Derek and Danielle

Chapter Forty-Seven

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Rick pulled out of Derek slowly, letting the latter's legs fall to the bed. Rick got off the bed and peeled off the condom. He muttered, "Shouldn't flush these, but... anyway, wait just a sec."

Derek groaned and stretched as he reached to look at Rick's phone, checking the time. To his surprise, not that much time had passed since the boys had had sex. He shifted and knelt on the bed, his asshole still trying to squeeze down on a nonexistent penis. He felt uncomfortably vacant.

Rick re-entered the room, prompting Derek to put the phone down. Derek asked, "So... what now?"

He noticed Rick's cock was still semi-hard, and he suspected he knew the answer. Sure enough, Rick grinned widely. "I'm ready to go again if you are."

Derek thought for a second, then said, "Sure. Come on!"

Rick said, "Get on your hands and knees."

Derek shuffled on the bed so he was facing the wall, then yelped in surprise as Rick's hand at his back shoved him forward, making him throw his hands out to catch himself on the bed. "What was that for?!"

"Too slow, Derek." Derek could almost hear the smirk in Rick's voice.

He could feel the bed shift as Rick steadied himself on his knees, then pressed his uncovered cockhead against Derek's opening. Derek blurted, "Rick! What're you doing?"

The thread of anticipation ran through Rick's voice as he spoke. "I'm gonna fuck you, Derek, what's it look like? I wanna bust a nut inside you, man."

Derek shook a little. He tried to keep his voice steady as he said, "All right, uh, go for it I guess?"

Rick's response was to press into Derek in one fluid motion, gripping Derek's hips firmly to keep Derek from moving forwards. Despite his nervousness, Derek let out a keening moan as Rick's cock breached him, the previous sex having left his asshole wet and ready for this occasion. In two strokes, Rick was buried all the way inside Derek, and he wasted no time pounding Derek's ass hard and fast, forcing Derek to let out his breath in short yelping gasps each time Rick bottomed out in him, which also made Derek's erect, straining cock slap against his stomach. All Derek could think about was the way his sphincter felt so nice and stretched, feeling so filled up as Rick fucked him. "Fuck me! Oh God, fuck me! Hard!" he blurted.

"Already—on—it!" Rick gasped out as he tightened his grip on Derek's hips, the room filling with the sounds of Rick's grunts amid the fast wet slaps of flesh against buttocks.

Rick's moans grew in volume, and Derek, barely conscious of anything else, felt Rick's cock get a bit stiffer. He clenched down in anticipation, and that seemed to pull Rick over the edge, because on the next deep thrust, Derek could feel warmth flood his insides as Rick filled him with his cum, gasping out his pleasure with each periodic thrust until finally, spent, Rick let go of his hips and rested his hands on Derek's back, holding himself up as he breathed heavily as though he'd run the four-minute mile.

Derek's eyes widened as he slowly regained his sense of perspective and realized what he and Rick had done. He bit his lip, a little bit scared of how they'd gone so far, and even the warm glow in his lower intestines didn't seem to make up for it.

He just wanted to collapse on Rick's bed and sleep. "Rick?" he muttered.

Rick slowly adjusted their positions so Derek could sit up on his knees with Rick's cock still inside him. Rick wrapped his arms around Derek, his right hand on Derek's chest near his heart. Rick's chin rested lightly on Derek's shoulder as he said, "Yeah?"

Derek clasped Rick's hand and said, "Could you just keep your Dad from coming in here? I seriously am gonna fall over, I swear!"

Rick kissed Derek's shoulder. "No prob. But there's something we need to take care of first, right?"

Rick wrapped his hand around Derek's cock, and Derek closed his eyes and gasped loudly. He nearly came on the spot, he was so aroused.

Rick muttered, "Shit. I can't mess these sheets up." He peered around, and spotted some track shorts he'd forgotten to put away after doing laundry. He spread the material out under Derek's cock, and then began stroking Derek's member with firm, swift strokes. Derek let his head fall back, his eyes closed and jaw slack as Rick brought him to the edge. As the impending orgasm got closer, Derek clenched his butt cheeks, feeling Rick's still-stiff pole inside him, which was enough to break the dam. Derek's body jerked as he blasted several thick gobs onto the track pants, leaving himself totally drained at the end, gasping for breath.

Rick said, "Hey, I'm gonna shower and get ready, so if Dad comes home I can just make sure he doesn't come in 'till you're decent."

Derek closed his eyes and smiled goofily. "Thanks. Watch when you pull out, okay?"

"You know it. Gonna start pulling out now, 'kay?"

Derek almost let out a whine at how empty he felt after Rick's latest romp with him, but he felt well-fucked in a way that he hadn't previously felt. Rick took the occasion to clean up after Derek's mess, and then left the room. Derek pushed forward on his knees, practically slumping onto the bed as he rested on his stomach, and oblivion enveloped him the instant his head hit the pillow.

Derek awoke to Rick's hand stroking his back. "Hey, sleepyhead!" Rick was grinning as he looked at Derek.

Derek turned on his side and yawned, stretching as he did so. His legs and ass felt sore, but not in a bad way. "How long was I out for?"

Rick shrugged. "Maybe half an hour? Forty-five minutes? Dad's home, but he's fiddling around in the garage. He says you can stay for supper if you want."

Derek shook his head. "I better take off after I get cleaned up."

"Walk of shame, huh?" Rick poked Derek gently.

Derek laughed. "I'll show you the walk of shame! It's that 'I just got fucked' walk." He stuck his tongue out and got off Rick's bed.

"Hey, thanks for not sleeping... uh, you know." Rick gestured at the bed.

"No worries. Not like I wanna make you have to clean up more'n you have to." Derek looked for a towel, prompting Rick to find one and give it to him.

Derek hurriedly slipped into the bathroom and got himself cleaned up, then got dressed and had a little make-out session with Rick as the latter boy kept finding reasons to kiss Derek good-bye. Finally, after a lingering kiss at the front door, Derek promised to call Rick later that night. "Seeya, all right?"

"You too." Rick embraced Derek and pecked him on the cheek. "Okay, get going." He swatted Derek's ass, prompting Derek to grin in return as he started walking. "Your ass is not safe from me, Rick!"

Rick mock-shuddered. "Scary words, Derek!"

Derek just laughed and rolled his eyes as he walked home, pulling the hood of his coat up as he tried to keep the cold breeze off of him.

At home, Derek smelled supper wafting into the entry foyer, and he rushed to join his parents and sister at the dining table. Luckily, nobody had dished anything up on their plates yet. Samuel said, "At Rick's?"

Derek blushed. "Yeah, sorry. We kinda lost track of time."

Danielle snorted. "Yeah, making out'll do that to you."

"And how would my dear sister know about that, hmm?" said Derek loftily.

Danielle gave him the stink-eye as she turned her attention to her plate. Derek abruptly realized the only making-out she'd ever done was with him, and felt a bit abashed at his off-the-cuff remark. Luckily, his parents didn't seem to notice and the chicken and veggies were polished off without further ado.

After the table was cleared and the twins shooed out of the kitchen, Derek stopped Danielle at the stairs. "Look, sorry about saying... y'know, about making out."

Danielle shook her head. "It's okay." She leaned in and butted her shoulder against his. "What'd you two really do?"

Derek said, "Wanna talk about that. Game room?"

Danielle nodded.

The siblings seated themselves on the couch, their knees touching.

Derek took a deep breath and said, "It got a little crazy today with me and Rick."

Danielle frowned. "Whaddya mean? I'm guessing you guys did it again."

"It's not so much that, Dani, it's what he did." Derek worried his lip.

Danielle reached for Derek's hand. "Derek, Rick didn't...?"

"No! No, not like that. I promise!" Derek took a breath, squeezed Danielle's hand lightly, and said, "The first time was kinda the usual. Me under him, he's on top. But the second time, he got kinda forceful in a good way, if you know what I mean? Like, he took charge almost."

Danielle frowned. "How?"

"Well, like, he wanted to fuck me on my hands and knees, okay? So I'm a little slow doing it and he pushes me forward on the bed. Then we fucked without a condom, and he was really making it his show, you know?"

Danielle whistled. "He came inside you?"

Derek nodded.

Danielle couldn't seem to stop the grin that crossed her face. "How'd it feel?"

"Kind of hot, honestly." Derek sighed. "But it's just... it feels like we went so fast. And it was kind of a bit more what Rick wanted that time than what I wanted, you know? But I still wanted it, so he wasn't... you know, forcing himself on me."

Danielle let go of Derek's hand and brushed her hair out of her eyes, raking her hair back over her head. "I guess if I think about it, there could be times where you kind of getting all gruff and manly and shit could be a turn-on, but at the same time, if you don't feel like you're totally in control... yeah, I can see how it'd make you nervous."

Derek peered at Danielle. "Did I ever, y'know, make you...?"

"Not so far. But we're not really a good data point to compare from. I mean, we've already had what, two or three fights? And I dunno about you, but I want to rip your clothes off right now so bad, it isn't even funny. The only way you could make me even start to get nervous is if you start ignoring it when I say 'no'."

"Sorry, sis. I'm pretty much all fucked-out." Derek chuckled.

"Maybe you'll feel different at bedtime." Danielle wiggled her eyebrows.

"Maybe," Derek replied noncommittally.

"Listen, I hate to throw cold water on you and Rick and you and me, but I need to know. Has Rick been with anybody else before you?" Danielle sat up straight, her expression earnest.

"Well, I'm 99 percent sure Rick hasn't had a girl or boyfriend before me. I mean, there was that one time he sucked Evan's dick, but Evan's only ever been with Katie, and I'm pretty sure she was his first."

Danielle nodded half to herself. "If we can get away with it, I want you and me to get tested sometime soon. Just... you know, to be safe. Will you do that for me?"

Derek reached out for Danielle, who snuggled in next to him. He dropped a quick kiss to her forehead as she rested her head on his shoulder, and he said, "Yeah, of course I will! You know I'd never want to hurt you like that, right?" Derek shuddered. If anything could seriously betray the trust between him and his sister...

"Thanks." Danielle lifted her head off his shoulder and pecked him on the cheek. "Anyway, the volleyball game's this weekend so I gotta get my homework outta the way and stuff."

"'Kay." As Danielle got up, Derek reached out and snagged Danielle's hip. "You gonna need any... um, help?"

Danielle smirked. "I think I'll be needing a bit of that this week, hmm?"

Derek's hand wandered to Danielle's ass, and he gently squeezed her firm glute before she reluctantly pushed his hand away and left the room, with Derek bringing up the rear.

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