Derek and Danielle

Chapter Fifty

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"Um, Mom, Dad?" Derek looked around anxiously at the dinner table. His right leg started bouncing of its own accord, and he had to consciously stop doing it. He shifted in his chair, trying not to let the twinge from his butt distract him.

Danielle was puzzled. She had a slight frown on her face.

"Yes, son?" Samuel was spreading some butter on French bread.

Derek fiddled with his leftover mashed potatoes, then put down his fork and said, "I, uh, might've come out at school today. Sort of."

His mother looked at him. "Was there a problem? Do we need to call the principal?"

"No!" Derek blurted. He gathered himself, then said, "Well, no problem yet, I mean. And don't call Mr. Bannon over it, okay? I can handle it."

"Wait, back up, Derek," urged his father. "Just tell us how it happened, okay?"

Derek went through the story of Julian, Rick deciding to announce he was gay and Derek chiming in, and the fairly benign ending to that argument.

Danielle piped up, "Weird. I should've heard something about it. Maybe none of the girls've heard about it yet."

As if on cue, Danielle's pocket buzzed. She blushed and looked at her phone, then laughed. "Yep, it's already happening. Jess just texted me with the whole 'Oh-Emm-Gee, did you hear about your brother?!' thing." She shoved her phone back in her jogging pants pocket and looked apologetically around the table. "Sorry, I was actually expecting a text about any volleyball stuff."

"Just remember, there's a reason we don't normally allow cell phones at the table, all right?" Rachel pointedly eyed Danielle's plate, prompting her daughter to get back to her food.

Samuel said, "Well, so far, Derek, it seems to have gone well for you at school. But you tell us the instant there's a problem. Okay? Your mom and I, we're here for you."

Rachel nodded and patted Derek's arm. Danielle poked his shoulder and declared, "Anyone wants to mess with you, they're not gonna like it. I'm the only one who's supposed to give you a hard time."

Derek laughed and poked Danielle in return. She mock-growled, then went back to her supper.

Derek sighed, the tension leaving him as he resumed his supper. At least he wouldn't get trouble from the home front. The track team, however...

Derek was finishing up with his nightly routine in the bathroom when Danielle stuck her head in the door. "Hey. I saw you were buried in a book all night. Lotta homework?"

Derek nodded. "Yeah. Mr. Alcott gave me a heads-up about my grades starting to slip in History. I've also been kinda wondering what some of the guys'll say. I've got to run with them again come spring; last thing I need is them doing something to mess me up." He bit his lip and wondered. In the end, though, he just didn't know.

"It'll be all right, I think. I was on Facebook just a while ago and all the girls I know are like 'He's bi? That's like, soooo hot!' and shit."

Derek pressed his lips together, vainly trying to keep from laughing.

Danielle rolled her eyes. "I know. It's so ridiculous." She reached out for his hand; he hesitantly took it, raising his eyebrows at her. "S'okay. Dad's in the garage looking at the car and Mom's helping him. I was watching TV downstairs a little while earlier."

Derek squeezed his sister's hand lightly. "What were you gonna say?"

She leaned in to peck him on the lips. "It doesn't change anything between us, right?"

"Nah." Derek shook his head. "One thing, though? Can we just cuddle tonight? I know we usually do ... stuff, but if we do tonight we'll just have to clean up after and—you get the idea."

"I guess," muttered Danielle. "But you owe me."

Derek grinned. "How 'bout this? This weekend, your team wins, you can ride me like you did that other time. Your team loses, we still can do it, but I get to bend you over the bed."

Danielle breathed in. "God, I can't wait." She pressed herself against him; he could feel her firm nipples against his torso. "Will you at least eat me out before the game?"

Derek let go of Danielle's hand and gently grasped the back of her head, pulling her in for a lingering kiss. After they broke apart again, he said, "You betcha. Either the night before or first thing in the morning on Saturday."

Derek slid his hand down Danielle's back, resting it on her ass. He squeezed once, then patted her butt cheek. "We keep this up, I'm not gonna sleep at all!" he declared.

Danielle smirked. "Like that's a problem?" She ran her hand down his chest, then tapped his breastbone with her finger.

"It is if I wanna get to school on time tomorrow, sis." Derek left the bathroom, regretting that he'd only had a few minutes with Danielle until his parents were safely asleep.

The slight shifting of the light at Derek's door told him Danielle was coming into the room. He barely heard her slight footfalls as she approached his bed, then lifted his bedsheet to slide in between the covers. He turned to lay on his back as Danielle got comfortable, the bed shifting as she did so.

"All good?" Derek murmured.

Danielle's breath stirred Derek's hair as she whispered into his ear, "Yeah. No trouble."

Danielle snuggled up next to him and rested her head on the pillow next to his, her chin just touching his shoulder. Derek snaked his arm around his sister, resting his hand at the small of her back. She kissed his cheek and hummed contentedly.

Derek had to admit, feeling Danielle's leg hooked over his and her boobs pressed against him was turning him on. But by now, he found, he had had enough sex to be able to close his eyes and just imagine what the two of them could do. Contented with these visions, he slipped into sleep, his steady breaths joining Danielle's as brother and sister slept the night away.

As in the past, the siblings were able to get their morning routines done, their parents none the wiser for what they'd gotten away with. Danielle had to go meet some of her teammates early, so took off for school before Derek did.

The more crucial challenge, thought Derek, lay ahead. He walked with Rick up to the front doors of the school. The two boys looked at each other, clasped hands, and hand in hand, strode into the school itself. They cast wary looks around them, but most people seemed startled or amused, not hostile. A couple of girls wolf-whistled. Sara, Derek's ex, looked at the two of them, did a double take, and smiled. "Hi, guys!"

"Uh, hey." What did you do when your ex was a girl and your current date was a guy?

Rick just grinned and said, "Derek has told me so many things about you, Sara."

"Oh, god, Rick, shut up, please?" Embarrassed, Derek tugged Rick back a bit before turning to Sara.

Sara giggled. She briefly grasped Derek's free arm, and said, "It's okay, honestly. I've been dating Jason, you know, the football quarterback. I'm not going to get upset." To Rick, she said sweetly, "Nice try at a joke, Rick. Just treat him well, okay?"

Rick kissed Derek on the cheek. "You got it."

Sara said, "Hey, can I get a pic of you guys? We've still got fifteen minutes 'till classes."

"Sure!" Rick and Derek, arms around each other's shoulders, grinned for Sara's phone camera. Then they briefly kissed, the flash of the camera hitting their eyes the moment their lips touched.

As if that were a signal, it seemed like every second person's phone or camera was flashing in the teens' faces as Derek and Rick made their way to the former's locker. "Geez, Rick! You'd think we were Brangelina, for cryin' out loud."

Julian, in the crowd, shouted, "Price of fame, says my skinny pockmarked ass!"

A girl next to him joked, "Can I see and find out?"

The crowd of people, which had been babbling about Derek and Rick, broke up in good-natured laughter. Unfortunately, as the crowd began melting away, letting Derek tug Rick's arm to pull him out of the crowds slowly moving up or down the hallway, Rick muttered, "Shit. It's Bowman."

Derek looked up, and saw a scowling Randy Bowman walking up to them. He groaned and let his forehead hit his locker. "Not today, okay? Not fucking today, Bowman!"

"Yeah, it'll be today, faggot." Randy shoved Derek's shoulder, nearly sending him off-balance. Derek righted himself and tried to dial his locker combination in, willing his hands not to tremble as he ignored the belligerent teen (or tried to, at any rate).

Rick's scowl matched Randy's as he shoved his track teammate. Rick snarled, "Say that again to my face, asshole!"

Randy leaned in, trying to use his height to intimidate as he leaned in and distinctly enunciated, "Fags. Both of you."

Derek gave up trying to get his locker open, turned to fully face Randy and, exasperated, yelled, "You wanna get kicked off the team? Keep it up, Bowman."

A new voice broke in. "Problem, guys?"

It was Jason Rawstron, the tall, muscular, olive-skinned football quarterback. With short, close-cropped black hair and smoldering dark brown eyes, he was the prize of every girl (and some boys) in the school.

The surrounding throngs of people fell quiet; people started staring and muttering at each other. Some wiseass even snapped a couple of pictures. The air grew tense and oppressive as anticipation seemed to rise in the surrounding crowd of students.

Derek swallowed. He lifted his hands and said, "Just an argument. I swear."

Rick nodded sharply. "Yeah. Just a little debate." Derek could see a muscle in Rick's jaw pulse after he licked his lips. If Jason sided with Randy, the two of them were fucked.

Randy sneered, "I got a problem, all right. These two."

Jason eyed him steadily. "How 'bout you cool it? Fighting'll get you kicked off the team, won't it?"

Randy hesitated.

"Won't it?" said Jason as he shouldered Randy away from Derek and Rick.

Randy snorted in disgust. "Fine. Have it your way, Rawstron." He stalked off.

Derek let himself collapse back against his locker, letting out a gusty sigh. Rick, also relieved, joined him. Jason turned to look at the two of them. "I only did this 'cause Sara knows you, Collins. You got me?" Jason's eyes didn't reveal anything as he glanced at both boys.

"I get you. Okay? And if you ever need anything, I swear—" babbled Derek.

"Maybe if I need some homework help. Keep your noses clean. I can't help you forever." Jason found Sara, who gave Rick and Derek an uncertain smile before she left with her boyfriend to get to class.

Rick, his voice shaky, said to Derek, "I better take off, okay? Shit, I didn't think about this when I just blurted that out in the changeroom yesterday. My Dad's gonna go crazy when I tell him about this. He thought it wasn't such a shit-hot idea to come out like that. Fuck!" He punched the locker next to Derek's and stalked off.

Derek leaned his forehead against his locker, all the energy gone from him as he wearily dialled in his combination and got his books for the day.

What he'd gone through already was, Derek thought, just a taste of what he was in for if he ever got caught with his sister.

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