Derek and Danielle

Chapter Sixty

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Christmas Eve at Uncle Darren's place proved a lot less boring than Derek had assumed it would be.

He, Danielle, and his parents had all arrived around noon, and found that Uncle Kevin, Aunt Tina and Melissa had gotten in just a few minutes before. After the extensive rounds of greetings, the younger generation got shuffled off to the basement, while the "old folks" busied themselves in the kitchen preparing the evening dinner.

On this occasion, Derek grinned at Jack. "I never really realized how cool it is, this setup you got here. You got your own back door, and there's just the one staircase."

Melissa took Jack's hand and squeezed it. "I think he and I will appreciate it even more after tonight."

Danielle looked at Derek, then the siblings looked at their cousins. Derek flushed and blurted, "We didn't realize you were gonna go this soon—"

Jack waved his hand. "It's cool. Check out how we'll work it, okay?"

The upper level of the house was rectangular, and the kitchen, plus dining room and living room, took up one end of the house, then in the middle was the entry foyer and hallway to the back upstairs patio, which was crisscrossed by a hallway to the other end which held the master bedroom, plus one guest bedroom and the stairwell to the basement.

Jack's level, in the basement, was laid out so that it was basically three rooms, plus a segmented room which had doorways for the bathroom and for the pool room, and a crisscross hallway like upstairs. The stairwell ended at the exact intersection of the longer hallway and the exit out to the back, which led out into a sunk concrete patio which was overhung by the upper one.

Jack's bedroom opened directly across from the bathroom. One of the other rooms was a general entertainment room: gaming consoles, a 46-inch TV set, several chairs and couches, plus a couple of desks for laptops for friends (or cousins) who might come over. The second of the other two was devoted partly to storage, but also had a couple of twin beds in it in the event there were lots of guests.

"Okay, so me and Melissa, we're gonna be in my room for a couple hours. If you two could hang out in the other room and put on a DVD or a game or something, that'd be cool."

Danielle smirked and arched her eyebrow. "And what do we get out of this?"

Jack licked his lips. He looked nervously at Melissa, who nodded at him and jerked her head at the siblings.

"Okay. You know we promised you anything?"

Derek's heart started to race as he wondered—

"We mean it. Anything."

Melissa bit her lip, then said, "That includes... well, you can figure it out."

"Shit," breathed Derek. He saw Danielle's throat constrict as she swallowed.

He looked at Danielle, then back at his cousins. "Can I think about it?"

"Me too," Danielle chimed in.

"You guys go do what you wanna do, okay?" urged Derek.

Jack nodded. "But seriously, if it's in our power, whatever you want."

With that, Jack and Melissa went inside his room and closed the door. Derek tugged Danielle along and they closed the door after they entered the entertainment room. Remembering Jack's warning, he found the Playstation 3, threw on a movie he picked randomly out of the DVD racks, then sat next to Danielle on the couch while the TV came to life.

Danielle said, "Did they literally just offer to let us fuck them if we really wanted?"

Derek nodded, his eyes wide. "I think they did. That's... damn."

"Why would they?" wondered Danielle.

"Probably 'cause we haven't busted them, and we're not gonna," observed Derek.

"They've obviously been talking about it, which makes me wonder if they've been thinking about it. Like, for real and not just as a really huge 'thank you'."

"What d'you think? Should we?"

Danielle pursed her lips and leaned against Derek. "Honestly? I'm not totally sold. It's just – we do this, we go home, what's gonna happen between you and me?"

Derek sighed. "Fucked if I know."

"We could tell them. About us."

"Are you crazy?" Derek shifted on the couch, staring at Danielle in disbelief. She sat, her arms crossed, looking thoughtful. She turned her head to look at him and put her hand on his leg.

"Would it be the worst thing? They have to have some notion of the possibility," Danielle said, her voice a bit unsteady.

"You're not sure, are you?" Derek pointed out.

"No. I'll admit that. But some day, Derek—" Danielle's gaze dropped to the couch. She spoke, her voice barely audible over the movie's swelling intro music. "One day I'd like to actually be able to stand with you next to me and say, 'That's my brother who is my boyfriend.'"

"It's a dream. That's all it is, just a dream," muttered Derek, a sense of defeat washing over him as he slumped on the couch.

"Maybe. But I know one thing that isn't," said Danielle with a smirk as she got off the couch. She knelt at Derek's feet and motioned him to spread his legs.

"Here? Now?" squeaked Derek.

"Don't tell me you haven't been fantasizing about sticking your dick down my throat, brother."

That did it. Derek's cock sprang to life, and even as he reluctantly pulled his pants and underwear down, it was already almost at full mast as he freed it then sat back down. Danielle's warm mouth was on it a second later, and over the noises of the TV, Danielle was soon sliding her mouth up and down Derek's cock, the only audible sign of it being the occasional smacking sound of her lips against his skin and his low groans as she brought him rapidly to the edge.

"Gonna come!" he hissed.

Danielle just bobbed her head faster, and soon Derek's body jerked, shooting his load into Danielle's mouth. When he stilled, she slowly swirled her tongue around his cock, then took her mouth off of him, swallowing as she did so.

The tension had lessened, and Derek pulled up his underwear and pants, then sprawled on the couch, letting his head fall back on the pillow near the armrest. "That was good!"

Danielle ruffled his hair. She pointed in the direction of the bathroom making a drink and gargle motion with her hand, and he waved her off, letting the slight feeling of lassitude envelop him as he desultorily watched the movie.

Danielle returned shortly afterwards, and like any annoyed big sister would do, she pushed his feet off the couch and said, "Get your feet off my seat."

"Nice of you to ask, Dani," jibed Derek.

She leaned over and poked his stomach. "Whatever."

Derek moved up so he was near Danielle. "Listen, if you want me to finger you or something?"

She said through gritted teeth, "What I really want is your hard dick up my fucking cunt, but I need more than a five-second pump-and-dump, so I'm waiting for you to get horny again 'cause you'll last longer this time."

"You're joking," gasped Derek.

Danielle snorted. "What do you think our cousins are doing? If Melissa's hints in her messages to me last week are any indication, she's making sure he explores all of her holes before the night's out."

Derek bit his lip, trying to hide a grin. "Do you wanna try it? Getting fucked up the ass?"

"Not now. Okay? Definitely not here," said Danielle, her tone brooking no opposition.

Truth be told, the danger and excitement had set Derek's adrenaline going almost constantly, and he realized his lips had gone dry and his heart was thumping rapidly.

Derek's erection came back with a vengeance, and he stood up abruptly, his hand out to Danielle. She grabbed his hand and he pulled her up. He grabbed her by the waist and growled into her hear, "Bend over the couch. I'm gonna fuck you. Fuck you so goddamn hard."

Danielle barely had time to answer before Derek had her in position, her dress already yanked up over her back, exposing her panties, which he roughly yanked down. One unzipped pair of pants and a yank later, and Derek buried himself in his sister in one stroke, his eyes closing as he sighed at the warm wetness enveloping him.

He grabbed Danielle's hips and pumped hard and fast, only belatedly listening to her harsh grunts as he pounded into her.

It was definitely longer than five seconds.

Long enough, in fact, that he could feel her begin to tighten around him, then suddenly, her body jerked, her insides clamping down on him as she let out strangled grunts through gritted teeth as she came.

Derek, still thrusting, felt his own release come a few seconds later, and he flooded Danielle's insides before finally collapsing against her, his breaths heaving like he'd run an entire week's worth of track meets.

He pulled out of Danielle as soon as he could think again, not waiting for his cock to soften, and whispered, "I'm gonna get a quick shower, okay?"

Danielle's weary nod was her only answer as she muttered, "I'll have one later. Gonna just clean up here real quick."

Derek sneaked out into the hallway, keeping his ear out for any sign that his cousins might be done. As he passed Jack's door, he pressed his ear against it and heard some satisfied-sounding moans and grunts. "Use your tongue more. There!" could be faintly heard at one point. That was Melissa, he decided.

If they were still in the oral stage, he figured they'd be a long while before they needed the shower, so Derek got himself cleaned up quickly, making sure to use a spare towel from way in the back of the closet for such things, and tossing it in Jack's laundry hamper right away. With luck, Derek decided, Jack wouldn't even notice it with all the towels he and Melissa would go through.

Danielle was already in the hallway when Derek came back out, his clothing not showing any sign of his torrid adventure. The siblings quickly kissed as they passed each other, Derek tasting Danielle's lipstick.

Danielle gave him a satisfied smirk as she swatted his ass, prompting him to swat hers, getting in a grope too.

Every second Danielle was away, Derek found himself anxiously wondering if the two of them would be in for a horrible surprise upstairs at dinner. He kept the door open, hoping the air circulation would help get rid of the faint smell of sex he could still detect under the air freshener Danielle had brought with her.

He stared at the screen, his knee bouncing, not really seeing the movie.

Finally, however, Danielle returned, freshly lipsticked, not a hair out of place, and her dress not showing any sign that she'd been given a thoroughly good fucking just a while before.

She sat down next to him, pecked him on the cheek, and said, "All done! Feeling better?"

"Much," said Derek fervently. "How 'bout you?"

"Re-lieved," replied Danielle. "Now I can actually think for a bit. Do you still wanna... whatever, with Jack or Melissa or both?"

Derek made a 'so-so' gesture. "I could maybe see fucking Jack or Melissa in the ass, but it's not like I've gotta. And maybe we should tell them about us."

"But then that might just make 'em think they could use us for anything," Danielle said with a grimace.

"Let's just play it by ear. I kinda feel like I'd be taking advantage, you know? What about you?"

"Same here. Anyway, turn that shitty movie off and put on a game. I wanna kick your ass."

Derek snickered. "You mean you wanna kiss my ass when I win!"

Danielle rolled her eyes and made a whip-cracking motion. "Get the game on, you slowpoke!"

And soon, the siblings nearly forgot about their 'kissing cousins' in the room over.

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