Derek and Danielle

Chapter Twenty-Two

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Click. "Relationship status: Single."

So simple, Derek thought. But real people are involved in that kind of change.

Derek had to admit to himself, lying in his bed with his laptop that Saturday morning after the Hallowe'en dance, he really ought to put "It's Complicated"; if any relationship Derek knew of was complicated, he had two of them: a sister and a best friend, both of whom he'd been sexual with – and liked as well.

He peeked at Sara's profile, and noticed she'd changed to "Single", as well.

Cue all the shocked comments and commiserating remarks from people along with the inevitable "I'll slap him silly the next time I see him!", or "I'm not talking to HER again!"

Well, to be fair, only a couple of comments had trickled in yet, but he had seen what this could get like from other people he was friended with when their relationship statuses changed. He figured by midday he'd need to post something to clarify matters. Meanwhile—

* daniqueen is now online

kingderek: Hey.

daniqueen: Hey, yourself. You just wake up?

kingderek: Nah, been up for a while. Just messing around online I guess.

daniqueen: Wanna talk?

kingderek: IDK. I don't know whether to feel relieved or sad or just… what, about Sara. I mean, I told you I was gonna break up with her, she just got to it first which I was totally *not* expecting.

daniqueen: Think of it like a band-aid. I know you guys had some fun together, but she's probably not "the one". So rip that band-aid off and just move on.

kingderek: Thanks, I guess. Oh, and you're "the one", huh? :P

daniqueen: I do flatter myself I am. But it's up to you. We've talked about this before … I can't force you to be 100% with me. You have to *want* to.

kingderek: It's complicated. I need to think some more about it. Can we just veg and play some games for a while? Meet you in a couple mins.

daniqueen: Sure thing.

Derek threw on a T-shirt and some shorts to look presentable, then went to the upstairs rec room. Danielle, in her bathrobe, joined Derek and hugged him. After they disengaged from the hug, she rested her hands on his hips and said, "Hey. About last night? You know I only shook you because this … thing we've got … is dead serious."

Derek nodded. "Yeah. I never realized how much I was giving away to people."

"Just watch yourself." She pecked him on the lips, then gently swatted his ass. "Now c'mon, I'll kick your butt! Put on a game, huh?"

Derek laughed, mussing Danielle's hair before he picked out a game to play, then settled in on the couch next to her for a few hours of blasting away enemies.

The fact that they sat side by side, their legs touching, went unremarked upon by their mom when she came up to inform them that lunch was going to be ready and to get dressed properly for it.

Still, that didn't stop the siblings from eyeing each other uneasily as their mother left the room.

Derek shook his head in frustration. Four more years of this!

"You're not going to believe this, Rick. My dad's making me help him drain the fucking pool for winter," groused Derek into his cell phone as he grabbed the long-handled scoop with one hand and pulled it awkwardly off the hooks holding it up, which were mounted on the poolhouse's outer wall.

"So you can't come over?" Rick whined.

"Sorry, man. If I could get out of it, I would. And my parents are gonna make me do my homework tonight. I'm like, a hundred percent positive."

Samuel's voice echoed in the pool pump room. "Derek, stop talking on that thing and help scoop the leaves out before the pool's drained and you have to go in and pick them up by hand."

"Ugh," Derek half-muttered. Rick said, "All right, catch you later, okay?"

Derek ended the call and slipped his phone in the back pocket of his knee-length cotton shorts. He then grudgingly began scooping out the leaves that had fallen from the redwoods that dotted the neighborhood, the major culprit being the one in the neighbor's yard and which already reached the height of the roof of their house, and the occasional leaf or three from another redwood a couple houses down.

At least, he thought, his mother was busy making Danielle help her clean the house for Hallowe'en. Having his sister get away with no busy-work would have annoyed Derek.

Sunday night was the actual Hallowe'en night. Danielle decided she'd go party with some of her volleyball teammates ("Like, come on, Mom and Dad, I hardly ever see them outside of school and practice and we just wanna hang out, okay?") while Derek decided to meet Rick ("I appreciate you wanting me to stay around, but Rick and I kind of made plans to hang out, you know?"); neither sibling was particularly repentant about sticking their parents with the job of doling out candy.

At Rick's place, Mr. Harlan answered the door. "Hey! I thought you were a trick-or-treater. Rick's in his room right now. Oh, meet Sandra!"

Sandra, the tall black-haired woman standing in the kitchen, waved at Derek, who waved back.

"Sandra and I might head out in a few minutes; we're just discussing where we might go tonight. If we do, can you and Rick handle things? You know, just give out candy and all that?"

Derek nodded. "Sure thing. Mind if I go see Rick now?"

"Not at all. Just go on in!"

Derek, for safety's sake, knocked loudly on Rick's door and said, "It's me."

Rick answered the door, fully clothed. When he saw Derek, he grinned. "Dude! I've been seriously waiting to do this."

As soon as Derek shut the door, Rick grabbed him in a hug, which Derek reciprocated. He said into Rick's ear, "So is this where I make the 'happy to see me?' joke?"

Rick laughed. He grabbed Derek's hand and said, "Feel for yourself."

Derek looked nervously at the door. "What about, you know – your dad and that girlfriend of his?"

"Fuck 'em," Rick said. "Now come on."

Derek reluctantly felt the front of Rick's jeans, tracing the outline of Rick's engorged penis. Derek breathed, "The hell, Rick? How can you be this turned on? I just walked in!"

Rick grinned. He said, "Been browsing some sites on my laptop. You know there's, like, totally free websites where amateurs post their pictures and shit? Some of them are damn hot! And on top of that I keep imagining you and me doing stuff."

"Cool your jets, just for a bit, though, okay? Getting busted would be highly non survival promoting."

Rick chuckled. "Yeah, probably a smart idea."

A knock at the door made Derek shoot a pointed look at Rick, who was hurriedly adjusting himself, as he went to get the door. Mr. Harlan walked inside and said, "Hi there. Sandra and I have figured out where we'll go tonight, all right? We probably won't be back until late, considering all the trick or treaters and parties going on. Also, there's leftovers in the fridge if you guys want to eat. Okay?"

The two boys nodded, and moved out to the living room so they could hand out the chocolates for trick or treaters, as well as get some supper. As it turned out, "leftovers" was chicken and rice, which actually wasn't half bad, Derek considered.

He and Rick split the food up evenly, and after reheating their plates, sat down next to each other at the table in the dining room, which looked out onto the Harlans' secluded back yard; a solid wood fence kept casual onlookers as well as intruders out.

As it was, the backyard lights were off, so nobody could see them.

Rick, having picked up on this, got a daring look in his eyes. He held up his fork, which had chicken on it, and said, "Open up, Derek."

Derek laughed, "Fuck off, Rick."

"Seriously. C'mon, delicious chicken coming up!"

When Rick made no move to take the fork away, Derek held his gaze for a few moments. Rick put his hand on Derek's shoulder and said, "Please?"

"All right."

Rick took his hand off Derek's shoulder and brought his fork up with his other hand, carefully letting Derek close his mouth around the food. After that, Rick slowly pulled the fork out, letting Derek chew and swallow.

He mumbled, "That was kind of hot, Rick."

"The food, or me feeding you?" Rick smirked.

"You… doing that," Derek replied.

"Hey. Come on, I didn't weird you out, did I? I won't do it again, okay?" Rick seemed a little upset and worried.

Derek relented, deciding it wasn't that bad, just his paranoia over being caught doing something boys didn't do with each other. He decided it couldn't hurt to reciprocate, so he scooped up some chicken and rice with his fork and held it up, gesturing.

Rick grinned, his worries apparently forgotten.

"Open wiiiiide!"

Rick nearly made Derek spill the food when he joked, "Like I was sucking your dick, man."

Derek snapped off his rejoinder. "Yeah, now there's some meat you can't chew on, okay?"

Rick started laughing, wrapping his arms around his stomach as he tried to contain himself. Derek put his fork down on his plate, joining Rick in chuckling at the corny jokes they were telling each other.

Derek put his hand on Rick's shoulder as his friend (boyfriend? He needed to figure that out) calmed down, and said, "Okay. Now, try not to laugh when I say 'open wide', huh?"

Rick pressed his lips together, managing to stifle a giggle as he sat up straight and waited for Derek to bring his fork up. Derek moved his hand off Rick's shoulder, holding it under the fork to catch any food that would fall.

Derek was suddenly mesmerized at the way Rick's mouth slowly closed around the fork, his jaw working as Derek withdrew the fork, chewing slowly before finally swallowing.

Rick breathed, "That was kind of hot, too."

Derek nodded. "We'll take forever if we do all our plates like that, though. Let's eat normally, okay?"

Rick smiled. "We can feed each other popcorn or something later."

"Sure thing. C'mon, let's finish our supper before it gets cold. The little kids are gonna be ringing that doorbell any minute now, too."

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