Derek and Danielle

Chapter Forty-Six

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Derek woke early that Monday morning, and the events of the weekend flooded his mind. He couldn't resist grinning to himself as he remembered how many times he and his sister had coupled together in the throes of passion. And then he remembered Rick – pushing inside of him, inch by slow inch, and Rick's promise for that afternoon, after school. Derek bit his lip and let out a slow moan at the thought, closing his eyes as he imagined what the two of them would do.

He reluctantly got out of bed, and began going through his morning routine, starting with his shower. When he exited the bathroom, clad only in a towel wrapped around his waist, Danielle passed him in the hallway. She looked up and down the hallway quickly, then ogled him and winked. In return, Derek gestured at Danielle's bathrobe, and she obliged by flashing her tits at him.

Derek grinned and then went into his room and finished getting ready for the day. At the front door, Danielle's footsteps rushing down the stairs caught his attention, and he waited for her to catch up. Outside, he could see that the sky was overcast and he felt a chilly breeze. Together, the siblings left and began walking to school.

They kept trading mischievous looks and grins as they waited until they were about halfway to school so they could be sure they wouldn't be overheard by anyone they knew. Then Derek spoke in a low voice. "I still can't believe we got away with it this weekend!"

Danielle closed her eyes, smiling as she remembered something. She opened her eyes and said, "Me either. It was the best, craziest, weirdest, most awesome weekend!"

"So when d'you think we can do it again?"

"Oh God, I wish I knew. Look, let's just play it by ear. I'd love to, y'know, with you, but not if we can get caught."

Derek nodded. "Yeah. Okay."

Derek suddenly realized his dick was beginning to make a curve in his pants and he groaned. "Great. Walking to school with a hard-on; I really wanted to put that on my bucket list. Not."

Danielle leaned over to look, and smirked. "The only way you'd be able to tell for me is if you could stick your hand down my pants."

"Not fair," whined Derek.

"C'mon, race ya! That'll take your mind off it," urged Danielle.

Derek wasted no time sprinting down the residential road towards the high school; Danielle never stood a chance, as she was a good ten feet behind when he finally let up his sprint to walk the last few hundred feet to the school.

"Am I awesome or am I awesome, huh, sis?" Derek smirked, prompting Danielle to punch him half-heartedly on his shoulder.

"You let your ego swell up that much, you won't fit through the door."

Derek just laughed and rolled his eyes at Danielle as he opened the door, letting them into the school, after which they went their separate ways to find their lockers.

By the end of the day, Derek was practically humming with nervous energy as he made his way through the throngs of students leaving school.

As soon as he had seen Rick in class, his concentration had been shot for the rest of the day. Rick, in his turn, could barely keep himself from practically throwing himself at Derek at lunch; he'd compensated with a steady train of risqué jokes, each one worse than the last, prompting Derek to either laugh or groan.

Danielle's presence at lunch hadn't helped either. His eyes kept wandering to her hair, falling over her shoulders, or the curve of her breasts through her shirt, only for him to realize what he was doing and snap his gaze away. Against all his will, his dick threatened to go to full mast as he giddily thought, I'm the only one in this whole school who's seen my sister totally naked.

Derek had bolted his food and with ten minutes left in lunch period, made his excuses to Rick and Danielle. He'd locked himself inside a bathroom stall, and just breathed slowly through his nose, deliberately trying to calm himself.

Between his methodical breathing exercises and not being enamored of the decidedly unfunny notion of being caught jacking off in school, his erection subsided finally. He flushed the toilet, then left the stall, washed his hands, and got to his next class.

Unfortunately, remembering Rick's promise not five minutes after class started threatened to give Derek a rather hard time.

Finally, though, he was out! Danielle, he recalled, was going to have to do volleyball practice, so he just needed to find Rick.

And speak of the devil—

Rick bounded out of the school and rushed up to Derek. He grabbed Derek's shoulder and tugged. "C'mon, man, let's go!"

The boys walked fast, barely slowing down as they made their way to Rick's house. Rick bit his lip nervously as he opened the door, calling out, "Dad?!"

When no answer came back, Rick whispered, "Yes!"

Inside Rick's room, Derek threw his backpack in a corner, following up with his coat. Rick, having done the same, was now standing in front of Derek, his nostrils flaring as his breathing picked up in excitement. Derek's lips had gone dry at the thought of what he and Rick were about to do, and he reached out nervously, tugging gently at Rick's shirt. Rick grinned and gestured to get on with it.

The boys hadn't had P.E. that day, so both were wearing long-sleeved collared shirts. Derek thought the light grey shirt went well with Rick's grey pants, even as he was already running his hands over Rick's chest and slowly unbuttoning the top button.

Slowly, tantalizingly, glimpses of Rick's bare torso could be seen as Derek undid button after button. Finally, the last button fell away, and Derek untucked Rick's shirt from his pants, then pushed the shirt off of Rick's bare shoulders, letting it fall down Rick's arms to land behind him. Rick's skin felt warm and inviting; Derek was almost entranced running his hands down Rick's front, feeling the other boy's chest and stomach muscles. Rick pulled Derek in for a kiss, making Derek momentarily forget about doing anything with his hands.

Rick took this occasion to begin unbuttoning Derek's shirt, making Derek's anticipation rise as Rick began kissing and licking his way down Derek's neck, letting Derek's shirt fall to the floor as he did so. Rick gently pushed Derek backwards, his warm hand on Derek's chest proving to be a formidable distraction, since Derek nearly stumbled as the backs of his legs hit the bed and he automatically fell backwards, his ass hitting the bed right after that.

Rick got on top of him, aiming straight for Derek's nipples, his mouth working its magic as the warm wetness of Rick's mouth on them went straight to Derek's groin, stiffening his already-hard dick.

As the two boys made out, more items of clothing were removed, leaving Derek naked underneath Rick, who was rubbing his dick against Derek's.

Derek said, "You wanna – like last time?"

Rick smirked. "I got an idea before we fuck. I bet you can't suck your own dick."

Derek laughed. "What? That's not even possible." He frowned and said, "Is it?"

Rick leaned in for a kiss and said, "Shit, let's try it. You first."

Rick offered instructions and pointers as Derek sat at the edge of the bed, carefully trying to ease his head down to his stiff member. But Derek just couldn't seem to quite contort his back enough, as his tongue was still about a half an inch too far from his glistening cockhead.

Exasperated, he said, "Can you do any better?"

"Look, I just sneaked around online a bit and saw a couple pictures and some guy's half-assed 'how-to' manual. It's not like they teach it at school, you know," admitted Rick.

"So show me. I bet you've tried," replied Derek as he stood up, stretching to work the kinks out of his back.

Grudgingly, Rick tried, sitting on the edge of the bed and carefully trying to relax his back and stomach so he could lean his head down, but could only just touch the edge of his penis with the tip of his tongue. After a couple of minutes of fruitlessly trying to stretch his head down further, Rick sighed, flopped back on the bed, and admitted defeat.

Derek mused, "Maybe if we did yoga or something."

Rick shrugged, then said, "C'mon, let's do something more rewarding, huh?"

The two of them wasted no time getting into the sixty-nine position, Derek on top. Derek's cock seemed to swell even more as Rick's mouth and tongue ran over his cockhead and shaft. Meanwhile, Derek, his mouth full of cock, bobbed his head up and down, trying to remember not to let his teeth scrape across the skin of Rick's member.

Too quickly, Derek's excitement began to spike, and he could only say around Rick's cock, "Gonna cum!" before he shot his spunk into Rick's waiting mouth. Derek's eyes squeezed shut as the shuddering orgasm flooded his senses, leaving him drained afterwards as he reluctantly took his mouth off Rick's cock and slowly eased his dick out of Rick's mouth.

"Holy fuck I needed that!" exclaimed Derek.

Rick, having just swallowed, pushed Derek off of him as he sat up. "So you didn't jack off in the bathroom, huh? I figured you did."

"Fuck no. I'm not gonna get busted in school and get called 'hairy palms' for the rest of my life." Derek lay on the bed, relaxing as the afterglow washed over him.

Rick got off the bed and said, "Well, I'm still seriously fuckin' horny." He found his condoms and lube, and tossed a packet near Derek, who shifted on the bed so he could rest the back of his head on a pillow.

Rick got on the bed, holding the tube of lube. As he knelt by Derek's ass, Derek spread his legs, breathing deeply as he remembered how Rick's cock had felt, intruding into him slowly but surely, stretching his asshole as Rick prepared to fuck him.

Rick's engorged cock stood straight out as he rolled the condom down over it, following up with a hefty blob of lube at the tip. Once he was ready, he pushed Derek's legs up so Derek's opening was visible to Rick.

With one hand still holding Derek's leg, Rick's other hand guided his cockhead against Derek's entrance, the cool lube smearing over it, followed by the stiffness pressing at Derek, slowly breaching him as his asshole's resistance lessened. Derek's breathing quickened as Rick pushed inside of him; Rick's satisfied moans only heightened the sexually charged atmosphere as he took what was his.

Rick hooked Derek's legs with his arms, and leaned down so he could get a better angle as he bottomed out inside Derek; his gasp of utter satisfaction, and the straining feeling Derek could sense as Rick tried to push harder into him, reawakened Derek's erection.

He looked at Rick and reached up, gently grasping the back of Rick's neck as he pulled the other boy's head in to ensnare his mouth in a kiss. As they kissed, Rick almost unconsciously began pumping in and out of Derek's body, causing Derek to let out a mild "umph" as Rick's cock thrust into him.

Rick broke the kiss and looked down at Derek. "You ready?" he asked softly.

Derek nodded. He looked into Rick's eyes and said, "Fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast, Rick!"

Rick didn't waste any time talking. His hips began pistoning back and forth, pushing himself into Derek harder and swifter with each passing moment.

Derek's horizons narrowed to the sensations coming out of his asshole as his body bounced on the bed. He held Rick in his arms as Rick shifted, letting his torso come down as his knees shifted to give him access to Derek's body.

For a timeless interval, all Derek's existence was his entrance being repeatedly invaded by Rick's cock as he held the other boy, feeling his back and shoulder muscles tense and relax with each thrust.

But all too soon, it seemed, Rick's grunts grew deeper as his thrusts became slightly more erratic. Derek knew the time was close, and began squeezing down on Rick's penis as he clamped his legs around Rick, crossing his feet behind him.

Shortly after, Rick's final thrusts marked his orgasm as he pushed in hard once—twice—three times, then spent himself completely with a final slumping thrust that left Rick collapsed on top of Derek, breathing heavily like he'd just run a marathon.

Derek relaxed, letting his legs fall to either side of Rick as he closed his eyes, utterly satisfied for the moment with his Monday.

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