Derek and Danielle

Chapter Forty-Three

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"Good breakfast, huh?" asked Derek, as he took a bite of his French toast.

"Mm-hmm." Danielle busied herself with chewing on her scrambled eggs.

Derek shifted as he tried to get a little more comfortable. Danielle, noticing this, said, "Your legs ache too, huh?"

"Yeah," admitted Derek. "I've been hoping it'll go away, but I'll tell you, some of the positions I was in..." He trailed off, blushing.

Danielle shifted in her seat as well. She leaned in, grinning, and whispered conspiratorially, "My hips ache. One guess why!"

Derek looked around, saw the coast was clear, and grinned widely. He leaned in and whispered, "Next time it'll be my jaw." He quickly brought his fingers up in a V to his mouth and licked between them in a familiar motion. Immediately afterwards, he felt the heat rise to his face as he thought that was a dumb thing to do in public.

Danielle blushed and laughed, leaning back against the bench seat as she brushed her hair out of her face, then covered her mouth. Derek tried to change the subject, thankful that she wasn't offended. Remembering what Hannah had mentioned earlier, said, "So what about those jobs? Be nice to make some money I can stash away for a bit, hmm?"

Danielle sighed. "Sure, but who just offers jobs to two fourteen-year-olds? It's not like we hang out with her every day or something."

"We should talk with Mom and Dad first," pointed out Derek as he resumed eating his French toast.

"Yeah. It would get us out of the house." Danielle gestured between them and said in a low voice, "And maybe we can sneak away before or after work, huh?"

Derek's heart pounded at the thought. He bit his lip and tried to breathe steadily. "I just don't like that they'd know about it. I was kinda getting used to thinking of this as our little getaway spot. You know?"

"Yeah." Danielle stabbed her hash browns with her fork as she half-out-loud began running some numbers. In conclusion, she stated, "Anyway, we'd each make about $400 or so, you know, if we don't get any tips on top of that."

Derek whistled. It was one thing to get a twenty-dollar bill here or there, or even see a hundred dollars, but four hundred? Which was eight hundred combined between the two of them!

"Let's tell her we wanna think about it, okay, Dani?" asked Derek.

Danielle gulped down some orange juice and nodded. "Sure."

The teens resumed their meals, and before long they were finished. Not long after they'd finished, Hannah came over with the check. She said, "What d'you think, kids?"

Danielle said, "We're gonna talk to our parents first, okay?" She smiled briefly as she reached for her purse and coat.

"Fair enough. You can look us up in the phone directory online if you want. Catch you later." Hannah smiled, then left the table.

The restaurant had filled with some more people, but Derek didn't notice anybody who seemed familiar. He guessed there must not be many regulars. The cold air swirled around him as Danielle, in front, opened the door to the street. Derek bundled his coat around himself as he stepped out onto the street, letting the door shut behind him.

The siblings wordlessly made their way to the bus stop. A couple other people waited, but they seemed utterly preoccupied with huddling in their coats against the chill. Derek huffed as he wondered when the bus would come, idly noticing his breath condensing in the air. He looked at Danielle to his right, who was shifting on her feet.

Tentatively at first, then deciding it wouldn't look out of place, Derek reached out and wrapped his arm around Danielle, rubbing her back as he pulled her against him. At first, she stiffened, then relaxed as nobody suddenly pointed to single the two of them out. It wasn't like you could really tell much from two hooded figures in the cold, thought Derek, plus, didn't other brothers and sisters occasionally try to warm each other up?

After some time, the bus finally came, and Derek reluctantly let go of Danielle so they could board the bus together. To his mingled pleasure and annoyance, the bus was jammed full of people. He and Danielle were squeezed against each other in the walkway between the seats, but it also meant he could feel someone's backpack thumping against him every time the bus shifted.

Into Derek's ear, Danielle said, "I wish we were someplace else, huh?"

Derek chuckled. "Yeah. Hey, whaddya want to do when we get home?"

Danielle looked him the eyes, winked broadly and said, "I'm sure we can think of a couple things, right?"

Arousal shot through Derek, and his stiffness got uncomfortable in his jeans. Danielle's hip was only a few inches away, and he hoped she wouldn't notice and make a comment about it. He tried to steady his breathing, thinking any kind of thought except his sister being naked. He found it kind of difficult to do when she was standing there, her eyes gazing steadily at him as her blond hair framed her face. And the way her lips formed the most beautiful smile…

Derek's reverie was broken when the bus came to an abrupt halt at a traffic light, slamming Danielle against him as he grabbed a pole to steady himself, automatically reaching out to wrap his other arm around her to keep her from falling.

"Whoa! Are you okay, Dani?"

Danielle let out the breath she'd been holding, brushing her hair out of her face. "Yeah. Just almost lost my footing, there."

After a moment, she quietly said, "You can let go of me now."

"Shit, sorry!" blurted Derek as he pulled his arm back, which had been holding her lightly against him. He looked around at the other passengers. Nobody seemed to have noticed anything out of the ordinary, and oddly, confidence began building within Derek. Maybe, just maybe, he and Danielle could actually pull off affection in public and get away with it.

He mentally grinned to himself as the bus dropped him and Danielle off at their stop. They walked fast, partly to try and keep warm. But Derek could feel the anticipation rising between him and Danielle – just a few more moments as their house in the subdivision came within view – they fairly scrambled to the front door—

Derek nervously put his key in the lock, turning it, pulling the key back out as he swung the door open, noticing Danielle out the corner of his eye rushing past him as he shut the door again, already dropping her purse on the floor and opening her coat. He barely had time to unzip his coat as Danielle rushed to him, their lips all but crashing together as they kissed torridly and thoroughly. Derek's erection, having been under control until now, sprung back to life. He began rubbing himself against Danielle's crotch, prompting a moan from her as she reluctantly broke their kiss.

Huskily, her eyes wide as she seemed to drink him in, she said, "I want you, Derek. Now."

Derek reached up and pushed Danielle's coat off her shoulders, then caught it as she shrugged out of it. He tossed her coat onto the pillar at the base of the stairs, watching to make sure it caught. She reciprocated, tossing his coat on top of hers.

Both siblings kicked their shoes off. Then, Derek grabbed Danielle's hand, and said, "C'mon, Dani. I want you, too!"

In Derek's room, the door closed, he was breathing heavily as his hands reached for Danielle's chest, grasping her firm globes as she reached up to pull him in for another kiss, her hand holding the back of his neck. Her other hand, snaking its way down his chest and stomach, slipped past the threshold of his pants, to rub and stroke his erection through his jeans. Derek moaned into Danielle's mouth as he trailed his left hand down Danielle's side, resting it on her ass as he fondled it through her jeans.

Derek, coming up for air in between kisses, said in a low, husky voice, "Wanna fuck you. Right now."

Danielle grinned, stepped back, and in one fluid motion, had her shirt off. Derek followed suit, and within seconds, two very naked, horny teenagers flopped onto Derek's bed, playfully jostling for position as they kissed hungrily, their hands roaming every inch of each other's bodies.

Derek locked fingers with Danielle and rolled her over so he was on top of her. He looked into her eyes and said, "You ready?" He rubbed his erect cock against Danielle and bit his lip as he remembered how good it had felt to slide inside her.

Danielle wrapped her legs around him and said, "Stop wasting time and fuck me, Derek!"

"With pleasure!" purred Derek.

He released her hands, then reached down and positioned his cockhead at her hot, wet entrance, supporting himself above her with his left hand. He rubbed the head of his cock against Danielle's opening, teasing her as she gripped him harder with her legs, urging him to enter her and sheath himself fully inside her. She reached down with her hands, grabbing his ass, trying to pull him into her. Derek smirked, leaned his head down, and began kissing and licking at Danielle's neck as he kept teasing her opening.

By now, Danielle had graduated to full-throated moaning as she arched her back in frustration. She finally let out a desperate, whining, "Please, Derek!"

Derek began guiding his cock into her, sliding slowly, ever so slowly, into Danielle's warm entrance. Her eyes fluttered shut as she let her head fall back on the pillow, uttering a throaty moan as Derek kept pushing into her, feeling his sister wrapping herself around him as he brought his right hand back up by her shoulder, holding himself up as he buried himself all the way inside her.

"Don't stop – oh, fuck me, don't stop!" begged Danielle.

Derek's response was to begin pumping in and out of Danielle, enjoying the delicious sensation of plunging his hardness repeatedly into his sister.

All sense of time ceased to exist as brother and sister took their final chance that weekend to share their bodies in the most intimate coupling known to humans.

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