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This is part 4 of 4 parts, and is my first venture into writing about bi-sexual sex (although it has an emphasis on gay sex). Like my previous stories, it’s pure fantasy. It involves male/female sex, male/male sex, adult/youth sex, transvestism and incest (I left out bestiality - I think that would be a bit too much!!). Hope you enjoy it. If you do I’d love to hear from you.

Chapter 4

Dad said if I was going with them tonight I had to have a sleep in the afternoon so that I wouldn’t be too tired. I said would he lie down with me till I went to sleep. He came up to my room with him and we lay on the bed. Dad cuddled me and talked to me real quiet like. He was stroking my body, and finally I fell asleep. I guess I slept for a few hours, because it was dark when Mom and Dad came in and woke me up. They sat on the end of the bed and talked to me while I woke up properly. Dad explained what we would do at the client’s place.

When Dad and Mom did a job together, they put on a sort of show. They had worked out a routine like a dance, only they had sex together. When they finished, they invited the guests to join in if they wanted to, and they usually did. Dad and Mom would have sex with them. I knew what Dad did with men, but I’d never seen him with another woman. And I’d only seen Mom working with men who dressed as women. I’d never seen her doing anything with another woman, or a man who didn’t pretend to be a woman. So I was a bit excited to see them working. And I was going to get sucked by at least one of the guys.

After we had our talk, Dad and Mom took me into the bathroom and Mom gave me an enema. Then we all got dressed and left for the job. It was in a real big house in a rich area of town. When we got there the client met us at the door and took us to a big bedroom where we could get ready for the night. The other guests hadn’t arrived yet, so we had plenty of time. Dad said we should lie down and relax before we got ready, so we took our clothes off and lay on the bed. I cuddled between Dad and Mom, and we all had a bit of a nap.

A while later there was a knock on the door, and the client asked if we could start in half an hour. We got up and Mom opened the bag with their costumes. I didn’t know what she had brought for me to wear. When she pulled them out of the bag I saw that she had a loin cloth for Dad, that just had a triangle of material that looked like leopard skin hanging down at the front and back, and was tied round the waist with a leather strap. When he put it on it just covered his cock and balls in the front and part of his butt at the back.

Then she put her costume on. It was the same as Dad’s, just a triangle of the same material at the front and back, covering her pussy and part of her butt. She didn’t have a top, so her tits were showing. Then she took mine out of the bag. It was the same! Only smaller. She had made it for me while I was asleep in the afternoon. I was real excited then. We were all dressed the same. Then Dad sat me on the bed. He said he had something really important to ask me.

He said that it was possible some of the men might want to fuck me. If I didn’t want to be fucked, I should tell him, so that he could tell the client that I wasn’t available for that. I didn’t even think that they might like to fuck me. I knew I liked Dad fucking me, but I hadn’t thought about being fucked by other guys. I thought for a bit and said that it would be all right if they weren’t rough, and that if I didn’t want it I could say no. Dad said that was okay, and he would tell the client. Then he said that I should be prepared for the possibility, and he got me to bend over the bed. He got a tube of lubricant out of the bag, and put a nozzle on it then put it in my ass and squirted some of the lubricant into me. It was cold and made me giggle a bit. Then we were ready to go.

The client put on some music and Dad picked me up and put me over his shoulder so that my head was down his back and my legs were down his front. Then he picked Mom up and put her over his other shoulder the same way. He flicked our loin cloths up so that our asses were showing and then he walked into the room where all the people were. There were eight people, four men and four women. They all clapped and laughed when we walked in, and Dad let us slide down his front till we were standing up. Then he brought me over to sit on the floor near the client and him and Mom did their routine It was like a dance, and Mom was sort of like a sort of snake, sliding over Dad’s body, and making their loin cloths lift up, showing Dad’s cock and Mom’s pussy.

While they were doing their dance, the client picked me up and sat me on his lap. He put his arms round my waist, and lifted my cloth at the front then started playing with my dick. I got hard real quick. He had his legs together and my legs were outside his. He was rubbing my dick and balls and his hand was going under my balls till his fingers almost touched my hole. I started squirming on his lap and could feel his hard cock under my butt. I looked round and the men all had hardons. Two of them had pulled their cocks out of their pants, and one of them was stroking his dick, while one of the women was stroking the other man’s dick.

I put my hand between my legs and started rubbing the client’s cock through his pants. One of the women had undone her top and her tits were showing, and another woman was rubbing them and pinching them. Dad and Mom were still doing their dance, and they were lying on the floor moving in time to the music and then Mom took Dad’s cock in her mouth and started sucking him, and Dad spun around and started eating Mom’s pussy. This got the people really excited and they started taking their clothes off too. Two of the women started sucking two men, and another woman was eating one of the women’s cunt. I’d never seen two women having sex before, only the guys dressed like women doing it with Mom. I didn’t know what they could do, because they didn’t have any dicks to fuck with, but while I watched I realised that she used her tongue and fingers, and she was playing with the woman’s clit, like Dad showed me.

The client lifted me off his lap and he took his clothes off, then undid my loin cloth so that we were naked. Then he set me on top of him so that he could suck my dick, while the last woman started sucking his cock, and the last guy was eating her pussy. So everyone was eating pussy or sucking cock all over the living room. The client rubbed his hand up and down my butt while he sucked me, and then started to put his finger in my hole. It slipped in easy, ‘cos Dad had lubed me up, and he pulled his mouth of my dick and asked me if I got fucked. I told him that Dad fucked me, and he asked if he could fuck me. He didn’t have a real big cock, not as big as Dad’s, so I said he could.

He lifted me off him, and stood up. The lady sucking him let his cock go and he lay me on the sofa with my legs in the air. He knelt on the floor, and his cock was just in line with my hole, and he slowly pushed in. It felt real good, and I sighed as he went in. Dad and Mom finished their act, and came over and sat beside me while the client fucked me. The other men and women stopped to watch us too. It didn’t take him long to cum in me, and when he pulled out one of the women bent down and started licking my hole. The client leant on the sofa and one of the other men started fucking him. Pretty soon everyone was fucking. Dad was fucking one of the women, and Mom was getting fucked by one of the men. The woman who was eating my ass was being fucked by another man while another woman was sucking her tits and fingering her clit.

After a while, the client got up and said we should stop and have a drink and recover for a while, and he made some drinks for them and one of the women went into the kitchen and brought out some food and a juice for me. We all sat round and rested a bit, and they talked and I mostly listened, I found out that they were all husbands and wives, and that they get together and play with each other every month or so, and they were bisexual. I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but Dad said it means that they like having sex with men and women, like him and Mom do.

Then one of the guys asked me if he could fuck me. I said yes, so he lay on the carpet and I sat on his cock, I’d never been fucked like that, and it felt different. I could bounce up and down while I was sitting on him and wiggle round so that I could feel his cock hitting that spot in me that made me tingle. I kept hitting the spot till my tingles got so much that I had a cum. I sorta sow stars and I felt it right through my body. My hole was clenching on his cock and it made him cum. I could feel his cock jerking inside me as he shot his load into my ass. It started leaking out round his cock, and I felt a tongue on my butt as one of the other guys started licking my hole and the guy’s cock. It got almost too much for me so I lifted off his cock and the guy took it in his mouth and sucked and licked it.

Dad picked me up and asked me if I was okay. I said I felt real good, I was having a great time. He smiled and kissed me, and we sat on the sofa for a while and watched everyone fucking and sucking. Mom was lying on the carpet and one woman was sitting on her face while she was licking the woman’s pussy, and another woman was licking Mom’s pussy while a man was fucking her from behind. Two of the men were sucking each other’s cocks, and one of them was getting fucked, and the other women were eating each other. Dad called it sixty-nining. I bent over and started sucking Dad’s’ cock. It tasted of his cum and the pussy juices of the women he had fucked and the ass juices of the men. It was a different taste, but I liked it.

We all played for another hour or so, I sucked the men’s cocks, then it was almost time to go. One of the men said he’d like to see Dad fuck son, so Mom and I lay on the carpet and Dad got between my legs, I lifted them and he slid into me. I rolled my head to the side and started sucking Mom’s tit, like I did the first time Dad fucked me. Mom reached down and started playing with my dick, while she fingered her cunt. It felt so good, that I forgot that we were being watched by eight people. It was just like when we were home in bed together. It wasn’t long before I started feeling the tingles again and I sucked harder on Mom’s tit. Dad was fucking me a bit harder too, and pretty soon I had another cum, and Dad had one too. I felt him blowing his juice in me. Mom wasn’t far behind us. She was fingering her clit faster and soon she had a cum and her cunt juice sprayed out.

We all lay there for a little while, and the men and women clapped and thanked us for the entertainment and fun. We went back to the bedroom and changed back into our clothes to go home, and when we came out, they were all fucking and sucking again. The client left the group to see us out, and gave Dad the fee, and told him there was extra in there for me. He said he’d had a great time with me, and was really glad I came with them. Dad thanked him, and said he’d see him during the week at the Gym. I was feeling real tired - we’d been there for three hours - and I slept all the way home. When we got home Dad opened the envelope and found that the client had paid an extra three hundred dollars. Dad asked me if I’d had a good time, and I said I had and when could we do it again. He laughed and said that maybe they should work out a new routine, which included me.

. . . . . . .

That was eleven years ago. I’ve followed in Dad’s footsteps, and am now a trainer/masseur, and in partnership with Dad in the Gym. I’ve got my own massage room and a good list of clients. Dad and I still double up with some of the clients. Mom has inreased her clientele too. It’s quite an eye opener how many important men in business and politics have their little secrets. Dad and I fly to the coast three or four times a year to perform. I could tell you which famous movie star has an incredibly small dick, and which “he man” star loves to spend his spare hours with a cock or fist up his ass. . . . . . . . but I won’t! Suffice to say we are all well paid for our services and our discretion.

Life couldn’t be better in our family business !