Derek and Danielle

Chapter Forty-Eight

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Derek lay in bed with his laptop. The game playthroughs he'd been idly watching weren't holding his interest. He debated for a moment, then decided to find the pictures of him and Danielle. As he cautiously viewed them on his computer, he remembered how fun it had been to mug for the camera, just two teenagers in a close relationship immortalizing themselves in pixels forever.

And sure, some of them looked innocent enough, but there wasn't going to be any explaining away the picture of him grinning, his eyes wide in delight and amusement, with his hand firmly grabbing Danielle's boob.

Or, for that matter, the very last one, with the two of them locking lips, heedless of the rest of the world.

Derek sighed, closed the image viewer, and made sure the screen didn't show the folder anymore.

daniqueen: You there?

Derek bit his lip, then decided to respond.

kingderek: Yeah. It's 9:30, I was gonna go to bed soon.

daniqueen: Hmmm. Which bed? ;-)

kingderek: Shit, do you think it's a good idea?

daniqueen: Oh, come *on*, Derek!

kingderek: It's just... there's always a chance we could get caught.

daniqueen: Whatevs. It'd be nice to get some "help" sleeping tonight tho.

Derek's heartbeat picked up as he thought of touching his sister, feeling the muscle of her leg as he ran his hand along her thigh; the way her nipples felt in his mouth as he licked and sucked at them; sliding his tongue along her most intimate areas, awakening her need and bringing her to climax as he pleasured her.

Not fair, Dani, he thought as he tried to will his erection to soften.

Reluctantly, he typed.

kingderek: Look, just wait an hour. Okay? I'll come to your room.

daniqueen: *Bites lip* You're awesome, little bro! :P

kingderek: Just gimme an hour.

Derek signed off and shut down his laptop. He put it on his desk then went through his nightly routine. In bed, his bedroom light off, he wondered if it really was a good idea to keep sneaking around with his parents home.

Derek looked at the time: 10:35.

With some trepidation, he trod quietly to his bedroom door. He was wearing a comfortable T-shirt and his boxers, so he was decent enough to explain away being out and about he hoped. Derek stuck his head into the hallway, peering up and down it to make sure nobody would appear suddenly. As luck had it, the lights in the house were off on the upper floor, with only a couple of night-lights for minimal visibility.

He slipped across to Danielle's room and knocked quietly. The door opened, revealing Danielle clad in her nightgown, who pulled him in and quietly shut her door. In a hissed whisper, Derek said, "I'm still not totally sure about this, you know."

Danielle, having killed the light in her room again, was now guiding him in the dark to her bed. He crawled under her sheets, and after she followed and made herself comfortable, she whispered, "Look, didn't you promise to give me some 'help' if I needed it?"

Derek huffed through his nose. "Yeah, okay, I did, but come on. I can't 'help' you at all if we get busted!"

Danielle ran her hand through Derek's hair and kissed him. "You can't tell me you haven't wanted that. Or this."

Danielle grabbed Derek's hand and put it on her breast. Before he quite remembered, he brushed his thumb over her nipple, the thin filmy material making the feeling even more erotic. Danielle shifted closer and whispered, "Tell me you haven't thought about pulling this thing off and putting your mouth there, huh?"

"God, you're such a tease!" Derek quietly ground out through his teeth.

"I'm your tease, Derek," purred Danielle. "C'mon. We can do whatever you want; just make me come tonight, okay?"

Derek smirked. If that was the way his sister wanted to play it...

"C'mon. Let's get up."

Derek led a puzzled Danielle out of her bed to the end, where he gently pressed her backwards until she was seated. He leaned down. "Lie back and spread your legs," he urged.

Danielle reached up and locked lips with him first, her mouth communicating her sexual need for him that night. When their lips parted again, Danielle said, "Make it good."

Derek smirked in the darkness. "Not a problem."

He knelt down, pushing Danielle's nightgown up above her waist so he could do what he planned. He shifted forward, his nose guiding him to Danielle's opening, the familiar slightly musky smell of her wet vagina beckoning him.

Derek reached up and grasped Danielle's thighs so he could steady himself as he lowered his tongue to her opening. He licked gently upwards, his tongue just touching the hair of her bush, which he judged was close to needing trimming again.

Danielle's sharp gasp of pleasure seemed to send a jolt straight to his cock. He shifted a little closer, and it wasn't long before Derek had his nose buried in Danielle's pubic hairs, the same slightly musky smell heightening the aura of the moment as his tongue and fingers busily worked his sister's entrance.

It wasn't long before Derek, by now attuned to his sister, heard the increasing volume of the short rasping breaths Danielle was trying to muffle, and her leg muscles began flexing as she tried to wrap her thighs around his head, only to be stopped by his grip on them.

He lifted his head and hissed, "Stand up!"

Danielle let out a short keening whine, which snapped off as soon as she remembered where she was. She rose up off the bed and grabbed for Derek's shoulders. Her breath could be felt on his cheek as she tried to keep her voice down. "If you leave me hanging I'll kill you!"

"Not a chance in hell!"

Derek yanked his underwear off, then reached for Danielle and lifted her nightgown above her waist. Into her ear, he instructed, "Bend over. Hands on the bed."

He felt Danielle shifting to assume that position, then aimed his erect cock, grabbed her ass and slid inside Danielle in one slow, delicious stroke, feeling her wrap so tightly around him as she panted for him to keep going. He held her hips as he began rapidly fucking her, prompting harsh, short gasps from Danielle as he brought her with him to climax.

Derek came first, the only sign of his seed spilling into Danielle the short huffs he let out through his nose as his body jerked, releasing his sexual tension as he came.

Danielle, having been brought just to the edge, seemed to have been set off by Derek's load inside her, for her hot wetness pulsed, clenching around his cock as her body jerked, the only sounds Derek heard being her muffled gasps in tune with her body jerking. A final sigh of blissful relief accompanied Danielle's vagina releasing Derek, and he slowly pulled out of her, giving her ass a final squeeze.

By now, Derek's eyes were adjusted to the dark, and he could see Danielle's shape wearily crawling up the bed to meet her pillow as she yanked her nightgown back down over her legs. Derek pulled his underwear back up, then decided, fuck it.

He grabbed the bedsheets, pulling them back to help Danielle under them, then slid in next to her. She sleepily muttered, "Thanks, sweetheart."

Derek, his forehead touching Danielle's as they slept side by side, closed his eyes and smiled. Somehow, the problems he and his sister could face seemed miles away...

A hand shaking Derek's shoulder rudely yanked him awake. He blinked and blurted, "Wha?"

"Shh!" Danielle's hand over his mouth got his attention. She leaned over him and grabbed her phone off the side table to check the time. Under other circumstances, her boobs squashing against him as she did it would have been kind of nice.

Danielle let go of his mouth and got off of him. In an urgent tone, she muttered, "Listen! You need to get out of here! I think I heard Mom go downstairs."

Derek's eyes widened. "What time is it?"

"It's only six, thank God, but you need to move!"

Derek wasted no time getting out of Danielle's bed, noticing as he did so that his underwear felt sticky. He grimaced as he adjusted himself, then looked at Danielle. "You enjoy it?" he asked.

Despite the situation, Danielle grinned. "It's always enjoyable." She made shooing motions as she got out of her bed as well. She tiptoed with him to her door, and her hand on his back reassured Derek as he stuck his head out into the hallway. The morning twilight barely registered; nothing could be seen. Derek reached behind him, clasping his sister's hand briefly as he heard a clatter or two from the kitchen, prompting him not to waste any more time. He rushed out of Danielle's room and back into his own.

As he leaned against his bedroom door, he heaved a sigh of relief. How he and his sister could keep getting away with this, he didn't know. Sooner or later, Derek thought in dread, something was gonna happen. It almost had to.

It cast a pall over his morning even as a shower made him feel more awake.

Danielle left early for school, leaving Derek to call Rick and ask if they wanted to go to school together. Brightly, Rick said, "Yeah! I'm just on my way out the door now actually. See you in ten."

Derek, for his part, couldn't help but compare sex with Rick to sex with Danielle. He bit his lip and wondered how to broach the topic with his friend-slash-boyfriend.

Midway to school, Rick nudged Derek. "Hey, what's wrong? You've been kinda quiet and I must've said a dozen things to you already."

Derek shrugged and looked at Rick. The other boy reached out, snagging Derek's hand. Rick's hand felt warm in Derek's own. "S'just... I've been thinking. C'mon, let's keep walking."

Hand in hand, Derek matched Rick's pace. "It's like this, Rick. I just feel like we've gone too fast."

"Just because we fucked yesterday?" Rick frowned.

"Rick, come on. It's not that, it's that we fucked without a condom. And kind of... I dunno, it's..." Derek sighed and let go of Rick's hand as the school came into view a couple of blocks down. He grasped Rick's shoulder and stopped him so they could face each other on the quiet residential road.

"Rick, there's something special about that kinda thing, the way I think of it. You fuck someone, you come inside them, and you leave something in them. That's actually a pretty special thing, you know?" Derek couldn't help but reflect what this meant for him and his sister, having shared such a thing between them.

Rick frowned. "So what makes it different than a blow job? We've come in each other's mouths before."

Exasperated, Derek ran his hands through his hair. "Look, I can't explain it that well, okay? It's just, what we did, I would've wanted it to be more special, and I'd've wanted to maybe wait a while longer before you and I stopped using condoms."

Not having wanted Rick to spill his seed inside Derek (as much as Derek still liked remembering the feeling of the warmth flooding out of Rick's cock that one time) yet made Derek wonder how much longer he could keep up this Janus-like set of relationships he had. One face to everybody (Rick included) and another to Danielle alone, mused Derek.

Derek sighed. Well, it didn't matter now if he and Rick fucked without condoms. That milestone was already in the rearview mirror.

Rick bit his lip and hung his head. "I wasn't thinking, was I? I just wanted you so bad, Derek."

"I know, Rick. Hey, look at me, okay?" Rick looked up at him. "I guess being friends doesn't mean being boyfriends is easy, huh?" Derek reached up and touched Rick's chin.

Rick quickly kissed Derek, then smiled wanly. "I guess not. Let's keep walking, huh?"

Derek nodded, and the two boys got to their lockers with about five minutes to spare before first period.

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