Derek and Danielle

Chapter Forty-Five

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Any minute now, thought Derek as he paced back and forth in the family room. Danielle had gotten a call from one of her friends, so his sister, after a brief "hello" when he'd come downstairs, had ducked into the kitchen to talk. After what seemed like the tenth trip across the open area between the couch and the door to the garage, Derek went around the couch and flopped down on it, facing the television.

Danielle's voice preceded her as she re-entered the room. "Okay, 'bye. See you tomorrow, 'kay?"

As she ended the call, she came up behind Derek, putting her hands on his shoulders. "Whoa! You're tense."

"Well, yeah," remarked Derek sardonically. "I just wish Mom and Dad would get in so we could get this all over with."

Danielle lightly squeezed his shoulders, then came around to sit on the couch, a respectable distance between them. Derek looked at her eyes, which held sympathy for him. She said, "Just be cool. Okay?"

"Yeah. Be cool," Derek muttered. His foot started bouncing almost of its own accord.

The distant sound of the garage door opening sent the siblings fairly leaping out of the couch to standing upright. Nervously, they stood a few feet from the entrance door, uneasily eyeing each other to see if they were too close to one another.

Danielle quickly reached out and clasped Derek's hand. "It'll be okay!" she whispered.

Derek nodded, then let go of his sister's hand as the door opened and their parents walked in, smiles on their faces. Derek tried to dredge up a smile in response as his mother said, "Here, Derek, can you take these takeout bags and put them in the kitchen, honey?"

Danielle was tasked with helping set aside the travel bags that both her mother and father had lugged in. Meanwhile, at the dining table, Derek began setting out the chow mein, rice, and other assorted food from the Chinese place. Danielle entered the kitchen and dining area as Derek was about to get the plates down. She gave Derek a nervous smile and gathered up knives and forks to set the table.

Finally, the family all sat down around the table and busied themselves putting food on their plates. Derek hoped he and Danielle wouldn't get asked any hard questions...

"So how'd it go?" asked his father.

Danielle shrugged, and replied with barely a tremor in her voice, "Boring. We had some friends over yesterday but that was about it."

Derek nodded. "Yeah. Rick and I hung out for a bit. Nothing major though." Derek resisted the impulse to bite his lip. He also didn't think his voice had wavered, so scored that a minor victory.

"Well, you haven't burned the house down, and your mother and I had a good time, so I guess we can call this weekend a success all around." Samuel smiled, and Derek's tension slowly eased away.

Derek was able to eat without his nervousness returning (too much), taking care not to look at Danielle too often lest he give anything away. His sister, for her part, seemed to be focusing almost exclusively on her plate.

A brilliant idea hit Derek. He said, "Hey, how was the drive to... um, wherever? Is it nice?"

Sure enough, his mother took the bait and glowed as she said, "It's lovely, Derek! The lake – there's maybe a few houses but the closest one to where we were staying was probably a half a mile away, and the road – there were these gorgeous trees lining it. The place really is beautiful, honey."

Samuel chimed in, saying, "Absolutely. The view was just amazing. It's you all by yourself amid the lake and the stars when it's night-time. I wish we had a place like that, but those are expensive."

"Maybe you and I and the kids can go somewhere warm for summer, Sam. What do you think?" Rachel speared a piece of sweet and sour chicken with her fork and ate it as Samuel thought.

"Let's see how it goes, okay? I'm not saying no, but it's not something we can do at the drop of a hat." To the children, he said, "What do you think? Danielle? Derek?"

Danielle grinned. "Sure! Can we go to Hawaii, Dad? Please?"

"We gotta go to Hawaii! For sure, Dad," Derek said, unable to resist the mental image of Hawaii conjured up by many a movie and television show.

Samuel chuckled. "Well, there's two enthusiastic votes. Okay, I'll think about it. Now let's eat up; the food's getting cold."

Derek tried not to look too relieved at having the attention taken off of him and his sister as he polished off the chow mein.

Pretty soon, everyone was finished, and the siblings took charge of clearing the dishes as their parents went to unpack their bags. At the sink, as Danielle washed dishes before handing them to Derek to put in the dishwasher, she said in a low voice, "I expected more of an inquisition. Y'know, like, what'd you do, where'd you go, how much money did you spend, can we please go over your weekend with a fine-toothed comb?"

Derek nodded. "Whatever Mom and Dad're doing, let's hope they keep doin' it."

Danielle shuddered. "No mental images, okay?" She handed him the last dish, which Derek put into the rack. He closed the dishwasher, set the timer, and started it up. Danielle licked her lips nervously, then hesitantly touched Derek's elbow. "Listen, um, I don't want it to seem like I'm ignoring you." Her hand fell away.

"Hey, it's okay. I totally get it." He looked into Danielle's eyes, and almost without thinking, raised his hand to run it through her hair. Her hand flashed out, grabbing his wrist.

"Derek! What the fuck?!" she hissed. She shoved his hand down. "You wanna get us—"

Derek smacked his forehead. "Stupid, stupid, stupid!" he growled through gritted teeth.

Danielle took a deep breath. "Look, let's just go to our rooms and stay away from each other tonight. We've got homework anyway."

Derek swore to himself as he went up the stairs, wondering what had possessed him to forget himself when his parents were home. He went into his room and closed the door, then leaned back against it, staring at the ceiling.

His homework on his desk reminded him he needed to keep his school grades up, and he reluctantly got started, trying to put Danielle out of his mind for the time being.

That night around nine-thirty, as Derek was brushing his teeth in the bathroom, Danielle, in her nightgown, showed up at the door. She stopped and stood uncertainly as she vacillated between brushing her teeth then or waiting until later. She finally huffed, strode up to the sink next to Derek, and grabbed her toothbrush.

Derek mentally shrugged and finished brushing his teeth, then spat out the toothpaste and rinsed his mouth out. In Danielle's ear, he said, "Sorry about, y'know, earlier."

Danielle grabbed his shoulder for a moment with her free hand, then raised her finger to indicate he should wait. She finished brushing her teeth, looked at her face in the mirror, then yanked the band out of her hair, freeing her ponytail.

She looked at him and said quietly, "Look, I wish I didn't have to be paranoid, but we've got a good thing going here, okay? I don't wanna fuck it up."

"Hey, me either, all right?" protested Derek.

That seemed to mollify his sister. She smiled slightly at him and whispered, "Thanks for an awesome weekend, huh?"

Derek's dick began to stiffen as he remembered. He said, "Yeah, it was. But, uh, I better go or—"

Danielle smirked and said, "Sweet dreams."

"Oh, you know I will," retorted Derek. "Seeya."

"You too, sweetie." Danielle blew him a kiss as he shut the door to the bathroom and went into his bedroom.

Derek looked down at his erection tenting his underwear and mentally swore. He wasn't going to be able to sleep with that grabbing his attention! He wished his parents were gone for just one more night so he and Danielle could have sex again.

Fuck it, he thought. He found a towel, then killed the light, got on his bed, yanked his underwear down, and stroked himself to completion. Within seconds, he spurted across his stomach and chest, and gasped in relief as the sexual tension evaporated, leaving him only the task of cleaning himself up and then going to sleep.

Danielle's Diary

September 21st.

My world just exploded and rearranged itself today!

I don't know how to write this... maybe if I just start.


First, Derek's been dating Sara for a little while now after we went shopping and stuff.

Then I got this crazy idea to offer my 'assistance' to Derek about dating girls.


He. Likes. Me.

Like THAT.

And I told HIM I like him like THAT.

We kissed.

I kissed my own brother.


Oh God, when he touched my boobs I wanted to rip his clothes off right there and get naked with him and touch him all over.

But I didn't tell you about the best part, dear diary.

My brother has a pretty big dick, and I made him cum in his pants just from feeling him up! Woohoo!

(The ink color has changed)

I got so turned on after writing that I had to take care of it. This is, like, the second or third time today I've masturbated! I thought I was finished from this afternoon with Derek, but I guess not.

I never knew you could shake so hard when you cum that you actually collapse, but I almost fell on the floor! (I was leaning against the bedroom door so nobody would surprise me)

I hope Derek makes me feel that good when we fuck.

... I can't believe I just wrote that.

I actually want to fuck my own brother. This is unbelievable.

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