Derek and Danielle

Chapter Fifty-Six

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Derek slung his towel around his shoulders while he waited for Rick to finish drying his hair. "Whaddya want to do today?"

"Just hang out, huh? I've kinda missed doing non-sex things, if you know what I mean." Rick tossed his towel into the small towel hamper, and grabbed his comb to do his hair.

"Okay. I've been kind of forgetting Evan, too. Shit. We should see if he's got Skype or something." Derek tossed his towel into the hamper as well.

Rick grinned. "C'mere." He grabbed Derek's shoulders and turned him so they could face each other. Rick began combing Derek's hair. Derek fought a grin as he reached up, trying to grab for the comb. "Hey! I can do my own hair. C'mon, gimme the comb!"

The teens tussled, and Derek managed to grab the comb, waving it triumphantly. He looked at himself in the mirror. "You suck at doing my hair, Rick." Derek made short work of his hair, then tossed the comb onto the countertop near the sink.

Rick leaned against the door. "Hey, Derek? You ever get your sister to do your hair?"

Derek felt his heart begin racing. He fobbed off Rick with, "Well, not, like, recently. I mean, when we were like seven or eight, maybe, I remember we did it as a joke."

"Hmm." Rick's stomach rumbled. Derek suddenly felt really hungry, too. "Breakfast first?"

"You got it."

The boys got dressed, then headed out to the kitchen, where Mr. Harlan and Sandra were just about to start readying some bacon and eggs. Sandra smiled. "Hey, kids!"

"You two stayed the night?" asked Mr. Harlan.

Rick blushed. "Yeah. That's okay, right? I'm sorry I didn't call you, though."

Mr. Harlan looked at Sandra, and his lips formed a small smile. "You know what? Forget it this time. I don't exactly have a leg to stand on, considering who stayed the night, too." He jerked his head over at Sandra, who giggled.

"Anyway, just sit down over at the dining table. Let us adults here get some work done, huh?" Sandra shooed the boys away from the stove.

Derek suddenly remembered and blurted, "Oh, crap! Um, sorry. I need to use your phone." He took the cordless and sat at the dinner table, turning his back to the busy adults. He dialled home and his father's voice said, "Hello?"

"Dad! I'm so sorry, I forgot to call last night when I got to Rick's place. Don't be mad?" implored Derek.

"Danielle told us, but still, don't worry about it, okay? Under the circumstances, being at Rick's is understandable. Just come home today. Your mom and I have to head out for a quick ad hoc meeting with the PTA, and God knows how long that'll be. We may not even be home for supper, and I'd feel better if you and your sister were here when we get back tonight. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure, Dad," Derek replied. "Where's Mom?"

"Busy working the laptop. In fact, if you could come back before two, that'd be great. You getting breakfast over there? S'about nine-thirty in the morning now, I think."

"Yeah. Eggs and bacon, yum-yum." Derek grinned.

"Don't tempt me; I just sat down with a bowl of hot oatmeal," his dad joked.

"Okay, signing off then. See you later."

"'Bye, son."

The phone beeped in his ear, and Derek returned the phone, relieved that he hadn't caused a minor family crisis. Rick called, "Hey, Dad wants me to help set the dishes out. Can you grab these plates from me?" Derek walked up to Rick and let him heft the plates into his waiting hands, after which the boys busied themselves getting the table set.

The eggs and bacon were delicious, and perhaps conscious of the easing atmosphere, conversation stayed light and avoided the upcoming Monday. Sandra asked, "Is there going to be a Christmas dance or anything at your school?"

"Not specifically, but there's a holiday and New Year dance on the last day of classes. I guess the principal and teachers figured it'd be better to just let us have fun, and since it's not at night, it'll be safer for us walking to and from," Rick said.

"Are you two going to go officially as a couple?"

"Yeah!" Rick announced. "For sure, right, Derek?"

"You got it." He mock-punched Rick's shoulder. He hoped Danielle could go stag, or maybe with that girl, Tiffany. Feeling left out of being able to enjoy herself wouldn't be fair to her.

All too soon, the food was finished and everybody's plates were empty. At the sink, Mr. Harlan said, "Any plans for today? Derek?"

"Oh, um, my parents want me back home today. Hey, you should know they're trying to get hold of the PTA."

"Hm. I should probably join them. Sandra, I'd feel better if you could stay here while Rick's home tonight."

Rick pouted. "Dad."

"I've been letting you slide the last few days, but I want to see some homework get done. So no, you can't go out with Derek today. I'm sorry."

"Geez," grouched Rick.

"It's okay," said Derek placatingly. "We'll see each other tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah. Man, my time sense is so screwed. It's really Sunday already?"

"Unfortunately for high school kids everywhere, yes," Sandra said. "Oh, and working adults, too."

With that, Derek decided to hurry up and get hold of Evan. "Okay, I'm just gonna stay for a little while, and then take off before noon. I promise."

"Okay." Mr. Harlan waved them off and said, "I got the dishes. You guys enjoy – well, you know what I mean."

Inside Rick's room, they set up his laptop as Derek called Evan.

"Hey! Derek! Long time no talk, man. What's going on?"

"Hey. You got Skype? We're just getting it on Rick's laptop now."

"Yeah. Give the phone to him and he can get it set up to call me."

After the particulars were exchanged, Rick sat in Derek's lap. Derek trailed his hand down Rick's shirt, and then purposely slid it over Rick's crotch, rubbing his cock and balls through his jeans. Rick yelped just as Evan's face showed up on the screen.

"Did I interrupt you horndogs? Derek, I can see your hand on Rick's crotch, man." Evan laughed and sipped his Coke.

Rick, half-heartedly smacking Derek's hand away, said, "Just getting comfortable on my guy's lap and he has to go feel me up."

"Hey! Shut up, Rick." Derek grinned despite himself. To Evan, he said, "How ya doing? Sorry I haven't called. It's been kind of a crazy last week."

"Oh yeah? What'd you guys do? Fuck each other in the caf or something?" Evan grinned and leaned in.

"Fuck off," Derek and Rick said simultaneously. They gave the laptop webcam the finger, which Evan grinned and returned.

"Seriously, though?" Rick took a deep breath. "I guess I kind of came out with Derek at school a while back."

Evan whistled. "Damn!"

Taking turns, the boys re-told the saga of the last few days, ending with Rick leaning in confidentially to the webcam. "Wanna know what Derek and I did today?"

Evan opened his mouth, then closed it again. Finally, he quietly said, "Okay, sure. I mean, I've seen you guys go at it before."

"Derek fucked me for the first time, and it. Was. Awesome!"

"No way!" breathed Evan. "I thought you guys were both doing each other like that. So it was just you, Derek, taking it up the ass all the time? Huh."

Derek replied, "It was kinda complicated. But yeah, fucking Rick was damn cool."

Evan licked his lips. "Okay, listen. I gotta level with you guys. I really want to fuck Katie in the ass, okay? She's kind of cool with it, but I gotta know. How do you guys do it?"

"Lots of lube, have a dick that works, use condoms. That's pretty much it," joked Rick. "Actually, more seriously? Maybe finger her in her ass first, kind of loosen her up. Use those cool blue contacts you're wearing now; didn't she tell you they turn her on?"

"Hmm. Okay, I'll try all that stuff." Evan tried to adjust himself subtly, and he changed the subject. "You guys have a Winter dance, or anything?"


"Going together?"

"We sure are!" Derek said. He reached up to pull Rick's face down a bit for a kiss.

"Cool. I'll be taking Katie to our school's, by the way. And say, how is it you guys end up kicking our asses so thoroughly? Jesus." Evan shook his head.

Derek and Rick high-fived. "It's 'cause we're just so fucking hot at Rudolf," Rick declared.

Evan burst out laughing, and as he smacked his desk, he nearly spilled his drink. "Whoa," Derek warned. Evan did a double-take, then moved his Coke can, resuming his chuckling as he shifted in his chair.

"Well, look, thanks for getting back in touch. Maybe we can hang out over Christmas or something, okay?" asked Evan.

"Sure thing." "Absolutely!"

"Okay then. Gonna sign off now, 'kay?"

"See you." Derek and Rick waved, then Rick tapped the button to end the call. He got off Derek's lap, and Derek stood up as well. "See you tomorrow, okay?"

"Sure thing, Rick. C'mere." Derek wrapped Rick in a tight hug, feeling the other boy's warmth against him. It felt good, but Derek still felt something missing. Putting it out of his head for now, he locked lips with Rick, then slowly drew apart from him.

"That felt nice. Wish we could just lie in bed and make out all day." Rick brushed the floor of his bedroom with his foot.

"Another time, huh?" Derek clapped Rick on the shoulder and said, "Better get rolling."


Shortly after, Derek got his shoes on, said his goodbyes to all concerned, got a grope of his ass from Rick, prompting him to return the favor, before finally swinging the front door open and returning home.

Danielle thundered down the stairs at hearing Derek's entrance, wearing a casual shirt and jeans. Her hair wasn't tied back on this occasion. Derek smiled uncertainly and said, "Um, you're ... happy to see me?"

Danielle smirked. "Wellll... mom and dad are gonna be gone soon." She leaned in and whispered, "For hours."

As if on cue, their father's voice from the study said, "Kids! In here, please!"

The study, which was in the front of the house, was off the main stairway to the upstairs. Normally, though, he and Danielle weren't supposed to go into the large, well-appointed room without permission. It had a couple of expensive oak tables, lined with tasteful art pieces from various gifts from clients over the years. A leather executive chair sat behind the mahogany desk, which held a computer plus space for a laptop as well. Two more chairs were currently situated in the corners of the room nearest the door.

Derek and Danielle each leaned against the door, their shoulders touching. "Yeah, Dad and Mom?"

Their father stood up from his desk. He was wearing a good suit, and their mother was dressed in her best business casual outfit. "We've been working on our presentation to the PTA leadership: the president, vice-president and secretary will be there. We're hoping to push for stronger recognition of the official anti-harrassment policy that's supposed to be in effect in this district."

Danielle grinned. "Good to hear. Honestly. Derek shouldn't have to deal with being hassled just 'cause he's dating a guy." She rubbed his back.

"I appreciate it, too." Derek smiled quickly, then stepped aside as his parents left the study and quickly said their good-byes. As he left the house to the garage, Dad said, "Again, we could be several hours. Start your own dinner if you want, but don't wait on our account. Bye!"

"So, that's that." Danielle pulled her phone out of her pocket and checked her messages, then looked at the time. "It's just after twelve now." She bit her lip, trying not to grin too widely. "And since you owe me something, I'm collecting on it now."

"Oh, really, now?" Derek reached out and hooked his finger in the front of Danielle's shirt. "And what if I... don't?"

Danielle poked Derek hard in his stomach. "Ow!" Derek winced.

"Not funny."

"Still. Who else knows your body this well?" Derek slowly leaned in and licked up along Danielle's neck. She shuddered. "Or how about this?" Derek let his hand fall to Danielle's breast, kneading her firm round globe, then brushing his thumb across her nipple just so

Danielle gasped loudly. "Christ, Derek. Please? C'mon, I want you."

"And you shall have me, my beautiful sister-girlfriend. Lead the way."

The siblings raced up the stairs and tore into Danielle's room, slamming the door as they began yanking off their clothing. A naked Danielle practically leaped at Derek, her mouth on hers, ensnaring him in a deep, lingering kiss.

Derek snaked his hand down to Danielle's crotch, feeling the short, recently-shaved hairs. He slid his hand further down her pubic mound, his fingers sliding across her hot, wet opening. Danielle moaned into the kiss, then pulled back from the kiss to speak. Throatily, she said, "God, I was so horny thinking of Mom and Dad leaving us to ourselves today."

Derek didn't say anything; he looked into Danielle's eyes as he pushed his finger inside her; her eyes went side, and she began breathing heavily. "Oh, fuck, oh, fuckfuckfuckfuck. Derek, please, just get your mouth on there. I want you so bad!"

As he teased Danielle's insides, he slowly walked her over to her bed, pushing her down so her butt perched on the edge. He knelt between her legs, and withdrew his fingers. Danielle's pleasantly musk smell invaded his senses as he brought his face closer to her vagina. As he held Danielle's legs for support, he dived in, swiping his tongue along her opening. Danielle let out a guttural moan as she flopped back on the bed. Derek held her legs firmly in place, keeping her from clenching them around his head.

He licked again, tasting his sister's pussy juices. He stopped, savoring that slight, undefinable taste that was Danielle. He began darting his tongue in and out of her, taking care to gently brush his tongue over her clit, which produced full-throated sobbing gasps from Danielle.

Derek dove in further, pressing his mouth and nose against Danielle's vagina, shoving his tongue further into her, his nose now assaulted with the musky smell of Danielle's wetness and her skin as it pressed up against her crotch. He began alternating, using his tongue and his right hand, his left hand keeping her leg from crossing the other one. The only way he really knew he was doing anything right was by the volume of Danielle's gasps and moans and the occasional "Do that again!" from her.

And soon, Danielle's body began shaking uncontrollably, and she gasped, "Fuck! I'm gonna – gonna – AH!"

Derek quickly mashed his face against her pussy, licking it, pushing Danielle's orgasm to further heights, gripping her hips to restrain her as she began bucking and thrashing, crescendoing to a sharp full-throated scream before going limp, her rasping gasps filling the sudden silence as Derek slowly drew his face away, causing her to shudder one more time when he licked, tasting his sister's fluids.

God, he was so fucking hard; his dick had been standing up practically non-stop since he'd begun eating out his sister. Christ, he wanted to just get between her legs and fuck her brains out. But this was supposed to be her day, and with an almost-physical force of will, Derek stood and walked around to sit on the bed near Danielle. Her eyes were glazed, and she was still breathing deeply.

"Hey. Dani?" He gently shook her shoulder.

A slow, satisfied grin grew on Danielle's face as she began to come back to herself. She practically purred as she looked at Derek. "If I thought you were good at eating pussy before, holy shit, you're like a million times better now!" She heaved a sigh and sat up. "God. I am so wiped out."

"Want me to do it again?" Derek put his hand on her stomach, preparing to slide it down again.

"Whoa, not now." Danielle gently pushed Derek's hand away. She lifted her head and did a double-take. "Jesus fuck, how long have you been that hard?"

"Since we started," admitted Derek. "Look, I'm just gonna take care of this, okay? I can't think straight right now."

Danielle said, "C'mere." She shifted up on the bed, and said, "Straddle me like you did that other time. Cover me with your cum and then lick it off."

Now it was Derek's turn to moan. He wasted no time sitting atop his sister, his butt just over her hips. Danielle reached out and tugged at his cock; the warmth of her hand and the sudden feeling of his penis being stroked made his eyes flutter shut. "Please. Oh, Christ, do that."

"You do know you're not gonna get to fuck me until I say you can, right?"

"Oho, that's an invitation if I ever heard one." Derek grinned down at Danielle.

"Yeah, we'll see about that," said Danielle casually. "But if I say you can, you can bend me over this bed and slam that cock into me as much as you like."

Derek's cock stiffened even more, and he was so keyed-up it only took a few more expert strokes by Danielle—

"Oh, fuck!"

Derek's body spasmed, and the first shot flew up and coated Danielle's face! Her head jerked in surprise, but she kept on masturbating Derek.

Danielle pulled at his cock again, and the second shot coated Danielle's luscious breasts, with the subsequent shots flying out less impressively; his last pooled on her stomach, and Danielle slowly took her hand away.

Derek pushed himself up on his knees and carefully leaned over, licking up his own essence from Danielle's forehead, followed by cleaning up her nose and her chin. He stopped and quickly kissed Danielle, then continued, cleaning her chin and neck. Derek grinned at the next part. "You know I get to suck and lick those gorgeous boobs of yours for as long as I want, right?"

"Better do a good job, hmm?" Danielle jokingly thumped his knee.

True to his word, Derek ended up licking every square inch of Danielle's breasts, finishing with a good long suckling of her nipples. The deep moan she let out at that told him she was starting to get turned on again. He finished up by licking up his cum from her stomach, and after swallowing the last of it, smacked his lips. "Your juices and mine. Very tasty."

Danielle giggled. "Well, now you know what it tasted like when I licked your dick off the other night."

"Hmm. Not complaining." He pushed himself off the bed, and made to go back down between Danielle's legs.

"This time, use your fingers more."

Derek obliged, quickly licking at Danielle's opening to lubricate her vagina, then sliding his index and middle finger inside her, feeling how her warm opening wrapped itself around his fingers, demanding, teasing, pulling at them, inviting him to bring her to another crashing orgasm.

He used his thumb to rub her pelvic mound as he slid his fingers in and out of her, and this seemed to work amazingly well. Danielle began thrashing again, and Derek egged her on, saying, "Right about now I could stop, and you'd be begging me to fuck you to make you come. D'you want that? 'Cause I can."

"Don't. you. Dare," warned Danielle before Derek's fingers probing at her clit made her collapse on the bed, moaning in delight.

Soon, Danielle was near the edge – Derek could feel it in the way her cunt was pulsing around his fingers. He brought his mouth down, licking at her entrance while he speared his fingers in and out of her, and that sent her over—

"Hngh! AGH! FUCK!"

Danielle's body jerked several times, each time prompting a wordless gasping yell, before finally petering out to small spasms. Derek slowly withdrew his fingers from her now-sopping pussy, licked them off, and looked at his sister.

She'd never looked so invitingly hot as she did at that moment: utterly sated, her hair bunched under her head, her nipples hard and erect, her legs invitingly spread as she lay down in post-orgasmic bliss.

Derek looked down—

His cock had sprung back to full mast, and his straining erection now made itself felt. He hoped she'd let him fuck her now, because he was going to need one serious release.

Danielle's panting breaths subsided to a more regular rhythm, and she opened her eyes, sitting up wearily. "I'm pussy-licked out, Derek, I swear. Any more and my brain will explode, I mean it. But damn, I needed that."

"So, uh, can I...?" Derek tried not to sound too eager.

Danielle laughed. "Yeah, c'mon. Fill me up with your hot load, Derek!" She pushed herself up, letting her feet hit the floor. She bent over the bed, and wiggled her butt. "C'mon."

Derek had never moved faster. He got behind Danielle, admiring her pert, firm ass for a moment before his dick demanded attention again. He lined it up with her vagina, and he warned, "Dani, I'm so freakin' horny."

"Just do it!" Danielle let her head flop down to the bed as she turned her face, resting.

Derek plunged into Danielle with one swift stroke, burying himself inside her hot wetness. Danielle's eyes flew open and she gasped, "Oh crap! Fuck me more!"

Derek wasted no time. He held Danielle's hips in a firm grip, practically slamming into her with each stroke as his gasps and breaths grew heavier and louder.

All too soon—

Derek, pistoning in and out of Danielle, thrust once—his jaw fell open as the wave of pleasure rocketed through his body, his cock spilling hot fluids into his sister. Each new thrust was accompanied by a wave of pleasure, until finally, he had no more come for her.

He collapsed onto Danielle, and lay on top of her as they settled on her bed.

Her eyes were closed and she smiled lazily. "Mmm. God, I love that well-fucked feeling. 'Specially when you're doing all the work and I'm just along for the ride."

Derek dropped a kiss on her cheek and said into her ear, "Well, why don't I see if I can fuck you again, huh?"

His cock was already stiffening back up a bit, and as he shifted his hips, sliding in and out of Danielle's now well-used pussy. She groaned. "Man, I am going to be so sore tonight."

"But it's a good sore, Danielle. That's how I feel when Rick fucks me, you know."

Danielle spread her legs a bit to let Derek pump in and out more easily. "There is that. C'mon, then, lover, give me another deep-dicking!"

Derek was only too happy to oblige, raising himself up to begin sexual relations one more time.

Derek nearly fainted on top of Danielle as the last burst of jism left his cock. It had almost hurt trying to come so hard; he knew he needed to rest up and said as much. His arms shook as he carefully pulled out of her, his semi-hard cock slick with their combined juices. A small trail of jism dripped out of Danielle, and he carefully swiped at it with his finger and licked it. It tasted less salty and more musky.

"C'mon, Danielle. It's like, early afternoon already. We gotta clean up, sweetie." Derek gently pulled Danielle off the bed, one arm around her waist, the other slinging her arm about his shoulders.

Danielle's head lolled on her shoulders. She whined, "Wanna sleep. God, what a marathon on my cunt."

"Let's go, 'kay? We gotta shower." Derek felt pretty worn-out himself, but considering he hadn't been the one who'd been licked, fingered, and fucked for the last while, he was in better shape.

Danielle stumbled, but her eyes started to open and she got a better purchase. By the time they entered the bathroom, she was able to free herself from Derek's help and step into the stall unaided. She grinned at him and said, "So that's what they mean by 'ridden hard and put away wet', huh?"

"If you say so," said Derek diplomatically, a grin threatening to spoil his serious expression.

"Oh, honestly." Danielle thumped his chest and said, "Okay, let's get cleaned up. I'm already dripping, damnit." Sure enough, Derek could see some of their mixed juices on the inside of Danielle's thighs.

He reached around her and began turning the taps, preparing for a nice, luxurious, lazy shower. He just wanted to touch and hold his sister; between her and Rick, they had managed to distract him well, and he looked forward to a quiet night relaxing with his sister.

Danielle seemed to have the same thought, for as the water began cascading down from the showerhead, she said, "How 'bout we just cuddle after all this, huh?"

"Fine by me."

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