Derek and Danielle

Chapter Forty-Nine

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Derek's teachers had decided to pile on homework leading up to the month of December, since several of them were going to hold midterms the week before Christmas vacation.

Derek had thus had to satisfy Rick with a long kiss at his front door before the boys went their separate ways. Derek went into the house, and then got set up to do his assignments in his room. When Danielle came home, he joined her in helping make the chicken and mashed potatoes for supper (a note on the kitchen table instructed the siblings that the chickens had been left to thaw in the fridge and they were to cook it per the attached recipe); neither parent was going to be home before about five-thirty, and the siblings had started at around half-past four. The house, Derek knew, was empty except for the two of them.

During the lull when the water was boiling the potatoes to soften them up, Danielle, leaning her butt against the counter next to Derek, nudged him with her elbow. "Penny for your thoughts?"

Derek crossed his arms. "I had a talk with Rick this morning. And I got to thinking later, why is it so important to me that he and I didn't, like, make it special when we did it without a condom, but you and I do it all the time without one? I mean, would you've wanted me to use one?"

"To be honest, Derek, it's your perspective. When you're the one who's being poked with a guy's dick, you do more thinking about what it means for you." Danielle leaned in, resting her shoulder against Derek's as she continued, while keeping one eye on the stove opposite the teens. "I've had a lot of time to think about you and me. Us. Fucking, you know. And I knew almost from the beginning I wanted you to come inside me. I wanted you. All of you. You get me?"

Derek smiled and quickly kissed Danielle's cheek. "Yeah. Kind of, I guess."

"But I'm betting you haven't had anywhere as much time to really think about what it means for you for Rick to share everything of himself with you." Danielle turned to look at him full-on, standing sideways and resting her hip against the counter.

Derek shook his head. "You're right; I never really did any of that." He liked Danielle's insights sometimes.

"You'll figure it out. And for the record, Derek? I've never, ever minded the way we have sex. I want you to keep coming inside me when we do it. Okay?" Danielle grinned and looked down at Derek's pants, which had begun to bulge out a bit at Danielle's words.

Derek whined, "Not fair."

Danielle stuck her tongue out at him and goosed his ribs before going back to the stove. Derek joined her and the two continued with the preparations for supper.

As it happened, the twins' track record continued unblemished, as their parents enjoyed the food later that evening.

The volleyball game was that Saturday against Foster Senior. Danielle had had afternoon practices Wednesday and Thursday, while Derek got some surprises on Thursday.

The unpleasant surprises came when he got his assignments back from the weekend when his parents had gone away, and he'd completed them on Sunday. Frankly, his grades on them sucked. His English composition had been marked "barely acceptable", and his History assignment had several wrong answers. And the pop quiz given by Mr. Alcott just the other day had come back with a crappy mark, too.

Mr. Alcott, as the lunch bell rang, called, "Derek, can I see you for a moment?"

Julian Brewster, who was also on the track team and sat behind Derek in class, thumped his shoulder and joked, "Better make sure Coach doesn't hear about that little talking-to."

"One assignment. The end is here!" declared Derek as he mock-swooned.

Julian laughed and trailed the other students leaving the room. Derek, meanwhile, walked up to Mr. Alcott's desk, grabbing a chair from behind one of the desks in the front row and pulling it up to face his teacher as he seated himself.

The man had been teaching, Derek recalled, for about fifteen years now and was a trim, wiry man in his early 40s, his black hair just starting to go grey. He was fair, and nobody'd had any serious complaints about him. So Derek was a little nervous, but not really worried.

"Derek, I have to admit I'm a little concerned about the sudden drop in your grades. Your pop quiz by itself – okay, students have off days sometimes. Your assignment by itself – same deal. And to be a bit nitpicky, some of your older assignments have been a bit less well-done than I'd like."

Derek frowned. "Look, I'll pull my grades back up, I swear."

Mr. Alcott shook his head. "I'm not worried about that. What does concern me is when a student with a solid B average starts showing adverse changes in academics. Maybe I'm overreacting, but—"

The older man crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair. "Is everything all right at home?"

Baffled, Derek said slowly, "Yeeeeeah."


At that, Derek blushed and cast his eyes down. "Um," he replied.

Mr. Alcott smiled, clearly somewhat relieved. "Understandable. It may be hard to believe, but I was once a student like you. And once upon a time in those days, I had a girlfriend. The first couple of weeks, I was on cloud nine so much my teachers seemed to wonder if I was even on the same planet."

He leaned forward and said earnestly, "I'm mainly relieved it's just something simple like that because as you should know, I'm bound by law to report if a student might be having, well, domestic troubles. A couple of years before, I had a student here, and—well, you get the point of my talk with you."

Derek nodded. "I get you, I totally get that you're just doing your job, Mr. Alcott. But it's nothing at home, I promise you."

"All right then. You'd better get to lunch, though."

In the lunch line-up, Derek realized he'd been given a pretty gentle wake-up call, all things considered. He couldn't let Danielle or Rick distract him so much he couldn't focus on his school work. The humiliation of being thrown off the track team his first year in high school—

Derek tore his mind away from that thought as he ordered his lunch, a ham and cheese sandwich.

The more pleasant surprise for Derek came at the end of P.E. class that day. Julian had been mouthing off about the "Foster fags" who'd been posting on the Rudolf Facebook page. (To be fair, Derek thought, some of the Rudolf kids had been posting on the other school's Facebook page, too; he didn't see what point there was, since the offending posts usually got removed pretty quickly. He suspected the administration tolerated it since it let the students blow off steam.)

Rick, on that day, chose to rise to the bait. "Hey, shut up, okay? One of my friends goes there. He's Derek's friend too."

Julian laughed. "Oh, come on, man. You know I wasn't being serious. Take a joke, man."

Julian, he observed, had wrapped his towel around his waist. Rick had his shirt off, his shorts still on. Derek also had only gotten his shirt off.

Rick scowled. He said loudly, "Well, it's not that good of a fucking joke, calling someone a fag."

Julian snickered in disbelief. "What, you're one or something?"

Derek looked around quickly. He didn't want a fight to happen, but if there was one, he wanted to be ready to back Rick up. He shut his locker and kept an eye on Julian.

The change room was beginning to go quiet, as people wondered what the argument was about. Rick stepped forward, standing a couple feet away from Julian. He stared flintily and said, "Actually, yeah. I am a 'fag'. What're you gonna do about it?"

Julian shifted uncertainly.

Derek hesitated only a moment.

Even if Rick and me weren't going out, he's still my friend.

Derek, his heart pounding, stepped forward and put his arm around Rick's shoulders. "I'm part 'fag' too, Julian. I'm bi." He kissed Rick on the cheek to make his point. "We're going out, actually. You wanna make something of it?"

Julian laughed nervously and backed up. "Okay, look, just—not around me, huh?"

Derek snorted. "What, you think Rick and I even want your pockmarked skinny ass?"

The room shook with laughter, defusing the tension as Rick put his arm around Derek's waist and pulled him close. Rick grinned and kissed Derek, locking lips in front of other high school students for the first time. The laughter turned into scattered cheers and catcalls, followed by a resumption of the normal activity of boys changing clothes after P.E.

Derek and Rick decided not to push their luck and took separate shower stalls, but even so, had no further problems – just guys acting a little uncertainly, or smiling and giving them the thumbs-up.

Back at his locker, Derek got into his normal clothes. To his surprise, Julian came back over to talk to him and Rick. "Look, can we just be cool? I was being a bit of a dick."

Rick shrugged. "S'okay with me."

"Me too," replied Derek. "Just don't fuck with me or Rick and there won't be a problem."

Julian backed off, his hands spread. "Hey, no problem with that, guys." He took off shortly after that.

As the change room emptied out, Derek grinned. "Shit, Rick, what a way to come out!"

Rick laughed. "Tell me about it! Man, I was so nervous; I seriously thought Julian was gonna start something, or the guys'd be total assholes."

"I think we really gotta worry about the track team. I hope none of them are gonna be dicks to us for this." Derek patted his pockets and made sure he had his wallet and house keys, then gestured to Rick that they should leave.

That afternoon, the boys celebrated at Rick's house.

In Rick's room, Rick held up a condom. "We can go back to this, okay? I promise I won't fuck you without a condom until you ask next time, all right?"

"I appreciate it. That means a lot, you know." Derek's next response was to pull his shirt off. "C'mon, let's get naked. Want me to ride you?"

Further words were unnecessary. Derek unrolled the condom on Rick's erect member, squirted lube over it, and a short time later, Derek was impaling himself on Rick, enjoying the feeling of a thick, stiff cock sliding in and out of him. Before long, Rick was gripping his hips, slamming into Derek, gasping his pleasure as he came.

The conversation Derek would have to have with his parents didn't seem that important right then as Rick smiled and pulled him down by his shoulders for a good long kiss, while reaching down to stroke Derek's cock. The comfortably achy feeling in Derek's ass lingered for a while, too, reminding him of his sex with Rick for the remainder of the evening.

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