Derek and Danielle

Chapter Fifty-Five

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At home, Derek hung out with Rick in his bedroom while Danielle went to get changed. She had already showered, she said, but Derek thought she had a bit of a funny look on her face when she said that.

Putting that out of his mind for the moment, Derek put his hand out and sat on his bed. Rick came up to him and took his hand, looking down to Derek. He smiled and ran his hand through Derek's hair. "We're safe now, huh?"

"I hope so," said Derek glumly. He looked up and said, "Rick – I had a really bad dream last night."

Rick knelt in front of Derek. "What was it?" He gulped. "It wasn't about Randy, was it?"

Derek nodded. "I dreamed he was beating me up and was gonna break my arm."

Rick's jaw dropped. "Oh, shit, man! No wonder you were complaining to the principal and you looked so pale when we were waiting for the game to start! Don't worry, I asked around. That fucker never showed up."

"What're we gonna do if Bowman doesn't shape up?" Derek bit his lip. "Even if we both take him on and win, that's not gonna solve anything. He'll just get one of us alone and kill us."

Rick shifted to sit next to Derek on the bed. He put his arm around Derek's shoulder and said, "Listen to me, okay? Nobody is gonna die."

"How can you be so sure?! All it takes is for him to, like, slam my head down in the right spot, and he'll break my neck! Or what if he shatters all your ribs, Rick? That's two lung punctures, and you're coughing up blood and—" Derek couldn't continue. He tried swallowing, but his mouth was dry. A part of him knew he was overreacting, but that damn dream just wouldn't stop bothering him.

Rick pressed his mouth to Derek, slowly deepening the kiss, encouraging Derek's body and mind to respond to the pleasing physical sensation. Derek's fears grew hazy, replaced by the sudden pleasant warmth rushing through his body.

Rick slowly withdrew from the kiss and placed his hands on Derek's shoulders. "Shhh. Derek, just calm down and let it go for this weekend, okay? Promise me."

"Okay. All right, Rick. I'll try." Derek reached for Rick's hand and kissed the back of his hand.

"Look, see if you can come over tonight or tomorrow. We haven't really had a chance to just chill and be together lately. Call me after supper?" Rick asked.

Derek smiled. "Sure thing. Mom and Dad will probably make me do homework tonight, so if I do that, then I can be with you all day tomorrow and maybe even stay over and go with you to school on Monday. How's that?"

Rick grinned and stood up. "Awesome. Even better if you can stay over tonight, too. Dad'll be with Sandra."

Derek stood and tugged Rick closer. "Really, huh?"

"Really." Rick's hands moved to Derek's chest. "Damn, those muscles are coming in nice."

Derek nodded to Rick's. "Yours, too, I think."

Derek wasn't sure who started it, but he saw the lust in Rick's eyes, and before he knew it, the two of them were making out, standing in the middle of Rick's room. Before long, roaming hands began getting serious, and Derek was just about to undo Rick's pants—

"Supper!" Rachel's voice echoed upstairs as she called out.

The teens broke apart, breathing heavily. "Shit!" blurted Rick.

"Tell me about it!" Derek stepped back and sighed, willing his erection to subside. "Look, I'll call you tonight. Maybe we can jack off over the phone even if I can't come over."

"Cool. I guess I'll take off, huh?" Rick muttered.


Rick made sure he was decent, and left with Derek to go downstairs. They said their goodbyes, and Rick went home to get supper with his dad. Derek, meanwhile, went to go eat with Danielle and his parents.

The heavenly smell of lasagna wafted over to him as he sat down. "Smells good! Lunch sucked."

Danielle asked, "Lunch?"

"None of us were really hungry after dealing with Bannon, so we just had some cra.. um, lousy sandwiches from the gas station."

Danielle made a face. "Ew."

"As food goes, it could've been worse," Samuel noted. "But Derek's right. Your principal wasn't exactly reassuring about lowering the boom on Randy."

Derek snorted. "I bet I know why. He loses his place on the team, he can't get in line for any athletic scholarships down the road. And I bet the principal knows it, too. So better to hush it up than make a big stink and have Bowman's parents throw a big fit."

"Yes, well, your father and I can throw just as big of a fit, of that you can be assured." Rachel's jaw clenched as she remembered the events earlier, and Derek noticed both he and Danielle unconsciously shrank back just a bit.

"Your mother and I will be busy tonight, actually. We're going to have a long talk and see if we can rustle up anybody in the PTA to help us out. Derek, I don't want to seem like we're excluding you, because this is your fight, too, honestly."

Derek shook his head. "No, it's okay. I wouldn't know any of them, anyway, and I'm... well, I'm just a kid. I mean, you know the principal can do anything to me." It was true. The principal could just say he was a troublemaker and throw him out of school.

"That's not true, Derek. He can do what he wants, but not without consequence. You have us in your corner and so help me, if he tries to expel you or suspend you because of this—" Samuel's jaw clenched and he shook his head. "God, what a world! To think people like that boy Randy are still popping up and people like your principal aren't firmly backing you up against him."

Silence fell over the table.

Derek slumped in his chair and rested his head on his hand, propping his elbow up on the table. He picked up his fork and began eating his lasagna slice. Danielle shifted in her chair just a bit, and Derek felt her knee touch his. He smiled wanly, then continued eating.

The food was delicious, even with the sudden pall, and Derek felt like a heel for not appreciating his parents' cooking more.

After dinner, he and Danielle cleared the plates while their parents barricaded themselves in Dad's study. When he and his sister were at the fridge putting the leftovers away, Danielle touched his arm. "Are you all right?"

"I guess. I dunno. Maybe." Derek shrugged.

"Do you mind if we talk upstairs for a while?"

"Lead the way."

The twins finished cleaning up in the kitchen, and went into Derek's room. He sprawled out on his stomach on his bed and Danielle took his chair, leaning forward earnestly as she looked at him.

"Are you sure everything is okay?"

"I guess. This is just kind of fucked up, Danielle. For ninety-nine percent of the school, things are going on as normal and Rick and I are just some kind of sideshow fun. But for Rick and me, we're trying not to let some asshole mess with us. It's so weird, and... well, it feels kinda unfair," admitted Derek.

Danielle pressed her lips together and didn't say anything; she got up out of her chair and sat near Derek on the bed. She gently rubbed his back, and the soothing feeling relaxed Derek.

"If it helps, I know for a fact all the girls on the volleyball team will blow Randy off – and not in the good way!" Danielle grinned.

"Thanks. I just hope it'll be enough. And maybe the principal will actually clamp down on him," mused Derek.

Danielle patted Derek's back. "That's the spirit! Anyway, sit up for a bit. I gotta talk about something. 'Kay?"

Derek shifted so he sat up on his bed, near Danielle. "Yeah?"

Danielle crossed her legs and looked a bit pensive as she looked Derek in the eye. "Derek? Please don't get upset by what I'm about to tell you about what happened today. Okay?"

Mystified, Derek shrugged. "Sure. Okay."

"Um, Tiffany kind of came on to me a little bit." Danielle blushed.

"That's it? I dunno, considering I'm dating a boy and secretly dating my own sister, I'm not exactly gonna be all like 'No, you can't!' or anything," Derek pointed out.

"I guess." Danielle brushed her hair out of her face and said, "It's just kind of weird. We were changing and about to go into the showers when Tiff stops me for a moment. She thanks me for setting her straight on BJs and pregnancy, and then she's like, 'I'm never dating boys again!'"

"And then?" prodded Derek.

"Well, then she kind of obviously stared at my tits before she went to her own shower stall. She's kind of attractive, I guess, but she's not you."

Derek chuckled. "Thanks, Dani. I needed the ego boost."

"Oh, you!" Danielle laughed and gently thumped Derek's shoulder.

Derek poked Danielle's shoulder and said, "Well, I think I owe you a certain bet, huh?"

Danielle smirked. "Yes. Yes, you do." Her lips turned down. "But I kind of want it to be less stressful than with Mom and Dad in the house, okay? Is there somewhere we can go?"

Derek sat back, baffled. "Beats me. Um, we could maybe sneak back into the school? But they might have security cameras and stuff. The poolhouse'll be pretty cold. I'm out of ideas. Let's just wait till we find out if Mom and Dad are going anywhere tomorrow." Derek stood up and walked over to Danielle. "But when that happens, I promise you an awesome time."

"Hmm, I like that," Danielle purred. She stood up. Derek noticed her loose flannel shirt wasn't tucked into her jeans. The siblings moved into an easy embrace, Derek's hands travelling under the shirt to rub her bare back, and Danielle's arms wrapping around him.

"Too bad I can't give you a down payment," Derek remarked.

Danielle giggled and said, "Don't worry about it." Her expression grew somber. "Since you can't do anything with me, you should go be with Rick tonight. From his perspective, his boyfriend had a close call with Randy. Did you tell him about the dream?"

Derek nodded. "Yeah. I did."

"Then he knows his boyfriend was probably scared shitless. I'm not kidding, Derek. You were clinging on to me when I woke up and you'd been sweating like you'd just been running for your life!" Danielle raised her hands to Derek's shoulders and grasped them. "Go to Rick. You need this, and I can't give that to you right now."

"You tried this morning. And believe me, thank you from the bottom of my heart for it, Danielle."

She smiled sadly. "If I thought I could help, I would let you pull me into your bed and have my body any way you want it. But I can't. So go be with Rick. You and I will have plenty of chances later."

Derek leaned in and kissed his sister, letting his tongue play over hers for a few moments before ending the kiss. "Thank you. I mean it."

Danielle reluctantly stepped back. "I'll run interference. Call Rick, tell him you're on your way."

Derek wasted no time grabbing his phone to call Rick as he went downstairs to put his shoes on. Rick was ecstatic that Derek was coming over. "My dad's totally okay with it! He and Sandra are gonna have a night out; he deserves it after all the crap I've put him through this week."

"Not your fault, man." Derek pushed the phone against his ear with his shoulder as he got his shoes on.

"I dunno. I just wish... whatever, never mind. Just come over, okay?"

Derek said, "On my way in less than no time!" He ended the call as he bounced to his feet, and pelted out the front door.

At Rick's door, the two boys hugged. Rick pulled him inside the house and said, "Thanks, Derek. I'm kind of not really in a talky mood right now. So can we just—?"

"Sure. No problem, Rick. C'mon, race you to your bedroom!" Derek grinned and swatted Rick's ass.

Laughing and jostling each other, with more than a few "accidental" grabbing of body parts, the boys tumbled into Rick's room.

Before long, they had each other undressed. Derek lay naked on top of Rick's covers on his back, watching as Rick got the condom onto his penis in record time. Derek said, "Hey, Rick?"


"Don't put too much lube on. And I want you to fuck me hard and fast, okay? Fuck me so hard I forget where I am, all right?"

Rick's nostrils flared as he intently let a small dollop of lube fall onto the tip of his condom; Derek swore he saw Rick's prick get even stiffer. Rick got on the bed and hooked Derek's legs with his arms. "You sure?"

Derek nodded. In a low voice, he said, "Do it."

Rick lined his cock up against Derek's opening, smearing the lube around it. Then, in a sharp thrust, he breached Derek, causing him to cry out, "Oh, fuck, Rick! Just a sec. Please."

After a moment, Derek felt himself accommodating Rick's member, and nodded. "Keep going."

Rick pushed steadily forwards, the remaining friction of the condom against Derek's opening giving the latter that delicious, erotic feeling of mixed pleasure and pain. When Rick stopped, he was buried entirely inside Derek.

"Last chance. You ready?" Rick adjusted his knees, and Derek nodded.

Rick's hips drew back, then snapped forward, plunging his cock back inside of Derek. "Unh!" gasped Derek. "Keep going!"

Rick wasted no time. His thrusts were almost brutal in their intensity, leaving Derek helplessly gasping each time Rick bottomed out. The waves of pleasure began to overlap each other as Rick pumped quickly in and out of him, and as Derek's own sexual desire began to mount, he began babbling, "Oh fuck, fuck me, Rick, Fuck me so hard – Fuck me – FUCK ME!"

Rick needed little encouragement to slam his cock into Derek with each thrust, reducing him to incoherently moaning half-formed words as Derek forgot everything else except the powerful ass fucking he was getting.

Derek shut his eyes. He didn't care what his name was, who he was, or anything else. He was a cipher, a nonentity, a person who existed at that point solely to experience the incredible sensation of being penetrated by another boy.

He felt the thrusts slowing down, but becoming more powerful each time—Rick's harsh breathing picked up—he leaned over Derek, grunting, "Gonna come, Derek – gonna blow my load up your ass—"

And with a final thrust, Rick came, letting out a shuddering, keening moan as he pumped his seed into the condom, the warm jism slowly radiating its heat into Derek's body. Finally, when he could thrust no more, he collapsed onto Derek.

Slowly, Derek came back to himself.

He knew who he was. He remembered he was in Rick's room. And he felt completely, thoroughly, fucked.

Derek closed his eyes, feeling Rick's body heat against him as he squeezed his sphincter down on Rick's thick cock, still mostly hard inside him. He put his arms around Rick and held his boyfriend to himself, savoring the sense of utter bliss that enveloped him. Randy Bowman might as well not exist for all that he cared.

Derek Collins drifted off to sleep without even realizing it.

Derek woke up to the early dawn twilight. He blinked, and realized someone's arms were around him. Memories flooded him, reminding him of what he and Rick had done the previous night. He smiled goofily, and snuggled closer to Rick, enjoying the feeling of being spooned with him. Derek's asshole was pleasantly sore, and he almost purred as he thought of the amazingly good fuck he'd had with Rick.

Soon, however, Rick stirred and carefully lifted himself up. He muttered, "I gotta go."

Derek replied, "Okay. See you back here in a bit."

"Hey, you woke up!" Rick leaned over and pecked Derek on the cheek. "Be back quickly!"

Rick rushed out of the room, and as he shut the door, Derek gingerly sat up, wincing as his butt protested being sat on. That, thought Derek, was the main downside to sex with a guy. But oh God, did it feel so good when Rick was doing it...

As promised, Rick was fast, and re-entered the room, crossing over to pull Derek to his feet. He said, "I'd kiss you, but we should brush our teeth first."

Derek grinned. "Yeah. Hey. Rick?"

"Mmhmm?" Rick looked Derek in the eye and smiled, clearly remembering what happened last night.

"Was it good for you, last night? When we fucked?"

"Are you kidding? It was great!"

"Good. That's all I wanted to know, really," Derek assured Rick. He had to admit, he liked knowing Rick liked having sex with him.

"C'mon. We might as well shower."

"Wait," urged Derek.

Rick stared in disbelief. "You wanna do it again? Like, right now?"

"Why not? Then we only have to shower once." At Rick's hesitation, Derek decided to try talking dirty. "Come on, Rick. Put me on that bed with my ass up in the air. Lube me up, and stick your dick into me and fuck me."

"Jesus," breathed Rick. Derek could see him getting hard, and he said softly, "C'mon, Rick. Put your dick in me. I want you. Please."

Rick swallowed. He rasped, "Lie down. On your stomach, okay?"

Derek wasted no time laying on the bed, his legs spread, pushing his ass up just enough to invite Rick's penetration. He shortly felt a blob of cool lubricant dropped onto his asshole, and he groaned lustily as Rick fingered his opening, soothing his well-fucked opening, pushing the lube inside.

Soon, Rick's finger withdrew, and Derek felt the bed shift as Rick positioned himself to enter Derek; he felt the intrusion at his opening, and pushed his ass up a bit more, inviting Rick to push forward. God, it feels so good, Rick filling me up, thought Derek.

He said quietly, "Don't have to go fast – just do it, please."

Rick obliged, slowly pulling his cock almost out of Derek, then sliding back in, slowly, building up to a steady rhythm. Derek moaned in appreciation, feeling so full with Rick's cock inside of him.

Soon, Rick's pace began to build up, and Derek knew Rick would come soon. He began clenching up around Rick's when he would withdraw, milking the other boy's organ, driving him closer to orgasm—

"Oh, fuck, Derek!" Rick's keening whine was followed by several sharp thrusts and incoherent groans as Rick came, unloading his seed into the condom.

Derek didn't mind when Rick finally flopped down on top of him. He could feel Rick still gently swiveling his cock around, sending pleasure up Derek's nerves. Derek luxuriated in the pleasant haze, wishing he could have that amazing just-fucked feeling all the time.

After some time, Rick slowly pulled out of Derek, the final squelching sound of his dick popping out of Derek's ass leaving the latter boy feeling strangely empty. Rick got off the bed, Derek following suit. "Eesh, Der, it's already eight in the morning. C'mon, let's—" Rick broke off, transfixed at Derek's stiff member. He breathed, "Holy shit, that's right. You didn't jack off at all last night or this morning."

Rick cast his eyes down, then seemed to come to a decision. He looked up at Derek. "Do you want to fuck me?"

Derek's cock strained at hearing that; he whispered, "Yes."

Rick dropped to his knees, taking Derek into his mouth; As the slick wet feeling of Rick's tongue and mouth worked their way down his cock, Derek almost automatically reached down and put his hands on Rick's head. He was in heaven, slowly swiveling his hips back and forth, rhythmically fucking Rick's mouth.

Abruptly, he came back to himself when his cock hit the back of Rick's mouth, making the other boy choke momentarily. "Shit, sorry!"

Rick shook his head and pulled his mouth off of Derek. "Don't worry about it." He took a deep breath, then looked around for a condom. He found one, and slowly unrolled it down Derek's engorged member. Derek, to his surprise, found the feeling of the condom sliding over his cock was actually really good.

"This is gonna be a little messy, okay?" Rick put a dollop of lube on Derek's condom, then with firm strokes of his hand, smeared it all over the condom. Derek breathed, "If you don't stop, I'm gonna come."

Rick smirked. He squeezed out a last blob, balancing it delicately on the tip of Derek's penis. He tossed the lube container somewhere, and said, "Okay. I'm gonna bend over, and then line your dick up with my ass, okay? Go slow, just push slowly, and hold the base of your dick with your fingers. That's the way I do it."

Rick put one hand against the bedroom wall, then leaned over, spreading his legs. Derek licked his lips nervously. He didn't want to hurt Rick, but at the same time, oh god, that feeling of having someone wrapped around him...

Rick reached behind him and tugged at Derek's cock, guiding him forward. Derek held his cock at the base, and between the two of them, the tip of his penis was gently pushing at Rick's opening. It felt different to Derek from Danielle's vagina; with her, pushing into her felt less like breaching a hole and more like ... he guessed, being invited inside.

Here, he felt the hard resistance of Rick's opening. "Push more, Derek, trust me."

Even with the extra lube, Derek still found that he had to push quite hard; suddenly, he slid inside Rick! "Oh jesus fuck you're so tight!"

Rick was breathing heavily. "God, it feels like a cannon's about to slide up my ass. Go slow, okay? It's just the tip, but it still hurt a bit."

Derek slowly breached Rick, feeling the friction of Rick's tight virgin asshole, even as the lubricant helped him win out against Rick's sphincter trying to push him out. God, it was intoxicating, watching his cock slide inside Rick, that warm heat surrounding his cock inviting him to keep pushing inside—

"Hngh!" Rick's strangled gasp was followed a second later by a pleased groan from Derek as he buried himself to the hilt inside Rick. He could feel Rick's asshole pulsating around his cock as the other boy tried to get used to Derek. "Just – stay – gotta..." Rick grunted.

Derek held Rick's hips, not moving. God, no wonder so many guys wanted to fuck their girlfriends in the ass!

"Okay. Start fucking me, but slowly, please."

Derek slid his cock almost all the way back, then pressed forward, still feeling the wonderful friction of Rick's opening as he pushed back in, prompting a gasp from Rick as he bottomed out. "God, keep that up, Derek – fuck, why did I wait this long?!"

Derek just grinned, grabbed Rick's hips more firmly, and set his feet as he began a steady rhythm, the wet smack of flesh against flesh accompanied by Rick's and Derek's grunts and groans as the two teenagers lost themselves in this amazing first time for Rick Harlan.

"Faster – please, faster, Derek," urged Rick.

Derek wasted no time, now plunging rapidly in and out of Rick, his straining cock primed for release any moment. He moved one hand up to Rick's shoulder, and gripping firmly, began slamming Rick down onto his cock as he shoved his hips forward.

Derek could hold back no longer; he could feel the urge to come rising. He began almost jackhammering into Rick as he moaned, "Oh Rick – oh fuck, I'm gonna come – gonna..."

A few seconds later, he thrust deeply into Rick's ass as the first blast of cum shot out of his penis, filling the condom. Several weakening thrusts later, Derek finally stopped, buried in Rick's ass as he gasped heavily. He'd never run a track race this intense!

"Holy shit, Derek. God, that was amazing!"

Derek tugged at Rick's shoulder, pulling him back so his chest touched Rick's back. He wrapped his arms around Rick and dropped his chin onto Rick's shoulder. "Thanks! That was amazing!"

Rick squeezed down on Derek's cock. "I'll say." He sighed. "Shit, we gotta shower now."

Reluctantly, Derek let his cock slide out of Rick's ass, and the two boys wearily went through the after-sex clean-up. Rick grimaced. "I feel so empty. Like I want your cock back inside me, you know?"

"It's okay. You're just not used to being so loose, but I know what you mean," Derek reassured. "Hey, Rick? Thanks for... y'know, letting me do this."

Rick planted a kiss on Derek's cheek. "I've been kinda thinking about it, and honestly? After this last week I just needed—yeah. I feel a lot better about, just – everything. How 'bout you?"

"Yeah, me too." Derek thought about Randy Bowman, and he honestly couldn't bring himself to be as worried about that guy anymore. He had Rick, he had Danielle, his two intimate lovers, and he had people he could count on. A pleasant warm feeling rose in his chest at the support he knew he could count on.

But reality intervened as he remembered where he was. He snapped his fingers. "Listen, don't go too far from your bathroom today, okay?"

Rick was puzzled, then realization crossed his face. He blushed. "Shit, I wonder if I could give birth to a battleship now."

Derek laughed, following Rick into the shower as the boys got ready for the day.

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