Derek and Danielle

Chapter Forty-Four

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Derek lay atop Danielle, unable to do more than grin stupidly as he remembered how Danielle's full-throated gasping had crescendoed into her climax even as he spilled his essence into her, helpless to do more than grunt and groan as he came.

His erection was softening, though, and they really needed to clean up. They were currently lying side-by-side, Danielle's legs pulled up and wrapped around his hips. Derek ran his hand appreciatively down Danielle's body, letting it settle on her butt as he squeezed it lightly, feeling the muscle under her skin.

Derek dropped a kiss on his sister's forehead, then said, "Danielle?"

She sighed, opened her eyes, and tried holding Derek's cock inside her, squeezing down on him. "Do we have to? I want to cuddle some more." She grimaced as his erection slowly slipped out of her despite her best efforts. Danielle propped her head up on her hand as she reached for his shoulder.

Derek smiled and let Danielle pull him in for another kiss. He lightly rubbed and squeezed her breast, then lifted himself up. "We gotta clean up soon; Mom and Dad'll probably be home by like four."

Danielle huffed, but grudgingly disentangled from Derek. As the siblings got off the bed, Derek said, "Shower together?"

Danielle replied, "It'll be the last time for a while."

"Okay, then. Let's go."

In the shower, as though trying to memorize every inch of her, Derek was running his hands over all of Danielle's body as he soaped her up; to help save water, the shower had been turned off while this was going on. As his fingers roamed, he felt Danielle's arms, which were becoming stronger as she trained for volleyball; the full and firm roundness of her breasts and the firm nubs of her nipples; the trim flat muscularity of her stomach, and her voluptuous butt, descending to well-muscled legs from her running practice.

Rising to his feet, Derek finished by rubbing his sister's back, making sure to soap up every inch of it, finishing by resting his hands on her shoulders and lightly kissing her neck from behind. Danielle hummed in pleasure, then said, "I just may ask you for a massage one of these days, sweetie."

Derek grinned. "Looking forward to it!"

Danielle's response was to turn the shower back on and rinse herself off. She then shut the shower back off, and held her hand out for the soap bar. She said, "Your turn."

Derek obliged, closing his eyes and luxuriating in the careful way Danielle rubbed the soap over his body, rubbing in little circles as though she were also trying to memorize him by touch. He felt so slack and relaxed, even as his erection stiffened slightly he felt on the verge of lightly falling asleep. Danielle's hands under his shoulders, stopping him from slipping, snapped him to full wakefulness.

"Shit!" blurted Derek. He looked at Danielle, whose eyes were wide in alarm.

"Are you okay? I didn't mean to make you fall asleep!" fretted Danielle.

Derek made sure he was standing straight, and let out a calming breath as he nodded. "It's just – it's weird, it's like you running your hands over me like that relaxes me so much. Just watch out next time, huh?"

Danielle chuckled and released Derek. "Okay, your turn. Wash up."

Derek turned the shower taps on again and cleaned himself off, then said, "One sec, okay?"

He grabbed the shampoo bottle and quickly did his hair, then finished the process. At Danielle's disappointed look, he said, "Love to have you do it, but I gotta get out and start cleaning up, okay? You finish in here and join me."

She pulled him in for a hard, quick kiss. When they broke apart again, she said, "That's 'till we get another chance."

"Thanks." Derek smirked. "Too bad I can't give you a hickey."

Danielle poked his chest. "Don't." Poke. "You." Poke. "Dare." She then shoved Derek's shoulder.

Derek raised his hands in mock-surrender and crossed his heart. "I promise not to!"

"Go on." Danielle waved him off, and Derek went about towelling himself dry and getting ready for the day, dressing in some casual pants and a T-shirt.

Then, starting in his room he removed all evidence of the sexual orgies of the weekend, culminating in laundering any possibly suspicious items (mainly his bedsheets) and depositing a garbage bag directly into the can outside the house, removing the condoms and other incriminating items. He did a quick check of Danielle's room, and made a note to remind her to check her room over as well; he didn't spot anything off the top of his head which might get the two of them in trouble.

Derek checked his phone and found one text message from Rick, who said he was stuck doing homework and some stuff for his dad; "lookin forward to tomorrow!" was the last sentence, and Derek's cock stiffened at the thought of Rick pushing inside of him, pounding him until they both came.

To take his mind off that, Derek noted the time. It had just gone past three o'clock in the afternoon. As though that were a signal, Derek's phone rang. He checked the screen: it was Dad! He answered, nervously biting his lip as he wondered if his father could tell his lies from the truth.

"Hi, Derek! Your mother and I are just at the Chinese place now. There's gonna be a bit of a wait for the food, and we want to pick up a couple of other things so we won't be home 'till four. How'd it go?"

"Aw, y'know, the usual. Just kinda quiet. Danielle and I had some friends over yesterday and we hung out, but no parties, like we promised, Dad." Derek was proud of the fact that his voice didn't waver.

"That's good. Is your sister around?"

Derek walked to the bathroom and stuck his head in the door. Danielle was standing in front of the sink, a towel wrapped around her head, but otherwise naked as she regarded herself intently in the mirror. Danielle turned to look at him and mouthed, "Mom and Dad?"

Derek nodded, to which Danielle shook her head. He said into the phone, "Uh, I think she's in the bathroom."

"All right; just tell her we need to know if she wants to be dropped off early for volleyball practice tomorrow," replied Samuel. "See you in an hour, son."

After the call finished, Derek stuck his phone in his pocket and said, "Mom and Dad'll be back in an hour. They want you to talk to them about some volleyball practice thing. Also, I think you should check your room after this, okay?"

"Yeah, I was gonna do that anyway."

After a moment, Derek looked Danielle up and down. "I could get used to seeing that bod all day, Dani."

Danielle laughed. She picked up a pair of tweezers and carefully plucked a few errant hairs. "Yeah, well, you'll have to get used to seeing me with clothes again after today."

Derek looked at the floor. "Listen. Um, can I ask you something?" He worried his lip with his teeth as he looked up at Danielle again.

"Yeah, sure. It's not like we haven't, oh, shared each other's bodies or anything totally intimate." The smile he got from her took the sting out of her comment.

"Did we have good sex? I mean, was it, y'know, good for you?"

Danielle walked over to him and put her hands on Derek's upper arms. "Hey. Look at me, Derek?" As Derek did so, she continued. "I had an amazing time this weekend with you, all right? I just wish it could last longer. So don't worry, you're not bad in bed or anything."

"Thanks. I appreciate it."

Danielle reached up to take the towel off her hair. As she busied herself with that task, she hesitantly asked, "Was I…?"

"Oh my God, you have no idea! You turn me on so much. So freakin' much, Dani. Feeling you when I was inside you – kissing you – even just touching you, it's like wow. Seriously," said Derek fervently.

Suddenly bashful, Danielle's cheeks reddened as she looked around the bathroom. "Thanks. Hey, um, I gotta get dressed. I don't want to kick you out of here, I just…"

Derek nodded. She needed her space for now; he withdrew from the bathroom and went back to his bedroom to catch up on what his friends and cousins had been doing over the weekend. To his surprise, when he checked his e-mails, he found out that Jack had managed to hook up with Melissa again! Uncle Darren was stuck on some construction job a couple hours out of the town they lived in, and had lent Jack his car for a few days while he sacked out in a fellow worker's camper.

Jack hadn't wasted any time and managed to meet Melissa Sunday morning, without her parents knowing about it. They'd hung out for a few hours and then managed to work up the nerve to have sex in the back seat of Uncle Darren's car. Derek just hoped Jack hadn't accidentally given anything away, and made a note to ask Danielle to check in with Melissa, though she'd dropped Derek a line too, saying, "Jack and I got close again ;-) Also told Danielle."

He replied back to Jack's email, telling him that he and Rick had done 'the deed' over the weekend, too. He told Jack what his IM address was, then went back to Facebook to catch up with his other acquaintances from school.

Danielle stuck her head in his room; she was also dressed in some casual clothes. "Did you hear what Jack and Melissa—"

Derek stood up and walked over to her. "I know! Oh my God, those two are even crazier than we are, I swear!"

Danielle shook her head in bemusement and almost automatically stepped into his room. "Yeah, tell me about it." She seemed to catch herself and deliberately took a step back to stand in the doorway. Her fists clenched as she seemed to bodily keep herself from doing what she wanted to do.

Resigned, Derek sighed. "We gotta play it cool, you know." He sat on his bed, trying not to give into his impulse to hug Danielle.

In a low voice, she said through gritted teeth, "I hate this. I hate this."

Derek leaned forward, his elbows on his knees, resting his head on his hands as he spoke to the floor. "This fucking sucks. Maybe we should just—"

"Just what, Derek?" asked Danielle icily. "Pretend we didn't just make love to each other all weekend long? Deny each other? If that isn't the most twisted thing ever!"

Derek looked up. "What do you want me to do?!" he asked, anguished as he looked at Danielle. Her jaw was set, her eyes cold and hard.

With an air of finality, Danielle replied heavily, "Nothing. There is nothing you or I can do." She checked her phone. "Well, it's three-thirty now. Half an hour 'till we forget this ever happened." Falsely sweetly, she said, "Unless you want to tell Mom and Dad what perverts their kids are."

Fear rose within Derek as he swallowed convulsively. "You know we can't do that," he said softly. "D'you know if they still do shock therapy if we get committed?"

Danielle shuddered. "I don't think so." Whatever resistance was within her finally broke as she sat on the bed on Derek's right, and wrapped her arms around him, clinging to him. She rested her head on his shoulder and said, "This weekend was so goddamn perfect. Why do I have to feel like fucking Cinderella and the timer's running out 'till everything becomes a pumpkin again?"

Derek put his right arm around her and kissed the top of her head. His voice wavered as he said, quietly, "Well, that makes me your Prince Charming, huh?"

Derek felt the tension in her shoulders slacken a bit as Danielle laughed tremulously. He inhaled, relaxing as his nose took in the pleasantly fruity smell of the shampoo Danielle had used. Danielle sniffled a little and said thickly, "It'll be okay, won't it?"

He honestly had no idea. He had no reassurance from any quarter about the road ahead. But dredging up what confidence he had, he said, "It will. I promise."

His sister slowly disengaged from their hug, and stood up. She looked down at Derek and kissed his forehead. "I love you, Derek Aaron Collins. I love you like a brother and I love you like a boyfriend."

Unsure of what to say, he looked up at Danielle and regarded her silently. He noticed her eyes were a little red. A smile played across her lips as she touched his lips with her finger. "You don't have to say it now. Say it when you know you mean it."

Derek kissed her finger. Danielle's hand slowly withdrew, and she gently squeezed his shoulder with her other hand. "I'll see you downstairs."

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