Derek and Danielle

Chapter Fifty-Four

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The teenagers returned to Derek's house by eleven. Danielle decided to wait last to get another shower, as she needed to have the extra time to dry her hair. As Rachel was distracted with her phone call, and Samuel was checking to see if the PTA had a website, Derek and Rick wasted no time jumping in the shower together, cleaning each other off from the running. Derek's willpower to try and avoid getting up to anything funny with his parents still home wilted as Rick's hand stroked his cock, and he groaned, "Oh Christ, Rick, that feels so good, but..."

"But what? The way you're boning up, you're gonna shoot in about fifteen seconds. C'mon, I'm seriously horny now, too."

The teens each grabbed each other's cocks, and true to Rick's prediction, it only took about thirty seconds of Rick's expert, firm strokes for Derek's cock to begin spurting as he came; Derek began stroking Rick faster, and a few moments later Rick's eyes slammed shut and his jaw went slack his cock pulsed in Derek's hand, shooting warm cum onto Derek's stomach.

They quickly washed off the remains of their session, and finished up by drying each other off. Clad only with towels wrapped around their waists, the boys left the bathroom to encounter a grinning Danielle in her bathrobe. Derek frowned. "What?"

"I knew you couldn't keep your hands off each other! That shower was just a little bit longer than it shoulda been."

"C'mon, Danielle, quit busting my balls, here," Derek whined.

"Relax, little brother. I was just trying to lighten the mood." Danielle's voice dropped as she leaned in. "Mom is seriously spitting nails downstairs, trying to get ahold of Mr. Bannon. I don't think she even knows you guys were in the shower together."

Rick whistled. "We'll just kinda stay out of your mom's way, then."

"Smart idea. Now get out of my way, there's a shower with my name on it in there. And hey, Derek, get a tan, huh?"

Derek and Rick burst out laughing as they went into his room and got dressed, with Rick borrowing some of Derek's clothes. They decided to stay in his room until called downstairs; Rick said, "I'm sure we've got a way to pass the time."

"Oh, shut up, you horndog," Derek said laughingly. "C'mere, I'll show you a game demo I saw instead. Maybe you can think with the right head for a moment."

"When you're not giving it to me," joked Rick.

Derek just groaned at the one-liner as he grabbed his laptop and sat up in bed, patting the spot next to him. He still didn't feel like telling Rick about his dream, not when Rick was grinning so happily as he played Derek's new game.

When the boys finally ventured downstairs after Danielle's shower was finished, they saw that Derek's mother still looked like a small thundercloud was right over her head.

"... I don't give a damn about the game today! My son was threatened by another student yesterday, and so was his boyfriend. We are going to discuss this, and now." she said flatly into the telephone.

Rick, sitting next to Derek at the dining room table, said in an awed whisper, "I can't remember your mom ever being that stone-cold mad, not even when we accidentally scratched her car up!"

Danielle, on Derek's other side, muttered, "She got pretty close that one time she had that fight with Dad."

Derek bit his lip and ducked his head.

"... Fine. We're coming down right now." Rachel hung up the wall phone and looked at the three teenagers. She seemed to realize her thunderous expression was still on her face, and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath before she opened her eyes and spoke in a steady voice. "I'm sorry, kids. I'm not mad at you, I swear. It's just, your Principal, Mr. Bannon, was trying to fob me off with some blabber about preparing his speech for today's game. If memory serves, he ends up talking for all of about one minute."

Derek nodded. "Yeah. The intramural games aren't school assemblies or anything."

She sighed. "Anyway, Danielle, make sure you've got everything for the game. Derek, wait here. And Rick, call your father and ask him to join us at your school in about fifteen minutes. I'm going to go find Samuel."

Everybody got moving; Rick grabbed the phone and called his dad, arranging the meeting. Just before he hung up he reassured his dad. "No, we're not in any trouble. We just want Bowman dealt with, that's all."

Sure enough, fifteen minutes later, the Collinses' car swung into the school parking lot, accompanied shortly after by Mr. Harlan's. The six people collectively strode up to the doors, pulling them open and sweeping into the principal's office, which was through the first door on the left leading into the Administration area.

A displeased-looking Principal Bannon stepped out of his office. "As I told you, Mrs. Collins, there is a game today, which I need to be present for as it is an intramural game between the Rudolf and Foster schools. Shouldn't your daughter"—he looked at Danielle—"be on her way already?"

Danielle grimaced and looked at her parents. Dad reluctantly nodded to her and said, "Go join your team. I know we're early, but you girls probably have a pre-game meeting."

She slid past Derek, her hand resting on his lower back for a minute as she murmured, "Good luck," to him and Rick. Derek turned and smiled quickly to Danielle, then turned back to listen to the principal as Danielle's footsteps faded away.

"This doesn't change the fact, Mr. Bannon, that we have to have a discussion about the fact that while my son Derek escaped unharmed on yesterday's occasion when Randy Bowman accosted him, there still needs to be consequences for the fact that he has been harassing Derek and Rick."

The principal sighed and ran his hand through his hair, then straightened his suit. "All right, if this will help – I will have the young man in my office first thing Monday morning."

Mr. Harlan spoke up. "What if he shows up to today's game?"

"His track coach will be here for general crowd control and as a game observer in the event of a points dispute. I'll alert him to keep watch on the boy." In a harried tone, he said, "Is that sufficient or do I have to beat my breast and rend my clothes here? I'm not trying to be difficult, but we can't stand around here forever. I've got things to do."

"Just keep in touch," Samuel said. "What penalties are you going to levy on this Bowman kid, anyway?"

"I'll be discussing that privately with his coach," Principal Bannon replied firmly.

Derek rolled his eyes at Rick. Bowman wasn't going to shut up just because of an in-school suspension or some other weaksauced official reprisal. He muttered, "Wait till I show up with a broken arm, then."

"What was that?" the principal said sharply.

"You heard me," Derek growled. "What'll it take? Me getting put in the hospital? Or are you gonna actually clamp down on him?"

"I think I've heard quite enough alarmist predictions from you, Derek. We're done here, people."

Principal Bannon went back into his office and shut the door with a sharp click. Mr. Harlan turned and looked at Derek's parents with a sour expression. Derek's mother seemed a little bit zinged. Samuel said, "It's obvious he'd rather sweep this under the rug, isn't it?" He wore a frustrated look.

"Hmph. I'm going to have a word with the PTA about this, rest assured," said Rachel, her jaw clenching as she frowned at the closed office door.

Mr Harlan just sighed. "Rick, son, just be careful. Okay? And Derek, don't let anything happen to you or him. I know I'm going to be writing a letter to the School Board come Monday."

"Well," said Rachel with false cheer, "Let's go have a little lunch and then show some school spirit at Danielle's game today."

As they left the Administration area, Rick hung back with his dad. "Dad? Is it okay with you if I stick with Derek today and go to the game with him? I promise, we'll stay stuck together like glue."

Mr. Harlan looked at the Collinses, then back at Rick. "I'll join you. Just in case, you know."

"It's settled then. Let's eat."

Derek sat in the gym's bleachers, nervous anticipation building inside him as zero hour approached. He kept looking over the crowd to see if he could spot Randy Bowman, but couldn't spot him. Just knowing that guy could come in and watch the game like anyone else made Derek fidget uneasily. Making love to Danielle had temporarily pushed it away that morning, but now his dream was returning. He shivered unconsciously at the thought of Randy beating him hard enough to kill him. All it would take was a few good shots to his ribs—

Rick's hand on his knee startled him. "Der? You don't look so good, man," Rick said into his ear, trying to just be loud enough so Derek could hear.

Derek swallowed nervously and shook his head. "Just—let's focus on the game, okay?"

Rick reluctantly moved his hand off Derek's leg. Thankfully, the doors opening from the change rooms caused the crowd to roar in a frenzy. The bleachers had been split roughly down the middle, so the Rudolf and Foster supporters could go into their own sections. On Derek's side, light blue flags waved as people cheered the volleyball team gathering on the left of the net.

The opposing team, in the Foster colors, looked like they had a similar mix of girls – mostly they had the same build, so in that respect the teams were equally matched; no really tall girls to tip the balance unfairly if someone were to spike the ball.

So it was down to who had the better teamwork and skills. The announcements were duly made, Derek letting the principal's words go in one ear and out the other. He just wanted to see Danielle kick some ass!

Speaking of, his blonde sister was easily visible among the knot of generally darker-haired volleyball players. She wore a look of intense concentration as the Foster girl at the far end got ready to wind up and serve the ball.

To Derek's surprise, the crowd remained relatively restrained as the girls began lunging for the ball, bouncing it among them as the teams tried to score points; at one point, Danielle leaped up, smashing the ball with her fist, sailing it over the net. The opposing Foster girls lunged for it, none of them quite catching it for a return volley...

The crowd roared along with Derek the moment the ball smacked the gym floor! Danielle turned, spotted Derek standing and cheering, and waved at him. "Go, Danielle!" he yelled, though he knew she probably wouldn't hear it.

He began watching his sister more closely after that, watching as she leaped this way and that, her leg muscles flexing as she deftly avoided hitting her fellow teammates by accident; some other girls weren't so lucky, and two Rudolf players took a bad fall when they collided in midair, leaping for the ball to try and spike it.

Derek tried not to stare, but he couldn't help but notice Danielle's breasts and how they occasionally jiggled as she played; she was likely wearing a sports bra under her shirt, but even so, it couldn't rigidly hold her boobs in place. And he had to admit, that butt of hers – the way her uniform showed it off reminded him of the time he'd felt her up through it.

His growing erection suddenly reminded him he needed to not stare too obviously; to take his mind off his sister for a moment, he leaned over, his shoulder butting up against Rick's. "How d'you like it? Good?"

Rick smiled. "It's not as boring as I thought it might be. 'Course, that's mainly because I'm hoping we win!"

Time passed quickly; Derek practically forgot about Randy Bowman as the tension rose in the gym; the winners had alternated between each set, and the game was to best of five. The Rudolf vs Foster game was now on the fifth set, and the winner of this set would win the game. The first point scored went to Foster, the ball having been fumbled by the girl next to Danielle, who Derek recalled was Tiffany.

Derek's heart raced as each team seemed to almost purposely alternate scoring points; all too soon, it was fourteen to fourteen! Derek's dad, on his left, was almost thrumming with nervous energy as he whispered, "C'mon, kiddo, you and your team can do it!"

Derek reached out and grabbed Rick's hand; he gripped hard, feeling Rick's reassuring return grip. Rick said to Derek, "Win or lose, I'll still say this was an amazing game."

"Tell me about it!" said Derek quickly. He looked back at the court—

Danielle was serving. She took a deep breath, tossed the ball, and whack! It sailed beautifully over to the Foster side, and at that moment the gym broke out into cheers and yells as each side urged their team to win. Even the coaches seemed affected; they paced back and forth nervously, their eyes darting this way and that.

On the Foster side, a brown-haired girl leaped up, pushed the ball up to pass it, setting it up, and a tough-looking black-haired girl bounced up, thwacking it back over the net!

Footsteps thundered as the Rudolf girls met the threat: Danielle's hands came up as she leaped to redirect the ball, sending it high into the air. She backed off, letting her teammate come in to bounce it back to where Denise, the girl Derek remembered giving him the evil eye so long ago, jumped up, reared her arm back, and—POW! The ball zoomed over the net, sailing past the girls who tried to meet it, and hit the floor just inside of the boundaries with a resounding boom!

The referee's whistle ending the game was drowned out by the roars of jubilation from the Rudolf side of the net, and Derek, standing and whistling, applauded as he saw the Rudolf team congratulating each other. He noticed, in particular, Danielle wore a very wide grin. He smirked to himself; she knew she was going to get well-satisfied that weekend!

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For anyone who's curious, the teams are playing under modified rules to simplify things and make the games go faster. First to fifteen points wins a set, best three sets of five.