Derek and Danielle

Chapter Fifty-One

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Derek was starting to get used to the occasional weird look in class, thankful that Randy Bowman wasn't in his grade. Still, in intervals between classes, he could've sworn a couple of guys were shouldering past him a little harder than necessary, and he was sure at least one of the girls had given him the stink-eye.

Compensating for that was the fact that at least three girls had found reasons to be at his locker. The latest was Megan, the girl he'd once made out with. She beamed a wide smile at him and rubbed his arm. "Hey, Derek!"

"Hmpf. Hey," he mumbled.

Her hand moved to his shoulder, squeezing gently. "You okay? You wanna cut class with me and hang out or something?"

Derek closed his locker and shook his head. "Nah. If I cut class today there'll be a big stink about it and my parents'll give me a hard time. But thanks for asking, okay?"

"Anytime." Megan smiled widely again and leaned in. "I kind of think it's hot that you're bi, you know."

Derek kept a straight face as he blandly replied, "Good to hear. I'll catch up if I wanna hang out, all right?"

Megan pouted. "That sucks that you can't cut class today. See you later, though. The warning bell's gonna—"

The loud ringing of the bell cut off further conversation, prompting Derek to thunder down the hallways to his next class.

At his locker at lunch, Derek couldn't help but cut his eyes left and right nervously. He really wasn't in the mood to try and settle his differences with anyone in the school.

As a result, he jumped in startlement when a hand gripped his shoulder. He put his hand to his chest and gasped. "Whew! Danielle! God, you scared me."

"Sorry about that!" She rubbed his shoulder, then let her hand fall to her side. "How're you doing? Need big sis to kick anyone's ass?"

"Nah. Just some girls who want a notch on their belts with the bisexual guy."

Danielle wiggled her eyebrows and said in a low voice as she leaned in, "I think we all know who did notch her belt, hmm?"

Derek looked around nervously, then relaxed as he noticed no strange stares, just the ongoing loud babbling of students getting out of their classes for lunch break.

Danielle tugged his arm. "C'mon, let's get lunch. I'll stick by you the whole way. Moral support and all."

Another hand grasped Derek's shoulder, and he called out, "Hey, Rick!"

Rick came around him, his expression pensive. "I got hassled leaving Comp Sci. Couple of dicks from the football team thought it'd be funny to shove me around and make some wiseass jokes." Before Derek could respond, Rick continued. "It's okay. Mr. Villers came to the door and told them to get moving or he'd be having a little talk with the coach."

Derek sighed in relief. "I hope they don't give your teacher a hard time."

Rick grinned. "Nah. He could probably hack their grades down to F's across the board and get them kicked out of everything so fast it'd be over before we even knew it."

Danielle crossed her arms. "He's not the only one. I know a few people," she said darkly.

"Let's just get lunch, okay?" Derek loved Danielle, but he didn't want her to get in trouble for defending him.

Rick thew his arm around Derek's shoulders. "Best idea I've heard yet! Let's go, huh?"

The three of them made their way to the cafeteria. In the line, Danielle, who was ahead of him, punched Derek's arm. "Seems like some of the girls on my team are staring at you." She waved brightly at Tiffany in particular, who blushed and looked away from him.

Rick, who was in line behind Derek, frowned. "C'mon, that's not funny."

"Sorry, Rick, but it's true about the girls being suddenly interested. Even Megan came up to me today and all but spread her legs for me," admitted Derek.

Rick grabbed the back of Derek's neck and pulled him in for a kiss. "Well, you're mine! And that's that."

A ragged chorus of cheers and applause accompanied that, and Derek realized, to his mortification, that Rick's public kiss had become the rest of the school's entertainment. A tall guy behind Rick was grinning. He gave them both the thumbs up.

Some people were still staring, but the volume returned to normal as people realized the two boys weren't going to put on more of a show. Rick busied himself getting a tray, so he missed what Derek saw: the slightest of frowns on Danielle's face.

He whispered to Danielle, "I'll make it up to you, I promise."

She poked him in the shoulder a little more firmly than he would've liked. "You owe me." She smacked the tray she'd been holding onto the rails running down the food line, and turned her back to Derek, appearing for all the world to be waiting to grab a drink from the fridge when the line moved.

Derek accepted a tray from Rick and let it clatter onto the rails as well. He decided he'd better go with Rick to lend moral support when he announced to his dad what had happened today. He could always go to Danielle that night.

The afternoon passed without major incident, for which Derek was supremely thankful. He didn't even get called to talk to the principal or the vice-principal about the occasional public displays of affection; he could only assume that they'd decided not to make an issue of it.

After school, though, Derek made the mistake of going alone to the bathroom, telling Rick to wait outside the school for him. Danielle was with her volleyball teammates for a short meeting, and would join Derek and Rick when she was finished.

He was washing his hands and getting ready to dry them and leave when the door opened. Randy Bowman stepped inside and grinned nastily.

"My lucky day, huh?" He smirked.

Derek's heart began racing. "Randy, you can still turn around and walk away. I won't say anything. Okay? Just leave."

Randy snorted. "As if. You and your boyfriend, sucking face in the caf. God, that made me sick."

"Last chance, Bowman," Derek warned. "Leave."

The older boy lunged!

Derek was never quite sure how he managed it, but by some superhuman feat of speed, he was at the bathroom door and through it before Randy could even turn around. Derek's feet thundered in the hallways as he tore pell-mell past the few students still left behind after classes had finished for the day. He hung a hard left and slammed into the front door, bursting out onto the courtyard, breathing heavily. He looked around frantically and saw Rick standing with Danielle.

As soon as they saw Derek rushing up, Danielle's hands flew to her mouth. Rick reached for Derek and grabbed him in a fierce hug. Seconds later, Danielle's arms wrapped around them both. "Oh my God, Derek! Was it Randy again?! Did he hurt you?" she asked.

"No. No, he didn't. Just threatened me in the bathroom. Got away in time." Derek swallowed nervously, taking strength from the two closest people in his life.

After a few moments, the three of them broke the hug, and Derek nodded at his boyfriend and sister. Breathing harshly and still shaking a bit from the adrenalin, Derek chanced a glance back at the school. He saw Randy behind the glass front doors. He defiantly raised a middle finger, to which Randy made a throat-cutting gesture and pointed at Derek and Rick.

"Fuck off, Bowman!" yelled Danielle. "You get near my brother again and I'll fucking kick you—"

Derek hurriedly grabbed Danielle's shoulders and turned her back to the school, walking quickly away from the schoolgrounds. Her nostrils flared. "What? Are you gonna let that piece of shit threaten to kill you and not say anything about it?!"

Rick shook his head morosely as he took Derek's free hand. "What do you want me to say, Danielle? Oh, man, did I ever fuck things up coming out with you yesterday. Shit!"

"Hey, come on, Rick!" urged Derek. "You know it's not like that. Bowman's just a total dick who hasn't pulled his head out of his ass yet. And you have to tell your dad, anyway. Hell, between your dad, my dad and my uncle, if they can't get the principal and Coach to get Bowman in line I bet they could still settle things with that asshole."

Danielle wrapped her arm around Derek's waist and squeezed gently. "I'm with you, Derek. Okay? One hundred percent. Nobody's gonna fuck with you or Rick if I can help it. I bet I could get the girls to cut off Randy, too."

Rick laughed. "Seriously?"

Danielle chuckled. "Well, okay, maybe not everyone, but hopefully enough that if he tries getting dates he'll regret what he did today."

She planted a kiss on Derek's cheek and said, "You okay, little brother?"

Derek smiled. "Yeah. I've got you two, don't I?"

Rick leaned in and pressed a kiss on Derek's other cheek. "You sure do." He chewed his lip, thinking. "Maybe we should have my dad come over to your place. That way we only need to tell the story once."

Derek nodded. "Yeah. Let's do that."

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