Apologies that this part is so late, I have had lots of stuff to do in the past few months and had no time to finish it off, I plan perhaps one more chapter to wrap it all up

Family Fortunes


Part 2


Scott drove into town and went to the phone shop he last used and got another IPhone and had the same assistant set it up for him to use straight away, he then put in a call to his solicitor and they arranged to meet at the police station in 30 minutes, he grabbed a quick bite and soft drink and headed to the police station.

"Hi Fred" Scott said and shook the hand of a good looking young guy outside the station "have you got all the paper work sorted Fred?" he went on.

"Yes Scott its all ready for your signature and police ratification, I spoke to Steven's dad last night and all he wants is to be rid of the lad he says, I think he is a piece of work actually Scott" replied Fred

"Yes from what Steven has told me he has beaten him quite a lot lately and Steven is better rid of him" answered Scott as they entered the police station and spoke to the desk sergeant.

They were shown to the station inspector's office and there was Steven's dad looking worse for wear and flanked by two burly police officers "Mr Brown here has been charged with drunk and disorderly and of assaulting a police officer, he is going to appear at the magistrates court later today" said the inspector.

"He states he has an agreement with you Mr Spencer that you will take charge of his son in the interim leading to you legally adopting him as long as we don't bring charges against him for child abuse and assault, is this true?" he went on

Fred said "yes that's true inspector, I have his signature on the agreement and all that's needed is your ratification that you won't press charges and Steven has written a letter here asking for him not to be charged"

He passed over a sheaf of papers and the inspector read through them "well it seems in order but highly irregular but never the less its all legal and I will not charge him as asked for" the inspector said

"Also we have decided to get him a good lawyer for his court proceedings as a goodwill gesture and Mr. Spencer will foot the bill, but he wants an understanding that Steven is now in his charge and wants nothing to do with his father" Fred said

Brown nodded and scowled at every one and signed a document that set this out, with it all settled he was taken back to his cell and Scott hoped he had seen the last of him and thanked the officer and him and Fred went out and he said to Fred outside "fancy a drink to celebrate?"

"Sorry Scott I have to file these at the court and then I have a client to see after, another time maybe and of course I would love to catch up with you and your sexy son" Fred replied and winked at him

"Ok next time then and thanks Fred for all your help and how quick it was sorted" Scott said and shook his hand and then set off for his car, on the way he got some school shorts and socks and stuff for Steven as he planned to take him to see the doctor on Saturday as well and of course Josh if he got back in time.

He arrived back at home after picking up Liam and Steven from school to find two messages on his answer phone both from Rebecca one saying that Josh had arrived ok and that they should be back on Friday evening and could he pick them up at the airport, Liam asked what the shopping was he had bought and Scott showed them that it was school wear for Steven for the visit to the doctors on Saturday.

Steven looked puzzled Liam explained that they had arranged to have a physical and sexual exam at this doctor friend of Scott's and now he had joined them they thought it only right that he be included as well.

Scott said, "why don't you two go upstairs and change out of your school stuff and while you're at it Steven try the school shorts and socks on"

Steven smiled and said he would love to and held up the grey shorts "a bit retro aren't they Scott?  Junior school boys wear this type of shorts" he went on

"Well it's what the doctor asked you to be dressed in and believe me you will feel a wee bit sexy in them" Scott replied and winked at him

Steven smiled back and he and Liam went off to his room, in there he stripped off his school uniform and stood just in his underpants and was about to pull on the shorts "hey wait a minute" said Liam "put on the new underpants and vest as well, lets see you in the full uniform Steven" he went on.

Scott shrugged his shoulders and slipped his white briefs off and his cock hung down flaccid and Liam handed him the new underpants, "they seem very loose" said Steven "they fit alright but the cotton is thick and they hang down a bit long than I normally wear them" he went on

"Well they are supposed to be in the style that schoolboys in the 1960's wore, they were all that was available then" said Liam and watched Steven do a twirl and his cock started to swell in his briefs.

Steven pulled up the grey school shorts and pulled on a pair of the long grey school socks with the red piping at the top and the white shirt and grey and red striped tie, with his blazer on he looked in the mirror "mmm quite dashing if I might say so" he murmured.

Liam nodded and he thought Steven looked so sexy in the old fashioned schoolboy uniform "just hope none of my mates see me in this on Saturday, they will think I'm a right little queer" Steven went on to say and both boys laughed.

Scott stood at Steven's bedroom door and wolf whistled him and Steven whirled round and grinned at him.

"He is a sexy little schoolboy isn't he Liam, the docs going to love him on Saturday" Scott said

Liam nodded and also grinned and then said " I think he is going to like us all dad"

"Well time for dinner lads so lets have some cold chicken and salad ok?" said Scott

They both nodded and Steven stripped out of the uniform and stowed it away as Liam went to his room and stripped out of his school stuff and put on just PE shorts, in his room Steven did the same and two bare chested boys met on the landing and grinned at each other and had a little grope at each other's cocks.

"Mmm later maybe?" said Liam and Steven nodded and both boys skipped downstairs and went into the kitchen and sat at the table as Scott served up the big bowl of salad and large plate of cold chicken, he poured himself a glass of white wine for himself and cola for the boys and they sat and devoured the meal with a little light chat, mostly about Rebecca and Joshua in Israel.

Steven and Liam collected the dirty dishes and glasses and stood at the sink and washed them, messing about as usual as they did and ended up soaking their PE shorts and giggling, you could see the outline of the boy's cocks in the wet nylon and they were getting erections and Scott laughed at both boys when they turned around.

"Seems as though there is nothing wrong with your hormones boys" Scott exclaimed "maybe no need to go and have you all examined on Saturday" he went on.

"Oh I think we all need to have a check-up dad," said Liam "what will the doctor do exactly Scott?" asked Steven as both boys stood with their backs to the sink. "This is what he will do" exclaimed Liam and in a quick flash had pulled Stevens PE shorts down and exposed is semi erect cock, he felt at the side of his testicles and told him to cough, without thinking Steven did as he was told and then Liam felt at the other side and told him to cough again, next he felt at Stevens balls and rolled them in his fingers causing Steven to moan softly and his cock reared up to its full erection, then Liam took hold of it and roughly pulled his foreskin back and then down again causing Steven to moan even louder.

Scott sat at the table watching Liam and his cock got hard in his trousers as he watched his son examine Steven's genitals, Liam was now wanking Steven off and making the boy moan and groan and Scott couldn't take it any more and got up and knelt down and took Steven's cock into his mouth and sucked the boy off, "arrggh ohhh fuck!" moaned Steven as he grabbed Scott's head and fucked his mouth.

Liam positioned Scott to the side and pulled down his own tented PE shorts and using a mixture of washing up liquid and water fingered it into Steven's bum hole and spread it over his own erect cock, then gripping Steven's bum he tried to push his cock into the Steven's crack, at first he couldn't find his hole but on the third try he felt his cock head find the hole and he pushed in and Steven groaned and then whimpered as Liam's cock invaded his boy hole "argghh no umm ohh fuck no please no!" Steven exclaimed

"Relax mate relax, let me in" Liam whispered to him and Steven relaxed slightly and pushed as though to take a dump and Liam's cock pushed into him and gripping him tightly Liam fucked his school friends bum hole as his dad sucked on Steven's hard throbbing boy cock, the air was thick in boy smell and this fired all three of them up and Liam rabbit fucked Steven as Scott slurped on Steven's cock.

Soon Liam and Steven moaned they were close to Cumming and Liam gripped Steven tightly and with one last thrust rammed his cock into him all the way and shot his hot 14 year old teen sperm "arghh ohhh fuck ohh yeah here it comes!" moaned Steven and shot his hot teen sperm down Scott's willing throat and he gladly swallowed the boy's offering and then licked his cock head clean and that caused Steven to push away his head off his still sensitive cock, so he turned to his son's cock and cleaned that off after it had slipped out of Steven's bum, both boy's calmed down and Steven noticed that Scott's trousers were tented as he stood up and reached out and undid his belt and unzipped his trousers and pulled down his briefs and released his throbbing cock and then Steven dropped to his knees and took the mans cock into his mouth and sucked hard on it making Scott moan and groan and hold the boy's head tightly as he sucked on his cock head, in the meantime Liam went behind his dad and parted his bum cheeks and licked at his dads hole and forced his tongue into it and that made Scott groan even more.

"Oh yeah ohh yeah lick that hole son!" Scott moaned Liam complied and licked all around his dads bum hole and wet it Scott was now in heaven and he shouted "ohh yeahh oohh fuck me Liam, fuck my hole with your boy cock please son!" Liam stood up and lined his throbbing cock at his dads bum hole and pushed gently "oohh don't be gentle ram it in Liam, ram it up me boy!" Scott shouted and that surprised Liam as he had never heard his dad like this, but he did as he was told and rammed his hard boy cock all the way into Scott's bum "arggh yeah ohh arggh" Scott moaned again

Meanwhile Steven had pulled off his cock and turned his bare back to Scott and braced himself against the sink "fuck me Scott please, ram your man cock into me please!" he moaned. It took some maneuvering but Scott rammed his throbbing seven inch cock in the still sloppy bum hole of Steven as Liam fucked his bum, the kitchen was filled with moans and groans and the smell of sperm and boy sweat as Liam fucked his dad hard and Scott fuck 14 year old Steven's bum, Scott was hitting Steven's sweet spot with every thrust now and his cock was ram rod hard and ready to spurt out his boy seed, the feeling seemed to spread to both Scott and Liam and they both announced they were ready to shoot.

Scott grabbed Steven's hips and thrust deep and groaned and shot his sperm into the boy's bum hole as Liam shot his sperm into his dad's bum closely followed by Steven who deposited his hot teen sperm onto the front of the sink, all of them were now exhausted, Liam was the first to pull out of his dads bum, his softening cock plopped out and then Scott withdrew from Steven and his cock hung down covered with a mixture of his and his son's seed " I think we all need to clean up boys" said Scott  "lets go up to my bathroom and have a good shower he went on and Liam and Steven nodded their agreement.

Scott slipped off his trousers and underpants and shirt and socks and stuffed the socks pants and shirt into the washer and now naked headed with the two naked boys up the stairs to his suite and into his large bathroom with its king size shower and all of them stepped in after Scott had set it going and warmed up the water, Scott lathered up both boys and enjoyed washing them down as much as the boys enjoyed the pampering and showed it by getting erect again but Scott's cock stayed semi soft and he wanked both boys with soaped up hands causing them to moan and Scott marvelled at how 14 year old boys had so much sexual stamina, then a thought crossed his mind and he stopped wanking both boys.

"Fuck me Steven, you have had a man cock in you now put your cock in a man and fuck me hard" Scott announced Steven looked at Liam as if asking for his permission to fuck his dad, Liam just grinned and nodded and fingered shower gel into his dads bum as Scott bent over and got ready to be entered, Steven came over to him and pushed his slightly curved upwards cock into Scott's crack and Scott groaned as he made contact first time and thrust into his hole, Steven picked up speed and was soon fucking Scott's arse fast egged on by Liam.

"Oh yeah fuck him hard Steven, fuck my dad hard in his arse" Liam growled as he wanked his own cock Steven went faster and faster and pretty soon his balls were ready to burst and he shouted out he was Cumming "arrgghh fuck yeah arghhh ohh" he moaned as he shot his teen seed into Scott's bowels and Liam stood on tiptoe and shot his sperm all over the two of them moaning and groaning as he did so. Scott slid down onto the floor of the shower and was panting as Liam and Steven recovered by leaning against the wall.

They had all had enough sexy fun now and that showed as even the 14 year old boys cocks were now flaccid and they attended to cleaning themselves and then drying off, Scott said "ok boys lets go downstairs and have a drink and watch a movie, no need to bother with clothes as it will be bedtime soon" Steven and Liam both nodded their approval and all of them went downstairs and the boys picked out a movie in the Sky box and Scott got them a beer each and they grinned at him and he went and poured himself a large brandy and they all sat on the large couch naked and watched the movie.

Scott looked at his son and Steven as they lay at his side watching the movie intently and fondling each other's soft cocks and gently playing with each other's foreskins nonchalantly and he leaned over and whispered into Steven's ear "hope your enjoying your stay here Steven" Steven grinned at him and whispered back "oh I am Scott, I really am, thank you for everything considering my behavior to Liam and Josh" and Scott noticed a little tear appeared in Steven's eyes.

Scott ruffled Steven's hair and whispered "its our pleasure that you're here Steven, I love all you boys and please remember that" Steven squeezed Scott's hand and said "thanks Scott I will take all the love I can get right now, and be able to face any problem that confronts me knowing I have you all on my side" Scott gulped slightly and he to felt a tear welling up but gulped on his brandy and that helped him not to show it, they all returned to watching the movie and soon it was close to finishing and good timing to as they all were feeling sleepy and as soon as the credits rolled Scott switched off the Sky box and television and ushered the sleepy boys upstairs.

"Want to sleep with me Steven?" said Liam as they slowly went upstairs, Steven looked over at Scott and Scott just smiled and Steven said he did and the two naked boys went into Liam's room after saying goodnight to Scott and kissing him and squeezing his cock and balls and giggling,  "damn" thought Scott he would have loved for both of them to have slept with him as he would have loved to have fucked both boys in the night, "never mind plenty time in the future for that" he thought to himself and went to his room as the boys slipped naked into Liam's bed and Liam reached and switched off the bedside light and then they spooned up with Liam's cock nudging Steven's bum "goodnight sexy" Liam whispered "mmm goodnight sexy Liam" Steven replied and within minutes both boys were fast asleep.

In his room Scott lay naked in bed and fondled his soft cock and wished either boy's or Josh or Rebecca were next to him, soon he too was asleep and the house was silent again.

The alarm went off at 7 am and Scott stirred out of a deep sleep, he looked outside at the growing daylight and it seemed as though it was going to be a nice day, he went to his bathroom and did his ablutions and had a quick shower to get the sleep out of him and dressed in his shirt and suit and tie and went to wake up Liam and Steven, he opened their door and was greeted by the sight of Liam naked on top of Steven on the bed and he was moaning and groaning as Liam was fucking him hard "arghh yeah I'm Cumming" moaned Liam and pulled out of Steven's bum and finished off by wanking his cock furiously over Steven's bare bum, splattering his 5 good spurts of teen sperm all over his bum and bare back. He sat back on his heels and got his breath back as his hard cock twitched and then softened.

"Well that's certainly one way to start the day" said Scott and he laughed out loud and adjusted his rapidly hardening cock in his trousers "well come over here and we will both wake you up some more dad" said Liam and grinned at him as Steven turned over and showed he had shot his load of sperm onto the duvet cover "ohh sorry about that Scott" said Steven and he looked sheepish at Scott, "it's okay Steven I am used to boy's sperm everywhere by now, just strip the cover off and bring it downstairs and put it in the washer, I have no time for a bit of sexy fun this morning boys as I have to drop you off at school and then go into work, lots to do there I'm afraid" Scott replied.

Steven and Liam scrambled naked off the bed their soft cocks swinging from side to side as they both helped take off the cover and then they went into Liam's bathroom and Scott grabbed the dirty washing and shook his head as he heard them run the shower, downstairs he prepared them cereal and toast and fruit juice as he drank his first cup of coffee of the day, the phone rang and it was Rebecca and she told them that they would be home around late evening time on Friday, that was the next day and Scott said he would be at the airport to meet them, Rebecca also said she was bringing her mother back to stay although she was going to stay with he other daughter in London a bit and her niece with her as well, Ester was 15 and the daughter of her sister and brother in law who were in the USA on a lecture tour and was being looked after her grandparents so now had nowhere to stay.

She asked if it was okay that Ester stayed at his place with Josh, Scott said no problem as there was plenty of rooms to go round and they would be delighted to have her as well, the boys came down dressed smartly in their school uniforms and scrabbled around getting their PE kit ready and then sat down and listened to Scott tell them about Ester.

"A girl coming to stay, how long?" exclaimed Liam as he munched toast and marmalade after his large bowl of cereal " I don't know Liam, she can stay as long as she wants I reckon" replied Scott who was a bit upset over Liam's attitude.

"Well that's the nudity out the window then, and we had better watch the sex stuff Steven" Liam went on haughtily "well if you lock your door and keep the noise down a bit then maybe it will be ok and I promise I will locate Ester at the far end of the hall upstairs so she won't hear a lot" replied Scott still not happy with Liam's attitude.

"Might as well give sex up altogether then, having a girl here will fuck things up" he went and Scott wheeled round and laid into him "oh shut up moaning Liam and cut out the language as well, Rebecca needs our help and she is going to get it, things maybe okay if as I said you use your brains and keep the noise down" he went on

Liam slumped in his chair and said nothing in reply and then grabbed his school stuff and said he was ready, Steven all the time had said nothing and just looked nonplussed as Liam and his dad had argued, he too said he was ready and with that Scott sorted out his briefcase and papers and laptop and grabbed the keys and they left to take the boys to school, in the car silence reigned bar for the soft murmurings of the radio in the back ground and soon they were at the school, Liam and Steven exited the car, Liam looked at Steven and then asked his dad to lower the passenger side window "sorry dad I was being a wanker, I understand we all have to make sacrifices and I'm okay with that" he said, Scott smiled at his 14 year old son "its okay Liam it may not be for very long anyway and Rebecca may have other plans also, have a good day you two anyway and I will pick you up later" Scott answered. "Oh dad me and Steven have swimming practice after school so we will get the bus home okay" said Liam, as Scott was about to drive off "ermm ring me anyway and I will pick you up, dinner in town after okay?" said Scott, Liam said okay and said goodbye and then turned to Steven and told him, Steven waved to Scott as he drove off.

Just then John Kelsall came around the corner and greeted them "hi queer boys, you both had a good night's bumming last night?" quick as a flash Steven grabbed him and smacked him straight in the mouth, the two boys then broke apart and sparred until one of the teachers came round the corner and put a stop to it and told them off, Steven stared at John Kelsall and Kelsall said after the teacher had gone "you got in a lucky punch, I'll see you after swim practice and we can resume this behind the gym Brown and you will get the shit kicked out of you and your queer boyfriend as well" Liam made a move towards him, but he was too quick and skipped off into school.

"Damn that teacher, I would have fucking killed that bastard" growled Steven "well you will have you chance tonight anyway and then its my turn on him after okay" said Liam.

They both laughed and went into school and start their day of lessons, not seeing much of Kelsall until break time and then they just eyeballed each other. School over for the day Liam and Steven made there way to the separate swimming pool building and were met by Mr. Andrews the PE teacher in charge of swimming practice  "hi boys go and get changed okay? Just you two today so I want you to practice diving in the deep end okay" Andrews said "how come only us two sir? Said Steven looking puzzled "oh it's a big school soccer match and most have cried off to go and watch it" Mr. Andrews replied "I have to be here anyway to finish up some reports so you might as well do some diving if that's okay or you can leave, up to you boys" he went on

Liam looked at Steven and said, "what do you think, shall we pack it in and ring dad?" Steven looked at him and grinned, "well we have the changing room to ourselves and the showers after" and he winked  "ohh you naughty boy, you want to do naughty's to me then do you?" Liam replied and winked back, I'll have you know I'm a good little boy Steven Brown" Liam went on, Steven laughed "yeah and pigs might fly, come lets get changed" replied Steven.

Both boys went to the changing room and picked a spot where they couldn't be seen from the door and then quickly stripped naked and stood with their cocks hard, Liam was in awe of Steven's cock as it was easily a good couple of inches longer than his and had a slight curve on it upwards with his foreskin still over the end at times unless he was really hard, "fuck your gorgeous" said Steven as he gazed on Liam's naked body with his erect cock sticking out at a 45 degree angle, "gorgeous yourself, you have a magnificent cock Steven" said Liam, Steven posed sexily with his cock almost pointing to the ceiling "come on lets take a quick cold shower, we need to get these down if we are going to get in our Speedos," said Liam

Liam went to a shower head and turned on the cold water and danced under it, Steven went to the one next to him and did the same and exclaimed when the freezing water his sexy naked body, in a couple of minutes their cocks had gone down enough for them to pull on their blue school Speedos and they went to the pool area and jumped in and swam a few lengths of the pool to loosen up.

They then took turns on the 5 meter diving board and then progressed to the 10 meter board, after around an hours diving practice they had had enough and Mr. Andrews came and said to get showered and dressed anyway as he had to go now and he said to just pull the door closed too and it would lock itself.

"Okay thanks Mr. Andrews, we will sort it all out and make sure the door is locked after we leave," said Liam and him and Steven swam a few more lengths of the pool and then scrambled out, meanwhile Mr. Andrews gathered up his papers and then opened the door and set the catch to lock after him, just as he was about to pull the door closed John Kelsall came round the corner and asked if he could go into the pool changing rooms as he thought he had left his watch in there, Andrews said that Liam and Steven were in there, Kelsall said maybe they could help him look for it, Andrews nodded and let him in and then pulled the door to.

John Kelsall grinned and he had his phone on camera ready to take some compromising pictures of Liam and Steven if the chance arose and these will be all over the Internet by tonight, Steven and Liam had come into the changing room and stripped out of their Speedos and were standing under the communal showers washing off the pool water, both had erect cocks as they admired each other, Steven leaned over and took hold of Liam and kissed him deep and their erect cocks fenced with each other "mmm oohh yeah mmm" moaned Liam as Steven took hold of his cock and pulled his foreskin back and forth, Kelsall was just around the corner spying on them and taking pictures with his phone and captured Steven dropping to his knees and sucking Liam's cock into his mouth, seeing this sort of turned him on to being sucked himself and he felt his own cock harden in his underpants "what the fuck!!" he thought, he wasn't gay why was this happening, he had a girlfriend and although he hadn't fucked her yet he had played with her pussy and she had wanked him off.

Steven sucked Liam's cock to Liam spurting his cum in Steven's mouth and then he reciprocated and dropped to his knees and sucked Steven's big cock, all captured on Kelsall's phone, Liam swallowed Steven's load of teen boy cum and Steven groaned softly when he shot it down Liam's throat, but they both heard an even louder groan and twisted their heads to see Kelsall peering round the corner with his phone in his hand, both Liam and Steven scrambled after him and he tried to make a run for the door but slipped on the damp floor and his phone fell out of his hand as he fell and scuttled over to the wall, Liam picked it up and thumbed through the menu on it and found pictures of him and Steven naked and sucking each other's cocks, Steven had pinned Kelsall down and was sitting astride of him naked and with his cock still hard and pointing at Kelsall's mouth a fact that had not been missed by John Kelsall.

"What shall we do with him Liam?" "Asked Steven "beat the crap out of him?" and he grinned at Liam. Liam stood and thought for a minute and noticed john staring at Steven's hard cock on his chest and the bulge in John's trousers.

"I think this homophobe is quite turned on by you sitting naked on him Steven" Liam said and grinned at Steven "by the look of his tented trousers he is well aroused" he went on, Liam went over and knelt down and unzipped Kelsall's trousers and fished into his boxers opening and pulled out Kelsall's swollen cock, "mmm nice cock Kelsall" Liam remarked as he pulled back on his long foreskin and bared his knob which was bright red and swollen and leaking precum.

"Arghhh you queer bastards, let me go for fucks sake, let me up" Kelsall shouted at them "whose queer now Kelsall?" said Liam and he took a picture of Kelsall's erect cock with Steven's naked back against it, then he stepped back and got both boy's faces in the picture as well, seeing this John Kelsall was horrified and tried to hide his face but it was to no avail, his picture had been taken with Steven naked on top of him and his own erect cock against Steven's bare back "I think I might just send this to those other homophobe mates of yours John" said Liam and started to scroll down the menu's of John's phone.

John looked scared and tears began to run down his cheeks "oh look Liam the big hard homophobe seems to be crying" said Steven Liam looked up and saw that John had tears running down his face "please Liam don't send that picture please" John pleaded "what do you think Steven, should I send this picture to his mates?" Queried Liam "yeah send it, then maybe we can get some peace" replied Steven.

"I promise Steven no more will I have a go at you guys, I'll do anything if you don't send that picture" cried John and then regretted what he just said, he looked hopefully at Liam and then Steven "anything?" queried Liam. John looked at him and said, "yeah anything you like" and swallowed hard. Liam went to his stuff and fished his phone out of his bag and sent the picture to his phone via Bluetooth, then he came back and said to John "okay then get naked, Steven let him up" Liam said and stood defiant in front of them both.

Steven gingerly got off John and John slowly got up "come on strip naked Kelsall" ordered Steven, at first John did nothing until Liam held up his phone and got ready to send the picture "okay, okay I'm doing it" said John and started to undress, he pushed his cock back into his trousers and undid his shirt and tie and took them off, next he slipped off his shoes and socks and then undid his trousers and slipped them down and off and stood in his white cotton boxers and stood with them now tented, looking hopeful at both Liam and Steven and getting nothing he pushed his underpants down and stepped out of them and stood naked and erect in front of naked Liam and Steven, "mmm he is sexy isn't he Steven?" said Liam and stroked his own hard cock.

John blushed deep red and his cock twitched to the beat of his heart and pointed to the ceiling, he didn't know why but being naked in front of two other naked boys that he had been verbally abusing on a regular basis was making him incredibly hard, his five inch hard cock was leaking precum again and absent minded he stroked it and pulled the foreskin back and exposed his purple cock head "oohh look Liam, he likes playing with himself" said Steven.

Steven went over to John and took hold of his erect cock "Arghhh oohh" moaned John and tried to brush Steven's hand away but Steven held on tight and wanked John's cock and leaned into him and whispered "let go John, let it all go, I have, so you can as well, I know you are gay, I see the signs, now just let it happen" John looked at him wild eyed and beads of sweat were appearing on his forehead, he was trying to resist but what Steven was doing to him was so good.

Steven dropped to his knees and took John's cock into his mouth "oohh fuck oohh no, please no" John moaned and tried hard to push Steven off his throbbing cock "let him do it John, let him suck you, you know you want it" said Liam, who was stroking his own erect cock and wiping the precum all over his shaft, making it shiny and slick, silently he came behind John without him seeing him, it was hard for John anyway as he had his eyes closed in rapture as Steven was sucking his cock down his throat, Liam started to finger John's bum hole and the young boy moaned as a finger invaded his private place back there.

Soon Liam had three fingers up into John's bum and the boy was squirming in ecstasy as something was being touched inside him, he was also trying to fuck Steven's mouth now, all this and bolts of sexual electricity going through him as well, Liam removed his fingers and slicked more precum on his cock head and pulled back the foreskin and held onto John and pushed his cock head into his bum hole, he met resistance at first and leaned and whispered to john to relax and push back, now on auto john complied and pushed back and Liam's cock pushed in steadily causing John to moan out loud and grimace slightly at the flash of pain.

Steven still sucked on his cock as Liam steadily pushed his throbbing cock into John's virgin bum "Arghhh oohh arrghh nooo ohhh no please take it out" moaned John "it hurts so much" he went on. Liam stopped pushing and held his cock in John's bum and let the boy calm down and then when John seemed as though he had calmed somewhat he carried on and it seemed as though John was now used to being penetrated, Liam started to fuck him steadily and got into a rhythm and John started to moan "ohh yeah ohh god fuck me yes fuck me harder" he said and Liam went faster and faster fucking his young arse with gusto.

John was out of it now, his eyes were closed and waves of pleasure overtook him as he was being sucked off and fucked as well, a feeling built up in his loins and he cried out he was going to cum soon and his prostate was getting a battering and making him spasm and he grabbed Steven's head and groaned and screamed out "ohhh fuck yeah I'm Cumming ohh" and he shot spurts of his red hot teen sperm into Steven's mouth as Liam felt him clench his bum and he too shot ropes of sperm into John's guts and clung on to his naked torso "arrghh yes fucking take it you queer arrghh fuck yeah" Liam moaned at John as he spurted deep inside him, Steven had been pushed off John's sensitive cock head now and lay on the tiled changing room floor watching Liam rut John and then Liam pulled his cock out of John's bum and slid down on the floor to join him, taking John with him.

Liam kissed Steven and tasted John's sperm on his tongue, then he switched to the exhausted John and kissed him deeply and John held that kiss and kissed him harder back, as Liam's sperm leaked out of his battered boy hole. For a few minutes all of them gathered their senses together and then first Liam and then John got up and Steven followed suit, Liam was the first to speak, "well you are a full blown queer boy now John, welcome to the club" he said John looked at both boys sheepishly for a couple of minutes " I guess I am Liam, I loved what you and Steven did to me, but I don't think I am ready to be like you guys and "come out" okay?"

Liam looked at Steven and then to John "you gave us a lot of grief John, we should "out" you, but one step at a time, you have acknowledged that you like boy sex and you like sex with girls so its no shame to be bisexual" Liam said "so to that end we won't tell a soul except Josh when he gets home and of course my dad, but he's cool about that sort of thing anyway" Liam went on

John looked at them and then said "thanks guys, I have been a shit to you both and don't deserve it, but I do appreciate what your doing for me, no more lip off me okay" "some mouth on my cock wouldn't go amiss though John" said Steven and pointed at his own swollen cock. They all burst out laughing and then Liam dropped to his knees and tried to take it into his mouth, but John beat him to it and turned and said "no its my turn, its about time I took one for the team" and started to suck Steven's very swollen cock head. Liam and Steven laughed their heads off at that and encouraged John to suck harder, soon Steven was practically on tiptoes as his seed started its journey through his balls to John's mouth and he moaned and yelped and held John's head and flooded his mouth with his sperm, John was having difficulty swallowing and some leaked from his mouth so Liam licked that off the side of his mouth.

Now that had all cum Liam suggested they all had a quick shower and dressed and left, all of them took a shower head and switched on the warm water and washed the sperm and sweat off their bodies and soon they were clean again and went and dried off in the changing room and dressed, letting themselves out Liam's phone went and it was his dad saying he was outside the school gates and to get a move on "you want a lift John?" enquired Liam "ermm yeah if it's okay with your dad" he replied and smiled at Liam "sure its on our way anyway, we are going into town to eat, come if you want" Liam replied as they hurried to the gates to get into the car.

Scott was sitting waiting with his eyes closed and listening to some soft classical sounds from the stereo when Liam and Steven and John came upon him "hey dad is it okay if John comes with us?" Liam said as his dad wound down the window Scott looked at John and said "sure the more the merrier, we are going to an Italian place I know, very good fettuccini" they all scrambled in the car and Liam said "this is John Kelsall dad, the boy I have been having problems with" and he looked at John who was looking sheepish again "oh I see, I thought you and he were mortal enemies" replied Scott turning round to look at all of them.

"Well lets say that John has seen the error of his ways dad" said Liam looking smug "Mr Spencer I have been a jerk, I have had some issues about my own sexuality and took it out on Liam and Steven, I feel I have gone some way to working out what I am, mostly bisexual I think, but I don't want to "come out" like Liam and Steven and Joshua just yet"

"Well that's to be commended John and please call me Scott all my friends do, just take your time in accepting what you are and not judge anyone else okay?" replied Scott, John smiled at him and said his thanks "I do need to call my family though and let them know where I am going, but don't seem able to find my phone" went on John. Liam extracted it from his bag and as he gave it to him he grinned, John called his mum and told her his plans and she said to be home by 8pm at the latest, he checked with Scott if that was okay and Scott said that was fine as they had to be at the airport by 9pm anyway and as John's home was on the way there they could drop him off.

At the restaurant they sat in a booth all together and Scott ordered his favourite fettuccini and the boys shared a big pizza and lots of cola while John had mineral water, this was all followed by lots of Italian ice cream and a night hot coffee for Scott, with lots of schoolboy banter and squirming and feel ups the evening went great, soon it was time to go and Scott paid the bill and they set off and dropped John off at his place, before he left them John kissed Liam and Steven fully on the lips and had a grope of their cocks, Liam and Steven were amazed at what John had done and looked at each other as John smiled and waved goodbye and went inside his house.

As they drove on Scott asked what that was all about "I think that John has discovered the pleasures of boy sex dad" said Liam "well just take it steady with him Liam, only a couple of days ago you and him were deadly enemies at school, he needs time to let it all sink in okay?" replied Scott as they pulled into the multi storey car park at the airport and parked up and then they set off into the arrivals, checking Rebecca's flight they saw it was on time and due to land in about 40 minutes so they went to the cafˇ and sat and had a drink and kept an eye on the arrivals board.

The arrivals board said that they were in baggage reclaim so Scott and the boys positioned themselves by the doors where Rebecca and Joshua and Ester would exit after getting their baggage, people came out and then Liam spotted Joshua with a large trolley coming through and shouted to him, he grinned at them and came over and told them his mum and Ester were just waiting on a last bag and they would be out, within a couple of minutes Rebecca came out with a tallish brown haired girl who looked shyly at the two boys and Scott, Steven stepped forward and asked if she wanted him to take her bag and she smiled and said yes, Joshua glared at Steven and then turned to Liam and hugged him and then Scott "I have missed you guys" he said, Liam and Scott noticed the look that Joshua gave Steven and looked inquisitively at each other, Liam shrugged his shoulders and helped Josh push the trolley with Scott grabbing Rebecca's bags and they all made their way to the car park and onto home.

The chat in the car was all about their time in Israel and the journey home and soon they were pulling into the drive of Scott and Liam's house, they took all the luggage inside and then Rebecca and Scott kissed and the boys and Ester grinned and winked at each other, the kissing over all the luggage was taken upstairs and Liam showed Ester her room and said he hoped she would be comfortable in there "Liam can I ask you something?" Ester said "sure ask anything you want" answered Liam looking quizzically at Ester "your gay aren't you?" she asked "yes I am gay" replied Liam wondering where this line of questioning was going "and is Steven gay?" she went on "he is bisexual so he says, but I don't think he has been with a girl, not to my knowledge anyway" Liam said.

She started to unpack her case and then turned to Liam and said "Joshua is bisexual as well Liam" Liam looked at her and said "yes I know that, he sleeps in my bed though for the moment I guess, how long that will last I don't know" Liam looked a bit upset now "you love him don't you?" Ester said "yes I do love him, I have loved him for at least two years now, but it's only come to a head in the last few months since my dad found out" Liam replied and sat on the bed.

Ester looked down as she was unpacking "Joshua and me have slept together Liam, back in Israel" Liam looked devastated and tears started to run down his cheeks and he got up and left the room and went to his room, Joshua was laying on the bed in his underpants watching tv, and looked up and saw Liam was crying "what's up Liam, why are you crying? Josh asked and swung his legs off the bed and looked at Liam " you bastard! You're a fucking bastard Josh" Liam said with tears streaming down his face "you fucked Ester while you were in Israel, she just told me" he went on with his voice faltering, Josh looked horrified "it was just a couple of times and meant nothing Liam, I still love you, it just sort of happened, she came on to me, I did use protection as she insisted on it, afterwards I told her about you and how I felt about you" Josh said

Silence reigned for a bit as Liam got a handkerchief and wiped his face, sniffing into it as well, Josh came and held his shoulders "I would never do anything to hurt you Liam, we have been lovers now for over 2 years, you know I am bisexual" Josh explained Liam looked up with red tearful eyes "I kept thinking I would lose you Josh" Liam said "you will never lose me Liam, I am yours I told you, I just like to sample what girls offer now and again" Josh replied. Liam started to undress to his boxers when the a knock came on the door and Liam said to come in "its Ester boys" came a girls voice, Liam looked at Josh who was also in his boxers, he just shrugged and Liam said "come in Ester, we are in our underwear though, hope it doesn't bother you".

The door opened and in came Ester in her pajamas and looked at Liam and Josh just standing in their white boxers "mmmm two sexy boys" she remarked "I love to see boys in white underwear" she went on quickly Liam looked embarrassed but Josh just grinned and flexed his muscles, "you have a nice tan Liam" said Ester "its an all over one as well said Josh and pulled the back of Liam's underpants down and bared his bum "mmmm sexy bottom as well Liam" cooed Ester "your picking on the wrong one Ester" said Liam and glared at Josh "but then again you have seen Joshua naked haven't you?" he went on and then pulling up his pants he went into the bathroom and closed and locked the door.

Ester looked at Joshua and she said "I think Liam is a bit upset over what I told him Josh" I think he will be alright, just let him cool off in there a bit" Josh replied, Ester came over to him by the bed and started to kiss him and run her hands on his bare chest, Josh responded by hugging her and feeling her breast through he pajama top "mmm that's nice" she moaned softly and then she fondled Josh's cock through his underpants "I want to suck you Josh" she whispered as she fondled his hardening cock, he stepped back slightly and pushed his underpants down and kicked them off and stood with his throbbing cut cock pointing at the ceiling, Ester dropped to her knees and took the cock head into her warm mouth and Josh groaned slightly and clenched his bum muscles.

Ester continued to suck on his cock as she felt at his soft ball sack and rolled the boy's testicles in her free hand "arrghh ohh fuck yeah suck that cock Ester" Josh moaned softly and held her head tight as he tried to push more cock into her mouth, she pulled off his cock and said "I want to be fucked by you Josh, I'm all wet".

She stood up and took of her pajama top and stood baring her teen girl breasts, not big but the nipples were hard, she undid the trousers and stepped out of them and now stood naked in front of Josh, his cock was rampant and leaking precum, her pussy lips were showing pink through a small bush of pubic hair as Josh came over to her and kissed her and fingered her pussy, putting at least three fingers into her hole and she moaned and so did Josh as she rubbed her hand over his erect cock, he turned his attentions to her nipples and went from one to the other like a bee at flowers sucking hard on her nipples, Liam could here that they were now moaning and groaning so he opened the door and saw that they were kissing and fondling each other and Ester had her hand wrapped round Josh's swollen cock, Liam coughed and then came out with his cock tenting his pants "I will leave you two alone for a bit" he said and made to go to the door.

"Liam please stay and have fun with us, Josh is going to fuck me in a minute, why don't you fuck him as he fucks me, it will be such a turn on" said Ester Josh grinned and nodded his agreement, Liam thought about it for a minute and grinned and nodded. Josh reached into the side pocket of his back pack and got out some condoms as Liam grabbed some lube from his drawer at the side of the bed, Ester pulled Liam's pants down and exposed his throbbing teen cock "mmm nice one Liam, I have never sucked a foreskin covered cock" Ester said "go ahead be my guest" said Liam and grinned Josh was unwrapping a condom and rolling it on his cock as Ester took Liam's cock into her mouth and sucked on his foreskin covered cock "arhhh oohh ummm" Liam moaned, this continued for a couple of minutes until Josh pointed out he was ready and hard for fucking her, so she got up and lay on the bed with her legs hanging over the side and he pussy in full view and ready to be penetrated, Liam in the meanwhile lubed up Josh's hole causing him to moan as Liam fingered the lube into his boy pussy.

Josh pushed further towards Ester and he pushed his cock into her wet pussy and she moaned as Josh's cock entered her, he started to fuck her as Liam gripped Josh's hips and tried to penetrate him, it was difficult but he managed to get in sync with Josh and soon they were both in rhythm and all were moaning and groaning, the noise was heard downstairs and Scott and Rebecca came up and Steven scrambled out of bed naked and padded along to Liam's room and met outside and they opened the door and were greeted by the orgy going on and the sexy sight turned them all on and Steven's cock went hard in seconds as did Scott's in his trousers and Rebecca was rubbing her pussy as she watched the teenagers fuck.

"Why don't we join the kid's?" said Rebecca "why not" replied Scott and started to strip off, Steven went over to the bed with his hard cock leading the way and Ester took it into her mouth as Steven sucked on a nipple, meanwhile Scott grabbed Rebecca and tongued her pussy she moaned as his tongue penetrated her wet pussy "arrghh fuck yeah oh fuck I'm cumming" moaned Josh and clenched his bum and that sent Liam over the edge and he shot his hot sperm into his bum. Ester also convulsed and orgasmed as Josh rammed into her and flooded the condom with his hot boy seed, Liam pulled out of his bum and Steven took his place and fucked him hard and fast for a few minutes as Rebecca lay on the bed and Scott mounted her and rammed his hard cock into her dripping pussy "arrghh yeah ohh yeah fuck me hard Scott" she moaned as her son Josh pushed his sperm wet cock into her mouth after he had pulled off the full condom.

"Mmm ummm mmm" she mumbled as he filled her mouth with his cock and tasted his boy sperm, as Steven rabbit fucked him, ramming his hard cock right inside Josh, Liam had climbed on the bed and turned Ester on her side and was pushing his cock into the sexy girl's bum hole, she had never been buggered and was moaning and groaning as he pushed into her virgin bum "arggh fuck, argghh noo, ohh no take it out" Ester moaned as Liam rammed his cock in mercilessly "take this cock in your arse, you fucking whore" Liam shouted as he rammed into her, his dad looked over at him and said "Liam stop it please your hurting Ester", Liam stopped and pulled his cock out and there was streaks of blood on his cock "I'm sorry oh god I'm so sorry" he cried when he saw what he had done, he held Ester and kissed her, "its ok Liam I understand you must have been hurt when I told you about me and Josh, I guess you reacted to that" Ester said

Liam had tears streaming down his face now, he knew he had overreacted, so he went into his bathroom and locked the door and sobbed, Scott pulled out of Rebecca and knocked on the bathroom door "Liam its your dad, please let me in son, we need to talk and sort this out, your not in big trouble" Scott said. The door opened and Scott slipped in and closed the door behind him. "Well what shall we do now?" said Steven; he had pulled his hard cock out of Josh's bum and now stood with it sticking up and twitching to his heartbeat, Ester climbed off the bed and dropped to her knees and sucked on it "ohh yeah ohh fuck yeah, suck that cock Ester" Steven moaned, Josh grinned and then mounted his mum and pushed his hard cock into her wet pussy, her head lay over the end of the bed so Scott nibbled on her hard nipples "oohh ohh mmm oohh yes oh Josh fuck your mother's cunt hard" Rebecca moaned, Josh sped up and rammed hard into her cunt.

In the bathroom Liam sat on the toilet and his dad on a small stool "Liam you must try and get it into your head that Josh is bisexual, you can't blame him for falling for Ester while he was in Israel, he had been fucking his mum for over a year, I know what it's like for teenage boys to have feelings like this, I was the same with a boy myself at your age, it can tear you apart" said Scott

"I know dad but it seemed so unfair that Josh went and slept with Ester, I am sorry about how I reacted it was stupid of me and I will apologize to Ester again and to Josh, but I think I don't want to sleep with Josh anymore or have sex with him, I want to try and find a boy who is fully gay" Liam replied with tears streaming down his face.

"Well you better tell him as soon as possible, but why don't you sleep on it, maybe tomorrow you will feel different and of course we have to go and see that doctor tomorrow for all of you to be examined" replied Scott and winked at Liam, Liam sniffed and grabbed a towel and wiped his eyes.

"I think I had better go and talk to ester and Josh" Liam said and got up and opened the door and found Josh and his mum laying on the bed side by side, Josh's cock was soft, Steven was laying on the floor with Ester and he was fingering her pussy and sucking on her nipples, both of them stopped and looked up at Liam.

"I am sorry Ester and Josh, I was an idiot to act like that and I hope I didn't hurt you Ester, Josh I am sorry for saying things to you, but I feel at the moment I don't want to sleep with you, so can you please sleep in your own bed tonight?" Liam said

Josh looked shocked and downcast "is this the end for us Liam?" Josh asked

"I don't know Josh, I just feel I don't want us to sleep together and have sex for awhile, I need to sort out in my head exactly what I want" Liam replied

Josh got off the bed and grabbed his dirty underpants and with tears rolling down his face he left the room and went to his own room, without saying another word, so did Ester and Steven, Rebecca looked at Scott who just shrugged his shoulders and they too left the room, Liam straightened his bed and then slipped into it naked and switched off the bedroom light and cried himself to sleep.

Josh in his bed did the same, Steven and Ester slept together, they kissed in the dark and Steven fingered her wet pussy and then she lay on her back and he mounted her, after putting on a condom he had, and he fucked his hard teen cock into her pussy and she was moaning and groaning.

In Scott's room Rebecca had climbed on top of him and was bouncing up and down on his hard seven inch cock, soon his balls emptied into her warm pussy as she had orgasm after orgasm, she climbed off and licked his cock clean of her juices and his sperm and they then kissed deep and fell asleep.

Scott woke up around 10 am and stretched and yawned which woke up Rebecca at the side of him, his cock was erect like it normally was so he decided to go and relieve himself and with his cock leading he scrambled out of bed and took himself off to the bathroom, coming back his cock had softened and Rebecca remarked that it looked just as good soft as hard, so he walked around the room with it swinging from side to side, as he was doing this it got hard and he got back on the bed and lay on his back with it sticking in the air "mmmm I think it needs attention" said Rebecca and she leaned over and pulled his foreskin back and sucked on his swollen knob "arrghh ohh yeah ohh suck it Rebecca" Scott moaned and grabbed her head as she sucked it into her mouth, he pushed two fingers into her pussy and she squirmed and moaned as he fingered her deep, the he pushed her head away from his cock and mounted her and pushed his wet swollen cock into her juicy pussy and rammed hard into her " argghh yeah ohh fuck yeah oh fuck me Scott, fuck me hard, ram in me and spurt all your spunk in me" Rebecca moaned.

Josh awoke bleary eyed after a bad sleep, he needed to pee so went to the bathroom in his room, he wondered if he would ever sleep with Liam again and as he thought a tear dribbled down his cheek, he shook his cock and went back to bed to try and get some more sleep but it eluded him so he decided to get up and get a drink and some cereal, he went downstairs naked and was surprised to see Liam sitting at the table in the kitchen also naked and eating some cereal "morning Liam" said Josh no reply from Liam and he made to get up and leave taking his cereal "Liam please stay and let's talk about our problems" Josh went on.

"I have nothing to say to you Josh, I am fully gay and really don't want to share my boyfriend whoever it may be, with a girl, I want him to commit to me, I don't think you will do that Josh, your bisexual and I don't think I want to take a cock in me that's been inside a girl" replied Liam who was colouring up again.

"Does that mean your dads cock won't go inside you and Steven's?" said Josh now getting angry with Liam

"Yes it does, they will be told soon" answered Liam and with that breezed out of the kitchen and left Josh open mouthed and seething somewhat.

In Ester's room Steven lay on his back softly snoring, his cock stuck up obscenely erect with the condom still covering it, the teat on the end was bulging with Steven's sperm, he had obviously fucked Ester a few times during the night, if fact he had never pulled out of her pussy until about 3am when he climaxed for the last time, Ester stirred and leaned over and kissed him and felt at his hard condom covered cock, he smiled at her without opening his eyes, she scrambled over him and tugged on his hard cock and rubbed it over her puffy cunt lips and sat on the head of his cock and moaned as it slid into her pussy, she started to ride his cock and he moaned and arched his back to meet her, they couple like this until he rolled her onto her back and fucked her hard "oohh fuck yeah ohh your so big Steven, ram your cock in me" Ester moaned and Steven rammed hard into her, he couldn't keep this up and soon his balls contracted and he shot again into the ever filling condom as Ester had her orgasm and moaned and growled as it overcame her.

Panting Steven rolled off her and pulled off the overflowing condom, his softening cock was covered in his old sperm, Ester leaned over and licked it clean and swallowed the cold sperm, Steven wrapped the full condom up in a couple of tissues and dumped it in the bedside rubbish bin.

Scott had taken a shower after he had fucked Rebecca and had dressed in track pants and a tee shirt to go and start breakfast, he called in Liam's room as he went downstairs and found him lying on his bed watching television "you ok Liam?" asked his dad "sure dad I am fine, how are you?" Liam replied

"I am good thanks, don't forget we have an appointment this afternoon with Dr Perry" "we need to leave about 1:30 pm as the appointment is at 2pm" he went on

"Do I have to dad?"  Enquired Liam "yes you have to Liam, we need to have you checked out now your doing anal" replied Scott "well I wanted to talk about that dad, I feel I want to do that side with another boy whose is fully gay like me, in other words I don't want a cock in me that's been in a girl" Liam said and looked at his dad.

"That means me and Josh and Steven then" answered Scott "sorry dad I am all screwed up over this at the moment, I love Josh so much and to see him go and have sex with Ester hurts me like hell" said Liam and he started to cry.

Scott came over and sat on the bed next to Liam, he cuddled his 14 year old weeping son and said "Liam lots will happen to you in coming years, you are still going through puberty and I know how that can mess you up, and love someone and see them go with someone else, but Josh is bisexual, you knew that when you fell in love with him, cut him some slack son as he is so upset to lose your friendship, you two can work the love thing out I guess, but never give up on a friend"

Liam blinked at his dad and accepted the tissue he offered to dry his eyes on "dad I feel so alone right now, but I guess your right really, I still love Josh as a friend, we have been through loads together and that means a lot, so I will tell him I still want him as a friend" Liam said

"Good now that's settled time for a bite of lunch and then get ready to go to Dr Perry" Scott replied and got up and left the room as Liam climbed off the bed and dressed in track pants and a tee shirt and followed him downstairs.

Scott fixed them all some sandwiches and crisps and drinks, Josh came down and looked at Liam but said nothing, Rebecca said to him "you alright Josh?"

"Yes I am fine mum" he replied, "can we go home today?" he went on

"You want to go home Josh?" Rebecca said "yes I think I do, Ester says she wants to go as well" Josh replied

Rebecca looked at Scott and he just shrugged his shoulders, Liam looked a bit sad "is it because of me?" Liam said

"Yes it is a bit, you seem to hate me and Ester and I feel I am not wanted here anymore" Josh replied looking at Liam with tears welling up.

Liam looked at Josh with tears also welling up  "I am sorry you feel that way Josh, I have acted stupid I know, I am a bit mixed up over what's happened, but still want you as a friend if that's okay" Liam said

"I want you as a friend as well Liam, so please can we be at least friends?" Josh said

Liam nodded and they embraced "so you don't want to leave now then Josh?" said Rebecca "no I think I will stay if that's ok with you Ester?" Josh replied and looked over at her, she nodded and he smiled at Liam and whispered, "let's talk later okay?" Liam smiled and nodded.

"Well I think its time you boys got showered and dressed in your grey shorts and socks don't you? Said Scott and he grinned, "and no wanking, that's an order by the doctor"

The boys looked at each other and grinned  "and don't forget that white underwear as well okay, ready in 40 minutes as I want to get off early as it's a 20 to 30 minute drive" Scott went on

The boys finished up and scampered off to their respective rooms to shower and change, Liam stripped naked in his room and went to the bathroom and turned on the shower and stepped in, he gave himself a good washing down and also cleaned his bum hole out as well, in their respective rooms Steven and Josh were doing the same, they all decided not to wank as ordered, but it was hard not too as they all had raging boy hard ons.

Putting on some sexy deodorant Liam came out of the bathroom and got out the white underpants and vest and long grey socks with red piping on, slipping the pants and vest on he stood and looked at himself in the long mirror, next he pulled on the socks and stood again in front of the mirror when a knock came on the door, he called to come in and Josh entered dressed in the same underpants vest and socks "ermm Liam can I have the use of some of your deodorant as mines run out?" Josh asked

Liam turned to look at the sexy boy and smiled "of course you know where it is help yourself" he answered "thanks" Liam replied and went into the bathroom and found it and sprayed himself under his vest and down his underpants, coming out he said "weird isn't it dressing up in these older type clothes, but makes me feel a bit sexy as your dad said they would" "yeah its weird but like you I feel sexy somehow" Liam replied.

They looked at each other and both boys started to erect in their trunk type underpants " I think we had better not don't you?" said Josh and pointed to Liam's tented pants Liam laughed and nodded "ok thanks for the deodorant, better get finished off" said Josh and left the room.

Liam slipped on the shorts and the white shirt he had put out and tied his school tie up and straightened it in the mirror and found his shined up school shoes and slipped on his school blazer and taking a good look in the mirror went downstairs to join the rest of them.

"Oohh doesn't he look smart?" said Rebecca on seeing Liam and he did a twirl and laughed out loud the noise bought Josh and Steven downstairs and equally they were given the seal of approval from both Rebecca and Ester who went round each boy and checked them over, taking a quick feel of each boys crotch, when she got to Liam she leaned in and whispered "please don't hate me for being a girl Liam"

Liam went as red as a beetroot and said "sorry I have been a jerk and a wee bit jealous" Ester smiled at him and mouthed "its okay" and then kissed him on the lips and felt his cock through his grey school shorts "mmmm I would love to be there when the doctor examines you all" Ester said and laughed out loud

"Well you can't Ester, you have to help me get the boys dirty clothes together and wash them and then some cleaning to do as well while they are away" said Rebecca and gave Scott a kiss and he said "right boys lets be going"

They all went and climbed in the car and waved to Rebecca and Ester and set off to Dr Perry's place, they arrived in good time and knocked on the side door, after a couple of minutes Alan Perry opened the door to be greeted by three sexy schoolboys in grey shorts at his door with Scott just behind them "ooh what a lovely sight for sore eyes, come in please and make yourselves at home" said Dr Perry and showed them to a small side room with seats around the walls and a few small tables with magazines on.

"Hello Alan, this is my son Liam and two of his school friends Joshua and Steven, they are all 14 and require a full physical examination" said Scott when they got into the room.

"Well I am pleased to meet you all, my name is Dr Alan Perry and I just want to get a few details before we start, thank you for complying with my request for being in shorts, it's a warm day for this time of year so I reckon being in shorts is not too bad" Alan Perry said and beamed a big smile

The boys nodded and relaxed a bit and Alan bade them to sit down as he rooted in a desk drawer and got out some papers and a pen, he asked them their details, name and age and any previous ailments or accidents, when that was over he said to follow him and they left the room and walked down the passage to another room and he opened the door and showed them in.

There was a large desk, and a couple of chairs in front of it and a small exam table against the wall, and a curtained off area, a set of weighing scales and a height measure against the other wall and a few metal cabinets around the room against the other free walls and another door leading off the room, it was closed though.

"Right boys I want you all to undress to just your underpants and socks, the tiled floor is a wee bit cold to go barefoot so its best you keep on your socks for the time being, you can all strip behind that curtain and then come back out here and sit on the chairs I will put by the desk" said Dr Perry

The boys went behind the curtain and Scott went and sat on a corner chair and chatted to Alan, after a few minutes the boys came from behind the curtain just in their white trunk type underpants and long grey socks, they stood in front of the doctors desk and he scanned their young bodies "mmmm very nice, ohh Liam you have such a deep tan" Alan remarked "yes we both went sailing and spent most of the time naked" replied Scott looking proudly at his fit son.

"Well all of them certainly look fit and healthy" said Alan as he surveyed the slim sexy school boys "lets get started with the exam, Josh you first okay" he went on and motioned for Josh to come round the desk to him, Josh went and stood at the side of the desk.

The doctor felt at Josh's neck and looked into his ears and eyes and then took up his stethoscope and put it to his ears, he listened to the schoolboys' chest and had him do deep breaths, next he checked his back, "please take off your underpants Josh" said the doctor, Josh grabbed the waistband of his pants and pushed them down to his ankles and then off and stood with his hands by his side.

There was a low gasp from both Liam and Steven and it made their cocks twitch in their thick cotton underpants to see Josh standing just in his grey long socks with his cock hanging down over his balls "mmm circumcised I see" remarked Alan as he felt at the side of Josh's ball sack "yes I am Jewish sir" replied Josh and stood proud as the doctor fondled his balls "cough please!" said Alan as he felt at the side of Josh's balls, Josh coughed and then again when asked and then the doctor felt at the other side and asked him to cough again, Josh complied and by now his cock was rising and the skin stretching to bare his knob even more.

"Mmm good erection" the doctor remarked as he stroked Josh's 14 year old cock and precum started to leak from the knob "oohh mmm arghh" Josh moaned as his cock was stroked, the doctor felt at his balls as well and massaged them "no pain at all in your testicles son?" Alan asked

"Mmmm no, none at all doctor argghh ohhh that feels good," moaned Josh he spread his legs a bit more so the doctor could get better access to his cock and balls, Steven and Liam were shuffling in their seats as they watched Josh get wanked off "why don't you help me Scott, come over and wank him while I check his prostate" said Alan.

Scott got up and came over and took Josh's cock in his left hand and his balls in his right and wanked his cock "oohh oh hmmm oohh" Josh was moaning as Alan pushed a lubed finger up his boy hole "arrghh urgghh oohh arrghh" he continued to moan as the doctor pushed more fingers into his boy hole and rubbed his prostate, Josh groaned louder and his cock pulsed and he shot his sperm into Scott's hand, five good squirts of it and a few dribbles, Scott held it and the doctor took a sample and then lapped up the rest with Scott standing feeding him like a dog.

Josh stood and calmed down after his ejaculation, his cock dropped softly between his legs and the doctor told him to go and sit down, he picked up his underpants and slipped them on and went over to where the other boys sat, their cocks were tenting their new white trunks, Alan finished writing and called over Steven, he stood at the side of the desk and his exam began the same way with the doctor feeling around his neck and examining his eyes, ears and mouth and then checked out his bare chest with his stethoscope.

Having also checked his back the doctor asked him to take off his underpants, Steven's cock came into view; it had lost some of its earlier hardness but was still slightly erect, with his foreskin still over the cock head, Alan felt at Steven's ball sack and that caused the 14 year old to gasp slightly as he felt at the side of them, Steven coughed when asked and the doctor repeated the exam on the other side, he lifted up Steven's cock and pulled the foreskin back and bared his knob, it was wet and shiny with his precum, the doctor slid the foreskin up and down and Steven rapidly erected.

"Arghh ohh arrghh yes ohhh" Steven moaned as the doctor wanked him off, he reached round and pushed a finger into Steven's bum hole Ōoohh yeah ohh fucking hell that's great" Steven groaned and he turned slightly and saw Josh was hard and fondling his cock   through his trunks and Liam was tenting his underpants "ohh arrghh I am going to cum" moaned Steven, Alan grabbed a glass dish and as he wanked Steven harder the boy groaned and thrust forward and shot a good spurt of his seed into the dish "arrghh ohhh fucking hell!" Steven groaned as he shot more spurts of his teen sperm into a tissue that the doctor had grabbed.

Steven stood there coming down from his ejaculation and cleaned himself up with the paper towel the doctor had handed him, his cock softened slightly so the doctor told him to go back to his chair, he picked up his pants and slipped them on and the doctor beckoned to Liam to come over and be examined, he got up and came over with his pants tented, his exam began and soon he too had to take off his pants and he stood there just in his long grey socks, the doctor felt at his balls and asked him to cough, next he grabbed his cock and pushed the foreskin back and forth and wanked him "oohh yeah ooh I love this" moaned Liam "oohh fuck I'm going to shoot soon" he went on and closed his eyes as the doctor fingered his bum hole and soon he felt Liam tremble and he grabbed another dish and Liam shot a stream of sperm into it "arrgh ohhh yeah ohh" Liam moaned.

That was the last of the exams so the doctor said he would go and test the three boys sperm samples, Liam grabbed his pants and slipped them on and joined the others sitting down, in the lab next door he set the sperm samples into a machine that tests them and saw that they were all very healthy, he went back and switched on a monitor on the opposite wall and showed them all the samples "these are you results boys" the doctor said "that's yours Josh on the left, Steven is in the middle and Liam on the extreme right" he went on as they turned and looked at the sperms wiggling in the three samples.

"You all are very healthy both physically and sexually, you have many millions of sperms and are capable of fathering children," Alan said, the boys grinned at each other.

"Well Scott how about I examine you?" Alan said Scott looked at him nonplussed "I think I am well thank you doctor" Scott replied

"Well it does no harm to be sure Scott" said the doctor and looked at him enquiringly

Scott shrugged his shoulders and started to undress and was soon stripped to his white pants and socks, he went over and stood by the desk and Alan started the exam, he remarked that Scott seemed so far very fit and then asked him to slip off his underpants and Scott's cock flopped into view semi erect, Steven gasped slightly at the sight of it and rubbed at his erection through his white underpants, Alan felt at Scott's balls causing him to moan as he wanked and fingered some lube into his hole.

"Why don't you boys help Scott and me out?" said Alan, they grinned at each other and jumped up and came over and each of them took off their underpants and stood with their hard cocks jutting out, as the doctor got up and undressed himself they wanked and sucked at Scott's cock and balls and fingered his hole "ohh fuck yeah ohh fucking hell that is so hot!" moaned Scott

The doctor had stripped naked now and stood with his hard 6 inch circumcised cock dripping precum, he came behind Scott and grabbed his hips and pushed his cock at his hole "arghh yeah ohh fuck me Alan, just like the old times" Scott moaned as Alan's cock went into his hole and stretched it.

The boy's took turns in sucking Scott's cock as Alan fucked Scott's bum "argghh I am going to cum ohh yeah ohh arghh" Scott moaned Alan instructed Liam to get another dish quickly and catch a sample of his sperm.

Liam complied and managed to catch a good splash of his sperm in the dish and finished off by sucking the rest of the sperm himself and then swapping kisses with Josh and Steven so they could taste Scott's sperm, Alan pulled out of Scott's bum as he had now filled him up with his hot seed, he beckoned Liam over and got Liam to push his erect cock into his dad's leaking hole "arrghh ohh yeah fuck me son!" exclaimed Scott

Liam fucked his father hard in the arse as he moaned and groaned "ohhh fuck yeah ohhh fuck I'm cumming" moaned Liam and shot a load of his teen sperm into his dad's bowels, next to go was Steven and he rammed his cock into Scott's arse hole"grr ohh yeah fuck me hard!" Scott moaned and Steven fucked ever harder into Scott's hole "arrgghh ohh mmm argghh" Steven moaned as he deposited his sperm with the others in Scott.

Josh was last but not least and he growled as he mounted Scott and rammed his hard cock into the man's swollen hole "argghh fuck ohh this is too much!" moaned Scott as the fourth cock rammed into him, Josh was able to hold off longer but soon he was screaming that he was cumming "ohhh fuck yeah take my sperm!" he moaned as he shot 3 good spurts of his teen sperm into Scott's already overflowing bum hole.

The boys rested now getting their breathes back, all of their cocks were flaccid and sore after the fucking of Scott, he was full of their sperm and Alan came behind him and pushed a butt plug into his bum hole "arggh ohh mmm" Scott moaned as the doctor pushed it in as far as it would go "there Scott just like the old times when you where a schoolboy, a nice plug to keep the sperm inside you, just as you like" Alan said.

"Dad! You like a butt plug in you?" said Liam grinning "yes son, always have loved one in me since I used to meet Alan and he fucked me as a teenager" Scott said and looked embarrassed "well boys I reckon its time you all showered, so slip off your socks and follow me down the hall to the showers okay?" said Alan

They did as he said and pulled off the long school socks and padded naked behind him out of the room and down the hall to another door and the doctor reached in to switch on a light and into a "wet" room, it was tiled and had one big shower and pegs with towels on to dry off, he set the shower going and it soon warmed up and they all crowded under it and washed off, Alan stood back and admired the fit 14 year olds showering and jostling and feeling at each others cocks.

Scott joined them and also washed off and then stood with Alan and watched his son and josh and Steven romp and giggle in the shower "right boys its getting late and we have to go and stop in town okay, so finish off and get dressed" said Scott

He thanked Alan for the great exams and Alan said that all the boys were fit and healthy both physically and sexually and anytime they wanted to have another session they were welcome, Liam and the others thanked Alan as well and said they enjoyed it and would love to come again and dress in the old fashioned schoolboy clothes, they all said they felt so sexy in them.

They dried off and went back to the exam room and dressed back into their shorts and socks and the rest of the uniform and three handsome boys kissed Alan and they went and jumped into the car and soon they were off to town and then home, parking up in town Scott turned to the boys "come on boys lets go and get some provisions while we are here" he said

They all scrambled out and Liam said, "hope none from school see us dad" "its okay Liam I doubt they will, all people will see are three handsome public schoolboys, now just grab a trolley and lets get the shopping" answered Scott

They had parked up at a local supermarket, next-door was a McDonalds, and someone had spotted them, he was sitting by the window eating a burger and his eyes popped out of his head, it was John Kelsall and he recognized them all and he shifted in his seat as he saw they were dressed in old fashioned school uniforms and they all looked incredibly sexy and his cock hardened.

People stared at them a little in the supermarket as they shopped and a couple of boys who saw them stared and giggled, but Steven made to go towards them and they ran off "assholes" Steven muttered and Josh said "yes mmm they have" and the boys laughed, soon the shopping was over and they went to the checkout and paid and wheeled the shopping to the car and set off home.

Arriving home Rebecca met them at the door and kissed Scott and the boys, they all helped take in the shopping and stow it away and the boys grabbed a drink "where's Ester?" said Josh  "she's in her room Josh" said Rebecca "okay I'm going to have a chat to her, anybody coming with me?" he replied Steven looked at Liam and they both nodded and scampered upstairs.

"Seems like Liam has come round a bit Scott" said Rebecca as she and Scott opened a bottle of wine and had a glass each "yes, he enjoyed today, but all what's happened has happened so fast and I think he feels threatened and a bit put out" Scott replied "is he okay with us though" enquired Rebecca

"Yes he is fine with our relationship because he knows I won't desert him anyway, its just that he worries he will lose Josh" Scott answered "Josh loves him Scott, he is bisexual and it tearing him apart also, he is fast approaching 15 now and full of hormones that are pulling his this way and that, I think we just have to keep an eye on them both and let nature take it's course" Rebecca went on.

The boys went upstairs with their drinks and knocked on Ester's door "come in" she said and the three boys in their uniforms trooped in "oh wow what a sexy sight you all are" said Ester, she was laying on the bed watching the television dressed in just a tee shirt and her panties, they all giggled and blushed "those shorts really suit you boys, will you wear them the rest of the day please?" she went on.

They looked at each other and grinned "I reckon we could" replied Josh "depends what we get out of it though" he went on smiling at Ester. She scooted over to he end of the bed and stroked each boy's cock in turn through their grey cotton shorts, they all groaned as they erected in their underpants.

"Tell me what went on at the doctors please?" asked Ester, they sat down on the bed with her and between them they told her what had transpired, her hand was down her panties fingering her pussy as they elaborated on the details a bit and she groaned when they told her about fucking Scott in turn "oh god I would have loved to have been there and have your cocks in me" Ester moaned as she rapidly fingered her wet pussy, the boys cocks were also hard and tenting their shorts and pants, they were playing with themselves and watching Ester play with herself.

Josh couldn't take it anymore and unzipped his fly and pulled his swollen cut cock out and started to wank himself "oh fuck will somebody please suck my cock, I need to shoot some sperm" Josh groaned Liam grinned and leaned down and took his best friends cock into his mouth, Steven stroked Liam's bare leg and then moved his round to feel at Liam's hard cock through his shorts, Liam mumbled a moan as he sucked Josh's cock.

Ester took off her top and exposed her breasts and Steven fondled them then leaned in and sucked her hard nipples and fingered her pussy after she pulled off her panties, Josh eased off Liam's mouth and then stripped off to just his socks and said he would be back in a minute, he slipped out the door and into his mum's room and looked in the closet and got the box with her dildo's in and went back to Ester's room.

Back in the room he picked two dildo's out of the box and handed one to Steven, he then told Ester to lie on her side and lift one leg up and expose her pussy, he eased one dildo into her and she moaned, in the meantime Steven had lubed up the other one and eased it into her bum hole "arrghh fuck yeah ohh fuck ohh mmm" she moaned as she was penetrated in her two holes, meanwhile Liam stripped his clothes off and just stood in his long grey socks with his cock throbbing, Steven asked him to take over the dildo so he could strip and he stripped to his socks , Liam sucked on his foreskin covered knob as he held the vibrating dildo in Ester's bum hole , Steven was kneeling on the bed so Liam grabbed the lube and fingered lube into Steven's bum hole and onto his own hard cock then nudged his knob into Steven's bum hole " oh yeah oh fuck yeah Liam fuck my pussy, spunk in me" Steven moaned  as he was penetrated.

Meanwhile Josh mounted Ester without a condom on and she screamed "no Josh, don't fuck me and cum in me, I am fertile right now and will get pregnant" "it's okay I will pull out when I feel I'm cumming and squirt on your face " Josh growled.

He fucked her hard for a few minutes and then pulled out and grabbed his shiny cut cock and finished himself off over her face, squirting 4 good spurts of thick boy sperm over her face, then wiped his bare cummy knob over her lips.

Liam groaned on seeing this and squirted his sperm into Steven's bowels causing the boy to squirt his sperm all over Ester's face, she licked her lips of the boy's semen, Josh and Steven turned up the dildo's and pushed them deeper into Ester's cunt and bum hole and she jerked and moaned and squealed and reared up and tried to get more of the dildos in her  "argghh fuck ohh yeah ohh I'm cumming" she moaned and jerked as her orgasm overtook her, she calmed down after a couple of minutes and then licked the boys cocks clean in turn.

"I think we all need a shower" Ester said, the boys agreed so Ester went into her bathroom with Steven and Josh went with Liam, Liam bent over during the shower and said "fuck me Liam, I need a good fucking" Liam lined his soap covered cock against Josh's hole and pushed in "argghh yeah ohh yeah ram it in me Liam" Josh moaned

In Ester's bathroom Steven was fucking Ester's bum barebacked with her spread eagled against the shower wall, his ball sack slapping against her bum as he unloaded his teen sperm into her bowels as she fingered herself to another orgasm.

Liam moaned he was cumming and spurted into Josh as Josh shot his sperm onto the shower wall after repeated ramming of Liam's knob over his prostate, they dried off and made there way back naked into the bedroom "what shall we wear Liam" asked Josh, Liam looked around and said " I think I will just wear vest and pants and socks for the time being, I feel so sexy in them"

Josh nodded and said he would so they got clean underwear and socks out of their drawers and dressed and went downstairs and joined Scott and Rebecca who were sitting in the lounge, Liam knew something had been going on as his dads shirt was out of his trousers and Rebecca's top was undone.

"Oh my, haven't we got two sexy looking boys here said Rebecca and had a feel of each of their soft cocks through their trunks "mum leave off it's sore" said Josh backing off.

"Well you shouldn't have so much sex then, you will wear it out" Rebecca said and everyone laughed, but not Josh who scowled, then gave a sexy smile.

Steven and Ester joined them, Steven was in his vest and pants and socks and Ester just in he panties.

"So is this an underwear party then? Asked Scott

They all laughed and nodded, "well I am certainly going to stay in my underwear" said Liam, which bought confirmation nods again from Josh and Steven and Ester.

"Well we have some news for all of you" said Scott and pilled Rebecca close to him "Rebecca has consented to be my wife" he went on

There was stunned silence and then smiles all round and congratulations as well and Scott went and got a bottle of champagne out of the fridge and his and Rebecca's health was toasted.



End of Part 2