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This is part 2 of 4 parts, and is my first venture into writing about bi-sexual sex (although it has an emphasis on gay sex). Like my previous stories, it’s pure fantasy. It involves male/female sex, male/male sex, adult/youth sex, transvestism and incest (I left out bestiality - I think that would be a bit too much!!). Hope you enjoy it. If you do I’d love to hear from you.

Chapter 2

About this time Mom and Dad started talking about moving out of our little apartment. They were both making good money and the Gym was profitable, so they decided they could afford a larger apartment. They looked around and finally decided on a three bedroom, two bathroom apartment in a nice area of town. It was round the same time that Dad met the transvestite, so having a spare bedroom was a good investment. It would mean that Mom was working from home sometimes, and it would be better if I didn’t go home after school the days she was working. So it was arranged that I would go to the Gym. I could do my homework there and have a swim in the pool until Dad was finished and we could go home.

My first day at the Gym I was a bit scared. All the machines and weights, and the guys working were so big. It was an all male Gym and there were some real muscle men, but also some older men too. I spent some time in Dad’s office doing my homework then asked him if I could go for a swim. He took me to the swimming pool and I realised all the guys were swimming naked. Although I’d seen Dad and Mom naked since I was real little, I’d never seen any other guys before, and seeing all their cocks made my dick go hard. Dad told me to get undressed and he would take my clothes back to his office.

As I undressed I noticed that a lot of the guys were looking at me. I was a bit embarrassed about my hardon, but Dad said not to worry - it happens to all guys sometime or other. I jumped into the pool and started swimming. Dad had taught me to swim at our local pool, but I had never swum naked before. It felt real nice, and real natural, and soon my hardon went down as I did some laps. It was not a real big pool and I was able to swim a lap easily without having to stop. Dad watched for a while then went back to his office.

The guys in the pool were real friendly. After I’d done a few laps I stood in the water at the shallow end and they came over and talked with me. They all knew my Dad and were being real nice to me. They even invited me to play some with them. I’d swim underwater and they’d stand with their legs apart for me to swim between them. A few times I felt their hands or dicks rubbing down my back as I swam between their legs. It was a lot of fun. We played tag for a while and soon it was time for us to go home. Dad came in to get me and he brought a towel to dry me, but didn’t bring my clothes. I was so comfortable that I didn’t think twice about walking back to his office naked, but I did notice the guys in the Gym were looking at me.

While I was getting dressed Dad asked me if I enjoyed the pool, I said that it was fun and told him what I did, and that I think some of the guys were letting their cocks rub along my back. He said they probably were. He said they probably wanted to play with me. I knew what he meant. They wanted to have sex with me. He asked me if I would like to play with them, and I said I didn’t know. He didn’t say any more and we just left it at that. When we got home Mom was making dinner and asked if I had a good time. I told her what I told dad. She looked at him and smiled.

Although I had my own bedroom now, I still slept most nights with Dad and Mom. Dad and I got real close. When Mom was working nights and he looked after me we’d have dinner and then go into the living room to watch TV. I’d get between his legs and suck on his cock for a while, then he’d lift me up and turn me round so that I was facing away from him and he’d sit me down on it. I loved feeling it sliding into my boy butt, and would wriggle round for a while and make it twitch inside me. We’d watch for an hour or so, then he would lift me and turn me round to face him, and he’d stand up and carry me into the bedroom with his cock still in my ass. We’d lie down on the bed and he’d fuck me till he came in me, then I’d lick it clean and go to sleep, often with his cock still in my mouth. It became routine, but never became boring, We were fucking three or four times a week. Most times I had a dry cum just by him fucking me.

When Mom was home at nights, I’d go to bed before them and usually be asleep when they came to bed, but most times I’d wake up to watch them fuck before they went to sleep. I loved watching Dad’s big cock pumping into Mom’s pussy. I loved how it was all hard and red and shiny. And I loved watching Mom suck his cock clean after he fucked her. Often Mom let me suck her tit or she sucked my dick while Dad was fucking her.

Sometimes, Mom worked from home on Friday nights. It was usually organised that Dad and I would go to the movies on the nights she had a client at home, and a few times we arrived home when the client was still there. Mostly they were sitting in the living room having a coffee or a drink, but sometimes the client was still dressed. Some of the guys looked real nice as women, and some looked real funny, but Dad and Mom taught me never to make fun of them and always to call them by their girl names if they were dressed. I even recognized some of them as guys who I knew from the Gym.

Dad had a room off the pool area where he used to do his massages. It had a massage table and some other tables, and benches and chairs, and had it’s own bathroom. Dad usually had one or two clients a day, He’d start with a regular massage, working on their backs and legs and arms and butts, and then they’d roll over and their cocks would be hard. Dad would work on their chests and stomachs, and finally get to their cocks and they’d have sex. He’d jack them off or suck them or maybe fuck them. Or they’d suck him or fuck him. The massage table was designed so that various parts could be raised or lowered to make it easy to have sex in various positions.

One day when I was there I’d just finished my homework and was getting ready to go for a swim when Dad came into the office and asked me if I wanted to go with him and his client into the massage room. The client wanted to suck me while Dad fucked him. I was real excited. I’d only ever been sucked by Dad and Mom before. So I went in the room. The guy was older than Dad and a bit fat, but he was real nice. I’d played in the pool with him a few times. I watched as Dad did his massage bit, then when he finished the guy got on his hands and knees and Dad lifted one end of the table up so it was like the back of a chair. He told me to get up on the table and sit against the lifted up end, and he climbed on the other end.

The guy shuffled forward till his head was just above my dick, and Dad got behind him. The guy bent down and took my cock in his mouth just as Dad slid his cock up the guy’s ass, then he started fucking. He was pushing the guy forward and back and the movement made the guy’s mouth slide up and down on my dick. The feeling was awesome. I couldn’t see Dad’s cock but in the mirrors on the wall I could watch him pumping in and out. The guy was making moaning noises round my dick and I felt the vibrations right through my body. It was making me real excited and I felt the tingle in my dick and balls that meant I was gonna cum.

The guy was leaning on one elbow while he was sucking me and he was jacking his dick at the same time while Dad was fucking his ass. It was so hot! I couldn’t stop the tingling and my dick started jerking as I came in his mouth. He felt it and sped up his jerking and came real soon after. Then Dad gave a loud grunt as he dumped his load in the guy’s ass. We all had a cum! Dad slowly pulled out of the guy’s ass and got off the table. He walked to where I was sitting and I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it clean. The guy was watching, and when I finished cleaning Dad’s cock he got off the bed and gave me his to clean. It tasted different from Dad, but I liked it anyhow.

Then Dad cleaned the table while the guy had a shower, and we all left the room. I went into the pool and Dad went back to his office. The guy got dressed, then came over to the pool to thank me for letting him suck me. I said I liked it and could we do it again some time. He just smiled and said “anytime”.

On the way home Dad asked me if I liked it and would I like to do it again. I told him I’d love to do it again - it was so much fun. He said that there were other guys who’d like to do it with me and we’d probably do it a lot more if I wanted. When we got home Mom was just saying good bye to her client. I recognised him as the guy she called Glenys. He was one of the guys who played with me at the Gym.

Over the next few months I got sucked by a guys two or three times a week. Sometimes I did it the same way as the first time, but sometimes sat on the guy’s chest while Dad fucked him on his back. I couldn’t see Dad fucking him that way except in the mirror, and I liked it better when I could watch him. One guy wanted me to lie on him with my dick in his mouth and my head down near his dick. I liked that the best ‘cos I could watch Dad’s cock going in the guy’s ass real close up. Another guy liked me to sit on his face and he licked my hole while he got fucked.

One of the best ones was when this guy wanted to fuck Dad. Dad lay on his back and lifted his legs. I lay on top of him and he sucked my dick. His ass was high in the air and his cock was near my face so I started sucking him while he was sucking me and getting fucked by the man. That was the hottest!

One day Mom asked me if I would come home after school instead of going to the Gym. Glenys was coming in the afternoon and he asked Mom if I could join them. She asked me if I wanted to do it, and I told her I would. I’d never seen Mom working. and I wanted to find out what they did. I knew about fucking, but if the guy was being a girl what did he do.

After school I hurried home, and Mom was waiting for me. She told me to have a shower. When I came out the guy was there. He was wearing a real nice suit and tie, and looked real rich. I hadn’t put any clothes on and that made him smile. Mom and the guy had a cup of tea, then we went to her the bedroom. The guy started taking off his clothes, hanging them on coat hangers, then Mom went to one of the wardrobes and opened the sliding mirror doors. The guy’s girl clothes were hanging there, and there were some drawers with girl’s underclothes and stockings in them and ladies shoes on the floor of the wardrobe.

Mom helped the guy pick out some clothes to wear, and I watched as he got dressed. He put on a black bra with some fake tits in them, then put on some black panties. There was a big sorta slit in the front and back of the panties and his cock and balls hung through it. Then he put on a sort of belt with things dangling from it. He sat on the bed and started putting black stockings on. He rolled them up his legs and fastened them to the dangling things. When he turned round I could see his ass crack through the slit in his panties.

Mom took him over to the dressing table and started to put make up on him. There was lots of make up. Colored stuff on his eyelids and some sort of cream on his face, then powder and some red stuff on his cheeks. Then she put some real bright red lipstick on him. He looked a bit funny, but Mom had warned me not to laugh. Then he put some big dangly earrings on and lots of bangles. Mom got a blonde wig out of the wardrobe and put it on him. He looked like a girl then, except for his cock which looked like it was starting to get hard. Mom tapped it with her hand and told him he was a naughty girl. He giggled.

Then they went back to the wardrobe, and chose what dress he was going to wear. He decided on a tight, short, black leather skirt and a white blouse that was real thin and you could see his black bra under it. Finally he bent down to get some shoes out. As he did I could see his asshole peeking out from his skirt. He got a pair of real bright red shoes with real high heels. After he put them on Mom told him he looked real nice. He sorts twirled round, looking at himself in the mirror.

Mom opened a cupboard and it was a little refrigerator. She took out a bottle of champagne and some glasses and a juice for me, and we sat together in the lounge. I sat between Mom and Glenys and listened while they chatted about girl things. All the time Glenys was rubbing his hand up and down my leg, and fondling my dick, which was hard.

After they chatted for about ten minutes, Mom got up and moved over to the bed. She took her skirt off and I saw she wasn’t wearing any panties. And when she took her top off she wasn’t wearing a bra either. She just had one of those belt things, and stockings and shoes. She lay down on the bed on her back with her legs open and I could see her shaved pussy. I looked at Glenys, and his cock was hard and pushing his skirt out.

He climbed on the bed between Mom’s legs and bent forward and started licking her cunt. Mom spread her legs even wider and lifted them a bit so he could get deep into her pussy. He was licking and sucking like mad, and Mom beckoned me over to the bed. I climbed onto the bed and she had me stand up with my feet on either side of her waist, facing Glenys. He looked up and saw my hard dick right in front of him. He moved forward and lifted his skirt. His hard cock was shiny with his juice, and he leaned forward to slide it into Mom’s cunt. As he did he took my dick in his mouth. He started fucking Mom and sucking me at the same time. I had to hold onto his shoulders to stop from falling over, and I started pumping my dick into his mouth. He was moaning round my dick, and he started fucking Mom even harder. She was moaning too.

It wasn’t long before I started feeling the tingles in my dick and I started humping even faster. I couldn’t hold back any longer and had my cum in his mouth. It was one of the hardest cums I’d ever had, and I started to topple over. Mom grabbed me from behind, and lowered me gently to the bed. Glenys was still fucking her, He was holding her legs up and spread while he pumped his cock into her. I rolled over onto my side and took one of Mom’s tits in my mouth and started sucking.

Glenys let out a loud groan. He was watching us while he fucked Mom, and he was fucking her even harder and faster. Then he let out a yell and I could tell he was cumming in her cunt. Mom started making the noises she made when Dad fucked her. I looked down and saw that Glenys’ cock was soaked with Mom’s juice, and I had another cum real sudden like.

We lay there for a minute or two, and Glenys let Mom’s legs go. As she lowered them his cock came out of her cunt. Mom lifted me off her tit and I knew what she wanted me to do. I crawled down the bed and took Glenys’ cock in my mouth, sucking his cum and Mom’s cunt juice off it. He was breathing real heavy and he had a big smile on his face.

Finally we got off the bed. Mom put on a real thin robe, that you could see her tits through, and we sat back down on the lounge and they had another glass of champagne and I had another fruit juice. They chatted for a bit longer and Glenys said it was the best fuck he’d had in a long time. He said it was real hot when he was sucking my dick while he fucked Mom, but the best part was when he watched me sucking Mom’s tit while he was fucking her. He said that’s what made him cum so hard. I smiled. I was glad that I had been the cause of his cum.