thick sperm and Chris's tasty ass juices. Aerial didn't stop eating her brother's asshole until all the sperm was completely out of her brother. Holding hands, they went into the bathroom to take a well needed bath.

Theresa's heart pounded as she saw Kevin walk through the door. His basket protruded from his pants as always. The two exchanged greetings before starting work. Theresa intentionally positioned her body in various ways to give Kevin an eye full. She knew he was looking because his basket had gotten considerably larger than when he first walked in. As they sat down to discuss business, Theresa made sure her legs were partially spread and her mini skirt hiked up to the point Kevin would have to have been legally blind not to see her pussy. As she inadvertently stared at Kevin, she notice that his eyes were stationed on her pussy. Theresa opened her legs up a bit more as they continued to talk about business. Kevin saw her pussy and he could see that her pussy lips glistened from her juices. If Theresa only had a clue that he had wanted to bed her down since the first time they met, but he couldn't do anything because she was his boss.

While they were talking, Theresa blurted out a questions, "So Kevin, do you have a girlfriend?" Kevin was caught off guard as he replied, "Uh, oh, no not actually." Theresa acted surprise as she softly said, "My, oh my, I can't understand why some woman hasn't latched onto a good-looking man like yourself." As natural and as free as the day he was born, he said, "I get close, but when it comes to having sex, the women I have dated get turned off and I never hear from them again." Theresa inquisitively asked, "Dear Kevin, for whatever reason would a woman get turned off by you?" Kevin looked around as if someone else may have been in the office, then hung his head low and whispered, "It's, it's my penis!" Theresa spread her legs even wider and she could feel her pussy juices flowing like rain as she remarked, "Your penis! What could possibly be wrong with your penis? You do have one, right?" He nodded his head yes and embarrassingly replied, "It's the size of it. It is kind of abnormal and the women I have seen find it disgusting, so therefore, sex has been something lost in my dreams, totally vacated by reality."

Theresa was more curious now than ever by his statement. She also realized that talking about his penis was quite embarrassing for him. In an attempt to put his mind at ease, Theresa said, "Kevin, your penis has nothing to do with it. If a woman wants to be with you, then she will not care what your penis looks like. Sex is sex, right?" He shook his head in agreement but his eyes stared at her now completely visible pussy. His cock was aching to be set free in its tight confinement. Needing to change the subject, Kevin resumed the conversation back to business. It was agreed upon that Kevin would come over tonight and enjoy a home cooked meal. After a couple of hours talking about business and both agreed to call it a day, Theresa looked up into his blue eyes and asked, "I may be way out of line, but I have to ask. You said your penis was abnormal. What exactly did you mean by that?" Looking away from her, he responded, "The size!" Theresa sort of giggled and asked, "The size, is that all. My God Kevin are these women complaining its too small or something?" He turned around and said, "No, they get turned off because they say its too big!"

If her pussy was dripping before, it was now flowing like an open water spicate. Too big, she thought as her pussy twitched and jerked as she surprisingly asked, "Oh my, so these women say that your penis is too big, well just for curiosity sake, just how big is it?" They were standing in the main lobby of the office building and no-one else was working today. Kevin smiled and said, "How about I show you, that is, if it is okay with you." Theresa folded her arms, mainly to hide her sweating palms, and said, "By all means, be my guest. With two kids, its not like I haven't ever seen a man's penis before."

Theresa's eyes watched Kevin's hands as they unbuttoned his pants. He lowered his pants far enough down his body so that they fell to the ground around his ankles. The boxers he was wearing was definitely tented as he hooked the top and yanked them down. Thankfully, for Kevin, his cock was soft. Theresa's eyes watered as she stared at the nine inches of prime beef. Kevin took hold of his cock and said, "See, it's kind of big." Theresa bravely responded, "I'd say you got a pretty big piece of equipment there and its definitely not under fed, because it certainly is thick." Kevin snickered and responded, "Thanks, but it's not even hard!" Theresa almost swallowed her tongue realizing that nine inches of hanging beef was his version of a soft cock. Taking a deep breath, she asked, "If that cock is sleeping right now, then how big does it get when he's fully awake?" Kevin shyly said, "Fifteen inches and it is thicker around than a twelve ounce soda can." He started pulling up his pants while she was lost for words. She knew he had a big package, but now she feared that their plans may be slightly altered due to his enormous cock after finding out that it not only looked impressive, it actually was impressively scarey. Theresa feared for her children as to the knowing pain of trying to handle such uncommon piece of man meat.

After saying their good-byes, Theresa nervously drove home, still envisioning Kevin's larger than life cock. Although she feared for her children, she wanted to feel that huge piece of monster meat impaling her super wet pussy. Theresa questioned the thought of having something that large rip into her orgasmic sensitive asshole. Upon arriving home, Theresa told the kids everything. Aerial was excited and her pussy started itching from her pussy juice while Chris foamed at the mouth at something that large rifling in and out of his asshole. After realizing Aerial and Chris were fine with Kevin's huge organ, they prepared for tonight's special meal and entertainment.

Kevin drove home thinking that he had shown Theresa, his boss, his abnormal cock, and she acted as if it were no big deal. His cock grew hard as he entertained the thought that he just might get him some pussy tonight, especially the pussy belonging to the woman who he constantly jacks-off about. While driving, he unleashed his large organ and began stroking it up and down while thinking of the pussy he had stared at for nearly two hours. He thought if he played his cards just right, his chance of fucking his boss would be great. His only concern was that of the kids. Would they be home or would they be at someone else's house? In just a few hours, he would find out everything.

Theresa went into her bathroom and commenced to douche her pussy extremely well, as well as apply several enemas, just in case. Aerial did the same in her bathroom while Chris lay in his bed dreaming of Kevin's big cock plunging in and out of his asshole. One thing was for sure, Chris was far from being scared of hearing the news of their guest's abnormally huge cock. Aerial was on her knees waiting for the enema to kick in thinking of the large cock that would soon be pounding her pussy and splitting her bung hole wide open. She could feel her pussy start pulsating and her juices flowed freely in excitement. Theresa lay in the bathtub still thinking of Kevin; his beauty and his troubled cock.

It was pre-planned that Aerial and Chris would only wear a t-shirt that barely reached their thighs. No underwear at all so as to give Kevin more of an eye full. Theresa wore only a skirt that slid high up on her thighs. Just like her children, no under garments were worn. Theresa picked out a baggy top so that she could give Kevin a sneak peek of her small, but firm, breasts. Chris went inside the bathroom to give himself an enema while Theresa and Aerial prepared tonight's meal.

Kevin was on time as the front doorbell rang. As planned, Aerial answered the door and was immediately overtaken by Kevin's manly beauty. Kevin couldn't believe that the little girl before him was so invitingly gorgeous. After a brief introduction, Theresa, Kevin, and Aerial went into the livingroom. Kevin sat on the sofa, nearest the right end while Aerial sat across from him in a chair. Theresa sat closest to Aerial in another chair, but what Kevin didn't know was that the chairs had been placed in a strategic location for his eyes to gaze upon their hidden treasures, that would now be exposed to his wandering eyes. Chris entered the room and sat on the love seat opposite Kevin with his legs slightly raised on their heels. Seeing the way Chris was sitting caused Aerial to readjust her small body and sit on her heels. Now, Kevin could see right up their crotches if he so desired. Desired he did. His eyes shot between Aerial's smooth thighs and studied her small pussy as if he were a chemist.

The two adults talked, mainly about work while Chris and Aerial was putting on a tremendous show revealing their dick and pussy. Theresa opened her legs wide enough knowing that her pussy was now in the open. Chris was admiring the man's beauty and wanted to yell out that he wanted him to stick his big pole in his ass, but thought better as to divert from the plan that they had carefully constructed. Kevin's eyes wandered from Aerial almost hairless pussy to Theresa hairy pussy and oddly enough, the boy's limp cock nestled over his two small hairless balls. His cock began to grow and for the first time since he could remember, he had accidentally forgotten to wear his restrictive boxers. The massive 15" cock began to rise along the left side of his leg forming a huge impression as it got longer and thicker.

Kevin folded his hands on his lap in a feeble attempt to hide his horse like cock, but the other six eyes already intently stared at the growing anaconda of a cock. Aerial scooted her butt forward on the chair while keeping her heels in place. By doing so, her young pussy was almost begging to get fucked. Kevin could see it as clear as day; the thin line that sealed her lips together as well as her puffy, glistening pussy lips. Upon closer examination, Kevin saw Aerial's little pink pucker hole that was so small, but like her young pussy, looked so deliciously inviting. Not wanting to be out done by his sister, Chris hiked up his t-shirt and scooted forward as well. His once limp cock was now standing at its full six inch glory with a teardrop of pre cum spewing from his little piss slit.

The one thing he failed to tell his boss, was that he was bisexual. Most every woman he met ran from his cock, but the guys he knew begged for him to put his long beefy cock up their butt holes. Staring at the young boy's virtually hairless pre cum oozing cock was setting his sole on fire. He had sucked his fair share of man cock's before, but never a cock belonging to someone so young. He dwelled at the thought of sucking Chris's beautiful hard cock and ramming his tongue in the boy's visible bright pink butt hole. Kevin became delirious with sexual thoughts as his eyes trailed from one pussy to the next pussy, and landing on the young boy's hard cock. He knew that they must realize that their private parts were on display, but as long as they would offer him the show, he was going to memorize all in intricate detail.

Going by the plan, Aerial and Chris excused themselves and walked into their mother's bedroom awaiting the next phase of the plan. Kevin was definitely nervous still trying his best to conceal his enormous cock with his hands. Theresa smiled and said, "So, what do you think of my kids?" Kevin replied, "Their absolutely gorgeous and I can see where they get their looks from. How old are they?" Theresa spread her legs a little wider and said, "Aerial is twelve and Chris is eleven." There was a brief silence in the room as both, Theresa and Kevin, contemplated the next form of conversation.

Theresa softly said, "Kevin, I don't hide anything from my kids, so I told them all about you. I hope you are okay with that." Kevin relaxed a little and said, "No, no, not at all. There really isn't a whole lot to say about me anyhow." Theresa shot back, "Everything, including your fifteen inches of prime beef!" Kevin couldn't believe his ears knowing that she had told her children of his cock. But, his cock had other plans as it throbbed hearing the news. A large puddle of pre cum had formed and was clearly visible on his pant leg. Theresa placed her hands on her spread lap and said, "It's okay, they're fine with it!" He adjusted himself on the sofa and tried to put this puzzle together in his head. She told her pre teen children about his cock and then said that they were fine with it. In his mind, he wondered what was going on here. Theresa added, "Kevin, in our home, me and my children feel more comfortable walking around in the nude. Do you walk around naked in your home?" Kevin stuttered, "Oh, um, um, sometimes."

Theresa looked down as if she was nervous and asked, "My kids wanted me to ask you if you would have a problem if they walked around naked in front of you. They are not shy at all, in fact, Aerial and Chris prefer to be naked, as well as I." Kevin needed no time to find the answer as he quickly said, "Sure, this is your home. You guys can do anything you want and I won't have a problem with anything." Kevin couldn't believe that Theresa was going to let her young children walk around the house naked in front of him. His already throbbing cock was throbbing much harder as Theresa excused herself and walked down the hallway.

Once inside her bedroom, all three of them quickly got out of their skimpy clothes and headed back down the hall to the livingroom. Kevin's heart leapt into his throat as Chris was the first to be seen totally naked. His six inches of boy wonder swayed up and down and side to side as he casually strode. He could see the little black hairs on either side of the young boy's pubic mound nearest the base of his missile like cock. His balls were perfectly rounded in a tight, but hairless sac. Aerial was next to pop into his eyesight. Her small nipples were erect, her flat stomach slightly rising and falling with each breath, and the small little line of tiny black pubic hairs formed at the top of her small, but breath taking pussy. Kevin couldn't believe the large gap between the young girl's legs. Her small puffy pussy lips darted underneath the gap and disappeared under her legs in the direction of her small sweet looking poop chute. His heart pounded furiously as Theresa appeared into his vision. The one creature he had religiously masturbated to nightly was walking towards him naked as the day she was born. Her small breasts heaved with her every breath and her nipples extended a solid inch or two while in an erect state. Her stomach was washboard flat and the dark black, curly pubic hairs were neatly trimmed forming a perfect V on her pubic mound. Theresa had a large gap between her legs as well and Kevin studied every outline and every curve.

The three sat back in the same chairs they had vacated earlier. Kevin was speechless and he literally thought he was going to fire his load in his pants at the heavenly scenery burning an everlasting impression in his mind. Chris spoke first, "You know, it's okay if you want to walk around naked too." Aerial looked at Kevin with her pleading emerald green eyes and said, "You'll feel much better once you get out of your stuffy clothes." Theresa added, "Go ahead Kevin, we don't mind, not at all. Naturally, the choice is yours!" Kevin was lost for words as he sat there trying to figure out what to do. He simply couldn't believe that the two most gorgeous kids he had ever laid eyes on practically begged him to get naked, as well as their goddess like mother.

After a brief hesitation, Kevin nervously responded, "I'd like to, but it seems as though one part of me isn't cooperating." Chris joined in by adding, "No problem, I got a hard-on too, see!" Kevin looked over at Chris and saw that Chris was holding his boyhood in his hand for all to see. It looked so utterly delicious to Kevin and he wanted to lick the boy's pre cum up so badly, but really didn't want his boss to know he was bisexual. Theresa added the more comforting words when she softly said, "No-one will be offended by your erection, I promise!"

Throwing caution into the wind, Kevin stood up and started undressing before the six eyes that were glued on his every movement. Aerial and Chris studied Kevin's bare chest. His abs rippled as his body moved. All three of the viewers were more than impressed by Kevin's muscular physique. He wasn't bulging with muscles, but the muscles he had plainly bulged. Kevin was definitely in great shape and anyone he saw him could see he spends some quality time in the gym. He stood there wearing only his pants and all six eyes stared as he began slipping the remainder of his clothing off. Chris licked his cock sucking lips as his eyes admired the man's bushy light brown pubic patch just prior to his weapon exploding out of the pants. When Kevin's cock jumped out, all three unknowingly had their mouths wide open, as well as their eyes. The fifteen inch, extremely thick cock jumped up and down while pointing straight out from the man's body with a slight downward angle. His cut cock head was spewing his manly pre cum by the bucket load. Aerial's pussy almost tingled to the point that she was just about to have an orgasm just by looking at the enormous horse sized cock.

His balls were not as large compared to his cock, but they were thinly covered with curly light brown hair in his low hanging sac. From Chris's angle, he could see Kevin's solid butt. It wasn't bubbly, but well defined and looked smooth. After tossing off his clothes, Kevin sat back down on the sofa. Aerial pointed at Kevin's hard masterpiece and said, "Now, that's a cock!" Chris interjected, "I bet you can shoot a lot!" Kevin, oddly enough, felt more relaxed being naked and said, "Yeah Chris, I do have a pretty big load!" Aerial added, "It's so thick I know I couldn't get my mouth over the head no matter how hard I tried." The final piece to the puzzle popped into Kevin's head. Now he knew what they were up to. He had just heard the young girl say she couldn't get it into her mouth and the young boy mentioned firing off sperm. They had said these things in front of their mother who had a smile on her face the whole entire time.

Feeling much bolder now, Kevin looked at Chris and said, "Sounds like you know a thing or two about a man's cock!" Chris was all smiles as he nodded his head in agreement. Looking at Aerial, he said, "Young lady, I bet you are not a virgin either!" Aerial contorted her face and anxiously said, "You got to be kidding me. I suck Chris's dick two to three times a day and P S, I've already had a few hard cock's up my pussy and asshole." Whatever the plan was, Kevin had interrupted it by saying what he had just said to the kids. Theresa tried to figure out the next move after knowing the tables had turned. Kevin looked at Theresa and said, "Boss, it sounds to me like you and your kids here are sexually involved." Theresa tried to respond, "But, but" Kevin cut her off and replied, "It's okay, I understand. To be perfectly honest with you, I am bisexual!"

All four sat there wondering what the next move would be, but it was Kevin who was more hornier than ever. He knew he was finally going to fuck his boss, no longer in a fantasy world, but to add the topping on the cake, her two beautiful children were going to take part in the action. He looked over at Chris and asked, "What about you young man, do you fool around with guys?" Chris looked Kevin square in the eyes and said, "Not just guys, only men!" Kevin grabbed a hold of his massive erection at the base and asked, "Who wants a sample?" Chris was the closest as he jumped off the love chair and knelt between the man's spread legs. Using both hands on the thick shaft, Chris started licking up the pre cum that was dribbling down his shaft. Aerial soon joined him and now both young tongues ran over his shaft, cleaning it free from his manly pre cum.

Theresa stood up and walked over to them, stood on the sofa and placed her feet on either side of Kevin. Kevin quickly shot his tongue into the older woman's sweet smelling pussy. Chris and Aerial were confused worshiping the man's horse cock. Their tongues battled to obtain the perfect spot working on his shaft and hairy balls. Kevin scooted forward a little to give the kids better access to his hard cock and aching balls while getting a better position to eat Theresa's extremely wet pussy. Kevin felt four small hands on his cock and balls and two tongues prying open his gaping piss slit. He was in heaven at the tremendous sensual feeling offered by the two children while eating his fantasy woman's divine pussy. Theresa was moaning loudly as Kevin's experienced tongue traveled up her pussy setting off massive explosions as it twirled and probed her soaking wet pussy. She had both her hands tightly secured to Kevin's pussy eating head as her legs shook violently. The man's pre cum wasn't salty or bitter and neither Aerial or Chris could get enough of it as they continued to work Kevin into a sexual frenzy.

The searing heat steaming off the children's small hands burned his cock forcing it to uncontrollably jerk up and down. Kevin was moaning louder than all of them as Theresa's delicious pussy juices traveled down his throat. The two small tongues swabbed the thick cock head while their hands stroked and fondled his cock and balls. Chris was more than ready to impale his ass onto the inhuman cock, but waited and continued to worship the impressive organ with his hands and devoted tongue. Aerial began whimpering just thinking of the pleasures she would surely obtain having this huge piece of meat pile driving in her dripping pussy.

Theresa could barely stand any longer and eased herself to the floor. Aerial noticed her mother's movement and quickly replaced her by shoving her little pussy into the mouth of Kevin. Now Theresa and Chris swapped saliva as they licked the pole before them. Kevin was lost in space at his first ample taste of Aerial's fragrant smelling, delicious pussy juice. His tongue shot in and out of the young girl's pussy in a great attempt to dry her sobbing wet pussy of all her juices. Kevin reached up with both hands and began tweaking the small nipples of Aerial. Aerial cried out as her first orgasmic explosion rocked her young body. She was slamming her little pussy into and onto Kevin's tongue frantically. Chris had worked his tongue back down to the man's hairy balls and did his best to stretch his tongue as far under them as he could possibly go. He wanted to drive his tongue into the man's bung hole so bad as his mother cringed in pain as she tried to unhinge her jaw to swallow the enormous cock head.

Aerial's pussy exploded into numerous mini orgasms causing her little legs to buckle. She almost fell off the probing tongue onto the sofa and it was Chris who immediately took her place by shoving his six inches of boy proud into the hot sucking mouth of Kevin. Aerial was gasping for air, but knelt by her mother and resumed licking the huge pole once again. Kevin had sucked many cock's in his day, but the cock rifling in his mouth was by far, the best. Kevin knew Chris had the makings of a fine cock being that he already had six inches at the tender young age eleven. Kevin slurped furiously, savoring the young boy's sweet pre cum. He wrapped his hands around the smooth cheeks of the boy and let his fingers slide in between the rocking crack. Spreading the boy's soft butt cheeks apart, Kevin placed two fingers on Chris's little poop chute and began poking and prying.

Chris was in ecstacy as the mouth sucked his cock and the fingers ripped at his hungry asshole. All too soon, Chris erupted his boy sperm and Kevin whimpered loudly as his mouth filled with the watery hot fluid. Chris was fucking his cock in and out of Kevin's mouth and Kevin worked feverishly on trapping the boy's spewing sperm inside his mouth. Slowly but surely, like a great wine connoisseur, Kevin swashed the boy's hot pre teen sperm in his mouth before slowly allowing a small portion to slide down his throat. The taste was purely heavenly as the tears of joy flowed from Kevin's eyes. He continued to suck the boy's cock while swallowing Chris's bountiful fruit.

Realizing they needed more room and more comfort, it was decided to go to Theresa's bedroom where she had a big king sized bed. Theresa was first to lay on her back with her legs spread wide. Kevin got his knees and began to eat her wonderful pussy some more. Theresa was groaning loudly as Chris straddled his mother's body and shoved his hard cock into her moaning mouth. Kevin looked in between the valley of the boy and saw his mouth watering boy poop chute. It was magnificent to Kevin; a small dot in a hairless crevice that looked so tender to the sight. While eating Theresa's sweet pussy and staring at the boy's gorgeous butt hole, Kevin was shocked to find that Aerial had crammed her pointy tongue against his hairy bung hole. Aerial had taken a quick whiff of the man's furry crack only to discover a fresh soapy scent, prior to shoving her tongue into his hot furry hole. Kevin found it very difficult to eat Theresa's tasty pussy while Aerial was skillfully tongue fucking his asshole and staring into the boy's wonder treat of a bung hole.

Chris was fucking his mother's mouth with his boy cock and Kevin almost became dizzy following the bucking ass with his eyes while his tongue plundered inside Theresa's wet cavern. Aerial was having the time of her life swabbing the man's asshole with her tongue while her small hands played with Kevin's large, hairy balls. The longer Kevin looked into Chris's gorgeous butt hole, the more he wanted to shove his tongue inside and sample what he knew would be a delicious helping of ass juice. Kevin used his hands to gently shove the boy forward. Chris inched himself up on his knees while keeping his rigid cock inside his mother's mouth. The more Chris inched forward, the wider his boy butt spread. Kevin needed to feel the warmth of Theresa's pussy on his cock so he inched himself closer to her pussy with his cock and placed the large head at her swollen entrance.

Theresa felt Kevin's bulbous head strike her pussy and she took a deep breath in preparation of what sure was to be a painful entry. Theresa tried to scream out, but her son's cock was lodged deep in her mouth as Kevin forced his huge pole deep into her quivering pussy. To Theresa, it felt like she was giving birth to another child as the long, thick one-eyed monster traveled deeper and deeper, stretching her pussy walls farther than ever. The tears rolled out of Theresa's eyes as she felt Kevin's long thick pole seemingly tear into her tiny stomach, inch by massive inch. Kevin was impressed by Aerial's total ass eating devotion as her tongue followed his downward descent into her mother's tight pussy.

The pain tore through Theresa's pussy as the fifteen inch long and vastly thick cock ripped deeper than anything else had ever journeyed. She held onto her son's butt cheeks, accidentally ripping his cheeks wide open. Kevin saw the boy's little hole barely open as he leaned forward and shoved his tongue straight up the boy's little asshole. Forgetting about being careful, so lost in lust with his tongue inside the gorgeous boy's asshole, Kevin fell forward, shoving the rest of his pole inside Theresa's tortured pussy. She tried to scream, but her son's cock prevented all but the loud grunts as she felt as though his cock had splintered her stomach walls and jolted in her throat. In unison with the tongue fucking his asshole, Kevin began to slowly withdraw his huge cock about thirteen or so inches, before sending it back into the depth of his beloved fantasy woman's extra juicy pussy. Theresa saw stars as she realized the horse cock was now pounding her pussy with sheer delight and without remorse.

Chris was torn between the feeling of fucking his mother's oven like mouth and having the long tongue of Kevin's ripping into his butt hole. Either the fat pole had killed all of her senses, or it had struck a button that was out of the reach of a normal size cock, because Theresa was faced with a battery of heart pounding orgasms. Her body twitched and shook as her inside exploded having such huge cock fill every square inch of her pussy. The greedy mother she is, Theresa was so lost in her orgasms that she opened her mouth wider and sucked in her son's hairless balls along with his stiff six inches. Between his mother vice like grip on his cock and balls and the thick and long tongue fucking his asshole, Chris found himself getting close to another sperm spewing climax.

The one thing Kevin was very proud of was his tremendous staying power. He could normally fuck for a long time before having to blast his load, and this time was certainly no exception. The longer he drove his hard cock in and out of Theresa's hot, tight pussy, the more intense her orgasms became. Chris was unable to control his throbbing cock as he sent his watery sperm flying into the mouth of his mother. Theresa was overwhelmed with orgasmic emotion and feeling her son's sperm hit her mouth only intensified her already mind boggling orgasms. Chris was letting his sperm fly out by the bucket loads and thanks to the tongue drilling away in his ass, had no idea if he was still shooting his load or blasting off a dry orgasm. Either way, Chris felt really good at the sensation that controlled his young body.

Aerial had begun stroking her dripping wet pussy while slamming her tongue in and out of Kevin's tasty treat of an asshole. Her own riveting orgasms flooded her tender sweet young body in a series of heart pounding, mind boggling, succession, one right after the other. Her moans of joy echoed throughout the room, as so was her mother's loud moans and her brother's cries of sperm shooting pleasure. Chris yelled out, "Fuck her in the ass. Stick your big cock up my mom's asshole!" Aerial withdrew her tongue long enough to plead, "Oh God yes, fuck momma in her asshole. Make her scream in pleasure. Fuck her, fuck her in the ass, please!" Kevin pulled his cock out of Theresa's tormented juicy pussy as Theresa rolled onto her stomach. Chris hopped off of his mother long enough so that she could get into position. Aerial desperately wanted her sweet cum dripping pussy eaten, so she lay in front of her mother with her legs spread wide open, raising her sweet pussy up on her heels.

Theresa was in heaven as she dove tongue first into her daughter's little pussy with her own ass jutting for Kevin to invade with his monster of a cock. Chris stood on his knees on the left side of Theresa and Kevin awaiting for the huge cock to spiral into his mom's puckering asshole. Kevin's cock was slimy from his pre cum and Theresa's pussy juice as he grabbed onto his cock with both hands and crammed the giant head against her tightly clinched asshole. Kevin hunched his hips hard enough for the giant cock head to split her asshole open and caused Theresa to whimper and grunt from either pain or pleasure. She was grunting feverishly as he slid his cock further and further up her dark anal canal. Aerial was crying out as her mother chewed and licked on her clit while ramming two fingers in and out of her pussy.

Chris sat on his knees in total amazement as the huge beast sank lower and lower into his mother's delightful bowels. The farther Kevin's cock plunged, the louder Theresa cried out. She took her pussy eating mouth off of Aerial's sweet pussy to scream, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, it's fucking big, God, shit, shit, shit, humph, ah fuck I feel it!" Theresa plunged her mouth onto her daughter's pussy, still grunting very loudly. The burning heat and the absolute tightness of Theresa's asshole set Kevin's cock on fire. He had released his hold on his cock and had gripped Theresa by her hips as his cock slipped, no, tore, into the dark channels of her anal tunnel. Chris's little eyes opened wider as the huge thick beast sank all the way into his mom's bung hole. He watched as his mom's body shake and twitch, caused by the anal invader and wished desperately that it was he who was enjoying the ass plugging beast.

Kevin wasted no time in ramming his massive cock in and out, in and out, at a mind tearing pace while using Theresa's slender hips to drive her small body onto his impaling cock. Aerial was crying out due to a series of orgasms thanks to her mother's ability to eat pussy like a pro. In less than two minutes of Kevin burying his cock in her ass, Theresa began enjoying being filled with his cock and started slamming her bubbly ass onto his enormous meat, matching thrust for thrust. Lifting her mouth off her daughter's delicious pussy, Theresa cried out, "Yes, oh fuck yeah Kevin. Tear my asshole up with your big cock. Yes, yes, that's it, fuck me, fuck my ass hard!" His pounding thrusts became harder and harder as he drove his long, fat pole up her restricting ass. Chris crawled behind the bucking ass of Kevin and slammed his little tongue inside the man's kind of hairy asshole. Chris started moaning out of joy at his first taste of Kevin's mouth watering ass juice. His own spent cock began to grow as he was lost in space with his tongue drilling at the man's tasty hole.

Theresa's body went into convulsions as her orgasms blasted through her pussy with her ass being completely filled with one giant cock. She did her best to eat her daughter's fine pussy, but found her body grew weak as if she was bleeding to death. It was not the loss of blood that made her weak, but the constant earthquake size orgasms that crashed through her body. Theresa couldn't keep her mouth on Aerial's pussy no matter how hard she tried. She gasped and choked in dire need of oxygen. Kevin felt her body go weak as he was basically holding her up by the hips. Although his cock was ripping at her asshole, Theresa was going through an orgasmic explosion never before so intense. She wanted to ride his cock until he filled her ass up with his thick cream, but her body just would not cooperate. Theresa felt light headed and desperately tried to tongue fuck her daughter's pussy, but her mind was out of control and she was seeing bright speckles as the monster cock whipped her asshole like never before.

Aerial saw the look of desperation on her mother's face and begged Kevin, only once, to pull his cock out of her mother's asshole. Kevin quickly pulled the long, fat cock out of her asshole as Chris's tongue was still drilling away at his own saliva slick hole. As soon as the enormous beast left her asshole, Theresa sort of leaned to her left and collapsed onto the bed on her stomach, still choking to get air.

Kevin looked down at the spread legs of Aerial, licked his lips and asked, "Do you want to give my cock a try?" Aerial slid down and raised her legs high behind her and said, "Hell yes!" Using her arms, Aerial wrapped her arms around the inside of her legs, forcing them to spread even wider. Kevin leaned forward and was pressing his cock head against the small puffy pussy lips to try to ease into the young girl's glistening pussy. Aerial grunted while biting her lips as the large head poked inside her pussy, feeling like her pussy bones were being crushed to allow penetration. Kevin pushed harder and more of his thick cock entered the twelve year old pussy. Aerial screamed, "Shit, oh, oh, ah no, hurts, hurts, it fucking hurts!" Kevin sympathetically asked, "Do you want me to pull it out?" Aerial violently shook her head back and forth while screaming at the top of her lungs, "NO, fuck no, shove it in, just ram it in me now!" Kevin obeyed her wishes and in one violent motion, shoved the entire fifteen inches all the way inside Aerial's burning hot pussy.

Aerial's mouth formed a perfect circle while tears rolled from the corners of her eyes. She was panting and her eyes were wide open as the cock tore through her inner depths. It was as if she had seen a ghost by the look on her face, one of sheer terror. Kevin held his cock deep into her creamy pussy and didn't move a muscle. The tongue darting in and out of his ass wasn't helping matters any. Kevin was waiting for a positive response from Aerial before he started to slam his meat inside her piping hot pussy. Aerial was in some discomfort, not really; pain. She was unable to say anything as she felt as though her pussy had just been torn apart, from the inside out.

Theresa slowly crawled over to her daughter on her stomach and placed her mouth around her daughter's already open mouth. The pain inside her pussy began to escape her as she felt as though Kevin's enormous cock was lodged inside her wind pipe. She had to breathe out of her nose thanks to her mother sucking on her saliva soaked tongue. Chris removed his tongue, stood behind Kevin on his knees and plowed his boy prick to the hilt inside of Kevin's bewildered asshole. The sudden shock of the quick penetration caused Kevin to jerk, forcing his hard cock to pulse inside Aerial's cock splitting pussy. She cried into her mother's mouth as Kevin cried from the sudden anal invasion. Chris pumped his cock inside Kevin's ass at a mind blowing speed. Kevin began to slowly fuck Aerial with long, deep strokes as Chris was pile driving his boyhood into his ass.

Something inside Aerial broke, causing her juices to flow like Niagra Falls. Silently she begged for Kevin to start plowing her pulsating pussy. She tried to buck her hips to meet his downward thrusts. Theresa had swallowed her daughters tongue while pinching Aerial's small erect nipples. Kevin was beginning to sweat profusely while quickening his fucking pace to meet the powerful thrusts of the eleven year old boy with a six inch cock rifling in his ass. Aerial was moaning and whimpering louder than ever as Kevin drove his thick cock harder in her pussy than ever before. Between Chris and Kevin, no-one could tell who was fucking who the fastest. Their powerful thrusts created a loud crushing noise as their flesh struck the other's bare flesh.

Theresa tried to stick her slender finger inside her daughter's pussy, but thanks to the unusually enormous thickness of Kevin's cock, there was simply no extra room. Kevin was more than surprised to see that he had not yet built up his powerful orgasm as he plowed the young girl's pussy in unison with the cock tormenting his asshole. Aerial was dizzy as her sweet smelling pussy juices constantly flowed. She wanted this to last forever! Kevin wanted to live between all six gorgeous legs forever!

Chris yelled, "Stick your dick in her ass, come on, fuck my sister in her asshole, she loves it!" Kevin pulled his cock out and raised the young girl's legs higher. Theresa had regained her strength and turned around facing Kevin and her young son and squatted over her daughter's mouth. Aerial could hardly breathe thanks to her mother's crushing asshole on her nose and her sopping wet pussy covering her mouth. Her mother began gyrating her hips, forcing her asshole and pussy to saturate her mouth and nose. Aerial licked like a snake in hunt for its prey at her mother's sweet pussy.

Kevin shoved his cock against the little girl's poop chute and grunted while trying to pry the sealed entrance open. Aerial's scream shot up her mother's pussy and the vibration of her daughter's voice traveling up her pussy caused Theresa to shutter with a series of orgasms. Kevin's thick cock head entered the small anal opening and had no way of stopping due to Chris slamming his boy cock in his asshole with surprising power. Aerial's little butt was on fire as she felt as though it was being split open as the huge cock shot up her ass forcing the man's heavy hairy balls to slap her spread crack.

Aerial tried in vain to shout, but her pleas were muffled by the juice dripping pussy covering her shaking mouth. Her young body was on fire as the thick, long cock began to pump her fiery asshole into submission. Be it from pain, or the fact that she had the biggest cock up her ass she had ever heard of, Aerial's pussy exploded with her yummy cream. Theresa latched onto the humping shoulder's of her young son and guided his gorgeous face to hers as their tongues entwined in a loving battle. Both mother, daughter, and son were groaning, moaning, whimpering, and crying. Her daughter's probing tongue felt so great inside her pussy and she relished her sweet young son's wonderful saliva.

Chris pumped with all his might as his cock unleashed a violent flurry of sperm missiles up Kevin's asshole. When Kevin felt the boy's sperm strike his anal wall, his cock erupted, sending his own seed up the girl's shaking ass by the gallons. Both Chris and Kevin were shouting words no man has ever heard as their cock's spit out their sperm in volleys. Chris had pumped the last drop out of his cock he had, but held his still hard pole inside Kevin's pumping ass. Kevin's orgasm was more intense than he had ever experienced as wave after powerful sperm wave coursed though Aerial's dark ass tunnel. Aerial was crying as her pussy constantly throbbed while experiencing numerous orgasms with her ass filled with Kevin's thick cock. Aerial's young body was numb, but her pussy was on fire as her constant orgasmic eruptions flowed freely. Chris's cock fell limp and slid out of Kevin's sperm filled asshole.

Kevin's long thick pole remained harder than ever, though he was exhausted from so much fucking. His balls felt empty from his thick sperm as he started his slow withdrawal from Aerial's tight asshole. His knees were hurting and he was saturated in sweat. Aerial's slender legs fell onto the bed from total exhaustion. Her mother lifted herself off her daughter and Aerial began searching for oxygen with an open mouth. Aerial's eyes were teary as she panted desperately. Her asshole was still wide open, but was rapidly tightening back to its winking posture. She knew her asshole was filled to the rim with Kevin's bubbling hot sperm as her body jerked from one more orgasm.

Kevin inched his weary body off the bed and stood on trembling knees on the left side of the bed. Theresa was rubbing her hands over Aerial's tight and flat stomach while smiling from ear to ear. Kevin felt Chris's sperm wanting to slip out of his asshole no matter how hard he clinched his ass muscles together. Chris knew he wanted to feel the huge monster violate his little asshole, so he slid his body on his knees in front of Kevin, hiking his little ass for Kevin to see his eagerness to get fucked. Kevin was trying to catch his breath, but the boy's asshole looked so delicious he couldn't resist bending down and firing his tongue straight up the chute. Theresa got off the bed and quickly walked behind Kevin whose butt was spread while eating her son's asshole out. She saw the little sperm string of her son slipping out of Kevin's hole and began lapping the tummy teasing cream up with her motherly tongue.

Chris was enjoying the hot tongue dwelling in his poop chute, but he was trying to get his sister to cooperate by rolling onto her stomach. Aerial, completely exhausted, rolled onto her stomach and lifted her sweet, well fucked ass into her brother's face. Chris slammed his tongue into her sloppy hole and began whimpering as the first sample of Kevin's thick sperm slid down his throat. Aerial was moaning softly while enjoying her sweet brother's hot tongue travel in her extremely sore ass. Theresa was whimpering as her mouth was rapidly filling with Chris's sperm and Kevin's ass juices. Kevin was happy dining on such an incredible hot ass, that of precious Chris.

Chris screamed, "Kevin, oh Kevin, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass!" Theresa turned around and sat on her butt while licking the man's sperm oozing bung hole. She reached up and grabbed Kevin's cock and pointed it at her son's small pink asshole. With Theresa pointing his cock, Kevin placed both hands on the slender hips of Chris and began jabbing his cock at the boy's tiny asshole. After the fourth stab at the boy's hole, Kevin's cock shattered Chris's asshole and climbed in. Chris raised his ass eating head and yelled, "Oh fuck, damn, oh my, fuck, fuck, oh God!" Kevin tried to take it slowly, but it was Chris who started shoving his little bubble butt onto the ass plugging pole. Kevin pressed forward while Chris rotated his tiny hips onto the impaling cock. Chris screamed, "Yes, fucking A yeah, that's it, yeah that's it, fuck me, fuck me hard!"

Kevin gave the boy what he wanted. In one straight forward motion, he buried his cock all the way up the boy's extremely hot and tight asshole. Immediately, Kevin started slamming his meat into the boy, but to his surprise, Chris met his forceful thrusts with ass slamming thrusts of his own. Chris was lost in blissful emotion at the feeling of his asshole being filled with the horse like cock and his taste buds being overpowered by Kevin's thick and creamy sperm and his sister's ass juices. Kevin had never felt an asshole that was so tight as the asshole his cock was now drilling.

Theresa was eating Kevin's asshole while playing with his hairy balls with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other. Aerial was driving her sperm filled asshole onto the tongue of her brother while Chris was torn with eating her ass and getting royally fucked. Chris tightened his sore ass muscles around the huge invader while rocking his little butt backwards to get maximum feeling and penetration.

Approximately 45 minutes had passed and Kevin was growing really tired of fucking, not that he wasn't enjoying the feeling he was getting fucking young Chris. He was simply getting tired. Kevin pulled his cock out of Chris's ass and quickly lay on the bed on his back. The hungry young boy quickly climbed on top of Kevin looking him straight in the eyes and impaled his ass onto the man's horse cock. Chris swallowed the entire length and inched himself up onto his heels and started raising his body almost all the way off the man's long cock before slamming back down. It looked more like a cowboy riding a bull as Chris humped up and down at a record setting pace.

Aerial got up and eased her little pussy onto Kevin's more than willing tongue as Theresa stood up and straddled Kevin's body facing her daughter. Theresa bent over exposing her slippery asshole to her bouncing son while swapping spit with her daughter. Chris grabbed onto his mother's thighs and planted his face between her butt cheeks and began licking her poop chute. The firm ass of Chris was landing square onto the balls of Kevin as the boy fucked the huge cock like an animal in heat. The tension building up in Kevin's loins were increasing as the seconds ticked off the clock. He was raising his hips to meet the downward ass slamming of the boy. Kevin took turns eating Aerial's young pussy and sweet asshole. Theresa was feeling the effort of her young son as he was plowing her asshole with his rifling tongue.

Kevin fought back the urge to unleash his load, but the boy's ass was too much of a match as his cock sprayed his thick and creamy sperm deep inside the boy's young bowels. The more Kevin squirted his cum, the faster and harder Chris slammed his ass down on the man's pole. Compared to the burning deep in Chris's ass, Kevin's sperm sort of cooled things off a bit. Chris was sweating heavily but continued to grind his ass onto the huge cock while jerking his own rock hard cock. Kevin couldn't believe how long the young boy could ride his cock and could feel his rod slowly softening, but Chris continued to fuck his ass onto his deflating cock.

All too soon for Chris, the once huge pole was now as limp as a noodle as it slipped out of his gyrating ass. Chris raised his right leg and Kevin slid out from under the boy. Aerial was still a little horny as she practically dove between her brother's squatting legs. Theresa saw her son pounding his meat and by the look on Chris's face, she knew he was close to sending his load. On her hands and knees, Theresa swallowed Chris's cock while Aerial was slurping at her brother's cum dripping ass. Kevin lay on his back and watched the mother, daughter, and son trio worship the other's body. Chris arched his back as his sperm flew like jets into his mother's sucking mouth. Aerial was getting a mouthful as Kevin's really thick sperm was shooting out of her brother's asshole, mixed with Chris's tasty ass juice. Theresa worshiped the flavor of her son's watery sperm as she milked his cock free while pulling on his small hairless balls. Kevin looked at the boy's head that was hung way back as his cock was still sending his dreamy cream into his mother's willing mouth. The boy looked like an angel with all the beauty and glory anyone person could ever hope to possess.

Kevin forced his weary body up and crawled on his knees over to Chris. Using both hands, he held the side of the boy's head while slamming his lips onto Chris's succulent lips. Chris's mouth was filled with saliva as Kevin's tongue shot inside and Kevin fell madly in love as the boy's delicious saliva entered his own mouth. Kevin sucked and licked the boy's intoxicating saliva to perfection, savoring each drop as if he was sipping from the fountain of youth. Although his monster cock was ever so limp, inside, Kevin was rock hard. The feeling his hands received from the boy's skin and the stomach teasing taste of Chris's saliva forced him to suck the boy's precious tongue that much harder.

Chris could produce no more cum and Aerial had cleaned her little brother's asshole thoroughly. All four were tired and near the brink of sheer exhaustion as they lay entwined on the bed. All four chests were heaving frantically as Chris was the first to speak, "Kevin, I love your cock!" Aerial added, "Me too!" Theresa licked her lips and made a smacking noise said, "Our home is your home anytime you want to come over!" Kevin smiled and in between breaths said, "Who said I had to leave, I might just get my second wind!"