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This is part 1 of 4 parts, and is my first venture into writing about bi-sexual sex (although it has an emphasis on gay sex). Like my previous stories, it’s pure fantasy. It involves male/female sex, male/male sex, adult/youth sex, transvestism and incest (I left out bestiality - I think that would be a bit too much!!). Hope you enjoy it. If you do I’d love to hear from you.

Chapter 1

I live with my Mom, Claire and Dad, Steve. He isn’t my real Dad, but he’s the only dad I know. When Mom was fourteen she, along with most of the girls at school, had a crush on the school jock . He was tall and handsome, and he knew it. In mom’s naiveté, she let him fuck her, and nine months later I popped out. My real Dad’s family denied that he was the father, and in those days it wasn’t easy to prove paternity. Apart from that, his family was very influential in our town and their word held more weight than my grand parents. I might add that it was later found that a number of bastard children were born to young girls who named him as the father. So I guess I have a lot of half brothers and sisters around the place

Mom had to leave school, and our family was ostracised by the “gentle” people of the town. Mom bore the stigma of having a bastard son, and the reputation of being a slut. My grand parents stood by her, but when mom was 16 she decided that it would be better for them if she left home. So we moved to another city. Life was pretty hard for a young girl with a kid, but we survived. Mom would do anything she could to keep us together, and I mean anything. When she was seventeen she met Steve, and within a few months we were all living together.

Steve is a personal trainer and masseur. He’s got a body to die for. Not an ounce of fat on him, he’s all muscle. Not beautiful, but extremely handsome, rugged and a real man’s man. He met mom when they were both booked to do a party. Steve is bi and at the time was supporting his education by hooking. Mom was supporting us in the same manner, and they found in each other the same needs and desires.

The world we lived in was pretty close. Mom had girl friends who were working too, and I used to be baby sat by them when Mom and Dad were both working. These “aunts” are still among our closest friends. Other times Dad would look after me while Mom was working, or vice versa.

Between them Mom and Dad made a living. Dad finished college and got his degree. He started working as a masseur and trainer in a Gym, and made a number of contacts. They got work through these contacts, doing parties and entertaining out of state visitors. Dad is a big guy (six feet three, and two hundred ten pounds) and Mom is small, (five feet four and one hundred ten pounds). They worked out an erotic routine where Dad fucked Mom in various positions, often carrying her and swinging her around while his cock was embedded in her count. It became their trade mark, their clientele grew, and they became very popular in the circle they worked in. As a result they started earning good money, and Dad was able to buy into a gym chain.

It was at one of these parties that he met up with a guy who was very influential in Mom’s work. The guy was a straight transvestite, and he was complaining about how hard it was to indulge in his fetish. Dad saw an opportunity, and he introduced the guy to Mom. The result was that Mom took the guy on as a client and the rest is history. Mom now works from home, entertaining transvestites, straight, bi and gay. She has a large clientele of fairly important men from the city. Her discretion has ensured that they can indulge in their fantasies without any fear.

Mom’s “office” is our fifth bedroom. It’s very feminine, with a big bed, a lounge area, dressing table and two walls that are mirrored closets. These closets hold her clients’ wardrobes, She usually has two clients a day, one at lunch time/afternoon and one in the evening and she averages around five thousand dollars a week. Dad usually does “out” calls. and he makes around three thousand a week. This, on top of his gym chain means that we live very comfortably.

Mom is now thirty-six, and Dad is forty, and I’m now twenty-two.

. . . . . . .

When I was four I “discovered” my dick, and the pleasure I could get from it. And I discovered Dad’s dick too. At this time we were still living in our rented apartment. It was a small one bedroom place, and I slept on a fold away bed set up in the bedroom. At least that was where I was supposed to sleep, but I usually finished up in bed with Dad and Mom. They always slept nude, and so I did too. I loved the feeling of lying between Dad and Mom, and would often go to sleep sucking on one of Mom’s tits and having Dad’s cock nestled in my ass cheeks.

I’d seen Dad and Mom fucking enough to know that I wanted to try it. Not to fuck Mom, but to be fucked by Dad. I loved the way his big hard cock would slide into Mom’s cunt or asshole, and thought if he can do it to her he can do it to me. Even at my young age I knew that I would have to prepare myself to take Dad’s cock, and I began to experiment, playing with my asshole, and shoving my fingers in it. I usually played in the bathroom, using Mom’s moisturising lotion to make my hole slippery.

My favorite times were when Mom was working and Dad was looking after me. After dinner I’d sit on his lap and watch TV with him. I was about five at the time. I’d climb onto his lap and wriggle round till his cock was in my ass crack, and I’d sit there occasionally flexing my ass so I could feel it and sorta clench it between my cheeks. Ninety nine times out of one hundred he’d get hard, and I became game enough to reach between my legs and feel his hard cock head nudging my balls. It was always wet and slippery. I’d look up at him and he’d just be watching TV and smiling, so I knew he enjoyed what I was doing.

Finally, one night while we were sitting together and I’d been rubbing his cock head a while, he grabbed the remote and switched the television off then picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. He lay me on their bed and stood beside it, his cock hard and twitching. The knob was all shiny and wet, and without thinking twice I reached up and took it in my hands, He bent forward and I reached up, put out my tongue and licked the slit. One taste and I was hooked on his precum. He sighed as I licked it and pushed forward a bit. I opened my mouth wide and it slid in. As though on remote control I started licking and sucking it as he gently pumped about an inch or two into my mouth.

I sucked for about five minutes before I felt his cock get stiffer and he shot his load into me. Although I’d seen him cum plenty of times before, I was not really prepared for the force of it and I gagged a little before I was able to swallow it, and some seeped out round his cock onto my chin. He shot four or five bolts in me before it slowed to a dribble. I kept sucking and felt his cock start to lose it’s hardness and shrink in my mouth. He pulled out, and bent over to lick his load off my cheek and chin, then lay beside me and we kissed and cuddled until I went to sleep.

Next morning Mom asked if I had a good night. Dad had told her what we did and she wanted to know if I was happy about it. I said I wanted to do it all the time, it was so good. She laughed and said that I’d have to share Dad with her, that I couldn’t have all his nice juice, so from that day on we developed a system. If Mom was working, I’d get to suck Dad and get a load from him before I went to sleep. If they weren’t working I would get to clean Dad’s cock for him after he fucked Mom. I liked cleaning his cock for him, and preferred the taste when he fucked her ass to when he fucked her cunt. They tried to interest me in sucking his load out of her cunt, but I didn’t like it, and they soon realised that I was more interested in cock than cunt and they didn’t press the matter.

It was not long after that, that they found out about my experiments with objects in my asshole. I was sprung in the bathroom, with Mom’s bottle of lotion open and the handle of her hair brush in my hole. It was Dad caught me, and he called out to Mom. She came in to see, and said that’s why her hair brush felt slippery sometimes, and laughed. She went back into her bedroom and came back soon with a rubber thing that looked like a small cock. Dad explained what it was and what it was for, and Mom gave it to me to practise with. Dad went into the bedroom and brought back a tube of lubricant. He took the rubber cock and greased it with the lube and told me to bend over the bath. Then he slowly slid the cock into me. It felt much better than the hair brush handle.

From then on I played with the rubber dick every day, till it went in and out real easy. Dad and Mom checked regularly to see if I was causing any damage to my hole, but I never did. After about a month, Dad brought home another rubber thing, It was sorta narrow at the top and got wider then went narrow again and then flat. He told me it was a butt plug, and was designed to go into my ass and stay in there as long as I wanted without having to hold on to it. I greased it and pushed it into my ass. I could feel my hole get bigger as it went it, then it closed up round the narrow part and I could let go of it and it wouldn’t fall out. I straightened up and it felt real good, ‘specially ‘cos I could walk around with it in me and even wear it under clothes when we went out if I wanted to. I wore it most of the time at home, except when I was sitting on Dad’s lap,

As I got older Mom gave me bigger dildoes, and Dad brought me bigger plugs, till I was ten years old. By this time I was using toys that were about seven inches long and over an inch across. and the butt plug was about the same size. On my tenth birthday Mom and Dad weren’t working and we went out for a birthday treat. I’d never been to a rich restaurant before and I felt real grown up when we ate there. We were all dressed up and I didn’t tell them I had my butt plug in. I felt real naughty and sexy eating in this nice place and knowing that my plug was in my hole.

When we got home from dinner, Dad took me into the bathroom and we took our clothes off. I thought we were going to have a bath together - we often did, But he got me undressed and told me to bend over the bath. That’s when he saw my plug and he laughed and called me a little slut boy. He gently eased the plug out and then Mom came in. She was carrying a red rubber bottle thing with a plastic hose coming out of the top. They told me it was an enema bottle, and they were going to put the hose in my ass and fill me full of warm water from the bottle, to clean my hole out. They let the water flow into my ass till I was feeling real uncomfortable, then told me to sit on the toilet and let it all out. I did this three times before they said I was clean inside, then they dried me off and we went to bed. I grabbed my plug to put it back in, but Dad said not to put it in yet.

We got into bed and Mom lay on one side of me and Dad on the other. They both started playing with me, kissing and licking me and running their hands all over my body. It was getting me real excited and my cock was hard. Mom bent down and started sucking on my cock. This was the first time she did that and my cock got so hard. Meanwhile Dad got up from beside me and moved down to the end of the bed. He spread my legs and knelt between them. His hands were rubbing up and down my legs, from my feet to my hips. I was so relaxed. Then he lifted my legs and put my feet on his chest, and his hands started rubbing my ass cheeks and his fingers ran up and down my crack. When they hit my hole, my cock twitched.

He reached down and brought up his tube of lubricant, and put some on his fingers, then rubbed it round my hole and even pushed some into it. I suddenly realised what he was going to do. My cock was so hard, I was so excited. I’d wanted this for so long. He greased his cock, and shuffled forward a bit. Mom left off my cock and watched Dad’s cock as it hit my pucker. Dad asked if I was OK about this, and I told him I really was. He said it might hurt at first, but then it would feel real nice. He pushed forward and I felt his cock knob pushing against my hole. I’d used my plug and diodes enough to know to relax, and his cock pushed through my sphincter into my hole.

He held it still a minute and asked if it hurt. I said it didn’t so he slowly slid into me. It felt so good. I felt him filling my hole. His cock was bigger than the last toy I’d used, but I wanted him to fuck me so bad, that it didn’t matter if it hurt or not. And it didn’t hurt, just made me feel full. He started fucking me, slowly at first. Mom moved up beside me and I started sucking on one of her tits while Dad plowed my hole. She ran her hand down my body to my cock and was gently stroking it.

Dad fucked me for about ten minutes, slowly getting faster and harder. Still it didn’t hurt, It felt better when he did it fast then when he was doing it slowly. Suddenly he hit something inside me that made my cock jerk and I felt like I wanted to pee. He hit it again and again and these electric shocks went right through my body. My asshole tightened round his cock and I felt like I was going into a spasm. Mom and Dad grinned at each other, then Dad yelled out, and I felt his cock jerking inside me. He was cumming in me! He pumped and yelled and pumped and yelled and I knew I was getting his juice, like Mom did. It was the greatest feeling I’d ever had. Finally he stopped pumping and stayed still for a moment, then his cock popped out of my ass. He bent forward and kissed me, the put kisses all down my body, over my cock and balls and finally kissed my hole and licked it. I felt exhausted and so happy that they’d given me this present for my tenth birthday. I think I was asleep in about ten seconds.