Derek and Danielle

Chapter Sixty-One

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Jack and Melissa, fully clothed and freshened up, walked into the entertainment room and saw Danielle demolishing Derek's scores in a racing game. When he saw his cousins, Derek dropped his controller on the rug and groaned, "Save me, please!"

Jack just laughed. Melissa grinned. To Derek's practiced eye, he could tell she was walking funny, and he remembered back to when he'd been first anally penetrated. A grin threatened to show on his face and he had to hurriedly shift over next to Danielle as his cousins plopped themselves on the free end of the couch. Danielle elbowed him and said, "Your turn's coming up."

Derek just shook his head and said, "I give up. Can we call a time-out?"

Danielle smirked and mockingly patted his hair. "Okay, widdle brother."

Derek rolled his eyes and batted her hand away. "Oh, shut up."

Jack leaned over and said, "Hey, I didn't tell you guys earlier, but those're some sharp outfits."

"I really like your dress, Danielle," chimed in Michelle. "And Derek, I like the shirt and tie."

Danielle's dress was the same sleek dress she'd worn at Thanksgiving, in point of fact, and Derek was wearing his best white shirt, black pants, and a dark blue tie to go with it.

"Thanks," the siblings said in unison.

Melissa laughed. "Twin jinx!"

Derek raised his hand and got a high-five from Danielle before she jumped off the couch and shut off the TV and Playstation 3.

Derek said, "So... um, did you do what you wanted to do?"

Jack and Melissa beamed widely, and Danielle lifted her eyebrows. "Hmm. Okay, then."

Further discussion was cut off when a voice shouted down, "Kids! Your grandparents are down from the old folk's home!"

Jack jumped with a start, then yelled, "Okay, we're coming up!"

Jack whispered to the group, "Lucky timing! It's like, three o'clock now."

Derek mused, "That was a long time. I wonder if Dad went to go see Grampa Don, you know, up at the burial plot."

Jack nodded. "Dad was telling me earlier today he'd go with Uncle Samuel – your dad, to pick the grands up, and on the way they'd swing by."

At the door, all four of them stopped and looked at each other. Jack said, "Me and Melissa, are we okay?"

Derek nodded after a quick glance at his cousins. "Yeah, I don't see any weird stains or whatever."

Danielle nodded as well.

And that was when things took a decidedly strange turn.

Melissa stepped up to Danielle and began making some adjustments to her dress, standing almost with her chest against Danielle's. Then she reached up, gently grasping Danielle's breasts as she adjusted Danielle's bra before running her hands down Danielle's sides, and then kneeling to run her hands down down Danielle's thighs before tugging at the bottom of Danielle's dress.

Danielle was visibly breathing more quickly, and Melissa stepped up to Derek, standing with one knee bent so she had the inside of her thigh pressing against his. Derek felt his mouth go dry as she ran her hands up his torso, then carefully adjusted his tie. Almost automatically, Derek's hand came up and rested on Melissa's hip. She smirked at him, then at Danielle as she stepped back. "Just reminding you what you two can have if you want it."

Jack visibly swallowed and rasped, "Wow."

Derek forced himself to come back to Earth, and willing his slight hard-on to settle down, he went up the stairs with the others and went into the living room to see his grandparents, carefully seated on the two comfortable chairs sitting astride the Christmas tree in the corner of the room nearest the window looking out onto the street.

"Hey, Grampa Walter, Grandma Olivia," said Derek as the two old people beamed up at him. He was very happy they couldn't read minds as the entire extended family settled in for some snacks and conversation in the living room for the next hour.

Derek could see his grandparents visibly tiring as the clock neared four-thirty, and his grandfather said, "I really hate to say this, but Olivia and I are going to need our rest and we're not gonna be any good falling asleep in our supper dishes."

It was true; old age was having lasting effects on them, and it was an effort for Grandma Olivia to get back up to use her walker, while Grandpa Walter leaned more heavily on his cane than he'd had in the past. They said their goodbyes, and Uncle Kevin said he would drive them back to the old folk's home, which was situated in a remote part of the town abutting a park and a golf course.

Once Uncle Kevin was off, Derek and Danielle were roped into helping in the kitchen under the direction of their mother, and they helped put the finishing touches on Christmas Eve dinner. Meanwhile, Jack and Melissa were put to work getting the dining room table extension in, the tablecloth on it, and all the other odds and ends that went into setting everyone's dinner places.

Soon, everything was ready, and the younger generation were then enlisted to help get the food set out on the elongated table, which rivalled Thanksgiving in its sheer bounty. Uncle Kevin had returned by that point, and was brought into service to help out as well.

Finally, everyone could get seated, and the teenagers sat near one end, with Derek at the one chair at the end of the table, Danielle on his left, and Melissa and Jack taking the two seats on his right. The adults then took their seats, and the meal began.

"Not another bite, I swear," groaned Derek forty-five minutes later.

Danielle, slumped in her seat across from Melissa, was holding her stomach and shaking her head. "Any more and I might explode!"

It didn't help, Derek thought, that he (and the other teens) had been allowed two glasses of wine on this occasion, or that the adults were all loudly talking and had made several toasts and were already through two bottles of wine. Derek knew there were at least three more in the fridge, plus who knew how many cans of beer, waiting to be consumed.

Jack piped up and said, "Dad?"

Uncle Darren looked up and said, "Yeah, son?"

"Could we, y'know, have our dessert later? We're all feeling kinda full right now and wanna go back downstairs and chill for a while."

"That's fine – no problem for me, anyway." Uncle Darren grinned. "Let's send the weaklings downstairs and we'll keep rippin' right on through the food and drink!"

Chuckles went around the table and four relieved teenagers cleared their plates and cutlery to the kitchen, then trudged downstairs and, in the entertainment room again, collapsed on the couch.

"I don't wanna move," Derek whined.

Melissa suddenly sat up and winced. "Oh shit, guys, I'll be right back!" She staggered to her feet and dashed out the door as fast as she could.

Jack, puzzled, leaned over and nudged Derek's arm. "The fuck was up with that?"

Derek laughed. "Dude! You really don't know?"

Jack scowled. "Come on, Derek! You know something!"

"'Course I know, you dickhead. Ever been fucked in the ass?"

Jack blushed. "Well, no, of course not, but Melissa and me, we... kinda did that. You know, me fucking her."

Derek slapped Jack's shoulder with the back of his hand. "Well, I can tell ya what happens, 'cause I've been fucked in the ass. You get loosened up."

Sudden realization hit Jack and his eyes went wide. "You mean—"

"Basically when that happens, if you gotta go, you gotta go right away," Derek announced.

Danielle leaned over and said, "Well, at least it happened now and not at the dinner table."

The siblings looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"Oh come on! It's not funny!"

Derek spluttered, "All that preparation – and you didn't even – think to ask an expert!"

Danielle had to lean her head on Derek's shoulder, covering her mouth with her hand to avoid laughing so loud she'd be heard upstairs.

Melissa sauntered back into the room to two very amused siblings barely controlling their laughter, and a blushing cousin who was looking at her quite sheepishly. She walked up, lightly smacked him on the head, and said, "Could've warned me, Jack Collins!"

She sat down in the empty spot between Derek and Jack, and suddenly Derek was reminded of the way her warm body had pressed up against his briefly when she was fiddling with his tie. He tried to push that thought away and said, "What movie do you guys wanna catch?"

Shortly after, they settled on one and began watching it, killing time as the adults upstairs began playing some music on Uncle Darren's stereo loud enough that some of it filtered downstairs during quiet scenes.

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