Derek and Danielle

Chapter Fifty-Nine

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As things went, the twins seemed to have, by mutual unspoken agreement, stopped going to the restaurant, Frank's. They had never bothered bringing up Christmas plans to their parents as far as earning some of their own money went, so it just fell by the wayside and wasn't spoken of again.

At school, Danielle and Tiffany created a minor sensation, with some of the boys on the track team sidling up to Derek afterwards after phys. ed. and saying, "Did they do it yet?"

Derek chuckled nervously and replied, "I try to keep my headphones on when they're over, so can't tell you guys, sorry."

"Aw man!" "Shit." "I bet they could sell fucking home movies, even."

Derek wasn't sure, in the end, if he should think Danielle was just complimented or not as he shrugged into his T-shirt. Shortly after, Rick's hand around his waist distracted him as the other boy planted a kiss on Derek's cheek. "Hey, Der, any ideas for Christmas? S'only a week away, now."

"Oh! Hey, Rick." Derek distractedly tugged at his shirt and closed his gym locker before returning Rick's kiss. "I dunno, we're probably gonna be doing the whole visit-the-relatives thing up to Christmas Eve and then Christmas Day it'll let up. How about I come over after Christmas breakfast with your present? And maybe we can sneak away for a bit before Christmas. Catch a movie or something."

Rick's hand snaked down to Derek's butt for a quick squeeze. Before Derek could reciprocate, someone bumped into the two of them, saying, "Shit. Sorry, guys," which distracted him. Rick, reading Derek's expression, said, "C'mon, let's go anyway. It's last class so let's get outta here."

Rick, unlike Derek, seemed to be constantly on cloud nine when the two boys were together. Derek, however, was starting to wonder how he could possibly look Rick in the eye and explain that he at least also really liked his sister? Rick hadn't noticed too much – thus far.

But that afternoon, it became a little more obvious. At Derek's place, the boys had just walked in the door and kicked off their shoes when Danielle came into the entry foyer with her glass of Coke. Rick, busying himself with removing his coat, missed it, but Derek saw: for a fleeting moment, her neutral expression shifted to one of mixed disappointment and desire. She quickly rushed up the stairs, only barely acknowledging Rick's, 'Oh, hey, Danielle."

The sound of Danielle's door shutting seemed just a bit louder than necessary to Derek's ears, and Rick frowned. "Is she okay? I thought she might be mad we were dating, but she's got Tiff now, so what's her problem?"

Derek shrugged. "Maybe Tiff couldn't come over and she's upset we get to do it in my room."

"Whatever. C'mon." Rick's grin portended what he wanted to happen, and Derek, albeit a bit uneasily, went upstairs to join Rick on his bed.

Rick's loud grunts in Derek's ear coincided with his final deep thrust into Derek, spilling his load into Derek as the orgasm rushed through him. Derek could feel Rick's chest heaving as his release subsided and he started to come back to himself.

Rick, after recovering himself and still mostly stiffly erect inside Derek, was reaching around to stroke his cock when he noticed something was off. He murmured into Derek's ear, "What's up? You're usually hard as fuck by the time I'm done inside you."

Derek just pushed himself down on Rick's cock, trying not to be distracted with thoughts of how Danielle was taking the two of them fucking next door to her. His erection throbbed a little, and Rick's hand stroking him brought him up to full mast. At least, for a minute. And yet, Derek just never seemed to quite get pulled over the edge to that wonderful, blissful release. After what seemed like forever, Rick had to take his hand off Derek's cock. "Shit, my hand's cramping up. What's wrong today? You usually bone up and come all over."

Reluctantly, Derek pulled himself off of Rick's cock, letting it slide out of him as he turned to kneel in front of Rick on the bed. "Look, I'm sorry, it's just one of those days, I guess."

"Is it Christmas you're worried about or what?" Rick seemed concerned, but not overly worried.

Gee, it might be because I would rather tell you the truth about who else I've been fucking, Rick.

"I guess," muttered Derek. "I mean, it's our first as boyfriends and judging from my track record just now, it doesn't look like we're gonna have a great time."

"What is wrong with you?" Rick frowned. "You're worrying worse than some old grandma! Look, just don't jerk off for the next week. By the time you come over, you'll be so horny you'll probably poke the doorbell with your dick."

Despite himself, Derek laughed. Rick's frown disappeared; he said, "Okay, that's more like the Derek I know. C'mon, let's shower, huh?"

Inside the shower, after the two boyfriends cleaned each other up, Rick said, "I'm gonna try one more time to make you come."

Before Derek could protest that his parents would be home soon, Rick quickly knelt down in front of Derek and wrapped his mouth around Derek's cock. The sudden warm sucking feeling provoked a deep moan from Derek as he closed his eyes and lightly held Rick's head as it bobbed back and forth. Unbidden, Derek's mind shifted the scene: Danielle was clandestinely giving him a blow job right before bed, and her by now expert lips sucked and licked at him as her eyes locked onto his, telling him how much she loved him as he fucked her mouth—

Derek shot his load into Rick's mouth, his jaw slack as the sudden wave of pleasure blasted through him. His cock pulsed twice – then once more, leaving Derek gasping for breath as he opened his eyes, wondering what the hell had just happened.

Rick, swallowing as he stood up, paused to rinse his mouth out from the stream of water from the showerhead before whispering in Derek's ear, "I was startin' to worry I'd lost my touch!"

Derek weakly smiled as he turned to clean himself up while Rick stepped out to begin drying himself off. As the post-orgasmic bliss began to fade, Derek reluctantly shut the taps off and stepped out as well, catching the towel Rick had tossed him. He tried not to look in the mirror as he resumed his clothing and then checked that the coast was clear: he didn't hear any parental voices downstairs, so he gestured Rick out into the hallway, and they returned to his room. It was by now around four o'clock. Derek didn't want to kick Rick out necessarily, but he needed time to think. Lamely, he said, "Look, I gotta start helping Danielle with supper, can we talk later or something?"

Rick kissed him. "Sure. I can take off now. Call me later, all right?"


Derek saw Rick off, then turned and leaned back against the front door, wondering again at what had happened.

After staring off into space for what seemed like a minute, Danielle's voice in the kitchen got his attention. "Derek, if you're done with Rick I could use your help here!"

In the kitchen, Danielle was attempting to strain spaghetti, so he rushed up and grabbed the strainer. "Thanks," she said quickly. The twins only spoke thereafter to ask each other to pass cookware or food, but eventually they stood at the dining table, knowing they still had about ten minutes until their parents came home.

Derek paused to take a good look at Danielle: She was in a casual evening outfit, wearing a light grey T-shirt and black jeans. The T-shirt was a bit tight, since Derek could see the mounds of her breasts quite easily. He didn't realize he was staring until Danielle poked him. "Hey, my eyes are up here, hmm?"

Derek blushed. "Sorry. Um, I like your boobs?"

"Hmm." She made no move to snuggle up to him upon hearing that, but said, "Thanks for keeping it kind of quiet with Rick. But that shower you guys took – kinda longish." She lifted an eyebrow at that.

"I gotta talk to you about that, Dani," Derek replied, looking his sister in the eye.

She frowned. "Since when do I need to hear the exact details?"

"You used to not mind, you know," Derek said a bit testily.

"Well, times change," she huffed.

"Please? Just hear me out, all right?" Derek was conscious of sounding whiny again, and trying to rescue himself, deliberately spoke softly and in measured tones. "It's about what I was thinking."

"Go on, then." Danielle folded her arms and set her jaw as she didn't quite look at him.

Derek's face went red as he looked down at the floor. His nerve left him as he mumbled, "Rick was giving me a BJ and I came when I thought of you, not him."

Danielle's eyes flew open at that last, and she gasped in surprise. After a moment, she said, "Okay, that's ... well, it's not exactly a good thing but it sort of is, you know."

"Not from where I'm standing. I'm the one who's gonna have to break it to Rick," Derek said morosely. "If it comes to that."

"We need to talk more, but any minute now—"

And sure enough, the rattling of the rear door told the two siblings their parents were home. Betraying no sign of the strange turn their relationship had taken over the past several months, they greeted their parents and soon, the Collinses sat down to dinner.

That night, Derek stood uncertainly at Danielle's door. She was on her bed, tapping out a message on her phone to Tiffany. When she noticed him, she beckoned him in. "C'mon. I'll just send this."

He halted a few steps from her bed, and looked at his sister, remembering the texture of her hair as he'd run his hand through it; the way her breasts felt so firm, yet yielding to his touch as he groped them; the way he could always get her to shudder in delight as he ran his hand in between her legs just so; her fantastic ass and legs as well.

And then there was the way she always stood by him when he needed it, the way she accepted their unusual relationship and put up with the fact that he could never acknowledge her as his lover in school, or even at home, except when they were truly alone.

He blurted, "Why do you put up with me?"

"Huh?" Danielle then seemed to process the question, and said, "Oh!"

She patted the bed. "Sit down, huh?"

Derek sat hesitantly at the side of her bed and looked at her. Danielle sighed and raked her hand through her hair. "I could say it's because you're my brother. I could say a lot of things, I guess, but it really boils down to the fact that to me, what matters is that even though my brain's not supposed to be wired for it, it's telling me I love you. I put up with your shit because – well, I just do. I can't put it any better than that."

"I just wish I wasn't a shitty boyfriend. To you and to Rick."

"Well, I can't help the with-me part so much, but the way I see it? You don't have a choice. You and I are just gonna have to deal." Danielle shifted to sit up straighter. "Remember how I was just so all-fired ready to just say the hell with it, way back?"

Derek nodded.

"I've been thinking about it since those days and I'm kind of realizing why it's too dangerous. Why you want to be careful. It was when I was – now I get to TMI you, Derek—" she grinned in a not-entirely-friendly way. "I was with Tiffany and she had my shirt off. She was going on about how beautiful I was, and it just hit me. There's a girl who likes me, maybe loves me, and it would just kill her to tell her I love you way more than I'll ever love her."

Derek bit his lip and looked at the wall. He finally sighed and looked back at Danielle.

She suddenly grinned impishly and winked. "You wanna know details, huh?"

Against his will, Derek found himself interested. "So, did she get down there yet?" He pointed to the obvious location.

Danielle laughed. "Perv! No, not yet, but she loves sucking my nipples and groping my boobs."

"You gonna let her?"

Danielle bit her lip and looked away. "I – I dunno. I dunno if I could do that with her." To Derek, she said, "If you still wanna—"

"Maybe not tonight. I wanna think, you know?"

"Okay, I understand. But I think I could live with it if you and I still... you know."

"Thanks." Derek reached out for Danielle's hand, and she reached up and clasped his hand tightly as he rose from the bed. After a moment, he let go and leaned down to kiss her forehead. "G'night."

She kissed his cheek in return. "'Nite. See you tomorrow."

In bed, Derek lay staring at the ceiling in the darkness, wondering again at what happened in the shower. How could something so wrong have felt so good?

Would Rick be able to understand that at the very least, he'd have to share Derek with Danielle?

Derek was sure Rick wouldn't, couldn't understand. How could he? He'd be playing second fiddle to a girl who saw Derek every waking day of her life – who'd been next to him, literally, even in his mother's womb.

How do you compete with that?

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